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B. U. (Jloim H. 8. Beall W. U. Gubin
Attorneys & Counsellors
OMeo i Qobln Block . Rooky RorO
Henry J. Sprinker.
Undertaker and
Parlor* on
Kim Avenue. Rockv Pond, Colo.
Notary Public
and Insurance
Rocky Ford, - - Colorado
I*l lON It WKHT. 114.
KI SIZKV-CoVKK lluii.ni.SO.
DR. R. h. BROWN.
dbm rim r
Crown and Bridge Work and fine Gold
Filling a speciality.
Male Block Rocky Ford
Dental and Veterinary Surgeon
la I la anesrml <L»jr or mxbt.
OUlrval |*ala«-e Livery llarn. I'bonr lllua l.’l
|[i'«idrnn’ |*l»one VM HI
OAm- Harm ltr« kn lli—k 8 Main Nlrret
|’lH«r* -«arr. Kiml «l{ B—ld. me. Illu- fill
lives' 1 EVES
See WILSON about them.
Office o\ cr Shelton's O roc cry
l*ii«blo‘* l.ca *lng Specialist
Treat# rbnmlr diwsir* of men. amaen
•ml ■ • 1 •«"«. « ••nan!l«l|aMl IWI •-!* ler
ti*«» m«ll
i M I /ATItKMMW M l>. fulle M 4.
na>fl linen. I'url.Ca. C.»*o,
.10 DAY
Ttt InlnaliKe mar lnn«mn(« In tku
• I Inttf ar Mill “'I out I Mr** MS lor
«|*al Htb«. real ftnwr fUi
•N 4 Ikainrri »li» at HIM, cut funs
* • ...
«Mly automat!** rfc»*n abep
i-iteiy naIHIIM bawl. Il*a«t >-W»r
task and Main. one Bnun in Ilxhl oak.
n> or mlMkai Nil* auaran
lead. |ln«d*f» «i awmc rt«lu<«4 (Viera
I Mw* llothe.* IM r O I -aJunta. NoA
BmM I om f*e Comoro
Doalor in
Wind Mills. Pumps, Water
Supplies, Sewer Pipe
w. d. McPherson
101 So. 9th St.
SDnsw^ , uB
ad rots Irwespawa 1
•attW • Mat tm I
amount tamer I
rs •Iklw m .*4 aMt I
a • pamtwal iUad.«m i M
•» easaUf afcab {
I yaa baa W tbe|e. j
tW mb! fca Msau I
l.ahbage. Tomato and Swccl
Potato plants at the Lbbert Seed
New Cement Sid-walk D<ut in at T
C*n - a a foot. A*h II *, $ll. M. J. Wl
ho e? Leavaotd*»% at f»aw!*y*a Lum
b«f vard.
Plumbing and he . Repair wo»k c
an Vinda. See us to* *he b® t line of h>
drants and lawn aupr’ie*. r enrge Clark
Phone White 665. Stark's stcre.
City Engine* Balk, Pump Broken nnd
Reservoir Empty
Rooky Ford has certainly been a dry
town this week because of a succession
of untoward circumstances. The latter
part of last week the engine* at the
pumping plant played out and while they
were resting up the opportunity was
taken to clean up about the city wells,
the water board relying upon the D. K.
Woods rotary pump and the reservoir to
supply the needs of the city. But they
reckoned without the hoodoo that appears
to hover about the water works, and it
of course dropped in and tied things up
generally. Saturday morning’s fire used
up considerable of the reserve and when
it was found that the D. K. pump could
not supply the demand a ukase was sent
out that ths watering of lawns must
cease until further orders. For a couple
of days ths reservoir well msnsged to
| partially supply the needs and than on
j Tuesday night the strain upon the D. K.
rotary proved too much and it broke
down This loft only the reservoir and
it was speedily emptied and is now be
ing cleaned out. Repairs art being made
as rapidly as possiole end the water
j board expects to have part of the plant
running today when the drought will be
During the dry spell, the advantage of
having an independent end adequate sup
-1 p'y of water for domestic purposes has
boon amply demostrated and the Pure
I Springs Water Co. has been kept busy
supplying the demand for their beverage.
Another Fire at Canning Factory
The fire aepartmeni was called out last
Friday forenoon to quell another blaze at
the canning factory. Cinders dropped
i from a yard engine had set firs to the
fence surrounding the factory buildings
and by the time the hose company reached
the scene, flames were reaching from the
engine roam of the mam building to the
sheds on the opposite stde of the yard,
and things looked fierce. But everything
bore a different aspect a few momenta
' after water was turned on. and it did not
• take long to dispell all fear that the fact
ory was again to receive a scorching
The damage was slight and has not af
. fee tod the rebuilding of the factory.
Wads* orth Poet €l. A. R. Memorial
Sunday Service.
The Confererc# Committee met at the
; Post room May 16.1908. and outlined the
! following program: Ail old soldiers, wo
mans* Relief Corps. Ladies of the O. A. R.
sons and daughters of veisrsns are tnvi
lid to meet at the Odd Fellows Hail at
10 o'clock a. m. on Sunday. May 24.
I 908.10 jotn with Wadsworth Post to at
tend the memorial sermon to be preached
at the Presbyterian church at 11 o'clock
a. m. By Order of Committee.
Immune to Colds.
**A Q««k#*r #*•«,“ *ald a physician
•never catches cold. Ilnr Immunity
I* due to her bonnet. If I had my way.
all of us. women and men alike, would
wear Quaker bonnet*. This bonne*
protect* the back uf the head and the
nape uf the neck. t*u very tender
«pou The rape especially to lender
a eood *!raucht strike you there
for Just a second and 111 guarantee
you a week’s cold. The Quakeress**
bonnet may not be beautiful, but pro
teetlnc her nape as U does. It keep*
Arr free from colds year la and yea*
A Woman Hoag
around the neck of her husband and told
him the only way to keep peace in the
family sras to bring her a box of Spar
rows high grade chocolates from J. M
Tucker St Co s Confectioners.
For Sale or Trade for Chickens.- -A
thoroughbred pup. Inquire at 612 N.
6th Su
For Renu—Three nicely furnished
rooms for housekeeping. Inquire at
Derrick's. 710 Swine A»s
Early Ohio PoUloa for seed
•t The Ebbcrt Seed Co.
No. 9117
WAsnisriTos. b C, April *T. toe
SSMM*. ttr MH*f*rii<u rthMm pro
•pnlrt t*» lie HndrNrsMl. II h«« Mvn mad*
In .pt-wr that **TV Nnrftt PWiI National
Hans.** In the ' in of Knrk; Ford. la lb
j « .mn» ynf in* m *n«i State i»f ITtlundn ba«
i r».M.pl'rt *>lb all Ihr prarl*|nn«otibrSlal
•lies «l»- I nl'H stale*, rvnulifd to he nan
I |<IM «<ili le|<Rp «n a**vl«lVa iball he au-
Ithxtliol InoHnmenrr Ibe hu«lieM of llank
K.. m therefore. !. rhnmaaP Kane. Deputy
-•m| trtin* f*« tHpt roller of (he I'urreney. 4»
Mnln itMII? lliat *n»e Barky F*-rd Nation
• I hank.** In th«* •’lty of M.vlt hvd in the
I'-li uf Ul*m and Slate nf Colorado. I
••HI*. rled !•• p'nwnre the hn-lnpM of
tur-hin* -*• in seat km mu one
I*i'irnlf«l »n l .itti-nlnenf the K-vi-cl Slat
ute- of the Unltml States
In whereof alines
(•MI.I mi hand and «eal *-f ••ISee
■ torll IS S.
j IhM'r »t*d tctlnir f>«mptr—l*r of the Cur
Retwy 40‘S
j New Barber Shop
j and Bath Rooms
• New A poll -
err" -s»ctrc VR*sage and
I Comp *.< rt A *
l:Ci;i . pcc.rg « Specialtf
t <? os.
0/9 Kim Avc.
Hardey’* Occupy . I heir Hhlhm
New Store
At last the workmen have completed
the alterations that for several weeka
have been under way in and about the
Hardey Bros, store, the new fittings and
stock are in place and the proprietors are
ready to welcome their customers to one
of the most complete and handsome dry
goods stores in the Arkansas Valley.
To the Main street store has been add
ed aa “L M 26x40 feat in size, opening up
on Elm avenue, which gives them a
greatly enlarged floor space, and besides
an entrance upon the busiest avenue in
the city. The Elm avenue front it a
duplication of the handsome front that
has graced Hardey’e Main street store,
and this at our readers know, is the fin
est store front in the city. The interior
of the annex is in keeping with the ex
terior and with the new and up-to-date
fittirgs and handsomely decorated wails
presents e most attractive appearance.
This pnrt of the store will be devoted to
gents furnishings and is filled with an
extensive and well-selected line of mea't
shoes, etc. The annex has given room
for a much-needed alteration in the rear
of the main slurs—as Shoemaker Miche
will gleefully tell you—for he now has a
greatly enlarged shoe shop, beneath which
it a commodious store room for surplus
As a fitting close to this article the
Enterprise will briefly sketch the busi
ness history of the Hardey'e: In August
of 1904. Henry and Waltar Hardey em
barked in business in a little store on
South Main street with a $5,000 stock.
Their fair and courteous treatment of all
customers brought its reward and in
about a year they found their quarters
too small for the rapidly increasing busi
ness. and they moved to their present
store on North Main street. Here their
trade grew apace until it was again nec
essary to enlarge-and the Elm avenue
annex was the outcome. Hardey'e it
now one of the largest dry goods estab
lishments in the city and they carry a
stock at least four times larger than that
with which they began business less thvn
four years ago. We believe that no bet
ter evidence could be furnished of the
prosperity that has attended this justly
popular firm.
Our Soda Fountain and Cream Parlor
is open for the season, and we art pre
pared to serve you to the queen's lasts
with all kinds of frozen goods. Ice
Cream in any quantity promptly deliver
ed to any part of lha city. J. M. Tucker
& Co.. Pnone West 146.
No 9117
Report of the Condition uf
■I Kick) Fbfd. la ih® Htal* of Cbh*
redo. ■! Ibo rWi*.’ of 'iO«lu*m I Ik?
Illh «U* of Ml), IV**.
Loan* *nil Diamunf* . lIVKCJ3
• •Yrr.tr eft SMI.V4
•jt lloi-l* *tM| ritimum SUSU
Furniture and htlum l.tonflo
Hu*- tffo* 11.-W JI.SSu II
« ..H ■ km! I'osb lira* la
Vault van II Hf.eSZ C
<~afMi*l Bl>«*k . laiOUll
I'aUlVMlrtl I’foSl*. IraM
frlW WMI
li • . XLMKIi tKljtXlt*
I. W. H MiiKlrYlllr. I‘wbkf «f Iba ahnvr
hamnl i .t>. ... r ib*i i»-< •
• iAin,,r.t i. into, arxl lhal th*» •dM-lut** no
i.«rk of IHo fully sol rormily nrr*-
mri iHo iruo •!••*» of Ibo worst
ibrivin <TNiUln*d.Uilbß Inal »f ay Rnnsl- .
oil- *O4 l-IHI
I'uftai Allr*ll
i*Miß.i) V.B, llandevlHeK Oebkt.
-COWlj f.V lliurk i
•>i nr.l) C J flavor > INntl'lt*
-i#n*«l| W. J. 11? own f
Viaio off fokoraAn » - -
l ••uniy of lHr»n r"'
Mnfn to anal auWrlM ha fnrr mo tbl.
Jt.| day of May. IW; and 1 l*orvl»y corilfa
that I am on! ao oflm «»r a d'rrrl.ir of thl«
Unb. K. Lsvaav N< Kn.n r.
Notary Pulillr.
M » om mlulno raplro* Oc*. in. ISIQ.
MoreVrofit in
Stock Raising
ran msdolf lh*»d»vn»»lrocn|»-o*
liy «»l yriir sn'inal I* itiffWAol ami
r»flml tn-al'h raalntalnod. Dr.
llrw .•*!•■ b fond l* Ibo fo - ripllnn
a.f l»r ll—. (M D.l» V f» ) f..rln
rrrflnf ihr diavailon. o*ul «i| •*
to* I* .wou ixirirylnc tbo hl«--l and
rrlirrlnf »ho mlrv*f •Inrk allmont*
A HoaitHy animal only ■Hir.ta ,
ahntit >• |- r ronl «*f lt« f* od. Ity
IHo a<ldlllf«o of Hit tor tonic thl*
atn<Nint can tir lnrtm*ol If a
animal l— Improved,
iblnk of tlto pr*Ai In fomlln* .
sto ;r pood
t>. an •in'lirlfiy animat It rr .tore
licat'b an 1 ri-'-pf•- fl-o animal In
mtitiit ti»«- inrurai p>- IMe por
rrni*»rn' h> f**-i mien tntntamo.
ti*ti»«**» •••lik f,t. no., p-rmltiine
l« .. t.a—..tr a- wa.to.
t»r It •« M-.'k V'mal l« th" ♦l'lfß
tinck'txl: I* !<•• Itio m-'lleal >an<l
kototla»n*y It atltait lona Hack of It.
•».?.! mi • -ttliicn ■uarsntoo.
100 lha. $7 00. 25 lh. Psil $2.00
For Sale by
That our Anmtou fonata .bound a
plant, which pox—, th. noM T.lu.bl.
modlclnal virtue. U ikudißtlf .HMtad
by Korea of tbo M. w.1n0.% audloal
writer, and tteehw. Sma th. nntn- j
tored lndl.ns had dlaawarad th. naatah I
mm of our mUto KW halm th.
vlTwit of tb. white rnM. At. lafonw
tlon, Imputed fraalr te th* white, ted
tb* latter to oonUano famtldaMana noUl
to-day wo bavo a rteh aaaoHte—il of Boat
Tain.hi. atetrloaa BOdMaal roote.
•«. a a
Pr. piotoo Kin.- aaaaor Awoto. ay
ur lnuufttsuoa. lonM Mver. wctlooaf
ar i ••■fh valvular a*4 other eHeetfons of
(L .t art yield to Its eerattvo action. The
rear n why u cures those and at any other
affax tioni. Is clearlF shown In a little book
of extracts from the standard eeadlcel works
which Is mailed /res to any address hy Dr. R.
V. Pierce, of Duffel* M. Y- SO all seeding
request for the same.
Not leaa msrvilowa In tho wnparsltoUd
cure* U la oonetaatlF Raektag of woman's
rnsnr peculiar affection weefcieeere and
dDty?»*4ng dertnggmentn Is Dr. Plarce's
F s Vorl i« aaUmoo tVucoo^
•Qv <v
Both the shovo BMRDianad medkrtnea ara
Wholly made up fromth# ity eerie extracts of
nailve. tnodlclnal roots. Tho proceeees em
ployrd In their manufacture were original
with l>r. Pierce, andlhey era carried on by
akiu.'i chemuta and pbannadsU with the
eld of apparatus and appliances specially
(iNlpiftl and balls tor this purpoms Both
DHtlli'iiint sre entirely free from elcobol end
all oil.< r harmfub habll-torming drug*. A
full lui of iheir ingredloota la printed on
each boiilo-wrapper.
At Fowler Draws n Vary Large
The annual convention of the Sunday
Schools of Otaro county was hald in
Fowler on Monday and Tuesday, and
was marked by the largest attendance of
any convention since the union of the
chrittian schools of the county. 144 dele
gates being present
Tho following delegates were present
from Rocky Ford: Rev. Harter. Rev.
Hamm. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Henry. Mr.
end Mrs J. W. Bateman. Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Miller. Mesdames M. L. Ford. 0. C.
Frantz and Roxianna Swink; Messrs. W.
R Hardey. C M Hall and W. R. Cline:
Mines Burris, Byers. Chritton. Robb.
Shelton. Sherman and Unversaw.
J. C. Carman. State Superintendent
and Mrs J. A. Walker. State Primer,
Su; ermtendent of Denver, were present
and addressed the convention, arousing
great enthusiasm. The sessions through
out ware intensely interesting and in
it wa% decided to hold the fall institute
in R«cky Ford and the next annual con
v«nfj*>n will be held in Sugar City. The
following officers were elected for the
ensuing year:
President- J. D Conard. Otney.
S«c'etary--Mt*s Esther Bartow. Man
Treasurer—J. VI. Bateman. Rocky
D. D. Wiley is headquarters for all
kinds of Hot Bod Plants. Phone White
sri. -48 if ;
Here we are with another of our
That we hope will attract the city
Cause them to talk and talk and
Stauffer's market ie certainly run
to pay.
Everything over there it out of
Nothing left out, and everything
dona right
Indeed it is up to data.
Nothing heads it off in the state.
It is a place of which all should
feel proud.
And you just ought to see the
That hover about the doors on Sat
Each with arms full that they carry
From Stauffer's market up to date.
Ths finest goxls sold in tho state.
Some talking English, some Mexi.
can. some Dutch.
Ail wondering how they got to
But in one thinj they all agreed
That Stauffer's market was in the
And this is always about the way.
Not only on Saturday, but every
day, at Stauffer's.
Now is tho Time
Furnish Your Home
On the Installment Plan
On and alter June /. all Furniture
Hardware, Carpets, Etc., will be
sold lor Gash or on the Install
ment Plan.
t Now is Your Time to Buy ;
jWall Paper!
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ We are overstocked and are closing *
X out a great many patterns at 10 cents ♦
♦ a bolt. ' ♦
♦ They won’t last long at that price. X
♦ Get busy. •»
♦ v
I City Dru£ Store \
, , , ■ ■ - -■»
SWb Are Showing Styles
in men's wearing apparel that can
not be had in factory-made clothing.
Come and soe them cs well as the
new and exclusive fabrics. Make up
your mrnd to be really wall drevsed
this year by having us make you a
suit to your own measure. It will
not cost more than you usually pay.
Imperial Flour
Boat by Teat
Wholesale Agente
102 S. Mala Street Phono Btna 64
I have $30,000 to Loan at prea »
ent time. AH private money.
satin for Ciutmil
Cuff Buttons
Veil Pins
Neck Chains
and Bracelets
Gome Id and sn in
South Main Street
8«at« of (Vtonwln, I ..
County ot Oirro I r "
In lh* matter nf the ffeiate of \
Adam H Orntet. Dceoml. f
Petition nf Hannah K Comer. >
KritninUinitrlx. fur an Order to I
Sell deal R«tate «n Fay Debt* )
Thl# matter mm In * on i«» he beard on this
•■Hit day of May. A. b. '*»*. upon (He petition
aird herein hr Mantuh R t o*n»r. Admlnlte
tmtrlt nf #ala e«tate. fnr i**«? Ment the
low In# de*erlbrd real e-tile. nr a port low
»herr..f. to.wit: THe #nttihwe#l quarternf the
n«-rlhwe«| qtiarler of Nmihm thirty (») la
Town.hln twentr-three (&) Hntith of Maneo
srtr-.|« ( A) w«( of the Mh F M.j al*n thO
w>uthra#t quart.r nf the n»rthe*.t qu rler of
B»eOnn twenty eve ( *.) In !>»• n«hlp Rw-niy
thre- f*outn .if Hnnvf n (M) Wn*
nr the ath F. M : al*o Lit. ilylilmi tIS. to
Iwenty-tottr flit Inrlit.lre In t ntner'* Nub
dlrt.ion to the City of K«cky Ford: all nf —ld
Itend* iM-inv «ltnat««d In Otrrn CVninty. OnH>-
r*«lo: f..r the pnrno.n of |H*ylnv the dehl* nf
wild ealatn. A lid It now atqtearina to tl*e
t *»urt from ..id petition in#t pmp-r and
i-vtl vnoind* «•%.•! f.w the «ale t.f all or a
|H>rtl«n of ..i t re«i . .t ,tr
Knw therefore. It i.crvlrred hy the Court
that llacnah K. t omer. Motlana .••wink, H<>
land A. t omer and Rimer Coiner nil tiff.in*
who are heir. ~f «ald deecdeot. I«e and anuoar
neiore **m »'.«irt. in the city of Ik luma.
tA.mil* and Siam afore.aid. on the nth day
of June. A D. IP>s. at the i u-of pin ehiOH ID
•he f..n n—tn ot «a|d d;«r. ihm anti them to
.hew tviw. |f any titer* I—, whj an order
«h"iil«l not ln> made .life> tin# the wtitl Stl
minl.tratrir to #ell the-r|, ... ~r «.• much of
•aid e.tat.. H . mat l«- neve—atr for the
t>lirpo*e« .INX'ldctl In «<%••! pet Item
*t *• Jurt her nttlfml ft i •h'« -nler tie pul>-
Jl.htd for at lea.t four .uew-.lvo week* to
the ii< < L* Kiel Rni. rprtM>. a weekly new**
lopt r putd -hod in «aWI t'otmlt
II t* Itirther ordere.l that W Scan I and.
<d #aid I otinty of titefo. and he l« hereby
Hpp'imtod a* auar>llTtit ad 'ltem for Hnlattd A.
• toner, minor, to repreaeni «ald minor at mM
By the Court:
. .. A. 11. WAI.LIH. County Judgo.
Minor A North. Attorney# for Petitioner. RKI

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