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VOL. 7
Delta County Organization are
to Camp on Terror Creek
August 8-18
Baturdav at OdartMlgt* the open
ing game of the V. M. C. A. schedule
wa* played when Paonia with their
hunky team took Gedaredge In after
10 Innlngn of aa clean and snappy
haae daII as was ever pluyed In Colo
rado. There wuh no swearing or
l>ettlug on the ground*, proving that
Uasehall can be pluyed and enjoyed
without tlioae evil*.
The next game I* June 10 when
Hotchklrt* goe« to Paonla, and on
June 21 ('edaredge play* at !>elta,
which will t»e a clone game.
Mr. Augell with the International
wecretarie* la arranging for the boya
tn the potato content who grow
prise tutiers to have a chance to com
f»ete In New York at the great land i
.''bow there tn November. Governor
Khnfroth In a member of the com
mittee on arrangements from Colo
Oedaredge and one of the Hotcb
klaa Bible study classes have com
pleted their book “Men who Dared'*
and wIH begin another at once.
The Camp committee will goto the
camp sits,on Terror Creek next Mon
day and lay oat the grounds for the 1
tents sod sports and make final
plans for the big time August 8-18.
It will be of Interest to parents to
know that for leaders at the camp
the committee have in line graduates '
from Princeton. Yale. Columbia and i
Denver universities, all Christian men
and athletes of no mean ability. Boys
are enrolling now and It will *not
pay to wait too long tieforeenrolling
with some member of thecommlttee,
Mr. Duwalder of Hotchkiss. Mr. Rob
inson of Paonla or Mr. Angell at
Delta $5 00 for ten days which does
not Include R. K. fare $1 65.
Every boy In Paonla should he
making preparation to attend. The
< amp will tie on Terror creek about j
nine miles from Paonla. Every boy
between the ages of twelve and ,
eighteen are eligible. We can only
accommodate fifty boys thl* year.
There will be fishing, cross country
hike*, running and Jumping contest*,
baseball, and all kind* of scout
games. We Ihijh* to have at least five
baseball team* with game* every
day. Rig central camp fire every
night with stunts, practical talk*
by men Invited especially for the oc
Pitkin Mesa News
Herman Kennedy, who has l>een
quite sick thcpuMt week, I* Improv
ing some.
Hugh Smith 1* building a substan
tial addition to hi* house which will
make it one of the nicest on the mesa.
Dr. A. R. Allen I* In Crawford thl*
week ou professional business.
The club spent a delightful after
noon with Mr*. Frank Curtis* butt
Friday. Next meeting with Mrs.
Little Glen Miller hits the measles.
Most of the other patients hnve re
M. Clay and family, France* Cur
tis* and Ktley Allen vl*lted with Dr.
Lewis* on Hanson mesa and attended
the race meetat Hotchkl** last week.
Mr. Wallace of Crawford was over
to see Abner McKee on bu*lue*s Tues
(’has. Crittenden 1* building an
other room to his house thl* week.
John Jnquls* of Salt Lake City vis
ited a few days this week with home
folk*, T. Jaqulss and family.
Pi of. llarry W-. Coonradt, who
ha* taught the Bowie school tic*
past two years, left for Chicago on
Monday morning’s train where he
will spend his vacation with his
mother. In September he will enter
Denver University.
Electric Prospects Good
M. P. Paret, chief engineer for the
electric road from Montrose to Cedar
edge came In Wednesday evening for
the purpose of looking after the Inter
ests of the road at this end. He is
now soliciting bonus and additional
1 1° formation. He reports that bin
partner. Mr. Beard, arrived In New
I york tcity Tuesday, carrying with
j him the complete report Including
i maps and data upon the road and is
I now busy presenting the proposition
to people whom the firm has been
corresponding with some time- The
report shows a very favorable under
taking and he thinks there Is little
doubt that the finances will be secur
ed in a reasonable length of tfme,
probably not In ten days or two
weeks, but after due Investigation
j on the part of the eastern people.
The report as presented shows the
reveuues In sight for the years 1912-
15-17 as they expect to be ready for
the ID 12 crop.
One matter In connection with this
road which has been lost sight of Is
the light and power facilities which
will go with such an undertaking.
This will form a large part of the re
venue as well as befog a great thing
for the valley.
As to traffic arrangements Mr.
Paret says they will be the easiest
thing procured In connection with
the road.
When financed the first work will
be the erection of the large power
house of 800 or more horse power at
the coal mine which the company has
purchased. This will mean that this
end of the road will be lu operation
This Is the proposition which
should receive the support of the val
ley as It has shown merit from the
start. If not successful no one ex
cept the promoters will be out a
dollar.—Surface Creek Champion.
Canadian Reciprocity
Canadian Reciprocity Is the all ab
sorbing subject at Vashlngsou and
j throughout tbs country at thle time.
The people favoring the measure as
well as those opposing It are trying
I to make ,t appear that they have no
other object In view than to relieve
the poor farmer of his burdens.
It Is pretty hard to see how the
, farmer can be beulflted by the agree
inent and also b\ Its defeat. It also
seems strange that concerning a
measure of this kind the great states
men of otir country*should differ so
widely. If so much good to the
country ran be deserved from this a
greeiuent of trade relation with Can
ada it would seem that all could
see alike concerning It. While on the
oteer hand If It will 1h» so disastrous
to the business Interests of the coun
try why soould so many* of our lieat
uud greatest statesmen bo In favor of
It, Looking at the iirntter In this
manner we are almost compelled lo
Itelleve there must 1k» something
more than the good of the country
In the minds of some men. We cau
not but believe that reciprocal treat
ies with other countries has brought
good results to our commerce; and
further that If the agreement with
Canada could lie acted upon on Its
merits without connecting with |t
some other Issue that It could be
made satisfactorily to the advantage
to both countries. But It Is possible
that on both shies of the question
there are fears that some body or
same party will gain some advant
age over some one by getting credit
fordoing something which shall re
sult In the general good of the conn
try, thereby securing the support of
the people. “The greatest good to
the greatest number’’ ought be the
motive actuating the minds of our
legislative bodies. Those sections of
our county whose Interests might
suffer from enactment of measures of
this kind should not oppose It If It
i would iesulfc In good to the people
and country la general.
i Mr*. Bert Long returned home last
I Thursday evening from Olathe.
Partial Programme of Our Big
Celebration. Plan to be
Here. Big Time Assured
Baseball—Paonla Business Men vs
Hotchkiss Business Men. Pnonta
Regulars v, \Vhfte water. Entry's
Tiger* vg Hotcmtfss.
Horne anil Burro Races. Bucking
Bronco Hhllng. Hotchkl** Band, Pa
onla Band. Speaking and Music.
Merry-go-round, Hose Bace to Fire.
Boot and Shoe Race (Boys under
1«.) First, it) Guyety tickets: Second,
5 tiayety ticket*. Homer French.
Burro Bace (Boy* under 10.) First,
Boy's suit; Second. Boy', hat. Entry
Shoe ft Clothing Co.
100 Yard Foot Bace. Free for All.
Prites, P. C. Curtis.
Sack Race. Free for All. First, Safe
ty Razor: Second, Pocket knife.
Cracker Race. (Bun :>0 yds. eat 3
cracker* and whistle. I Free lor all.
First, K.slak: Second, Pocket book.
T. H. Dunbar.
Potato Race. FVee for all. First,
•LSO tn trade: Second. 75c In trade,
Guy Patterson.
Fat Man’* Race, 50 yd*. Free for
all. First. Premium Ham: Second,
Pall Bard. Phil Bleenkramer.
Ladle*' Nall Driving <'onteet. First
Hand painted chlaa: Second. Bottle
perfume. H. E. Welborn
Wagon Wheel Race. Free for all.
First $2.50 In trade: Second. *1 00 tn
trade. DeWoody and Edler.
Three Legged Race, Free for all.
First, $2 00 In trade: Second. $1 no in
trade. Conner Meat Market.
Boys' Pick Up line*. Under 16. First
Fair Shoes: Second, Pocket k nil,
MTler Merc. Co
Wheel Barrow Race (Ladle*. I First
$2 00 In trade: Second, SI.OO In trade.
Grand Arenue Bakery.
Hurdle Race. Free for all. First
Crawford Oxford*: Second. Box Hole
proof Hose. Paonla Merc. Co.
Girls' Foot Race, Under 17. First,
Hand painted china: Second Girl's
Belt. Klndall Mere. Co.
Couple married In front of store,
SIO.OO credft on Hoosler Cabinet. In
dependent Furniture Co.
Relay Race*. Greased Pole Climb
ing. etc.
Complete program will l>e pub
lished In next week's Issue.
Work on Uncompahgre
Project to Resume
The following press dispatch was
published Monday:
Montrose. Colo., June 4—Work
will resume within thirty days upon
the Gunnison project, for which
*1 .500,000 has been apportioned, was
the announcement made following
a meeting held last night between the
official representative* of the Iron
stone Ditch company anU the gov
ernment official* at Moutran*'. The
work of completing the.project has
been halted pending a satisfactory
settlement between the ditch com
pany and the Government Water
Users’ Association, Yesterday a new
contract was prepared and submit
ted to both of thepartic*. and the
meeting last night ratified the pro
posed contract.
For a time It was feared the delay
In settling the unification troubles
would result In the apportionment
made for this project being used else
where. Although the government
officials have not officially confirmed
the unouncement that work would
commence within a mouth. It Is gen
erally understood that the report Is
authentic and a great load af anxi
ety Is lifted from the minds of the
people here.
The expenditure of this $1,500,000
will insure Increased business ac tivi
ty during the coming twelve months,
and. In addition, will bring a lasting
benefit to the thousands of acres of
additional land, which will lie given
water next year by the completion
the 1 aterals and canals.
Flour Mill for the
Naturita-Paradox Valley
J. D. Mowry, the junior member
of the firm of Mowry & Son. mill
men of the Montezuma valley, ar
rived at Red vale Friday evening
with a four horse outfit, and, Sat
urday. selected his location for a
26x40, 3 story, flour mill on block 45
of the Kecvale townslte. The struc
ture will lx? three stories high at Its
greatest eminence, or 40 feet, the two
lower stories of which will measure
29 feet from the ground to the eaves.
The engine room annex will occpy
26x20 feet at its base.
Ote load of lumber was hauled
from Norwood Monday, and Tues
day the excavation work for the
basement was completed.
The elder Mowry has purchased
sl3 000 worth of machinery of an
lowa firm, and this does not Include
an engine, the promoters of the en
terprise having lately decided to buy
a new one, and not put In one that
has seen service, as originally in
About the 15th of Jane, J. D.
Mowry will start for lowa, where
he will Inspect the machinery, to
assure himself that nothing Is lack
ing In quality and stability.
In grtndfng capacity the mill will
be what Is commonly designated as
a 10t barrel concern.
It is planned to have everything In
place and ready for business In the
early fail, although the grist for the
first year will be limited because the
the coming of the mill at this time
was not a certainty until It was too
late for the wheat-growers to the In
crease their acreage.
The founders of the first flour mill
In the Koturlta Paradox valley are
known ns men of character and-abtl
lty In their line through-out a large
area of t lie Western Slope, and have
shown keen business foresight In lo
cating In the Natarita-Paradox val
ley in an effort to enlarge their field.
—Naturita Valley Record.
To Vote on Bonds Again
Now that the taxpayers of this
district are to vote again on the
bond Issue, Ist every one fully Inves
tigate the qu»**tlon thoroughly be
fore voting. See If the school build
ings as they now are meets the re
quirements of the school, for room,
lor equipment, sanitation and any
other points necessary to thet>eßt In
terests of the school. Do not take
your ne*ghbor* word for It. see for
yourself, do not l*e governed by pre
jildlce, or selfishness. It should i»e
the desire of every person to see to It
that the splendid progress of the
past lx» made possible for the future,
that the high standard of excllence
attained In onrschools be maintained
We are fully convinced In our own
minds that tnlscan only be accom
pltsed by the betterment of our
school facilities, ami that thl* can
only be done by the Issuing of the
school bonds.
Good Roads Meeting
A Good Roads meeting will take
place at Hotchkiss on Wednesday
evening in the commercial club
rooms. Good roads for Delta county
will be the subject of discussion at
this meeting. One of the heat means
of developing any country Is the
building of “good roads.’’ The In
terest in this work Is being felt
throughout the entire state and na
tion. Think what It means in this
country to get good wide roads on
good grades with well built bridges.
What a saving In time. In the wear
of vehicles, saving of horse flesh.'
safety In o|>erat!ng automobiles nml
many other conveniences. Good
speakers will be present oiijthlsocca
sion and every man from'around Pa
onla who can do so, should attend
this meeting.
W. T. Dross was a passenger to
Gunnison Monday morning ns a wit
ness in the Matt .Cavanaugh shoot
ing ease.
Formal Opening of our New-
City Park on June JJth
Band Gave Concert
On Sandfly. June Ilth occurred the
formal openinfng of I'aonfu's new
At 3:30 p. m. the Paonfa band gave
a concert to the great delight of a
large crowd of Interested and pleased
citizens. The innslc was of a very
high class as Is fill the music of onr
splendid hand. A number of seats
had l*-en donated to the pafk by
our public spirited citizen Mr. Homer
French Da ■ McNnnghton bad grat
uitously applied a eoat of paint, and
these seats placed around under the
natural trees left standing made
many people comfortable while they
enjoyed the music, and a pleasant
visit with friends and acquaintance*.
The management also furnished free
lemonade which was greatly enjoyed
by the younger member*of tbecrowd
ns wrll as some of the older one*.
Everyone seemed to be having a
good time, and certainly onr people
can look forward to many happy
hour* spent In thl* place ae the work
of beautifying and Improving prog*
ree*ee. No one thing undertaken In
Paonla (or many month* can add *o
much to the convenience, comfort
and pleasure of our community as
the completion of this park. Here
famine*, groups of families and clubs
can gather at no distant date find
And prepared for them a heantlfnl
and pleasant grounds upon which to
spend au afternoon oreveulng. Foun
tains, electric lights, flower* and or
namental shrubs and tree* will be
hmrae eonn mm they cairfceprovided.
A partition 50x80 feet will be erected
,at once. Lawns, walk* and every,
thing to please and Invite the public
Will he found here. In order to have
these thing* the committee In charge
will need help both In work and
funds, will you not help so worthy a
cause? In Just a few years the street
leading to the park will lie the most
sought after portion of the city.
Property values will double and
treble and tieautlful home* will be
built there.
Every resident of that port of Pa
onla should take a vital Interest
!In the work, as It tuny mean
! much to them lu the enhancing of
| their property.
j You will la* surprised and pleased
j to seethe change made here by July
j the Fourth when we hold our Urst
celebration at this place. We urge
every one to do their part In getting
ready for the happy occasion.
Sudden Deaths of Two,
Well Known Here
Word comes from Hotchkiss that
Mrs. Elza Martin Is dead. She was
stricken with appendicitis a few
days ago and the first of the week
vns hurried to Sallda for an opera
tion. She died at the hospital. The
body was brought back to Hotch
kiss Wednesday evening for burial.
Mrs. Martin Is well known to our cit
izens. Mr. Martin having formerly en
gaged In business here. The deceased
leaves her husband and daughter
' Ethel, besides numerous other rela
| tlve* to mourn her loss.
A telegram a few days ago to M.
A. Carter of tills plnce announced
the Illness of their soil Lawson. The
telegram stated that he was suffer.
Ing with an attack of appendtcltla
and while not seriously 111 It wa*
thought beat .that au operation lie
performed. A message quickly fol.
lowed stating that he had succumbed
at the hospital In Wichita, Kansas
The body Is being brought home foi
burial. The funeral will probably
lie held Sunday. Lawson h.is jusi
arrived at the age of young man
hood when the doors of life and op
portunlty stand pen and Ids dent!
comes ns a crushing blow to hli
parents and friends.
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