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Subscription Rate, f 2.00 Ter Year
Milton Spencer - - - Manager
Entered an second-class matter May 26
11*11, at the post office at Pnonia, Colorado,
under the Act of March 8, 1879.
Stamps to the value of $8,612
were sold at the Denver postot
fice Dec. 21, establishing a new
record. The day’s sales exceeded
by 51,200 the largest day last
year. There were sold 250,000
2.cent stamps.
Emperor Francis Joseph is
making favorable progress tn his
recovery from his recent slight
indisposition. According to the
latest reports from the palace, his
majesty is in excellent spirits, his
cough is much better, his appetite
good and his general appearance
Rumors from New York that
the D. & R. G. and the Missouri
Pacific may be thrown into the
hands of a receiver are not taken
seriously by railroad officials in
Denver The report is regarded
as an echo from the financial con
dition of the Wabash, another of
the Gould lines, v'hich was placed
in the hands of a receiver several
days ago.
Grand Junction, Colo., Dec. 21.
—The contracts with the ranchers
owning the right of way for the
High Line canal, were received
by the reclamation officers here
today. Many of the ranchers are
accepting the offers made by the
government and the officials ex
pect to have the right of way com
pleted within thirty days. The
government is paying from SSOO
to SBOO per acre of land.
Gov. Judson Harmon was given
a surprise party in Columbus,
Ohio, Dec. 21, by Democratic
state officials who organized to
campaign for a solid delegation
from Ohio to the national Demo,
cratic convention, favoring the
nomination of Mr. Harmon for
president. The delegation of
state officials gathered in the cor
ridor outside the governor’s of
ficers and marched in on him just
as he was closing his desk at the
finish of his day’s work.
Negotiations Completed
For New Railroad
Negotiations have practically
been completed by Denver pro
moters for the financing of a new
narrow gauge railway project
from Waldorf, at the base of
Mount McClellan to Crestone,
which is destined ultimately to
form the link in a new rail route
connecting Denver with Lead
ville and reducing the time be
tween the two cities by half.
Construction work, which has
already started, is being done by
the Argentine Construction com
pany, former owners of the Ar
gentine Central railway. The new
line is to be known as the Mon
tezuma and Western railroad.
A. J. Woodruff, secretary of
the company has been in the east
since last summer, arranging for
the necessary financial assistance
to push the project.
The present plan of the pro
moters is to have through con
nections from Denver to Lead
vilie via Silver Plume Dillon in
the event that the Colorado and
Southern is permitted by the dis
trict court to abandon its service
on the Breckenridge branch.
Should the C & S. cease operating
the Breckenridge line, arrange
ments will probably be made with
that railroad whereby the Monte
zuma and Western will turn its
trains from Dillon into Brecken
The road when completed, will
represent an investment of ap
proximately $500,000. About
$350,000 has already been spent
in boring 'he tunnel. Work on
the balance of the construction
work will be begun in the spring.
Mr. Woodruff and his associates
it is understood, are planning to
buy in the Argentiue Central rail
way, which is now in the hands of
a receiver, at a court sale, which
it is expected will be held next
Taft Bitterly Arraigned
By Jim Wickersham
James Wickersham, delegate
from Alaska to congress, in an
address at St. Paul Dec. 22, sharply
attacked President Taft for his at
titude toward Alaska. He de
clared that the president at no
time ever suggested any legisla
tion helpful to Alaska. He de
dared that Richard A, Ballinger,
when secretary of the interior,
fathered every movement started
to loot Alaska by the Guggen
heim interests.
"Taft knew we were strong
American citizens." said Mr.
Wickersham, and would not give
us territorial legislation for fear
we would not give our resources
to his friends, tne Guggenheims.
He recommended a commission
form of government for us, nine
men appointed by him and an in.
vestigation showed that he in
tended to appoint nine Guggcn
heim men.”
Another Rich Strike
Reported In Alaska
News of a rich gold strike on
Hammond rivrr has been brought
here by Deputy Marshal Howell.
The gold was found in a deep
channel and runs $6,000 at the
bottom of the shaft.
Pay has been found in this
neighborhood before but this is
the first time a channel has been
A rush to the new diggings is
in progress.
Ten scree, all In cultivation, only
one mile from town. Cheap. See
c. C. Hawhhs.
Build Now and i
Pave the Way to I
Future Prosperity %
Success In life depends entirely
on the mark you set for yourself.
Atm high and then work con
sistently In a straight line (the
shortest distance between two
given points) and success will
crown your efforts. What could
be more worthy than a comfort
able home? Talk It over with
your wife, select a plan that
will suit you and then start In
to build.
There's no time like the pres
ent —money Is plentiful for hon
est Investment—labor and mate
rial available at the right prices.
From our experience In the lum
ber business we firmly believe we
are ad vising you wisely, you can
judge best yourself as to what
benefit you will derive by divert
ing all your efforts towards a cer
tain goal. When you want luin
l>er we want to talk with you.
I Independent Lbr.6o.
The Iron Crown of Italy.
The historic Iron crown of Italy
has played a romantic role In the his
tory of the peninsula. It was made
in the year 594 by the command, it is
said, of Theudolinda, the widow of a
Lombard king, on the occasion of her
marriage to a duke of Turin.
The crown is of iron overlaid with
gilt. Its significance was supposed to
lay in the fact that the weight of
royalty could never be lightened by
its splendid exterior. The iron of the
inner portion was traditionally held
to be one of the long nails used at the
For a long time the crown was In
the keeping of the famous monastery
at Monza. In 774 it was brought
forth to be placed upon the head of
Charlemagne as “King of the Lom
bards,” and on later occasions it fig
ured in the triumphs of Frederic IV
and Charles V. Finally In the pres
ence of all the representatives of
state, the foreign envoys and princes
and officers, Napoleon Bonaparte sol
emnly united it to the crown of
The crown belongs to the state, and
the custodian of it la the legitimate
representative of the basilica of Mon
za. The title of “grand custodian,”
however, pertains to the head of the
order of Cavaliers.—Harper’s Weekly.
The Useful Verb “To Get."
There Is no word, long or s!.ort. In
the English language capable of per
forming so much labor in a clear, In
telligible sense as the verb to get;
and here is an old-time specimen of
its capabilities:
“I got on horseback within ten min
utes after after I got your letter. When
I got to Canterbury I got a chaise for
town; but I got wet through before I
got to Canterbury and I have got such
a cold as 1 shall not be able to get
rid of in a hurry. I got to the treasury
about noon, but first of all I got
shaved and dressed. I soon got Into
the secret of getting a memorial before
the board, but I could not get an
answer then; however, I got Intelli
gence from the messenger that I
should most likely get one the next
morning. As soon as 1 got back to my
Inn I got my supper. When I got up
in the morning I got my breakfast
and then got myself dressed that I
might get out in time to get an answer
to my memorial. As soon as 1 got It
I got Into the first chaise and got to
Canterbury by 3 o'clock, and about
tea time I got home.”
Correcting Willie.
Papa and mamma and son Willie
were crossing the ocean. Willie bad
done something for which his mother
thought he needed correction, but not
feeling equal to the occasion shs
turned to her husband.
“John,” she said, “can’t you speak
to Willier*
Paps replied In a thin, weak voice,
“Howdy, Willie"—Success Magazine.
Net So Straight.
Hewitt—“ What do you think of
Gruet?” Jewett—“He's so crooked
that the only way for him to get e
night's rest la to sleep on a spiral
Where Poole Are Plenty.
“Most people,” says the Boardlrg
house Philosopher, “as soon as they
are married und safely launched on
the stream of life, begin to rock the
boat.” —Toledo Blade.
"That heiress is going to marry a
struggling young man ." “If she is a
sure-eno»;h heiress what's he strug
gling for?”—Houston Post.
Still Hope.
Little Eva was lamenting because
her baby sister was not a boy. "Oh,
well.” she said philosophically, “she
may be a boy when she grows up.”
Get Plenty of Sloop.
Plenty of sleep is conducive to
beauty. Even a garment looks worn
when it loses its nap.
Spanish Hen Holds Record.
The eggs of the Spanish hen, weigh
ing seven to the pound, are the largest
Or the Trousers.
A thorn in the bush Is worth two
in the sofar cushion. —Judge.
Joseph donned ills coat of many col
"So I won’t be mistaken for a deer,”
he explained.—New York Sun.
Easy Bluffs.
“Ajax stood and defied the light
“Yea, because he knew he was In
sulated by his rubber hoots.”
Welborn’s cough syrup. Safe for
A Happy Prosperous
New Year
is the: wish of the:
Indpendent Furniture Co.
No more attractive place* can be found, especially is tbe
winter months, than those bordering on the Calf Coast where
the climate is at a stage of perfection and where you wiD find
pleasure, health and profitable recreation
I, the shortest and m«t direct route to all point, eoutb. Our two fait
trains daily from Denver, Colorado Sprinp and Pueblo are equipped
with Electric Lighted Dining Cara and through Pullman Sleeping Cara
to Fort Worth and Galveston
T. E. FISHER, General Passenger Agent, Denver, Colo.
THOS. T. DUITIEIJ}. Vice- Pree.
The Fruit Exchange State Bank
Eatabliahed 1901. Oldest Bank In Paonla
Capital and Surplus *35,000.00
Tbs continued Increase In volume of business of this hank
and ths number of Ita customers is a guarantee of its
safe and con»«rratlre management
Tranafsr, Freight and Express to
All Parts of the City
Le, Ue Figure on That Bill of Yours
The Git-san-Cdell Lumber Co.
Wynne. W Hotel
Denver, psjrftj RATES.
Colorado. *l.OO (EL Up
TuK. Coifs. Cer. Union Depot tn California Street.

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