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Bent County register. (Lamar, Colo.) 1886-1889, June 11, 1887, Image 3

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F Jr. yiototLer 1 .
! ra s ;.*st.
" il ' ' <WU il v«ik (uanntcfd
H*. G. W. Tidwell,
I kysioian mid Surgeon,
(j. * Up Stairs i Godding HImk.
L» nr, - • v <a |
if? >c;*vrr VExem
d Engines; & Architect,
k 4 . .d-ciSr 11 uiw»-' j
ts*. : *» the vrh2*»l field wxe* at |
!•: < • »«. «f. Alt*w I'lrll K«si'»»er ;
I, . -J epjfcttsaturaj Work wJu*«uOwi ei<m> ,
hi »y. A Brnwi' j
f '*• >* i[ :
P 1 nent. L>*wc & <■<>■, :
Lo jujiAR.tou.aAP-*
r - S. s. Wilsou,
Lt 'OONE'llACT'ilU For *11 kind*of i
, U 1* * IV'io'l Work. Sion.
** *- o- -.i*b*d on .laort onlioo.
ft HIT;. i>. S. lo ot or »t C j
') i It JP .lotrl, ■fri'l Pi-c iv# prompt j
I fid < **
A. 11. THOMAS,
l WOkAK.
I *es - Ueasomble.
1 ham tr. Colorado. 1
ft :i om, l*. a. v. so.ii,
| Tts'l. CWh •* *
ft :.,-tf:.»8apal Sutis i Saiya
■>.. Tt:r*'Ur- i 1
■ -or riir—
I v * :i laUS zrii ar°pf
| t. U. Hall.
I Fa • >en ter, .
k Contractor,
J «Jf- Builder
K d' attention ftivrn to planet
I fcud fp9fifir«tion
■ -fir. • csouf**; up luting building will
E. * t;! to jidl an or »Wrw us nt
B war, Colorado.
I *r aUllGKR T- TTOTKI..
■ W. Burger, Prop.
K &r ( i— Colorado
B Rates, $1.50 per day.
■ J 1 by the «by or week. Tbi»
II new house, famidied from
III (op to bottom w ith
H tUentieu wl)l I* p*U*l to iruc«t» «»'*
m i with tl»»> l»**»t tts«; mas Wet u'ioi'l
K .J5A1E l CiZZJAI, Proprator.
ity Meal Market.
choicest beof and smoked
fresh vegetables, and every -
■ found in a first-class market.
B h of Track. MAIN ST.
B !AB * * Colo.
I attention!!
m ..•.ekr.-'perH and those intending
R to keep house,
[if .J.R ABB
I Hu? .Ul« a f u ’,i and com*
F pi etc Iiq%
vdtk saintly fnruiuh the ftnoti.
yba.to bum* b elnim shanty.
riortr, feed end Grain,
f’jjjl jsT-OKFI* K TI Mi’-'*
ARRIVAL J - W, ‘ v
f feVKf . . „ • ejSp.m
I '» K - , HArta.—
» t KL OFiIAU>
I _ n:on n. m
; ixnWT ■■ 1 ' " ■' 1,1
■Bu 5 Inna a lO 10:00 ott. ami in- . I Ml
! M ,E. Curcn Director y.
i will Ij»* <t« *!>•• H«ll regularly
[ OB fctir .Suuduy .'x-h.ml »t iu
I <*‘cio* • a. ni. 1‘reuliinK «t ll a. m.
i »n-‘ *, T SO J*. m. \ < ordlal invitation 1« os.
□Bw to all. Rev. Ik-aitlslcy, Pastor.
• - -
fJ$jr« Land I)isr i:i< r, Lamar, Coi.o.
| II. Frank Arir’KLK, U'^istor.
1 II . Frank Siirock, * - Receiver.
1 FOftya hours from 10 to 12 a. m., anil
\ rt*t>m I to 3 o’clock p. m.|
Local Notes.
[ ”WoT bin truTlIn* o'er the prtWM a*i»l tin
utu im«ln« and tins hill*
i W inn come wltliow* prrvUlon*. outdt
•?. 'wpj or bill*;
I bi t •« uM-an to with you, tru*t the
In i re to pr»»'lde,
i im|| iua*» hoinf atuonit yon, w hich lor
tail yMn »f , v# *lj{h«L"
i - ; 1C. Holmes was in the cit\
f \\ <-4** -ilday.
[i; —(4 M. Magill lias been in town
I'm* vet: Jays.
I --( j>t Hull was down to Trini
\ dU A *mlay.
I . - '! *. J. W. Kriger has returned
;/r« a I o east.
{. Holmes was up to La
Ju» Ion'lay.
' —~Ni o showers Tuesday night
ait 5 .*% Ifieaday.
j -N.. t iM ». Of ll»C R—«**“ Will
be Vo?. 2, No. 1.
( j, , . ham, of Dodg-
is n town.
| — Du bes aro being plowed to
; ira u tfe“ streets.
! J,» • unta w is under water a day
* .»r two *■ *t week.
i —lira the ordinances that you
f may kiiovr the law.
I —The -ralf crop on the range is
tine, say the stock men.
— It bailed very bard a uiilo west
of town Saturday night.
—A. E. Idem and ('. G. Ament
are buildi g at Rocky Ford.
—The frame » f tho Methodist
ehnrclk wa< raised Thursday.
Gentlemen bear in mind it lakes a
united peode to build a city.
—R. L. Mitchell is building a
stage b«m on the north side.
—W. O. Holler is plowing an 1
otherwise improving his claim.
—Sunday was the first liot day
this year. It was a summer day.
—Air. Hobbs, a land office inspec
tor Inis boon in town several da} s.
—A ride to Trinidad ami return
for (lire* dollar* is cihrap
—A good many young mocking
birds are being caught in the timber.
—Rail A Wilson have finished
burning one of their kilus of brick.
—County Surveyor Tlolmberg has
been survey ug at 1 rinidad this week
The water was running six feet
deep in Clay creek yesterday morn
— Air. and Mrs. J. W. Docker will
be homo to-uight to remain over
—Thirty two lots were sold m
Arlington Springs in three days
this week.
— Harry M Neal is building a
residence in the Holmes and I’arm
outcr addition.
—The Pucldo and Denver papers
gave J. W. Decker handsome wed
ding notices.
—Two more new store rooms are
| bing finished up this week on south
Main street.
—Thu Ji nta Tribute is seven
years old. That’s a long C.mig to
Stay in La JllQUl.
—Tho city council made a good
selection when they appointed Dr.
llice city physician.
—Col. Frau.; Clcndeuin was in
the city Satui lay last. lie has
located at Kooky Ford.
—Capt.-Mun£or was here Monday’
*uperint«| improvements
to one of f u* V^\i-s.
—Mrs.l£U t ;ry proved
j up cn M m Thu day. She
i bom fr I»nd/i* a year.
j, Thai . -ill
i b*- wntCi' dy f&r-
j nth’if MS&* d »y -H • '
JS Cftoipkn* ?asJ *•
V —Goodale Ss Cooper moved their,
; ol'dce Tuesday to room No. 1, land '
i : ofliice block.
I i —U. B. Evans, representin'' the
Eiliporia Daily Republican, was a
oallier Thursday. •
— City Physician Rico intends to
-■tv tyat the city »« put ia|i> n gooJ
sanitsl. v condition.
—Giv. McOueary sold A. R. Black
Monday, one of the finest teams of
marcs iu r Bent county.
—F. Pi tors on & Co. is the name
of the new lumber firm just starting
in business i'* <>ur city.
Ex-Vice*. President William A }
Wheeler d >d at bis Lome in Mahone.
\^ L . V - 1«$M- * nr A ay
.J. II. lbdiues and family went
, v. ot Thursday morning to spend a
lew weeks in the mountains.
—C. M. Davis, formerly a print in
Lamar, is at work on the Stato
Journal at Lincoln, Nebraska.
—Carpenters, painters and paper
hangers arc still at work improving
the appearance of the Burger Hotel.
—D. S. Lowe, Geo. Mecbling
and Capt. Saint were attending the
County Court at Las Animas Mon
—E. J. Rabb says although ho has
a largo store room bo has not halt
enough room to hold his stock of
—A petition to the governor re
questing that Mr. Sharpless ho ap
i pointed a notary public was sent in
I this week.
i-T.ir relatives of Jacob Walter
Huffman formily of Rose Bud, Mon
tana Territory would like to hear
from him.
—Land Commissioner Sparks lias
a demented brother and there arc
people who think the ailment runs
in the family.
—Mr. M. D. Parmcnter and fami
ly expect to leave about the 21st,
f..r a visit to their old home in
Chelsea, 31 ass.
—In the contest case of Rising vs.
Graham mentioned last week, a de
rision has been received in favor of
the defendant.
—Mrs. E. T. Lee presented her
hm band w ith a tine boy Suuday
morning June 5th. Mother and
child doing well.
—Mi-s Minnie Iltnkle, the dress
maker is giving good satisfaction
and will be pleased to have the
lailies of Lamar c all.
The Minneapolis Chico, by WikofT
and Louderinilch is a new paper, well
tilled with local news to reach us.
Success to you gentlemau.
Ilarry Simmons has placed us
under obligations for some garden
truck that ho raised on his claim,
i Harry is a sure enouyK g««Mt S c..
'Vhe Granada Exponent cotn
: plains of lumber tlieives in that town.
Lumber is ho cheap in Lamar that a
I tlieif prefers to buy rather than steal.
—Parties desirous of iuyosting in
, Trinidad real estate or visiting that
town will profit by reading the three
column advertisement of 6alo and
excurstou rates on first page.
—Many subscriptions to the
RKGiSTf.it expire to-day, and we
would he pleased to have all call and
leave tsro dollars with the remark
to keep sending the paper right
—An old gentleman named S. P.
Elovey, from Abanua, III., stopping
at the Hotel Doming, died Monday
afternoon. Tho remains were em
balmed and sent to his family Tues
; day night.
—E. J. Rabb paid John Elliott
$>00 for a hundred and sixty acres
■ of land three miles and a half south
i of town. The same place will be
worth double the money in a year
i from now.
> —Rev. Father Begley, of Dodge
City, one of the most popular priests
on the line of tho Santa be road was
. I in tho city for a few hours Tuesday
wul was cordially received by the
j fornmrlies of Dodge in Lamar.
; —The eit\/'police force is compos
ed of James Talbot Marshal, Ben
„ JJiiicsu' 1 ib. L F r neuter deputies
, and Biil w. van night watch. In
addition to ti o above we liaye a
deputy sheriff n id (Wo constables.
Wo recciv h communication
j from Wate> Vatic-. st week to late
I for publication a , I it is a little to
’ forth! * 11 c'omtnuuica
| tfoftV, -Jipiii.i I'L'udi this ollioo by
' « ■: l jitcr than
* —A. II. T*odgcrs says corn, millet,
cane, potato** 1 and garden track all
growing fine ,n Olay creek.
Tuesday evening, about dusk,
Mrs. F. C. Di«ccnt was setting on
I the step of the front porch at her
residence and utting her foot on
the ground step t ct l on a largo rattle
snake all coiled P- kho screamed,
i thinking she wa. bitten and was not
long in getting • h° usc * r -
Descent was at 1. J 110 an( l soon dis
patched his snake a*P
—Johnsou’s Urw^ 0 ■l' ora B Cabin
Co., will aj>pear at'l 10 c **y l ,a H
(Saturday) evening presenting tbe
mirth-provoking c°med y> entitled
“The Little Rebel” to include
with . . ptii'.lng farce, “My
Neighbors Wife.” General ad
mission, 50 cents. Children, 25 cts.
Reserved seats for sale at tho post
office and Loudou’s drug store.
—Last Saturday evening between
four and nine o’clock there were
three heavy rains accompanied by
heavy thunder and vivid lightning.
During the first storm Wilfred F.
Cooprider with several other freight
ers were three miles south of town,
their wagons loaded with lumber.
Mr. Cooprider was standing up on
his load when ho was struck by
lightning and instantly killed. Ills
! team was knocked down but appar-
I cntly not hurt. The deceased lived
! eight miles north-west of Vilas and
j his friends kept right on the way
home with him. Sunday morning
| M. D. Varmenrer, as an officer, start
ed out to find out who had been
killed and what bad bccomo of tbe
remains, overtaking them before
they arrived home aud after learn
ing the particulars went on and
notified tho deceased’s family. Mr.
Cooprider came from Kansas about
six weeks ago and was living in a
tent on his claim. lie leaves a wife
and four children to mourn bis loss,
'l’he family stated they owned a farm
in Kansas, two teams and a cow, be
sides some household effects.
Ordinance No. 21.
An ordinance granting a franchise
to tiie Colorado & Kansas Canal
and Reservoir Co. for the space of
twenty years, to furnish water for
irrigating the streets, avenues and
alleys of the town of Lamar.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Board of Trustees of the town of
Lamar, in the manner following,
Sec. 1. Bo it ordained by the
mayor and board of trustees of the
town of Lamar that the exclusive
privilege of furnishing water for the
purpose of irrigating the streets,
avenues and alleys of the town of
Lamar bo granted to the Colorado
and Kansas Canal and Reservoir
Co. for the space of twenty years.
Sec. 2. No franchise or privilege
shall be granted to any person or
persons, company or corporation to
UJ11 „ t «ua ditches along or across the
streets, avenues and alleys of the
said town of Lamar for the pur
purses of irrigation during tho ex
istence of tho franchise granted in
the foregoing section, which fran
chise can only be revoked by the
failure of said company to comply
with such contracts as may bo made
with said town from time to time.
Sec. 3. This ordinance shall take
effect and he in force from and after
the expiration of five days from its
publication in tho Bent County
Passed and approved this 30th
day of May 1887.
A. I). Rawlings, Mayor.
Attest: Ben. F. Coltiiak,
City Clerk.
Business = Locals.
The City Drug Store for jewelry.
Take your prescriptions to W W
The finest line of millinery goods
at Chas. Heitler’s.
The Stock Exchange is the place
to get a good meal.
Any kind or quantity of queens
ware to he had at Chas. Iteitier’s.
An immense stock of the
style geutsclothing at Chas.Itc*tler’s.
—A full assortment of artist’s ma
terials at llrooks & Decker’s.
Everything in the grocery lino at
Chas. lteitler’s.
Insure your property in good
Companies with Goodale & Coopki;
Ilats and caps to suit the tasto of
all at Chas. lieitler’s.
Co to Wilson, the jeweler, for
watches, clocks, jewelry, silverware
And spectacles. Loudon’s drug store.
Fine watch repairing made a
specialty by Wilson, the jeweler,
and satisfaction guaianteed. Lou
don’s dr v ug store. 51
11 a v i n o m pi c te control of
the City Drug S/oro I will bo pleased
to have all my (friends and patrons
call* My object is.to please.
L \ W \Y Loudef*
r '
City Drug Store.
‘ /
C. C. Uoodule, Att’y at Law. D. E. Cooper, Notary Public
Attorneys - -A-T - Law,
; estate ard iesuranse agents
Will practice before the U. S. Land Office and in all the
Courts of the State. PROSECUTE or DEFEND
in CONTEST CASES. Entries changed
1 and rights restored.
Second Door North of Land Office
, v «■ I P. J. DUGAN,
l. C. DKSCLN1. Late Chief Clerk. US L
. Att > at Law. j O, Pueblo, Laud AU’y.
Descent : I: Dugan,
! 1R|E]A|L1 iETSTr|A|T|E,|
Law, Insurance and Govej-nment lands. GontestS
A Specialty.
Insnrrmec and |
• LANDS. WtOl’EKTY. y I Amendmeutb Procured& Suspend^
r. Urn. k: —Main St., Depot, I Colorado..
To Settlers Wanting Outfits Wanting
Wo call your attention to the complete stock of
d 10 cmBins,
At the store of
M. L. SWIFT & CO. Jj
North Main Street. - * LAMAR,
P. S. ' Prices andUmality auarantec|«^^S^8®l

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