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Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
By virtue of a special execution on chattel
mortgage induing out of the oflice of the
clerk of the District Court of Delta County,
In the state of Colorado, ami to tne directed,
whereby I am commanded to make the sum
of f 1,7*0 out of the goodsnnd chattels here
inafter described, together with the sum of
931.80 costs of suit, being the amount of a
certain judgment and decree rendered In
suld court on this day against C. T Kuwait
and Corn K. Kuwait and The Paonln News
paper Publishing Company, defendants, in
favor of Milton Spencer, plaintiff, said goods
and chattels being described in a certain
chnttle mortgage executed by Charles T.
Kuwait and (ora K. Kuwait to said Milton
Spencer, and in accordance with the terms
of subl decree, therefore according to said
command, 1 shall expose for sale at public
auction to the highest and beet bidder for
cash, the following chattels described In said
decree us follows: to-wit:
"The printing plant. Job office, etc . known
as and connecter! with the Paonla Newspa
per, together with all machinery, tools Im
plements, appliances. Incidental to or In any
manner used In connection with the opera
tion of said Newspaper plant, and all furni
ture. stock In trade and other things In the
building on lots 1, 2 ami 8 In block 9 Town
of Paonla, Colorado, occupied by said News
(taper and j-ib office, among which are the
allowing enumerated articles, to-wlt:
One Cotterell cylinder six quart* press,
one ('handler A Price (Jordon 12X1* Job
press, one Sterling < 'omblnatlon round corn
er perforator puuchlng machine, one Peerless
BO loch cutter, one Acme No. 6 stapler. «me
Bates numbering machine, two Imposing
stones and tables, one quirk motor and
connections, one I'nderwood typewriter,
table and ebnlr, all type body and display,
rules, rases, books, material and furniture
now used In the said Newspaper office, as
well as the good will of said paper and busl
news with Itsjsuh'criptlon list."
Said sale will take place on Snturdnv the
fltb day of January, A. I>. 1912 at two
o'clock p. m. at the offlc • of the Pnoula
Progressive ami Newspaper, situated on
lots 1. 2 and 8, Itlock if of the Town of I’a
onla. In Delta t'ountr. Colo ratio.
Dated at Delta. I'oiorndn this 2<itb day
of December. A. D 1911.
I. If Wii.i.iam*.
Sheriff of itelfcn County,
lux-rru A Sto.m-. Attorneys f..r Plaintiff.
Paonla. Colarado.
Hrst Publication, December 21
l-ast Publication. January 4, 1912.
Notice of Adjustment Day
Kstate of I'herto S. Vernam. deceased.
The umb-rslgne<l having been npixiluted
executor of the estate of fi»erto 8. Vernam,
late of the < oanty of Delta, la the SUtr of
» olorado, deren>*4i|, hereby gives notice that
he will np|M-nr I •♦for. the < ouutr Court of
said Delta I'ounty, at the Court House in the
city of Itelta. in said County, on Monday,
the 29th day of Jniiuart. A. D. 1912. at the
hour of one o’clock i«. in. of said day, at
w hlch time all persons hat lug claims against
said estate are notified ami requested to at
tend for the puriiose of having the same ad
justed. All itersons Indebted to said estate
are requested to make immediate payment
to the uuderstgned.
Dated at Paonla, Colorado, this lath day
ol Decern lair, a I • 1911.
All>ert r \ ernsui. Executor of the estate of
Cberto M. Vernatn. deceased.
PA x rr i. * htom . Attorneys.
21-41 Paonla, Colorado.
Notice of Sheriff’s Sale
*«>Tl* E is HKKFHY GIVEN. That bv
virtue of a writ •»! exec ution or lien
foreclosure. I»«u»-I out of tlie ..ffice of the
clerk of the District Court of Delta County,
i olorado. under n decree <tf said C«mrt, «luL
made and entered therein, and to tne direct
ed. w hereby I am • <-m :i.an-l*-*l to make the »u .a
of two thousand one hundred and two dol
lar* and 1*• cents t#2.102.15) and cost of
suit, the amount ol n certain judgment re
cewtly obtained in said court. against Irving
T. Ilonnoid and In favor of N M Suther
land, out of the lands and tenements In said
derrec and hereinafter dew rilled. to wit
The west half of the west half of the north
west quarter of the southeast quarter of see.
tlon eleven >ll >. In tow nshln fourteen <l*«.
south of rang*- ninety two (92». w <si ol the
sixth principal merldlau. also 8u ifil share*
of the capital Stock of the Paoula Dltcli
< ompanv. together with all water and wa
ter right* and ditch right* thereunto be
longing or In any wise appertaining
NOW THEKKK<»KE, I. I. H. Williams,
Sheriff of the Connty of Delta In the Mate of
Colorado, according to said command and
decree, will on Wednesday, the 17tb. day of
January. A D. 1912 at one o'clock p. m.,at
the south front door of the County Court
House. In the city of Delta In said Countv.
will expose for sale nt public auction, and
sell to the highest and best bidder for cash,
all Ute right, title. Interest and claim of the
said Irving T HonnoM. in and to the above
described property, or so much there** as
may be necessary to satisfy said judgment,
interest, costs and c«ists and ei|>enses of
making this sale.
Dated at I»elta In said County *ud State
this lfith day of (terns her. A D. 1911.
I I!. W"it i mu,
Sheriff of Delta County. Colorado.
Bxxtem A Ktouk, Paonla. Colorado.
Attorneys for Plaintiff
214 t
The Cedar Canal Will
Water Splendid Land
To thf many who are Inquiring
•bout the Cedar Canal and Reservoir
enterprlae near Cedar In San Miguel
county, Colorado. I will say that 1
finished the survey of two res
ervoir! this summer, one of which will
contain ten thousand, seven hundred
aoree of water one foot deep with a
dam requiring fifty-six cubic yards of
dirt to the acre foot of water. The
other one will store about teu thous
and acre feet with a lose quantity of
dirt In the dam. There Is plenty of
dirt available for building the dams at
small cost and the reservoirs are
Ideal for bolding water.
These reservoirs are so situated as
to cover the entire valley of thirty
thousand acres or more, by means of
about eight miles of ditch to the up
per part of the land to bo watered.
There are three other reservoirs lo
cated which can, and will be utilized
if needed. The water supply Is more
than ample to fill these artificial
takes each year, besides Irrigating
the land during the early part of the
season. I have been camped near the
Disappointment creek, which will sup
ply the water, since March 5, 1910,
and I took notes of the flow of water
In this stream and I know there Is
•nough and to apnro.
The oountry has but few stones on
Trying and Doing.
Braggs—You never know what you
can do till you try.
Waggs—That's wrong. You never
know what you can do until you suc
Braggs—Well, perhaps that's bet
Waggs—And then you’re wrong.
You never know what you can do
when you succeed. You only know
what you have been able to do. —Life.
Difficult Terms.
“I'm afraid that prlma donna’s lack
of mathematical knowledge is going
to get me Into trouble,” said the man
“You are obliged to accept any
terms she makes?"
“I am. But It was a little thought
less of her to Insist on my signing a
contract to pay her 101 per cent, of
the gross receipts."
A Waste of Time.
“Doctor," she asked, in pleading
tones, “do you think It will be neces
sary for me to have an operation?"
“Oh. I hardly think so,” be replied.
'There! 1 told my husband It
wouldn't be any use coming to you.
My next door neighbor has a doctor
who has prescribed three operations
for her during the past year."
The Sympathizer.
Qloomer —You were so kind and
sympathetic the ’ast time I told you
my troubles I want to thank you for
that now I've got another —
Bloomer —Oh, pray don't mention
It.—Catholic Standard and Times.
He—lt ts reported around that yor
and I are engaged
She —Didn’t you deny It?
He —No; I was afraid to do so with
out first seeing you
Highly Probable.
“Any movement* In Plunkvllle?"
"A new hotel Is highly probable."
“That sound* good. I left there In
1889 and a new hotel was highly prob
ably then."
“He Is always talking about him
“But don't blame him. Think bow
much more silly bis remarks would be
If be selected any other subject."
The hrst late books in M 'elborn 's
Circulating Library.
the surface. The prevailing rock U
si ndstone. The soil Is deep and
strong, principally red soil covered
with gramma grass, tome sage brush
and other shrubs In places, but all
esslly cleaned and much of It
ally ready for the plow.
It will grow any crop that Is raised
In Delta county. The fruit ia simply
fine and corn Is good for Colored a
All small grain does well.
Plenty of wood and coal near and
there is a large pine forest within a
few miles of the valley where you
can secure your houselogs. etc., from
Undo Sam. Plenty of cedars on the
mountain sides from which the post
office "Cedar" takes Its name. Come
to Cedar at once and I will help you
secure a good home and will give you
nil the work you want on the ditch In
exchange for water stock. Better
come prepared to supply your own
outfit with whatever you will need un
til you can raise a crop. There are
several thousand acres, on which
crops may be grown next year and
some of the land under the completed
ditch Is yet vacant. Your water right
will cost about 925 per acre at present
prl:e 92 per share.
Engineer In charge of Cedar Cana)
and Reservoir.
Youth Had Much to Learn.
An English gentleman once fell from
his horse and injured his thumb. The
pain Increasing, he was obliged to
send for a surgeon. One day the doc
tor was unable to visit the patient,
and therefore sent his son instead.
"Have you visited the Englishman ?’’
said his father, in the evening. “Yes,”
replied the young man. “and I have
draw’n out a thorn which I ascertained
to be the chief cause of his agony.”
“Fool!” exclaimed the father. “I
trusted you had more sense; now
there Is an end to the job."
Knew His Wife.
It 1b recorded of an old English
farmer that, In giving instructions for
his w’lll, he directed a legacy of one
hundred pounds be given to his widow.
Being informed that some distinction
was usually made In case the widow
married again, he doubled the sum;
and when told that this was quite con
trary to custom, he said, with heart
felt sympathy for his possible suc
cessor, "Aye, but him as gets her'll
deserve it."
Old Truth Reaffirmed.
A Massachusetts widow wrote a
Kansas editor to find her a big-heart
ed, big-bodied, whole-souled westerner
for a husband. He printed the letter,
and replies are pouring in by the
bushel. Soon there w’lll be printed an
account of a wedding concluding with
the frank admission that it pays to
advertise. —Charlotte (N. C.) Observer.
Fitted for the Business.
"My son John,” proudly remarked
Mrs. McAllister to some one who had
Inquired about the family, “he's run
nin' the drug store now. He’s been
doing It for a year er more. You
know- he was to college an* studied
palmistry bo’s to fit himself for the
Advantage of Cheerfulness.
There are those who sneer at the
cheerful philosopher and call him a
cheerful idiot, but the cheerful Idiot
seldom goes adrift In his mind Those
who constantly travel the dark side of
melancholy street are the ones who
forget their real names and what they
ore here for.
Only Man Can Adapt Himself.
While men In all parte of the world
make their homes in exceptionally hot
or cold places and move from one to
the other without any apparent phys
ical discomfort. It is found that art
mals or plants whirl) would flourlsn
In one could not survHe in the other.
Selfish Interest.
"You seem to be developing a great
interest In conservation." "I am.” re
plied Mr. Cumrox. “If they keep cut
ting down the trees, there wron't be
any woode for me to take to when
mother and the girls get up these
rounds of social gayety."
Necessary Change.
Rev. Mr Hollers—“Mlstah Johnelng.
what fob you call dat son of yob’s
Izaak Walton, when he was baptised
George Washington?" Mr Johnson —
“Because, aah, det rascal's reputaahun
for verac'ty made dat change lmper*-
tlve.” —Christian Register.
Old Superstitions.
Coral beads formerly were worn
e round the neck of children to pre
vent nosebleed It was also believed
that a piece of brown paper placed
under the tongue of a child would stop
His Birthday Present.
Father —"So, my dear boy. I wish
you many happy returns of the day.
and as a reward for your diligence
and good conduct I will get the dentist
to draw that bad old tooth that gives
you so much pain!"
Primitive Medicines.
Some of the early medical practi
tioners were very limited In the choice
of remedies Victor Hugo's family phy-
Biclan used only ammonia and cam
phor In different combinations.
Natural Curiosity.
On the hills of Abbeville, S. C., was
picked up a piece of quartz about the
size of a thimble. It contains a small
bend that shifts about and appears to
be a drop of water.
Music and Manners.
Tsu Kung. a pupil of Confucius, said,
“In any country it Is only necessary tc
hear Its music In order to know* If its
manners and customs are good or
A Jelly Face.
"When mamma asked If I’d been
stealing Jelly. I said yes.” "Why
didn't you deny?" “I didn't have the
face to say no." —Boston Transcript.
Missionary Entertainment to
morrow evening
Council of Three.
“Does your wife boss you?"
"I wouldn’t put it that way. I also
have two daughters, you know. I
work under a commission form of gov
Wasted Effort.
“He Is one of those fellows who
shakes hls fist at the whole world."
"Exactly. And the more he shakes
hls fist at the world, the less attention
the world pays to him."
Mr. Naggltt—He never said an un
tlnd word to hla wife.
Mra. Naggltt—How long baa he
been deaf and dumb?
The Ready Writer.
He wrote a novel in the spring.
He wrote one In the autumn;
But didn't realize a thing.
Because nobody bought 'em.
How Nice.
“Maybelle, have you heard the lat
est? Professor Wombat says that we
send out psychic waves."
“How nice. 1 shall have mine mar
celled ”
Valuable By-Products.
Albumen is made from blood se
cured at the packing houses and used
for setting the colors of printed fab
rics. Ashes from the hickory and
oobs used in smoking meats are used
for fertilizer. Certain hard bode is
ground up and used for case harden
ing steel. In this process the steel
implement is heated while immersed
in the powdered bone. Glue is made
from the hoofs and sinews.of animals.
News Disseminators.
A minister at a camp meeting was
delivering a discourse on pride, and
In cautioning the ladles against it. he
said: "And you. dear - sters, may feel
proud that our Lord paid you the dis
tinguished honor of appearing first to
one of you after the resurrection; hut
you have no reason for it, as It was
undoubtedly done that the glad tidings
might spread soooner."
Use of Cocoa nut.
Purchase the raw nut rather than
(he desiccated cocoanuL It Is easily
put through the food cutter, and. If
the finest knife Is used. It gives a more
eaally digested article for cakes or
candles than the dried product. If
more Is ground than can be used, mix
•ugar with It and dry; It will keep
Indefinitely.—Good Housekeeping.
It Can Be Done.
“You make 30,900 marks a year as
aviator? And yet people say you can t
live on air.” —Fllegende Blatter.
Want Something to Exercise On.
Somehow or other the women whe
feel that they were bom to command (
always get married. —Exchange.
A Homelike Hotel
A Reasonably Priced Hotel
The Albany
Denver’s most Popular Hotel caters to all
and can be depended on to give the best
of treatment. When In]’Denver a cordial
invitation is extended to all to visit the
Albany-, the center of lif and activity.
Once a Visitor, Always a Guest
S. S. DUTTON, Proprietor
"YoM did perfectly right in bench
ing me, umpire; 1 was making a
blame fool of myself."
“All I wanted was the postage
stamp. Mr. Hinker, but while I am
here I may as well get a bottle of
perfumery and some face powder.”
‘There’s no occasion for you offer
ing me any money, sir; your ordi
nance will go through on its merits.’*’
"I see by your scales, ma’am, that
this chunk of ice weighs 56 pounds.
I'll have to take it back to the wagon
and chip a little off."
“Your auto doesn't need any over*-
hauling, Mr. Crankley; it’s in perfect
order. No, sir; no charge."
“As the church happens to have *
large fund in its treasury, brethren,
no collection will be taken up thlffi
Favorite Fiction.
“Pere Marquette Time Table."
“One Rap Calls the House to Or*
“Jack. I Never Dreamed That Yot*
Meant More Than Friendship!"
"My Friends, I Don’t Want You to
Vote for Me Unless My Platform Suita
“Well, I’ll See You Again Soon, S
Hope.” /
“Doctor of Laws."
“Smoke Inspector."
“Debt of Honor."
Town of Paonla
May nr—W. M. Wootton.
Town Board—E. E. Huffy, F. O.
Emry, W. L. DeWoody, W. F. Conlne,
C. W. Morgan. J. C. Vanderbeck.
Clerk and Recorder—Myrtle Hufty.
Treasurer—Myrtle Hufty.
Electrician and Water Commissions*
—W. R. Jewell.
Engineer—L. R. Fhallen lerger.
Marshal—A. R. Champan.
Count v of Delta
County Judge—
Clerk and Recorder—W. A. Shepherd
Treasurer—B. N. Crawford.
Sheriff—l. N. Williams.
Assessor—S. L. Cockreham.
Superintendent of Schools— Bel Mc-
Purveyor—John Curtis.
Coroner—Dr. J. P. Claybaugh.
County Attorney—Porter Plumb.
County Commissioners—lst Dist., Geo.
Wilson; 2nd Dlst.. W. E. Steele; 3rd
Diet., A. L Roberts.
State of Colorado
Governor—John F. Shafroth.
Lieutenant Governor—S. R. Fltzgar
Secretary of State—James B. Pearce.
Treasurer—Ready Kenehan.
Auditor—M. A. Ledily.
Superintendent of Public Instruction
—n'elen M. Wixson.
Attorney General—Ben I* Griffith.
State Senator. Delta and Mesa Coun
ties—George Stephan.
Representative. D*::a County—C. C.
Roxal Neighbors of America
The Cheapest Insurance Order; Ist
and 3rd Wednesday evening**, business
meeting; Masonic hall. 3rd 1 uesday af
ternoons. social meetings at members’
homes. Georgia Dewoody, Oracle; Ines
Brown. Recorder.
The Newspaper Is published weekly
at Paonla. the Core or the Apple Coun
try. Subscribe now and keep posted
about the North Fork Valley.
cost or
haa not affected our Job B
printing price*. We're etSQ I
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