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Notary Public,
Jjtuar, (l!o»t connty,) Coloratlo.
TJT&. ctoofkb,
me* P»p*»m. ;>«•*<*». «u»«l all other
p»r*fully prepared ftn-l at
Liuw|fi{p<l. m* wcoiM door north of
Land Offlcc,
Holmes & Parmenfor’s I
* |
I 1
Lamar Colorado,
ocupie* an el( k vatoil |mrtU<n anil ftiijoins the town site on the South and ;
overlooks the town. That addition will be the residence portion
of ihe city and the very choicest grouud in or about Lamar.
It in high and dry and is under the system of iriigating
ditches w hich have already l»een completed. Iu
this addition water will be run through
the streets, the name as will bo
found at Colorado Springs.
J i
Main business Street Of Lamar
f pPTho Molines A Parmentcr addition which will give opportunity to
Jtuiiß'M people in that quarter. Many thousands oi dollars have been
made by investing in Lamar property during the last six months, and many
thousands more will be made in the near future. This new addition to the
lowh offers splendid opportunities for investment \Vith quick returns. Get
ready for the Great Sale of Friday, February 4th.
SOME POINTS.—Lamar will he the Great depot of supply for the j
western part of No Mans Land as it is the nearest point to that territory.
11 w iU also, during thn coming spi iug, be the great shipping point for
■attic. Thousands of families will locate this spring in the coin.U\ adju
st to Lamar. The United States Land Offlco being located here, thous
ni'U of persons looking for land, will visit Lamar during the wintei and
•Hy spring months. Without exception Lamar is the great booming
°"u of the west aud if you want to double your money every sixty days,
,u y lots iu the Holmes A Parmenter addition to thecity of Lamai.
Volume I.
I Lamar, - - - Colorado j
W.S. Pierce,'!
LaM Alt, - - Coi.o.
Cheyenne Weixs!
The coining County spatof Cheyenne County, ('nlorftdn, Is situntoil In Hont County on the
lim iv.ui-a-j raeilic rmlroail, 17 miles west of tin: Kansas i.it.e. A beautiful tract of
extpn.llinr to thenorthward tlftv Julies nml to the southward thirty miles, is now open for
... iti.ein ,:t lIK’I.T ti:e llomentem!, I re eniptitni n:nl Timber Culture laws. The flowing tide
, r•• mi;;: :;ii’hi Imsjust entered Ktuteru Colorado, und Cheyenne Wells is destined to become
I the
Great - Shipping : Point
of n liirjte, r.rmlt.H h e and populous district. The Records of the United States Lund Office
lor t hi- •. i -1. n-l .hurt mi actual -cttleytiM.t of hleven I.ioumuhl himilira ]M‘i 11111,1 "f
- gag’yssaggaas.'aai (Sesteriu Duet vl.'M
1 ini> 1 i u nib •aii»f*: • > 11 - ’ll i'i alv■> v s of the water Hi .bis point. Ho pronounce* It. with one ex
.•. ption, (Hint of Cvanite Canyon. Wyoming.) the finest water on the entire s> >teui of the
i i. lj j> w hicb I'C’-ers uianv thousand* of miles, and the .nilioad coinpuu> is at tins
.i,'. * Vi tiVe ill (•' ten-ive aeliinery itf Chevennc Wells ami wi.l cominciico pumping water
: • , 'T„ ?*. ... an i-:i rl' Unto. A■!«.. TIIU.MW4 CoUar Hotel alll be erectvtl
immediately. An tu tnal test has developed
■E.3EE3S SK Sa®o3RsH MMB
' ;:SrK :SSS;S?3~e
! cation of a simitar boom.
' After May 17, all emmiries nu.i orders for lots addressed to tl.o following
1 lined neVsons will receive uronil.it attention: Louis N. McLane, I res.
X Cheyenne Wells, Colo.; 1 It Holmes, Yiee-IVes., Garden City, lvaa.; Lldrllt
:, Heoves Hill II I) Cliamlierlain, Denver, Colo.; C M Mornson, bee, Lama.
Cole.; II il Allen, T.a Junta, Colo., Walter Jirown, Kausas City, i£o,
Just received at (/has. Rei tier’s i
I a car load of Red Ball Hour.
I Second hand wagons for sale j
j cheap. F. C. Stevens, j
Money to loan on first mortgage
security for a term of years.
•f'2-tf Bank of Lamar.
Goodale & Cooper will insure your
house against loss by Fire, Lightning
j or Tornadoes.
For Sai.e —The Lamar Drug
Store property can be bought at a
i bargain. For terms etc, address,
Geo. F Jones, Dodge City, Ks, 4Stf
To All Whom it may
All persons are hereby notified
: and cautioned against purchasing
cither of three notes given by 11,
Buyer * Co. to Donovan and Strain, !
and dated April SO, 18s7, payable in j
; ten, thirty and sixty days from date
respectively, as they will not be
paid. It, Baykk and Co.
Lamar, Colorado, May 12, 1887,
Notice of Dissolution..
Notice is hereby given that the j
firm of Linger, Patton, Sharpless &
Co. has this day dissolved by mutual
I consent. 11. K. Linger, D. L. Pat
j ton and 11. F. Sliarpless will contin
ue the business at the old staud op
posite the U. S. land office under the
firm name of Linger, Patton]* Sharp
less and collect all accounts of the
| old firm.
Lixoek, Patton, Siiaupless * Co.
i May IG, 1837.
The Post Office Drug Store still
j ahead.
j Enlarged store, new stock, new
| prices.
The largest and most complete
1 stock of Drugs,Medicines, chemicals,
patent medicines, fancy and toilet
articles, school books, stationery,
paints, oils and glass, wines, liquors
and cigars ever brought to eastern
: Colorado. Particular attention given
j to physicians’ perscriptions.
Store open day and night,
DtK ukk, & Dkooics Proprietors.
Number 51.
The New York Sun says that Mr. 1
Cleveland should be made the stan- 1
dard bearer of the democratic party 1
in the next campaign only in case it 1
is desired to eternally smash the '
The Philadelphia North American
thinks the administration might
make a worse, appointment to the
supreme bench than that of Mr.
Garland, but it would have to exert
itself to do so.
Many of our citizens who attend,
od the celebration at Lamar on the
24th, came back well pleased and
speak in glowing terms of the kind
treatment they received, and the en
joyment they experienced. The cel
ebration was a grand success, for
which the people of Lamar deserve
much credit.—Granada Exponent.
The Denver Base Ball Club
means well, but unfortunately, it
doesn’t know how to play ball. It
is a mistake to suppose that the
people of Denver have any bitterness
toward tho members of the nine.
They regard them as nice young
men, and as such they respect them; I
but it makes them sleepy to hear,
anyone say that they cau play base/
ball.—Denver Republican.
A backwoods printer who expect-*
ed a gang of lynchers to come aftej
him about midnight, took himself
the cellar, leaving a pet grizzly bear
in his bed. The lynchers, who did
not bring any light, made a pluckjy
attempt to carry off the printer, bijt
gaye it up after three of them ba$
lost an eye apiece, two had their
thumbs chewed off, and the other\
six lost a deal of skin. That printer
has now a tremendous reputation as
a fighter.—Ex.
1 The mail and telegraph between
| Trinidad and Pueblo, according to
| the Advertiser, are great iustitu
j tious, but it’s nip aud tuck as to
| which is the greater. The celerity
i of the mails sometimes beats the
j telegraph and sometimes the tele
graph beats the mails, but for un
j reliable irregularity and unmitigated
j uncertainty, both of them beat the
devil. The remark as to the mails
| could easily be applied to this town
[ without any exaggeration.—Las
j Vegas Optic.
! A little item comes from Emporia
I to the effect that the board of trade
j of that city ordered 3,500 copies of
! the News. This style of eneourage
j ment is what makes newspapers
grow valuable to the community,
and newspaper men rustle to deserve
their success. It also causes the
boys in other towns to dream of a
bright future when the board of
trade in their respective towns will
awaken to a realization of the fact
; that a hundred dollars spent occas
ionally in this way is the yery best
| way of advertising.
—A clergyman of Aubrun, Me.,
I after eating lunch in a railroad eat
! ing house, grabbed, as he supposed,
l his satchel, and took his* train,
j Upon arriving home ho turned tho
'satchel over to his wife, and later
| noticed that sho seemed troubled.
Her appetite began to fail her, and
J she seemed to be pining away.. It
I subsequently turned out that ho had
taken a valise belonging to a drum
| mer who traveled for a liquor house,
j and it was filled with eleven or
twelve different kinds of liquor,
llis wife thought that her husband
had been led astray, hence her loss
| of appetite.—Ex.
I The county commissioners met
J Wednesday, the 25th inst., and de
cided the mooted question as to who
I should be the custodian of the plats
i and field notes of surveyed lands
j within Bent county. It was decided
aud ordered that J. V/. Jay, the
| county clerk, should have the cus
| tody of said records which being a
part of tho records of said county
J. 11. Borders, A. V. Scott,
Pres’t. Cashier.
' Transact i General Buiing Business.
Deal iu Exchange on nil the Principal Cities
Visits and ffiaropr.
Dr. E. P. Rice,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office over City Drug Store, North
arc open for inspection at any time
during office hoars. This is as it
should be, as the records are public
property and should be kept in the
court house where the public can
easily obtain access to them. —Laa
Animas Leader.
Who is left to mourn for Burke?
Dave was probably his own worst
enemy. Whatever faults he may
have had, let them be buried with
him. He had some good traits.
We always liked to meet Dave
when ho was in a good humor.
When he had too much whisky in
him he liked to assume the role of
a bad man and calledT»himself “the
terror of the Black flange,” and
boasted that ho could fight any man
in any way and at any mark in the
road. This never hurt any one, but
he finally struck the wrong man,
and his own pistol in the hand of
Con. Ryan laid low the “Terror of
the Blaek Range.” Peace to his
ashes.—Kingston Shaft.
/A. party of drunken cowboys held
possession of Granada a few nights
iigo. How long must we submit to
'this carousing and disorder? Men's
I lives are in danger when a drunken
mob is allowed to ride our streets,
shooting off their revolvers in all di
rections without restraint. It has
about reached a point where it must
be stopped, when business houses
are compelled to close their doors,
and honest people are forced off
the streets* Such scenes would be
disgraceful in a frontier town, much
less in a country where the people
pride themselyes on being quiet and
peaceable citizens. If Granada was
' incorporated all this lawlessness
v could be stopped.—Granada Ex-
A slick man is traveling
through this country selling gro
ceries to the farmers. Ho calls
“eighty dollar lots, - ” that is good .to
the amount of -eighty dollars, taking
the farmer’s notes payable one year
from date. It is not so much tho
amount of groceries or the quality,
that attracts the farmer as it is tho
promise for the future which tho
slick talker makes. He is going to
revolutionize the grocery business,
and sell the farmers their goods at
wholesale rates, etc., etc. In fact
ho will promise almost anything in
order to sell a bill of goods and get
a note of eighty dollars. These
notes arc of course sold as- soon as
possible. When the fanner receives
his bill of goods he is disappointed,
both in quality and in quantity. In
fact, he can get better goods for less
money at the various groeery houses
in Wellington. The operations of
this individual have been carried on
on an extensive scale. One man in
forms us that ho has sold eighty
bills in his neighborhood, or over
six thousand dollars worth.—Well
ington Press.
Senator Hoar in his recent speech
before the Young Republican Olub,
of Boston, stated tho creed and
marked out the future course of the
republican party with great brovily
and plainness in saying:
We propose to maintain the policy
which has created our existing sys
tem of manufactures, and mean that
it shall in the south and all oyer the
country foster new manufactures.
We propose, further, to reduce tho
revenue by diminishing or totally
abrogating the tax on tobacco. Wo
propose to expend the accumulated
money in’ the treasury by construct
ing a navy; by providing fit defenses
for our coast cities; by'helping to
, establish and put on their feet sys
tems, subject wholly to local control,
i of common school education for our
i illiterate population without regard
i to race or previous condition; by eu
1 larging and perfecting our postal
j system at home and abroad; by giv
- ing reasonable encouragement to 0?
i the establishment of hues of steam-411
r ships to foreign ports. V

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