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I For Sel1«.
I A tecomi bind barber chair ami
I outfit cheap, apply K> J- J- Arnold,
I L»ni“ r . Colo. tf.
Notary Public,
I !.-*mar, (l*cnt rountv,) Colorado, i
I lf. Tidwell,
■ Office I'p Stairs in Godding iilock.
I I.amar, * Colo.
"6. G. HESS,
I ttawj id Cwk2s‘ it Lit.
11. AM A It, - - - COLORADO.
I Hit had fifiMii J*«i Mpfilfo< plO trtive
I £r j<: » iu bolta state and t*. *►, Court*.
I • test* is c. r i.iso orn< r.. '
I CtLtaiss: Fr.ipt!j Aitsdsd to
Jake Hi’. Kurz,
And Land Attorney,
I a weculti.
I Dorman WriUon and
I BpOAon
I fcooM so. sv. » i-axu omen nrr* k. j
LAMAR. . . . 101.0.
M. E. Church Directory.
I Vr»im»ttlb* Bold attli* Hall r.oiU.-Ir
|rt *m.:»r foffrwa v. . .
I * i«l* t *CI It*. fo«ltatl»;i l»ea
t«ad«d ta all. Be* O. V. Uw, TMlor.
Tyr; hundred thousand
[ first-class Brick.
Lamar, . cioi.o.
I 1
Housekeepers and those intending
to keep house,
; i
Ha«, just received a full and com
plete line of
i *
And furnish Xho finest
house or «t>st humble claim ehanty.
also lianale.
South Main Street,
UMAft, . COLO,
I o. Dotnocrnfu. hear the trumpet blow
I Good bye, fr**-trader*, good-by*?
Pick up yoyr (dpi, 'tl*. time to *o.
UOOd-bye, free trnderi. K o..d by.'
Protection i-. the people * wealth.
Uuod bye. free 11 ml cue. jrooU bye-
And we *brtll the nation « |,,.elth,
Good by«, free trader*, good bye.
# hx.
Dog nays.
A nice gentle rain fell l ast Sunday.
Shcrill Parsons w as iu tow n Tue»-
J. 'J. Morris has two little boys
quite sick.
H. U. Hutton was at I.as Animas
Vv edoesday.
Lol. Walingford is again her' 1
from Indiana.
J. I), lironson was at Granada a
day this week.
Ho p sha ly i» all right inch
weather os this.
A good soaking rain fell bore
Thursday night.
day on business.
1 . (». Coutant and family are at
tho Liurgir House. *
Charlie Swift came down from I,a-
Auimas yesterday.
h. \\ . h uller is having plowing
done to sow turnips.
Joe. Kverett returned Saturday
night from a trip west.
A ML Nicholas was quite sick Sat
urday and Sunday last.
E. I), (’rawfoid came down from
Pueblo Thursday night.
W. W. Loude n had business at i
the county seat Thursday.
There w ill be another north side- !
ditch meeting in town to-day.
W ator melons iu tin- uiai ket. Tin v
are very large, ho is the price.
J. W . Kriger was at Las Auimii-
Wednesday on legal bus mess.
Attend the Laii next Thursday
evening and have a good time.
The north side city ditch was darn
ed acrovs Main street Thursday.
Rev. Mr. Hishop, wife and baby
arrived here Thursday morning.
The section men are wotkiOg eight
hours a day fuf tight bouts pay.
Several cars of a work train has
been side tracked here this week.
Klein Hoover’s family left here
Thursday to join him at La Jura.
(jeo. Theis. of Ashland, Kansas,
a property owner here, is it lowu.
Republicans notice tho call fol
ktale convention »u to-day’s paper.
Mrs. M. L. Swift will visit reluti\e>
iu Wisconsin the last of next mouth.
The traveling jeweler Dickinson
j was iu town a day or two this week.
J. Jl. R. Lyle writes ho liki s it
very well iu Washington Territory.
Thursday was the hotest day oi
the summer, no air stiriug was the
Almost everybody in town watched
the eolipeo of the moon Sunday
j night.
I Paul Igo has a job iu Washington
; Territory checking lumber, he is do
| iug well.
I A lady music teacher in eastern
Kansas writes that she wants to come j
to Lamar.
Mrs. Ren. Daniels left Thursday
morning for a visit at her old homo
iu Missouri.
The real estate rustlers tho men ■
who work tho streets have sought j
otiier climes.
F. 11. Rosacrans was in town
Thursday, he is living on a claim
near Granada.
Mayor Rent is having the consul
tation room at his office repapered
j and furnished.
! The loan companies express pref
| ference of farms under a ditch to
j make loans on.
Those that attended tho concert
Wednesday evening speak highly ot
the entertainment.
O. G. Hess has had considerable
legal business at Chivingfon the past
two or three weeks.
F. C. Stevens left overland Wed
nesday for Mouta Vista expecting to
be absent some time.
The pile driver has been putting
down some new piles in the first
bride© west of town.
Woodcock, Irwin, Doughty and
Kultou compose a quartet that lur
nish very fine music.
s. lalson has got irrigation down
fine, he enjoys tho work and keeps
tbf trees well watered,
i here wag a few mosquetog buy.*
/■injj around \\ edueniay evening for
the first time this year.
There is no let up to the entertain
ments, that is right have a good time
if you don’t save a cent.
t . . .Mcllevnoids at one time
s ' al,>n agent here, was down from
t. hiving ton last Saturday.
Attorney George Mechling return
ed from the east \Y ednesday morn
ing, looking and feeling well.
i he democrats aro depending on
( leveland’s luck now, they won’t
admit it, but such is the case.
A little over three months until
election, by that time even the poli
ticians will l>** t«red of the subject.
Mrs. Whitng took the nine o’clock
train \\ ednesday morning for Selina,
Kansas, where the will visit uutil in
S. 1). Hall and II. If. Holmberg
eanght twenty-eight fish Wednesday
evening, they have hooked some very
nico cat lately.
A grand instalation ball will be
given by the A. O. U. W. Lodge
in*.vt Thursday eyoning at their hull.
Everybody invited.
]•;. L. W orawick, clerk of Jefferson
county, Kansas, was a caller Monday,
he ha* a claim near Galatea and ex
pects to move on it next ’spring.
\\ e acknowledge the receipt of an
invitation to attend the Annual Tour
nament of the Colorado Statu Fire
men’s Association to be held at As
pen August 14th to 1 7Lh.
Johny Scenck Brinnt assisted by
the members of his new troup will
give an entertainment at the Opera
House the evening of August 7th. |
lie should draw a big house.
We are in r. celpt of the first issue
of the Minneapolis Republican the
only republic »n paper published in
the east half of I.us Animas county,
G. W. Benedict is the editor and we
wash him every success.
James Swift, G. M. Magill aifd F.
l\ Arbtnkle went to Denver Wed
nesday night to attend a democrat
meeting. M Swift gave his atten
tion more particularly tg the interest
of the new north side ditch.
The rainy season will last until
about the twentieth of August, then
nice weather inuy bo expected until
the first of Jarmry, there will bo an
occasional disagreeable day hut on
the whole the w ehther will be classed
Yourself and ladies are respectful
ly invited to attend the grand ball
ami reception to bo given by the
I. O. O. F. Lodge No. 7S of Granada,
Colorado, on Wednesday evening,
August 1st, lS-s, reads an invitation
wo received, a pletfsant time is antic
Dr. C II. Beatty dentist, from
Pueblo, will practice dentistry in
Lamar for the next week. The Doc
tor comes well recommended as a
first-class dentist and refers to Hon.
F. I* Arbucklo and Hon. F. II.
Shrock. His office is at the Alamo
Judge A. \V. Wilkinson and V.
Wainwright friends of Goodale &
Cooper from Iowa spent several days
in town the fore part of the week,
and went to Folsom, New Mexico,
with Mr. Goodale. They will prob
ably make investments in tho west
before returning to Iowa.
J. T. Bishop is the name of tho
Methodist minister assigned to
Lamar for the present conference
year. Rev; II. M. Law who has been
with us the past year goes to Mont
rose, a good place undone wo judge
much desired by the ministers. Rev.
II. L. Beardsley who was here year
before last, goes to Morrison.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Myler visited
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oollison at their
ranch last Saturday and Sunday,
while there they all drove to tho
Buttes from where they could sec
nearly all the towns in southeast
Bent county. Mr. and Mrs. Myler
speak of their visit and the manner
iti which they were entertained as
one of tho most pleasant during their
residence here.
Su’osoribors Promiun.
Every person subscribing to or re
newing their subscription to the
Bent County Register will be
supplied with the Kansas City Jour- !
nal Free duiing the Campaign of
Here is an opportunity to place in
vour family the largest and best
Weekly paper published in Kansas
City. Send in yon names at once
an d get two papers for the prico of
our own.
I'Totico-Timtaox* Ou.lt/u.r-o.
U. 5. Land Office, Lamar, Colo.
July 9tl», 188*.
Complaint having been entered ut tills offiee
I l ' l - SArtfo, d Kalll2ibt.ll.ini V,'. i»»d»ou
for failure to comply with lew n» to Timber
‘ ulvute hntry \0.2500 dated Juno 2l*t isss,
upon the N. W. 1-4 section 80. Township a s.
Hung.- 19 "-.ln Lent County, Colorado, with
u vie., to the cancellation of said entrv: eon-
H-t nit all.mi 1:4. fhat said John W. Ix.dion
!V not Intend to comply with the Timber
uiture Laws hut has hold the same for a
front nn.t hue agreed to relinquish the same,
1 <ald jiiirtles ure lierebv summoned to ap
j.»mi :it u.i- ;.ffi ;eonthe27th day of August
; l*. at .I>o dock i». m., to respond and fur*
■ nj; n teatlmouy concerulujf said alleged fail-
4 ,0 - Register.
Alias Callus
C. S. Land Office nt Lamar, Colorado,
July ltith, 1-vM.
Cotnr.l tlnt having been entered at this office
1 y \'. illi.llll D. Oitddis against Robert P. AlU
■ u r..j- failure to comply with law as to Tim
' r-C ill ire Kntry So 1469 dated March 90th,
I ejuiti the VE.! -4 section 10, Township
h >. li., ill Rent County Colorado,
v it 11 ;• \ i.-w in the cum-ellatton of said entrv ;
■ out. »taut M’leging that said Robert P. Alll
-o has w iiolly failed to comply with the
II mher Culture Law as follows:
l Thm durum the first j eur of suid entry
- "i' tot, 1.1 present time said partv failed
1.. .-Ik, plow «.r stir (or cause the samn to
ilon<-j live m-rcH of land on said tract as
to .) wired nv law. the suld parries are hereby
1 to aupe.ir at this office on the 2nd
.'a voi >ept. :d OoVloi 1< a. ni..to rcsoond
~M ‘ furnish testimony concerning said al
leged fa it ure.
. -10. Register.
Alii: Mcs.'linbn Cultun,
1 l*. H. Laud Office at I.amar. Colorado.
June 18tli, 1888.
I Complaint having l.cen entered at this of
| he.- by I)n\ id Ramsay agnln-t "dlliam LI
j At I.ins for failure to comply wltli law as to
liinoet - Culture Kntry No. 1.104 dated May
8 K. 1-2 8. W and \V. 1 2 S
' - j. ; ' 11. township 28 S. Range 41 W.,
I 111 1..-at < minty, f'nlo.. w ith a view to the can
cellation ..t said entry; contestant alleging
fh-.t said " ilihnn 11. Atkins has failed to
plow or cause to be broken or plow-
I ■ d hve ii.ti-s of the above described tract
" 11 bin one v ear from date of entry and Baid
: - •: mit still 'l,-t *, the sal i partii - are here
,' ' ; :i 'a 1 «ppear at this office on the
| --id day *>f M>pr ISSs. «t 9 o’clock a. m„ to re
, -spond and furnish testimony concerning said
u.legc-d failure.
• 'l°- Register.
Wber.*as KHzh A. Clapp of the countv of
“••■of urui star** of Colorado, part\ or the first
I irt. l»\ 1..-rcertain I rust IK*ed dated the first
•lay of K.J.i'.uiry a. I>. lsss, and recorded sec
•• 11 • I *ly ... I'eiu-uarv A. I>. I*B*. In Hook (4)
f >ur ! a••• '..'i in the Recorder's office of said
Iwti? county. Colorado, conveyed to John
' • i . 1 . of t!.*- senmd part Ills heirs, ns
-i. - n > . »■-in trust the property here
■! - rllied to secure to William Bhaw
t'..•• pa> nt or h*T promisory note of even
dm.- w Ith the said Trust-Deed for the princi
pal sum ol one hundred and fifty dollars with
inter, - l at the 1 ite of two Hill! OllC-hulf per
. • .11. i** r uioii! 1 * I :u date and it Is provided
In mil by -aid Trust Deed that Incase of do
fault of ptivmcir of said note or any part
the:o: tin 1 thvri-on muordlng to
t!ii- tenorr.fr! effect of said note, then It shall
m. l m lav. ful for the said party of the
s.-. ..ml part bis heirs or assigns or successors
in trust ufter having advertised such sale
thirty d sin a newspaper published 111 said
.•oiinty to sell anti dispose of the said proml
* - - I all the rlgl l, title, benefit and equity
■ >! red.-niption of said party of the first part
’•••■ lio'rs or assigns therein at public miction
at iln* flour d'.orof till' Court House at Las
A. 11 mas In the county cf Bent in the state of
Colorado, fo-the highcßt and liost price the
at thetl t.e appointed
lu said advertisement and whereas default
has be.-n made In the payment of the princi
pal and Inter* st of said note and the same is
now Overdue and unpaid.
1 hereb> give noii. c that 1 will on the 21st
>!a\ ■ ' August A. 1». Ins* at the hour of 10
lock n. in., of fold (lute Mt the front door
<p 1 .1 - *'• ,11 rt ffoti»* at l.iis Animas,in said
Rent mnty and st iteol Colorado,offer for
to th ei rc .-h the follow*
In- properly trust. Lot , hi) ten Hlock (38)
thirty-eight in the origilnnl town of l.iuunr.
IP nr codnty, Colorado, for the purpose of
pu\ tag said note and accrued Interest theiu
ori to date of 'iilc t..gether with all the ex
: sole com*
ini--i ,11.-. ami «I! other expenses trust of In
cluding all money advanced for taxes and
other liens.
I.uinar, Colorado, July 21st 1888.
Con. i I lutes, Att'y. JOHN SHAW,
ti-'j. Trustee.
LOST• —Money fiml time by not
making your long time' loans with
the Kansas Mortgage and Invest
ment Company.
AUontion. I_is.cii©s.
For the next two weeks I will sell
my stock of hats at cost, call early
and take advantage of low prices.
Yours Respect fully,
Minnie Hintile.
Liots or Money.
Your money is ready, spot cash
loans on final proofs and deeded
lands Goodale it Cooper. tf.
O-am© Eggs for Sal©.
From Tait Glaibournes Red and
l»!ue Piles Cotton Balls and Span
cries. They are all fast fighters and
dead game.
Eggs $1.50 per setting of 13. Ad
dress J. M. Cochrane.
16-3 m. Wilde, Bent Co., Colo.
Don’t trade of! your horses, mules
and cattle before consulting A. E.
Bent, Lamar, Colo. tf.
Flax seed at M. L. Swift it Co.
Wo arc closing out our 12. V cent
satteens at SI cents. J. 11. R. Lyle.
For screen doors and windows call
on D. C. Marker. 3-1 tf.
Call at the shops of Arnold &
; Conwell for an easy shave, hair cut
or shampoon. tf.
Alfalfa seed at M. L. Swift & Co.
Garden seed in bulk at M. L.
Swift & Co.
Buy seeds grown in Colorado fo
i sale by M. L, Swift & Co,
Sot tiers located on government lands. Investments made for eastern par
ties. Timber-Claims cultivated for non-residents. Farm and City
Insurance. Legal papers acknowledged. Land Office tilings
made out. Contests made. Prompt attention given to
ail business.
Office over Banli of Lamar.
Ed. lIAGEN & CO., Proprietors.
Is the headquarters for the best grades at the lowest prices. Freghtera
or anyone in want of Lumber should come and see us before pur
chasing, as we gnarnt.ee general satisfaction in grades
as well as tneasurment.
Our Motto:. “LIVE AMD LET LIVE.''
Stock Exchange,
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
IFLoToert Sweetman Prop.
North Side Bakery
: Lamar, Colorado-
Old -FLeliSLlol© Store
Coffees, Sugars, Teas, Dry Salt And Smoked meats.
Flour, Grain, Canned Goods, Dried Fruits,
(Crackers; (fljccse ani) (focnjtljing tri be (siiunb
t In sl grocery I store
5 North side of Railßoad. J. J. Manger,
> Lumai'i 0010.

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