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VOL. 7
The Policy of Paonia
Business Men’s Club
Bome months ago a considerable
number of the business men of the
town got together and organized a
Business Men’s Club.
The object of the Club Is to bring
the business men Into closer touch
with one another, and to furthercer
tain matters of interest and Import-!
ance in a more definite manner. Sev
eral things were discussed, which j
seemed to Is* of benefit to the town.
Hut. kuowiog that to attempt too
much at a time nothing could be
cempleted, it was agreed to concen
trate on a few things. The first to
lie attempted was the City Park. The
matter of a working committee was
arranged ami a canvass made for
fnods to employ a man to devote his
entire time at ao much per month.
They also secured the servicss of a
landscai* gardener to lay off the |
grounds In an attractive manner.
And Mr. Shallenberger promised to I
donate his services as engineer when !
needed. Thun It will lie seen that
Paonia Is to have a Park. The next :
thing to receive the attention of the |
club was a Ball team. l>r. Ilamtltou
was chosen os manager and at once
went to work to get a team to
gether. Messrs, lltinbar aud Miller
rafsed a nice subscription to secure j
suits, etc. and at the present writing '
we are informed a splendid team Is
organised. And we believe we can
expert the Paonia bail team totuake
The financing of tlie Hand was dis
cussed and it was the Intention to <
take this up In the near future, but
Ur City council have made the pro
* tslon for the band as will be seen by i
reference to their report printed In i
this pa|s*r last week. A few of the
business men have not ns yet taken
hold of the work of the Club, and we
wish to urge them to get luto the
game and help make a creditable
showing for our town’s lietter devel-1
A Modern Hero
Imagine a man of small stature,
with almost no money, and of poor
health, undertaking a Mg fight in his
state against dominant Influence**,
and after many, many ears carry! tig
his Ideas to success, his last victory
tsj ng one for re-election to the Sen
ate, won against the opposition of
ttie National Administration of Ids
own party as well as against an
enormous campaign fund. Some
times people In the Eastern states,
who know lit tie about La Collette,
ask us what he has done, and we
have often answered. At tlie present
moment, however, we Intend to men
tion only what is |s*rha|s* the most
striking single episode in the history
of civil istvice reform. La Follette
t/as at war with the machine of his
own party, lie might have liullt up
a personal machine through the use
of state offices, but he deliberately
cl l os** to destroy the only aid he had
In Ills long and hard flgld, by advo
cating, Insisting upon, and finally
passing a civil service law the strong
est in the country, completely gov
erning all officers from the top down
to the legislative clerks. That one
deed is a fair example of the way La
Follette has spent his life.—Collier’s.
Pitkin Mesa News
Mrs. Hugh Smith and Mary Oliver
are on the sick list this week.
Mr. \Vv man’s team ran away Tues
day, running tip the hill In front of
the Kennedy ranch then turning
tbe empty wagon around they ran
down again and up bv the Scales
place where they came In contact
with the fence and decided to stop.
Fortunntelo no damage was done.
The fruit firospect Is looking some
better on this mesa and there will
probably be noire fruit left then was
reported after the frost.
Abner McKee went to Payne's sid
ing Thursday for several days.
Mass Meeting
Pursuant to call, a mass meeting
of citizens was held at tbe opera
house on tbe night of the 19th, to
discuss the advisability of holding a
! sjtecial election, to vote on the issu-
I lug of school bonds toerect and equip
j un addition to the high school build
! lug. Quite a goodly nuintier of tax
i payers and others were present.
IM. I). Vincent was chosen chair
man and A J. Hadley, secretary of
| the meeting. Quite a lengthy discus
sion followed, participated in by
men both for and ugainst the bouds.
The speakers in most instances kept
pretty close to the subject under dis
There seemed to be a general feel
ing that the school needed the build
ing; also that the sanitary condi
tions of both the high school aud
the grade building lacked much of
being what It should lie.
Judging from the statement made
j by tbe secretary of the board and
i others who visited the school. It was
' very apparent that the school Is over
crowded. that the equipment Is In
sufficient. and that iu many ways the
teaching force Is handicapped. This
; t**lng the condition of the school,
any one having had experience in
school work, or desiring to see our
schools brought to the highest point
j of efficiency, certainly will desire to
see the new building iqieedlly erected,
and therefore will vote for the issu
ing of t lk- bonds. On tbe other hand
some were of the opinion that this
| would Incur an Increase of taxation,
which they thought would le bur
\ denooine. as the taxes are already
high- There also seemed to lie some
personal gyound* of objections at
this time. Whether these objections
were well grounded or not we do not
feel at lltierty to any nor do we care
to enter Into this matter, but this
may be removed In a satisfactory
manner. If so every one will theu lie
free to vote oil the question on *ts
merits. We would sugglst that all
voters try to inform themselves thor
oughly and give this matter the con
sideration it deserte*. From the ac
quaintance we have with the people
of our town and vicinity wearecom
polled to lielleve that they will do
what they think 1« for the l*est inter
ests of our schools.
Paonia Will Celebrate
At the Business Men’s Club on
Tuesday evening it was divided that
we celeb rat** the glorious 4th of .Idly.
If you do not go any place else
this summer, lie sun* to come to I’a
’onlfi on that day. It Is the inten
tion to have the liest time ever
known hi this town. Hotchkiss will
join with us to make It a gala occa
sion. <’oine and see the ball gnine
between the business .<%pd profes
sional men of these two thriving
tow ns of the North Fork.
Mrs. Elizabeth Imlay Dead
Grandma Imlay. mother of Mrs. J.
11. Williams of Nebraska Flats, died
at her daughter's home last Satur
day. She was over 11 years of age
and had been falling In health for
some time.
The funeral mat vices were held at
tlie house Tueaday afternoon. Rev.
Vermillion of the Methodist church,
conducting the services. The body
was taken to the old home at Sew
ard, Nebraska on Wednesday morn
ing’s train.
Mrs. Adam Stover Succumbs
Mrs. Adam Stover, who has been
ill with pneumonia, died Wednesday
morning at her home several miles
west of Paonia. Sin* was 30 years.
9 months mid five days old. leaves a
husband and four children. The fam
ily came to Colorado five years ago
and have since made this their home.
The funeral services were held at the
home yesterday afternoon. Rev. Ver
million In charge. Interment In Beth
lehem cemetery.
An Evening Long
To Be Remembered
A very pleaaant and enjoyable
meeting was held by the Business
Men’s Club on Tuesday evening,'May
The most pleasant featme of the
meeting was the visit of a unrulier of
gentlemen from our sister town of
Hotchkiss. They ware Paul Wilson
and H. G. Poe. of the Wilson Realty
Company, F. Willoughby. C. T. Rule,
J. M. Me Beth and Tom Blackwell.
These gentlemen were full of good
cheer anti enthusiasm. After the
routine business was disposed of C.
T. Rule and Paul Wilson gave thp
object of their visit as liefng to bring
about a friendly business acquaint
ance and feeling between the two
towns of tbe North Fork Valley, and
particularly to Invite the business
men of Paonia to play several games
of baseball with the business men of
Hotchkiss. In order to make It In
teresting they have ordered a very
attractive silver cup to be given to
the winning team. This cup will be
on exhibition In one of the wludnws
of our towu as soon as It Is received, i
Hotchkiss will hold a race meet June
7 and k and the first game lietween
the business inen of the two towns
will Is* played at this meeting on
June S.
Then one will be played at Paonia
the fourth of July and another oil
Paonia Hay at the Hotchkiss fair
Sept. h. Afttr tji<*wt* mutters were
arrnuged thf Huh adjourned to the
banquet hall In th*- Kennedy bl«s*k
wnd had lunch which was served by
our popular baker. Mr. OI«ls.
The evening throughout was one
long to lie rememlsred by all present.
We hope to sr more of these gen
tlemen and to get in close touch with
our neighbors down the valley.
The Income Tax
Much confusion exists as to how
many States, and what ones, have
adopted the Income tax amendment
to the (’ntted States Constitution,
and several erroneous lists havel»eeii
published. The following list Is l»e
--lleved to Is* accurate. The place
where the complete record ought to
be fs the State iVpartment at Wash
ington. but the fact Is only about
half the states which have adopted
the amendment have officially noti
fied the State Department. Friends
of the Income tax in all the States
ought to make sure that this final
step is taken in • aoh case for the for
mailtles are not really complete un
til this Is done
In favor of th- amendment: Ala
bama, Arkansas. California, Colora
do, Georgia. I lain*. Illinois. Indiana.
lowa. Kansas Kentucky. Maine,
Maryland. M hlgaii, Mississippi.
Missouri. Montana. Nebraska. Ne
vada, North Car .linn. North Dakota.
Ohio. Oklahoma. Oregon. South Car
ollno. South Dakota, Tennessee.
Texas, Washington ami Wisconsin.
Against the amendment: Louis 1-
ana, Massachusetts. New Hampshire,
New Jersey, Rhode Island, West Vir
It seem* to Is* well settled that
once a state adopts the amendment,
and notifies the State Department,
the action can never lie rescinded: on
the other hand, although one legisla
ture may have rejected the amend
ment, a succeeding one can reverse
that action and adopt It. In fact,
this has been done In several eases.
The number of states necessary to
adopt is t hr**** f- »urtha of the 40. or?s.
Tills makes It n vessary to secure
favorable action In five more states
It Is possible to do this during the
current year, for several legislatures
an* still In session. The friends should
be alert; the opponents have a pow
erful organization, backed, natur
ally, by abundant wealth.—Collier’s
Will Fluullcii caiue In Wednesday
evening from where he has
been attending school.
Golden Wedding Bells
On Thursday May 18th, At the
residence of Judge and Mrs. L. M.
Moulton, ou Niagara Avenue In Pao
niaColorado, the 50th. Ayntversay of
their muhiage was duly celebrated
andfrom 2o’clock p. m. until 9 o’clock
p. m. that portion of the city was
J the scene of sociability and happy
greetings seldom equaled and per- ,
haps never suryassod in our well
known community of school, I
churches, fraternal orders and edu- j
cated mluds.
There was sound of revlry and j
( Paonia's Elite) had gathered there. ■
Her tieauty and her chivalry, and
bright the lamps, shone over fair
women and brave men."
If not a thousand hearts to beat
happily ou the huppy occasion, there
were upwards of a huudredl repre
senting comrades of the G. A. K.
Mem tiers of the Women’s Relief Corps
and the Golden Rule Bible Class of
the Chrisslan church, of which the
J udge has been teacher for over four
years, with neighbors and friends,
with few exceptions, from all parts ,
of the city, some of whom had
known the aged partly for many
years In Nebraska.
It was another gala and Red let
ter day for Niagara avenue aud that
portion denominated “the four hun
dred part of the city.” The surprise
was well arranged and the refresh
ments brought In liy the friends and
neighbors were well chosen, well
rooked and served in latest style l»y
loving li in<l**. R v. C G Stout was
present and solemnise*! the renews*!
vows and presented the fine go!d
ring, douated by many friends, aud
also the gold which gave a practical
side to the name **Golden Anniver
sary.” With peace and harmony
prevailing eveaybodjr present ap
peared happy and the occasion was
certainly one of great sociability and
general eujoym.*nt. All the grand
children living, three Dunn brothers,
three Kusho brothers and little Hes
ter Permslla Caldwell, the only
granddaughter were present, which
added much to tbe enjoyment of the
occasion by the grandparents.
Seniors and Friends
Delightfully Entertained
The Senior- an 1 their friends wen*
delight fully entertained by Misses
Neva Hunt and I vena Stewart, Sat
urday evening May 20tli. at the home
of \llk4 Hunt. The class colors wen*
carried out In the decorations which
were very heuutlftil Those present
were: Misses M irthn Van Deveer.
Gertrude Miller. tinsel Tabler. Mar
gnerlte Holcombe. Lasada Hunt,
Mlldn*d Stewart. Beatrice F.lwards.
Elsie Kohr. Neva Hunt, Ix*na Stew
art and Messrs Glenn Lewis, John
Holer, Richard Skampser, Samuel
Hunt. Fred Hunt. Walter Criswell,
Erroll Wlna, and Prof and Mrs. Huh
song After games and refn*shmeats,
the delighted young people left for
their home* voting Miss Hunt au«l
Miss Ste Wart. royal entertainers.
Commencement Exercises
Of the Paonia Schools
First. Friday evening. May 2tith.
reception to the Seniors by the Jun
Second. Sunday evening Baccalau
reate sermon at L O. O. F. hall by
ltev. Eugene H Robinson of the Con
gregational church. All the other
church*** will adjourn to attend this
Thirl. On Wednesday at 2: ; U)
o'clock at the Christian church will
I*** held the graduating exercises of
the Eighth grade. Admission five.
Four th. On Wednesday and Thurs
dfio evenings »it 8 o'clock the regular
commencement exercises will be held
at the Opera House. An admission
of 10 cents will be charged each
Memorial Day!
National Holiday!
The G. A. R. Post No. 111, of Pa-
Jonia, Colorado, with the W. R. C.
No. 36 of Paonln. will on the 28th
I and 30th of May 1911 duly celebrate
1 and commemorate the National Hol
iday by the usual and appropriate
i observances and exercises as pre
■ scribed by the rules, orders and com
mandments from National Head
j quarters.
I The program for the days and oc
i caslon will lie substantially as fol-
I lows, to wit:
On Sunday, May 28. 1911 the Post
ad>d Corps will meet at 10:30 sharp at
Headquarters, Kennedy Block, and
march to the Christian church where
they will, in a bedy, as prescribed by
the regulations attend divine ser
vices at 11 o'clock a. m. The sermon
In this case will lie preached by Rev.
Stout, a veteran’s son, who has been
chosen for this service upon this oc
casion with such assistance as he
hiay choose.
Un May 30th. Nution&l holiday,
the Post and Corps and all others
who desire to participate, will meet
at Headquarters, Kennedy Block, at
9:30 a. ra. and proceed to the Paonia
cemetery where the usual exercises
by tbe Post and Corps of decorating
the graves of deceased soldiers and
W. R. C. members will be performed,
ending with a short address at tbe
monument to the unknown dead by
Kev. Eugene H. llohliison. After tbe
dinner li«»ur promptly at 2:*W p. m.
the Post mid Corps mid the con
course participating will again as
semble at tbe Christian church where
the customary exercises will con
clude follows by military exercises
by Prof. Coonradt’s cadets of Bowie
aud an oration by Hon. H. J. Baird
of Delta. All the exercise* will lie lo
tenqiersed with l >est appropriate
vocal an J instrumental music In aid
of which all local and visiting singers
and musician* are lnivted to partici
pate. All churches, fraternal socie
ties. the schools and religious orders
are invited to lie present and aid 1a
the parade, exercises and music of
this obcasion. and ail old soldiers
whether of the G. A. R. order or
not and whether of Blue or Gray,
are cordially urged to attend this
National holiday esjKvially Intended
to commemorate our national tie
fenders. both dead and living. By
order of Post.—l,. M. Moulton, V. A.
Mick ley and J UF. Reed. Committee.
Sudden Death of
Miss Belva Smith
The news which flashed over the
telephone wires from Somerset on
Wednesday even lug to the effect that
Miss Belva Smith was dead came as
a sudden and seven* shock to this
• community. Her parents had *{>eut
the day In our city and had returned
on the evening train to their home
in Somerset. Upon entering the house
they found Miss Belva on the bed,
dead. From appearance* she had
'expired but a few minutes before their
| arrival. When they left In the morn
ing she was not feeling well, being
j subject at times to heart trouble,
though not of a serious nature, and
had preferred remaining at home.
She is the oldest (laughter aud
child of Mr. and Mrs. James Smith,
belug at the time of death twenty
years old. She was a talented young
lady and previous to this year had
been attending soli » >1 in the city.
For a number of years the family re
sided In Paonia and the awful news
has duinfouuded their friends.
The funeral services are belug held
this morning at tin* Methodist
church. Rev. Vermillion assisted by
the W. O. \V. Circle members haviug
, charge. Tin* body will Ik* laid to
rest In the South Side cemetery.
! Born to Mr. aud Mrs. C. L. Reyher
May 23d, 1911, a son.
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