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Washington— In a personal lette?
which be has addressed to the Pres!
dent and vice president. Speaker Can
non and all members of Congress, the
Justices of the Supreme Court, mem
bers of the cabinet and the Washing
ton newspaper correspondents. George
W. Cook. Republican congressman-at
large, from Colorado, severely ar
raigns the administration for its
course In prosecuting alleged infrac-
Uons of the public land lawa lu Colo
Congressman Cook’s lotter follows:
”My Dear Sir—l most earnestly pro
test against the con tinned high
handed. pernicious political persecu
tion made by certain of the depart
ment bureaus of the government In
thla city, branding many of our most
honorable, upright and law-abiding bus
iness niton of Colorado aa crlm Inala
“Their only Information and au
thority for such malicious niatomcats
are reports made to them by non-real
dent special sgenta and proaecotors
aent to Colorado, whose aeensatlons
against Innocent men are for ibuaole
purpose of securing personal promo
tion in Washington and tha opportun
ity for the govanuuaota! bureaus here
to disseminata among tha press
throughout the country misrepresenta
tions as to timber land and coal
thieves that do not exist In Colorado.
“Judge Robert E. bowls, of the
United States District Court, Denver,
ua December 241 h. 2Gth. and 3utb,
quashed all of the Indictments against
some thirty of our most worthy and
reputable citizens, several of whom
have been engaged actively In business
In Colorado for thirty years, on the
ground that the government had nbm>
lutely failed to furulah any evidence
whatever against theso men—a most
stinging and severe rebuke by Judge
la*wls (an appointee of thu present
“Actlvu preparations were mado by
certain high officials lu Washington
for tho prosecution of these esses.
They condemn honorable meu of un
questioned Integrity before thoy wen
found guilty of any violation of the law
or even given an opportunity of de
“Judge I .owls' decision gives univer
sal satisfaction to all our people In
Colorado regardless of tbelr political
affiliations and I* endorsed by our
press; In fact, every newspaper In the
state most heartily commends Judgc
l-ewl*' action. The truth has been vin
“In this connection I beg to call at
tention to editorial below from The
Denver Republican of Ivoember 2G.
1907; also editorial of December 25.
1&07, written by ex-Senator T. M. Pat
terson of the Rocky Mountain News.
Congressman Cook then continues:
“Referring to the action taken at the
last Cabinet meeting of the year, Ik*-
cembcr 31st. as to the Colorado rases,
the President criticised the Judiciary
and authorized the attorney general us
“ ’The government will use every
means In Us power to bring about in
tho higher courts disapproval of the dr
clslon rendered In Colorado by Judge
"Our citizens nrn ready and w-illlng
to meet the Issue raised by the impul
sive administration, but ns to the pur
pose on the pnrt of the latter I can
not comprehend, unless It Is to con
tinue In the Mltnollght.’ and therefore
the country will be saved —from the
bureaucrat's point of view.
"The unprecedented and dictatorial
encroachment of the exccutlvo ngalnst
the cxccutivo and judicial departments
of the government Is almost a dally
threat to the pence nnd prosperity of
the republic nnd should lie knocked on
the head by the constitutional duels
? lon of the Supremo Court of the
United States.
“An nrtlclo In tho Wnshlngton Star
of December 31st quotes the commis
sioner of the land office os saying:
" 'They will call eighty violations of
the land laws In Colorado to the atten
tion of tho grand jury’ nnd some of
these mny Involve a number of per
sons whom Judge Lewis has dis
“This Is a subterfuge bordering on
tho farcical and is disseminated to
tho press of tho country for tho pur
pose of misleading the public ns to
so-called land frauds thnt do not and
have not existed In Colorado.
“Our citizens In Colorado have with
patience submitted to these persecu
tions for alleged offenses, and every
fair minded citizen should Join In com
mendation of the fact that wo have In
our beloved country true judges who
have the courage of their convictions
and believo in Justice to every citizen
and a real 'square deal’ emphasized.
“In conclusion I beg to say I as
sume tho personal responsibility for
statements herein ntndc.”
Colorado visitors nnd members of
the Colorado d»lcgntion decline to dis
cuss Representative Cook's state
Non-Union Miners at Work.
Goldfield, Nov. —Nearly 200 new men
took Jobs in the mines Saturday, most
of them former members of the West
ern Federation of Miners. All of tho
active mining district Is picketed by
hundreds of federation men who
swarm the hills in droves attempting
to Influence the miners to quit work.
Tho miners have to run a gauntlet
nearly half a mile long to get to tho
' juartonuprovided by the mine owners,
but so far few have seceded.
Condemn Govsrnmsnt Forest Reserve
And Foo Grazing Policy.
Laramie, Wyo.—The Fourth annual
oonveutkm of the Wyoming Wool
Growers* Association closed Saturday
night after selecting Raw Has aa tha
place of the 1909 meeting and re-elect
ing J. A. Delfelder of Wolton, presi
dent; E. J. Bell of Laramie, vice presi
dent, and George 8. Walker of Chey
enne, secretary-treasurer.
General Manager Mohler of tho
Union Pacific, addressed the conven
tion. telling telling wbst the railroad
had done during the year. He ex
pressed fear that the wave of prohibi
tion sweeping over the couutry would
be a possible means of reducing traf
fic. He also denounced agitation along
the line of rate regulation uud other
reformative legislation.
The executive committee of one
from eaeh county was elected and a
large number of delegates left by spe
cial train tonight for Helena. Montaua,
to attend the National Association.
Resolutions were adopted unalter
ably opposing the Uurkelt hill, or uny
system of federal leasing of range
lands; condemning the policy or the
administration management of forest
resetve and the grazing fee system.
The Black Hills forestry policy was also
condemned and tho convention is op
posed to the regulations Issued by pub
lic land officials. Gifford Plnchot’s ad
ministration of the forestry bureau
was opposed and the alleged dissemina
tion of misleading statements In
Eastern newspapers and magazines
was condemned. Newspaper* In Wy
oming which oppooo the so-ca
rbot policies were commended, the
convention condemning the utteracka
of certain newspapers.
Congress la to be petitioned for the
enactment of a law to make the mini
mum speed of stock trains between
feeding points not loos than fifteen
miles nn hour. Including all stops A
pathologlrul bureau In the state was
favored nnd tho State Board of Sheep
Commissioners la aotmuended. The
present tariff on wool, bides and sugar
was approved and Senator Clark am!
Congressman Mondell were Indorsed
In their work, both In nnd out of Coo
press. particularly on the public land
question. Governor Brooks of Wyom
ing was also commended. Resolution
IS was only one not approved, only
twenty-five delegate* voting for It nnd
double that number against. It criti
cised Ibe Prealdenl and apposition to
such action was led by Governor
Brooks and William Daley or Rawlins.
Western Live Stock Exposition.
Denver. —With a premium and prise
Hat aggregating over $M.500, and with
s larger list of entries of fine blooded
stock than was ever gathered together
west of Chicago, tho Western IJve
Stock Exposition will open Its gates
to the public January 2uth. All ar
rangements for the big show have
been completed practically.
The management of the stock show
Is going to take no chances with the
weather this year. In previous years
there has been some complaint made
that there was no proper place In
which to exhibit the horses, the cat
tle. the hogs and tho sheep. When
the weather turned bad during the
show there was cause for this com
plaint. This year, however, a spacious
pavilion. rni»ablc of seating between
2.000 and 3.000 persons has been
erected at the stock yards. A big dr
, cle of seats built In tiers surrounds
the show ring. Tho pavilion Is cov
ered and besides Is heated by steam,
so that no matter what the weather,
spectators will be ns comfortably
housed as though they Wero seated
In nn opera house.
Tho active mnnagement of tho stock
' show this year In In tho hands of Col
! oncl W. K. Skinner, yrho was for a
number of years at tho head of tho In
ternational live stock exposition In
1 Chicago and who built It up Into the
greatest live stock show In the world.
Thaw Jury Completed.
New York. —Tho second Jury to t n
Harry K. Thaw for tho killing of Stan
ford Whlto was completed Friday af
ternoon. As a whole the Jury Is made
up of a most Intelligent body of busi
ness men, most of whom aro at mid
dle age or over. When the pauel had
finally been completed, after many
vexatious delays, and after the exer
cise of twenty-three peremptory chal
lenges by the defense and twenty by
tho people. Thaw announced that he
was entirely satisfied and In fact well
pleased with the twelve men. Younk
Mrs. Thaw, who has watched the se
lection of tho Jury with tho keenest
Interest, also declared that sho was
well satisfied.
“They oio murh nicer than tho men
selected lust year.” she said, ns court
adjourned, nnd Thaw exclnitncd that
he echoed his wife's sentiments.
The Jury as finally completed stands
ns follows:
One, Charles F. Oremmelg. Hhlp
broker, foremnn: 2. Arthur B. Nneth-
Ing. employing baker; 3, George W.
Cary, dry goods; 4, George C. Rup
precht, salesman; 5, John H. Ilolhert,
mineral waters: 6. David E. Arrow
smith, manager: 7. William F. Doolit
tle, auditor's clerk: 8, William H. Mc-
Hugh. clerk: fi. Frank Howell, man
ufacturer: 10. William Burck, assist
ant secretary Y. M. C. A.: 11, Francis
Dovalo, real estate: 12. James A.
Hooper, meats and provisions.
Hall for irrigation Congress.
Albuquerque. N. M.—At tho meeting
of the hoard of control of tho National
Irrigation Congress here Friday night
| it was voted to expend $20,000 on a
| convention hall for the meeting here
next fall. Plans are being drawn for the
hall nnd for buildings for tho great
industrial exposition covering hun
dreds of acres, to ho hold in conjunc
tion with tho irrigation congress.
Chief Forester Pinchot nnd the roe-
Innintion service? nrn co-operating with
the congress officials to make the na
tional Irrigation" meeting and exposi
tion the greatest thing of the kind ever
held In the Southwest Colorado.
Texas. Arizona ngi Utah will take
part In the exposition which It Is
planned to make n record-breaktng ex
hibit of tho resources of the vast Irri
gated lauds of the Southwest.
Ban Francisco. —The District Court
of Appeals handed down a declnlon
Thursday setting aside the judgment
In the case of former Mayor Eugene
K Schmitz, convicted of extortion In
, the French restaurant cases. Abe
1 Raef also benefits by the ruling of
the upper court, for. according to Its
decision, he pleeded guilty to an act
that was no offense against the laws
of the state.
According to the appellate Judges.
. the compelling of French restaurants
to pay big “fees'* to Abe RueC was
sot a crime, even though Ruef divided
the “fees” with fhe mayor.
After discussing the point the court
> reverses the Judgment against
Schmltx on the ground that no acta
coostltufting a crime tied been proved
agminat him. Abe Ruef, who pleaded
guilty to extorting money from the
French restaurants, is, therefore,
eqeelly guiltless.
The deelslon wipes out the French
restaurant cases and pending charges
of extortion against Schmltx and Ruef
■net be dismissed. Both are now en
titled to release on ball. If they ob
tain tha necessary bondsmen, they can
remain at liberty until such time aa a
Jury finds them guilty on one of the
Indictments charging them with re
ceiving bribes from corporations. Ow
ing to the number of rases against
them, the ball, figured at SIO,OOO a
case, would reach an enormous figure.
The Judges of the court which ren
dered the decision In favor of Schmitz
and Ruef are J. A. Cooper. Frank H.
Kerrigan sad Samuel p. Hall.
The news of the decision of tho ap
pellate court declaring tho Indictment
of ez-Mayor Schmitz for extortion In
valid spread rapidly over the city,
causing consternation In some quar
ters nnd delight In other*. Superior
Judge Dunne, before whom Schmitz
was convicted, said:
*Tt la to be regretted that tho hear
ing of this appeal came up before a
court whose members have relatives
and Intimate friends against whom
many Indictments were returned by
the grand Jury that returned theso
true bllle. In view of these facts I do
not believe that the court was In the
proper frame of mind to glvo thla mat
ter an Impartial consideration and de
cide It strictly upon Its merits. lam
satisfied that the ovldcnce and tho law
sustained the Judgment, and tho ver
dict. I will further say that the Jury
which returned this vordlct In accord
ance with tho law will be remembered
with respect and honor In tho com
munity long after tho court which set
aside the verdict has been forgotten.”
Both Schmitz and Ruef. when seen
at the county Jail, refusod to make
any statement or comment upon the
Francis J. Henuy, assistant district
attorney, who prosecuted Schmltx. ar
rived Thursday morning from Wash
ington and left at night for Portland.
Oregon, to take chargo of tho Oregon
land fraud cases tbore.
“Tho prosecution has not been em
barrassed In tho slightest by this de
cision.” said Heney before leaving.
"There nro plenty of other Indictments
against both Schmitz and Ruef.”
Tunnel Work Suspended.
Denver.—Work has been temporarily
suspended on the great Nuwhouse tun
nel projoct In Gilpin county, owing to
a peculiar situation. Tho tunnel hnH
been driven something over 17,000
feet and has but a few hundred feet
further to go before It will penetrate
tho famous properties in tho Quartz
Hill district.
Just ahead of the tunnel several
hundred feet nro some of the big mines
of tbo Ncvndavlllo district, which
have been bothered with water ever
since their commencement. Tho tun
nel would relieve them of the seepage
and mako pumping unnecessary, but
George E. Collins, manager of the tun
nel enterprise, says no terms have yet
been agreed upon and work will be
suspended until some arrangement
with the properties Is made.
"We havo already drained numer
ous properties in tho course of the
tunnel up to tho present time,” said
Mr. Collins, "which hnvo not paid us
a cent for this Important benefit. It
Is not our purposo to enter tho Quartz
Hill district nnd glvo sway this valu
able dralnnge work. Of course, tho
transportation of ores in perhaps what
will bo tho chief use of the tunnel, but
wo feel that thcro Is a direct benefit
conferred by the draining of those
properties which should be recognized
In a substantial manner."
Conquer Colorado Canon.
Bright Angel, Grand Canon, Arlz.—
Charles S. Russell, thirty-one years
old. born at Bunder Hill, Illinois, a
miner in Mexico, nnd Arizona for the
last twelve years, nnd E. R. Monott.
twenty-three years old, born In Pueblo.
Colorado, who was in the Mohawk
mlno at Goldfield until Inst Septem
ber, havo reached the foot of Bright
Angel trait in the bottom of tho ennon.
after 420 miles of fighting the rapids
of the Colorado river. Albert Loper.
thirty-eight years old, born In Louis
iana. Missouri, n miner nnd tho orig
inator of the trip and the most en
thusiastic member smashed his six
teen-foot row boat in cataract canon,
150 miles from the start nnd deserted, j
Tho other two havo pushed on for j
more than 100 days.
For Illegal Fencing and Other Crime*
Against Uncle Sam.
Denver. Twenty-nine Indictments,
two of them against millionaires among
the most prominent citizens of Colo
rado sni Wyoming, were returned
Thursday by the federal grand Jury
that completed Ita lubor and submitted I
tta findings to Judge Lewis.
The millionaires accused are Edgar
N. Biggs, prominent lumberman ofl
Denver, and Ora Huley, cattle king of|
Laramie, Wyoming, who controls ranch
and range property in nil the Impor
tant cattle states of tho West.
Biggs is uccuoed. with Welch W.
Noasauiau, of conspiracy In acquiring'
timber laud for the New Mexico Lum
ber company near Pugosa Springs.
UaJey tot accused of illegal fencing of *
10.000 seres of rouge land near the
Colorado Wyomlug boundary.
In addltlou to these the principal In
dlcUnsuu returned were agalust Wil
liam Jt. Masou and Joseph Yonder
weide for conspiracy to murder Joseph
A. Walker, federal secret service agent,
who was shot by Vanderwelde at the
Hesperus cool mine near Hesperus. I
Colorado. November 3d. while engaged j
In an Investigation of the property.
Kemp V. Bigelow, the boy bomb
maker, now serving a sentence In the
state reformatory, was Indicted on
three charges of using the molls to se
cure money by means of fraud. Tho
other ludicunvnla with the charges fpl
Robert W. Bradley, alias Robert W.
Emlson, counterfeiting; eight counts;
bond fixed at $3,000.
Moses Fisher, having counterfeit
coins In his possession; bonds $1,500.
Dan U-l Hanseu and one Cochrane,
perjury in connection with laud frauds
In the southern part of the stale; bonds
for Hausen and Cochrane fixed at
SI,OOO each.
David 11. Muir, violation of the oleo
margarine act; bonds S3OO.
J. Maurice Finn, a well known attor
ney, withholding pension accounts;
bonds 9200.
William 11. Hawks and J. I. Raw!. Il
legal fencing of government lands;
bonds respectively $1,500 and SSOO.
David Metsner and William H.
Probst, stealing mall pouch; bonds
Charles O. Krbaugh. using the malls
to defraud; bonds $1,500.
William Whelan and James Murphy,
using the malls to defraud; bonds
sS,ooo each.
Charles J. Kn*sm, sending obscene
matter through the malls; bonds
Charles Shawl, forging money order
Indorsements, two counts; bonds ssoo.
William II Hildreth, postmaster at
Basalt, embezzling money order nnd
postal funds.
Claudo L Meyer, making false affi
davit. bonds SI,OOO.
Mai Kaplan and J. M. Princeton, de
stroying evidence In a federal case;
One Buckey. sending obscene matter
through the malls, three counts; bonds
One Ysabuakirk. breaking car seals:
bonds $250. .
D. Ormond nnd Abbott: bonds SIOO
Tho Indictment of Ora Haley. Hawks
and Bawl marks lire beginning In this
state of the crusade planned by Iho
government against the big ranchmen
In all sections of the country who have
taken the liberty of fencing grazing
lands for their herds or flocks, which.
If carrlod out according to the plans
mapped out In Washington, will
bring to life again the old conditions
of rango riding and real cowboy herd
ing thtl is now practically obsolete.
.Millions of acre* of government
land. It Is reported by the land office,
has been fenced by tire cattle barons
to keep their herein within a short dis
tance of tho home ranches, that the ex
pensive roundups nnd shipping drives
might be none away with. This land,
it Is contended. Is open range, and un
less tho cattlemen seo fit to purchnso
It under land office regulations they
have no right to set it aside as a pri
vate preserve.
Government Gets Graft Money.
Chicago.—-Judge Kohlsant, in the
United States Circuit Court rendered
a decision Thursday In favor of tho
government In tho suit against Cap
tain Oberlln M. Carter, former United
States army engineer, charged with
having defrauded tho federal govern
ment to the extent of $750,000 of gov
ernment funds through conspiracy
with contractors Greene and Oaynor.
Tho court ruled thnt Carter was not
entitled to the $400,000 In unregistered
railroad bonds nnd other securities
traced by tho government to safety
deposit vaults nnd banks In various
parti of tho country. Under the de
cision tho government will retain these
Mrs. Eddy’e Condition.
Concord. N. H.—No application to
havo Mrs. Alary Baker O. Eddy brought
beforo a commission In lunacy Is
pending In tho courts of this state.
There Is, however, n suit pending
which possibly might offer opportun
ity for such an application. Mrs. Eddy
established a trust fund of $126,000 to i
bo used for tho benefit of her son.
George W. Glover and his children,
held by General Streeter of Concord.
Glover has brought an action In tho ■
New Hampshire courts asking that
tho court direct how this trust shall bo
administered nnd It Is possible that
Mrs. Eddy's competency might be
mado an issue.
Grand River Bridge.
Denver.—-Bids will be received by
tho stato engineer’s office on January
20th for the erection of the longest
bridge ever built by the state. It will
span tho Grand river nt Silt, ami he
252 feet In length. The bridge which
holds tho record for length nt the pres
ent time Is In Mesa county nnd Is 250
feet long. The Silt structure will be
made of stool nnd will be constructed
on plans drawn by C. G. Shelly of this
city, whoso drawings were selected
nniong others entered in competition.
Tho strength of the bridge will be '
along tho Ideas carried out by the
state engineer since last spring.
Ills Reverence (whose raddle has
sneezed at tho moment of putting)
You—you—you usughty caddie!
LKtla Virginia Imagined Sh# Had
“Eatsd Herself.”
Little Virginia, three years old,
brought her mother to her nursery a
low nights ago with heartbroken
“What la the matter, dearie? Why
aro you screaming so?"
“Mamma, utu 1 all here?”
“Certainly you are* nil here, right In
your bed "
“But, mamma, feel of me. see If I'm
all here. Aro my feet hero and tho
top of my head, both?”
“Certainly. Virginia, every bit of
you Is here, lucked In your little
trundle bed. Why do you think you
aro not?"
“I dreamed”—this with another
great sob—“l dreamed 1 was a choco
late stick aud I had eated myself."
In V«ry Many Cases It Is Waaktntd
Mrs. Frank Hoscbtiotn. 512 8. Wash
ington St.. Moscow. Idaho, says: “In*
hurtled kidney trou
ble grew steadily
worse with me until i
so nervous I could
not nib'll at night. 1
was dizzy ami s|Mits
floated before tuy
eyes. My bark and
hips ached and every
cold settled on my
com M-iin-ti on ray
kidneys and mado me worse. I have
used many different medicines and
was discouraged when I In-can with
Doan's Kidney Bills, but now the
symptoms that alnrined me are gone.”
Sold by all dealers. 50 rents a box.
Foster-Mllburn Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
His Opinion of the Dinner.
The gm-sts at a largo dinner party
did atnplo Justice to tho tempting
viands as course after courso was
served. They were loud In their
praises of the Chinese cook, of whom
the hostess was Justly proud. They
declared they never ate more deli
cious or appetising delicacies. Final
ly tbo Chinaman brought In thu last
course, s huge cake heavy with
frosting, lie was a converted Chi
naman. and desiring to honor his
religion ho had put a motto on tbo
cake that satisfied his conscience.
It read, “Prepare to Moot Thy God.”
frits ur Os»o. tut <»r toLseo. i u
Lmi i.oerr i "
roii j. °* lh ••»•* **• '• ***}'*
ktiutr of Um Brm of I' J. €.*«*■» to Co~ d>t*s
[utH« is is* cur «-r •»( *ut»
•Tr£?4 *«.4lk*« Orm •111 IS* Mi* of
OSK lit NUIO.II IMIIXARS for «*ctj S*4
cm* «f Cat**** ih*t r*aout b* csr*4 «*jr Um um «f
u. 65“. runnier
Sworn to b*fnre m# **d In mj pr*M*c#.
Ut.MSS.rf A. VwioLgASO*.
I Not**? Frauc.
K*t7**C*Urrb Cur* I* ufces Internal'* feu
dlreeiir «*»• •»•**"* •»** «*u r * ,ua **rf*e** of Um
amtiu. i»«ud iHtln-.lii*. fr*.
r. J-CIIKSKVaCO..ToI*4o,O.
Sold hr *ll tlru*»!•«•. ;*
T*k* (l*Jl'*r*mltr IIU* tor roasttpaUoa.
Occasionally n woman In glad when
her husband makes her cry, bccntisO
she can work Itlm for a peace offer
Many Professional Men,
clergymen, teachers nnd singers use
Brown's Bronchial Troches for curing
hoarseness and coughs.
Get leave to work In this world.
*Tls tho best that life mny offer.
ptf.Rft rt'Kr.n in a to id iiavh.
PAZO OItiTMKVr I* to cur* *r»» cm*,
of Itrhintf. Wind. 111-—*lin» or l*n»tnidins rile* in
•to l«il*r*»r nioocr refunded. Mr.
Our great care should bo not to
llvo long, but to llvo well.—Seneca.
Mr*. Winslow** Soot bin* Hjrrap.
forcWMwn leeltiliitf, hifli-n* th* Kuna, re-lucea to
&AinniaUou.*ilaja|>«tn.curcA wind tulle. 33c*butU«.
Calamity is man s truo touenstono.
General Demand
at the Well-Informed of the World haf
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value; a laxative which physicians could
sanction for family use because its eons*
pouent parts are known to them to bto
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prompt, in action.
In supplying that demand with its ex
cellent combination of Syrup of Fip and
lllixir of Senna, the California Fig tiyrvp
Co. proceeds along ethical lines and relies
on the merits of the laxative for its remark
able success.
That is one of many reasons why
Syrup of Figs and Elixir of Senna is given
tho preference by the Well-Informed.
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Positively cured by
W •re— rr**a I»r-p*-i-lm.In
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