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Past Seven Day*.
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parts •( til* Warli Ceadeoeed
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Baaalt af Oar Reader*.
The bodx of A. J. Cassatt, presi
dent of the Pennsylvania rtalroad
was burled with simple ceremonies at
Bryn Mnwr, a suburb of Philadelphia.
Rev. Joshua Allan Llpplncott, well
known In the east and mlddlo west
as a divine and educator. Is dead in
Los Angelcw, Cal.
J. R. Merritt, of Topeka, has been
named to fill the newly creat'd office
of assistant freight agent of tht San
ta Fe.
Wilbur Glenn Vollvs. general over
seer of Zion City, was recently de
nounced by Dowleltes nt a public
meeting tb're us “Judas Iscariot"
"Devil" and "Robber.”
Thomas M. Bowen, former United
States senator from Colorado. Is dead
at Pueblo, aged 71.
James McCrea. first vice president
of the Pennsylvania Hues west of
Pittsburg, has been elected president
of the Pennslyvanlu Railroad com
pany to succeed tho late A. J. Cas
William H. Mackey, Jr., has been
re-appointed to be United States mar.
shnl of Kansas.
Frederick McMasters. United States
consul nt Zanzibar, has tendered bln
resignation because of tho small sal
ary attached to the office.
Prof. Otto Benndorf, the noted arch
aeologist. Is dead In Vienna.
F. M. Robertson, of Wilson coun
ty, Kansas., has been elected to fill
the vacancy caused by the death of
State Senator 8. 8. Benedict.
MaJ. Gen. Von Der Ijiunltz. pre
fect of i»ollco of St. Petersburg was
snot and instantly killed In tho Insti
tute of experimental medicine. The
assassin was cut down and killed by
nn officer.
Dr. Joseph A. Aldrich, n former sur
geon In the United States army. Is
dead at bis homo In Denver, aged
89 years.
Daniel Gorman, who was engineer
of the train on which President Lin
coln made his fumous midnight Jour
ney from Harrisburg to Washington,
recently died at Lebanon. Pn.
Rev. John C. Bro»ks. young* st
brother of the lato Phillips Brooks,
Is dead In Paris.
George A. Murphy, of Muskogee. I.
- T.. Is to bo tho chief speaker nt tho
I Kansas Day banquet at Topeka on
January 29.
E. W. Hastings, nn actor of New
York, was killed recently In a wreck
of tho overland limited train on tho
Union Pacific In Nebraska.
Prominent Cherokee women have
prepared a memorial to congress ask
ing that body to set aside tho decree
of tho supreme court which abrogated
the rights of Intermarried whites.
A bill has been Introduced In the
senate to prohibit the sale of Innds In
the government domain on which aro
situated beds of coal and other miner
als until such deposits are exhausted.
By the gift of 93.000.000 to the Chi
cago University on New Years dny,
John D. Rockefeller hns brought his
bmcfnctlons to the Institution up to
In tho ouster suit of tho stato of
Missouri against the Dclnuir Jockey
club of St. Louis, a writ of error to
the supreme court of tho United States
bos been granted by Chief Justico
Tho southern portion of Indiana Is
suffering from Hoods. Fifteen schools
In Gib: on county alone were com
pelled to close on account of tne high
By direction of the president. Sec
retary Hitchcock hns Issued nn order
Notifying registers of local land of-
to destroy all Illegal enclosures
public lands nfter April 1. next.
Andrew Carnegie has notified Secre
tary Root of his intention to contri
bute 9750,000 for the purpose of erect
ing a building In Washington for the
use of the bureau of American repub
Judge Garland, of the United States
district court at Sioux Falls, S. I).,
bos rendered n decision holding that
the state board of railroad commis
sioners hns Jurisdiction over express
Engineers on all the railroads west
of Chicago, to the number of 57.000
have made demands on the compan
ies for an Increase in wages.
Two hundred delegates representing
boards of trade and commercial or
ganizations met recently In Chicago
and formed the National Reciprocal
Demurrage Association.
George L. Sheldon hns been Inaugu
rated ns governor of Nebraska, suc
ceeding John H. Mickey.
The position of commissioner of
the general Innd ofHce. which is to
become vacant on March ■! by the re
tirement of Commissioner Richards,
hns been offered to Phillip G. Stew
art, of Colorado Springs.
According to figures furnished by
the New York Word the powder trust
made a profit In sales to the govern
ment during 190 G of 92.348.3G4.
Los Angeles, Cal.. Is tho latest city
reported to bo suffering from n fuel
famine. No coal or wood 13 to be hnd
he city nt any prico.
Another anti-American meeting was
recently held In Canton, China, at
which resolutions were adopted re
viving the boycott on goods from |
the United States and to dissuade la
borers from going to Panama.
Thomas Fanning, a Kansas City
recluse, wuh recently found murdered
In his home In that city. Hla papers
had been rifled, but money to the
value of several thousand dollars
was untouched.
Tho motion of Mayor Schmlts of
San Francisco, to take tb® cases
pending against him from the court
of Judgo Dunne and assign them
to some other department has been
Near U Croaae, Va., on th® Sea
Board Air line the passengers In a
Pullman were held up and robbed
of 9800 In cash besides a great deal
of Jewelry, by two bandits, who aufr
ceeded In making their escape.
The thirtieth session of the Nebraa
ka legislature began business by the
election of D. M. Nettleton. of Clny
county, as speaker.
One of the most disastrous wrecks
In the history of tho Rock Islund sys
tem occurred recently near Volland.
Wabaunsee county. Kansas. More
than 30 persons, mostly Mexicans,
were killed and 55 were Injured. The
wrcckngo caught fire and several of
the bodies wero burned beyond recog
nition. The telegraph operator at
Volland Is hold responsible.
A dozen persons wero Injured, 40
fnmllles were made homeless and 2.-
000 people were driven from their
homes temporarily, recently by a flro
In tho west sldo tenement district of
New York.
The magnificent silver service for
the battleship Kansas hns arriv'd In
Topeka and will be plarod on exhi
bition for the benefit of tbo members
of the legislature.
Roy Swartzcr. a young telegrapher,
hns confessed to willfully causing a
wreck on the Oregon Short line nf
Peterson, Utah, recently. Ho stated
Hint his only motive for the deed was
a desire to see tho long freight train
plunge Into tho river.
The American Red Cross society
has made an appeal direct to the
farmers of the country for corn and
wheat to bo sent to China to relievo
tho famine sufferer* In that country.
Joe (inns, the negro champion In
the lightweight class, easily defeated
"Kid" Herman, of Chicago. In tho
eighth round at Touopuh, Nov., re
The fun'rals of many of tho vlo
tlms of tho recent railroad wreck nt
Terra Cotta. D. C.. were held In
• The Inst official net of Gov. Mickey
nf Nebraska, was the Issuing of a par-
I don to Mrs. Lillie, who Is serving a
! life sentence for the murder of ho
During 190 G, 1.198.434 persons ar
rived at New York from foreign ports.
The supreme court of Missouri
has extended the time for the filing
of tho report of tho special commis
sioner In the oil company ouster suits
to the April term of court.
President and Mrs. Roosevelt's
New Year's reception nt the White
house wait a brilliant function and
I was attended by about 8.500 person*.
! The president shook hands with each
In turn.
During 190 G there were reported
In New York city 111.772 births. 48.-
355 mnrrlnges nnd 7G.20G deaths, a
rubstantlal Increase In all depart
Chnrlcs E. Hughes hns been In
augurated ns governor of New York
nt Albany. The ceremonies wore un
usually brilliant and tho nttcndanco
almost unprecedented.
An oil gusher flowing 1.920 bar
rels a dny. exceeding anything on
record In Indian territory, was re
cently brought In Just outsldo tho
j city limits of Sapulpn.
Because she was displeased with
an adverse decision, Rosa Well, of St.
I,oulh. fired a bullet at Judge J. A.
McDonald, of the circuit court, dur
• Inga session of the court recently.
Before she could fire a second shot
she was overpowered and taken Into
The lending railroads in Kansas
and the state commissioner have
reached nn agreement whereby there
will ho a reduction In freight rates
amounting annually to 9L500.000. All
suits ponding In the federal court
against the commissioners are to bo
A circular from the war depart
ment states that not In recent years,
except In war time, hns the army
been so badly In need of men as at
I Charges of fraud have been filed
I with the post office department
against the New York cotton ex
change by the officers of the South
ern Cotton association.
An earthquako lasting three hours
wns recorded by the seismographs on
: the Isle of Wight and other points
In Europe.
Judge McCall, of the federnl cntirt
nt Memphis, Tenn., has declared tho
La Folletto fellow servant law un
One pnssenger was killed nnd a
number of others Injured In the
' wreck of a Rock Island train near
: Kingfisher, Ok., recently.
1 Tho free alcohol law, the pure food
1 bill nnd the nntl-pnss law went Into
effect on January 1.
Judge Landis In tho federal court
,nt Chicago overruled the demurrer
! of the Standard Oil company to eight
indictments pending ngnlnst It, but
sustained tho demurrer ns to two
other Indictment* because of teclinl
j cal defects.
Fourth National Bank Scono of Tho
Disaster.—President Rushton Nar
rowly Escapes Death. —Private
Messenger Badly Mangled.
Philadelphia.—Two men are dead. a
score of others Injured, two of whom
may die, and the beautiful Interior of
a bank building ruined as the result of
a bomb being dropped Into Fourth
Street National bank here Saturday
by a man who had demanded a loan of
95,000 for which ho could ahow no col
lateral. The perpetrator of the out
rage was Hollo Steele of Garner, lowa,
and recently of Chicago. He waa
blown to pieces by his own engine of
death. Nothing wns left to Identify
him save a bunch of ten keys found In
a fragment of clothing belonging to
him. A plate on tho ring holding the
keys bore tho name of "It- Steele, Gar
ner. lowa."
Tho ether man kllcd by tho «PJ®
slon wns W. Z. McLonr. cashier of the
bank, who hnd been talking to the
strange** nnd hnd refused his request.
William Crump. c«»lored. private me*
songer to the president of tho bank
was mcngled. nnd may die.
The man who dropped the home
called on Richard R. Rushton. presl
dent cf tho bank, also president of the
Philadelphia Clearing House Assocla
tlon. shortly before noon, and nsueu
for a loan of 95.000.
Tho president quickly sized him ur
ns eccentric, nnd turned him over tc
the cashier. with tho Idea that the
latter would have him taken from the
bull ling. Before lenvlng. tho mno
showed Mr. Itushton a picture or a
woman nnd a child, with tho remark
M A!n": they all right?"
A few moments Inter there wns n
terrific explosion, which shook the blc
hull ling nnd completely wrecked the
Intcrio.* of the bank.
Cnnhior McLear wns In his office
when the man threw the bomb, and
was Instantly kllod. With the esccp
tlon of his right arm nnd shouldor, Mr
Me I .ear wns not mangle*!.
The most seriously Injured Is Wll
I lam Crump, the colored messenger,
who made a heroic attempt to solx*
the object which the man was about
to drop, but was nn Instant too Into
The messenger. If he survive* his tor
rlblo Injuries, probnbly will be blind.
The explosion devastated the In
torlor c.r the big hanking room. Glns»
and wooden partitions were wrecked
nnd leveled to the ground as though a
cyclono bad swept through the place
Desks were ruined and Iron bars were
twisted; In fact, there wns hardly ac
object left Intact In tho room.
The explosion blew every one In the
banking room to the floor, and for •
moment they were dazed. Many ol
them, not knowing what had happened
ana fearing that the building, which l«
nn eight-story structure, wns falling
made a rush for tho door. Mr. Rush
ton among them. The roar of the ex
plosio.i brought tho tenants on al*
floors to their feet nnd a general rust:
wni made to tho elevators and stair
ways. Ak tho excited pcoplo cam*
out there wns n rush from the street tc
rescue those who. It was thought, bad
been caught In the explosion.
It waa announced that tho bank
would resume business Monday. There
Is a good chance thnt all those hurt b>
the explosion will recover.
Company Formed to Build Electric
Line Between the Two Cities.
Guthrie, Okla. —To unite Denver and
Chicago by nn citric railway system
nt a cost of 9250.dU0.000 Is the plan ol
the Chicago nnd Southwestern Electric
Railway Company, which was granted
s charter here Saturday by Territorial
Secretary Charles H. Fllson. Th*
company Is capitalized for 9250,009 r
Under tho terms of the chnrter th*?
company Is given the right to operate
standard gnugc lines, cither by steam
of electricity.
A* projected tho road will pass
through tho cities of Chicago, Joliet,
Mendota. Rock Island. Moline, Gales
burg. Peoria, Pekin. Streator. Bloom
ington. East St. 1-ouls and Quincy In
Illlnolls; St. Louis, Jefferson City, Sc
dalla. Independence, Kansas City nnd
St. Joseph in Missouri; Davenport.
Muscatine. Dos Moines nnd Council
Bluffs In Iowa; Omaha. Lincoln, Tobin
and Superior In Nebraska; Kansas
City, Lawrence, Topeka. Junction City,
Minneapolis. Osborne and Stockton In
Kansas; Denver, Colorado Springs and
Pueblo In Colorado.
The Incorporators are P. M. Dunn
nnd Ixmia F. Robe of Chicago, and H.
W. Pentrosfc and N. D. McGlnley of
To assist in the construction of tho
proposed lines, two subsidiary compa
nies were also chartered. P. M. Dunn &
Co. of Chicago and Guthrie, with 9100,-
000 capital stock, to underwrite and
finance the road, and the Central Con
struction Company of Guthrie and Chi
cago. with 9500,u00 capital stock, to
build tho road.
Royal Gorge Electric Line.
Canon City.—A receiver hns been
appointed for tho Canon City, Florence
& Royal Gorge Electric Railway Com
pany, in order to straighten out com
plications between F. S. Granger, vice
president nnd general manager, and
Frank G. Heath nnd his associates,
who recently purchnsed from Mr.
Granger nn Interest In the concern,
and arc now promoting tho enterprise.
The 926,000 bonus which wns sub
scribed cne year ago and plnccd on
leposlt In n local bank has boon paid
back to the subscribers nnd another
bonus of 930,000 Is being raised to In
jure the success of Heath's enterprise.
The receivership will not Interfere
with the new bonus or with pushing
:ho road to completion by July Ist, ac
:ording to Mr. Heath's agreement.
Senator Clark Buys Larga Ranch In
Colorado and Now Mexico.
Denver. —A Republican special from
Trftntdud Saturday says: Senator W.
A. Clark of Montana has purchased
Vermejo park of William 11. Bartlett,
the Chicago millionaire. The tract em
braces 200,000 acres.
It la about fifty mllea southwest of
Trinidad, on the line between Colorado
and New Mexico. Moat of the land
Ires In New Mexico. Particulars of the
sale could not be learned to-day on ac
count of Mr. Bartlett leaving yester
day for his home in Chicago before tbe
sale became publicly known.
It la said that Mr. Clark paid 92,000,-
000 for tbe property.
Tbe ranch bouse and outbuildings
are the fiueat to be found In tbe South
The house Is furnished throughout In
elaborate style, with every convenience
that could be found even In Chicago
or New York. Tbo stable where the
blooded horses are kept Is tilted up
Oner than most residences.
Over u year ago, when Senator Clark
waa on a western tour, he visited the
Bartlett ranch and was a guest of tbe
Bartlett h for three or four days.
Mr. Clark at that time signified his
wllUngtH-bH to buy the ranch, and made
Mr. Bartlett an offer, which was re
fused. Mr. Clark never gave up bis Idea
of owning the property, tho deal being
completed yesterday, according to the
statement of real estate men hero who
are In u position to know.
Collision Near Denver.
Donvt-r. —While tunning fifteen mile*
an hour through a 10-nvy fog and ou
frosty rails, the Colorado & Southern
paseanger train, between Denver and
Golden, crashed head on Into a freight,
standing on the main line at Argo,
shortly In-fore noon Sunday, seriously
Injuring several paaongers and train
men. Eleven In all were hurt, al
though. It Is believed, none of tho In
juries will prove fatal. Mrs. Elmer Os
born, the most seriously hurt, wm
hurled from a front seat In the day
coach against n hot stove In the for
ward end of the car. Rebounding al
tho second lni|*nct she was struck on
the bend by a flying seal and rendered
unconM'loii*. All of th*- passenger*
-were thrown from their seats and pllec
In tho wreckage of tho car seats. Botr
engines were badly damaged.
Atpcn Rapidly Gaining.
Pitkin county's prosperity bns boot
more substantial during 190 G than
since lSt»3. owing to th*- steady In
crease In tho price of silver. Aspor
Is rapidly assuming Its former activity
as the second camp In Colorado In th*
output <*f silver. Th*- Smuggler, Porcv
l.a Ball*-. Durant. Park Regent and
other bonanaaa are working more men
and increasing their outputs. Many
proportb-s on Smuggler. Asi*»n an.'
West Aapen mountains. Idle for ycart
aro again operating with success, giv
ing Asin-n a large monthly pay roll
Outlying camps are taking advantage
of tho steady advance In tho price ol
silver nnd ronowe*! activity la noto
worthy, especially In thi old gold carni
1 of Independence, th*- gold and sllyei
camp of Lincoln gulch, tho gold dls
trict of Difficult creek and tho coppei
fields of Snow Mass crook, nnd the sll
ver, lead and gold camp of Ashcroft.
"Dressing up" to go to Town.
William Allen White, editor of th*
Kmt>oria (Kansas) Gasetto. comparing
Now York City and Emporia in The
Am* Mean Magazine fur January, talk*
as folows about clothes:
"Americus. with a population of 500
lies ton miles northwest of Emporia
When an Emporln man goes to Araorl
cus for a day ho does not put on hi*
good clothes. He hns soon Americu*
men dressed up In Emporia, shopping
nnd attending tho county convent lons
nnd bo la astonished to find these men
whom ho hns known dressed up foi
yearn stubbing nround In their old
clothes. But when tho Emporia mnr
go*-* to Kansas City, bo puts on what
ho calls his trotting harness, and there
he meets Kansas City men In tholi
everyday clothes. Kansas City mer
dress up to go to Chicago, nnd Chicago
men put on their fine raiment to go tc
New York, but on the streets of New
York tho men who naturally are wenr
Ing their evorydny clothes seem so
fault lessly dressed to us westerners
who appear to have slept In our every
day clothes, that we gasp as we won
der luiw the New Yorkers must look
when they go to I^ndon!"
Fences Must Come Down.
Washington.—By direction of tht
President, Secretary Hitchcock has is
sued nn order to Commissioner Rich
ards of the General Land Office, nt once
to notify all special agents nnd re
ceivers and registers of local land of
flees that tho act of February 25, 1885
for the summary destruction of llk-gnl
Inclosures nnd obstructions existing
on public lands will be rigidly enforced
after April 1, 1907. Thlo order means
that all fences Inclosing public land*
In violation of law must be removed
before April Ist. If they are not
taken down by that time they will be
torn down by representatives of the
New Full Dress Uniforms.
Denver. —Eight hundred full dress
uniforms will be ordered by the Mili
tary Hoard for the use of the members
of the National Guard of Colorado. The
necessary outlay will approximate 910,-
000 nnd the contract will bo let to n
Denver man. It will be four or five
months before tho uniforms aro ready
for use. The guard has never had full
dress uniforms, possessing nothing but
Its service suits of olive drab. The new
uniforms will bo of navy blue, with
collar devices, buttons, chevrons, etc.,
In gilt. They will be used for recep
tions. dances and general ceremonious
Zion Opened to Outsiders.
Chicago.—General Overseer Vollvn
announced Sunday that Zion would be
thrown open to private business enter
prise. Popular demand has forced tho
church authorities to yield on tho point
of private ownership, thus overthrow
ing one of John Alexander Dowlc's
cardinal principles.
Owes Double Allegiance.
Count Prosper D’Eplnay, who has
been decorated In Parla by the British
ambassador with tbe Victorian Order,
Is In the odd position of being a Brit
ish subject and yet a Frenchman at
the same time. He was born In the
island of Mauritius somo 66 years ago.
The Inland, of course. Is Inhabited by
a French-speaking population and once
formed part of tbe territories of
France. Both tbe count'a parents be
ing French, tbe count Is regarded In
France as a Frenchman, but being
born under the British flag be la Just
as surely a British subject.
Laundry work at home would be
much more satisfactory If the right
Starch were used. In order to get the
desired stiffness. It Is usually neces
sary to uae so much starch that the
beauty and fineness of the fabric la
hidden behind a paste of varying
thickness, which not only destroys the
appearance, but also affects the wear
ing quality of the goods. This trouble
ran be entirely overcome by using De
fiance Starch, ns It can be appllod
much more thinly because of Its great
er strength that* other makes.
Knows Whom He Can Trust.
Police Commissioner Itlnghain has
learned one Important fact thnt will be
of aid to him In his official career.
When he desires to get the exact facts
about some large question that Is to
the front In New York city he calls
In tbe newspaper reporters located at
police headquarters and has a heart
to-heart talk. As one of them says:
"He gets It straight, and so straight
that not all tho men of the force can
fool him on that one point."
Stats or Ohio. Citt or Toledo. I tt
Lt'oi* tom. i
Fa ask J. cmbsst «•»**•* o*th I*>a* *»• U Malar
Mrtaaf of **»• Brut of r. J. CttBSBT * Co., a.ln*
la.iuc*. la Ibo City of TolAdo. c-aaty *ud **•*•
Af-MM'4. an t that *«l>l Bnu will »*-•«*'•• of
ONK IICMMtr.O IH»LLAII-* for oad rtrry
r*M »f Catalan thAt caodul Is caret bjr «U M*«uf
"*“•*«***“ "“• numenm.
Swore to Isf-r* m** **4 •«»»••« nM la wj itcmkc,
U.UM.J., .< ■ A VffolEMO*.
XotABT 1-rs Lia
llah'*"*'AtArrh Care !• lAkrn Imeroa:if oad re-ta
dlrveiie ua ibw bU4 004 u»uc-h»» aarfAce* of lit*
nucu. Ixiul fur IrAtltu «!al>. free.
1 r. j. ciuuf gr a co.. Toledo, o.
Soi<] by All nracsMA. :v-.
Tala 11 oll'aFamily I*lUa for coaatlpaUuo.
Footballer Showed Courage.
11. J. Ilenebry. Ireland's Itugby full
bark, played the other dny for 70 min
utes n~nlnst tbe South Africans while
sufferlnr Bom a split ear. damaged
skull, broken middle fltig*w on left
hand, strained chest, muscles and torn
finger cartilages. Ho received the In
juries In n tarklo ten minutes after
tbo game began.
With a smooth iron and Defiance
Starch, you can launder your shirt
waist Just ns well at homo ns the
•team laundry can; It will hnve the
proper stiffness and finish, there will
be less wear nnd tear of tho goods,
and It will he a positive pleasure to
use a Starch that duos not stick to the
Acquiesce In tho present without re
pining. remember the past with thank
fulness. and meet the future hopefully
and cheerfully, without fear or suspi
Defiance Starch—Never sticks to tho
Iron—no blotches—no blisters, makes
ironing easy und docs not Injure tho
goods. ‘
A woman would rather do things to
worry a rival than to afford herself
rai.iui rraxa ix •tom data.
I-AZO OI.NTMK.NT I* ■ u Aran t red to rare any com
•If Itrhin*. ttllad. IlirwiliiiK <>r retrod.o« file. ID
| lu U dan «* moawj refuadad. M*.
When members of a family quarrel
a lot or truth leuks out.
Mr*. Winslow** Soothing Syrup.
for children N-etblßK. *nft«n* tire rum*, reduce* Ire
•amnia'luo. alloy* pain, run* wind colic. Sa a bout*
Nothing hurts a conceited man llko
being Ignored.
For InfantA and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears tlio X I
—==—lB Signature /Xxr
Promotes DigeslionChrerful- M Ur
ness and Rest .Contains neither n f /. til
i Optum.Morplune nor Mineral. Ui #l\ \l/
Not TiAitc otic. liUtr
. \ A'
AJiW- . IJ| 1
Ka JA'- In
J A X' 1 Ilea
Aperfed Remedy TorConstlpa- IN| fV UW W
tlon. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea I lAy
Worms .Convulsions. Feveris- t WT fl lIA I*
ness nnd Loss of Sleep. \J t fUI UVuI
Thirty Years
EXACT copy or WRAPPER. I UII 100
— ' tmc •■WTAun cmmat. «sw vmm acre.
Ka muss or failures made with
NAM FADELESS DYES; bright, beauti
ful colors a certainty.
With too many people charitjr la
more of a fad than a virtue.
to craa a roi.a in pay
Take laXATIVK llUOMOOslnloeTerete. Urwg
>U* refund woe* If l» Tal»* to kmi®. *■ W
UHUVIB muitraa m <Mb koi. Be,
We frequently fall Into errror and
folly, not because the true principles
of action are not known, but because
for the time they are not remembered
Take Garfield Tea. the Natural Idum
tiv«\ for constipation, indigestion, liver
and kidney derangements, and colds. It Is
made of llerha. Guaranteed under the
l’ure Food Law.
If you will be true to the heat of
yourself, living up to your nature
standing boldly by the truth of youi
word and satisfied therewith, then yo«
will be a happy man.—Marcus Aure
Kinsmen of Immortal George.
Many kindred of George Washing
ton dwell on and about the orlglna'
Washington plantation In Westmore
land county, Virginia. Tbe present oo
cupant of the plantation la named
George Washington.
Patient Cured of Ataxia Gives tha
Entire Credit to Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills.
Mrs. S. C. Wollock. of 114 Cleveland
Avenue. Everett. Mass., tbo wife of
an employe In the government works
at Chelsea, says:
"I bad been troubled with nervous
ness for ten years and the disease
kept growing on me. Then I learn.-d
thnt I wps suffering from locomotor
ataxia. I had terrible tremblings In
my right leg which would get rigid
nnd when this happened In tho street
I uaJ to stand still until It panned
away to keep from falling. My right
arm felt as If a thousand needles wero
pricking It. The sheet touching my
knee In bed would nearly cause mo
to scream out with pain and both
knees were so weak I could hardly
"1 had to use a cane ami bo helped
about by my son. Then the pain be
gan to settle In the calves of my legs
and the muscles became numb and
quivered constantly. The cords un
der my knee* seemed to be drawn up
light and the terrible shooting pains
In my legs would nearly drive m«* In
sane. My toes became numb nnd at
tltnea would prickle a* If needle* were
being thrust Into thorn My eyes bo
ram*’ dull and Mack spots floated be
fore them. My heart wmm very weak.
"My attention waa called to Dr.
Williams* Pink Pills nnd I bought sev.
oral boxes right away nn*| soon felt
relief. I wns so pleased that I kept
on taking them until they cured mo
entirely, nnd I hnve had *»*» symptom*
of the trouble for over n year."
Dr. William*' Pink Pills are sold by
all druggists or sent, postpaid, on re
ceipt of price. 60 cents per box. six
boxes 92.60. by the Dr. William* Med-
Iclno Company. Schenectady. N. Y.
A booklet, entitled "Nervous Dis
orders." sent free on request.
i- 4—l Positively cured by
AlnrrTDC IAUIo Fill*.
|sA|\| r |\o They also rrUcro Dt»*
tress from Dyspepsia. !a-
ITTLE dlgrsUua anti Too Hearty
WilirD Eating. A perfect ma-
H If Mm 1% cdy for DnHar.-w. Nauvra.
Wm PILLS, nrowstnest. Had Ta-ito
■ m tho Mouth. Crntod
Tonga®. Pain In tbo M l®,
Irernietn JJVF.It. ThSQP
regulate tbe Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
IPADTOftI Ctfiffiflfl Must Boar
uAfllEnO Fac-Similo Signature
lasi J refuse substitutes.

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