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Rocky Ford enterprise. (Rocky Ford, Colo.) 1887-1950, February 21, 1908, Image 5

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♦ ♦
♦ *
♦ ♦
1 Announcement. :
♦ ♦
Z To the Public:— J
♦ We are pleated to announce to the banking public ♦
_$ that Mr. M. D. Thatcher, the well known capitalist of |
♦ Pueblo, has become a stockholder in this bank. Within *
■* a short time our Capital Stock will be increased, Mr. *
♦ Thatcher becoming tne heaviest individual stockholder on Z
♦ our books and will enter our Board of Directors. The *
♦ majority of our stock will continue to be held by citizens *
+ of Rocay Ford and there will be no change in the man- ♦
♦ agement of the bank. *
Z We will zealously endeavor to merit a continuance !
t of your patronage, confidence and good will as evidenced t
? by our steady growth in the past and assure you our am- *
Z bition will be to offer the best facilities, service and treat- *
♦ ment of any bank in the Valley and to become unquest- ♦
: state.” :
♦ Your attention is respectfully called to the annexed J
Z strong statement of our condition, which it will be our $
♦ policy to protect and maintain. The regular report to *
Z the Hon. Comptroller of the Currency will shortly be *
Z called and published in detail as usual, to which your J
♦ careful consideration is invited. We are amply able to *
♦ handle all the legitimate needs of this vicinity and can Z
♦ offer the most liberal terms consistent with prudent busi- Z
X ness methods. *
♦ Statement of condition at the close of business, Z
« Tuesday, Feb. 11th, 1908: Z
♦ Capital Stock $ 50,000. Loans - - $145,098.14 J
♦ Surplus - - 3,000. U.S.Bonds - 12,500. *
♦ Undivided - . 3,610.90 “ Prm 500. *
♦ Circulation - - 12,500. Fixtures - 2.000. ♦
♦ Deposits - - 180,384.87 Redemption Fd 271.35 Z
Z $2497501.77 Cash $22,464.94 ♦
♦ 65,767.34 Z
Z 88.232.28 *
z $249,5-11.77 ♦
| The First National Bank of Rocky Ford {
♦ ♦
At Hilfiker’s
Go to the Greatest; Closing Out Money Saving
Sale ever held in Rocky Ford
Dress Goods, Carpets, Rugs, Wool Blankets,
Ladies' Coats, Skirts, Furs. Ladies’, Children’s
and Men’s Furnishings, Men’s and Ladies’
Shoes, Hats, Caps and Trunks, must be"sold
for cash at 20 per cent below cost.
A Young movad to Las Ani.na* Ihta
Rev. L- M Fo , .*«hin*kjr made Denver
a business visit this vttk.
A. C. Comer this week goes to Kansas
C.ty for medical treatment
Mrs 11. W. Lance relumad v/ed-
after a weec's * t »- ’ih La i r
D W. Barkiev. Jr. !?*• M - Ist «
ar»»r,d a cou.de of ve • . \ 7
•his sister, Mrs. F. J. ». 12'"? . -
Remember the lowa Ret -a! K
hall. Saturday Feb. 23. In wcli
ad bassets and mmii expelling a * raw
ing good time.
County Clerk Oar wood was with is
Friday latt
W B Van Vetso* left a few Jay; s : nce
for Nampa, Idaho.
ArUur J. Hall left Mfo- Starl
ing, Colo., on an extended tup.
H. I. Vaxvall and wifa laft on Mordsy
for that finest of trips —a putney to
Mre. C. M. Hall. Mrs. 11. F. Hagen and
M .J. W. Todd stre Pueblo visitors
A 3. Cl velar.d has sold his Pox
Srr; * c -n to Survavor Sawyer ard
vi a ri hnt of Rocky Ford
1 * W. Fierce, of La
< x. ' • e Otero Loan Co.
J*. • ij Co s. office. Sat
u.u4< o’ l -» t < and made arrange
ments with I'i-n to make Ihttr future
loan at Rocky Ford and vic-n t;.
B. W. Be l is serk>.«l/ ill with pneu
Mips Vrol»t Eaton, of Co’orado Spring*,
is the guest of Mrs. Floyd llawiey.
R. A. of Pueblo was last wee*
Ute guest of his si-ter. Mrs. Henry Bow
man of this vicinity. 0
Mrs Nash, cf Rockfsrd. Ioa». was la«’
week the guest of the fan.il/ of J. H
• Bjrris «n route to California.
W. D. Ebbert is now located in Denvt*
and his buuness cards read: • Manufac
turers Agent. 1608 Market •treat."
Assistant Cashier Trottsr of the Fir:--
I National Bank of Puebla v»a* in town
fa * days smev : x>king after ms bv
i interest in State Bank affairs
Contractor Tipsr of Pueblo is in *
■ to begin tw'* t> g )sbs - the construct
4 the W*»lls-Fargr’ nfllci and the r-cu
of the llaie bi .k. oh whic M
55.030 aid be spent in m>d«ini£-ng.
Mrs. M. J. Rush and daughter left Sat
urday for Raton, N. M.. to visit friends.
Mrs. Frank Green is enjoying a visit
from her mother. Mrs. L. E. Browning,
of Pierce, Colo.
Dr. Van Bueklrk last week made a
visit to Tulsa, in the new state of Okla
homa, for the purpose of introducing hie
particular strains of cantaloupe seed.
The Woman’s Missionary Circle of the
Baptist church will serve a chicken pie
dinner ot the home of Mrs. Dobbs on next
Tuesday, beginning at 11 a. m. A free
will offering will be received.
Saturday afternoon there were enough
people in town to give the Short Course
a large attendance; to fill the Odd Fel
lows hall with those interested in the
Manzanola factory project; to give the
Salvation Army workers a big street
congregation, and at the tame time have
the sidewalks full of citizens enjoying the
fine weather.
Copy getting in the wrong place is re
sponsible for the omission of an interest
ing personal item last week. Dr. Z. T.
Roberts took a just pride and pleasure in
promptly notifying the Enterprise of the
birth of an eight pound boy. We trust
that this late announcement of the young
ster's arrival will have no occult effect
on his future life.
The Entre Nous club was delightfully
entertained at the home of Dr. and Mrs.
S. M. Kellogg last Friday evening. The
guests of the club were the husbands and
male friends of the members. Hearts -
being very appropriate to the day-was
the game of the evening. Toothsome re
freshments were served and the evening's
enjoyment concluded with a Valentine
box. which caused a great deal of amuse
Monday was F. M. Hines' seventy-first
birthday, but he had almost overlooked
the passing of another milestone until the
day was nearly spent, when several friends
and neighbors, in response to a quiet tip
from hie wife, droppqjl in at their cosy
home on North Eighth street to "jolly him
up a bit.** Mr. Hines is apparently good
for another score of years, and that he
may have bis full measurs of anjoymsnt
and good health for the allotted term, was
the fervent wish expressed by all.
Some thirty members of Rocky Ford
Court of Honor went to La Junta on
Wednesday evening for the purpose of
assisting in the institution of a local
court. State manager Walden "bossed
the job" and with the help of the Rocky
Ford degree team exemplified the work
to a class of 26 charter members, A
very enpyeble time was spent by the
msmbe't from this city perhaps the
mast enpyabie pert of the affair was the
U p, wtwch was made in hay racks.
Rocky Ford's Park System.
Among thr public cnlrrprm* n
whuTi Rn.-lty I »• » trader aitu nr
the small* r r:iir* i*l the *satc i* uur
•pcndiil *)*lrro of park*. r«mip!rtfd
am! in |ir«»a*rr** ft »♦ awl wan! in
•!c*ignatc i •*c iK-attty spots a* *l*
»lt) council ** !k*h »*• much in
grm*ed with un|-*rtant bn* -j
tic** tf-an giving il»c par** nam. • I*
this emergent* the Enterprise will
be cheeky m- igh l«. gi%. each *
name. »*nr n*wne!»tnre fn-mt •'»*»• I
lect to the mriskm «be city author- 1
•tie*, llete they are
The oriuinal |-ark brtwe-n Tenth |
»r»*l Klcti ith *ltc«.** *h»Hi|tl be Cut
The two tark* surrounding the
Santa I •!* i-»l «lc*er%e the title • I
Centra! Park
Thai la?e» -«»•! br»*n»fwl *;•*•! «»f
uronnd on the J ill may well Ik-
Pr<*«fH-et Park from great »Mj»r ••!
finely dminfril country to be «r.-n
fr»*m >t* high altitn<!e
Ami thm there i* th»* fine l<*tV
.ark at the b»»t Eighth t«v-l
•rliich i* worthy of the name of Hctrt 1
Some wor, has recently !*ren !..ne
•i. the moth section «•! Central P.i*.
pren»n»«o-y t«» it« bring laid -f in
«ull.« and |rrr* plant'd The *»»nta
he will in a few days fumi*h blue
Mint »*f the landseapc gar«lener«’ da«
rf the ground* \* a* this «
received the council will begin w *»k
or. it* beautification
Don't mHs the Assembly dance in K. P.
hall next Wtdussday eveeing. Class at
7:60. Oscar Griffim. instructor in danc
The annual chicktn i*v src»a! of the
P'estjyterian .ados wil! be given Friday.
Fab 26.
For Sale. White Leghorn Eggs. Pure
bread. CaM on Jamas Butterfie'd. or
ohone White 957 58-41
Note the d»*plar of ladies duo acces
sories in our show window, (lotion's Art
Lmbnugery Store
Furnished House for Rent F;ve room*,
complete for hcu*ek*er*»*p. in.
Apply at Enter; r se offee
E. 11. AlUbery. the Uiioc. formerly lo
cated on El-n aven-»». to enlarge his busi
ness has riKved to 802 South Main street,
share ha wiil be pleased to meet all o'd
If you went a Kansas ha»d wheat fi-ur
ihat will make brtter Bread. U*;n*.
Bi*cuits. Rod*. Pa«try and Cake than
mv other fl-jr. ask your g»c.?r fo
Kelly's Famous. E»«ry g-,.
crd. SBif
lowrt t.i.l* Fog S<»l«.
trees In t< i >r.d c*ment sk
. ft snd on 4
- iV- •> J, O \6b *' •
c 2»f . ec e U
Don’t Keep Chickens
Have Chickens Keep You
1099 Eggs in January from 88 Pullets
Start with the FRANTZ STRAIN of White Leg
horn. if von want winter egne and egge ell the timo.
Why ia it the large egg farme that produce mil-
Hone of eggs annually are stocked exolneivoly witli
White Leghorn.? Beoanae they have proven to bo
large white egge of any known variety in America
Egg* for Hitching by setting or incubator lot
V*cky Pori Poultry Farm /\ n Tip 1 AfTV
South .Mt of town on Valley II li l/i
Vi.w C.irwury Ro.d W * V7 * A
Look for Sign Phono West 194
Agont for host Incubator and Braodar in market. See me before buying.
Breeder of Pure Bred I
Duroc Jersey Hogs i
There in nlwayn good tuouoy in thoroughbrmla. The '‘Blue ■
Ribbon Herd" containn notue of the blue*! lilimml an* 1 iment B
individualu in the Went. I can furuixli uign . .od »• l
Burke*.Colorado King, lt.xt.ira Buddy K IV, Kruger Urn
Boer. Eelipee and othera. Can furuiali pair* unrelatml.
Prioea according to quality, breeding and age
Service Fees:—Burke'a Coloiailo King, KS.UU
Baxter's Bmldy K 1V.1J3.H0
Eclipse, *5.01)
Fees required in advance
Yon are invited to call and look over my herd.
♦ Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing House *
♦ Mmt* Clmanmd and a lock ad +
♦ JO2 Sowth Mala Slrwl
♦ ♦
J Now’a the time to order ♦
, Your New Spring Suit J
V Cam. In and ms my Una aamplM. The bM U> Uw Valley. .
Z Perfect Fit Guaranteed *
at 5 Largs Shows. Strong Competition at Every Shot I
The nliove it* tin* rr.-or.l of my Bruwn l.i-glioi ns nt D
Arknnsns Vnlloy Knir
Coloruiio St.it.' Viiir n
Cuinnulo Springs Poultry Show H
('tilorudo Pmii'ii.rs Show, I li'tiviT y
Pu.'hlo Poultry Show. tj
|6 |iin|s rnli'ml xl lull' I Vlilo Sicix nvi’rngnd W 2 I -*». Mv I
lin»t |»rix*» I'.ML ll»»* I'**' in Hi** Slnl«* I lei**** I
winn«’rw are all malm! mi l c«»ii»tiliit** lliia yxr* brawling *t*wk. I
If you want flit* in tli** Went, geo me. j|
Eggß for 'latching* •Itnnk ordera early.
Those R. Wilson J
f!4 WmU SOS •*w<H 9th ilrotf I
■muimmmiimiw * t ,,. isoy. .* i* i»r» »»»•.»r. r. .# r*axf»^
Money to Loan I
In Various amounts 3
* . l irtr*rtfWtiixr»r*r«<«i*nvei«.*r*.em***jp!'».. ••*• • • ‘ r» iv •..»ars riri/nrar^ctfnrittm
' >B 1

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