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®he CButerpytee.
P. W. lAuui, mw
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ORaiil Fmr «m> Otora County.
i. - -gBBB=
Coming Events.
February 9.—Kansas Reunion.
** 25. —lowa Reunion.
M 26, 27, 28 Farmer’s Institute.
April 2.—Municipal Election.
■ ■ •••
Cities should never grant franchises
without a contract to receive a percent
age of the gross proceeds. When Rocky
Ford granted the franchise to the Elec
tric Co. this was done and the city annu
ally receives two per cent, of the gross
revenues of the company. In accordance
with this contract Manager Brown last
week paid $240 into the city treasury.
Farmer readers, are you planning to
attend the Institute, Feb. 26, 27, and 28?
If not, you are making a mistake. In an
other column will be found the program
to be presentod, and it contains much that
will be of both interest and value to you.
The papers speeches and discussions can
not but contain many ideas which you
can make use of in your business to much
profit. Take a rest those three days and
attend the Institute.
The plentifulness of money and the
general prosperity of the Rocky Ford
country and Otero county generally is
shown by the fact that many farmers are
paying their entire tax. not taking ad*
vantage of the provision of the law which
allows them to pay half by March Island
the balance by August Ist. This fact
with the large deposits held by our three
banks, shows that farming does pay. not
withstanding some remarks to the con
trary which we sometimes hear. The
fact is that a man who owns a farm in
the Arkansas valley, free of incumbrance,
and has a good degree of management ia
his make-up is in better shape for a free
and independent life than any other man
in the community.
As much real estate is changing hands
the following legal information will be of
interest to both buyer and seller: Real
estate transferred between Jan. Ist and
July Ist is assessable to the purchaser,
he paying the taxes for 1907. Trans
fers msde after July Ist carry with
them the obligation of the seller to pay
the taxos in the absence of any special
In those times of plentiful money our
farmers may be tempted to invest in some
of the many stock companies which are
advertising in the dailies and magazine*.
Don't do it. Out of every 200 of those
corporations promising sure dividends
199 are frauds. An extended review of
these swindling concerns is in preparation
for a future issue.
A committee is now at work securing
the right of way for thp American Beet
Sugar Co * railway spur from Newdale
to Grand Valley. The job of this com
mittee ought to be "a soft snap.** the val
ue of the new road to the country being so
manifest that right-of-way deeds should
be had for the asking. The Sugar Co.
desiios to begin work at an early day
that the road, beet dumps, etc. may be
ready for handling the crop of 1907.
The building of this road cannot but
largely increase land values in all the
territory to which it gives the benefits of
convenient railway facilities.
There has been some talk of a new ju
dicial district composed of the counties of
the Arkansas Valley east of Pueblo coun
ty. Had we not better let well enough
alone? There are advantages in being in
a district with a large city like Pueblo-
Its size and importance attracts the best
class of lawyers, increasing the chances
for more able judges than if the district
contained only the smaller towns of the
agricultural portion of the valley. Besides,
a new district would add to our taxes
which are already high enough to cause
much eomplaint. Guess we would do
well to be coo lent with the preoent ar
Southern Colorado has been patient and
long-suffering under the unfair aad un
equal distribution of state institutions.
We have been given the insane and crim
inals. while Northern Colorado has gob
bled up the culture. The insane asylem
at Pueblo and the penitentiary at Canon
City are objectionable and undesirable in
stitutions except for the flour, beef, sugar,
coffee, etc., which are purchased of local
dealers. Wortham Colorado has all the
colleges, with their educational and up
lifting tendencies—contrasting very great
ly with the influences which emanated
from the two state institutions in the
southern portion of the state. And now
that a new Normal school is needed to
supply the state with trained teachers, it
should by all means be located at Pueblo.
The Rooseveltian idea of a square deal
should piompt the legislators unanimously
to locate the new school at Pueblo. Now
when there is a chance to partially equal
ize past unjust discrimination, everybody
in authority and all Jwhose influence can
affect the location of the new school
should be enthusiastic for Pueblo. Let
some of the extravagant demands of the
north ba cut if necessary to establish the
new school and give Southern Colorado
fair treatment
Tb. General AaMmUy Should Gfeo
the People Adequate Protection by
Railway, Banking and Insurance
The Republican majority in the Col
orado Legislature will make a serious
mistake if it does not pass strong,
workable bills upon at least three
important subjeets. These are: Rail
ways. banking and insurance. There
is a tendency to permit the railway at
torneys to frame a railway bill, the
bankers to formulate the banking bill,
and the insurance corporations the
measure to regulate their own con
cerns. ,
While the “Legislative counsel,
representing these various interests,
should be given due consideration
they should not be permitted to enact
the laws. There is an urgent de
mand in this state, particularly upon
these three subjects.
It is difficult to say which of the
three most vitally concerns the peo
ple. Nearly everyone uses the rail
ways. and pays them money, and is,
therefore, concerned in freight and
passenger rates in prompt service,
md in just taxation.
The banking hill should contain
provisions to safeguard the money of
all depositors, and thus make impos
sible the outrageous fraud# which
have wrecked several minor Denver
institutions. Prompt, effective and
careftd supervision is needed, and
any hill which is enacted must con
tain this provision, if it is worth the
paper it is written on.
The State Department of Insurance
may be relied upon to offer a fair and
equitable measure for the control of
:he insurance business of this state.
The legislature will he wise if it gives
careful attention to the recommenda
tions of this department, for we are
satisfied that onlv such a bill will he
demanded as is fair and necessary, to
policy holders and to the companies
While much criticism is hound to
be leveled at the general assembly no
matter what bills it may pass, no mat
.ter how effective and just they may
he. yet the majority in the general
assembly owe it to* themselves, their
party and the people, to do effective
work along these three lines. —Colo-
rado Springs Telegraph.
Prof. De M one's Superb Lecture
Enjoyed by a Large and Highly
Pleased Audience.
The third entertainment in the Ep
worth League Lecture Course was
given on Monday night. It is highly
creditable to human nature as we
have it that notwithstanding the
wibhly-wobbly character of its moral
vertebrae it can he largely enthused
along the lines of good as well as
had instruction. That morality can
be made “ketching” just as well as
immorality was the point of Prof. De
Motte’# lecture and it was evidenced
not only in the illustrations he used
hut in the very attendance upon the
lecture itself. When Prof. De Motte
!a*t year appeared before a Rocky
Ford audience the intelligence and the
judgment of the assemblage pro
nounced hi« lecture an able and scien
tific discourse, and when he came
a rain that intelligence and judgment
made itself felt in bringing out one
of the best audiences that the Ep-;
worth League courses has ever at
tractcd. That many more might have
been present with profit goes without
saying. ....
Prof. De Motte s lecture title this
year was “Python Eggs and the
American Boy;” and as he said at
the beginning, the purpose of the ti
tle was something to strike the atten
tion as much as to fit the theme. He
promptly caught the attention of hi*
auditors, both eye and ear. by a pic
ture on the screen of a Python head,
with its horrible moving jaw and fib
rous teeth, produced with a mechani
cal slide, and also by a strong word
picture of the habits of the ravenous
reptile. He then applied this in il
lustration of the growth of habit in
man. ai determined by the action and
reaction of the brain cells. The beau
ty of a chaste and wise use of the
physical functions was brought out
in charming pictures of motherhood
and of muscular and mental manhood,
and by a long list of citations of il
lustrating examples in the world of
illustrious men and women. The
growing force of habit was hardlv
ever better set forth, and the duty and
obligation of personal responsibility
never more pertinently impressed on
a body of listeners. The audience
listened in profound silence until the
lecturer closed and then expressed its
appreciation by emphatic applause.
Tbs Express Co'a. New Building.
The construction work of the Wells
Fergo Express {Company's new buddies
that is to harmonize with our new depot
will be begun the coming month. The
plans have been considerably modified by
the architect and building superintendent
of the company. It was intended to
move the present express office
building bask to lint with the new depot,
to veneer it with brick and add a 60-foot
extension to tha west end and to carve
and tile the roof, in keeping with the de
pot architecture. This would have in
volved an expenditure of about $5,000.
Tha probability now is that the build
ing will not be greatly enlarged from its
present size nor such radical changes
made in the architecture. The estimates
have been cut down one half. The Wells
Fargo people do not propose to die in tho
poor house through the building of oostly
and ornate business offices in towns that
only furnish a traffic somewhat less than
Denver and Pueblo.
We had hoped to have received the full
text of the local option bill in time for ex
tended notice this weik. but have been
disappointed. From newspaper reports
it contains some objectional features, to
which we will call attention next week.
Give Ue • Frost.
If we were to judge by the super
ficial area of the space covered in
the daily papers we should have to
conclude that Harry Thaw and the
Thaw family was the only matter of
interest before the American people.
Such things as the Isthmusian canal,
the Jap nation and the San Francisco
school board, the French Catholic
church riots and the Mississippi river
floods, all pale into insignificance be
fore the question whether Evelyn
weeps or Harry comes up smiling in
court. The state assemblies and our
Federal senators go way back and
sit down when a new photograph
of Evelyn Nesbitt Thaw is unearth
ed by the enterprising Thaw report
er. The department store manager
who pays SI,OOO for a page of adver
tising in the Sunday issue, must
wonder how the publisher can afford
to give a half page to a picture of
the courtroom in which Thaw is to
he tried, and another like space to
the door of the cell in which Harry
is confined. It is said that the pub
lic gets what it calls for in the mat
ter of news, but it seems hardly pos
sible that even the rabble clement of
American newspaper readers calls
for the deluge of slush thev have
hern given on the Thaw trial. If so
it is positively pitiable that we have
risen to such a bad eminence as a
reading public. Surely we shall have
to proclaim the public school a fail
ure if it ba* only lifted us from il
literacy to Thawology or Thawiana.
The Thaw case no doubt lias its in
teresting features, but they are not
those that appear in the pictures of
the chief actors and of all the court
officials and lawyers appearing at the
trial. That a large amount of money
could lift so inconsequential a figure
as Harry Thaw into such lime light
is one of the interesting features of
the case. That a mother's foolish
devotion to the business of spoiling
her child should have such a con
spicuous illustration is of interest,
and may possibly be of some use to
other mothers. But there's no tell
ing about that. The strong features
of human foolishness are not easily
eradicated. That the state of New
York should be taxed such an enor
mous sum to protect society from
such fools as Thaw is a of
our social fabric that is interesting,
and perhaps inevitable. If Thaw had
the shape of a mad dog or a distem
pered cat wc should get rid of him
more cheaply. And finally, the ab
surdities and incongruities of our jury
system are strongly brought to light
in such a trial as that of Thaw. Wc
should reform it hut for the fact that
the legal profession has a large part
of its gain in the perpetuation of
old forms; and the worshippers of
the “God of Things as They Are**
are too numerous to make reforms
easy. So the Thaw sewage will con
tinue to flow in spite of any mild
frosts of criticism that may intcr
The Western Farm Journal, pub
lished at Rocky Ford, is the name
of a new aspirant for the support of
the ranchman and the market gar
dener. the fruit grower and the
chicken breeder, and any other sort
of a follower of the ancient and hon
orable c.tiling instituted by Adam
and Eve. The publication is i«*ued
from the presses of the Garcttc of
fice and the contents, printing and
make-up are good. A very fine half
lone picture of that peculiarly local
product. the melon, forms the title
page It is monthly and the sub
scription price is only 15c a year,
which “puts it whhin the reach of
all.’* If everybody reaches for it the
enterprise may be a paying success.
It is doubtful however whether there
is a field here for such a publication.
However if the publishers have an
abundance of capital to advertise and
of energy to push the paper there is
no telling but what the Western
Farm Journal may mark the begin
ning of Rocky Ford’s history as a
great literary center. When it shall
have attained a national circulation
Rocky Ford's fame will receive an
other big boost.
Senator Crowley's move for the ex
pulsion of Senator Morgaa. a self-con
fessed bribe-taker, had the effect unani
mously desired by the senate, he being
expelled on Wednesday.
On our insida pages will be found much
legislative newe as well as a large
amount of genaral news and interesting
The American Beet Sugar Co. has a
large force of men working on the con
struction of the new factory et Lae Ani
mas. A large amount of machinery ia
daily expected.
The ’aeries of meetings conducted by
Miss Millar at the M, E church are well
attended end full of interest. Those who
have not been preeent have missed mush
that ie elevating. Go, hear and be bene
New houeee in course of erection are
to be eeen in all portions of Roeky Ford.
The city ie on the up-grade in every way.
And in this progress the town is mertly
keeping peee with the rapid growth of the
The American Beet Sugar Co. aspects
that the beet croq will be delivered by
the 16th and that the campaign will close
during the last week in February.
The sum collected up to date as pen
alties from delinquent sswsr tax payers
amounts to $410.15. The city council
should see to it hereafter that all citizens
have ample notice of the half yearly
dates when the sewer Ux is due.
Two hobos were all the criminals who
have faced the beak in the city court this
week, and one of these was guilty only
of the crime of begging. The other car
ried concealed weapons, other than the
professional tin can of the tramp, and j
was fined $25 and costs. In lieu of the
cash he was given one hour to get out of
town, and as that was the easiest chance
of earning #50.16 that he had seen for
some time he took it. |
Now for Pure Food
Dr. PRICE’S iiiiiifi
Cream Baking Powder
Tha Iroa WML
The Enterprise reportonal machinery
slipped a cog laat week, failing to notice
the rendering of "The Iron Will**, a drama
tization of Tennyson's poem, entitled,
"Dora**. It waa given by Fred Bohan
non, who poessises unusual ability, and
an ameateur company above the average.
Space will not allow a detailed review of
the play aad the players, but throughout
the presentation of this drama has not
been excelled by any amateur play which
has been put on the boards at The Grand.
The Swink sugar factory axpeete that
beet deliveries will be be completed this
week, and that the campaign will close
about March Ist
‘The pioneers with carts ol hope.
Who westward came—*twaa Gree
ley’s law—
Beholding, paused, and pausing, loved
The vale where winds the Arkan
And they will keep coming until the
Arkansas valley is one of the most
populous, most productive, and alto
gether most attractive portion of Col
Card of Thanks.
Wo do*iro to rotum our thanks to many
frisnds for kiudnesses shown and sym
pathy expressed during our rscent be
reavement. P. E D. Underwood and
Mrs. W. H. Allen.
The City Drug Slurs has just added to
iU other lines a stock of wall papers
paints and oils. The assortment of wall
papers is fine and will give customers a
large choice of the nowest things io that
line for spring house-cleaning.
Attractions for the Ladles at the Art
Embroidery Store.
60-cent Laundry Bags at 26 cents.
New Shadow ;ond Eyelet Waist Pat
Stamping done to order *
With Bolton Music Co.. Elm Ave.
Household Goode to be sold in the next
ten days. Leaving city. Also 7-room
houee for rent 111 N 15th. 57p
Fine Chickens for sale.
A pen af well-bred Orpingtons. En
quire of D. W. Barkley, Jr. at The State
Draft Horses For sale.
Six good Horses weighing from 1200
to 1400 pounds. Phone white 514.
87-8 p J. A. McKenzie.
lowa Reunion.
Will be held In K. P. Hall on Saturday
Fab. the 25. Come all and don't forget
that well filled baskets are of vital im
56-58 Secretary.
Get Seeds (or Hotbeds of The
Ebbcrt Seed Co. Beal & Van
Buskirk Props.
Stauffer wants to buy Veal
Calves and Chickens.
If you have not already signed up your
cantaloupe aersage this season do not
fail to get our proposition.
56-57 Ths Gobin-Ebbsrt Sssd Co.
Our Stock of Seeds is com
plete—Everything for the garden.
The Ebbert Seed Co.
36-7 Beall & Van Buskirk Props.
A Valuable Lesson
“Six yssrs ago 1 learned a valuable
lesson." writes John Pleasant, of Magno
' lie, Ind. “I thin btg&n taking Dr. King's
I New Life Pills, and the longer I take
! them the better I find them." They
: please everybody. Guaranteed at all
drug stores. 26c. MB
One subscriber to whom we sent
a “dun" for $1.50 came in in a good
humor and planked down $2, saying:
“Give me credit for it all. You give
us about as much for the money as
we get anywhere." And the Enter
prise felt encouraged both by the
cash and words of approbation.
H. E. Stovall, one of our new citi
xens, last week purchased 14 acres
southeast of town of Mullowney &
Clutes and will this coming spring
join that army of prosperous beet and
cantaloupe growers.
It wasn’t a threshing machine that
George Bryant had been fooling
with last week, but his face looked
like it. In his rounds as Agriculturist
of the Swink Sugar Factory he has
abandoned horseback for a motor bi
cycle and that explains it He just
took a header.
C. V. Ryan’s beet crop this year
averaged 22 tons per acre. The cost
of growing and delivering the crop
was about s.to per acre. leaving a net
profit of SBO per acre—not as big
returns as some growers have re
ceived but nevertheless most, satis
factory compared with the income
from lands in Hie cast.
\V. A. Hubbard, representing the
Pueblo Chieftain, is in town this week
gathering data for an extensive illus
trated write up of Rocky Ford for the
Chieftain’s Sunday Magarinc. This
article will be of much interest and
value to Rocky Ford and will be a
good thing to send to eastern friends.
Carrie Nation callod at tho White House
ths othor dsy and was doniod admission.
The way she talked about Mr. Roosevelt
when she visited Rocky Ford last sum
mer would justify the President in keeping
dark when Carrie is around. She was
allowed to harangue the crowd outside
the Executive mansion however. And
the suffering public rather enjoys hsr.
In remitting on subscription W. E.
Campbell. M. D.. of Chicago, says: "I ad
mire your outspoken, truthful declara
tions on the saloon and traffic in general.
Why will men profit at the expense of
their fellow men, not only in money but
home life and character. What a burn
ing shame it ie.”
wkbtkrm xerox
It dors not take a practical man to know that lo plant life vou must have seeds that
are tampered to this climate In order to
mjakk a aooo crop
Seeds not acellmatcd will not stand this altitude.
Wo the most complete line of western seeds In tbs market. Onr new cata
logue contains tax pages and over So Illustrations. It Is free for the asking.
Wrttm Tm-Omr. MA*TKLOK9 B*KD OQ„ Omnvar, Crifc
Swink Milling and Grain Co.
Desiring to have a more central and con
venient location, we have decided to move
all our Hay, Grain, Flour and Feed to
G. W. Swink’s Warehouse
one block cast of new depot, where we will
be glad to meet all old and new customers.
We do a General Milling Business. Call us up. Pkon Will 42
Swink Milling and Grain Co.
(Formerly Rocky Ford Milling and Elevator Co.)
A lew hundred pounds of Can
taloupe Seed. See D. V. Burrell
at the Rocky Ford Seed House.
Wonted, teams to work on Fort Lyon
ditch, two milex north of Rocky Ford.
WiU pay 40 cento per hour.—C. Rieger.
WANTED.—Teams to work on Fort
Lyon ditch, two mile* north of Rocky
Ford, will pay 40 cent* per hour.
B7p C. Rieger.
The City Realty Co. this week sold
"The Berkeley” on North Mala St. to R.
L. King of Fowler,?
For sale, Mare coming four years old.
weight 1400 pouods. Phone Bloe 964.
H. K. Wiley.
The Best Physic.
When you want a physic that in
mild and gentle, easy to take and
pleasant in effect, take Chamberlain’s
Stomach and Liver Tablets. Price
cents. Every box warranted. Get
a*free sample at Avard Pharmacy and
try them. _____________
Cantaloupe Contracts Wanted
Ws represent an old Established Firm
and make liberal Cash advances.
56-57 Ths Oobin-Ebbert Seed Co.
For Sale.
Alfalfa and beet farm. 160 acres tinder
High Line, located half way between
Fowler and Manzanola. Will tell on long
time at low rate. Address J. Wilson.
228 E. St. Vrain sL, Colorado Springs.
Remember ths P. J. Willis Salt of per*
tonal property. Thursday. Feb. 21. Do
not forget the date.
Mare for sale, 8 years old. gentle
enough for woman or children, weight
960 pounds.—T. J. Britt 57-8 p
Hay and Loose-stacked Oats
for Salei U miles from town. See
H. Vanßuskirk or R. S. Beall.

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