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Rocky Ford Enterprise.
I A Special Clean-up Sale is our annual custom to prepare for Inventory, February First. Until
I ** that time we will make very low prices to clear our stock of Odd Lots of all kinds of merchandise
I '** ******* * Bo ** d *«to#7*tel«a*. 6*— 76c *8 Mot .kort KlmoßM. niedy Xrmimt SOO 80 «£t lljjjj*g»rawnti?«irS!«~"lTT!"""!!
I tOO LmdW.' w-i-t. oolor. rmuti (1,.ml Lai. «■■ or 88 Mat duct Kimoa*. fl.nrttltette, polka dot trimmed..-. W# " n/*T» WTiimie
■ *BO Ladtaa- Waldo. Hotair. Maak aad white.. f(.M 180 lone Klmonaa,lUimall.Ua tHmaiad. fulltoactfa ff.ff f,w »*“• •** 'o** Jgg
I TADlES'Jaraay KnitOlona aad I ADIES* Wool FaKiaatara p HILO'S and Boy* Hear, Iteaead AIX Man. and Boy*. Cap. A U-Man', and Bo.'a Hau
■ Ll Mittaas—.. - roe Ll Ml aolor. l«o Shirt, aad Dnam 18c A worth 38. t086e....„. MOo A worth fl.OOud 81-80. Mo
I lid la.* Qolf Gloras and Ladiaa' all wool fawmohm, largo Child's and Minn' Boated All man's and boa's caps All man's and boa's hats
■ Mittens Mo allcolor* Mo ribbod union suite Me worth 68c to 81.00 Mo worth 81.76 to*B.oo Ot.MB
I These Bargains in Shoes are Odd Lots from our regular stock. Most of them made to our order.
I Shoes that we can-recommend for wear and we only cut the price in order to clean up the stock
I Ladies' Kid and Calf Boy’s Shoes Calf-skin Men’s heavy Calf Blucher
I Shoes H oma. f.w'i.Kf!’!!!—9sC and heavy Kid and Congress $l-45
I /\kL Ladies’sl.so Kid KSiV.&’Wm. SU6 Men’s Calf and Kid
I Shoes H p\y. n f°i" s|.|o Boy’s Shoes, Blucher Blucher and s|.6s
I vl Ladies’ Kid Shoes, our “*ce, Box Calf and Men's Tan and 14in
I V V staple number patent splendid wearer High-cut Blucher sd&SS&Sr
I Tip woruf $2.2? h «nds2 bo. ..$ I -66 woS, sAb te 82,00 $l-30 Good Shoes 53.35
There are other Bargains in abundance. Come and see. Her# 1 is quality with low prices.
(SSteL 303 UADnCV’Q Rocky Ford, Jkgßf)
N. Main St. nniIULY O Colorado
The City Pay* the Mulnix Exorb
itant Bill for little** Service
But Lay, Dnam'i *36# Oaf N
tba TaMa.
Among other matter* that earn* be
fore the city cooneil Monday night eras a
revival of the demand for the payment of
the bill of Attorney Da moron of La Janta
who. it will bo remembered, wae engaged
at epeeial couneil for the eity during the
Stoop regime. The bill ie for slso.
Opinion wae not divided on the legiti
many of the bill, the appointment of
Da moron, however unneceeeary. having
been made in due form by a majority of
the board. But there wae a difference
on the question of the exorbitancy of the
account, for which no practical eervice to
the city wae rendered; and thie led to it*
being laid on the table. On thie eubjeet
it may be of intereet to not* that the
Muinix bill for “experting" the city ac
count* wae finally eigned up by . the city
officials the other day. The amount of
this bill, as may have been mentioned be
fore, was $716. pluss $260, which will
doubtless be paid, this total is $976.
More or less time of the council was
occupied Monday with discussion of the
question of the caretaking of the ceme
tery. The work of Cartaker Ringer was
criticised by part of the board and the
Cemetery Committee urged to look into
the work of their department. From the
public viewpoint the cemetery has never
looked better nor been so well cared for
at any time in its history as it has under
Mr. Ringer, and if there is anything more
than a little personal feeling at the bot
tom of the criticism of his work it does
not yet appear to the public.
A final reading has given the ordin
ance granting a franchise to the Colorado
& Eastern Telephone Co. to string its
wires through the streets and alleys of
Rocky Ford. This concern, it is under
stood, does only a long distance telephone
service. It will have only on* 'phone
center in the town and keep only one op
erator to look after its long distance con
nections. This ought not to add greatly
to the string of unsightly pole* and wires
that now cumber our driveways. In the
interests of **business progress" we can
stand one more.
J. W. Standley is putting in a cement
stone foundation for a new home up on
South Third st.
Decreased Value of Sheep Feeding.
The sheep feeding industry of the Ar
ksntss valley ie not having whet might
be termed s boom year. On the contrary
feeding is aot up to the average of pest
year*. The reeeen offered for this con
dition is the exceptionally high pries that
was asked by breeders for lambs. Sev
eral of our feeders who wont down into
the southern territory from which we
draw the feeding stock for this valley
cams back without buying. Th* largast
flock in this vlsiaity is probably F. M.
Herein'*. H* is a fsedar who keeps
persistently at it, good yaars or bad
Mr. VaaHorns has a bunch of 5600 or so.
The Holbrook eection has no feeding
flocks this year. W. N. Randall, one of
th* largest sheep feeders in past years is
out of it this year. Col. Lockhart has st
Segsr City something of a bunch, where
with speciel facilities for doing so he is
working up some beet pulp into mutton.
The fact that alfalfa is bringing excep
tionally high prices this season is another
discouragement to sheep feeding, as is
also tn* increased difficulty in getting the
grain foods in over the railroads. These
three factors easily explain why the usual
thousands of sheep are not being fed
along the valley thie year.
For the few that have been fed and
marketed from this section very good
prices have prevailed. Mr. Haines has
just returned from the Kansas City mark
et, where he took a shipment The pri
ces ruling the past week were $7.26 to
$7.60 for choice lambs; $6.76 to $6.00
for choice weathers; $4.86 to $6.16 for
choice ewes. The prediction ie for a con
tinuance of good prices for good animals
throughout the season.
All the attorneys in town have been out
of town this week mors or loss in attend*
ance at the district court. La Junta,
whsrs th* new Judge, Riser, is adorning
the benoh. Th* absence of the legal pro
fession ought to promote peace at home
in proportion as it increases friction
around the county-seat.
The Rocky Ford Melon Growers Asso
ciation will meet on Saturday to raceive
sealed propositions from commission men
and dealers for handling the cantaloupe
crop of the coming season, A variety of
proposals have been asked for covering
various features of the business. Mr.
Mathis is slrscay on the ground to enter
the competition end both M. L. Lyon and
C. A. Coggin will be here today.
Rev. Davenport on Fools.
When Rev. Davenport wae importuned
to abet and encourage a course of lec
tures under the auspice* of the Presby
terian Aid Society, he agreed to deliver
the lectures end the “Ladies Aid" was to
do the rest. It mad* s very good show
ing st the opening lecture Tuesday night,
considering that it had s minstrel show st
the Grand to compete with.
C. F. Even* introduced the Course and
th* speaker in a brief end ornate spiel,
end the lecturer began his talk with a
good story about ths itinerant lecturer
who approached a leading citizen and
asked if ths people of ths town would like
him to deliver a lecture on Mt. Vesuvius.
Th* reply wae: “I reckon a* how they'd
just as soon have you daliver it on Ml
Vesuviu* as here."
Th* audience appreciated the story,
end several others with which the speakor
garnished is more serious remarks on
“Fools end Their Follies." The talk was
good—juet as good as some that arc
dearer bought and farther fetched; and if
he didn't always stick, to his text, nor yet
exhaust th* subject of fools, he only in
dulged the lecturer’s license, end nobody
positively snored during the hour to which
he limited his address. Th* next lecture
of the course is by Rev. Hummel of Trin
idad. who will talk on “The Passion Play
of Oberammergau, on January 29.
The Coming Farmers Institute.
The Committee on Program for the an
nuel Farmers Institute held its prelimi
nary meeting on Tuesday afternoon last.
It was decided to hold ths Institute the
lest week in February, or as near that
timo se found practicable for obtaining the
hell, end epsakere from a distance. A
first draft of Uis program was made and
other matters of management outlined.
The program will be amended as the
needs and preferences of the meeting
seem to demand; and to this end the
people interested in these Institutes are
invited to make suggestion of topics for
discussion. These suggestions may be
given to any member of the program
committee, which was named by the
meeting as follows:—P. K. Blinn, A. Lat
sun, Geo. Bryant, O. J. Baxter, G. A.
Jones, Mrs. S. S. Bailey, and Mrs. J. S.
Green. _________
Walter Cheek recently became owner
of the fineet-haired, bluest-blooded dog
in Rocky Ford, as avidenoad by the SSO
paid for same.
Rocky Ford Ditch Owoora Moot.
The stockholders of the Rocky Ford
Ditch Co. held their annual meating on
Monday at the office of Secretary Hall.
There were 607 share* of the capital
stock represented. G W. Swink was mad*
chairman of the meeting. Th# annual re
port of Treasurer Mathews and that of
the auditing committee were received aad
G. W. Swink. as manager, made his an
nual report on ths condition of ths ditch.
He said ths maintenene* ths pest year bad
been rather expensive, ths nsw waste
gate end wests ditch being th* chief
items of expense. Ths canal was now
in general good shape. A nsw hssdgsU
however was needed or a rebuilding of
th* old one. which wee toUng
out rapidly. Th* measuring flume
also needed rebuilding. A strata of tough
clay and grovsl had formed just above
the head gate, which would have to have
a central channel cut through it before
ths water would carry the send deposit
from the head of the canal. The report
wae approved.
The acting board of directors were re
elected for the ensuing year:—T. H. De
vine, Fr. Wietzer, G. W. Swink, Will Mor
rison and W. W. Lamon.
An assessment of $6 per share wae
levied for 1907, to meet present indebted
ness and operating expenses for the com
ing year; said assessment to be payable
in cash on the call of the board.
Real Estate Transfer.
Tho City Realty Co. this week made
th* following sales: George A. France's
one acre tract and brick dwelling, south
eastern section of the city, to D. D. Bow
men; W. R. Cline's 115 acre ranch to
Andrew Perk, of Pueblo. Consideration,
A gang of workmen were set at work
yesterday morning on the new crossing
of Main street to be put in by the Santa
Fa. The crossing is with the consent of
the city council, but a crowd of interest
ed citizens hung around end discussed
the pro and con of corpration invasion of
public rights.
As a result of the recent anti-dog cru
sade Uncle Billy Mathews is mourning
the loss of hie spaniel, that for years has
followed him with the fidelity of the “Old
Dog Tray” of poetic memory. And yet
with dogs as with the human species,
often those we can best spare stay the
longest with us.
Cheese It!
Our Cheese trade is on the increase.
People are comini; more and more to
demand a pure sort of cheese—without
the poisonous coloring mutter with
which much of the cheese offered the
public is “doped” now-a-days.
Crawford Cream Cheese
sells on its own merit. It lias just the natural
color of rightly cured cheese and we arc its only
sellers in Rocky Ford.
Also McLaren'* Imperial and Roanefort Cheese in conven
ient sized jars. Let us hear from you.
Rhone 28 Ford
Teacher's Meeting.
At a general meeting of the teachers of
this district, convened last week, under
the heed of new business, Supt. Bolles
propounded a question which was not <
taken up, for lack of timo. at the State ,
Teachers' Association held in Denver
during the holidays:
After the question: “Is self government 1
in the pupils increased by the easy teach- <
er,” had been stated, the four principals .
of DisL No. 4. were invited to express ,
their views in brief addresses. These
gentlemen advanced various opinions as
to whet constitutes an “easy teacher,” <
and the effect of such upon his school.
Following this, the teachers were'asked <
to express views as to the proceeding <
statements. The consensus of belief was j
that the temperament of the teacher is {
responded to freely by the student body; .
that one of the most important duties of
the teacher it to train the beys and girls ;
to be good men and women; that the dis
cipline of the school should be firm, kind
end absolutely just
Much interest was evoked end the ses
sion adjourned with a feeling that benefit
sd been derived.-^om.
NO. 84
Burglary and Fire!
Last night, or at an early hour this
morning burglars entered tho grocery of
C. L.Govroau, South Main st., and went
through his tills and drawers, and finding
no cash they maliciously set the premises
on fire. The firo was started in a dark
closet in the middle of the store premises
and a pail of kerosene oil drawn for its
kindling. •
Night Marshal Owens discovered the
fire before it had progressed far and
saved the premises end probably the
whole block from destruction. A thin
wooden partitiop was all that separated
the fire from a 100 gallon tank of kero
sene, and the partition was burned thru
before the fire was extinguished. The fir#
boys did prompt and efficient service.
The loss is easily covered by insurance.
The Enterprise takes orders for all
kinds of Rubber Stamps and has on
hand a stock of pads and ink for

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