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H. 1
■sooo • HOLYOKE • 1930
■ 1
lock EXHIBITS set new high
■Holyoke Is the Mecca of pleasure
Lkers this week, thousands of them
Kywdlng the city each day to at-
Kd Phillips County's greatest fair
Rich opened Tuesday for four days
irhe exhibits are very good thlß
|ar, with small grain, cane, millet
Id corn exhibits of unusual quality
Lsiderlng the unfavorable season,
ler three hundred purebred hogs
L entered, showing the best in
Irtheaatern Colorado and southwest
L Nebraska. There is also some
|e purebred cattle, both dairy and
lef types. An abundance of home
Imomics exhibits have been entered
I the housewives of the county
Ith everything eatable from pickles
I angel food cake. Almost every
■tool in the county also has a dis-
Itv in the competition in the school
■The races, the main entertainment
■ lure of the big fair, are exceeding
k expectations, the first day bring
k out some fust ones among the
Irness and running entries. Nearly
(hundred horses have been entered
lil every ruce brings full track
[Wednesday's race results are as
■Mounted Potato ltace—Smith and
Burley. Ist: U \v Johnson and Win.
lilders. 2nd: C. L. Hat on anil Roy
limes, 3rd
1:3 Trot —L C. Minus, R Crisp,
Iner. Ist, in straight heats: Paildie
I 2nd: Rosalettt, E. G. Pringle, own-
I 3rd.
p:ls Pace —Colorado, B Brown,
Iner, Ist in straight heats: Melody,
In Isabel Stables, owner, 2nd: Far
kr Boy, ('has. Green, owner, 3rd.
Lne 2:15%-
fi Mile Hash—John Riley, O. B
|>wanl. owner, Ist; Lady Preston.
Bn Ritter owner, 2nd: Captain Lake
|hn Buss, owner, 3rd. Time 1:05.
I’i Mile Hash —Innocent Inez. Geo
■ Veil, owner, Ist: Gray Galnm, Will
Brtln. owner, 2nd: Xuchurius K, K
I Shapley, owner, 3rd.
IN Mile Dash— Queen, If. E Muhin,
■ner, Ist, Red Pox, F Lawson,
■ner, 2nd. Hay Ilewey, Mose Chest-
It, owner, 3rd
IN Mile Dash—Doctor Blue. Wm
liter, owner, Ist; Teo, O. 11. Howard
rner, 2nd: Miss Albtila, Walt Stew-
It. owner. 3rd.
[Tuesday was Kid's Day, with ov
P school child under It years ad
ptted free of clinrge It was a
Irat day for them and early in the
If saw hundreds here ready for n
■ »<'>>"'t White uml family have
H"V«'I from iln* farm to Holyoke
11 Kelaey ami llarry Monro nt-
B n 'l"'l Ik" democratic Mate conven
al Denver thin week a* dele-
from thla county.
■ *'■ fliiimliiK. I’hllllp Klmmnrmun
Wllaon altendml the pop
■late convention ni I’linlilo thin
an delegate* from thin county.
■ ° » Weir anil A. It Grout will
the drat of tho week for Grand
to attend tho nineteenth
convention of iho Grand
of Knight* of Dythla*. Mr*,
will necompany her huaband.
will attend the Dench Day ex-
H l ' Ibl't
|l T,ln following named ropubllran
■'•ii'K.'i"n to Iho convontlnna were
IB'' 011 "" the county eonvenllon Ihla
HUte convention- -F. M-
Win Monaholder. 11. Hutlier-
Mra C. Ilynlt. G. W. Shuler,
Hf' 11 Walker, (lade Weaver and
S' ' Hoaklna.
■ ,u *l*r motive s. M Klllnn. (H
Troutman, Mra Joaeplt tluorn-
Mra C. Vnrney, Mra. Maggie
■”* rl "> r - II it Uifgren, If C. F.rtg
■"«"n and George Hliulor
■ °on«re«alonal Mr« M lleiflnhnlh
■m. Mra h. Zoll, J. it. Gilmore, Kl-
lloyt, (lua Johnaou, Newton
■'•«g. David lllvalono and W P
Phillips Comity Herald
While other candidates are 4 , only
trying tor nomination for the various
offices at the Primary, the commit
teemen aud commltteewomen will be
elected. There Is one of each to be
elected In each precinct In the coun
ty. Their names did not appear In
the certified list of nominations that
was published in The Herald last
week so we are publishing the names
of the republican candidates In this
Issue for the benefit of the voters.
North I—R.1 —R. C. Ozman and Stella
South I—C.1 —C. E- Damewood and Lil
lian Schulz.
East 2 —W. H. Show and Adah
West 2 —H. L. Colver, Myron Smith
Mrs. David Clarkson and Mrs. S. H.
3—J. S. Richardson and Mrs. B. A.
East 4 —J. A Brooks and Mrs. E
.1. Anderson.
West 4 —C- J. Johnson and Mrs.
Nels Larson.
5 Lew Meyers and Mrs- J. H.
6E. Brundlge and Mrs Marie Mc-
A inspector from the office of the
United States Naturalization depart
ment will be In Holyoke on Septemb
er 10th to assist those applying for
their final papers to get them with
i out undue delay.
Jhe inspector will ho at the office
of O, H. Holland, Clerk of the District
Court at the court house after nine
o'clock that day Those who apply to
hint for their final papers will receive
them early In December
Raymond Berger, of Columbus, Neb.
Is here this week visiting at the home
of his parents, Mr and Mrs. Faruk
j Berger.
! big time.
Special entertainment features were
furnished for them and their races
1 and contests were crowded with en
More concessions than ever before
make up the hig Midway- Every
conceivable dme grabber is there and
all are drawing their shure of the
Today (Thursday) and Friday pro
mise to be the big days for both en-
I tertainment and attendance. The
races today take In the fastest horses
in the entries and tomorrow tho big
, auto races will take place. At least
i eight drivers, the fastest In tills scc
, tion of the middle west wilt compete
and some real thrills arc in store
for # the attendants
No one In the county should miss
this big day •
Judicial- J. A. Ilerg, 11. A. Iloeklna
K M Smith, J. It Gilmore, C. B.
Tltnberlako. 11. Sutherland, G. W.
Garland and Guile Weaver.
Mien Kmlly Whitlmm went to Den j
ver thin week for a vlall with frlenda
K. M. Gillette hua rented bit buai
noaa to C M. Mowry for one year
and will morn bla hardware utock to
New Wlndaor In Weld county
Mra C. II Tlmberlake and daugh
ter. Ileaale, returned to llolyoke, Tue«
day from Fair-play where Mra. Tim
herlake waa one of tho Inalr'itlora
In the teuchera luatllute.
The popullut county convention waa
held In the county Judge'* oltlce loat
Saturday afternoon and although It
waa called aa a maaa meeting, the
attendance waa not very large. K ,
K T. Ilaaen waa aelecteil aa chair
man and C. M C. Wooluian ancratary
Delegate* to the anveral convention*
were uelected aa follow*: State
8 H. Worley, I'hllllp Zimmerman,
K K T. llaren and F. C (.'burning
Judicial \tr*. Vlaadier, J M. Wltll
ham, A M Axelaon, I'hllllp Zimmer
man and J. K llorriaon Cougrea*
lonal —Jama* Glynn. A C f noble, C
M C Woolinait. Mr* H N. Dllle.
Win. Holler and (.' Wllaon. Sena
lorlal AC. Cautila, Mr* W (k Hull
rutin, 0. Wllaon, Mr*, Addin Zltniuar
man and 8 H Worley Itepreanl.la
live —K Kalr, It H. Stout. K. lAm- '
bier. A M. Axelaon and J It. Morrl
(continued un laat page)
■ ■ 'fir ... .
School's Open
Dr. and Mrs. Herman R. Niehaus
returned home last Thursday from
Des Moines and Ames, lowa, where
they spent the week attending the
annual convetion of the American
Vetinery Medical Association, which
was held in the former city.
Tile Docor states that aiiout 2500
veterinarians from ull parts of the
United States and Canada were pre
sent and a great deal of Interesting
ami helpful information was obtained
In nominating candidate* for (be
United Stules Senate next Tuesday
the voters should look forward to
the November election and place
strong men upon the ticket who can
comtnund the largest vote then.
''Fighting" Phipps, tried and found
true, tins no opposition at the Prlra
nry. He Is the republican candidate
for the long term and Is assured
nomination anil election The thing
In do now I* to nominate a republi
can who rarrle* ihe preatlge and con
fidence of Ihe people, one who will
be elected to go with Mr. Phlpp* and
role with him for Ihe Inlrreat* of iho
*l*t* of ('olnratln and uphold the
principle* of the republican parly
One who will aland with the ad
mlnlatrallnn and not oppoae every
move regardleai of lla merit, almply
for political reaaona.
Thl* inn he done by nominating
Churl** W Waterman, one of Colo
rado'* grealeal men, who tin* made
a lucre** a* an attorney, and now
ntfer* hla great ability and experience
to Ihe voter* of the mute for their
repreaentntlve In the It 8 Henate
Mr Waterman la a life long repub
llnan who ha* not linen n politician or
prof'ntalonal oltlce anchor, lie I* not
n radical nnd not a reactionary hut I*
a "life, aann hualneaa man who ha*
h>> n nueco-aful, due only to hi* own
ability and effort* He hi.a made no
prontlaea lo any faction of rlna*. he
la 100 hlg for that, but la able to
gain the Mipport of republican* and
democrat* alike all over the atatc by
hla aane Judgment and honeal bualnea
from the addresses and talks deliver
ed by some of the famous doctors.
OHnles were held at the University
of lowa .at Ames.
Very jpatisfactory progress has been
made V the profession during the -
past feW years in the eradication of
tuberculosis, the work now being car- j
rled on, through the cooperation of
I the national state and country author
,l Hies, j f
{ Dr. Niehaus keeps abreast of the
progress made In the vetertnery pro
fession/and Is a very valuable friend
to the stockmen of this county.
prlwdfifbfcr • ~w^§.
The republican votera should re
member these faots when they go to
the polls on September 9th to nomin
ate their candidates for the Senate.
Phipps and Waterman Is the correct
combination They are both belter
qualified than any other candidates
in tho field and have proven by their
putt records that they have the ability
In represent this great stute at Wash
ington find are to lie trusted.
Vote! for Phipps and Waterman for
(‘ongreaamun t’harlea 11. Timber
lake epent Wedneaday In Holyoke
greeting old friend* and looking over
hla former hometown. Mr Timber
lake ha* a high regard for Holyoke
for ll waa here that he made hla pol
itical atari which waa later to put
him Into Congreaa Hl* frlenda here
are legion and never fall to give him
a large majority at election time.
He I* again on Ihe ballot for nomi
nation to aurrecd hlmaelf and ha* no
oppoaltlnn at the primary. "Charley"
aa he la known to almnat everyone
thtoughoul thl* dlatrlct. hua become
an alntoKL permanent fixture In the
lower houae at Waahlngton and wilt
remnln there n* tong a* I* hla wl*h
lie repreaent* Ihla dlalrlrt Iti Ihe full
eat meaning of ihe word nnd on* can
hear no clamoring for a change
Holyoke think* a gieal dent of Mr
Tlmberlake and w* believe that the
feellig la reciprocated.
Wm fl*rg*r and daughter. Gillian,
of Cetioniburg, I’enn. arrived her*
la" week for a vlalt at the home of
Ihe former'* brother, Prank Derger
and family
The Holyoke grade school will open
next Monday morning, Sept. Bth, at
3:45 o’clock. The time schedule for
the year will be as follows: Opening
of rnornin sessions 8:45 .a m. Close
of morning sessions, 11:45 o'clock.
Opening of afternoon session,'' 1:00
o’clock. Close of afternoon session,
4:00 o’clock. Pupils of first and sec
ond grades will be dismissed earlier
than heretofore.
It is planned that the neceseary
text books will be on sale at the
opening of the school and may be
secured through the teacher in charge
of the grade that the pupil is eligible
to enter. Books purchased should
be paid for In advance. No change
in text books from those used last
year has been made except that Brig
ham & McFarlune's New Geography,
1524 edition, has been substituted for
Tarr & McMurray's Geography Book
2, 1512 and 1516 editions. This text
will be used in the' sixth and seventh
grades. Frye-Atwood New Geograph
ies, Book 1, will be used in the fourth
and fifth grades. This text was In
troduced last year. Pupils desiring
may secure second hand books ex
cept the Tarr & McMurray's geo
garphles, which will not be used this
year except to complete the work in
the eighth grade.
Parents are urged to see that their
children are enrolled the first day
und to assist the teachers in every
way to make the school year a very
Profitable one.
Respectfully submitted,
Charles R. Peter. Principal
Mlhs Mabel McCutcheon entertain
ed at a delightful six o'clock dinner
Sunday evening for Miss Luelia Jen- :
| nings. of Burlington, Colo., who Is
! here vlsitig Miss McCutcheon. Those
1 present were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
: Smith of Venango, Mr. and Mrs.
j Henry Redis, Misses Helen and Clara
j Redia and Messers. Ray Johnson. Al- i
: hart Hearman, Herman Hanke, W. W.
1 Heilman and Walter Huey. Follow
ing the dinner the parly went to the
; Redis home east of the city where a
most enjoyable evening was spent in
Rev *C. M. Hear drove to Fort
Vollliih. Monday, taking his son. Lewis •
to that city to attend the state agri
cultural college Me will tuke up an .
electrical engineering corse- They |
were accompunieed by Miss Hazel'
Hour, the former’s niece, who left
from Sterling for her home in Oregon
Miss Hazel Hear, of Turner, Oregon
arrived here Friday for a vlsjt at the
home of her uncle. Rev C. M. Hear
and family.
Mrs. Max Relche ami children of |
Huxtiin were among the fair visitors
"Cupid" lt"X Kvana linn Issued four
ntarrluge licenses the pust week three
of them being to lovelorn Nebraska
Walaee O Cock nnd Miss Mildred
Sellultt. Of (irnnt. were garnted
license Annum doth and were wed the
same day by Kev. T II Tyre at tbo
Methodist parsonge ,
Itobart Franklin Allan and Mlsa
Mae Hose, Wray couple, were mar
; rled the same day by Rev. Tyre
Kdwnnt N Carlaon and Mlsa Viola
Kackler. both of Horsey. Nebr. ob
tained license to wed on Tuesday and |
were united In marrlann at thei
Presbyterian parsonaae by Iter. C. | 1
M. Hear
Lonnie A Nnsfcle and Mlsa Kern
Wilton, of dram, were nranted II- 1
cense on Tuesday and married at the |
Method 1st parsonann by Iter T. II. !
j Tyre
The story of how Manhattan Is
land. now worth countless millions. \
was purchased from the Indians for
124 Is known to every schoolboy But
..oppose Manhattan Island. Instead of
being situated In the central part of
the coast of North America, had bean
located In an obscure part of the i
Mouth Mass And that It hail been
rich In ruby and sapphire mines. And ,
j that the two men who bought It from ,
■ :
*2.00 PER YEAH
Lawrence Briggs, garage turner fit
Lamar, Nebr., lost a limb and A- J.
Clrtchlow, turner living southwest
of Holyoke, sustained an Injury t«
his back from which he will probably
never recover, In two auto accident*
last Friday.
Mr- Briggs was driving a motorcycle
on the DLD between Holyoke and
Lamar when he was run down by
a tourist's car. Ilisright limb wae
so badly crushed and mangled that
umputation was found necessary. He
was brought to the Holyoke hospital
by the tourist where everything pos
sible was done to help him but thfi
limb was in such condition that It
was found necessary to amputate It
below the knee Monday morning.
While bis condition is still percar
lous, It Is thought that he will re
A. J. Crllchlow's car turned over
on the GPC highway about four mllaa
south of Holyoke, Friday morning
while he was returning to his home
from Holyoke. lie was pinned un
der the car and suffered a serious
: injury to his back.
He was fennel in an iinconsoio'lt
condition by Art Guernsey a short
lime after the accident and brought
to tho Holyoke hospital. Here It
was found that the injury to hie
I back hud caused paralysis in hla
limbs and the lower part of Ills body
aud this condition could not bo re
lieved. He was also badly bruited-
He was taken to the Mayo clinic at
Rochester. Minn-, Monday where It Ifi
j hoped that -he can be aided
\ Mrs. Crltchlow had left the hoegtr
, tal only a couple of days prerjoua
jto her husband’s accident, following
an appendicitis operation. One fit
their smalt children was 111 and Mr.
! Crltchlow was making a hurried trtf
j to Holyoke after medicine when thfi
misfortune overtook him He had
a crate of fruit in the rear seat Of
his car and in attempting to keep
I It from upsetting, lie lost control of
I ihe car.
It Is hoped that lie will find half
at the Mayo clinic
The ladies of the Sorosls Club met
Monday ufternonn at the home of
Mrs. (). M lilllls. A pleasant social
afternoon was enjoyed following
which the hostess served dainty re
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the native* were aole owner* of IL
and when they died left a will be
queathing It to a granddaughter ad
one and Ihe grnmtaon of the other
providing the two legatee* should
marry wlihln one year after the death
of the tei..ator* And that they both
were already married, but not IS
each other, and a clauae In Ih* will
gave the Inland back to (he natlvgs
If the while helra did not rarry out
the term* of the will.
Thl* I* one of the altuatlon* Is
"The Man From Broadney'a" Vita
graph* iperlal production directed
by David Smith, which will ha abowa
al the Dearie** Theatre negt Wed
oeaday and Thurnday. The play la
a plcturlaallon of the novel of tbs
aame name by George Barr MoCut
cheon The all-atar cant I* headed
by J Warren Carrlgon.
Charle* Salford left Wedneaday for
hi* homo at Lincoln, after upending
tho paat few week* here vialtlng at
(he home of hla alater, Mr* HI-
Wlllla and family.
Floyd Barger and family, of Fowlar,
Kan*. left Monday for Cheyenne, al
ter apendlng a few day* her* vlalt-
Ing al the home of the former'* alatar
Mra. F. A Ralaton and family
Mra M Kelley returned home Cram
Denver, Monday where ah* had be*
vialtlng with her daughter

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