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Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Sofia says C.OOO Albanians have de
feated Italian force near Pasnesina,
Teutons have bombarded Monastir
anti the* entire front held by the Ser
bians in this sector.
French, according to Berlin, have
made advances on both sides oi the i
Meuse in the region of Verdun.
Berlin claims the destruction of two
entente transports in the Mediterra
nean by a submurine, but this the Brit
ish deny.
The Greek government has accepted
the demands of the entente allies con
tained in an ultimutum presented to
the Athens government, it is reported
Buzeu, an important railroad cen
ter northeast of Bucharest, lias been
captured by the Austro-Germans. The
retreating Russians and Rumanians
are reported to bo burning villages be
hind them.
The embassies of the entente allies
at Washington reflected the view that
Germany's peace proposals will not be*
rejected without examination but that
he allies in reply probably will call
for a statement of proposed terms, so
they mny not be presented in position
of unqualifiedly rejecting peace.
Striking at the German positions be
tween the Meuse and the Woevro riv
ers, north of Douuumont and north
and northeast of the fortress, along a
front of about six miles, the French
forced back the soldiers of the Ger
man Crown Prince for a distance of
almost two miles. More than 7,500
prisoners and numerous guns wore
taken from the Gerimins, Paris an
A Mexican reached the border from
Villa’s camp at Creel, fifty miles west
of Minaca, in the Guerrero district of
Chihuahua, with proposals for the
United States government that Villa
would refrain from further destruction
of foreign life and property in Mexico
on condition thnt the United States
would not interfere in arfy way with
his campaign against the Carranza I
Paris reports repulse of determined
German attack at Lassigny. on the
front, nearest Paris. Statement hints
at an attempt by the Germans to score
a significant success on the occasion
of issuing the offer of peace. Bom
bardments and minor operations con
stitute the entire fighting on all other
fronts. Germans cross Jaiomitza river
in Rumania and their advance re
mains unchecked.
William C. Nixon, president of the
died at St. Louis.
Bar silver advanced 7-8 of a cent
on Friday to 7G 3-4 cents an ounce, or
within a half cent of last May's high
Andrew Rozinsky, 45 years old, a
laborer, was found frozen to death,
the first death from freezing in St.
Louis this winter.
David Caplan was found guilty of
manslaughter at Ix>s Angeles at his
second trial for complicity in the Los
Angeles Times explosion Oct. 1. 1910,
when twenty men were killed.
When the courts enjoined Mayor
Cowboy Jim Dahlnian of Omaha from
using the city automobile for private
use his friends started a subscription,
and will later present his honor with
a flivver.
Her two officers and twenty-five
man crew safe ashore after eight
hours of battering in her breaker
tossed hull, the United States sub
niafino H-3 pounded uneasily 125
yards off shore tw-o miles north of
the Eureka, Cal., harbor entrance.
The House voted to abolish the fed
eral sub-treasury at Chicago.
The executive budget, system of
Maryland, the only stute witli such a
scheme of financial control, was given
general approval in a discussion at the
ninth annual governor's conference.
Miss Catherine A. Britton of ,Wash
ington and Prince Alfred Zu Hohen
iolie Schillingsfurst, accredited to the
Austro-Hungarian embassy, were mar
ried at Washington. They will reside
in San Francisco.
Th* Senate elected Senator Willard
Saulsbury of Delaware president pro
tempore to succeed the late Senator
Clark of Arkansas.
A bill prohibiting tho transmission
of liquor advertisements by mail to
any one except licensed liquor dealers
or agents was favorably reported by
the House Postofflco committee.
Use of the country’s schools for all
branches of community work was
urged by Miss Margaret Wilson, tho
President’s daughter, before the an
nual convention of the American Civic
Archduke Charles Stephen of Aus
tria has been selected to be regent of
Poland with the prospect of election
M king.
Dispatches from Potrograd state
that the Russian dunia has llatly
turned down the proposition to con
sider peace.
An electric train crossing Bernina
pass was burled under an avalanche.
A rescuing party dug out the passen
gers, two of whom had died. Another
train was snowbound.
The plebiscite held on the question
of the sale of the Danish West Indies
to tho United States resulted in 283,-
000 votes cast In favor of the sal*
and 157,000 against F - *ch action.
A Zurich dispatch to the Tageblatt
of Berlin, says that in response to the
peace note of the central powers to
the Vatican the pope will issue a
Christmas proclamation to all the bel
The decision of the French govern
ment to prohibit the consumption dur
ing the remainder of the war of alco
holic beverages, with the exception of
wines ami beers, caused consternation
in the liquor trade.
The Netherlands government has
notified Dr. Henry Van Dyke, the re
tiring American minister, that John
W. Garrett 1* acceptable to Holland
as his successor. Mr. Garrett was sec
retary of the legation at The Hague
from 1901 to 1903.
The allies require that there shall
be adequate reparation for the past
and adequate security for the future.
That is the policy and the determina
tion of liis majesty’s government.
This was the declaration of Andrew
llonar Law, repeating the words of
Mr. Asquith three months ago, as lie
made his debut as the leader of the
new government in the House of Com
The will of Miss Mury Helen Orr of
Bobcaygeon, Ont., bequeaths her es
tale of $201,599 to "purposes of up
lift.” The sum of SIO,OOO goes to the
mother Christian Science church of
Boston, another SIO,OOO in small
amounts to "those building Christian
Science churches:” SIO,OOO to "those
who are endeavoring to uplift the
needy in Chicago, such as Jane
Addams charities. United Charities
and whatever may seem to need as
sistance;" SIO,OOO "for any uplifiting
purpose” among her kin.
William Stringham, star punter for
the School of Mines football eleven,
was elected football captain of the
1917 sqund at a meeting of the letter
men at Golden. Colo.
The State University grid men ut
Boulder. Colo., chose Edwin Evans,
quarterback and halfback on the Sil
ver and Gold eleven for the Inst two
seasons, captain of the team for 1917.
Rex Cochran, the deaf mute of Colo
rado Springs, who finished seventh in
the Littleton-Denver manrthon race
held early this year, lias entered the
Denver Athletic Club fistic tourney,
which will he held in January.
The probability. of the abolition of
baseball as an official game of the
Rocky Mountain conference increased
when the athletic council of the Uni
versity of Denver voted to do away
with the national pastime.
A team of five Denver bowlers will
take a trip to the const to participate
in the annual tournament of the Pa
cific Coast Bowling Association at San
Jose, Cal., in February, ir plans made
by Harry Gossett are carried out.
Increasing apprehension over the ,
peace situation caused one of th*
most tempestuous days in Wall
street’s tempestuous history Friday.
Under the insistent behalf that
peace In Europe Is by no means im
possible. holders of war stocks hurled
into Wall Street enormous holdings of
their securities. As a result the mark
et collapsed.
The drippings from the overflowing
vats of fat rendered In Wall Street.
New York, from the munitions trade
with warring Europe will be distrib
uted as Christmas gifts that will break
all past records.
The application for a writ of habeas
corpus for David laimur of New York,
serving a two-year term in the At
lanta penitentiary for impersonating a
member of Congress, was denied at
Atlanta, Ga., by Federal Judge New
Tills year’s corn crop is worth $573.-
j 103.000 more than last year’s; the
wheat crop $83.162. more; oats,
$96,073,000 more; potatoes, $95,071,000
more; hay. $95,250,000 more; tobacco,
$72,727,000 more, and cotton. $475,-
378,000 more.
Yale University receives a bequest
of $300,000; tho art. museum of Cleve
land. Ohio. $100,000; tho German
town dispensary and hospital, German
town. Pa., SIOO,OOO, and the Flagler
hospital. St. Augustine. Fla., SIOO,OOO
from the fortune of the late Mary War
den Darkness, widow of Charles W.
Darkness, the Standard oil million
aire of New York.
An American citizen named Alfonso
Leiva, formerly of Brownsville, Texas,
was executed in Juarez by the military
Oct. 21, according to a report brought
to the American side by an American
who was released from the Juarez jail
after being held several weeks on a
minor charge.
Two more eases of measles and
pneumonia terminated fatally at the
base hospital at Doming. N. M., when
Private Coy Tedford, machine gun
company, Second Arkansas infantry
and Jesse W. Williams of Company E,
First Arkansas infantry succumbed.
Western Newspaper Union New* Service.
Jan. 1-6—Poultry Show at Denver.
Jan. 11-13—Poultry Show at Cation
Jan. 30—Athletic Club boxing contests
at Denver.
Jan. 20-27—Annual Western Stock
Show at Denver.
Feb. 2-4 —Y. M. C. A. Annual Conven
tion at Colorado Springs.
A flouring mill project at Florida
Mesa, near Durango, seems about to
The Crowley county commissioners
will convert the county jail at Sugar
City into a court house.
A movement is under way for the
holding of an automobile show in
Grand Junction, Dec. 27 to 30.
George Allen, for forty years a resi
dent of Colorado, died at his home in
Denver. He was 80 years old.
The Pueblo City Council passed an
ordinance requiring the equipment of
ail automobiles witli safety lamps.
Work lias been started on the $lO.-
000 co-operative creamery projected
by citizens of Linton and vicinity.
At a meeting of tho Wellington Com
mercial Club a movement was
launched for the promotion of a sugar
The Fruit Growers’ Association at
Fort Collins is discussing the advisa
bility of installing a cannery to handle
next season’s crops.
Legislative changes in the state
homestead and marriage record laws
were recommended at a meeting of the
Colorado Equal Suffrage Asociation In
Gen. George Washington Cook of
Denver, famous Colorado pioneer, is
dying in the state asylum at Pueblo,
according to dispatches received in
Lakeside, one of Denver's oldest and
most famous amusement parks, is to
be sold at auction. The sale will be
conducted by the sheriff of Jefferson
county, in which the park is located.
Denver bank clearings for the eleven
months reached the enormous total of
$614,238,290.60, the largest in the..his
tory of- Denver and greater than the
clearings for the entire year of 1915
by $104,064,251.49.
From all indications the business of
the Denver postoffice will show an in
crease for 1916 of more than $1,000,000
as compared with 1915. This is th*
largest gain in tho history of the of
Great Britain is ready to enter on
peace negotiations at once, provided
Germany will make an "uncondi
tional” offer of a Joint step to end the
war, according to Alfred Crebhin, Brit
ish vice consul in Denver.
The first boy born within the limits
of what is now the town of Flagler,
has just become the first mayor of the
new town ns the result of its first
election. The mayor-elect is Leon E.
Denver felt the effect of Germany's
peace proposal by an immediate drop
in the cost of living. As a result of
Yon Bethman-Ilollv.og’s speech in the
relchstag, flour fell 2u cents per 100
pounds in the Denver market and is
now selling at $i per 100 wholesale.
Plans for organizing a SIOO,OOO t’olo
rado-flnanced corporation for the con
struction of hotels and camps in the
uational parks in the state were dis
cussed at the meeting of the executive
committee of the Denver Civic Asso
Co-operation with the federal forest
service for the conservation of the for
est reserve ranges in Colorado, was
the principal matter discussed at a
meeting of sheepmen of the Western
Slope at Rifle, according to Chief of
the Grazing Bureau John 11. Hatton of
the Denver office.
Seven Mexican women, federal pris
oners at the Canon City penitentiary,
will be deported from the United
States at the expiration of their terms
in the spring, according to Henry H.
Moler. inspector in charge of the Den
ver district of tho United States Im
migration Service.
A record better than any since 1912
has been established by Denver in the
valuation of building permits issued,
the filing of the permit for the con
struction of the J. K. Mullen Home for
the Aged having swelled the figures
beyond the $4,000,000 mark. The rec
ord reached in 1912 was $5,332,000.
Basing her breach of promise suit
upon hundreds of unusual expressions
of endearment contained In many
hectic letters which she says wero
written to her by Henry P. Needham,
formerly chief clerk to the division
superintendent of the Denver & Rio
Grande railway, Mrs. Theodora De-
Vorse has taken action in the Denver
courts to obtain SIO,OOO from Need
Judgment in favor of the Minerals
Separation, Ltd., rendered by the Unit
ed States Supreme Court sustaining
the concern’s patents on the flotation
process of metal extraction, will have
the effect of compelling every user of
ihe process to pay royalties to tho
British corporation.
Julius C. Gunter, governor-elect, will
be the guest of honor at a banquet to
be given January 19 by Sterling Price
:amp. Sonß of Confederate Veterans at
Denver. The banquet la an annual af
fair to commemorate the birth of Rob
ert E. Lee.
Will Be Brought to Trial for Slay
ing of Frank West at
Western Newspaper Union News Service.
Trinidad, Colo. —Ricardo Lucero, a
Mexican sheepherder wanted for the
killing on Auk. 26 of Frank West, one
of the heirs <Jr the estate of Ed West,
wealthy cattleman of Las Animas
county, was caught at Roswell, N. M.,
according to word received by Sheriff
The capture of Lucero follows a
search which has taken in all south
ern Colorado and the adjoining states
and in which nearly every citizen of
this county took part. A reward of sl,-
000 for the capture of the alleged mur
derer was offered by Harry E. West,
brother of the slain man. This will be
claimed by Sheriff C. R. Young of
Chavez county, New Mexico, who
made the arrest. Lucero, according
to reports, has been working on a
ranch near Hagerman, N. M.
Beet Growers Get $3,600,000
Greeley—Checks aggrogating sl,-
325,000 wore mailed out to the beet
growers of Weld county by the Great
Western Sugar Company. This repre
sents payment for beets delivered to
tho various factories from Nov. 15 to
Dec. 15. Tho Greeley factory distrib
utes $510,000 of this amount to its 800
customers; the Windsor factory sends
out $390,000; and the Eaton factory
pays $425,000. According to factory
officials, there are about 30,000 tons
of beets yet to be paid for, which will
add $200,000 to this amount, making
the total paid out by the factory to
Weld county farmers for beets during
tho entire season over $3,600,000. This
is divided between approximately 1,-
400 families who deliver beets to the
Sand, Snow and Ice Block Trains.
Boulder. —Sweeping out of the
mouth of a canon back of Eldorado
Springs, a windstorm which at times
reached a velocity of 150 miles an
hour, packed the cuts along the right
of way of the Denver & Interurban
Railway Company with sand, snow
and ice, stalled two electric cars, one
of them carrying twelve passengers.
Interrupted railroad work and train
service and caused one mine in the
district to shut down Thursday night.
The wind storm was the most terrific
ever experienced in the district
Big Intermountain Stock Show.
Grand Junction.—The Grand June
tion Interna'ional Livestock Show
opened with an estimated attendance
of 2,500. For weeks preparations
have been under way. and the largest
stock exhibit ever gathered in west
ern Colorado is the result. Approxi
mately 300 of the finest dairy cattle
in western Colorado are on exhibition.
Pueblo Asks U. S for Camp Ground.
Pueblo.—The city of Pueblo re
quested the Department of the Interior
for two grants of land in tlie San Ysa
bel forest reserve. One of the grants
will be used for a municipal play
ground. and will consist of forty acres
of timber land. The other will be used
as a camping ground for visiting auto
Farmer Drilling for Water Finds Gas.
Pueblo. — Mat Watkins, farmer in
the Grimaldi district in the southeast
ern part of Pueblo county, has struck
a considerable flow of gas in a well
drilled on bis place. He lias piped the
gas into his house and is using it for
fuel and lighting. The well was being
drilled for water.
Potato Growers to Meet.
Fort Collins—The potato industry of
the state will be discussed when tho
Colorado State Potato Growers’ associ
ation holds its second annual meeting
during the sessions of the Farmers'
congress, which will be held at the Ag
ricultural coliegi* here Jan. 15 to 20.
Switchman Dies Under Cars.
Steamboat Springs.—The body of
Andrew Hays, switchyard of
the Routt Pinacle mine, fifteen miles
west of Steamboat Springs, was found
by other workmen. He must have
tried 1o hoard a moving train of emp
ties and fell between the cars.
Section Hand Killed on Track.
Pueblo. —Elizas Tresquez was killed
and Antonio Dimonez badly injured
when a westbound passenger train on
the Denver & Rio Grande plowed
through a section gang at Swallows,
twenty-five miles west of this city.
Man Hurt by Cave-in, Dies.
Grand Junction. —F. P. Shott, a car
penter. whoso skull was fractured by
a cave-in in the Stokes mine at Palis
ade, died in a local hospital.
To Build Three Beet Sugar Dumps.
Golden. —What is believed to be the
first step toward establishing a sugar
factory in Jefferson county is tho
proposition for the Denver Tramway
Company to build three dumps along
its two lines west of Denver In tho
rich valleys below Golden. All the
farmers along the Denver & North
western and the Denver & Intermoun
tain have been asked to consider the
matter. It is proposed by the Tram
way Company to build dumps at Arva
da, Olivet and Lakewood.
Wsstsro Newspaper Union New* Service.
Berlin, Dec. 19. —A military official
who is frankly and keenly hopeful
that some way may be found to end
i..e war, though he is none too opti
mistic at present, called together rep
resentatives of the neutral press to in
quire as to the probable effect of the
German peace note in neutral coun
tries. He laid great stress on this
point and particularly whether there
would be any tendency to construe the
German note as u sign of weakness.
Discussing the possibility that all
peace propositions may be rejected at
present this officer declared Germany
was aware the the French and British
would make another herculean effort
In the west next spring—an effort for
which Germany would be fully pre
pared. He expressed the opinion that
It could not have any result other than
continued slaughter, and that it would
have no more prospects of success
than the Somme offensive.
Infantry fighting was resumed Sat
urday on the east bank of the Meuse,
In the Verdun sector. During the pre
vious night the German troops had un
dertaken no counter attack to regain
the ground they lost as the result of
the stroke inflicted by the French on
Friday. Details concerning the French
drive indicated the capture of 9.000
Germans and about eighty guns. Four
French divisions participated in tho
attack and tho French war office in
timates that they were opposed by
five German divisions.
The Teutonic armies in Rumania
continue to gain. A statement by the
German war office that the Buzeu riv
er sector lias been forced may mean
that the Teutons actually have crossed
that river, along which it had been ex
pected the Rumanians would make
their next stand.
In the vicinity of Ypres and Wyts
chaete. German troops delivered an as
sault southeast of Zlllebeke, penetrat
ing the second British line.
A further advance of tho British
army on the Tigris front in Mesopo
tamia within three-quarters of a mile
of that river, opposite Kut-el-Amara, is
Revolutionary outbreaks in Portugal
accompanied by mutiny of some troops
have been quelled.
Inter Ocean Hotel Was So Old It
Was Most Inflammable.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Dec. 18. —One man
is known to be dead, his wife and
three small children aro missing, his
9-months-old baby is burned, prob
ably fatally, and only fifteen guests
of the thirty that were in the Inter
Ocean hotel Sunday night, when it
was found on fire, had been account
ed for early Monday morning. The
structure was so old It was most in
flammable. and the fire that was dis
covered under the roof spread so
rapidly that only about half of the
guests are known to have escaped.
Known dead—Roy A. White of Bay
les. Cal.
Fatally injured Nine-months old
child of the Whites.
The elevator pilot remained at his
post as long as he could, and says he
thinks he carried down about fifteen
persons, but in the haste and confu
sion of the time he cannot give their
names or the number of tho rooms
from which they were taken.
E. M. Hendrickson or Denver was
overcome and rescued by firemen
after he had carried Mrs. F. E. Taylor,
ono of the guests, and her baby from
the hotel and had re-entered the build
ing in search of others.
Rapidity of Trading Not Exceeded
Since Opening of War.
Chicago, Dec. 19.—Some vaulting of
prices took place Saturday on a gigan
tic scale in the wheat market here.
An upward jump of 10%c a bushel
came as a violent contrast to Friday's
setback of 13 l-Bc. During the rise, the
rapidity of trading and the accompa
nying excitement were at a pitch not
surpassed since the beginning of the
European war.
Geo. W. Cook Dies at Pueblo.
Denver. —Gen. Geo. W. Cook, for
mer congressman-at-large from Colo
rado, a state builder and organizer of
the famous Cook's Veteran Drum
Corps here, died In the state asylum
at Pueblo. He was 65 years old and
had lived in Denver since 1881. He
was born In Bedford, Ind., Nov. 10,
1851, the son of Lieut. Samuel Cook
of the Union army, and Agnes Dodson
Cook, daughter of an ensign In tht
United States nayy.
Compounded of vegetable
drugs in a perfectly appointed
laboratory by skilled chemists,
after the prescription of a suc
cessful physician of wide ex
perience, and approved by the
experience of tens of thous
ands in the last forty-five
Peruna’s Success
rests strictly on its merit as a
truly scientific treatment for
all diseases of catarrhal symp
toms. It has come to be the
recognized standby of the
American home because it has
deserved to be, and it stands
today as firm as the eternal
hills in the confidence of an
enormops number.
What Helped Them May Help You
Get our free booklet. “Health
and How to Have It.” of your drag*
gist, or write direct to us.
The PeruGa Company
Columbus. Ohio
Good Advice.
A minister was questioning his Sun-
Jay school concerning the story of Eu
tychus, the young man who, listening
to the preaching of the Apostle Paul,
fell asleep and, falling out of a win
dow, was taken up dead.
“What,” he asked, “do we leara from
lhis solemn event?”
The reply from a little girl came:
“Pleuse, sir, ministers should learn
not to preach too long sermons.”—Tlt-
Itching Scalp and Falling Hair With
Cuticura. Trial Free.
On retiring touch spots of dandruff
and itching with Cuticura OlntmenL
Next morning shampoo with Cuticura
Soap and hot water. A clean, hoalthy
scalp means good hair and freedom, in
most cases, from dandruff, itching,
Lurning, crustings and scalings.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postcard, Cuticura, DepL L,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Started Something.
Don had finished ids tlrst day at
school and was on his father’s knee
for their usual evening talk before
being sent to bed.
“Well, how do you think you will
like school?” his father inquired.
The little fellow became serious.
“I’m afraid, daddy, I’ve started
something I can’t finish,” he replied.
To set the genuine, call for full namo LAX ATI V
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True to Life.
“Tell me honestly,” said the novel
reader to the novel-writer, “did yon
ever see a woman who stood anti
tapped the floor impatiently witli her
toe for several moments, as you de
“Yes,” was the thoughtful reply, "I
did once.”
“Who was site?”
“She was a clog-dancer.”—Til-Bits.
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Cross Bag Blue; have beautiful, clear
white clothes. Adv.
At least two-tlilrds of the married
men are henpecked and haven’t found
it out.
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rum! minr "
German Syrup
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colds, bronchitis and sore throat. It
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