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Rocky Ford Enterprise.
YO s
Rocky Ford’s First Factory
Gets Badly Scorched
Tbo Wind ISlimeth \N here II Lhtdh
and UoU the lit**pci Teat.
The Rocky Ford Canning Work*
came near going up in »moko Friday
night. A* it i* the fire probably icr»
the end of that line of industry in
Rocky Ford. The origin of the fire U
not known but it tutpected to be
incendiary. The tlamra dashed up
suddenly when the wind ttorm struck
the town ab«>ut 6 jo Friday evening.
The fire started up inside the build
ing near the south end, where.* quan
tity of box material was piled. It
rapidly spread over jhe rear end. and
the wonder was that the fire brigade
was able to control it with such a
gale blowing. Rut they did. and the
machinery which was mainly in the
north end of the premises, along with
the engine and boiler room annex,
were uninjured. The insurance «l
Sj.aoo will rarity cover the loss on
cans and l»>x material injured and
destroyed. Al. DeVore, of the elec
tric light plant, thinks the fire was
smouldering f«»r an hour before the
wind came up. a- he got the smell of
burning pine over at the light works
and made an cflort to locate it but
con! 1 not *!<• so. The canning plant
bad only run two half days since
starting up this season—Wednesday
and Thursday aftcrn«*ons—and there
bad been no firo in the furnace after
Thursday evening, about 34 hours be
fore the fire occurred. The plant is
one of several controlled by the Bar
tow Canning Co. and has been run
according to flic exigencies of the
crop season. Previous to the Bartow
combine getting it the property had
been owned and run by local capital
ists. being one of the first concerns
established to make Rocky Ford a
manufacturing centre. But it sunk
money continually for the local pco-
Rlc and they were glad to have the
artow association of canning works
absorb it The tomato crop this sea
son was not promising. Mr. Bartow
came down from Manzannla Saturday
morning and announced to the work
ing staff that business was off for this
season. The local tomato crop con
tracted for will be delivered to the
Manzannla works, which expects to
have enough raw material in the can
ning line to make a reasonably good
season’s run. _
Storage Sheds Burned.
Saturday night a second fire broke
out in the cast end. It was in a
storage building just cast of the can
ning works, used for storing the shav
ings and sawdust that was to have
been used in building the cold stor
age warehouse projected a year or
two ago, but which never material
ized. A luinch of hobos were seen in
the vicinity about the same time the
fire was discovered and they arc sup
posed to have been responsible for
the fire. Being started in the closely
packed wood refuse it may have been
smouldering for some time. After it
had cleared up the building the fire
boys found it about, impossible to
nucnch it in the debris, and a watch
bad to be kept on it all day Sunday
for fear the wind would spread the
sparks. The ten p. m. alarm Sunday
night was a call to the boys to be in
readiness for another wrestle with
the smoking pile. But no further
danger developed.
Wrecked the Gospel Tent.
In the windstorm of Friday night
the big tent of the “People’s Mission’’
on So. Main street went down—or
the larger part of it did—dragging
the piano down with it off the plat
form. and involving what music deal
er C. W. Taylor estimates a SSO loss
on the rented instrument. He com
promised with the Mission for sls,
however. The tent was unoccupied
happily at the time and the switching
of one of the main pole-s and several
smaller ones in the breeze did no oth
er serious damage. It was soon
straightened up again on Saturday
and at the Rescue Rally hilled for
Sunday night over S6O was raised to
pay expenses. The tent was pulled
down Monday and sent to winter
quarters and during the cold weather
the mission will go on in Kcarby’s
Improvements at the Postoffice
Artistic touches of the painters brush
this week completed the alterations and
improvements that have lately been under
way in the postoffice.and Postmaster Lance
is happy, for he now has a cosy sanctum.
To allow for his little den and enlarge the
stamps and registry departments a spaco
of about Bzls feet has been taken from
the lobby and neatly glazed and parti
tioned. Since the change the work of
the office has been much more pleasant
for the clerks and it has been possibla to
perfectly systematize the several depart
Four Ruck v Ford Boys tlavo an Up#d
ami Narrow Escape from Death
Roy Lev and Cary Pollock look like Ike
Partington after he had been fool ng with
a threshing machine. Ed Manny and
Al • in Kojntz retain their good looks al
though they were in the sama in x-upani
got a b»d scare. The four boy* itartau
out for an afternoon tr.p in Ed Manny's 1
red rambler auto Sunday about 2 p m
They got as far a* the Timpa* ere*-
bridge, and Alvin was U'«ing hi* firs:
trick at the helm of the machine. As it J
went onto the b«>dge he shied to clear an |
approaching bicycle, when the auto
touched the bridge rail, sheared into it.
went through it and dawn the creek bank,
catching two of Uie boy* under it when it
landed bottom side up. Kounu end Manny
landed dear of tho machine, but Pollock
was caught between the seats and Lee
was pinned by the leg under another part
of the auto. Cary bad hi* face badly
bruised end hi* teeth jarred, while Roy is
nursing a lame beck, arm and leg. Both
boy* were unconscious when taken out of
the debris. Men on wheel* saw the acci
dent and went to the rescue. A doctor
from Swink was called, and about a hun
dred residents of that hamlet were also
soon on the ground. Dr. Pollock was
phoned for and with Charley Cartwright'e
auto was soon on the spot. They brought
the boys U» the Pollock hospital, whero
their injuries were looked after, and they '
were then taken home. It was a dose 1
call for all the boys.
Win. Tnpjrcrt Wallace
The funeral of the Into W. T. Wal’.'.co
took place Wednesday afternoon P- i. tin.
Christian Church, a grv-i'y congTegat-sn 1
of neighbor* and friends paying their tri- '
buto of respect to a very worthy citizen
by their presence. Mr Willaco was born
in Qumey Co . Ohio in 1840 and v.-as j
therefore 61 years of ago. Me was col
lege learned and a schoolmaster hlmsolf
for many years, until invalidism compel- >
lad him to retire from the profession. Ho
had moved westward with tho tide of
western emigration having livod in several
western stales before coming to Colorado.
He leaves a wife and six of a family of
seven children and a mother almost 99
years of age surviving him. Rev. Daven
port, officiating at tho funeral paid do
servod tribute to the fine moral character
of a very modest citizen, and picturod m |
pleasing and comforting language tho
poace and joy of heaven for tho long-suf
fering invalid of earth.
J. H. Wallace, of Jetrnore. Kas. and
Mrs. C. B. Montgomery, of Florence*'
Colo., aro visitors at tho Wallace home'
called to attend tho funeral of their broth
Mrs. M. L. Anderson and John got in
this a. m. from visiting Kansas relatives.
C. T. Rose of Junction City. Kan., han
accepted a position as dry goods salos
man with Prico St Laneo.
Mrs. A. C. Sloan and neico. Miss Anna
Patton, loft for Albuquorque, N. M.. to
day to attend the fair and visit Mrs.
Sloan’s two sisters.
The City Council didn’t get a quorum
Tuesday night and the business wasn’t
prossing, so an adjournment was takon
to Thursday night, too late for reporting
this week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Fluke, Mr. and Mrs.
George McMasters and daughtor left on
Monday for their homes in Bedford, la.,
after an extonded and pleasant visit in
this city and attendance at the recent
J. W. Ellis, a Denver commission man,
who used to be with our H. Woods, has
been in town all week working up busi
ness, and on Thurseay morning took out
a fine carload of watermelons while the
mercury was nearer zero than it has been
since the melon market oponed.
Dennis Fleak and Clay Wolfe are the
first of our locai huntsmen, as far as
hoard from, to bring in some venison.
Two of the finest bucks wero hung up in
Stingley’s butcher shop Tuesday night.
The boys went out Sunday morning and
got back with their game on Tuesday.
Miss Sadie E. Brown of Carlinville, 111.,
a voice teacher and singer of unusual abil
ity, comes to Rocky Ford to locate this
week. Miss Brown was solectod by the
directors of the World’s Fair at St. Louis
to sing one solo each day during tho great
exposition. She has beon ongagod as
soloist and choir director for tho Presby
terian .church and is expected to sing for
the first time hero next Sunday after
The Arkansas Valley Fair Association’s
financial report for the 16th annual fair
closed is submitted to the stockhold
ers in printed form. It gives the total
receipts at $10,775.97. The total ex
pond.tures are $ 10,474.17, leaving a cash
balance of $299.80. The sum of $4,961
was expended in premiums and purses.
The sum of $ 1,777.74 was applied to per
manent improvements. Tho report is
signed by E. J. Smith and Geo. B. Preble
as auditing committee.
Ifcul Railway Accident near Sugar City
Sunday night.
A sad accident occurred Sunday night
at a railway ero«*'ng of the Missouri
Pac • „u*t we»t ol Sjg*' City, by which
~ E Maim * was kd'ed and Higsby
Gray »i* probably fatally u ;ured. At last
Jac- nte Ora/’s chanea* of living writ
still In tho balance.
Tne two young men were driving in the
r —t * - rer the crostuig when a beet train
| struck them, kilting Manning and the
h. .6 and injuring Gray seric sly. Cor
oner Bnrr went Monday and held an in
quesL Evidence showed that a train of
loaded beet cars was being pushed ahead
of an engine and that no lights were on
the front end of the train and no whistle
was blown for the crossing. Asst. Di»t
Ally. Holt, of Pueblo, conducted the ex
amination of witnesses for Coroner Burr.
A verdict of criminal negligence on the
part of the railroad company’s employee
was returned by the jury.
The men were both respected young
farmers of the vicinity and Oray is a
married man. The disaster happened
within a quarter mile of his home.
polking Up (lie Electric
The preliminary work of the proposed
'. lectric road down the Valley is still being
pushed by Mr. Behyrner, who was in
luwn again on Wednesday. On Tuesday
r. ght he held a meeting in Swink to talk
! right-of-way with the farmers in that
vicinity and was very cordially received.
>he says. Ho ie not ready yet to formu
la*.* his proposition for right of way inside
, the town corporations along the line, but
| will bo shortly.
(liven a Right Royal Reception by
Rocky Ford Audience.
Lots of pretty girls in lots of pretty
clothes, with some who were not so pretty
and hadn’t so many clothes: a lot of do
riorablo puns and a great many jibes at
our human frailties and foibles mads “The
Royal Chef* one of the most taking and
| tickling musical extravaganzas that has
over apposred at the Grand. From the
chocolate colorod complexion of the Rajah
himself down to the rouge on the most in
conspicuous chorus girl's cheeks end the
. Hour on tho royal chefs nose, the painting
' was alt artistically dons, and lh« druis-'
: Ing of the play was gorgeous. The iconic
offocts are probably equally elaborate,
but for somo reason a good deal of it re
mained in tho car, so the bandits’ cave and
tho Rajah’s palace had a marked similar
ity of architecture. But that asido. it is
not always that so many good singers are
got together with so many good forms
and performs at tho "Chof” carrier with
it. Tho singing of Miss Hutcheson and
Mr. Carter in thoir solo parts was partic
ularly fino and also in tho duet "What
Color Eyos do You Lovo Bost?” Other
voices wero very good and tho choruses
were strong. Mr. McCarthy as tho Chef
is a remarkably good German comodian
for an Irishman, and Dorothy Rae made
a witching "Kitty O’Reilly.’' Tho Rajah
himself was “immonse" both in physique
and voice. “Old Glory" and tho tableaux
touchod the chord of loyalty in tho large
audience present and made the applause
iberal and spontaneous. The new wrinkle
In paper throwing which winds up the
performance, so to epeak, caught the
audience as a finale and turned them out
highly pleased with tho entertainment. It
is sincerely to be hoped that Manager
Todd has many more such clean and
creditable shows booked for the Grand
this season. He says he has and prom
ises another pleasing, high-class produc
tion next Wednesday ovening, when "The
Yankoe Regent" will be presented.
A. H. Griswold was up from Holly this
weok looking after property interests In
W. R. Dye goes to Albuquerquo this
weok to attend the big New Mexico fair
and see his fast nag "Daybreak" win
some more stako money.
The Holly Chieftain is not a "yellow"
journal even though it is printed on yel
low paper. There is nothing in Holly to
mako a sensational paper out of.
A foot bridge over the Rocky Ford
canal at corner of Elevonth and Syca
more (the south-east corner of Central
Park,) has boon passed by tho council,
conditional on tho status of the street and
sidewalk fund. It is a point of much traf
fic and tho bridge is much needed. Re
sidents of the south-east section hope the
fund may bo squeezed a little to get the
The propeller pump of the city water
works is on tho sick list. It went out of
commission on Monday and resort had to
be had to tho old air lift again. Just how
long it will bo in the bone yard this time
is another guoss, but the cooler weather
has lessened the demand for water, par
ticularly lawn water, so that no great in
convenience is likely to be suffered until
repairs are made.
Uta the Inieruxban In.
According to the Pueblo |>a|»ers of
Sunday "the iijtcrr.rJ.au electric rail
nay from Pueblo down t-ie Arltinu*
valley i* now a»«ured. and this splen
did feeder will at an early dale still
J further develop a section of this rich
'• >. which will result in much ben
efit to every citi/en of Pueblo, and of
• nbat.itittal gain to flic parties, who.
• ■ii ui! miik their signatures to the
fran i-. t'ctition, made thi» murti
J* ' I enterpriM a certainty " n.
I inruns that the Douthilt project that
I WM attpposed to he abandonezl ten
I ago is on again, acre** to the
• ..f the city by the nay of Santa
I*e avenue, being a»»ured by the with
•'* I of op|M.»ition from property
owi, f* along that street.
" rn. v Sh.an i-> rejoicing in the
Ifct of fa«hion which permits
a man to wear bis straw hat as late
MMOB as be Hereto
fore a man who etung to his straw
he I covering after October I en
countered a certain amount of repre
hciiooii in the public gaze, if he did
n..t get openly "joshed** alnmi it Rut
thi* year the man who frowns on a
straw hat simply shows his own lim
itations a* to the latest edicts of fash
ionable authority on male attire. If
a man is careful to move in the. right
kind of society (those who keep post*
«*d) there is really no cause for alarm
if he wants to wear his straw. No
horn will he blown this year. No
EroclantaPons will Ik- issued. No
c«ayy handed individual will come up
iK-hind and •mash the hat down over
the wearer’s ears. The edict has gone
forth, and it says the inalicnihte right
of an American citizen to wear Im
•traw hat until he rtion«oi to lay it
aside shall not Ik* denied nor abridged
on account of its kind, color or pres
! ent condition of brim Alty Sloan
has lr*s hair on the t»>j. of !««• head
tl-an most any other citizen of Rocky
Ford, but he insists that straw hat Is
tlt<- nm»| healthful and comfortable
hc.'dgear a man can put on and he
will continue to wear his till snow
In School Circles.
Tho Rocky Ford Schools obtervod
Flower Day last Friday. On this day pu
pils report results of flower growing from
seeds distributed to them in the spring
And special exorcises about flowers and
nature study are rendered. Many pa
renta visited the rooms Friday.
The first Rhetorical Day of this term in
the high school comes Friday of next wcok
(Oct. 11) and the public is invited. The
rhetorical program will be given by:—Eva
Gobin. Nollio Caldwell. Alma Mickleson.
Roscoo Jonos. Cary Pollock. Roy McKit
trick. Roy Latson. Lester Scanland and
Horace Johnson.
A "Girls’ Glee Club", and n "High
School Orchestra" arc two musical or
ganization!. that have been set on foot by
Miss North, the special Instructor in
Music now on tho school stiff. The gloo
club is composed of: —Alico Ha’cock,
Editha Green. Eva Gobin, Lura Scanland,
Helen Nowby. Gladys Newby. Ada Max
well, Emma Larmoro, Ada Taylor, Mary
Peery. Tho orchestra has formombor*: —
Octavia Hall, Eva Gobin, Kathrino Craig
and James Hall.
Tho musical sociotics of tho schools aro
to participate in Rhetorical Day program,
contributing several musical numbers.
New Clothing House Opened.
The new clothing store just oponed by
the Anderson Bros, in tho new Manning
block is a marvel of completeness nnd
convenience. The handsome up-to-dato
fittings are from tho Quincy Store Fit
ting Co., of Quincy, HI. The glass count
er cases make a fine exhibit of the gents,
furnishings. The clothing is provided for ==
in large hanging cubinets and in drawers.
The latter are all tho patent tipping
drawers, a devise, by the way of one of
the Anderson brothers, and a great con
venience in handling a clothing stock. Tho
stock itself seems to be in keeping with
the store provided for it, and the new
house which opens for business today is
evidently prepared to cater to the most
fastidious taste and exacting demands of
patrons. Tho Anderson Brothers are
the Anderson end of the Anderson-Dun
way wholesale clothing house of Denver.
This Rocky Ford store is in charge of
Reid S. Turnor, who has been four years
with the concern as traveller and inside
salesman. He is a genial gentleman*
who will troat the patrons of the new store
well and doubtless make friends rapidly
in our growing community. The adver
tisement of the Anderson Bros, appoars
on another page of to-day’s Enterprise.
Mrs. E, G. Libby has retnrned from her
summer visit in her old home in the stato
of Maine.
Mrs. 0. W. Searls left on Thursday for
a few weeks visit with friends in Lincoln
and Chester, Neb.
A. C. Comer got home Thursday from
Kansas City, where he had been on a
health seeking trip.
The opening number of the Epworth
Leaguo lecture course will be presented
next Tuesday evening, Oct. 8. W. Powell
Hale, a monologuist, will entertain with
selections from Dickens’ “Christmas
Old Time
Maple Syrup
IVc hive the
Genuine Article
Monarch Maple is put up in Vermont
uml is Kuuruutfed to bo absolutely pure.
Thu new fall sbipimmt is just in. ('all for
Mouareb if you wuut the strait-lit goods.
Quarts 60c, Halt Gal. ft.. Gallon $1.90
Tho Mixed Maple “Blends” are also
here, at 40c, 75c, and $l.-10 for North
ern Woods, or Canada Sap.
Maple Sugar, per cake, sc, lOe 20e
Always Something
Good and New at
Phone 25 Ford
T. H. Foley
Lumber Co*
At the old stand of the
Mum Lnier Crapy
it will pay you to call at our store
Honest Weight and One Price to All
is our motto
D. M. Flour $1.35 Rocky Ford Reliance $1.30
Good Potatoes, $1.75 per hundred. Another lot, $1.55
Pure Lard per pound 12 to 16c 3 pkgs Mince Moat 26c
White Plume Compound,2olbs $2.26 Largo pail Jolly 60c
Boet Sugar, per 100 lbs 6.06 Poaches, gallon 65c
16 pounds for $ 1.00 Apples, gallon 45c
Cano Sugar, per 100 lbs 6.25 Blackberr.es, gallon 60c
14 pound for $l.OO Vinegar, per gallon 35c
Bost grade uncol. Japan Tea,...60c Table Syrup, per gallon 50c
Gunpowder and English Maple and Cano Syrup, gal. $1.45
Breakfast Tea at -.50 to 75c Old Homo Sorghum, per gal —60c
Coffee, per pound, 16. 20, 25, 35c 4-lb box Gold Dust 25c
3 pkgs Dr. Price’s Breakfast Fd 25c All kinds of Starch, por pkg. ... 10c
3 pkgs Egg-O-Soo ..25c Sweet Potatoes. 6 lbs 26c
Banner Oats 28c Cheese, por pound. 23c
Coupon Oats 26c 2'A-\b can Peaches 20c
3 cans Sweet Corn 26c 2 pkgs Grape Nuts 26c
2 cans Tomatoes -26 c Fresh Potato Chips 10c
Peas, per can, 10c same sizo others sell for 1 5c
Kraut, per can, 10c Evaporated Milk, - .-5, 10, 16, 20c
Hominy 10c Oloomargerino-a subtituto
Corn Meal" small‘sack 25c for butter, per pound .- ~ 20c
6 bars Soap -—-26 c Rod Salmon. 10 and 15c
Pure Maple Syrup, per can 65c Picnic Hams, per pound 12^c
Regular Hams, por pound, 17c Best salt Side, per pound 14c
Rex sugar cured Bacon, Heavy Bacon, per pound 16c
Canvass or not 18c Our Canned Goods best in the City.
Our line of canned Meats equal to any found in the city of Rocky Ford.
Goat Oil at 15 cents per gallon
The best line of Tobacco and Cigars you ever found
Qooda delivered Promptly to any part of the City § s

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