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Rocky Ford Enterprise.
Fire Fiend Lays Waste to One of Handsomest and Largest Structures
in This City on Wednesday Evening
The most disastrous fire that lias visited ILocky Ford in many
months on Wednesday- evening laid waste to the First Presbyterian
church, one of the most pretentious edifices in this city, of which but
little now remains uncharred hut the brick walls and portions of the
massive timbers in the framework and roof.
Fire whs discovered in the church
about 6:30 in the evening and an
alarm brot the tire department
promptly to the scene with all the
tire tightiug equipment at their
command, and very soon several
streams of water from the nearby
hydrants and from the Rocky Ford
ditch thru the agency of our tire
engine were being poured upon
the Hames but by this time the
tire had broken out in the roof.
Offered for Sale or for Ship
ment from State
According to Resolution Adopted by
Arkansas Valley Cantaloupe
Growers’ Federation
A well attended ami very inter
esting meeting of the Arkansas
Valley Cantaloupe Growers* Fed
eration was held Saturday at the
rooms of the Agricultural associa
tion. representatives being pres
ent from La Junta and from a
number of cantaloupe associations.
President Shaulis presided and
the principal business was the
consideration of the provisions of
a hill to he presented to the next
legislature, providing for state in
spection of all cantaloupes that
ar§ offered for sale in the state or
to he shipped to other states.
A. J. Alorley of Denver, state
food inspector was present and as
sured the growers that they would
receive the co-operation and as
sistance of the pure food bureau.
A number of provisions which
will be incorporated in tho bill
were discussed and a committee
consisting of (_). J. Baxter, A. J'.
Spreugle O. W. West and C. H.
Badger of Rocky Ford and J.C.
Washburn of La Junta, was ap
pointed anil are at. Work framing
the bill, which, when it is in shape
will be presented to the best auth
orities, and will be ready to pre
sent to the legislature within a
few wpeks, and it is believed that
with the hacking that is promised,
the bill will become a law.
Practice of Continually Switching Tail
Over Lines May Be Stopped by
Use of Crupper.
It Is annoying to have a horse con
tinually switching his tr.il over the
lines. Try putting a thick crupper
under the tall, or tie strand.* of the
tall to the harness on each side, or use
leather straps for the purpose until
he discoutlßues the practice.
When it was seen that the build
ing was doomed willing volunteers
braved the smoke choked interior
of the church and eucceded in re
moving the piano and most of the
movable furniture, ami this is
practically all tlmt was saved.
The fire is supposed to have
started from the furuaco as it fol
lowed the hot air pipes to the gal
lery ami ceilings ami because of
the difficulty of reaching the seat
Organized on Wednesday with Good
Representation of Farmers
Plans that have been under way by
the state Grange for some time reached
fruition this week when a branch of
this farmers organization was estab
l;,-hed in Rocky Ford.
On Wednesday evening the state
master addressed a representative body
of farmers gathered in the rooms of the
Otero County Agricultural association
and at the conclusion of his talk a
branch of the Grange was organized
with the following officers:
Master—Clark E. Kitchen
Lecturer—l E. Wilson
Secretary—.l. A. Wheelock
Overseer .1. H. Crowley
A meeting was held last evening to
perfect the organization and adopt by
laws, etc.
Her Belief.
“Do you believe In tho Darwin theory
of evolution?" ho asked.
“Yes,” she replied, “and ufter the
monkey became u man he was given
the power of speech that he might
again make a monkey of himself at
of the fire it was one of tho hard
est to fight that the department
has ever encountered.
The First 1 * Presbyterian church
was erected in i 907 at a cost of
*28,00'). The building was insured
for S 14.000, which leaves a big
margin to be bridged before Dr.
J. L. Weaver and his congregation
have a church home as good as
they had before this disastrous
f K. P. HALL |
s,v r. i)i:c. :to
■ ¥
.j. Come all and come early so we V
*:* car. have dinner promptly at 12
•{• o'clock. Tell everyone from these
Ij! states to come and pin on your y
*:* last year's badges—they have no
Y dates- and dont forget the basket y
of Good Things to Eat.
X A good program has been ar
•{• ranged for the afternoon. T
.]• /t.vccaf/rc Comm it t c*c*
Appropriate Services Mark Opening of Quaint and Beautiful Edifice
Many Prominent Scientists Present from Valley Towns
On Sunday, Dec. 17, the First Christian Science Society of Rocky
Ford held the first services in its new church edifice at the corner of
Maple avenue and Eleventh streets, opposite the Carnegie library build
ing in City Raid:. Simplicity marked the opening of this new temple,
dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and which adds to Rocky
Ford another beautiful church building.
Two Hervicps were hold on Sun
day. lu the morning at eleven
o’clock was held the regular Sun
day morning services and in the
afternoon at two o’clock there was
a special service.
At the afteruoou service many
Christian Scientists were preset
from nearby cities and responses
qerq delivered either in person or
by letter from the organizations in
the following cities, Denver, Colo
rado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City,
Trinidad, La Junta and Las Ani
mas and from many Christian
Scientists of Colorado, expressive
of their appreciation and kindly
interest over the opening of this
new church. In addition remarks
were delivered by members of the
Rocky Ford Society. The com
pletion of this building means a
great ileal, not only to the Christ
ian Scientists in Rocky Ford, hut
the Christian Scientists iu the
entire Arkansas Valley, for it is
the first completed Science church
east of Pueblo.
It was sixteen years ago when
the first ‘meetings of the Fir »t
Christmas Gat tie Bring Highest Price
Ever Paid at Kansas Gity
Kansas City Stockyards, Dec. 18 —Ail
Kinds of cattle sold higher last week, ex
cept choice to prime steers, which
showed some weakness. Prices are
steady to firm today, market active, re
ceipts 1 9,000.
The best steers here today sold at
SIO.OO to $10.75. The specialties have
all been marketed, prices in the last two
weeks. 811.25 to sl2. highest ever paid
for Christmas cattle here. Short fed
cattle are holding up firm at $8.50 to
$10.50, and medium to common steers
sell at $6.75 to $7.75. Forty cars of
Colorado and Utah cattle are on the road
for tomorrow’s market.
A strong demand for hogs kept prices
advancing regularly last week, and the
supply sold steady to firm today, best
heavies at $10.25; medium weights.
$10.20; lights, $9.05; bulk of sales, $9.75
to $10.20. Quality is improving each
week and Eastern killers are imereasing
their orders here. Kansas City hogs ap
pealing to them more now than any time
since the first of November. Normally,
hogs bought at Kansas City kill ont two
to five percent better for Eastern killers
than hogs bought at other markets. Re
ceipts were 80,000 head last week.
Prices of sneep and lambs are off 10
to 15 cents today, best lambs at $12.75.
A good many feeding lambs are included
prices of same aresl 1 to $1 1.50; choice,
light weight lambs quotable up to sl2.
The decent fat lamts sold at sl2 60 to
$12.75 today.
Fat ewe, sell at $7.75 to $8.75. year
lings $lO 50 to $11.25, Weather for
ietuir.g has been extra good all fa 11
wiucn will cause fed stock to move thirty
dars ear ,er than usual this season from
all sections.
Christian Science Socioty of Rocky
Ford were held. There were only
a few and they met in their homes.
About four years later a room was
secured over the RedCrossPhariu
acy and the Society formally
organized under the requirements
of the Mother Church in Boston.
Meetings were held in this room
and in the homes of the members
until about when the build
ing at Ninth and Walnut streets
was rented by the Society and used
ns its meeting place until the com
pletion of this new church.
In 11)10 the lots upon which the
new church stands were purchased
with money raised by voluntary
contributions. Shortly after tho
question of building was taken up,
the new church building, including
its lots, cost approximately 88,000,
and when it was occupied last
Sunday it was completely dear of
all indebtedness.
In architecture the building is
a combination of Gothic and the
modern bungalow type. Lt is con
structed of brick and stone, the
exterior finish being of white
Revenue to Be Collected Will Be
525.579.93 More Than for 1915
Highest Levy in l.a Junta
The State Board of Equalization i
having recently finished its work,
the total assessed valuation oi
Otero county for the year 1910 is
$26,626,118.00, which is an in
crease of $868,623.00 over the as
sessed valuation for the year 1915.
The county commissioners have
been delayed in making the levies
and the county assessor received
the 1916 tax levies about five
weeks later than usual. The tax
rolls will necessarily he delivered
to the treasurer later than Jan. 1,
hut as early as is possible, ami
the tax notices will probobly not
be ready before February.
The state levy for the year 1916
will raise in Otero county $55,116.
06, an increase of $1,025.32 over
the state revenue for 1915.
The county levy will raise $ 1 35,929.?7
a decrease of $2,585.35.
The La Junta city levy will raise $26,
662.20, a decrease of $1,321.4 1.
The Swink town levy will raise
$1,631 73, an increase 0f5801.35,
The Rocky Ford city levy will raise
$26,390.58. an increase of $325.52.
The Manzanola • town levy will raise
$2,662 53, an increase of $ 1 15.1 1,
The Fowler town levy will raise
I $4,063.30, a decrease of $419,30.
no. :so
stonckotn. Entering tho building
you are iu the foyer or reception
room. A cheerful fireplace greets
you. Rugs and chairs make tho
room more inviting. This room
will be used as a reading room for
tho public. Convenient cloak
rooms are found at each end. Fur
ther on is the auditorium. Tho
interior wood work is a dull ma
hogany. Ihe wall and ceilings
are tinted with a soft blue and
gray. The indirect lighting sys
tem is uh«ml in both tho reception
room and the auditorium. Opera
chairs in dull mahogauy are used,
with steel supports finished iu a
soft gray, harmonizing perfectly
with the interior finishings and
decorations. The nuditorium has
a bowl floor with a seating capicity
of two hundred persons.
The Christian Science Society
is very glad to have erected this
new building in Rocky Ford, be
cause it is a building of which
every citizen can he proud and it
sp«*aks well ror Rocky Ford to
have within it such an earnest and
successful organization.
The Fowler town special levy will
raise 81,015.83, a decrease of $226 SI,
The total revenue to be collected for
all purposes, including military poll tax,
is 525.579.93 more than for tne yedr
Belcw is given a comparative state
ment for the years 1915 and 1 9 1 6. showing
the total levy in mills (or dollars per
thousand of valuation) for each city or
town in the county:
1915 1916
La Junta '..s 24.20 $24.60
Swink 14.70 19 00
Rocky Ford 23.75 24.50
Manzanola 21.60 21.20
Fowler 23.10 22.40
The total tax for school purposes in
School District No 11, which includes
La Junta and the agricultural territory
immediately surrounding it, is $51,490.
43, an increase over last year of $5,992.
54. The total tax for school purposes
in Rocky Ford is $50,6 1 2.79, an increase
over the previous year of $11,708.75.
Fifteen of the school districts in Otero
county show increased revenues for the
year 1915 and seven show decreases.
The various irrigation districts have
levied for all irrigation purposes for the
year 1915 as follows:
Otero Irrigation District —Total tax,
$101,319.58; increase over last year,
$8,267.59; tax per acre, $5.33: increase
per acre, 47 cents.
Holbrook Irrigation District Total tax,
$60,036 23: decrease from last year,
$2,636 44. tax per acre. $.38; decrease
per acre, 6 cents.
Oiner Irrigation District—Total tax
$6,319.53; docrease from last year.
$85.77, tax per acre, 94 cents; decrease
per acre, 2 cents.

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