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Doubtless before another issue of The Chieftain goes to press, b
land deal of gigantic proportions will probably be pulled off, and the land
in question is situated near the town of !Amil_\', the principals being well
known Holly business men. The consideration is SIOO,OOO.
The sbove confab was overheard by a Chieftain sleuth on Monday
last, and all facts in the deal were considered sub rosa between two
men, who will undoubtedlv tear their hair when this leader appears be
fore their startled vision. The closing of the deal simply awaits a New
York signature.
A Thinking Paper
for Thinking People °
2289 Commercial Club Bldg, SALT LAKE. UTAH. Jas. 30, 160 g.
The Chieliain, Holly. Colo.
Gentlemen An issue of The Chieftain reaches us occasionally
end we find it one of the most interesting and valuable of Colorado
papers. so much so that we should like very much to receive it regularly
in exchange for Goodwin's Weekly. We should be pleased to hear
from you. %
With best wishes, we are, Yours very truly,
By Lynn S. Gillham, Bus. Mgr.
City Council Goes on Record as High License Advocates--Resolution Passed
for the Sanitary Sewer---Plumbing Ordinance Read,
But No Action Taken
Au interesting session of the city dads was held last Monday. Al
though there wasnot.a full board present. they got.down to bpsiness
snd never let up until nmli midnight.§ 3 7
An important feature of the session was the increase in the price of
saloon licenses from SISOO to S3OOO each, without a dissenting voice.
A ressolution was passed reciting the need of a sanitary sewer, and.
it will be shaped up in a legal way by the next regular meeting, the
attorney says. :
The plumbing ordinance, an exceedingly lengthy affair, was read,
but uo action taken. Clerk Vidal distinguished himle{f by reading, in a
stacato voice, the seven columns in seventeen minutes This ordinance
elicited considerable discussion, and it is probable that it died a-bornin’.
or was talked to death,
The ~aterworks continues to take up the time of Mayor McMurtry
and the board. Chairman Gee, by dint of hard struggle, has become an
expert plumber and electrician. likewise Members Harden and Simhson.
Water Commissioner Applicants
Word comes from Lamar that
A. L. Beavers and H. A. Pettee
of Holly were recommended to
the governor as suitable men for
the position of water commission
er of district No. 67. Similar ac
tion was taken by the hoard in
the case of Ben Wilson of Rocky
Ford and Ashby Murphy of las
Animas, who are aspnirants for ap
pointment in district No. 17,
which also embraces Prowers
Odd Fellows at Wiley to Build.
Clyde Knuckey was in from
Wiley vesterday soliciting sub
scriptions of stock for the new
building to be erected by the Odd
Fellows of his city. The lodge
has secured a very desirable cor
ner lot and will at once erect a
fine two-story building. Already
over $3,000 in stock has been stth
scribed by the Odd Fellows of
Wilev and vicinity.
Handsome $5 Valentine
To be given to the school girl re
ceiving the greater number of val.
entines bought at the Holly Phar
F. D. Baird & Co.
Let us get yvou up some sta
tionery that will be a credit to
vour business—not a detriment.
The price will be practically the
same, and vou'll have something
vow'll be proud of. The Holly
Chieftain Printery.
Atteniion Farmers!
Farwmers bring your cream to
The Cash Meat Market and re
ceive more than yon «et for your
butter. besides saving the labor of
making butter. HKeceiving days
\Vednesdays and Saturdays.
Continental Creamery Co.,
W.R.Wright, Agent.
Printing Commissioner Hosmer
George H. Hosmer, the print
ing commissioner selected by
Gov. Shafroth, has been . identi.
fied with the Patterson wing of
Democracy for a number of
vears, has conducted a Democrat
ic paper at Fort Morgan during
his residence in Colorado and has
been a hardworking .Democtrat
printer during all of his life in
this state. .
We doff our tile to Commis
sioner Hosmer.
Wiley's First Eelecrion.
Wiley held its first municipal
clection on Tuesday week and re
ports indicate that it was a very
lively affair from start to finish.
Four tickets were in the field for
the 104 voters, and H. G. l.amson
was elected mayor, receiving 97
| This paper is boosting for Hol
{ ly because its success depends
upon Holly's growth atd pros
| penity. It may bhe a personal
| motive but it is a far-sighted one.
| Every family that moves into
l own helps us and it helps you,
Epitome of the Week's Doingsis
Holly sod Vicisity
Word comes from l.amar, as
The Chieftain goes to press, that
Nova Butler has about closed a
deal for the new block he is put
ting up here, and the sale wilrim
zlude the five-year lease which he
had already signed up to a Vic
tor, Colo., gentleman, who will
arrive upon the completion of the
Dr. O. W. Swope is now cosily
located in the stone building
around. the corner from Appel’s
Dr. R. P. Walton made a fly
ina trip to Denver last Saturday.
Ed Jones is back from a trip
to his Texas haciendo.
Baker Bros. & Pratt report a
brisk trade for Janunary.
Tom Harmon is himself again
since the recovery of his son
Cashier J. B, llarden of the
First National bank and wife re
port a very pleasant visit with
friends and relatives on their re
cent Denver trip.
The pastor of the Raptist
church was greeted by good con
gregations both; Sunday. morning
and evening. :
S .Mglmgij;lmtie .Abbott and
Luln Randall of Clarinda, Towa,
who have been vigiting their par
ents, Mr.and Mrs. C. B. Godby,
departed yesterduy. Mrs. Randall
going to Des Moines and Mrs. Ab.
bott returning to her home in
The Right Honorable Jobn Dun
can has returned from the east,
wearing the same old smile,
Grocer Wm. Gill, who left two
weeks ago for Wematchee,
Washington, to visit his son, was
quarantined by floods and was
forced to take a roundabout direc
tion for his destination. He writes
that that whole country is sub
merged with water.
Let us get you up some sta
tionery that will be a credit to
your business—not a detriment.
The price will be practically the
same, and you'll have something
you'll be proud of. The Holly
Chieftain Printery.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Forbes are
now cosily esconsced:in their new
home in the Stevens addition.
The decorating and painting is
by Ed Devero, and i most artis
tically done.
Mr. John H. Shelton, who has
been quite ill, is rapidly f‘aining
strength and will soon be himself
George Miller of * the Holly
Mercantile Co., has been om the
sick list, but is now up apd
A petition, numerously signed,
was presented to the beard of ed
ucation last Wednesday, request
ing_that the children of parents
residing near Holly, unable to
pay the regular tuition fee,
should be admitted without
charge. The cause is a just one.
and doubtless the board will ac
cede to the public’s request.
Tam alwave in the market for
fat cattle und hoge. Call. tele
phone or write :
Thomas Harmon. -
Fat Cattle
Mr. Joe Koppl of the Suftar
factory leaves on Sunday for his
old home in Norfolk, Neb. His
bachelor friends accuse him of
deserting their ranks, but the re
doubtable Joe denies the soft im
peachment with vehemence.
J. F. Van Wey, the Boniface,
has been under the weather the
past week.
The B. Y. P. U. is in a flour
ishing condition. Miss Fannie
Smith is president.
Preaching next Sunday morn
ing at the Baptist church by the
pastor, Rev. C. W. Buell.
Dame Rumor says that a num
ber of weddings are on the tapis,
and that some of them will sur
prise the oldest inhabitants—in
fact that “June and December”
will not be a parallel. Let joy
be unconfined.
Mrs. J. H. Seibold, who visited
here last summer, contemplates a
return trip in the spring.
Frank Merwin, whom every
body knows, was shaking hands
with his host of friends here last
As will be seert in another col
uwmn, the firm of Lewfs & Schlager
has been dissolved, Mr. John
Schlager continuing the business
at the old stand. Success to the
new venture. ! :
A spelling school-and ciphering
match was held at the Fairview
3¢hool hotse vesterday -evening:
Mr. F. . Baird, the new pro
prietor of the Holly Pharmacy,
brought his wifc and family from
Rocky Ford last Sunday, consist
ing of little Anna, Hansel and
Frank Baird. They are tempor
arilv quartereJ at Van Wey’s,
and are much pleased with Holly.
W. H. Kreider, the untiring rep
resentative of the Pueblo Chiej.
tain, is in town, that paper having
cast its bread upon the waters with
a New Year's edition descriptive of
the Valley, which was a great suc
The wife and family of Dr. Ro
manus M. Smith, the worthy suc
cessor of Dr. R. D. Wilson, ar
rived alst Sunday from Rocky
Ford. Masters Elmer and Davis
Smith are two precocious boys,
the pride of their parents and all
with whom they come into con
The annual business meeting
of the Baptist church will be held
Saturday 2 p. m., Feb. 13th. The
ladies of the church and congre
gation will provide dinner for the
occasion, and the noon hour will
be spent in a social way.
“In Wyoming”, a story of
ranch life; both pleased and en
tertained a fair-sized audience
last Wednesday at the Opera
house. It is true to life, and the
cast is par excellence.
For Rent
We have a few farms of from 40
to 60 acres for rent. Beet, small
grain and alfalfa land. Good im
provemsnts. Call at the American
Beet Sugar Co. Factory, Lamar, or
S. E. Browne, Farm Sup't. Manvel
Farm, Granada, Colo.
Fancy Stationery.
The kind you have always
wanted, printed handsomely, 1n
an up-to-date manner, suggestive
of individuality. We can supply
you with the printed product at
about the same price you pay for
the raw material. The Chieftain
Printery, Manufacturing Station
-+« Thomas, whose word is law
in the sheep business, was in
town last Monday.
Agriculturist George Seow has
shaken the Holly dust off of his
No. ¢’s, and there is gnashing of
teeth in consequence among the
fair sex.
The box social at the Baptst
church last Tuesday was a great
success, and everybody enjoyed
themselves apparently. The new
pastor, Rev. C. W. Buell, appears
to be the right man in the right
A mission circle has been eor
ganized by the ladies of the Bap
tist church. Mrs, Rev. Buell was
elected president and Miss Fannie
Smith vice president.
“Life’s Highest Inceative” is
the subject for discussion at the
Baptist church Sunday moming
Contractor P. S. Lynch of La
mar was here the fore part of the
wcek overseeing the new Butler
block, for which he has the con
tract. Mr. Lynch is well known
throughout the state as a veteran
of the civil war, a most success
ful business man and a gentleman
of the old school.
Johuny Robinson, the peanut
aud newedealer, has begun to ad
vertiso at home, passing up Mont
gomery-Ward! Simplyandther tes
timonial to the beneficent results
Nels Thompson, ‘the eminems
farmer and stockraiser, has sold
over §7OO worth of horses sinos
Jan. 1. A bunch of his well-bred
cattle brought SBOO, and he has a
lnT uumber that he will not part
with. g
Messrs. George and Joe Ikel
man contemplate a pleasure trip
to the Golden Gate shortly, after
a period of ten years behind the
drug counter with scarcely a
weck off. They will now enjoy
themselves for a brief space
where the American beauty rose
blooms twice every. season.
A chair once owned and used by
Abraham Lincolu in his home in
Springfield, 111., now in the home
of the Rev. and Mrs. Wiley K
Wright, will be on the platform at
the Lincoln birthday service at the
Prel%yterian church Friday even
ing' Feb. 12th.
Look out for the Scarlett sale oa
Friday, Feb. 12, at 10 a. m., on the
Scarlett Ranch, § miles north and 2
miles west of Helly. The 20 horses
comsist of dood big work stock. alse
several head of milch cows and hdgs
The many friends of Mr. John
Gores will rejoice to knowithat the
veteran bas again conquered, after
the physisians had given him up,
and that he is gradually gaining
strength, although as yet in a
weakened condition. May the vet
eran’s shadow never grow less!
Mesers David B. and Thomas
Webb, formerly of Hutchinson,
Kans,, are the latest acquisition to
the Southsibe contingent,and both
have interesting families. The
Webb brothers have seen much of
frontier life, although they are
wmuch impressed with this section.
In fact they are imbued with the
healthy Co{ondo spirit. and are
justly proud of their new home.
Water delivered by the bagrel.
Phone Black 92.

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