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Elbert County tribune and Elbert County banner. (Elizabeth, Colo.) 1920-1921, May 28, 1920, Image 1

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Elbert County Tribune
County Paper
We have one of the most com
plete lines of Farm Machinery in
the county.
We invite your inspection and
urge that you place your Orders
in Harvesting Machinery, which
will mean a saving in money to
Watts & Wortman
Elizabeth, Colorado
The Ford One Ton Truck is a profitable
“beast of burden” and surely has the “right of
way” in every line of husirtess activity. For all
trucking purposes in the city and for all heavy
work on the farm, the Ford One Ton Truck
with its manganese bronze worm-drive and
every other Ford merit of simplicity in design, !
strength in construction, economy in operation,
low purchase price, stands head and shoulders 1
above any other truwk on the market. Drop in
and let’s talk it over and Lave your order for one.
Carver Motor Company,
Elizabeth, Colorado
• . - i mmm
fjTietfroductrf Experience

How does 22 miles on a gallon of
gasoline, SCO miles on a quart of
oil and GOOO miles on a set of tires
round to youL> That is what the
CHEVROLET "490" will do on av
erage roads.
Let us demonstrate what this
little car will do for you.
i Ahl Motor & Tractor Co.
Elizabeth, Colorado
Roadster, |775, f.oJt. ■
Devoted to the Interests of the People of Elizabeth, Elbert, Elbert County and the Divide Country,
j North DakotaV record in the mat
ter of taxation lias been pretty well
advertised throughout the country,
j with the result that in some parts of j *
the west, where the traveling agents 1
of the non-partinnn League were;*
[quite successful lust year in gaining; 1
converts whom they relieved of SIG 1
, npiece, they are not allowing this r
year the membership Increases that 1
j they expected. When the American U
farmer takes tho Time to think over '
j a pollctirul project carefully. he, 1 '
may bo generally counted upon tor
withhold hia enthusla. in from any
thing that has too radical a flavor. I s
Especially In the past season or two. 1
his experiences with radical labor r
movements during harvest, and the *
difficulty or securing dependable help
at any time even at exorbitant prices, r
hua made him very reluctant about
upsetting things j i t for the plesure *
of the experiment. The mounting r
tax bill in North D. kota to pay for r
ocinlistlc experiments of the league v
is alio a bad advertisement for its
The lesson of all strikes and other *
industrial disturbances is that the 1
cost of them must be paid by the ;
public of which we are all a part. *
•The tax exemption feature of the ;
Federal Farm Loan Act is to he tes- ;
• ted in tho courts. It Is contended '
* that our Constitution does not del :
(gate to the government power to
form organizations for private and
individual profit, loan money at less
than current rates nnd exempt such '■
transactions from all forms of taxu
t ion.
The bonds issued by Farm Loan
Banka, organized under this act are
entirely exempt from taxation and
furui*li .a secure place for investors
seeking to evade income tax.
The act places nnfair obstacles and
hcndicups in the general banking in
dustry which has to carry the load
if the public and industry and pay
regular taxes of all kinds.
The Idea of stuck tax exempt bonds
to furnish money at lens than cost
for private gain, to one class of bor
rowers, is repugnant to all American
ideals. f
I see by the papers that there Is
lots of talk about giving Ireland Its
freedom. Why not give it to them?
They are as mJiich entitled to their
fret dom as the Cecho-Slavs are to
govern their own country. So I
say give it to them and let them
fight It out? among themselves, in
stead of tlie U. S.
They are one of the oldest nntjons
of Europe and better able to tell
what they want than any outside j
nation. They were a nation long!
before Columbus founded our shores,
and some of the greatest men in the
world. We’re proud to say that {
Ireland was our birth place, and I \
believe that there-are many left vet i
who can put Ireland where she be
longs. That is among the leading
nations of the world.
Among the names of those who
are gone are such as Dean Swift,
Samuel Lower. Tom More, Dan O’-
Connell and hosts of others. So,
why in all fairness can we not wish
them to enjoy their freedom as we
enjoy ours.
HThat Ireland may be a free and
happy nation soon. Is the wish of
thousands of Americans.
Interest in the county exhibits
at the State Fa/r lias taken an early
mart for the 19 20 Fair which will
be held September 19-2+L Logan
county lias written to Manager, J.
L. Beamen. Reserving the same space
they had last year. It shows that
they are planning on coming strong
er this year.
The amusement program for the
| Btate F’alr, September 19-25, will be
much better than for previous years.
There will be several vaudeville acts,
'that have never appeared in the we: t
The fire works display will be for
nix nights. , One night there will be
reproduced the pictures of the prom-i
ihent candidates for President.
R. L. Clow of Denver was trans-i
acting business In this city last
The wheat grower need have no
! apprehensions as to the supply of :
ibfnder twine—this ccason. Report.!
[coming to the Bureajti of Plant In- 1
dqstry, of the United Staten Depart-'
j n»nt of Agriculture, indicate that!
I'li re will be a plentiful supply of!
I'Mh commodity available for the'
I American farmer. Not only will j
it be plentiful, but It is likely to be'
I cheaper this year than lor som.» ii
’/cars past. '
,"Y ucaian—the chief and cheapest i *
source or henequin. from which the *
twJno in made produced a large 1 1
crqp this year; which, coupled with I,
the termination of control of prices!
by the Commission Rcguladora, wan 1 '
reupnsible for a drop in the price of i
fib.‘r from 15 to lo cents a pound!
in March. The price is now re-!
ported to be 8 cents a pound. /This!
reduction should be reflected in tb** 1 ’
price of twine this season. <
Thun far tho recent revolution In*
MeVloo lias not affected the henequin
IndtiMry of Yucatan nnd Campeche,
the-, two important fiber-growing 1
Stales of that country. It is too
late now for any disruption of thi . ,
industry to affect seriously the sup j
plies of twine for this year's harvest
as practically all the fiber nerc ,
ary •, for the present needs have al-',
ready been imported to the United ,
States. j.
Although there Is no danger for f
this year’s twine -supply, officials of
t lie Department of Agriculture are i
somewhat apprehensive over the ef-'j
feet that the low prices for fiber *
prevailing now will have upon tho
production of henequin during the',
next fe\£ years. Low prices, ac.-i
cord-ug to reports to the Department
ream ■*» «®®E2sEre; tsEssssmss mamstsaa ggwnan tn
, f 1
| ? ", . ' .1'
1 --u J^l. I
,f■?' ij j||?' I
The Russell Gates Mercantile Co.
| Elbert, - - Colorado |
t - - . _ .
_ . . FOR SALE
Bung in your poultry, eggs, hfiiM,
uni swr.el and sout cream. I p.y !New Singer Sewing
the him. ;.ft price in cash. Machines. Eesv
Elizabeth, Colo. VIRGIL A. TOMPKINS, Mgr
are leading the growers In Yucatan,
to reduce their planting, with the!
result that a real nhortago of the fl-'
her five or six years hence iy a very |
likely possibility.
Thc-te '■ in !.<■ union memorial sor
vlces at the Elbert Presbyterian
Church on Sunday, May 30th, at <•-
ioven o’clock A. M. Rev. Day of
Pueblo will deliver the address. Ev
erybody Is invited to attend. A
special invitation is • txended to sol
diers of the various U. S.
Tho outlaw strike in without doubt I
the most «Uc live weapon, and so ot J
Ibis time tlic* favorite weapon, of
•‘red” propaganda in the United j
Not all the outlaw strikers, prob i
ably, indeed, only u relatively small 1
percentage of them are reds them
selves. But. they are "tools” and
"dupes" of the reds nnd abettors of «
.revolution in the U. 8. ■*-
Isn’t that subscription due? I*
Following is tlie list of men selec
ted Jury for the June term of Court
at Kiowa.:
E H. ltuhdy; Win. Scheutte; Jno.
Woodard; Tom Cantrll; Ralph Jones;
Bherald Adams; Winfield Shepherd;
John MohlUr. O. N. Rcgeratroui; M.
M Noah; 10. L. Tliint lewood; M. K,
Sharp; Marrett Woodard; James
Gall; A. P Albus; Chris Tweedan; L
If. Hickey; George Ilinlbarger; Frank
Lund; Janie i Sparku; Wrn. Tamlfn;
Win. McCtiley; If. O. Stoll; Ernest
lOfi man.
Baseball Dance
In the New Elbert
Lumber Company
SAT., MAY 29

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