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Rocky Ford enterprise. (Rocky Ford, Colo.) 1887-1950, May 22, 1908, Image 5

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We here plenty o( mouey to loeo to desirable perties
at the lowest market rate, and our reputation la that
our outoinera have lieeu better taken care of than
those of any bank in tbia vicinity.
II not, why not T
It will be to yonr interest to see na about your crop
expenae for thia aeaaon.
j .
Hiyh quality and madium pnco ara two things, more than any
other*.tfi»i wake th*~Moon~buggie« and surreys sell in this city 2
• Style erd finish have not been sacrificed for the sake of price I
11 —quality be* not been sacrificed for the sake of price. Many .
people doubt "Moon“ quant*. because of the low selling price. Z
but the quality i» there- in the wrtughl *teel be ace* and other ♦
metal part* - in the yellow poplar panel* and a*h fra mo—to I
the high-grade leather top*, the tire*, and every other part J
• • that goo* to make a first-class rig. 1
• Let u» fthow you sample*. T
P : “Hooky rord'm mttoy Corner" 00000*0 Hootottfoa X
: «♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦- ,
■ 1 u
N*. 911?
oirSL Rocky Ford National Bank
Cashiar ! Is yrayarwd la ItMMCI l
H. B MENDENHALL , Banking Mailnsas
Asu-CaahMr Armunts of merchants and individual
' nnlirilml on favorable terms, nod we *lll
be pleased to meet or eorraepood wilh
DIRECTORS i tl,n *° * l '" roiilemplnlc making ebangm
or openiiig new nrrotinta. Every econtn-
C. J. Co.tr morlation ronaialent with ooonerralivo
w. J. Brown Imnkina melliisla.
F. Y. Hauck |
Q to. w. La wit
W. a Mandavilla Capital Stick, Filly PiW, $50,000 1
u a
u a
u a
u a
« a
? s
i s
« DRY -
| At our Storr 8
j&PAP |
a a
a a
8 a
8 a
8 a
« S
nannnonnttnpnBaunn 1
See Mr*. M. M. Tourtilkrt about that
•prins dr«*9. 411 N. 6tK *60
For rent, sale or trade 8 room
brick. Good location for room
ers or boarders. Hot water bath
and Range.
M. U. RANDEL, Ag».,
51-tf 609 Swink.
Mr. and Mr*. Carl Wald returned on
Wednesday from Parry. Ok la, where
they had lest week Mcompanied tha ce
main* of their bula daughter.
Dr. Oodbay. ona of tha old piemen in
tha holinoa* mow tenant and tha author of
about SO different Scriptural work*, will
hold Mrvico* at tha Peeples Mkaion for
throe day*, rnmmwiilag tomorrow after
noon at 8:10.
The following popda af Prof. Jones'
room at tha Weehingfon bedding made
paeamg gradaa la a tee ck ere aaaminauon
m geography, that ha gave thorn rocanUy:
Myron Baxter. Clifford A Oman. Irvin
Rodeck. Edwin Pugh. Dali RKchia. Lae
Coear. Pearl Kaanan and Robert Steele
VoL I. No. I. of tha Hartman Enter
prim mad* Ka appearance open our ca
che ngo üblo thia week. The paper h
published in a little town near Oranad*.
which boaete a population of 88 of whom ,
80 are bu*lne*a man. according to the
Enterprise. A SBO,OOO alfalfa meal mill |
i» in courea of construction at Hartman
and the town is expected to "grow some"
' when it i* read* for business. The Hart
man Enterprise i* a newsy little sheet
1 and a credit to tha publisher, Newman
| H Lewis.
, Bloom Dyt and Mr*. Dy* got home
• last Saturday from their four months.
j tour of the United Slates, during which
they made slope in fourteen different
states and some parte of Canada, and
took in several of tha largest cities, such
as New York, Washington, Philadelphia
and Buffalo. Bloom had his mustache
shaved off in New Jersey and ao travel
ed incognito among hi* old friends in
Michigan towns. Ho now boars a sane- ,
timonious resemblance to an old-tme
preacher and ia at least eligible to a
dec< nship among tho Presbyterians.
Euphrosyne Whitehead is visiting
friends in La Junta.
Terrene* Cassidy is visiting friends in
Oklahoma City this weak.
Mrs. Geo. Meador entertained the O.
D. T. Club on Tuesday ofternoon.
. Miss Alice Clark of Manzanola ia visit
. ing Mrs. F. E. Hawley this week.
Clarence Wilson, of Jefferson, lowa, is
visiting his sister, Mrs W. B. Harter.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L: Garner of Pierre.
S. Dak, ara the guests of Mrs. Annie B.
Elser and family.
N. G. Keithley leaves today for Twin
Falls, Idaho, where he expects to make
his future home.
Miss Theo. Barkley went up to Denver
on Moncay. having received a message
that Mr. Barkley was again quite sick
Mr*. G. T. Goff left for Delta this woek.
to spend a couple of months looking after
property interests on the western slope.
Alva Kouns. Ezra Fear and Cary Bad
ger left on Sunday for tho Imperial Val
ley, California, byway of Portland, Ore.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Strousse of
Georgetown are visiting tho lattor's par
ent*. Mr. and Mr*. A. S. Parson, this
Mrs. A. W. Shelton and daughter, Mr*.
Higgin*, are down from Colorado Springe
thi* week, visiting Reeky Ford relative*
and friends.
Mrs. C. E Bolton left for Salt Lake
City yesterday morning in response to a
telegram telling of the dangerous illness
of her father.
Che*. Bradley left for his home at
Shawnee. Okie., on Friday last, after a
pleasant visit with hi* brother-in-law,
Louis Toilhon.
John Willisms. of Colorado Spring*,
grand lecturer of tho Royal Arch Chap
ter. visited Rocky Ford Chapter. R. A. M.
on Tuesday night.
The Epworth League closed a contract
thi* week with the Midland Lecture Bu
reau for an excellent lecture course for
the commg season.
H. B Dye we* down from Manxenola
on Saturday to welcome home tu* par
ents. Mr. and Mrs. U. U. Dye. from their
extended eastern trip.
Miss My re Ford returned home Wed
nesday from New Orleans, where she
ha* for several months been attending e
conservatory of music.
Mrs. Floyd Hawley gave an entertain
ment on Tuesday everung to e company
cf young lady friends, at which a most
enjoyable lime wee spent
Rev Green. L. J Henry and Ed Wadv
j returned lh*s week from Cortex, near
! which piece they hove each purchased a
shea of Moniexums county land.
Prof. P K. B»mn of the Experiment
Stolen delivered e lecture on canto'oute
culture et Hartman on Monday night
and Granada on W«d-e«4ay night.
Messrs Chntton. Laurence. Stein. St
John end Waite left for Fort Col bn* e-
Monday to represent Wadsworth Rest at
the annual Grand Army encampment
M>m N<". Fl=nl ol WxhuvjVMt. N. J.
accompanied her aunt, Mrs B U. Dy*
on her return Pom the east* and w»U
make her home wAh her uncle and aunt
for the summer.
Eeangetet Rev. W. R. Lesscher end
1 wife from Kense* City, Mo. will be et
the People* Mission all neat week.
Everyone come. Plenty of good muix
and singing, and old fashioned preaching
Bows end streamers of ribbon in the
High School end Eighth Grade das*
colors decorated the Bolton Music end
Art Specialty Store show window Ums
week end drew the admiring attention of
all peseers-by.
Died.—At Me home, 716 North Mein,
street on Sunday evening. P. O Osborne,
eged 82 years. Tha remain* were toksr.
to Charleston. W. Va, on Monday night
accompanied by the mother, brother and
sister of the deceased.
C. C Rutherford relumed Sunday from
a two week* via* with friend* in Decatur
and Gentry. Oklahoma. "CeT says it
rained ebout every day that be spent in
Oklahoma, but he’d rather be in Rocky
Ford even though *taa dry.
The Beraca Claes et the M. E. Sunday
School, of which Mrs. Elser ie teacher
end J W. Leecmg president, enjoyed e
hay ride end reception et the home of the
letter Monday evening. There were
,about fifty guests present and all had e
' ft-* social time.
The firm of Bassett 4 Marshall was
last week dissolved, but the dissolution
ha* not hindered the shsling of the coun •
ly road between La Junto and this city.'
F. C. Be* sett now has complete charge
and the work of road bmld ng is proceed -
ing rapidly under his energetic manage -
,' menu
, The men folk of the Court of Honnr
gave the ,ady members a return surprise
. patty last Friday .nghl Shortly after
l the rmelihf had been called to order the
i lad e* were invited to the lower floor of
i the hall build ng. where they found on
i elaborate benq jet spread for their espec
ial benefit. Over 60 members of the
i order spent a most enjoyable hour ebo-tt
• J the "festive and excellent music
I bye special Court of Honor orche«t-a
i served to while away another pleasant
i hour or two. j
— For 3«ki — Wanted — For R—t —
No. 5 I 'nlniiiloiiiil ITlnli K* 4:22 a.m.
“ t»T 1‘uoblo ami Denver ki 8:SD a m.
y foio. ami Utah Fa»i Mali 10 :M a. u>.
•*«ju| Colorado Rapr«a« 1:41 p.tu
No « Knnaaa City mid Cblcairo Ex..1:10a.m.
** ..0:4" a.m.
*• OTo 1‘aoMsnger 8:41p m.
*' '*■- California ami Chicago Kx.. 9:00 p.tu.
Lost:— A gold cross. Finder please
return to H. J. Sprinker and receive re
Nicely furnished cottage for rent. In
quire of Mrs. Elmer Comer, 401 N.
Ninth St.
Flower* for Decoration, 50
cent* per dozen, at Burrell*.
Wanted to Buy.—An iron headgato for
canal. 60 or 80 inch capacity. J. E.
We,bright. Route 5. Box 99. Rocky
Ford. -51 p
Sewing Wanted.—By the day. I use
the K.ester tailoring system. Apply
40G So. 6th St. -Ip
Engage Plant* from Burrell—
Tomato. Cabbage, Sweet Potato,
Celery, Etc
Founo—A lap robe and buggy whip
Owrer may have same upon describing
prc;«rty and paying for this notice.
701 So. Fourteenth.
Cabbage, Tomato and Swcel
Potato plant* al the Ebbert Seed
On our candy counters you will find a
Urge «**ortm«nl of fre»h home made
good»• wry day in the week. It is the
"purs «tuph M and we can sell It cheaper.
Sev* Come in and look it over. J, M.
Tucker 4 Co.
Engage Plant* from Burrell—
Tomato. Cabbage, Sweet Potato,
Celery. Etc
I .oat. Strayed or Stole*
Lest, strayed or stolen from North La
Junto; ona sorrel mare and sorrel colt: 1
mare branded bar horseshoe bar on left
Mack spot on right hip: colt,
one yoer old. and not branded. A re
ward of $lO w» i be ptid for tnfoemat z on
to recovery of animals. Address
or notify W. 8. Oreon. La Junto, COIO.-61
Sugar Bed Grower*! I have
tome Wathington tlale grown
teed which hat been bred up ten
yean fo inereatc both the ton
nage and tugar content. Don't
fail lo plant tome for trial. D. V.
Flower* for Decoration, SC
ceuts per dozen, al Burrell*.
Dr. P. P. Kadi, Viunnt'un. OAIc«
sl Grand Valley Livery Barn, phone
Ford 10. 44 if
Engage Plant* from Burrell—
tomato. Cabbage, Sweet Potato,
Celery. Etc.
Nn> Photo audio.
For stamp ovetures. stereoscopic views
l ard general photographic work. Cell at
th* new studio south of Opera House.
461 f A. L Tenney. |
I want to contract with fifteen
different farmer* to grow one
acre each of beam. Can be
planted any time before June 20.
Thi* may mean a large acreage
lor another year a* each of theta
It a different variety and are
grown to determine whether all
of these varieties will produce
bean* in the east free of anthrac
note, at it ha* been demotlraled
j that our Wardwell't Kidney Wax
produces such in the east while
beam from all other section* do
aol. D. V. BURRELL.
Those Beautltut
Suit Samples from
Bd. V. Price & eo.
In the North win*
cow of'The Good
clinches Sfore.”
i South Main St.
# Tailor Made Skirts
Palmer Make
lire will place on SPBG-
H\ 1\ lAL SALB 36 Ladles’
In Imm Fine Tailored Skirts at
Jf llfu One-Fourth OH Regular
wAslnAx Prices. These are all
new llp-to-Date Gar
mni \\w\ ments. Vollle and Pana
m JII \\\VA ma cloths In latest styles
/p 111 \\\lp Blacks, Browns, Grays
and Blues.
This is an opportunity worthy of your considerr
tion. “Palmer Garments’* always (five satisfaction
in every way. Thats why we sell them.
Ladles’ and
[ Children’s Oxfords
\ Wo nre closing out nil broken
S. dSffp linos. It will pay you to viasit
\ our Shoe Department Those
VU y/ nre nil now Oxfords. Wo have
V tdl sizrH hut not nil sizes of n
\ kind, Como and see them.
T EMS that are scarce and hard to get
Long Gloves, in kid, Silk and Lisle,
Ladies* and Children’s Tan Hosiery
and Oxfords. We have Them.
This store was never better prepared to meet your
wants than now, with increased assortments in
every Department. Whether you wish to pur
chase or not you are always welcome at this
JTT UPTni? ™ E reliable
. ±±. rxllLjll STORE
Peoples Home Bank
Capital Btook— All Paid l'i >--§15,000
o. m. coffman Now Open o. m. coffman.
O. E. ADAMS Business C.C. COFFM AN, h^f
Wo nnlioit your businoM nn*l prom iso to oxtnitl *»%*ory c«»ur
loey to our cimtomom coiiftixlont with nound, conmrviitivo Imnk
ing busifipvs. O. M. COPI 1 M IVoMidont
IMIN’T I*l Mvine, go for worthlm* i<k<i ot l«p«r In th, form of
v— ll . f,nt r.dpu. Our pUn will .nabl, you to own ond tq ut P *
horn, for your wif, ond childr,n by u,lng your r.n: mon.y to huild your horn.
wiLL I STAR?Y«J 1 mo
Agents Wanted _
«0l <N»tocy me. Prow M .„
MHNNmWIMmiMn *,.r*r.®r.r-r-r- \
Fireless Cookers
Straw Stove
Economize fuel. Save time. Keen the
hmise cool. Have thorouirhly cooked food.
Use the fireless e-mker. Made in Ittasky
Ford at Collins’ Glove Faetory, !M2 Wal
nut Ave. Strong, neat, and within the ;
i means of all. .Inst the thing for all ramp- C
ing outfits. Heat the knt'e of meat, vege- |
tables, or cereals while y,.u get breakfast, *
then put them into the tireless cooker, close g
the lid and leave tie hi alone until dinner
or supper time, open the cooker ami your
food is ready to eat, rli 'roughly conked,
i eleen, appetizing and with all the uourish'
I meat retained in the food.
S To be seen at the stores or at the Faetory. Orders
i tnk' ii where shown or call I’lume I old 124.
; Try one without expense.
1 H they do not do the wo-k it will cost i
| you nothing. Pr ce 53.00.
&v*ts<sis®[email protected]>se

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