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Rocky Ford Enterprise.
Perfect* Permanent Organisation at I
Convention in Pueblo.
Delegates from Rocky Ford and neigh
boring branches of the Farmer's Union i
returned Saturday from Pueblo, where
they had been for two days assisting jrf !
the transaction of business at the state I
convention. t
Amongst the business o.‘ interest and I
importance was tho organization of the
Colorado Jurisdiction as a branch of the i
National Farmers Educational and Co- 1
operative Union, and the adoption of a ;
permanent constitution, subject to its
ratification by the membership.to whom it
qtust be submitted for a referendum vote.
Pueblo was selected as the state pur- 1
chasing agency headquarters of the union*
The election of officers resulted as
President, Cejige B. Lang, of El Paso
county; vice president, J. F. Brewer,
Otero; secretary. H. S. Stoval, Teller;
treasurer. A. S. Manning. Otero; statisti
cian. J. W. Vjmdeventer. Logan; conduc
tor. W. D. Gallaher. Pueblo; door keeper.
Frod Ring*. Pueblo; chaplain. W.R. Call-
Icotte. Garfield; Executive board: H. H.
Schaffer, Morgan; F. I. Urquhart. El
bert; S. Wilmoth. Garfield; F. W. Wilson.
Pueblo; J. T. Thompson. Bent.
The following resolutions were adopt
“The Farmers’ Educational and Co- 1
operative union of Colorado, in stato
anion assembled, reaffirms its faith in the
principles of ocr order.
”We declare that through education
•nd co-operation only can come those re
forms in our system that Justice to tho
producers of wealth demands.
“We believe that every oitizen should
Have a voice in his government, and.
•therefore, declare *n favor of the initia
•tive. referendum and recall.
“No agent eaters more vitally into
'the indotiriai life of the producer than
transportation problem. We there
-fore demand af our next legislature a
law, fair alike to the peopls and
the corporations, with a railroad com
• mission clothed with and execu
tive powers, said commission to be elect
ed by the people.
“We dec levs in favor of a guaranty
* tank law oimiHar to that embodied in the
constitution of tin state of Oklahoma.
» mad we-earnestly nrgo apoa tho members
ef our neat IsglilaSnrs tho nscsssKy of
tho snast—nt of alow that w« absolute
ly protect depositors of snooty in our
state bento.
“We also declare ourselves in favor of
a factory dnspeonon bill that will prohibit
the employment of child labor therein
and secure the highest qentity of goods
manufactured therein.
“We favor She broadest and most
tboroagh edocahon of oar producing
classes end to that end wo recognize the
oupreme importance of oer Stale Agri
cultural college. We therefore favor
such liberal appropriations by our legisla
ture no will secure the erection and
maintenance of each buddings and appur
tenances ns will enable the board of dir
ectors and faculty to carry on the work
more efficiently.
“Wo are in favor of such modification
of our incorporation law ns will render it
legal for a >oint stack company to provide
in its articles of incorporation that each
stockholder therein shall have the right
to one vote-only, regardless of the num
ber of shares he may hold, and that no
proxy shall 6e allowed in such voting.
"W* recognize the value and efficiency
of all labor organizations affiliated with
the American Federation of Labor and
all other kindred organizations, which
have for their basic object the elevation,
education and betterment of the laboring
classes. We therefore welcome such co
operation with them as will more
thoroughly secure the objects we both •
have in view.
“We declare in favor of good roads
and especially recommend to tho favor
able consideration of our legislature
a reasonable appropriation to further
construct and keep in repair the sUle
road from Denvar to tha Utah lint via
Laadville. Glen wood Springs and other ,
places. We went a good highway across J
the mountains connecting the eastern
and western slope of the state.”
Off to Baltimore.
The official board of the Methodist
church recently voted their pastor, Rav. I
L. M. Potashimsky, a month’s vacation I
and he proposes spending it in a most I
enjoyable manner. On Monday avaning
in company with Dr. Chaae and wife of
Colorado Springs. Rsv. Warner and wifa
ef Boulder, and Rev. Martin of Manza
aola, ha departed for Baltimore. Md„ to
attend the Oeneral Methodist Confersnce,
the supreme council of the church, which
meets once in four years. On the way
to Baltimore Rev. Potashinsky proposes
making stops of several days In Chicago
and Naw York and will return byway of
New Orleans and St. Louis, reaching
home again about June I. i
A great treat is in store for the read
ers of the Enterprise, as Rev. Potashin
sky has agreed to furnish this paper with
a weekly letter while away. The rever
end gentleman’s letters will undoubtedly <
prove intensely interesting and these ,
wishing extra copies of the Enterprise
are advised to place their .orders early '
Tba first letter is sxpected to appear 1
post week. ‘' |
Rocky Ford Board of Trade Transact*
Some Business
Pursuant to call tha adjournad annual
meeting of the Rocky Ford Board of
Trade was held in L. R. Fenlason'e office
last Friday evening. Reports of tha year’s
business were made by officers and
several committees, and the following
board of directors was elected:
J. A Lockhart, W. J. Brown, J. R Cun
ningham. J. H. Avard, E. C. Shelton. L.
R. Fenlason. M. U. Randel. H. A. Dawley,
I. D. Hale. P. J. Reifel. H. W. Lance. G.
M. Hall. H. I. Maxwell. W. C. Steele. H.
J. Sprinker.
The board of directors met Monday
evening ? nd elected the following officers:
President —H. W. Lance
First Vico E. C. Shelton
Second Vice -W. J. Brown
Secretary— M U. Randel
Treasurer —W. C. Steele
An earnest effort was made to prevail
upon Col. Lockhart and G. M. Hall to re
tain the positions of president and secre
tary that they had so ably filled, but they
both offered good and sufficient excuses
and so were freed from their official duties
upon their promise to “help the cause”
as members of the board of directors.
Several matters for the good of the
town were discussed and it was deter
mined to place tne board upon a more
businesslike footing, and to this end a
1 committee consisting of Messrs Shelton.
Dawiey. Hall. Sprinker and Lockhart, was
appointed to revise the by-laws, so that
a moro energetic effort may be made to
“promote the general prosperity of the
varied interesU of Rocky Ford." as the
preamble pithily states.
Holtons Great Frtodi and Visitors
la Naw Quarter*.
On Wednesday. April 22. Bolton's
Music and Art SpocialtyStore on tha cor
ner of Main strait and Elm avtnua was
formally oponod with a grand recaption.
Despite tha dust storm a constant stroam
of visitors onterod tba portals to viow tbs
transformation that bad taksn place In
this portion of tbs Hals building and tbs
most pspular expression from tbs sigfet
sssrs was “Ha perfect!* io*oly.“
Tbs ebangs that has taksn plans to to
dssd wondsrfuL A largs plats glass
window has taksn tbs pises of ths un
sightly brick wall on tbs Elm asanas
side and tbs Main strait front tas boon
bsautiflod. Ths Insidt of tbs stors it also
now. pspsr of coovsnUonal design covers
the walls and with tbs new furniture and
fixtures tbs Boltons may be congratulated
upon having tbs handsomest little stars
in ths city, as well as upon tbs prosper
ity that baa marked their business life.
Four years ego Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bol
ton oponod a little stors at Oil
avenue with s small stock of musical in
struments. and now they occupy a build
ing 26x60 foot that is filled to overflow
ing with everything in the music line, art
and embroidery goods, etc.
Every visitor to the stors on Wednes
day was regaled with punch, by
Mr*. Bolton, was presented with a hand
some souvenir, and was so pleasingly
welcomed that they will not soon forget
it. and will avail themselves of the kind
ly invitation to “call again.”
Bock from Honolulu.
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Maxwell got home
Wednesday after a three months absence
amidst strange scenes. They report hav
ing had an exceedingly pleasant trip to
Honolulu, then back to Santiago, where
they met the U. S. Navy and Returned
with the jolly sailors to Uke in the hearty
welcome the boys in blue received at
Los Angeles, and then home by the way 1
of Grand Canon, which was surely an
itinerary agreeable enough to suit the 1
most fastidious. Mr. Maxwell says that
he had the time of hit life and never felt 1
better, and hit looks certainly boar out
the statement.
A Small Blaze.
An overheated flue communicate
fire to iU surroundings on tho top fir dm!
tho Ramsay Dry Goods Co.’a •• .armf
Monday morning, but luckily t> m
was discovered before it ha - iblaxe
much headway, and a hast* .
“bucket brigade” had it quer *£2
the arrival of the fire depart* ’
SI2OO worth of goods • **
less damaged, mainly » _____ __
w»Ur. .nd th. dim.fr ..TIT ,*!
b?i —
Mrs. Parks, of Sr
“.Ur.Mr.M U P
C. B. Adams of
day visitor at th .xatfiV
Leattvfil* was a Sun
~ r § ftfmaajr homo.
D. T. club on . _ . . .. n
Th. r... fanfidl entertainod tha O.
I w * Totatoy afternoon.
,r«CIK4«» firm Sunday
ckl.d I ■ the iFraebytarian churth choir
half of /*ew*M* thatithaabaanda-
Mr* • .. «*•*».lt
iFbf**bh k **rvl**. Thapublie ia
But Not of tho Int xlcatlng Kind of I
Obeying a cordial invitation from Ed
Sever, the Enterprise man. in company <
with the editors of the Rocky Ford Gaz- I
ette and Tribune, found himself on Tues- 1
day upon a Santa Fa train whirling to- <
ward the town !rt Arkansas Valley i
that a sparkling beveT 4 ®*“'Water has I
made famous.
Arriving at Fowler we were met by H. I
M. Fosdick and L. D. Kenison. two gen- 1
tlemen who know and c-nver *e more an- 1
tertaingly upon the subject of water than i
many who have made water a lifetime I
study. Carriages were awaiting us and
after a short drive about the handsome
little town, during which we found evl- '
dences upon every hand that Fowler is a ■
very lively and prosper ol !* MM? bur fr '
started for our ultimata goal -tha rangfl
of hills north of Fowler wherein is the
Source of the springe that for the past
four years have supplied that place with
its drinking water and are now supplying
Manzanola 'and Rocky Ford with th*
same blessed fluid.
We had supposed that we were out for
a jaunt of perhaps five miles, but found
ourselves at fault on this point and many
others ere our return to Fowler. Our
little jaunt axtanded over a distance of
thirty mile*, and In almost every other
particulai our preconceived ideas were
proven erroneous. Instead of finding that
several springs had been connected by
trenches with a reservoir as we had
heard waa th* case—we found that
every spring that has been tapped hat
been followed to ita head on the bed rock
and that vitrified clay piping had been
loosely laid and covered with gravel to
th* depth of several feet—to allow the
water to percolate into the pipes. Some
distance above the break in the shales
the pipes were cemented together and to
the different arteriee—if we may so term
them—ware continued until their junc
tion with the mala pipe, which b of iron
coated inside and out with aaphaltam
1 paint to prevent corrosion, although thb
1 b not feared within the pipe, ae the
1 water running through has been tested
by gcvramonl and other analysts god
fount to be abeetoflf free from afi elh«~
line eatotenoo-
After vbiting the different springs,
which cover a tract of tome ten mile* in
Otero county cod reach over into Pueblo
county for about ala miles, and noting the
careful system of collecting the water
cod carrying It to the iQilfi» w»
convlncwd that tV • w,r '
Bouibility of coo*.- ' w “ n 0
anlUitraach#' th. w.iar
followadC^ * m * ift Pip*. W« th.lt
, m*in to ■ point nut Olroj
Jt that dbuac. found but two open
ingt. eno of thorn on sir root with hslot
1 no largar than tho hood of a pin, and tho
othor a tiny chum provide for an ov.r
flow ood from which . .moll , u „ m ~
UAUAlltf ninnlnw ik.
utimlly running—tho w.ur „.,n f
through a Una .croon. It I, u * ,m
--po**,bla •<* “P «P*«a or o. iUld , T I
•unco to antar th* pip. at If* “
— ... v. . ..v. ui, pipe at ir _* E
and from tho last pl.c. “VJL £ ,
Rocky Ford th. only hoi. “ ]
or. for tho .und pip... . iln th. "tow t
.r. may
ni*had b, Uw Pur. Sp. •»«" Zl
Co. b abwlutoly fro. “ r«
and IU conurnmaf *" lm P ,nl »; ]
other causes at an rom l
Another report /« mh *T , 1
h»Y. no found. ,l *' l p, ”*l “
Spring Water ' u ’* l U '*
nbh Ui. pmi iwppiy 00. could not fur- |
eufflcbnt r d* »* *° ck T For<l W ' U ’ “
foond Uut ad unfailing .oppb w »
20 apring dt th* prwMnt tim., with only
can .up* • uonnoctad up. th. company
of wot* jtf about thru. timt. the .mount
100. <*. nood. Thor own l.a.t
l.rg- prtnga. «m. of whbh an much
wir JT than any In wo. »nd Rock f F ® rd
b* , hs*r* to grow oomo- ny 40.000
,lon It can ua* alt tha wawr th. eom-
jmtj <«n ghrt u*. '
, OYa might writ* a'long'*!*! mora or mm ,
interacting artlcla about our tnp • nd ™*
1 count ftomo of tho ««**•’ .T" 1 *
l timaa in Uw ArkanaM Valley, at told “*
by that prtneo of rweonlaora. Jud «" Fo *
dick, who ctm to Colorado in 160 ,nd
1 waa ono of tha thrM' atouneh R«r iblicana
! who for many yaart roiad th. ontira
1 atroagth of tlwir party in what «»» than
1 tha waatam praeinet of Bant oourty. but
• tha infant of thin articla waa to »"«"«•
1 aur raadora that tha bararaga auppliad in
’ Rocky Fart by Superintendent b *’ ,r °'
\ tha Puro Springa Water Supply Co. waa
d uw ganuina unadultaratad Anna Pura,
and tha Knlar price hopaa it hat aeeom
phthed that porpoaa.
W. A. Studabobor on Tu«d*’ ironing
chaparonod a party of p.o.p.ct.n homo- '
•t.ad«r. to th. tract in South*'"
county Wad upon lo.t w«k by th. Whb.
Rock Rtoervoir. Canal and Und Co. The
now irrigation projmt I. • Hu *“ d "V U "
San Arroyo, and land along
being oagarly mmght Th. d "to** m
th. now irrigation * »•
Daria. Floyd Martin w. A.
Studabakar and Andrew Bomg.rdnor, au |
of Rocky Ford.
Domestic Science Short Course Aa
sured for Next Winter.
As the Enterprise reported at the time
of the recent Domestic Science Short
Course in this city, th* ladies of Rocky
Ford and vicinity were so well pleased
with tho useful information received that
resolutions were adopted asking for a
return date. Mrs. H. W. Royal was in
structed to m»it« the request to the
Colorado Agricultural College, and in re
ply hereto she has received the following
letter from the Director of Farmers' In
Mrs. H. W. Royal. Rocky Ford. Colo.
Dear Madam:
Your favor to President Aylesworth
was received during my absence, and has
been turned over to me, as I havo charge
Qf the Farmer's Short Courses* We are
planning to hold both Farmer's and
Domestic Science Short Courses in Rocky i
Ford next winter. We cannot set tho
date yet until we hear from all other |
points. There are several other towns'
that applied for the date you askod for
before you did, but after all applications
are in. we will try and adjust the dates to
make them satisfactory for all concerned.
The college greatly appreciated the
way that our people were treated at
Rocky Ford, and we hope to be able to
give you even a better Short Course than
you had last winte r .
Sincerely yours.
H. M. Cottrell.
Result of the Primaries.
Republican primaries for th* election of
delegates to the county convention were
held throughout the county last evening.
The delegates and alternates from the i
several Rocky Ford precincts ar# as fol- :
lows: Pnkcixct 15
. IMorsim Al»«*rost*v
K. P. Cnllln* <’• fa. Kullmrr
W. H. Hleant C. V. WondJUd
L M. Ivnlwnn <l* * • Ha*«rl*«
t P. Ilarbuur H.r Neltby
W. r. tUeele John Ulichie
J. Ihikr* JH. Hunt
L. W. OMePbevwie
M. r. wis mt Chart—Cook
A. C.Hlunn «’• D. Molsnder
CUrvnee Oovrvnu S* Larero
Pxxcixct 14
M.f. MarUe W.O. Mania
G. W. Ill#si— C J. Cover
fleet Hhelt«*» tajev* Whellea
fm &
SC-£s,M‘" i.'k'VKn. '
* W.a-tok |
.... rmbi. Hr" I
H W.Un** ft V W^wll
7A*-££kMrt "o«
fciiSi-So fej-Sfl**
FtK i
Prkcipct 16
n«w. Todvl Arthur H.Jjejie—
Lli'iisll eiiutUk
k ff. M. Minor fhul MJwm®
j. M.Chrtttoa I T* taw*
j W, Wl g. J. vtetch«r
Returns From Sad Mission.
John McKittrlek rrturnod Frkl.y from I
Brookfield. Mo . whor. h. wa. e»ll*d Iwo ■
watk. ago by «h* d*aih of hi. ton. H. A. ■
McKiUrick. Whil. on hi. «»» “ St 1
Loui. with a win load ol *h..p «h« «r
in which th. young m»n riding w** I
ul..cor*d by a p..*ong*r
POO, follow bed hi. log caught between
the ear limber, in .uch away that it |
j could not b. aitricalad and for half a
hour ha.offered in iambi, agony. F.«ary
, :,ffort to pry lha „on-bound l.mb.r. apart
. i proved futile and at laat a Covanant min- ,
i latar took tha knlfa londarod by th. un- i
l fortunete fellow .nd amputated lha limb.
, But even th,e heroic ral.a.a waa of no
I avail, ae tha young man di*d four houra
t later from internal injuries.
Mi** Alio* Cook roturnod to D*n»*r on _
Sunday, to rnumi har duti«* a* in.lruc- ■
Ur in Woodruff Collaga. ■
Mlat Katharina Burt arri.ad Tu.*day ■
from Coldwaiar. Kan., to .pand th. .urn- |
mar with har ai.tar, Mra. H. J. Spnnkar. ■
W B Qobin wa. thla wart granlad 0 ■
franchiea to in.tall an I
1 plant in th. town of F0w1.,. Th. Ent. ■
pr,M undaraund. that a company will b. |
1 formad to uk. ov.r th. propo..tion aa ■
‘ won as matlars can bo got in »hap«. ■
Mrs. w. H. Young arrivod from E«c*l- ■
slur Spring*. Mo., -horo ah. ha. baan m |
alt.nd.nc. upon hor hu.band. R«ky ■
Ford friand. will bo ptaaorf ««. '«rn that I
Mr. Young hoarogoinod hia form.r h.alth I
, though th.y will bo aorry to haar that hi I
will not ratum to thi. city. “J*»*j?“* I
! have cauuonad him again.t thla alutuda. I
Ha la now in Dodgo City. Kan., and ■
poet* to mako that plac. hi. futuro horn*. I
on. of th* moat onjoyabla maatinga of
tha Sana Souci club waa hald at tha homa
of Mra. Babcock on Tuesday afurnoon. |
A miwallanaou* program »»• P’*";
aach mambar contributing aomathmg of
intoroftt Th. rwding of P*P*'*—_
ursporwd with vocal solo* by Mra. T. h.
Coffman, piano wlo* by * ,M
i geek and a racitation by Mia# B«rtha I
[Kaipar, wblah provldad a graat daai of |
| Make Work
jCJI a Holiday
'vZ2_^^g ;i Scrub? So •ure some of our |
I " Ail,S ,0 C,eanlil,eSS "
Merry War and Lewis Lye * ~w
Old Dutch Cleanser I/!w*«*»/\«r
20-Mule-Team Borax K||ll7Py
Sapolio Bon Ami Pearline J
Gold Dust Antonia Cg.gv/wrk»*i;
Scrub Brushes IirOCCrV
Mop Sticks Mop Heads U,VVV ‘J
Steamboat Mops Brooms
Clothes Lines, rope and wire LUlll V
Wash Boards, brass or glass J
Ball. Bag or Bottle Blue
Wigglestick The
Sunny Monday Soap Ivory
Crystal White- Lighthouse Good Things 10 Eat
Pride of Denver White Kussian Store
Wool Soap X-Ray Stove Polish
Enameline Rising Sun ~ .
rlione 2;» r oru
Debt Is a Guaranteed Insurance Policy I
Against Happiness. 8
lir e Sell for Gash, und hope our Prices will I
merit u share of your patronage. ■
Ha***, tb lic awd 14c 8
taUfAJpowdß* ■
•• •• • “ *• A
.. .. SO “ “ s*»o |
RSfSltaJk -a.MM * c I
• bar* CryaUt W. Soap . -‘AV f lour. IH lb *I4A 1
« bar, white Rua.i«n *mn,. S-« None Better i »l ,i 6 X
I bar* Kola Naptha ao.|>~ R* I
3 bant Ivory - Hjp,., crooknl aram Ih 6c ■
3 bar* Lava *“P - ~ Ztc |t„H«l OaU. fr.mli, lb ; 6o ■
6 gheeta Fly Papw l* U ro Pepper, lb I
Fancy Peacbe* lb J, K . , mK W.st "» I
I Fancy Appl«*. R) Ic u.-, u, |,n« Salt Jo .° I
Fancy Prane*. lb gj Sew Cahlioßo 11. - I
1 Kiwim * *q Loinmiße .log 2'l*- ni"[ 2-m ■
Byrup, Kall«.n ()rnnK<*n. <!<•* 25c nml-f«>c ■
I Sorghum, gnlloti ■
I " Free Delivery I
I Phone West 117. I
I pec Our Monday tMontitig |
Jiardeifs SPECIAL 1
Out of our large stock of Summer Dress I
Goods we have chosen about ') 3 pieces, I
2500 yards, including Batistes. Dimities I
and Lawns, white grounds, and all cob I
ors figures and dots also dark colore I
ground with white figures and dote. I
These goods are worth from l z 2 c to I
20c per yard. We offer them to you I
until May \ at, per yard, lOC I
S«c our North Window lor pretty Pattern* ■
AW have on sale about threc down ladies’ I
fitbrio Gloves, few long, most of them short. I
I They go at half price. I
I 303 N. Main St jfCardey*
NO. 47

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