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Rocky Ford enterprise. (Rocky Ford, Colo.) 1887-1950, April 17, 1908, Image 8

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Com Fed Meats
Have jut contracted for a number of Corn Feed Steen
and will furnish my outomera with ohoioaat of neat
Fresh Fish and Poultry Every Day
v - '' ALBERT LEE, Prop.
Market Phone Ford 139
* •
* *
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
: Buy and be Pleased »
: - :
*. * '
* ' t
* :
'4AAA«AAAaaaaa*a*aa*at* + »«***o*a*
Wet or Dry
We Bell a
l > »»»»»*. »»r»wr - -
• > <1
•> I >
I The Palace Livery
<■ ii
Having bought the Palace Livery Barn, it
will be run in the usual manner, and I de
sire a portion of the public's patronage
ii , i
t tmtiniimmimMun
Breeder of Pure Bred
Duroc Jersey Hoes
Then* in nlwnyn Rood mono? in thornuglibroda. The “Blue
Kilil m»ii I Ifni" routniim some of tho bluoet blood and finest
itulmdiinltt in the* Wont. • I cnn ftirni«h pigs sirod by
I)nrke*s Colorado King. linxL'r* lludily K IV, Krugor tho
Boor. Kcliptio find olhors. Can furnish pairs unrelated.
Prio«»s acconliug to tfunlity, breeding and age.
Sorvice Fee**: Burke's Colorado King, S2o.(M)
Baxter'* Buddy K I \\62o.CK)
Kcli|*M*, $5.00
Fee* rc<|uir<Ml in ndvnncn
You aro invited to call nml l«w>W over my herd.
They’ve Reached
Tho' it took lh« Uni ..oral month, to roach California thota aboard
appoar to hava onjoyad tho long aail; but
It ian l av.rybody that can ipond ao much tima in tra.tling. Yon can
raarm Uia coa.t in laa. lima and with lama diacomfort— non# in
fact—if you go via tho SANTA FE.
Why not go ihort now? Low rote 100. You con too tho blue waterx
visit tho ships, and catch Jack at homa. waiori.
m $5O H
|t ■ Am Limit xlxty day.
°"* w * y ,or *'*
W. Ken Robertson, Agt
The Atchison, Topeka 3 Santa Fe By.
Rocky Ford, Colorado,
The Home Paper of the Valley .
Dur vsiaizs:£S£s! uom
ruoMo, ('4*o.. March a. IMS
Asu llleleat oootost affidavit having been
Mod In this office by Parker L. bows, con
testant. against Homestead Entry No. 11571.
Contest**. In wbleb It Is alleged that said
olaiaant see wholly abandoned said land
since date of entry, having wholly (ailed to
settle upon, ooeupy. cultivate or improve tho
son*o to the pieoent time: that said al
leged aboonoe from said land was not due
tf.,ViSSWK: «■«.% Ysft.s7Jit
rate soldier. oMour, mhdwq Or marine, dur
ing the war with Beau. or during any other
war In which tho united Mates may be en-
Row’, therefore, said portloo are hereby
notified u> appear, respond, and offer evi
dence touching said allegation at 10 o'oloek
a. in. op May *& 191*. before tbs Hewlsler and
flecelvor at the United Slates Land Office m
Pueblo, 0010.
The aald contestant having. In a proper
affidavit, filed March 3d. IWS. set forth facta
which show that after due dlUwenoe persounl
service of this notice oau not be made. It is
hereby ordered and directed that aueb notice
be given due and proper publication.
t>4e Hlgnco. H. A. ABBEY. llegUK-r
Annual School Election.
Notice Is hereby given that the regular mi
nimi election fordcnool District No. 4. Otero
County. Colorado, for the purpose of electing
one m-Ikmil director, will he held on Monday.
Bay 4th. IB*, at tbe Utterly Be bool Building.
In tlw town of Hocky Ford, from I to 5 o'clock
P. M.. and the regular annual school meeting
will Ini held ou tue same day at 5 o'clock P.
M-. at which lime any husluess relating to
tlto district msy Ite transacted.
Dated at Kooky Ford. Colo.. April 9tb. 190 fl.
Notice of Final Settlement
In the Matter of the Estate of Ida L. Illckox
Notice Is hereby given, that on Monday the
mb day of April. A. I). 1«*. being one of the
regular day wof tbe March term of the (bounty
Court of Otero County, lu tbe Stale of Coin,
rsdu, 1. N'm 11. Illckox. Adiulnlatrator »f
said estate will appear Iwfore the Judge or
said Court, present tuy final settlement a*
such Administrator, pray the approval of the
same, and will then apply to be ntschargi •!
as such AdmluMrator. At which time and
place any person In Interest may appear and
present objections to Ibesame if any there Im-.
Dated at Hocky Ford. Colorado. March 3»l h.
IMP. WM. 11. tIK'KOX.
Administrator of Ibe Estate of
4417 Ida L. Illckux. deceased.
Notice of Application to Lea*e State
Office of
The State Ifcsird of Laud Cfiiimlssioners.
lieuver. Colorado. March SMh. I* 5 *
Notice I* lieretiy given tlmt K. (I. Houston.
*»!»«»•* (xistofitcw «<lilr» ss I* Sugar City, Colo .
Its* made applies!H*U No. IS** to lease the
fallowing desert ho I Indemnity Mohutl Land*
situate lu tMero t minty. Colorado, to-wil.
H*4 of X.C.S* of Sec. 13. Township SIS. It
No Other application to ieoae the almve d«~
M-rlt«ei| lauds will tie •*unsldere«| after April
illb. IKs. JOHN K. VIVIAN.
If.'lslet Slate Ihmnl land CommlNloaei.
Nolle* of Adjust m*ut l>ay.
( ..isle of A«lam t*. Comer. Dvceawrd.
Tl<e undersUrneU. having been appoint* I
Adminialrutrla of the esialsof Ailsm C. 4Toni* r
Inie the-t'oiinlv u f (Hero, in the Slate i
i oiorailo. deevasetl. berghy gives notice ihsi
she will appear Before the County (->uun »f
said tMero County, at the Court llouae In U
Junta. In mid t ounty. on Monday, the 4ih
day of May, A. I». IW*. st the boor of luo'dars
A.M. of said day. at which I Hue all person,
having claims against mid estate are notified
and re<inested to alteod for the purpose of
having the same adjusted. All persons In
debted lo said estate are requested fin make
Immediate payment lo (he undersigned.
Dated at La Junta. Cotorwlo. IMs lad day
° f ‘aNNA*li 'PcOMFK. AdmlnUlratm
of the estate of Adam C. Comer. Deceased.
Minor * North. Attorney*. 44-47
Uxuurncx at Pvtsto.
Notice I* hereby given that Am T llalnes
of Tim pas. Coin., has filed notice of hi* inten
tion to make final five-year proof in support
of his claim, ru: Ifnmmtead Entry No 10919
rde March T7. |wn. fort he Is* X H K •*, N.
W. H.W.V N.B.«s. JLWjU. * R.l*. Bee. X
Township :;H. Usage MW« and that mid
proof will be made before (be Clerk District
Court, ai La Junta. Colo, on May X iws.
He namre the fullowitig wltnewma to prove
his continuous raihnrs upon. at*d cult lea-
Hon of. the land. vU: Mart Null. Harry Bur
ner. Hatmiel Btanion. of Tlmpsx Com., and
Eugene Haines. of Koefiy fo*d l'«»lo.
44-4. P IL A. ABMY.llffktW.
L*»p Orrtca at I’csaut. Cnui.
March 21.190 ft
Noth'** is herehy given that (’harl*-* l»
Jiihnsa nf Hocky r«*nl. Colo, has filed initio*
of his intention to make final flveyenr pnoif
In suptmrt **f his claim. vUt flntnewf-ad
Entry No. 132*2 made February X IKK. for the
■its 7 and X Bee. 31. and Lots 4. X * aod 1.
Bsc 33. Township Zl B.lUngr S7W.. an-l that
sshl proof will ne mada before llw t*lerk
Duirtct Court, at La Junta. Colo., on Msy X
199 X
lls nature the tolhiwlnx witnesses to prove
; Ills mtitinuous reshtrnre upon. an*l ruitivs
tips of. the land. Vttl II F. pfiwell »n i T. II-
Wll*>*t*. «*f Maii»«i»i|«. Po|«». " || i 11111' and
John •• KtAii«nf Ihs’sy r*»**l. *
4X17 *. A. AIIIIRV. Register.
I.AKI* Orrtl'R AT I'l I.Sl.**. Cill/I.
March 21. IKk
Notice is hereby given thsl ils llr M. Shirk
of li.- s> Ford. Coin . has filed i.ottr* her
Intention to make final commutation pn->f In
support of her claim. vU: Itomesim.i Kntry
No. |<i ii: made In Octi*»*cr 33. IM. for (he* *1
N.'V ~ N.S P W.l*. Be**. 2ft. Township Sift,
range &7W n ami that ssld nr**.if will In* made
before the Clerk Dwtrtct ( ourt. at la Junta.
t>»lo . on Msy ft. IMX
fths nso.es the following witnesses to prove
her continuous residence upon, snd *-ultivs
lion of. the land. vl«: Dsolel || M. loo.sh.
Ambrose Mellon. Frank It llsxtcr snd Ar
cenlth Palmer, all of Korky l'**r*l. Co|.»,
45-47 *. A. ABHKY. Ilegtster.
L*m» Owe* at PeaaMi. Colo.
March *. lw.
Notice Is hereby given that Francis M. Bax
ter of Hocky F«*ol. Colo., has filed notice nf
his Intention to make final commutation proof
In support of his claim. vU: Homestead Kn-
Stlfe IWT. for the B.H
BKM.OOD. St N.H N.1L14, Bee. 29. Township
2*B. IlsnowSiW.. and that said proof will be
made before the Clerk of the District Court,
at Im Junta. Onto.,on May IX 190*.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, aod eeltlva
!£** uf *JJSf •<*, »<»! R. TRhlrlr. Arcenlth
Ihilrnrw. W. H. Mellon and Miss *. M. Hnlrfc.
all of Hoc ay Font. Colo.
«-P B. A. ARRET. Register.
•4 rrtry 4mnsi>s 1
sarrWd la Msl for I
* sanun Kiivtrr I
§ W* are Flsswr* is the litirm sed lUr I
I •" sdvWr Ins a srariitsl Mm4y«n •#
1 is a sot foe at am* 1908 cstsfog which I
% »*0 he meilrd yee frve *4 ckerge. I
\ m unmoct uco ca I
ssaasia I
Vim, ——
It took Un inning, to docldo llw con
tnt botweon tho Ln Junta and Rooky
Ford high uhool Uama on tho homa dia
mond laat Friday aftamoon. It waa aa
potty an axhlbitton of th, manly gam.
of bao ball aa anyon. could wiah to im.
nrilhor .Ida making a icon until th* laat
half of tho tenth inning, whan Um winnlag
run wa. mada by Rocky Ford altar two
of tho plaTtra had baan .truck out
A l.rg. crowd wa. prtMnt and InSa
criminataly chaarad arary brilliant play,
but wh.n tha pratty ringl., oouptod with
iu fumbl. by an axeitad La Junta Raldar
allowed tha Rooky Ford boy to Saal
home from eocond but it .owned aa
though bedlam had baan lat loom for a
The home boys have won fivory ghm*
this season, but had batter wait to do
their “crowing” until altar tomorrow’s
gams, as thoy’ll meat a taam worthy of
their mett!o when th«y cross bats with
the Pueblo Contra! high school taam.
• • •
Every automobile in town that could
be chartered was noadod to convay tha
Rocky Ford ’fana” to Sugar City laat
Sunday for tha oponlng gama of tba Ar
kansas Valtay ieagua. Tha gama waa
between the La Junta and Sugar City
teams and was won by tho former by a
score of 6to 5. “Bud” Hall, captain of
the Rocky Ford team filled tha pitcher’s
box for Sugar City through part of tha
game, and ’tis said tha score would hava
been different had ha “tossed tha leather”
for tha full nine innings, though tha only
player ha “fanned out” waa Carruthers.
another of tha Rocky Ford taam who
was on tha La Junta aide. Tha umpire
was Alf Moore, also from Rocky Ford.
The first league game of the season on
tha Rocky Ford diamond will be played
next Sunday aftamoon. and it will surely
be a warm one, aa tha homa taam will ha
up against the “All Stars” of Pueblo, a
bunch of players that la “going some.”
For a green nine to tackie tha “All Stare”
is thought to be rather cheeky, but tha lo
cal nine is yet to be beard from and plenty
of employment is promised tba “fane”
i.ofore tha gama la over.
Former Governor Alva Adame has
written a splendid article on “The Ad
vantages Colorado offers to the Home
veeker or Capitalist”, in tha April issue of
the Western World, which should be read
by everybody. You can get a free sam
ple copy by addressing tha Western
World. Denver. Colorado. 46tf
Get cabbaac plants from Bur
rell now. Don’t forget to grow
a good garden.
The Ladies Union of the M. E. church
will serve the annual Easter supper in
bssement of the church, Saturday even
ing. from 6:10 to 8. Price S 6 cento.
You arc invited.
For Me
A 25-acre tract 1V miles from town;
160 acres miles from town. All
under High Line canal Terms reason
able. Apply at Enterprise office. Iltf
Plumbing and beating. Repair work of
ad kind*. See ue for the beet Una of hy
drant* and lawn supplies. Qeorge Clark.
Phone White 666. Stork’s store.
The Ebbcrt Seed Co. invites
you to com* in and get their
prices on all kinds of scads.
Notable radical Dbrnary.
A notable medical discovery and ooe
that appeals especially to many people Wi
Rocky Fond is the combination of stomach
remedies in the Mt-o-na treatment This
P'cparation has worked wonders in cases
of indigestion or weak stomach.
It acts specifically upon the walla of
tho stomach and bowelx strengthening
and stimulating them to that they read
ily take care of the food that is eaten
without distress or suffering.
So positive are the good effects follow
ing the use of Mi-o-na that the remedy
1* sold by Avard & Bradan under an ab
solute guarantee to refund the money if
it fails to cure. With an offer like this,
non# can afford to suffer with indigestion
or stomach troubles.
A 60-cent box of Mi-o-ns will do mors
good than half-a-doxen boxes of ordinary
dlgssuve labials.
Dr. P. P. Keck, Veterinarian. Office
at Grand Valley Livery Bam, phone
Ford 10. 44tf
Choice Kentucky Blue Grass
seed, genuine new crop from
Bourbon county, Kentucky.
The Ebbert Seed Co.
The City Realty Co. for everything in
the real estate line or loanx 57tf
It to a Fact.
As some people have raised the qoee
tion ae to whether Avard A Braden will
refund the money If Hyomei doee not
do all that ie claimed for it in curing ca
tarrh. they want the Enterprise to state
positively that this offer lea fact and ie
made in perfect good faith.
It ie the beet proof of Hyomei’s cura
tive powers in all catarrhal troubles.
You oo not risk a cent in testing He heal
ing nwrita, for Avard A Braden take all
the risk.
If you have catarrh, try this wonderful
medicated air of Hyomei. It doee not
drug or disarrange the stomach, but ie
breathed through a neat pocket Inhaler,
pert of every outfit, so that the medica
tion reaches the most remote air cellx de
stroying all catarrhal germs and curing
the disease. Under Avard A Braden’s
guarantee you can lose nothing by giving
Hyomei a trial
When You Have’
ji Bad Cold ft
89 pemfiMfitotoe.
|| igujabto*Ss. IIT *****
v wSuiiiusT'absi! 1
T ASmtroCfol QufcMy tey Q*.
$ Jwisaaws Srwi’liy'blir/
h oamiaaa. o»«n». "tn
* wm wry dry m 4 ton*. IWbitllulit
■ WudwwMbitltmStM
a OmimU MttMfUwrMM.JMm
k b Equally Valuable for Children
It Contain no Narcotic and is Safe and Sore |
Ask your Druggist for it • Hi
Swink Milling and Grain Co.
Alfalfa and Prairie Hay, Grain and Flour
Phone West 42.
The Old Reliable
b Hoadqnartora for >ll floods in tbrir lino.
Agents for Ghsso A Usnborn's Tess snd Coffees.
nr* Sell tha Best /%/| js a
Canon City wUaIL
ArUtian W.Ur d.liv.r.d lo any psrt of Um city. 0i»« u> s tnsl
102 S. Main Street l>honc Bine 24
soon gate musty. Put it
interest and give you tht benefit. A
Make an imDal deposit with us .
Easter Deposit. VvUMWvksZiflnwn/
There isn’t any of the "cob-wab" | ! ■II#
or “musty’’ methods that pertain VfM \ i V&tfl
to this bank. It’s vp-to-date and
Farmers & D 1 VTI/ =
Merchants DAiIA
Take Advantage
of the nnfortonnle experience of those foolieh people
who hsxe hidden their snvinipi nbont their homee only
to bsre loot or etolen, A good bsnk ie the beet plsoe
for it snd yon will be snrprieed st the rapidity with
which s syetemstio ssrings sooonot will grow if given
faithful attention.
Think It Over
We have plenty of money to loan and are ready to con
sider applications from good pnrties.

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