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VOL. 8
Murder is Murder
Says Roosevelt
New York, Dec. 15. —Theo-
dore Roosevelt has an editorial
article in the current issue of the
Outlook relating to the McNam
ara case, entitled “Murder Is
Murder." The article says:
"Not only laboring men, but
business men, capitalists, have at
times shown the worst form of
class consciousness—that of sin
ister and brutal class selfishness
in standing by criminals simply
because they were of their own
class. This has been done by
capitalists in the case of capital
ists who have been guilty of
brazen corruption, and by laborers
in the case of labor leaders who
have been guilty of murderous
violence. The two offenses stand
on a par from the standpoint of
damage to the community.
"In San Francisco in one mu
nicipal contest the capitalists who
desire to be free from all check
and corruption and the labor
leaders mho desire to be free from
all cheek on lawlessness violence
struck hands and elected their
ticket; and this proved to be a
lasting misfortune to San Fran
cinch, to the cause of honest busi
ness and to the cause of honest
a nonataous ruu
the ■dbwtrtWWtiiliiiapolo
gists of ithete men boon made
iag thht these dgraved 1 criminals,
who have on their snared souls
the murder of so assay innocent
persons—all laboring people, by
the way—arc ‘victims', or, at
worst, fanatics,' who should re
ceive sympathy because they
were acting in what they regarded
as a ‘oar’ on behalf of their data.
“The plea is meaatrous in its
folly and its wickedness. It is
precisely the kind of pish some
times advanced on behalf of S
croaked mao of great wealth
caught bribing a legislature—that
he has to do it to protect his busi
ness. We are aot here dealing
with aay of the kinds of offences
incidental to the sudden and
sweeping changes brought about
by modern industrial conditions
into which capitalists or labor
men are sometimes drawn without
any very great conscious moral
turpitude on their part. We are
dealing with crimes as old as the
law giving irotn Sinai, with crimes
—murder sad theft—that hsvt
been prohibited ever sioce the
Decalogue was formulated.
“The murders committed by
men like the McNamaras, al.
though nominally in the interest
of organized labor, differ.not one
whit in moral culpability from
those committed by the Black
Hand or by any band of mere
cut throats, and are fraught with
an infinitely heavier menace to so
“Yet, great though the menace
is to the community, the menace
to the cause of honest organized
labor is still greater, and no duty
is more imperatively laid on the
leaders of labor then the duty of
affirmatively freeing themselves
and their followers from the taint
And The Paonia Newspaper
of responsibility for such crimi
nals and such crimes.
“The labor leaders who by their
loud championship of the Mc-
Namaras—as previously of Moyer
and Haywood—have succeeded
in identifying themselves with
the cause of labor in the eyes of
the public, have rendered an evil
service to that cause.
"Debs and the extremists of
his type among the so-called pol
itical socialists—l say so-called,
because Debs and his followers
of the Emma Goldman kind are
not socialists at all in any true
sense of the word, but mere incit
ers to murder and preachers of
applied anarchy—and the labor
leaders affiliated with them have
always boasted of the part they
played in the trial of Moyer and
Haywood, and in this case they
repeated their familiar tactics.
“They held mass meetings and
acattered broadcast papers and ad
dresses ia which they furiously de
nounced the effort to bring wrong*
doer* to justice, nod nought to
arouse every evident class instinct
against all who upheld the cause
of Uw or sought to put a atop to
mssasinatioa and murderous vio
“It in worth nothing that aiaec
McNamara confessed his guHr
Mr. Moyer, head of what purports
to be a labor organisation, ia re
phatad ia thin press as rnmmawt
iag upoa it, aot by denouncing
McNamara for having committed
the murder, but by dcaouaciag
Mm for boning confessed it. Suah
denunciation in significant.
“Murder is murder, sad the
foolish sentimentalists or sinister
wrongdoers who try to apologize
toe if as an 'incident of labor war
fare' are aot only morally cul
pable but are caemics of Anted,
can wage workers.
“Ia honorable contrast to these
men stands the various labor
leaders who have never asked lor
more than a fair trial for the Mc-
Namaras, whose purpose has
only been to get justice, and who
now sternly demand that murd
er shall be puoished when com
mitted in the nominal interest of
labor, precisely as uoder any
other circumstances.
“I believe with all my heart in
the American workingman; I be
lieve with all my heart in organ
ized labor, for labor must be or
ganized in order to protect and
secure its rights.
“I urge my fellow citizens, the
American men and woman who
earn their livelihood as wage
workers, to see that their leaders
stand for honesty and obedience
to the law, and to set their faces
like flint against any effort to
identify the cause of organized
labor, directly or indirectly, with
any movement which in any shape
or way benefits by the commis
sion of crimes of lawless and
murderous violence."
Mrs. Clinton Oliver and chil
dren, Elizabeth, Eddie and Ron
ald came in last week from Den
ver and will remain here for some
time. They are stopping at the
E. R. Morgan home. Mr.’Oliver
will be down the last of this week.
Midway Couple
Wedded Tuesday P. M.
The F. B. Short home near Mid
way was the scene of a very pretty
wedding Tuesday afternoon of
this week at 2:30 p. m , when Miss
Florence M. Short, a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Short, and Mr
Charles T. Berry were united in
the holy bonds of wedlock in the
presence of about fifty guests,
Rev. Charley Stout officiating.
Following the ceremony dinner
was served.
The happy bridal couple will
make their home on a ranch near
Midway. A host of friends join
with this paper in wishing for
them all the joys of a long and
happy wedded life.
This wedding follows closely
that of Miss Stella Short and Mr.
Richard Berry. Another incident
where two brothers choose sisters.
Woman's Club Entertain
In Honor of Mrs. Towne
The Woman’* Club met last
Friday afternoon with Mrs. F. P.
Towne ot Stewart Mesa, ia honor
of her birthday. ' Because of the
necessity of returning early the
school program, hi charge of Mrs.
J. H. Be bee was poatponed until
next regular matting. After a
which foods worn noted for the
tortuas of the new High School,
the selection to be made by the
committee ia charge of the Club’s
participation in the Art Exhibit
the post week, the meeting resole*
ed itself ioto a purely social affair,
dm gaiety of which was delight,
fully augemented by the introdac
tios of ths daintiest of refresh
meats, thoroughly enjoyed by the
twenty-four members present.
All ardently wish our hostess
away returns of the day and eouet
(he opportunity to enjoy every
one of them with her.
Say Merry Christmas
To Your Absent Friends
Probably the most popular, as
well as the most beneficial innova
tion ever made by any great cor
portion in this country is that an
nounced by the Mountain States
Telephone and Telegraph com
pany, wherein their thousands of
miles of toll lines are thrown open,
at halt rates, to the general pub
lic on Christmas day. This com
pany, whose lines traverse one
fifth of the United States, and
reach into the cities, towns, camps
and ranches of Colorado, Mon
tana, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and
New Mexico, is certainly doing
its part toward making it indeed
a “Merry Christmas."
On Christmas day, from eight
o’clock io the morning until noon,
the public is invited to use the
toll lioes freely in talking to the
“dear ones at home,” or whisper
ing a “Merry Christmas” into the
ear of some friend far away. The
company will stand one-half the
cost, bringing it within the easy
reach of thousands of people who,
perhaps, otherwise would not take
this means of transmitting a good
cheer blessing.
It is certainly a departure from
the ordinary methods of public
utilities and the public will appre
ciate this practical application of
the Christmas spirit.
In another pait of this paper is
the reproduction of a scene, as
pictured by the artist—where son.
grandchild and grandmother are
having a little talk over the long
distance. It will be interesting to
know how many thousands of
calls will be made on Christmas
morning because of the reduction
in charges by the telephone com
From Pilot Knob Country
By Special Correspondence
Splendid winter weather still
continues, never known to be bet
ter for doing fall work.
Snow is comparatively light for
this season of the year in this part
of the hills.
Miss Jennie Crawford is spend
ing a few days on her ranch here.
Mr. Lon Long sold a valuable
young brood sow to Jay Crawford.
Mr. Tunnel and Mr. Shaul of
the Cline ranch, were guests at
Mr. Tom Woolen’s Saturday aad
Mr. Martaia, of the J. B. Miller
is talking of putting ia a store ia
tkese parts, which would be a
good thing.
John Burdhark, Charles Ray
boura aad Bert Adams received
their filing papers from Uadc
Mr. aad Uw Loa Long aad
Carrcll Hamilton took diaacr at
Mr. Fred Bo knot's Sr. last Sun
' Jay Crawford bad the mistov
tnne to loose two more horses
Mr. Fred Bohaet Jr. and wife
spent last Sunday evening at the
Hamilton ranch.
Loo Long ia building a house
for his sister. Miss Amanda Long,
oo her homestead.
A school is whst we need ia
this locality uow. Lets every one
put his shoulder to the wheel and
push, “For a School"
M. E. Sunday School
Elects Officers
The M. E. Sunday school held
their annual election of officfcrs
on Monday evening ot this week
at the parsonage at which time
they elected the following corps
of officers tor the coming year:
Superintendent. S. A. Ham
mond; Asst. Supt., S. C. Henn;
Secretary. Chester Henn; Asst.
Sec., Nettie Bryant; Treasurer,
W. R Crook; Pianist, Sallic Rule;
Asst. Pianist, Mary Crews; Chor
ister, Lilah Rule; Librarians, Glen
Vermillion and William Wootton.
Royal Neighbors
Royally Entertain
After the business session of
the Royal Neighbor lodge last
evening a big banquet was given
in the Masonic dining ball. Plates
were laid for about fifty people.
Following the banquet all pres
ent were invited to the assembly
hall where a short, spicy program
was rendered.
Jim Memory came down from
Somerset yesterday morning.
Dr. W. M. Parish
Passes Away
Dr. William Milton Parish died
at his home on Cottonwood Mon
day night, December 18th, 1911.
He was born near Green Castle,
Ind., 68 years ago the 17th of
December. Orphaned at the age
of 10 years, he supported his
widowed mother and educated
Dr. Parish was a graduate
of a medical college at Louisville,
Keutucky, and has practiced med
cine for 50 years. Practiced in
Indiana, lowa and Missouri be
fore coming to Colorado 25 years
ago. P’irst to Pagosa Springs,
then to Monta Vista, where he
was physician and surgeon at the
Soldiers Home. He came to
Hotchkiss seven years ago last
April and since that time has re
sided on a ranch near that place.
William M. Pasish was married
to Alice Patterson September 8,
1877. To this union were born
four children, Meredith Widman,
who died at the home of her
father, September 6. 1800, Opal
Widman, now residing at Paonia,
Ethel Parish who died at Pagosa
Springs several years ago aad
Walden Parish, who resides with
his parents. His daughter Opal,
was with him when he passed
Mrs. Parish was aot at home,
having left foe Maitland, Mo,
last Thursday to visit her mother,
she, accompanied by her mother
is expected home oa Friday evea
ing's train.
Funeral services will be held in
Hotchkiss, Saturday, 11:00 a. mi
Rev. Stout will conduct the ser
Dr. Parish was a member of the
Christian church of Paonia.
W. C. T. U. To Give
Public Reception
- The Ladies «f the W: C. T. U.
will hold o public reception at the
home of Mrs. Nelson Spohr, Delta
avenue, Thursday, Dec. 28, from
2to 8 o'clock p. m. Both young
and old are cordially invited.
A miscellaneous program wNI
be given during the afternoon.
Besure and attend and enjoy a
few social hours with your friends
as a fitting close for the year of
Mas. Wilson Spohb,
Mrs. Adelaide Cater, hostesses.
School Clears Neat Sum
On Picture Exhibition
The Picture Exhibition which
was given in Bruce hall three days
last week, Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday, netted the school a
neat sum. The expenses of hold
ing the exhibition were quite high
but about thirty dollari was
cleared which will be used to
procure a few appropriate pic
tures for the new school building.
Masonics Have Pleasant Time
After installation of officers
Monday night at their regular
meeting the Masonic lodge held
a pleasant reception for their
members and visitors. Chas. Olds
prepared the banquent. About
forty persons were served. Every
one enjoyed a pleasant evening.
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