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Bent County register. (Lamar, Colo.) 1886-1889, October 06, 1888, Image 3

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Heal Estate &
NORTH main street,
tiffin, over Fir.l Notional Rank.
1.0. K, - - - roLOltan..
i rroitjYE r
north main* street.
Dll. ,1. S. HASTY,
D~ foirr P. O. Uru« U*ur, Cnlo
F. E. Irwin,
Civil and Hydraulic
Illvnobla an.l Itlue Prints Lxecnletl
on Short Notice.
rl 1 m i In »•- reel,
I.A.MAK, -i: COLO.
g7l~ HIMES,
Money to Loan.
V. W. BURGER. Prop.
* "KTII MAIN ST. • LAM At*. CO 1.0
r Mil»inew'joiue. ncwlv lUt«l fnr
• hlmjU ttirougjiout. Tatolee 1 wit.i
** , * i best the market afford**. flottidlHß 1 >
'‘“V oi week. Parties proving up »>«•» 1
1 Ofllcc wUI be m»ile a rate of *L"° P er
Ttirc** f Inert. for ttie r<*rtlfl«*it checks
Ami lim nth for liCKOththlc notes'
I "i with nhl of these imcli partv cxm-ct*
I ‘••ptMPB the doubtful ones'* vote*.
(I.US VegßS Optic.)
Cold rain last night.
Front yesterday morning.
Cool anil cloudy y< sterday.
James Swift was at La Junta Mon
Cal. Soragg makes a good mar
i Stormy weather predicted for next
I week.
Turn out to the club mooting to
! night.
I C. C, Coiitant has been at Pueblo
all week.
K. W. Fuller wan at Pueblo last
Fred I.»*e is prepairing to open an
! oyster depot.
Look out for fires, the stoves are
I being put up.
K. M. Slatei ret imed from Den
ver yusterdav.
James Uphaiu, of Granada, was in
tow n yesterday.
Old settlers never saw the liver as
low as it is now. s
Attorney G»*i>. I. 1 liiues was at
Pueblo Thunuiay*.
W. A Downing was up from
, Wilde Wt dnesday.
J. W. I\tiger had legal busincss
at Granada Thursday.
Mrs. Kriger lia** opened the fall
term of her music elans.
K. K. Irwin returned Thursday
from a *u vn north west.
\V. K. Coutant ruth |h<* A. O. I
\V. goat Wednesday night.
Judge Mcßride atl» nded the Pu
eblu fair the first of the week.
F. 11. Km n returned Thursday
morning from a trip t<» D« nver.
Mr. an I Mrs. Ai bin Lie returned
fiom Denver Monday morning.
J \V. Goliad-iy re urned from .<
trip to lowa Thursday evening,
j State Wien ary Surgeon Lamb, ;
•pent the day in town yesterday.
A show that <1 ** ** not advertise
i cannot expert t.» do much business ,
I The demoerat speaker failed to In- ;
|on baud \\ t*dlic»day cVeliiug, b
j w as sick.
One of Gollmlaj'rt bnggiis wa
mashed in a c</llin>i»u one evening
i tliis week.
Judge Chsdt'ifnr will address tin*
rum llowtn Club tonight, every
body invited.
There was a Methodist social -it
the residence ol Kev. J. P. Bishop
l*-t evening.
Geo. Kiotieh will move bis dry
_:ood- store to the room just south ol j
the poslofflce.
Near a hundred cars of cattle have
been shipped from our yards in the
p.tsi two week*.
‘iwo new and handsome shoa
, add to the at-action of Lou
den** diug store.
II (*. Clash one of the leading cit
ix* iis of Granada had business *at the
land office yesterday.
Mr. Brow n of the Merchants State *
i(anit returned Tuesday evening from
a bus liens trip down in Kansas.
Billy Tallifarro left Wednesday
evening, his saloon was attached and
the property w ill hi? sold the BUh. j
If you are looking for a man and j
, cannot find him, its a sure thing to
i say he is either hulling or hunting. j
! '|die name of the republican dub I
1 J,,.,,a was changed last Saturday |
| night to the Torn Bowen Republican .
! Club.
From September first to January j
first in eastern Colorado, the climate
equals that of any country in the
j There will be a big demand for
houses to rent in Lamar before next j
spiing, there are hut few vacant j
houses now.
Minor Ui-uIU-ft Wednesday llioril
iny oti a business trip to Anthony,
IC, be may go to St. I.ouis be
fore returning home.
At the risk of being considered
personal and ruining our subsenp.
,foil list, »e will say it in '"™”S ,u
SO lieliing on Sunday.
In roping a steer last Saturday
l,m d- I - II -t "ilk tin- misfortune
~, i tiuiiih on bis right
wav that it
„ . ihe i.ist joint puil
ut with it very near
up to tue elbow.
8. D. Rail caught nine cattish with
a hook and line a few evening’* ago
that were a* large as they get to be
in the Arkansas river.
Dr. E. P. Rice formerly of this
city now of Walsenburg, expects to
move to Chicago to engage in the
practice of his profession.
About two hundred dollars lias
been subscribed already to defray
the expenses of the republican rally
to take place here the 17tli.
Mr. Thornhill left for Washington
' Territory Tuesday night, during his
*tny here he made friends who wish
. him prosperity in his new home.
, Services Sabbath at M. K. church,
• subject for both hours. “In question,
where there is no law, how shall we
act. Sabbath-Sehool at 10 a. in.
The ladies of the Christian church
will give ar. oyster supper in the
1 -tore room lately occupied by Geo.
Ktouch next Wednesday evening the
| S. I). Rail, J. 11. Holmes and Will
i Il men captured one hundred and
twenty pounds of catfish Tuesday,
we are under obligations for two
1 nice fisli.
William Silver look bis old place
behind the hardware counters at M.
L. Swift A Co. yesterday, it looks
natural to see him there again, he is
:t good salesman.
A. Kornman is a candidate for jus
tice of tin* peace. h»* has held the
s:imc position several times in Kaii-
H i-. and the duties will not be new
' to him if elected.
J. l> Bronson left for Pratt, Ivan
. is, Wednesday morning, and wid
1 n<«t return here to open his office uii
til n. xt spring. We are sorry tu
luo-e It tin for so long a time.
Mrs. Gilbert, of St. Johns, Kan«ns,
is visiting Miss N> Uie Jones at Mrs.
A. Ivoinman’s. Mr*. Gilbert’s hus
, band is a Pullman Sleeping car con
ductor on the A. T. *fc S. F. railroad.
Why is coal dearer this fall than
it was last year, it cost no more to
untie it, no more f r freight. I’he
, local dealers are not to blame as they
have to sell at the price designated ,
l by die coal company.
There was a big crowd out last
Saturday evening to hear Judge
Blodgett who spoke on the political
issues of the day for two horns, the
Judge is an old Kansas republican •
ami obtained some of bis ideas on
; the bolder during the border ruffian
and civil war, be is a hard hitter.
The Santa Fe lias made a rate of ,
one ai.J one-fifth fare to Denver and j
return to those wishing to attend the !
A O U. W meeting at Boulder the J
j tenth. The s nne r ite to attend the j
Grind Lodge I O. G. T. at Colorado
Springs the Oth. The same rate to
I i}„. Congregational Association and
Women’ll Board of Missions at Dcn
| ver the 11th.
We offer our wealth by giving you
the current information necessary to
intelligently ntiliz - your minds For
SI.OO The Kansas City Weekly
Journal a 04 column paper, complete
in every feature necessary to make it
first-class, can be had for i \ 00 per
year* Those who have received this
valuable paper during the campaign
need no introduction. To all others
we s ty, try it. Hard your subscrip
tions to the publisher of this paper
;tt,d he will forward same to ns.
Joukxal Co. Kansas City, Mo.
I' s Umd Office ut l.nmar, Colo..
September ?fih. IKv4.
! ('milplaint having mm entered at, ‘»f;
' (1, . i.\ t'nnnv K. Brown against Martin ward
I tor ehandoning lII* Homestead K "V '
at Umar, Colo., August Sind I s **!.upon
,1,0 \ 1.1 4 se.-tlou .*• Township *.! *. Lange
is w in Bent Countv, Colorado, with a view
1,0 the cancellation of said entry.the said par
-1 tics arc beiehv summoned t<* appear at this
I office on the »th day <*f Nov. IMS*. ni 0 o clock
• .. in to respond and f.irnlsli testimony con
-1 “ ,d
Geo. T. lllmos,
Att'v for Contestant. 1* f.
alias notice.
r. S Land Office tit Lamar. Colorado.
September• ;th. is».
I Complaint liavlmr been enteied at this of
-1 -.y fiiMr >l. Stewart* nialnat l.tuon A.
n ii tin-ion for abandoning ills Homestead
1 v ' No. HO', dated May lltli 1357. upon the
v \y i-1 Section 14, Township lil S. IL'ic'e f.
w ill Bent County,Coloiado. with a view to
the cancellation of mild entry, the said pm
ties i*te hereby summoned to appear at this
I office on the *.»th day of Nov. 18;v*. at .., lock
ti to respond and furnish testimony eon-
I U '" K ,
17-»0. Ilejtster.
r s Land Office at Lamar, Colorado,
September istli I*-S.
Complaint having been entered at tills of
I tlcc l»v William l». Shaw against 1* rank M.
Conner for abandoning I ls Homestead Entry
' tn Sw dated Auimat 2*nd h«7. upon the V
u" Y 4 S. "l ton 33. Township SI S. Uan*e 4fi W ..
in Bent Countv. Colorado, with a view to the
icollal ion of said entrv, the said parties
*5? hereby summoned to appear at this office i
.. . the lOtii day of Nov. 1-S*. at » o'clock a. m.. '
' JU respond and furnish testimony concerning
;.,a.liw4>b..d»m»™t. r „. SITROCK,
E. \V. Fuller has our thanks for a
nice siring of fish Thursday evening.
Medal Brand
Cheap and Durable.
An-oilo Can Apply it.
10 '.OOO Buildings Have Mc-al
Brand Roofs.
24 in
Hecommended by Insurance Com
panies, and insured at the same rate
of premium as tin, slate or iron roofs.
() Iv Bituminous Building Paper B
the l»est sweating for houses. It is
Samples, prices and circulars will
be furnished upon appication.
Chicago Lumber Co., 15ili and
Bassett Sts. Denver, Colo., also Col
orado Springs and Trinidad.
Lots of Money.
Yonr money is ready, spot cash
loans on final proofs and deeded
lauds Goobai.k & Cooper. tf.
WANTED:—Everybody to go to
the north side bakery lor choiee
baked goods. 15-17.
A good lunch at all hours at the
io.rih side bakery. 15-17.
Fancy work done to order at the
north side bakery. 15-17.
Don’t trade off your horses, mules
and cattle before consulting A. E.
Bent, Lunar, Colo. tf.
Flax s. ed at M. L. Swift Si Co.
For screen doors and windows call
oil D. C. Marker. 3-1 if.
Alfalfa seed at M. L. Swift tfe Co.
Garden seed in bulk at M. L
Swift Si Co.
Buy seeds grown in Colorado fo
S 'e by M. L. Swift & Co.
I'. s. Land office nt I.uiuiir, Colorado.
Sept. 10th, ISS-i.
Complaint hiving been entered at this of
pec- hv i.m i-* K. McFnrlnne against William 1
llattlcld for abandoning Ins Homestead Ku
rin No. 2322. dated at l.auinr. loin.. No
\ ember 2. I*<;. up >i» tin. N. W. 1 4 Section 14.
Township l'-'s. Range 12 In Bent County,
Colorado, with a view to tile cancellation of
nnhl entrv. the -aid partlos are hereby sum- j
liioued to‘ appear at this office on the tElrd
,lav of Oet, isss. at 0 o’clock a. in., to respond
nti'd furnish testimony concerning said al
leged abandonment.
14-17. Register.
Geo. L. Illines, Att’y for I’laiutklT.
Alias Koticp-Timber Culture
r. S. Land Office Lamar, Polorado.
Sept. 14th, lass.
Coinpl tin* liuv ingbeen entered at tills office
hv Andrew Korninan ugaiust Frank F. Math
er for failure to eoinplj with law as t<> Tint
herCulture Entry No. 1101 dated May 24. I**’..
upon tin- s. E 14 Section 7, Township 22 s.
Range 40 W. in ltent (Jountv, t'olo., w Ith a
view to tlie cancellation of said entry : con
testant alleging tlmt said Frank K. Mather
has wholly failed to plow or break or cause
the same to bo do r.- during the second year
from the date of said cutrv and since mak
ing the same the necessary five acres as
required by law and tlmt the said claim
ant is in default up to this date tin*
said parties are hereby summoned to
appear at this office on the Sid day
~t Oct,, ISHi, nt 0 o’clock a. u»., to respond and
f u nd«i> testimony concerning said alleged
failure. FRANK 11. SIIROCK,
15_18 Receiver.
Doughty * Morris,
Atty’s for Plaintiff.
Alia Kotitt’Tialitr Culture.
s. Land Office at I.anmr, Colorado.
September 28th 1888.
Complaint having been entered at this of
tiee by Aaron L. Sanford against John W .
Dodson or his legal representative for failure
t.. comply with law as to Timber-Culture ► n
l, v No. 2900. dated June 21st 1887. upon the V
W\ 1 > section 30. Tow .midp 22 S. Range 49 \V ..
in Bent Count'', Colorado, with a view to the
cancellation o’f said enti v ; contestant alleg
ing that said John W. Dodson Ims fail'd to
In eak plow or cause to be broken or plow ed
five acres or said tract during first year of
said entiy. said default still exists, also said
John \V. Dodson has sold his right to said
t lie said parties are hereby summoned
to nn’near at tills office on the 10th day or
Nov lssB, nt 9 o’clock a. in., to respond and
furnish testimony concerning said alleged j
failure. y n kjjROCK.
Receiver. j
Trustees Sale.
Default having been made by John F. Me
Kelvov In the payment of ids certain proud
orv no te for SSHW- to A M. Anderson secur
'd jiv ids certain deed of trust dated Decem
ber ; ’nd \ D. 1887, and recorded In the office
of county clerk and Recorder of Bent
Colorado, on the Jl.-t day of March
\ D ISss in Book 4on Page 9. Public notice
is herd!' given that the undersigned ('. K.
Parsons trustee by the terms of smd deed of j
, ri i»t will by virtue of the provisions or 5..1«l j
deed of ti nst and for tli< purpose, of nayiug
„ ,ld l.roi.dsory note and the Inteiest ( ,n -eon t
and tlio cost and expenses attending tills i
sale ns in ov hied bv said deed of Lust, sell .
It o'ltdiC auction to the Id ihest bidder an the
•> n iduv of October A. l>. 1 J 'nt 10 o’clock a. ,
m at the rout doo •of t lie pn.-ioffli e at |
I,ulnar in said county of Bent, the follow
i„.. described pmpc’.y in said deed of
ilust described to v/U: The oast hull of
, north west quarter and south west quiir
! »er of not»h-west quai.er of Section nine
i /n\ i n tow nship 18 south, range 42. west
! at h n ni., containing 1*? * acres uncording to
government survey dated September 28th
jr,-20. Trustee.
For Tlx© 3ST©2ct SO Days
The R. H. Porter Lumber Co.
Dimension • ... $20.25 per M feet.
Boards - ... 20 25 “ “
Fencing - .... 17.75 “ “
Flooring .... 20,75 “ “ "
Shingles .... 2.00 “ “
Settlers located on government lands. Investments made for eastern par
ties. Timber-Claims cultivated for non-residents. Farm and City
Insurance. Legal papers acknowledged. Land Office tilings
made out. Contests made. Prompt attention given to
ail business.
Ofjice over Banli of Lamar.
"the famous lumber yard,
Ed. HAGEN & CO., Proprietors.
Is the headquarters for the best grades at the lowest- prices Fr eg liters
or anyone in want of Lumber should come and see us before pur
chasing as we guarnteo general satisfaction in grades
as well as Hieasurment.
Stock Exchange,
— a, nd —
3LH counter
Wines, Liquors, and Gigars
FoToort S-we©tmsLXX Prop.
Old Relialole Store
NlW GOODS; mmmmm
Coffees* Sugars, Teas, Dry Salt And Smoked meats*
Flour, Grain, Canned Goods. Dried Fruits,
(trc&rra; ifljccsc anD (fumitljimt lii Ur (linimJ)
In sl grocery store
: ortli side of llnillload. J.V. Manger,
Lamar, Colo.

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