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WWW* ***•.? “4 Owt Lmi Veer. j
Tbe abstract ol assessment ol
property valuation in Oteto county
was completed this week by Asses
sor Adsmond. The total assessed
valuation ior the year 1913 is $5,
660,660, as compared to $5,509,-
956 ior tbe year previous, an in
crease ot $150,704. This does
not necessarily mean that taxes
will be h.gher. The county treas
urer will have considerable money
on band at the close ol the year,
tbe rate of taxation will necessat
ily be lower and individual taxes
in consequence ought to be a great
deal less.
Exclusive ol railroad property
the valuation of property in tbe
county ior tbe year 1903 is $4,144,-
480, as compared to $3,937,740
for tbe previous year, an increase
of $206,740.
The railroad and corporation as -
sessroent for the year 1903 is $1,-
''516.180, as compared to $1,572,216
for tbe previous year, a decrease
nf $56,036. Tbe valuation ol
corporate property is bxed by the
State of equalization exclusively,
and Assessor Adsmond is not re
sponsible ior the decrease. Tbe
assessment this year is made on a
basis of about one half cash value,
but owing to the antics of the
state board of equalization in ntak
ing tbe assessment of corporate
property in the state, assessors are
compelled to make the assessment
on a half cash value basis in order
to protect local interests.
There has been an increase of
3,005 in the number of acres
of ' agricultural land assessed
this year over Ust year, and
an increase in tbe valuation of
$315,040. The number of acres
Of grazing land assessed has in
creased 7,255, but there has been
a decrease in the valuation of $7.-
735. The value of city and town
lots has increased $24,125, and the
value of improvements thereon,
$43,935. The assessed valuation
Of merchandisehasdecteased $13,-
860, and the average amount ol
capital employed in manufactures
$38,230. There are decreases in
the stock assessment as follows-.
Cattle, 1,987; sheep, 2,666; swine,
132. The number of horses as
sessed has increased 779, and the
number of mules 104. There are
120 more clocks and watches as
sessed this year than last, 89 more
musical instruments, and 264 more
carriages and vehicles. The val
uation of moneys and credits has
increased $635 over last year, and
the valuation of bank stock or of
-shares in any bank $3,160.
The figures in detail are as fol
The figures in detail are as fol
Acres of agricultural land, 83,
704; value, $1,291,525.
Acres of grazing land, 105,798;
value, $166,650.
Acres of coal land, none.
Acres of oil land, none.
Acres of other mineral land and
kind thereof, none.
Improvements on lands and tbe
kind of land thereof, $211,585.
Improvements on public lands,
Town and city Jots, $354>> jo
improvements on town and city
lots, $661,670.
Miles of railroad as returned by
state board of equalization, 106.05,
value, $1,422,288.
Other railroad property, $33,-
Miles of telegraph lines, $25,-
V Miles of telephone lines, $34,-
Average value of merchandise,
Average amount of capital em
ployed in manufactures, $389,550.
Horses, 9,688; value, $178,145.
Mules, 586; value, $17,205.
Asses, none.
Cattle, 31.454; wise, $308,740.
Sheep, ai.127; value, $25,765.
Swine, 3,670; value, $8,405.
Goats, none.
Musical instruments, 57S; value,
Clocks and watches, 821; value,
jewelry, gold ini silver plate,
i diamonds and 01 her precious
, stones. I625.
| Amount of money, credits, book
accounts and other accounts not
evMenced by writing, cash value
promissory notes, bonds, deben
tures and all other written evi
dence of indebtedness, $36,960.
Carriages and vehicles of every
description, 2,715; value, >48,133
Household property (over and
above exemption), $4,105.
Furnitqre and fixtures, $20,020.
All other properly. $29,525.
Bank stock or shares 111 any
bank, $89,605.
Military polls, 2.418.
tMwrnr Offeree a arise.
s a
A Kocky Kurd youngster, who
is an inveterate cigarette smoker,
but who knows nothing ol the
pangs of a “bust head," saved a
large number ol coupons Irom the
cigarette enclosures and sent them
to tbe manufacturer. The young
ster wanted to know what he
would receive lor them. The
manufacturer sent hi.n word that
if he would save as many more
each year for two years he would
send him a coffin or tree transpor
tation to the state insane asylum
at Pueblo. It seems as though
all the world is anxious to assist
io reforming the benighted deni
zens of that burg, and make ol it
a model, moral town.
Reeky FerX Fair.
Among the attractions promised
for Watermelon Day is a genuine
competitive cake-walk for appro
priate prizes. The details of this
feature ol the program will lie
looked alter by George Gross who
is now in correspondence with
some of the star colored perform
ers in this line in different parts
ol the state, and something ol
genuine merit is promised by the
lair management.
The fair board have made some
important changes in the speed
program to belter suit the horse
men, and the time of closing en
tries has been extended to August
29th. Horsemen and all others
interested in the races, who hsve
not received a copy ol the new
speed program are urged to drop
a card to the secretary ol the fair
asking for one.
The Art Hall is being decorated
which will add very much to its
interior appearance, and also to
the attractiveness ol the painting,
drawing and fancy work displays.
The superintendents of the de
partments using this building ate
all enthusiastic in getting bigger
and better displays for their re
spective departments than ever
before, so that something worth
whil < can be confidently antici
pated.—Kocky Ford Enterprise.
Jews#* Bowmen Company.
Joseph Newman and his talent
ed quartet of clever girls are com
ing again and it is welcome news
indeed. This company always
presents a bright and attractive
program that gives the best ol
satisfaction sod patrons know thev
will always get their money's
worth. It is said of Mr. Newman
that “the more you hear him, tbe
better you like him” and one rea
son is he invariably has something
new for his audiet.ee. This sea
son he promises a budget of new
songs, stories and joke* that will
keep his audience in a merry
mood. Miss Carlotta Bixler will
again be heard i a brilliant violin
solos. Miss 11a Buroap whose
remarkably sweet sod wonderful
soprano voice is pleasantly re
membered, will sing songs that
are pretty and tender—just the
kind that - every ooe enjoys. Mias
Sada Talbott trill offer some oew
monologues that are bright and
witty, sod Mist Inez Brown, •
new member of tbe company, who
is sure to be warmly welcomed,
will be tbe pienist aod accompa
nist. Mies Browo’s playing is re
markable lor its bfilliaQcy and ad
mirable technique. Tbe little
piny this season will be “A Matri
monial Advertisement,” which in
brightly and smartly written. The
company appears for one night
only at tbe La Junta Theatre,
Sttttfday, Ai|mI ltd.
Las Saimaa lame gaajayl
The Las Animas team visited
La Junta last Sunday and went up
against a sure thing defeat at tbe
hands of the lo:al aggregation ' to
the tune of 16 to 4. The visiting
team got four runs in their half of
tbe second inning, and after that
brief period of score getting noth
ing but the character that very
much resembles a horse collar was
credited to them on the black
waste of the score board.
“Stepladder” Hill was the star
of the home team on this particular
occasion, his batting being the
feature of the game. He is cred
iged with two home runs,one three
bagger and a two base hit out of
six tunes up. Oo the second home
run the ball went over the fence
and out into tbe tall timbers in
Home Ftace. It may be going
yet as Scott Statiord and his gang
of lost ball you igsters never sue
ceeded in finding the ball.
The official score of the game is
as follows:
AH H 1H PU A £
ftorntan, rf 5 1 2 1 0 1
Vmt<l«*rhill. r 6 1 0 I 0 1
Mitchell. If .3 2 0 • 0 *»
Faimizqr, p d 2 2 I * 0
Hill. Hi 6 4 4 II 0 u
Well*, Hi 3 3 2 0 1 I
McKeuua.2b 6 3 3 3 2 1
Bacon. -> 4 0 0 • 4 0
Dauiher. cf 5 0 0 3 0 1
48 16 13 2! 12 5
Weetl. c . 4 0 I 7 0 4
Mat nt-> 3 h.. 3 0 I 2 0 2
(iartliipr, lb .4 0 0 II 0 2
kruoetly. If 4 11 1 0 0
Luvr, s> 4 I 1 2 0 1
Folk, cf 4 0 0 I 0 1
Mitchell, 2b 4 I 0 I 0 1
Darriugtou. rf. ... 4 0 0 1 0 1
Carter, p .3 1 I 0 5 1
34 4 3 30* 5 13
*Vau«lerbill out for interferritur.
La Juuta .0 2 1 0 0 3 3 3 2—16
U" Amman. 04(1000000 - 4
Ko rue, I ruu> La Juuta 4; Las Anima*, 2.
Home run* - Hill, 2
Three bane bit Hill.
Two bane bit-Hill.
Sacrifice hit*--McKenna.
Stolen ha-es florinuu. 2; Yaixlnrhill, 2,
In mi hit- |>lay»—Bacon to McKenna to Hill.
Struck out By Fannin*. h; by Carter, S.
|Baw ou ball*—Off Carter, 3.
on error*— McKenna.
Time of game oae hour ami forty miuutM,
Umpire—Leslie (irate*.
Scorer—Hill Barkley.
Attendance- Five hundred.
—a- m
Oeaton Otoomsr Cana,
The Bloomer girls have came
and they have also went. The la
dies from the intellectual center ol
the universe demonstrated the fact
that they arc artists at the national
game, and know how to play hall.
The old stagers who attended and
expected to be amused by the an
tics of a female baseball player
were rather startled when they saw
a "bloomer” line the sphere over
the home plate with all the speed
of a cannon ball.
The pi,lx were dressed in bloom
ers bright and all they lacked was
screen-door hosiery to give them
a strictly up-to-dxfe appearance.
Maud Wilson, the star pitcher of
the aggregation, played shortstop,
and was easily the star of the game
having assists in two double plays
and one triple play to her credit.
Maud caught a hot liner that the
rude Mitchell handed her and
doubled a man out al first in a
manner that would have been
creditable to almost any old pro
fessionsl. She also made the hit
of the game, knocking the sperr
over tbe canvass- fence that barred
the view of the lack o’ coin rub
berueck. Some of the Missouri
ans hereabouts claim that Maud is
■ pale faced youth.
Lucy was something of ?. phe
notnenan as a pitcher. She had
speed, insboots, drops and out
shoots, and had quite a number of
atrike-outa to her credit. Carrie
Nation and her little hatchet pre
aided over the left garden, and al
though ahe waa the star coacber of
tbe team failed to do any smaab
ing at the;home plate. The field
iag and throwing of the entire
team is eacelleat, bat they are not
on to the art of amaabing the ball.
Along about tbe eizth inning
one of the male chaperones ot tbe
bloomers attempted to awipe a bat
belonging to tbe home . team and
got into a wrangle writh Daniher.
Several «f the focal team joined
the crown:, aad during the gab
feast Becoe beaded tbe chaperone
owe ia the neck. Bach lady mem
her of tbe Bieomer team tbereapoe
| grabbed a bat and slatted to the
chaperone's assistance, and for a
brief season it looked as though
someone would have his nut .crack
ed Tbe appearance ol Marshal
Melvin on the scene quieted the
beligerentsand nodamage resulted.
Tbe line-up oj the two teams
and score by innings is as follows:
80-fiui liloomer*. Po*iti«Mi. La Juuta.
Lucy Hall Pitcher Vanderhill
U. Whit.- .Catcher MrKeuna
Celia Bfiiwn .Kirst ha*« Hill
Nellie lrunti.tr .. (iecoixl bate Fonuiu*
Florence .Thin! ha*r Well*
Mmu«l Wil-ou .. Short-top Bacon
('arrie Nation Left Held Mitchell
Lillie Emmett... Center field Dauiher
Jeteie Kobe/ts.. Bight field.. Gorman
MOU. BV. IkklMl'
Howtou 8100mer*.,..6 0 1 0 0 0— 6
La Junta 2 0 3 0 1 0 2 3 I—l 2
Notice for Publication.
La mi* Office. I
Ft EULO. t'OLO., July 25, IWS S
Notic e is hkkkhy given that the
followitiK-liamed -.-tiler ha- files! notice of
hi- intention to make final pnatf iu -upport of
hi- claim. au«l that *ai«l proof will lie made be
fore Clerk of Ih-trict Court at La Juuta. Colo.,
ou September It*. 11*0. via: Yi«eute Archlveque.
It. K. Io,llt> for the southeast quarter.iiorthwe>.t
quarter, north half *outhwc*t quarter, south
west south went quarter, section A, towu
shiti -i -out h. range 14 west.
lie usmn> the follow tittf witue*-e* to prove hi*
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
-aid laud, via: Juan B. Ma*careua*. J«**e Mad
rille. Jtia<|tiiu Padilla, J«»*e F. Martinez, all of
II iiilzv, 4 'olo.
S. A. ABBEY, Register.
Fir»t publication. July *3*. IWW.
La-t publication. September 2. IMO.
Notice for Poblicotion.
United State* Laud Office. (
Ft EULO, Colo., July 11. IWU2. t
Notice is hereby given that the
following named *ettler ha* filed notice of
to- intention to make flual proof iu -up|nirt of
In- claim, auti that *aitl proof will tie made on
\ugu-t 27.1M0. viz: Irven W. Smith, H. E.
l.’lV. for the MMithwWt quarter *outhea»t quar
ter *ectiou tweuty-weveu: northwest quarter
northeast quarter. ea*t half m*rt It wed quarter
»«*ctlou 31, township thirty-three *outh, range
•V 4 west.
He name* the following vritue**e* to prove
hi- csMitinuou* residence upon and cultivation
of-aid land, vis: K. J. Burton, W. /i. Dwyre.
lof Troy. Colo., G, F. Mellon, Triuenera, Colo.,
William McCa-hof Ester. N. M.
S. A. ABBEY, Register.
Kir»t publication July la, l»n.
La-l publication August 114. IW«.
Notice for Publication.
United State* Lund Office, t
Fi'EHLo, Colo., August M, IUUCft. V
Notice is hereby given that the
following named settler lia* filed uotice of
hi- intention to make final pros if in support of
hi- claim, and that said proof will tie made tie
fore the clerk of the district court at La Junta.
Colo .ou September 22. vis: Filomeuo
Martinez, 11. E. Ml 10. for the lot* five ami six,
-oiithea-t quarter northwest quarter, northeast
quarter southwest quarter, sectiou six. town
shin tweiity-sevan south rauge, fifty-four west.
lie name- the following witnesses to prove
hi- continuous re-ideuce upon ami cultivation
of *aul land, vis: Juan Ma-careuas, Felipe
Marrarenas. Urewencio Ma-cnreua*. Brablio
Martinez, all of Higher*. Colo.
S. A ABBEY, Register.
Fir-t publication. August 12. lUOfl.
La*t publication. September 16. lMtt.
Notice for Publication.
United States Laud Office. I
PI'KBLO, Colo.. August 15. IUU3. (
1" following named settler ha* filed notice of
hi* intention to commute to cn-h and make
final proof in support of his claim, aud that
said proof will be made before the clerk of the
district court at La Junta. Colo., on Sejitem
l»er 28. IBUS. vix: Alhertu* Uunnnulil-ii. K.
11,4214 for the southeast ouarter southeast quar
ter. section eight: southwest nuarter south*
west quarter, sect ion nine: north half north
east quarter. -ection 17. township tweuty-seveu
south, rang" fifty-five west.
He names tbe following witnesses to prove
liis continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said laud, vix:
Antonc Elaire. of Higbee, Colo., Ed Jobe, cf
La Junta, (!olo„ John Goodpasture, of lligtx’c,
Colo.. Monroe 4 hast pasture, of La Junta. Colo.
8. A. ABBEY*. Register.
First publication, August lit. IWO.
Last publication. September Si, IMQS.
a.ssi.a. ‘The Hiawatha”
ttSSHHI I* Uw moc mcertcful
hatcher. IU wooderful »uc
oeaa mod popularity la due
to auperlor cooat ruction,
D| BQI and Ita aeleottfle pfiodplca
■9 of best end renUlatfoo.
I | Oar nwehlnea are goarmn-
I I teed. Send for oar new
w f cttalofM. It la free.
Hlewafibn. Kan ana. 11. 3. A*
4 B
« Positively cures HAT !
* CATARRH. Druggists *
S refund money if you »
2 are not satisfied with !
« results. Ask for »
4 •
] TM Aaakia (Make Nof. a, |
hevvvevvvwvveevvvs vvvvvd
New Jeweler.
* '
Having secured the services
of Mr. E. L. Pancoast, s
practical Jeweler and Watch
maker, we desire to state
that we are prepared to do
Engravings, alt kinds ol
Jewelry Repairing, and es
pecially fine Watch and
Clock work.
All Work guaranteed and
prices right. We are con
stantly adding to our jewelry
line, so give us a call when
in need of anything in tbe
jewelry line.
caTurs nutucT
Placers* tor Sato.
Placards are lor sate at the
Tkihune office, at tbe rate ol five
cents each, which read as follows:
For Safe.
For Rent.
No Smoking.
No Hunting Allowed.
Boarding by Day or Week.
Extracts from the laws required
to be posted by boarding house
keepers i( they would protect
themselves against dishonest
I 4
*. 3
► Wf art* pr**|tarsal to do all *
| nia-onry ami brick work J
• 4
» 4
| Brick Sidewalks a Specialty, j
4 »
4 The Singer Sewing Machine w
2 office has removed to Down- «
J er’s Bicycle Store. Needles J
J and supplies for all kinds of s
2 machines. Come and see us. »
4 »
j Henry Warner, Agent, j
A w evveews •vvvvvvvs vvw4
| Here Are The Things
| that hungry fueling. We have consolidated
| our two Htorc* and are now located iu the old
| Postottice hiiildiug, where we have the largent and
! fluent stock ever brought to Ln Juuta. Purity,
Pron>j)tne*H aixl KreslinetM ure three good Htaud
awls for a We have them all, aud you
can feel sure that goods we furnish are right.
avenue, j. n. r% m r r, no. 9*-
-==C.- J
H m ... ■ fcw a to. k*M m, rmlH «• Mpm. Tito UUw mmt
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YRO FbTNiflß - A Romance of Roguery, by Gelstt IJu rgbss and Will Inwim.
Gir MGmry mmrsmrn NaWMNMf, by Cvnls ToWMSNMD Brady.
YtWG Fiktbfil Include The Flol to Kidnap Lincoln and, Jacksoa’s Quarrel with
Calhoun, by Edward Vallandigram.
■agajf Fgff JfggN* Roomevrlt in College, by Evbrt J*.«*n Winpim; My First Graduate—
Theodore Roosevelt, by Abtmub H. Cutlar; Tom Nast—Cartoon
by ALaairr Bigslow Faimn.
mtrnrtHrnt WntoWto *F •—«*»-
Ihese sensational revelations of an international spy throw light on the
Dreyfus Mystery: The Frace Rescript of the Czar; Who Really Killed
King Humbert: 1 be Late Greck-Turkish War.
AffiMfF MGStrtt WfMfE- Reviewing each month what woman has accomplished individually
and by organized effort.
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undertaken, single handed, the desperate task of ridding New York City
of its vice aad crime, will create a far-reaching sensation. It is not po-•»-
ble for this story to be told m its entirety at once. The first portion wilt
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p installments will appear in the issues of May and June. «
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j. Margaret of Anjou to. Peter the Great iS. Charles 11. s 6. Marie Antoinette
«. Richard I. It. Xerzes 19. Mary Queen of Scots 37. Henry IV.
4 Richard If. is. Hannibal s». Queen Elizabeth zB. Hernando Cortez
V William the Conqueror 13. lulius Cwsar si. Richard 111. 19. Joseph Bonaparte
6. Ale sender the Great 14. Kero sz. Cleopatra 30. King Philip
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k Darius the 4*reat 16. Romulus to 34. Josephine 33. 1-ouis Fhdippe
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Wsifnlle Deyt. lifkei Bevy Lewie la BeeUKßeTj. A. IHehslsr
rssst s
htMhheerfßeH|| * Oaglala Bfsape. AaftmJtee
*7* AU M.OTN NOI/MN fttaSSSki
liaa RseaH F. J. Gjmtm A Vee Time Weeteg. _ Jjeel theadkr Barrie
TtoWwifMr.rTavwaM Out Chee. Dm Bmeala. Bw Isßer
The Fewlsr, imJfii ftwla The Beal ef UttK Neris CmeSl Aruaaai AeVmae, I. ■aeßraflß
sriategszss-. : a kgssxizr**
■..ito.a.ss.tmqaiii mhi— mac „ . -Ssi u m
-S3T. Jr KSfer
• Facneon'e cases wcaana espy wlussymr. The eeine ie nesnr cat uteß —r p—htha, VN
••f »il yoa to prsspsetas Bu ay«s syfiwsbm. tolAM|MdtyM^a
s 1y -. ‘ r- ■is "
Hotel spur
j Select Faaily Hotel.
Eoropeaa Plan.
4 #
] Sunny room*, uiugle or eu
2 suite, with Steam heat.
] <lhm and Electric Light*.
2 Private Hathts. Hot Wa
2 ter Day aud Night.
2 Cal'* to all de|Mjt* jihsk
< the door.

3 Bctweca BrsaJway aa4 lilL
3 George P. Emerton. j
2 Pr**rto**r. j
1 1.......—.............. c

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