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| A DAY Iff $
An i)|>i>ortuuity of Bt»eii<iitig a day in tlie Queen City of J
V the plains will lie given on V
August 16,j
J When the Santa Fe will run a special train
W npiVVPD w *Gi its many attractions offers to the visi- R
A ”U1" f CIV tor more opjwrtuuities for diversion than jA
- A any city of its size in the country. Among the many
places of amusement'to l>e visited may Ik? mentione<l the \
5 following: V
£ ELITCH’S MWIS-S2!f *S! $
A tern joii and evening. A
5 H iUII ITTiM RCAPll—tliten afternoon and even- 5
J MANnAI lAN DcAUI";,/*. Boating, Fishing,*
W Dancing and Band Concert, Vaudeville Performance in R
Theatre. Admission to grounds free.
A/'DVCTAI THC ATDC Open afternoon and even- A
VLKIMAL 1 MCA I Kc**i IIK . Continuous Vaude-J
* ville iierformances. A first-class show for ten cents. *
R R ACCRAI I „Iu addition to the als>ve there will lie a f
DAjCuALL game of liaselaill at Broadway Park lie- A
i tween the Denver and Kansas City clulis; meniliers of A
zL the Western League; Seeing Denver Observation Cars*
V will take you over 25 miles of the principal residence V
O ami business portiou of the city. A twenty-five mile O
A trip for twenty-fiveceuts. A
A Special train will leate La Junta at 3:10 a. m.. arriving A
in Denver at V*::>o a. m., returning leave Denver at 8 p. J
* in., arriving at La Junta at 1:40 a. m. \

Mm ar« ■ to ol th* halm aaa maalaf aa mm ta a»aai. T*ah UUaaaaS
aatbara afiak iaa ttaaaatm aaS laaara MaaaaCfas aaailla*:
YMO MuffiM-A Romance of Roguery, by Gunn Blkcim and Will Ibwih.
ofg- RgfMooof, by Cmt Townsckh B«adv.
yhMa maUftaal RflSfiM InihuU The Plot to Kidnap Lincoln and Jackaoa'a Quarrel with
9rwm Calhoun, by Euwamu Vallamimomam.
mmrnmtm YOS KOOW P' h'H in College, by Evkvt Jan*sn Wbmokll; My First Graduate
""" _ Tbeudarc Ru>wcvelt. bv Aktmib H. CirrLsa; Tom Nat—Cartooain,
by Aluit Bioblow Paimb.
StfflMßf revelations of an international *py throw light on the
Dreyfus Mystery; 1 be Peace Rcacrtpt of the Cxar; Who Really killed
King Humbert; t he late Greek*Turkish War.
Wmtmmm Reviewing each month what wuynan ha* accomplished
and by orgamred effort.
¥9m MfMM-Thr thrilling story of how District Attorney William Traver* Jerome ha*
undertaken, tinglr handed, the desperate task of ridding New York City
of it* vice and crime, will create a far-reaching sensation. It i* not po-sl
ide for this »t»ry to be told in it* entirety at omc. *1 he first portion «iL
appear in April Pcabm>n'*, out March ijth, white the two remaining
f installments will appear in the issue* of May and June. ,
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B pr.vilege of buying stand* .i b.«h*st .
crpOonal'y low prices. 1 hi* plan im.udes
practically the entire ictwm product of every American booh publisher, .-penal bargan.s, tie fol
lowing being specißKna, will be ot.ered each m .nth.
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i Alfred the Great Onghi* kiian 17. Charles I. a$- Madame P<.land
Margi’ctof Anjou id, Peter tne Great 18. Charles 11. ah. Mane Antoinette
. K chaid I. 11. Xerae* n*. Mary Onern of Scots ry. Henry IV
Richard 11. ta. Hannibal so. Oueen t-.liaabeih at. Hernando C’ortr*
VV.liiam the Conqueror IJ. Julius Cawr ai. Richard 111. av- Joseph l - iapaitr
Al-aander the Great i*. Nero 21. Clropatra yx King Phi! ip
-•Cyrus the Great i*. Pyrrhu* my Hortrnae >«. Louis Xl\.
» Aa-r.u* the threat »*S. X-analu* • a*. Jowcphi-c lawns Philippe
MbR m—Am. Imtlwfw —ler HAilt'l b*m4w».
ITaesa 11 m «tnSsi k*M.hn twen *4-1 >■•«, m •«»**•■«• »•»»-***>*l»» jew fts « raaßson * sui srrltar.
iu, aa- siagle ikum at ,J cents. poWage 1 '>r m. aad b, .«deag *a U4s wsy si, »«vy coa.. a< ail>
-.; !*•* *e(. %
,o»i of Histories. I have not education enough to npprecLte
ti* pr .found works'of voiumirwMt* historians; and if f had I have no time to read them Put
rn tr S-rtc* of HiMoritt gives me, in brief can pas 1. just that knowledge of past men and events
wi.icn I need. I hare read them with tbe greatest tntereat. To them lam indebted for about
all tar historical knowledge I have.**
TW sataa Hint a. CISw TlwWwM h— IShli f»a» Tm*tm tlMmlm. »ntj
Ik - *--- —— akMh uml c Baa'. Waaaa. Vraak Sans
” * v-*-- anpail— «m KiaaißieaSka.
s=Esffi®g sssarsatss feß&a-.
• Pit itswYew B*e—Bsa —py etß.ms yt. IbsAi tsbbobt cw« wwb aer prtmis i in. We
•t. *rlymsp«9MiHlßpmm>MhA RBweflßM mm* Bspy althesepwf tw a
How’stbe Date oflYoaf Label ?i
Clash of Steel.
The La junta Athletic Associa
tion has secured one of the strong
est outdoor attractions for next
Sunday, August 16th, that hasover
appeared in this city—a mounted
sword contest between Captain
Svan de Nlaichin, champion of the
world, and Sergeant K. V. Pen
well, champion of Colorado. The
tierce, mounted sw*ord contest will
take place a few minutes after the
ball game. Admissioih 25 cenfs.
Notice to Taxpayers.
Notice is hereby given that I
will, from August loth to August
15th, 1903, sit to hear objections
or complaints of parties thinking
themselves erroneously assessed
for 1903, or those whose valuations
on personal property have been
raised by the assessor. All par
ties whose valuations on personal
proper!) have been raised by tbe
assessor will receive notice of such
Assessor Otero County, Colo.
County Exhibits at State Fair.
It is very important that this
county be represented at the State
Fair to be held at Pueblo, Septem
ber 14th to 18th. The county com
missioners are empowere d by law
to appropriate the sum of five hun
dred dollars for the purpose of
making a creditable exhibit at rhe
State Fair, a id power is also grant
ed to appoint a proper person to
take charge of such exhibit and see
that the same is properly displayed
at the fair. ,
Every one is urged to prepare
their exhibits at once as it is only
a short time till the big fair opens.
About the Bloomer Girls.
Tbe sliapeiy Boston Bloomea
Girls, an aggregation of feminine
beauty and baseball talent, will
cross bats with the La Junta team
at the baseball park next Monday
afternoon at 3 o'clock. Eight girls
and one man constitute the team,
the man playing the position of
catcher, while every other position
is filled by a girl.'Their headquar
quarters are in Litchfieid, 111.,
where a large number of girls are
kept in training through the base
ball season. When one of them is
laid up as the result of encounter
ing a hot liner or making a desper
ate slide, she is sent back to the
training farm to .recuperate and
another beauty is sent to replace
her on the diamond. They have
played with and defeated some of
the best teams in lowa and Nebras
Blue and the Gray.
The tenth annual encampment
of the Blue and tbe Gray of the
Arkansas Valley was held in Kocky (
Ford last Saturday and Sunday, ;
August Bth and 9th. Major C. M.
Robins, president of the associa
lion, presided at tbe opening of
the sessions, and announced that
the first thing on the programme
was the electioo of officers for the
ensuing year. The following were
elected: President, Major J. 11.
Chntten, of Rocky Ford; secreta
ry, C. W. Fenlason, of Rock) |
Ford; quartermaster, A. Nicholes. ;
After flic business meeting ad- i
dresses were made by H. S Vaughn,
of Denver, department commander
of Colorado and Wyoming, and
George West, of Golden, president
of the Colorado Soldiers and Sail
ors Home Commission.
In the evening a camp fire was
held at Odd Fellows hall, the prin
cipal address being delivered by
Hon. F. C Goody.
The old •soldiers met at the fair
grounds Sunday morning and lis
tened to a very interesting sermon
delivered by Rev. At. M. Nelson,
of Rocky Ford. These waS a very
Urge attendance at the morning
service, folly 1,500 people being
In tbe afternoon n programme
was presented by tbe Woman’s Re
lief Corps and tbe la lies of the
Grand Army of tbe Repabtsc.
I Tbe mrsting was 1 very snccerr
ful one throng boot and tbe best
attended in years.
How to stretch a dollar? Why
buy your husband’s furnishings at
Harding’s on Broadway.
Dick Osborne, late of Pueblo,
has accepted a position as switch
man in the local yards, and will
soon move his family here to lo
cate permanently.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Jack
man, of Lincoln, Neb., are the
guests of |. T. Kirkman and fami
ly, arriving in the city last Wed
nesday night. Mrs. Jackman is a
sister of Mr. Kirkman.
Joseph Newman and his talent
ed company will appear at the La
Junta Theatre, Saturday, August
22d. The company has played
several engagements in La JtYnta
and is worthy of liberal patronage.
J. A. Venable, who has been
laid up in the railroad hospital
during the past three weeks with
an attack of typhoid fever, was
ablt- to he down town yesterday
morning for the first time.
James McNeen, the well known
La Junta brick maker and con
tractor, came to Lamar last week
and completed arrangements to
la> the side walk in front of the
masonic temple.—Lamar Register.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Presbyterian church will give an
ice cream social on the adjoining
lawns of Mrs. Joseph Posz and
Mrs. F. A. Brown, Thursday
evening, August 2Cth. Every one
is invited to .attend.
* At the Methodist church tomor
row morning Dr. Kimball’s theme
will be “The Fainting Christ."
Epworth League at 7p. m. No
evening sermon because of the
union service at the opera house.
Sunday school at 9:45 a. m.
Lieutenant Will Guthrie, of the
United States Engineer Corps,
arrived in La Junta last Wednes
day morning from New York, for
a brief visit with his sister, Mrs.
J. B. O’Neil. He expects to
leave next Monday for the Phil
Wants the Earth.
Through the postoffice last
Thursday morning we received a
communication marked “copy of
a letter to Charles Wonderly.”
The letter, verbatim et literatum,
et punctuatum, is herewith repro
duced, as follows:
“You must think the la junta
people are a gang of suckers i
have a season ticket to all games
played by tbe Ball team of La
Junta remember if my season
j ticket is refused it is a signal you
want no more monthly money and
don't come for any."
Then follows a clipping from
the Daily Democrat which reads
as follows:
“No season tickets will be hon
ored at the Bloomer Girl ball
'game next Monday, the 17th
Tickets to this game will be fifty
••No ticket! No money!"
We don't know who the writer
is, neither does Mr. Wonderly.
He forgot to sign his name to
either the original or the copy,
and of course his kick is of no
avail. Mr. Wonderly would
' probably gladly present him with
la complimentary if his identity
j was known, or Thu Tribunk
I might even condescend to part
with one i* we knew who the
! writer was. The baseball asso
ciation did not engage this aggre
gation of feminine baseball talent
for the purpose of making money,
but simply to afford the people of
La Junta a little amusement. The
manager of the visiting team
wanted the earth and the fullness
thereof to come here at all. An
arrangement was finally made on
the percentage basis, and the vis
iting team will get the major por
tion of the receipts. La Junta’s
portion being probably sufficient
to pay tbe small boy for carrying
water. There wall be] a game
Sanday and there is really 00
compulsion about attending the
Btooaser game unless you want
to. Tbe game might not be
worth tbe mosey, aad then tkiab
of tbe paia and misery that tbe
gallibfe pablic would have to en
A Wore of Explanation.
Once upon a time a predecessor
of the present proprietor of the
Tribune attempted to get out a
mammoth edition of the Tribune,
and several dollars were collected
in advauce. The edition never ma
terialized. We wish it distinctly
understood that no money is to he
collected in advance upon our con
templated edition, and that we wjll
not be responsible for any indebt
edness incurred without a written
order signed by the proprietor.
Shapely Girls In Bloomers Tight.
One of the most exciting and
interesting games of the season
will take place in this city on Mon
day, August 17th, between the
Ladies' Champion Base Ball Club
of Boston, Mass., and the La Jun
ta Athletics.
The Boston Bloomers is the usu
al title given this famous Ladies’
Base Ball Club. They are justly
entitled to the same, as they al
ways appear upon the field, to bat
tle for supremacy, dressed in the
twentieth century garb-the bloom
trs. This organization of female
hall players is the only ladies' ball
club in America. The team was
first organized in 1893. This is
their tenth annual tour. The club
is under the management of Mr.
W. F. Needham, and they travel
in their own palace car.
During the past nine years this
organization of female hall players
has traveled extensively and visit
ed all the large cities in America
and both provinces of Cana Ja. The
club has been strengthened from
year to year, each member selected
for her ability to execute and fill
her particular position in a man
ner satisfactorily and becoming a
member of this, the Champion La
dies’ Base Ball Club of the World.
Don't fail to see them. Admission
50 cents
Fowler News.
.No bail.
Comfortab!) cool.
Sonic oats arc cut.
E. E. Blake is home from the
Cantaloupes were a Sunday din
ner luxury.
The tomato crop will soon be
ready tor the n.ew canning factory.
Fred Noble was at home over
Sunday, lie is working in Rocky
Messrs. Hedgecock and Clark
took in the Bike's Beak trip last
Saturday. They did the summit
stunt on foot. B it that is beyond
the stage.
Henry Lee's little daughter fell
from a rafter, while playii.g in the
barn, and broke both bones in the
right forearm. The accident hap
pened Tuesday morning.
The indications are th«t canta
loupe shipments will be very late
this season, and probably not be in
progress in carload lots much be
fore the first week in September.
No shipments have as yet been
Wednesday was tramp day. In
these times of great scarcity of la
hor any able bodied man ought to
earn Ins living by producing some
l thing. Dirt and laziness are not
! deserving of charity. There is much
oftencr danger of encouraging sloth
than turning away merited aid.
Frank Herrington is back again
; from a prospecting trip in the
! northwest. He had made every ar
rangement (o find a location and
send back for his family. But he
returned well pleased to get hack
to a more desirable country. Mere
restlessness is responsible for a
great part of the constant change
in the western country. The Ar
kansas Valley is beyond the eaper
imental stage. Those pleasant!*
and profitably settled had better
remain instead of always trying to
get "in on the ground floor” so7 *
where else. Countries that have to
be boomed may need inspection,
as a good thing speaks for itself
Bat this isn’t saying the north west
isn’t a wonderful country. The
ever moving "Prairie Schooners
face e_ch other. Practically as.
equal number go each way. Tbe
gradual shifting of the center of
population west, and the occasion
al marvelous influx of great num
bers into newly opened territory
are not so noticeable. It is the
going back and forth that keeps
things stirred up and uses up use
less energy, better take note and
stay somewhere some considerable
lengtli of time.
The Key to
Eminence is
the choice of
' Implements
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Improvement that the
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! Are MM Wi*M
; i
j Woak Eyes
j Poor Sight?
4 “
J W. F. Noyes, M. D , desires
J to announce that lie is mak
• ing a visit of one week to
• La Junta, and that visits
J will be made regularly here
J in the future. All disease s
« of the eyes treated. Special
< attention prescrib-
J mg glasses.
4 -
j PtftMtf AneaiiM Pitf
Ti ll t fyes * omen.
4 ■ ■
« Dr. Nj)c-s w.ll make a pre-
J liminary test of the eyes
J without charge. If glasses
2 are needed they will be fur
« nisht d at a uniformly mode
-4 rate rate, without extra
J charge for examination.
2 This visit will continue until
i Iwslij. Avfast IS.
-1 Stan* RmMf taut.
J H ours rtospm,7 to 8 p. m *

2 Calls made at residence
2 without extra charge.
• Dr. So 7— i- * ctsAim** M ('hienien
1 M-risrasJ Culliv. »K-o »•# Vw Y nek P«*-t
4 firsHtint* M—find Arbor 1 ami Hmpul;
2 • YtoVnt swVr tlr r-Mmtol Dr.
| ■rrwoa Kaapp off W Tori OphUsV
4 mar *r»ri isrsl l*wtrtn«r; sroa Straw r!|
• Bhßia sa4 B*t<t to ifer MaH iHwl I
1 IX -prs ■*>> of n>jfsgn; wtly ftofel |
4 *•! »sri* wtW Rnwpsl Mm| Ma»- I
2 pOxL HWi4iR Kms. |
• M IS—r i :—offtfcr Big *— W |d» I

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