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The commissioners were in
session this week and allowed the
usual monthly bills. No action
was taken in the matter of ap
pointments, as Chairman Rey
nolds is still absent in Texas.
The hold-overs are very well sat
isfied with the condition of af
Isn’t it about time that bids
thould te asked for relative to
the county printing—or will the
offices outside of Lamar continue
to be hoodwinked—t> the detri
ment of the taxpayer—who is
anxious to at least catch a flying
glimpse of the county’s funds??
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat
Di. Kalmet C. Sapere, the Den.
ver spedialist, will again be in
Holly on Monday. Feb. 2ond. at
the Holly hotel. Counsultation
and examination for glasses free.
Call early.
A spoaker once said: “There
are Iwo classes of farmers, one
class who farm the soil and an
otner class who farm the farmers.”
Lhis dees not apply as much as it
did vears ago. Practical by voca
tion . (b surronndings, the modern
furmer has pretty well quit being
farmed. Better op, ortunities for
soner d education have placed the
: farnicr in a position well able to
3 protect bimself, and the cartoous
suil published in manv of the be
. omighied city papers showing Rube
.~ iuthe act of buying a gold brick
0 01 waiting patiently to see the
7 »Masonic Temple” turn ‘round, are
‘ as slaie a8 the nuts which out of
i season drop from the spreading
i chestnut tree. The average farmer
of today is as shrcwd as the aver
age business man. not ouly that
& DLutheis rapidly bLecoming an ac
knowledged scientist in his pro
fession. .
Tlere is no greater criminal in
the world than that man who know
ingly and persistently, persues the
course that must eventually de
stroy him either phisically, men
tally or moraily—or all. And yet
there are those who, with eyes
’ wide open. walk in a path they can
see is strewn with dead men’s
bones yet persist in knocking every
; legitimate enterprise in their midst.
The Pace That Kills
J. Harry Maunderville, of Cool
ilze, a gay and festive youth who
always put up a forty dollar talk
on a forty cent capital, is behind
the bars of the Kansas ludustrial
‘ school for trying to pass a bogus
check drawn on the First National
Bank of Holly for $34.50, i d will
Liave seven years to repent of his
¢ folly for choosing the pace that
© kills.
Holly Ice Plant
Water (lcliv\::n;i by the barrel
Phone Black 42. K
A Well Cooked Meal
Appeals to us all and The
Star Restaurant serves them daily
Voleen & Bogue are experienced
chefs, and know how to please
yvou. Location: next to Lozar's
poolthallsiie et e s
For that Terrible Itching.
T s B e sgL bt o T AT e 8
Eczema, tetter and salt rheum keep
their victims in perpetual torment.
The application of Chamberlain’s
Salve will instantly allay this itching,
and many cases have been cured by
icts use. For sale by F. D. Baird &
More towns die for wauvt of con
fidence on the part of the business
men and lack of public spirit than
any other cause. says a floating
editorial. When a man in search
of o home or a business location
goes into a town and finds everv
thing brim full of hope and enthu
siasm ot the prospects of the place
and all earnestly at work to build
it up. he soon becomes imbued
with the same spirit. and as a re
sult he drives down stakes and
goes to work with the same inter.
est. When, however, he goes to a
town where overyone expresses
doubt aund apprehension for the
prosperity of the place. moping
about and indulging in mournful
complaints. he naturally feels that
it is no place for him. and he at
once shakes the dust from his feet
while hie pulls out with all possible.
speed for some other town, Con
sequently try to make a live enter
prising town out of the town in
which you live. When you are
working for your town yon are ac
complishing al! the more for your
William Rademacher Dead
Last Friday morning all that
was mortal of William Redema
cher, aged 67 years, passed from
this earthly teunement to that un
discovered country beyond, from
whence mno tidings come. De
ceased was a most remarkable man
iu many ways, and was known
chiefly for his kind and ard valer
ous deeds. Interment was at
Holly cemetery on Saturday.
The pallbearers were: Messrs H.
L. Hopkins, J. A. Pierce, Wm.
Shoesmith, B. B. Kinnett, Henry
Schneider and Henry Harms.
Have you heard about that poor
man that died with out money,
his home not paid for and who
had no life insurance for his wife
and babies? ~ How the poor wife
had to go out and work to support
her little ones, and how the little
ones got sick? How are you fixed?
Have you got some life insurauce,
or don’t you love your family
enough to provide for them?
Don't delay but come in and let
us Wwrite you up an insurance
Holly Investment & Loan Co.
What a Sample Copy Did.
The Chieftain acknowledges a
pleasant call from Mr. D. Marsh,
the popular florist of La Junta,
who upon reading the Holly
Chieftain © became curious and
came to see the town on Saturday
last. Ile says he has heard so
much about Holly, that the Chief
tain talked about, that'he left his
business to pay us a visit. Come
again, the latchstring hangs out
side, brother,
Attention Farmers!
armers bring your cream to
The Cash Meat Market and re
ceive more than you et for your
butter. besides saving the labor of
making butter. Receiving days
Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Continental Creamery Co.,
W .R.Wright, Agent.
This paper is boosting for Hol
ly because its success depends
upon Holly's growth and pros
perity. It may be a personal
motive but it is a far-sighted one.
Every family that moves into
.own helps us and it helps you,
Epitome of the Week's Dafings in
Holly and Vicinity
Just arrived— our sprivggline of
muslin underware, in gowls, cor
set covers and chemise a€ White
Bros. «
W. i, Boyd has <one east to
purchise his spring stocks®
Mr. J. D. Nuckolls of Burden.
Kans, who has extensive g)lwrl_\
interests hore, arrived last Mon
day. and iz plmning to i@])r-)\‘\‘
his land uorth of the school house
and will crect a Imndw@! resi
dence thereon, L{
Chautteur Otto Woltf ‘of the
Lind company garage left om Sun
day for his home in Ganlen City,
where he will endeavor to pecup
erate his health for the next
thirty days. ,f;
The Holly Plambing & qgatilng
Co. has a4 new ad in thisz{fissue.
Sce them for sanitary plumbing.
If you are thinking of%king
out a loun. don’t delny theasatter
until you must have the mdé';iéy on
three duys notice, but um}"fi ar
rangements low. W
Helly Investment & Lonl‘g;Co
Miss Lizzie Rigg is now sésist
ing in the store of White l{%
Miss Lkiva Warnick s ,f“‘fij.the
past folr duys visiting M fi@lflcld
Mrs. Christopher wid family. ™
“Honest” John Norris left'for
Grand Junction last Saturday
where he has accepted a position
with the Grand Junction Sugar &
Land Co. His presence will be
sadly raissed by the deyotees of
social culture hereabouts,
It is now against the rules of
the pop-u-lar peanut genius in the
postoffice to put your mail on the
show case—if you don’t buy any
thing. What sort of sure-thing
game is it that keeps the Holly
postoftice gagged to its present
Mrs. A. V. Riker, wife of the
superintendent of the W. W,
Cook Contracting Co.. left for
Guthrie, Okla., last Saturday, in
response to a telegram advising
her of the serious illness of Mr,
Ricker's mother.
Mrs. Lenard White has pur
chused the lot adjacent to the new
Butler building on Main street,
and will shortly ercct a substan
tial 80-feet building thereon.
Please bear in mind, that the
Holly Investment & Loun Co. is
still in the rental business, land
business, loan business and in
surance business.
Let us get you up some sta
tionery that will be a credit to
your business—not a detrintent.
The price will be practically the
same, and you'll have something
you'll be proud of. The Holly
Chieftain Printery.
For Rent
Nice clean four-roomed house,
only $8 per month. Also improved
forty for rent, close to sugar fac
tory. See
Holly Investment & Loan Co.
lam always in the market for
fat cattle and hogs. Call, tele
phone or write
Thomas Harmon,
y Holly
Fat Cattle
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Christopher
and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Bryce spent
last Friduy in the country with
Mrs. Smith on the Chrisfopher
Mr. J. G Christopher sold to
Taylor and Long of Baca County
a cur load of mules last Friday, for
a handsome consideration.
Mrs. Oscar Buils is on the sick
list this week.
New line of ludies skirts in the
luttest styles at White Bros.
Mrs. Lulu Wood-Jacobs, accom
panied by her mother, Mrs. J, L.
Wood. arrived last Friday from
Denver. Mrs. Jacobs has recently
undergone a siege of illness, but
it is a gratitication to her old
friends here to see her familiar
fuce again. Through her illness
Mrs. Wood stood constant vigil at
her bedside.
Spring goods arriving every
day at White Bros.
New line of percales, ginghams
and calicos at White bros
Don’t miss the bargains in em
broideries, laces and ribbon
remnants at White Bros.
Miss Grace Bell of Coolidge
was amony the Holly visitors last
Misses Edith and Jessie Shan.
strom, sometimes called the belles
of Coolidge, were here shopping
last Saturday.
* Lands, loans, rentals ‘insuratice.
Holly Investment & Loan Co.
Johiny Robinson, the pop-u-lar
pranut man, may soon erect an
lon lailing on his counters in the
postetice to prevent those who
dc nor buy anything from using
the counter to sort their mail up
cn. Hurrah for Jeff'son Greeley
and Horace Davis.
Henry Schueider, a resident of
this section of ‘the country for
nearly nine years and a universal
favorite, intends leaving shortly
for Cresswell, Oregon, and both
his sons, Edward and George. are
already there. It ts with a feeling
of genuine regret that The Chief
tain chronicles this item, but hopes
that our loss will be Cresswell's
Mr. James Helwick gleft last
Wednesday for Belleville, Kan. to
take a final farewell of his sister,
Mrs. J.W.Stinson. whose life is mo
mentarily despaired of. At the
present writing she is very low
with tuberculosis. Mr. Edward
Helwick, who has just returned
from the bedside, says that their
sister’s hours are numbered.
Master Hobert and Willie Hur
ley are very ill with lagrippe.
Ruth and Noma Gordon are con
fined to their home with severe
New line of laces and em
broideries at White Bros.
Among those of our people who
attended the mask bail at Syracuse
last Friday were: Messrs. S.
Shirley, Frank White, Ed Jones,
Clyde Davis, Jack House, and
Ray Brown.
I*. J. Davis has been appointed
postmaster at Caddoa in place of
John W. Prowers who has held
that position for a number of
The American Beet Sagar Co.
received 40 mules for their Man
vel farm near Granada.
Whole hog or none. Holly's
town council has raised saloon
license from fifteen hundred dollars
a year to three thousand dollars.
As Holly is puiting in a water
system this may be a scheme to
force the people to swear off booze
and learn to drink water.—Las
Animas Democrat.
The town board at Holly has re
cently raised the saloon license
from §1,500 to $3,000 per year and
it is said that neither of the two
saloons doing business there will
quit, The anti-saloon people
seem to think that if they cannot
oust the saloons they will at least
make them contribute more to the
support of the town.—Ordway
New Era.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Appel Entertain
Quite the most delightful affaix
of the season was the card party
given by Mr. and Mrs. L. M.
Appel last Friday evening, com
memorative of their third wedding
anniversarv, The house was
most tastefully decorated with
green vines and wedding bells.
A delicious supper was served at
cleven o'clock.
Mr. C. H. Thatcher scored the
highest number of points among
the gentlemen, and was presented
with “a handsome seal leather
bill book. Mrs. Gee won the la
dies’ fizst prize, a beautiful silver
Bpoom: A e T
Mr: W.G. Boyd received the *
ladies “consolation™fand Mr. J. W.
Wilkins the gentlemens.
Those present were: Messrs.
and Mesdames N. F. Vidal, John
Duncan, Sam Porter. W. G. Boyd,
John Schlager, L. M. Gee, John
C. Hill, ¢. H. Thatcher, J, W,
Wilkin, R. D. Wilson, Mesdames
Millinger, Keogh and Messrs P. C.
Diefencorf and Mr. George Stev
ens. Mrs. Appel was assisted by
Miss Mary Tate and Miss Laura
Rev. Guy H. Wadsworth of Pu
eblo, who delivered the *Lincoln
Day” address at the Presbyterian
church last Friday, was the guest
while in the city of Rev. and Mrs.
Wiley K. Wright.
Dr. K. C. Sapero
The Denver eye, ear, nose and
throat specialist. will again be at
Holly one day, Monday Feb. 22.
Modern Woodmen Society Will
Conduct Sanitarium for
At the last meeting of the execu
tive council of the Modern Wood
men society in Rock Island, Ill
inois, it was decided to conduct
that society’s sanitarium, located
at Colorado Springs, Colorado, for
the treatment of members afflicted
with tuberculosis, free of all charge
to members.
The Modern Woodmen society.
several months since, acquired
1,380 acres of land within seven
miles ot Colorado Springs, and has
established thereon an up-to-date
sanitarium, the tent colony wus
opened for the reception of pa
tients on January 1, 1909. It is
equipped to care for G 0 patients.
o which number admissions will
be limited for the present.
When you decide to sell your
farm, come in and list it with the
Holly Investment & Loan Co.

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