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Bent County register. (Lamar, Colo.) 1886-1889, August 14, 1886, Image 3

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A. T. & S.F.R. R. Time Table
Colorado Express 7 33 p. m '
California * Mexico Express « « *. m !
Atlantic Express 7:33 a. m
New York Express, « 08 p.m
Local Notes.
—The Lamar House has a new
—Monday was the hotest day this
—Three deaths iu Lamar and no
grave yard.
—The time has come to organise
a fire ootnpany.
—Lamar is the best advertised
town in the west.
—We regret to say Mrs. W. E.
Fuller is quite ill
—Can’t begin to keep truck of the
strangers in town.
—A son of old Mr. Royal's died at
Carden City last week.
—Got auy money in the bank?
She’s open for business.
—William Donavan’s resilience
was plastered this week.
—The Ament <& Louden building
was plastered this week.
W. I. Craddock’s family arrived
here from Garden City Thursday.
—Bob Sweetinan had painters at
work fixing up his place yesterday.
—W. I. Craddock has had a stone
foundation put under his residence.
Trains of cattle going both east
! and west pass here most every day.
—Garden City has a military coin-.
pany that is crying out for Mexican
—Shooting prairie dogs or trying
to shoot them, is a favorite amuse
j meat.
Burger block, is what they call
ihe row of buildings the Burger .
r hotel is in.
—lt is now said the Ilewes house
• will open not later than the first of
I September.
I —Young Hugh Craddock attends
Ito the w ants of customers at the
{news and confectionery store.
I —Dr. Dulin, of Garden City is
I nutting up a store room twenty four
■by forty feet, adjoining the
S office.
I —Manger and Porter will put a
Wforty foot addition on the rear of
■their store. Must have more room
Bhey say.
■ -—September, the time to open the
■fall term of school is near at hand,
is and no arrangements for a school
■made yet.
■ —1 he conveniences are getting
■ here gradually. We now have first
■class milk delivered at the door
9tw ice a day.
1 —Watermelons are getting more
Aplenty and much cheaper. They arc
»ttil a little high at thirty-five to fif
jaky cents each.
■ —Do not delay building until fall,
[gUmri- will be such a rush then that
St will be difficult to g* t the work
HMmhed along.
■ —F. C. Descent.raked in sixty-five
H}o?lars on real estate commission
■Tuesday, not so bad for one day,
Hbut be is a rustler.
■ - —W. M. Martin, of Dodge City,
to lease a hotel in Lamar, he
■ one amoiig the hundreds that
jhinks he must get here.
SB—An effort i- being made to or
ganize a brass band. We hope the
effort will be crowned with success.
We must have a band in Lamar.
K*—When we have a city organiza
tion, freight trains will not be al
lowed to stop travel over the crossing
for half an hour or more at a time.
Hx—Lamar is to have a first-class
TOpei-a House, none of your snide
Jm*rn buildings, but one that will be
faff keeping with *»ur progressive city.
■—Postmaster Decker’s ixist office
ffatu-.es have been shippeif him and
i ar#,expected here any Jay. The of-
I Ho* Will be open lie hopes by Mon
| J»r-
K —Dr Wade,of Cimarron, Kansas,
I rawlUsre last Saturday trying to
■ arrangements. We
■ llfti l doctor will catch on to our
■ received a letter from J. W.
n rtlmtn that should have been here
ago, in which be mentions
of a new baby at bis
—So far our people have worked
shoulder to shoulder for the welfare
of Lamar, and it is to he hoped this
united, one object in view labor will
—The fine herd of dairy cows of
J. \V. Graham's arrived here last
Saturday from lowa, aud his milk
wagon began making its regular
rounds Monday.
—Be careful how you go among
the range cattle if on foot, a herd
treed the driver of the milk wagon I
Thursday evening and kept him up
there an hour. They are dangerous.
—Dr. McMullen lias been tendered
the appointment of railroad surgeon
at San Marcial, New Mexico, at a
good salary, but profers to remain in j
Lamar. We would hate to see the i
Doctor leave us.
—L. Tuttle has had bad luck lately
with the oven at his bakery. The |
heavy rains caused it to fall in three J
times, he has it fixed up again and
will see that it is protected from
rain in the future.
—Trominlitz Jc, Parmenter sold
lot one in block thirty-one Thursday
to E. E. Minx, for eight hundred
dollars, and yesterday lot seven in
block thirty-one to Dr. Dulin, of
Garden City, for five hundred dollars.
i —The Garden City Sentinel speaks
in the highest terms of Dr. Arnold’s
entertainment in that city, and we
hope to see a large crowd out here
I to see him Monday night. Tickets
twenty-five, thirty-five and chairs
fifty ceuts.
—We can say editorially that Dr.
Arnold gives the best “one man
show" ever given in this ciiy.—Gar
den Citv Sentinel.
The Press notices we have seen of
the Doctor all hear out the above
j —We understand arrangements
have been completed to build an
Opera House thirty-six by one bun
idred and ten feet, just across the
! “trcct from the Hon es House. The
building is to be put up and furnish
ed with all the late improvements
and in first-class stvle, work will be
gin within thirty days.
—Tramps and dead beats are be
coming most too numerous in this
place. They generally ask for mon
ey fust, and if they do not get anv,
ask for something to eat. Two of
this class in town last Week, after
begging all over town walked to the
depot and laid down th»* cash to pay
for tickets to old Mexico. They
were pretty well fixed.
—Dr Arnold, America's greatest
tr-« veler, reader, author, actor, poet
and singer, the funniest man »u the
world, introducing the specialties of
organist, harmomcist, banjoist, pri
ma donna, violinist, guitarist, old
woman, recitations, concertinist,
flutist, old man, readings, musical
sketches, songs, *kc., Dutch, Irish
and Yankee sketches, will be at the
Ilewes House parlors next Monday
evening. Do not fail to see him.
—Thursday evening the infant
son of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fuller,
after a few days illness died. The
funeral took place Friday afternoon.
The services were conducted by Mr.
Craddock who read the Episcopal
burial service, and at the grave Mr.
Van Pelt offered a prayer. It was
gratifying to see so many friends
who deeply sympathize with the
parents in attendance at the last sad
—The hank of Lamar, an institu
tion that our people have every rea
son to be proud of from its manage
ment, equipment and means of car
rying on a banking business, was
opened Wednesday, August 11th.
The bank is centrally located in
handsome quarters and has one of
the host vaults in Colorado, with one
of Mosler’s best combination lock
vault doors, inside of the vault is one
of Mosler’s time lock safes, manu
factured bv Bah man n «fc Co., of Cin
cinnati. With this array of protec
tion, the bank of Lamar can safely
say that deposits or papers left to
their care will be as safe as in any
bank in the state. The management
of the hank will receive the personal
attention of I. R Holmes, the presi
dent and C. M. Morrison, the cash
ier, both gentlemen well known tor
their business qualifications and as
financial managers. The necessity
of a bank at Lamar has been felt by
every business man in town daily,
and we, with our people are pleased
to have such an institution open with
such men at the head of it, that
their names establishes a confidence
in its reliability.
J. D. Bowman, of liartland, ie in
J. \V. Decker went up to Denver
Tuesday night.
Mr. Coulter went down to Syra
cuse yesterday.
| M. J. Adler came down from Las
Animas Thursday.
J. 11. Holmes and family were up
i from Lakin Wednesday.
Lester Hayes, of Coolidge, arrived
here Tuesday to take a positiou in
the bank.
J. E. Godding went to Denver
Wednesday morning, returning on
! Thursday night.
Mr. Gilbert, the irrigating ditch
man was here again Tuesday and
i went to Denver Wednesday.
! James Stalons, from St. John coun
-1 ty, Kansas, arrived here Wednesday
to take up government laud.
J. T. Kamsdell was up from Tope
ka several days this week. He will
be here to stay in a short time.
Mr. McKay, a gentleman from
Barber county, Kansas, was here last
Saturday hunting for investments.
L. F. Blodgett, D. W. Jones and
A. F. Harmon, is a Kansas parly that
came up overland and are now
camped in town.
W. H. Malone, of the law firm of
Malone Jc Steele, at Denver, arrived
in the city Thursday evening. Mr.
Malone is the owner of a number of
I*aiuar town lots.
W. D. Shain and bride, of Dodge
City, passed through here going to
the inouutains Wednesday, he said
he wanted to get hold ot some La
mar real estate and w'ould visit us
before long.
Dr. Cummings and family went
up to Las Animas to remain while
their residence was plastered, and
were detained there by the serious
illuess of their little girl, who is now
much better.
Messrs Krnke, Selleck and Camp
dores, the trio that run the depot
business are as accomodating as our
|>eople could ask for, they are gen
tlemen that it is a pleasure to do
business with.
F. A. Sheldon, from Kansas, was
on the east bound train Thursday re
turning from the G. A. K. re-union,
lie said he would he up here in a few
days with the view of investing in
Lamar real estate.
Capt. Monger was up from Garden
City Wednesday, accompanied by
Mrs. Jennie Peters and Miss Carrie
Blinn, from Newton. Both ladies
tiled on timber claims and returned
borne in the evening.
Dr. Arnold, who will give an
entertainment here next Monday
night, U an old friend of Col Hewes’
and has been spending the past week
with the Colonel seeing the town
and surrounding country.
M. W. Sutton, one of the leading
attorneys ot the banta Fe road, and
at his home in Dodge, accompanied
by his wife were on the west bound
train Tuesday evening going to the
mountains. The expect to stop off
here on their return.
Miss Libbie Murray, a lady who
has hail years of experience as a
school teacher in Illinois and Kan
sas was in the city yesterday to see
about securing a position in our
prospective school. As no arrange
ments have yet been made, no au
swer could be given her.
Attention, ranch men! Goto Mini
ger *fc Porter’s and get your supplies
at wholesale or retail.
Fresh coooanuts and finest cream
| candies at Cash Store. 1-9
Fresh groceries and vegetables at
Monger & Porter’s.
Boys remember Cash Store when
the pay car comes. Overalls, shirts,
suspend *rs and socks, we don’t want
them, doy?
Go to Munger & Porters for flour
' | and feed.
The I Ions ? of Jacob, at Las Ani
1 mas, carries a stock of general mer
, chandise. He sells goods on a cash
basis and has, therefore, bargains at
I Weils.’ 5-15
. I —We have for sale a new' half
j medium Gordon press. tf
Notary Public. Ixunnuioe
J. "W\ Decker,
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Paints, Oils And Glass.
My Stock is complete In every department, and my prices are as low os the lowest.
South Main Street, 1-1 - LAMAR, COLORADO
J. T. Ramsdell & Co.,
Govt. Land Agents.
Locate Settlers on Government Land. —o— Office on Main Street, North of Depot.
The only Ann that have a boat to cross the Arkansas River.
F. C. Descent & Co.,
-A. N D
ev*Surveyliifr and Locating Government Lands a Specialty. Complete Abstracts ami
Plats of Lands'iu this Land District.
jTrommlitz & ParmenterJ
| Government Det-nd Locators. I
Town Lots a specialty.

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