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Bent County register. (Lamar, Colo.) 1886-1889, July 14, 1888, Image 3

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For Sale.
A second hand barber chair and
Dutfit cheap, apply to J. J. Arnold,
l imar, Colo. t i.
~i 0. PARMEHTEft.
Notary Public,
jicaar, (Bent county,) Colorado.
Dr. n* W. Tidwell,
Office I'p Stair* in Goddiug Block.
,imar, - • Colo.
0. G. HHBS,
itinij ui Cnni: 1 1 lit.
Ba« k*4 ream rKjttrh'WKTT , D urtlvr
rK(tc« l> both »UU and U. a. Court*.
arF.riii. attcxtiox uitex to cox
rr-sTa ix c. a. lind omcK.
CtMiaj fnajtlj Attndii ‘j
lake W. Kurz,
And Land Attorney.
comm A ai’ECIAI.TT.
Oarman Written a.rxd
.ANAR. - • . COI.O
M. E. Church Directory.
*+rr*+* win s« b*ll «t lb* Hull rcrotartT
follow* Sunday *rho<i4 at jo
'clack a. m. Prw*<-Mn» at II o’clock a. tn
a1«t: ytp. n*. A rwvSial invitation la wi
•-•d to all. Kcv 11. If. Law. Pastor.
Tw: hundred thousand
first-class Brick.
lahar. . colo.
Re«tokeep*rs and those intending
to keep house,
lu juet receired a fall and com
plete liue of
>nd can awtald} furnish the 6nest
euae or moat humble claim ahanty.
They alt«o handle.
South Main Street.
t-AMAP., . 001..0.
A good flioncr fell Sunday morn
’ iwg.
A tent show always draws a
Business at the land oflioo holds
up Well.
-Mm Hood will go to I'uehlo in a
few days.
Deputy Sheriff M.-Curry was in
. town Thursday.
Judge Frybarger, of Carlton, wu j
tn town Wednesday.
F:*ns are poor sale this summer w»*;
have breeze enough.
Frank Exliue ha* been out of
town for a few day*,
j The laud office brings a great
i many people to town.
I otitmanter Snodon, of Granada,
was in town Toes l t v.
Moonlight nights and the youii '
folks are out walking.
Prof. J. W. Marker relumed to
his home in lowa Tuesday,
j This is a curiou* world .iuj any
J newspaper nun ran prove it.
I John ami J. A. Sis-on were m I
j tow n from Gruuada Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. 11. Slux'ek return
ed from Denver Monday night.
Mis. Fred Schmidt returned from
a visit u> i\>peka Tuesday morning
I Tbe o'd platform in trout of the
box car depot was torn down Thors i
New officers were install,.! in the
i A. O. U. \Y . lodge Wednesday eyen
To-morrow will be brother L:iw\>
last Sunday in Lamar before confer
I. K Holmes w. nt to Gtrd. n Ciiv
yesterday on bis return from L.i
, ! Jara.
1 ; Ws have been having the hote«;
weather know u in Colorado fui
Work on the foundation for th
school house is being pushed right
The rontretor thinks the school :
house will be completed by Novem
ber first.
The prairie took tire from a pa--
ing engine just west of town Wed
nesday .
Work is being pushed on the city
ditch coming iu Mo through the
Godding Addition.
J. E. Godding was down from j
Rocky Ford Thursday shaking hand*
with friends while attending to bat-;
The reason *o many fail to rai<e
young mockingbird* is that they
feed the birds too often and too ,
j much.
K. W. Fuller invested in a cow
; and calf Tuesday, that* him you
j hear saying so boss so eatly iu tbe ■
Janssen Brothers hare the newest
and handsome** article in the way
of a campaign handkerchief that hat
come out yet.
Mr. Mcßirdine an old time cowboy
iu this country has been iu town sev
| eral days, he leaves soon for the j
ranges in Oregon.
Saturday evening last there was
hardly rain enough here to lay the
dust, u tuiie north of towu there was
a very heavy rain.
Some ot the old Umer* say that
the mwod eight years ago was just
like this np to the last of July, vv ticu
heavy rain* set in.
Guo. T. Herbert we are pleased to
say will have his complete stock of ;
hardware and furniture open again j
next week lor business.
D. Igo and son Panl, J. 11. R.
Lyle, Billy Blackwell, Shorty Alex
ander aud U. v 5. Grant left for Wash
ington Territory Monday.
E. J. Kabb shipped a stock of fur- .
nitnro to Walsonburg yesterday and
w ill open a branch store, Oscar El.
more has gone up there to take
The small boys have a swimming
hole just west of towu where the
ditch passes under iho railroad, the
water is so dirty a duck would not
swim in it. but the small boys say
its all right.
0. C. Goodale got home front the
Chicago convention, a business trip
to WasUington and other castcrt cit* ,
ies yesterday morning. lie goes to
Folwom to-day and w ill be home next
week, Mr. Goodale is; always a very
busy man.
W e noticed Wednesday that saints
as Well a* sinners watched the girl
m the pink tights as she walked the
• ror ' f *- Humanity is pretty much all
j alike, “what fools we mortals be.”
Dr. Arnold bought n hand full of
• show itcjiots Wednesday and gave
them to all tlwTiulo boys he knew,
Doe. i> a lover of child ran and we
I never knew a boy that did not like
! him.
" ° l,ear of one or two parties who
ire going to invest in sheep in a
! -mall way until they learn how sheep
: do in this country, there is money in
mutton and wool too provided the
• lari IT is not tasen off.
Its about time the country papers
; were offering a premium for the
largest watermelon brought to their
1 ‘‘ftiees, there is no other scheme that
supplies the newspaper fraternity
with melons as well as that.
Kt-p"ru from the country twenty
to thirty miles south is that on sec*
; ond breaking is not suffering for
J ruin, they have had a good many
rams down there this season that we
J did not get, they would like a good
i rain now in order to make a good
Col. A. S Johnson was on the east
| bound nine o'clock tram yesterday
• morning, during the stop here he
: took a look at onr m*w depot, made
• enquiries about onr town and the
j country, and said if it was quiet here
j we had lots of company along the
I road.
Coal sanplics for next w inter are
[ already going east over the road, the
; coal companies and the railroads are
urging dealers to lav in large supplies
j early, and the dealers will probably
I urge their patrons to lay in a winter
; supply of coal early in the fall, whieh
I evert cue that can afford to aught
• »o do.
Now that provision has been made
for water f 1 the oily for all time to
! come, both by the water works and
, a network of ditches, many more
trees will be set out this fall,and next
j spring everybody will be sowing
tame grass red, with trees and glass
1 liter- Hill b< but little dust m town.
Dor the past three weeks there has
been a family reunion at toe resi
dence of \\ .O. Lee. Mrs. Moon, of
Macksbnrg, lowa, Mrs. Cassatt, of
Wabash,!lndiana, and Mrs. Lush, al
-o of M.tckslmrg, a niece of .Mrs. Leu
have been here on a visit, and a part
f the time Mrs. A. J. Hasty, of Cad
doa, another setter. Mrs. Mono and
Mrs. Cassatt left Tuesday morning
l on their return home. Mrs. Ilasiy re
turned home Tuesday evening and
Mrs. Lush Thursday evening.
Dr. H. 11. Arnold returned from
I Denver Monday night, lie accompan
ied by Ins attorney J. I>. Morris, had
been up there to give bond for his
: appearance at the next term of the
|U. S. court. It will be remembered
: that the Doctor is charged with an
; effort to defraud tho government bv
: assisting in making fraudulent land
entries. It is not thought hero that
the Doctor had anything to do with
j the entries and now that the district
attorney and other government offi
cials understand the circumstances,
it we understand ?•* pro’ - y well un
derstood the case will be dismissed.
Dr. Arnold has been in New Mexico,
Ohio and Virt uirt the past eight
; months and was not aware of the
charges against him until a short
time ago, as soon as he was advised
| of the tact he came out here and im-
I mediately went to Denver and gave
i himself up and gave bond, he is now
on his way back to Virginia to settle
up some business, after which he
J will return to Lamar.
l'Totice>-'Tim''ooi' Culture.
U. s. I.and Office at Lamar, Colorado,
Juno 46th, isss.
I Complaint havlnghcon entered at this office
1 h> Zachnry T. I>on-un against Ambrose A.
i vi 44*ou for failure to comply with law h« to
} Timber Culture Kntry No. 25.-C2 dated June 2,*,
lt*S7, upon the S. i . 1-4 section lit. Township
19 >. Range 45. in Bent Count v. Colorado, with
a view to the cancellation of .-aid entry ; con-
I t .‘slant alleging that said Ambrose .v. \Vihou
I has \t holy tailed to plow or muse to he plow
ed five ue re.-or any part Miereor or to.iufprovo
I m any manner said claim wlilnu the tlrat
1 twelve month* after entry and the same re
: main* xnplowed or tuilmprove l in any way
I up to this date the said parties are hereby
. summoned to appear at this oiUooon the 7Hi
• «t «v ot Ansuit. kt 9 o'clock n.n., to re-
I spond and furnish testimony concerning said
! alleged failure
P. 11. SIfROCK,
4 7. Receiver.
Notloo Timbor Cult-uro.
17. S. I.and Office at Lamar, Colorado,
June 27th, I^BB.
Complnlnt having htwtn entered ut this of
fice b\ Charles Myeis agninst Florence L.
! chapman Tor failure tocomplv with law as
I to Timher-Culture Entry No. i:«Odutnd .June !
-.rid. Ivsi, upon the s. W 1-4 x-ction S 3, Town- ,
siiip 21 s. Range 4t> \V.. in Bout County. Colo- I
rM-ld, with ii view to the cancellation of said |
entry: contestant alleging that suld Plorence :
L Chapman has failed to plow or cause to he |
plowed an additional live acres or replow or
cultivate the flr-t live acres within the -<•<•-
I nnd year after date, of entry and the same re
I mains unploweil nnd uncultivated up to this
date, the said parties are hereby summoned
■ to appear at this office on the sUli day of An j
i gust. ISM. at ft o’clock a. m.. to respond add i
I furnish testimony concerning said alleged
1 failure.
4-7, Register. |
Su'bsoi'lbera Px*©niiun.
Kyory person subucribing to or re
! now wig their subscription to (be
I:,:NT County Register will bo
nupplicd with the Kansas City Jour-1
n ;| l Free Jui-ing the Campaign of
ISSB. ** j
ll«io is an opportunity to place in
your family the largest and best
Weekly paper published in Kansas
City. Semi in you mimes ut otioe
ar.d get t <vo papers for the price of
our own.
L-OST’ —Money and time by not
making your long time loans with |
the Kansas .Mortgage and Invest- j
ment Company.
Remeber you can get the New j
York Weekly Tribune one of the;
host papers in America and the Rkg
ism;i: for two dollars and twenty five j
cents cash. tf/
Notice-Timber Culture, j
l’. S. Lund OAlcu, Lamar, Colo.
June 13th, isss.
Complaint having he<m entered ut tb.AoOU-u >
! by John A Pickle ufi.inM Will Burke for full- I
| e. e to comply with law ns to Timber-Culture
; • ntryNo : ,i l"u»blo "erlee d.-ited May Jut,
! !>-•. njion tin- N vv. |.j section J-’, Township
j hungt- it V., in lu-nt County. Colorado,
\iitl> a \l« w to tin* cancellation of nuid entry ,
■ contest int alt.-glng tlmt Halil Will Burke but*
■ ■« l.olly fulled to brim; or plow or canuo to be
, broken or plowed tlie keuond fire acres of
-ant truck during the -cr-ond year <>t said
j oiir. 1 ; and has wholly failed to cultivate to
i-ronorotJj.-rwlt-e the rtret five imtoh broken on
j -IM«I tin t, nil up to ilia data or tbi* atlidavlt,
I U. : tb.-re i- but', iuwoa broken on -aid tract,
, wbteii u u-<!onc during the tlrst year <>r aaia
• ntrv the - ud |mrtf< a are hereby sum
! iMincl r.. •;>. ; -r :.i lui- office on the Tj’lst day
< f Julv 1 m J o'clock a. in., to resoondund
t unit alt teatiuiuny concerning said alleged
failure. b
» 6. Register.
Aiii: HcJik’.'Tinbt: Colture
U. - Land Ofllee at Igunnr, Colorado.
Jrne lltli, ISeS.
I Complaint having been entered at this of
. t . .' •>\ I rt-dri- k Cogidtue against Charles It.
I|litke f .r fHllureto comply with lav. us to
; .i:o Culture Entry No dated February
i I- In-; np.'-i tin: s. w. I 4 Section ."A. Town
ship l :< - ttanifc «■> W., in Rent County, Colo-
I 'el:-, with a view to tin* euneellMtlon of said
| '-oti - • oi.te-t-.nt alleging that said Charles
ICC 1 , tko ! failed to t.reak, stir or plow, or
-■ lu-ed to be broken, stir red or plowed live
acres i.f said ground ©no year from date of
:. r- a le.juiivd bv law, and that sal-1 fall
in •• •• \!~t -tii.> present day,the said parties
! her- by •- ... u.oned to appear at this office
>ll the 27t0 lUy of July, at 0 o’clock a.
I in., to respond and furnish testimony fOu
i * crulug said alleged failure.
t. n. .SIIRtX'R,
jakk w. icwnz.
2 5 Att’y» Tor rialntilt
In i lie County Court.
E. J. BARR, Plaintiff, i
ELIZA CLAPP, Defendant, t
The People of the State of Colorado to
Ellra Cl ;>p the defendant above named,
Vo-i are hereby required to api>«ar in an
action brought against you bv the above
named plaintiff, in the County Court, of Rent
County, state of Colorado, In which said
Com t. County and .State the eotuidulnt In the
above entitled action is filed ; and answer the
..mplMint therein within thirty days after
> -ie s.-rvlee hereof. If served within this
• . unr. . nr, if gt rvml ont of this County.or
. ' publication, within fifty days after’ the |
service hereof,exclusive of the day of set - I
\ lee . or judgement will be taken against you
according to the prayer of the-complulnt.
I':.* said action is brought to obtain a
Judgement against the said defendant for the
•am of one line lied and thirty ilollurs and
! r.'ivM ut tlii'iainof two per cent. a month
upon n promi.sory note of tin- said defendaut
mai!.'and delivered to fluid plaintiff and ac
cording to the tenor and effect thereof anti
the sum of forty-five dollars and Interest at
:1m rate of hi j*»t cent, per annum according
to tlie tenor and effect of u pronilsory note
of tsaid defendant made and delivered to
M. I - if t A < ’•>.. and by said M L. Swift X Co.,
sold and delivered to said plaintiff and for
•be sum of fifty dollars as a reasonable attor
n- V's :.••• for in ‘aging this action, as will mme
Tull;, appear tmtn the coinplulnt in said no
tion to .«liicli reference is here made.
And von am hereby notified that If you
fail to appear, and to answer the said com
f'i.dnt - above required the salt! plaintiff
w ill take a judgement by default according
to the prayer of the complaint.
Given under my hand and official seal at
Las Aiihnas, in »aid Countv, this 24th day of
Mat A. I), lsno.
Judes and acting Clerk County Court.
Attorney for Tlnintiff. 50 54.
Attention I_i£Ldi©3.
For tlie next two weeks I will sell
my stock of hats at cost, call early
a ini take advantage of low prices.
Yours Respectfully,
Minnie Hinkle.
I_,oLs or Money.
Your money is ready, spot cash
loans on final proofs and deeded
lands Goodalk & Cooper. tf.
Game Eggs fiDi' Sexlo.
From Tait Olaibournes Red and
nine Piles Cotton Ralls and Span
tries. They are all fast fighters and
dead frame.
Egg* $l.lO per setting of 13. Ad
dress J. M. Cochrane.
Wilde, Bent Co., Colo.
Don ? t trade ofr vonr horses, mules
and cattle before consulting A. E.
Bent, Lamar, Colo. tf.
Flax seed at M. L. Swift *& Co.
Wo arc closing out our 12.1 cent
satteens at SA cents. J. 11. R. Lyle.
For screen doors and windows call
; on D. C. Marker. 3-1 tf.
Call at the shops of Arnold *fe
, ! Conwell for an easy shave, hair cut
; or sh&mpoon. tf.
Alfalfa seed at M. L. Swift Co. j
Garden seed in bulk at M. L. I
| ; Swift it Co.
Buy seeds grown in Colorado fo ,
• sale by L. Swift- <Sr Co,
' j ?eftk ‘ rs on government lan.ls. Investments made for eastern par*
ties. I lmber-C’hmns cultivated for non-resident*. IAirm and City
Insurance. Legal papers acknowledged. Land Office filing
made out. Contests made. Prompt attention jnveu to °
all business.
Office over Bank of Lamar.
F. PETERSON & CO., Proprietors,
; Is the lieadqnarjers for the best grades at the lowest prices Freehter,
or anyone in want of Lumber should come and see us before pur
chasing, as ive guarnteo general satisfaction in grades
as well as mcasnrment.
E. HAGEN, Manager.
Stock Exchange,
““ child. —~
sJyi a nt *%# A A
| Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
PloToert S-w©©tma,n Prop.
lorSli Side Ralnry
Lamar, Colorado.
r — - ■ ■ -
OlcL IFleliaTol© Store
New goods; «&>
. *
Coffees? Teas, Dry Salt And Smoked meats.
Flour, Grain. Canned Goods, Dried Fruits, ,
■ f
(Trachcro; (L*!?cese and Oven? Hi in d t:i be ©iiunib
! j
I 4D|'-
In el grocery J stor©»-
; North side of KtulRoad. J. J. Munger,
Lamar, Colo.

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