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d Holly Agdain
As the Helly Hosel
ue Ome day only
fler 5
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he .
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wit} *
. Dr. K ’
niq! ® ® o :
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con :
ers g ]
the ;
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an . l
4 Oculist and Aurist |
R i i
s =
(& =
8 Y 777Zz4 ) 3 |
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g£ - L { ~ S |
: U ~
) —
4R\ Eve Ear
N(yise, Throat |
o 3
i §peclallst
‘ hh-nl'h.:u.:n.d-n",:t:dunu..l::
{8 .
' Hundreds of patients
i fe . ° o o
im this vicinity. No
'm ~
\ imcurable cases taken
| & m sirsightened and caterscie remeved.
Rz oyelid o, sore eyes and ceterrh suc
|| EEbEL e o
;“ “esees soliaited. Selag yeur scheel
§ i % .
' Over 8000 patients
Fi o R
: r-am-hd. A large pro
ki -:.-h--h-..aa\-'»..a::n' weledio,’
f_ .‘Mihn:‘oa-:mw;“
L n R cmflrmhvfldhafln{
: yu".‘" investue bio matbede of cor
| BEREmasen
fi-fi. Stare Boncd ol Mediee] Fromaers
: ol oad other staien.
Relerences skl bow oue =i e
eStst ot 1o sev il s
- wadieal aad sersical trestment 2
Remember B:_Seers dese oot caper
S’/ Orer 17 peare’ rietiont mopaioe,
§ de' of tostimesnials frem gratelul
¢ e o Tptiante whom be boe cored,
BDr. Sapero has been visiting Holly
reularly for many years.
All Work Guarsateed
. Gt pos d-i:':-uh Ihe docter plesss make
Cousuliation and examination
for glasses FREE
Hoarse courhs and stuffy colds
that may develop into pneumonia over
night are quicklky cured by Foley’s
Homer and Tar, and it soothes in
flamed membranes, heals the lungs,
and exnels the cold from the system.
The Holly Pharmacy (F. D. Baird &
Co, Props)
Foley’s Honey and Tar clears the
air passages, stops the irritation in
the throat, soothes the inflamed mem
branes,'and the most obstinate cough
diuglpurs. Sore and inflamed lungs
are healed and strengthened, and the
cold is exz:llect from the system. Re
fuse an{. t the genuine in the yel
| low package. The Holly Pharmacy
booite, &Blitd & Co., Props.)
Mr. Freeman H. Wever of
Hutchinson, Kansas, is the lattest
acquisition to Holly's youuger set
of married men, and was yesterday
sppointed selegraph operator at
the Sauta Fe depot. Mr. and Mrs.
Wever are much pleasea with the
people of Holly, and believe they
will like the change exceedingly
Melly Suger Co’s. New Costract Of
fers the Grower $5.00. ¥5 snd
$4.50 per Toa for
Sagar Beets
Last Tuesday the new contracts
of the Holly Sugar Co. were given
to the agriculturists, Manuger
Wiley declaring that the low xrade
sugar beet was a menace both to
the grower and the company, and
the prices are considerably above
that of last yeur:
16 per cent beets, $5.50 per tou
Less thau 16 percent and not
less than 143, 8§56 per ton
Less than 144 percent aud not
less than 12, $4.50 per ton.
The Albany Hotel, Denver, very
popular rates, Euro%ln plan ’1.%
and #I.SU per dey. ith bath, $2,
and $250. The hotel here you get
he best for the least money.
Miss Leta McKee entertuined
the Batchelor Girl's club last
Thu sday. All took their fancy
work along. Light refresh
ments were served and all spent
a pleasant afternoon.
Former Supt. Ambrose Allen of
the Holly Sugur Co. frait furm has
%0 near recovered from the almost
fatal accident. which befell him
last summer that he contemplates
going back to Arkansas, where he
will have charge of an 'immense
orchard. :
J. D. Bogue, the veteran mnik
man, is around again, after a siege
of lagrippe.
Commissioner W. W. Reynolds
is back from u trip to the hacien.
dos in the Lone Star State, look
ing the picture of health. |
el e By |
Pneumonia Follows La Grippe.
Pneumonia often follows la grippe
but never follows the use of Foley's
Honey and Tar, for la grippe coughs
and deep seated colds. Refuse any
but the genuine in the yellow package.
The Holly Pharmacy (F. D. Baird &
(O g TVR e
C. R. Kluger, the Jeweler, 1060 Vir
ginia Ave.,, Indianapolis, Ind., writes:
*“l was so weak from kidney trouble
that I could hardlv walk a hundred
fect. Four bottles of Foley's Kidney
' Remedy cleared my complexion, cur
ed my backache and the irregularities
[ disappeared, and I can now attend to
business every day, and recommend
Foley's Kidney Remedy to all suffer
ers, as it cured me after the doctors
and other remedies had failed.” The
Holly Pharmacy (F. D. Baird & Co.,
Pyons.) o
General Auctioneer
Phone White 162
Granada, Colo.
The Old Reliable
Painter & Decorator
chcerfully furnished ou applieation
What He (???) Her.
“Slow, Willie," sald the teacher of
the primary clees. “let us see whether
- you can tell us the name of this grace
tul looking anime! with the Vig prong
ed horne? Humiers go up iuto the
woods every fall te shont this besuti
ful creature. It Is very cruel of (hewm
10 4o 80, in it mot? Cam’'t you tei! ws
what the animsl is called? Come, uow,
think. | am sure youw kmow what it is.
What does your father call your moth
or when he comss home at night?”
“He calls ber Betay ‘cause it plagues
Ger.”"—Chicago Record-Herald
It is an agreeable sizht (v percelve
the unparalleled embarmsxrieni of &
barassed peddier attempting 1o gagge
the symmetry of a peeled onion which
s sfbyl had stabbed with s poniard
regardless of the {unueadvex «of the
llies of a carmelian hue—Iittshurg
Dispated, s
The Colorado & Southern ha
placed on sale very low round trip
winter tourist tickets to -otats in
Texas, the Guli Coas®, Florida, Cuba
and Old Mexico. These rates are on
sale daily until April joth, and allow
liberal limits and stop-over privileges.
There are also attractive low rates t
the City of Mexico via the Gulf
tours, going or returning through
Cuba and Florida. For particulars,
reservations amnd free illustrated de
scriptive booklets, call on vour agent,
or address T. E. Fisher, General Pas
senger Agent, Colorado & Southern
Ry., Denver, Colo.
He Couldn’t Put It Out Farther.
Doctor (to Githert, aged fonri—Put
your tougue out, dear.
Little Gilbert protruded the tip of his
Doctor—Ne, no; put it right out. my
The littie fellow shook Lis head
weakly, and the tears guthered in his
“I cau't, doctor. It's fastened to me.”
—Home Cbat.
Mrs. Murphy—Arrah! ‘Ti« Ratordah
night an’' th' facth'ry s clesfr’ down
an’ Timmy dor’t know wherher he'll
git his pay or mot.
Mrs. Flaherty—Heore he is coming
home now.
Mrs. Murphy—Wirra! Then he ain't
been paid!—Cleveland Leader.
Ask Yourself the Question.
Why not use Chamberlain’s Lini
ment when you have rheumatism?
We feel sure that the result will be
~rompt and satisfactory. It has cured
others, why not you? Try it. It costs
but a trifle. Price, 25 cents; larbe
size, 50 cents. For sale by F. B
Baird & Co. = =
Fancy Stationery.
The kind you have always
wanted, printed handsomely, in
an up-to-date manner, suggestive
of individuality. \We can supply
you with the printed product at
about the same price you pay for
the raw material. The Chieftain
Printery, Manufacturing Station
| ers,
' One-Way Colonist Rates to Arizona,
~ Texas, Mexico, California, Idaho,
~ Montana and the Northwest.
Commencing March ist and contin
uing dailgountil April 3oth, the Colo
rado & Southern will sell one-way
colonist tickets to many points in the
above territory at greatly reduced
rates. For rates and other particu
lars, call on the Agent, or aadress T.
E. Fisher, General Passenger Agent.
Denver, Colo.
Round Trip Winter Tourist Rates the
Gulf Coast and Mexico.
So that the People May Kuow -
mnde right here in Holly
and of euperior quality.
.No Montgumery. Wund stock
Youra truly,
Official Statement of the Financial Condition
Holly State Bank,
At Hotly, State of Colorado. ut the cluse of business on the sth dey of February. 1908: :
LO.I\‘IM discounts $55,026 69 Bk 30,000 00
Banking house 8,550 00 = Undivided Prollits, net 45 60
Furniture and Fixtures L 715 27 Time certificates of Lot 11,972 42
Due [eom banks or bankers 8,824 48 9\ <
adivi i 35,944 92
Checks aud cash itenss pg 31 ] ledideal dopapie
Cash on hand 4341 43 | Other liabilities 50¢ 24
Other resources By £ N
Total 78,557 18 Total 78,857 18
S eziem
State of Colorado, County of Prowers--ss
I, G. W, Stevens, president of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true 1o the beat of my knowledge and belief G. W. Stevens, President.
Subscribed sad sworn 1o before me this #th day of February, 1909,
My commission expires Feb. 18, 1810. Seal J. W. Wilkin, Notary Public,
Attest Majority of Directors ). A. Pierce. L. M. Gee, Jobn Shall.
BT T e
How a Snake Sheds Its Skin.
The huioan skin & sied in such mi-
Nuie pleces that il ordinarlly comes
away unnoticed. Bai the »skiv of a
snabe culnes away whole (wo or thres
times a yoar aud is drawn off inside
out from the head backward as the
creamre creeps through some bush, to
which it i left attached. Before it is
shed the skin loses its color, and the
eyes hecome dim. because their outer
skin ie cast with the rest. The snake
emerges very brightly colored from fits
old skin, and its markings are thea
most distinct.
Goodart—You dida’t tell him that I
aMdn’t think kim mnch of 2 poet?
Goodart—Oh, 1 wouldn't 'ive had
you do that for the world!
Wiseman - Nomsense! That doesn't
hurt bims. 1t only makes him plity you.
—Cathollc Standard and Times.
J. H. Newman, Amity
Moline Beet Seeders Mudine Beet Cultivators
Genuine Mandt and Peter
Schuettler Wagons
Henney Buggies New Royal Sewing Machines
General Hardware, Queensware
and Oils
Phone Red 91-11 : James Hargreaves, mge’
She Saw It
With Her Hazel Eyes, in
The Holly Chieftain
"v' A r(\ G ’/\/1 /-'—\.2\
Y, 2 S
T. ‘ Rl £25 o |
M| SRS == ‘
e '!lw“' - @r. "»w (j: R
‘;::“v — 4 ! ’
| o o
| Going to Build?
| If you want thé-;'makings" for any of the sugges
tions as above just call upon us.
} We have all kinds of buiflfing material.
| The Holly Lumber & Supplies Co.
The Basis of a Spanking.
{0 UWally,” said Mrs. MacBigs b0 ber
i Iitile son ws ihey emieried frow the
I plation at SBalibaw-by-the-Sei, w0
] that we are af the coast, miud apnd ea’
yer falther ‘papa’ when be cones doon
{ for the week end. Ye'il no forget,
! wull ye?”’
Wully, neariug the hig sea, felt gra
. clously inclined to promise anyvihing
i sud told his mother he wouldn't for
i get.
| On the Baturday moroiuy Mrs. Mae
! High was sitting ¢t the sands beside
. mome “swell” searide acqunlutanoces,
| watching the children playing. Think
! Ing to impress her ueighbor. she called
i out In ber bheat society voi e, “Weelle,
' your papa is coming doon the day.”
“Oh, Is he? answered ‘Veelie, busi-
Iy engaged at a sand castle aud quite
forretful of Monday’s promise. “Am’
wull my faither he wi’ 'Iin¥'—-Dundes
Advertiser. &

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