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•" J. E. MAYER , President JAS. RINGOLD. Director
A. U. MAYER, Cashier H\ U. REILLY, Director
Che Elbert County Bank
Incorporated State Bank
Cash Capital $25,000
Exan’rui Regularly by the State Bank. Commission
Make your credit good by doing your banking business with the out eat
established banking institution in Elbert county.
An exclusively ban king business conducted.
Kr, i |lan 11 u iminaiMMMMM ll n n -
* Will Be In
T * Elizabeth Ist and 3d Mondays *
* Kiowa Ist and 3d Tuesdays.
r » Elbert Ist and 3d Wednesdays. "
» Of each Month.
( ,*»****»*** i
y ***********
* Attorney and Counselor at Law *
,K * County Attorney of Elbert
» County,
J ***********
< Physician and Surgeon
F Office in Residence back of Elizabe*' ,
Merc. Cc’« Store. .
Phone 12 J. ,
Residence Phone. 7 W. ,
* Elizabeth Colorado.
f MONEY loaned on approved
Real estate security. Lee Ramsey ,
606 Empire Bldg., Denver.
i Veterinary Surgeon
Residence at Franktown
i Phone 84R12. '
T Mammoth Black Jack
' ' 1 Will stand at the Hammond Stock
Farm, three miles north of Eliz
labeth, for the Season of 1920. '

If mare is sold or removed front
~ , County Service Fee becomes due
at once.
' * I. L. HAMMOND, Owner.
> u —* ——
(By Jinks)
Mra. Steckel came out from the!
Springs Wednesday. R°>’ '» out ° ( i
i.t the hospital now and doing well. >mt
not home yet
Charles Roles spent a few days In!
Colorado Springs, going In la-t
Wednesday with Fred Vote,
t » J. C.- Monk had trouble a-plenty
Thursday and didn't get to Fond is
with the mail till about four o'clork
t * The next day he was late also, be
cause he had too heavy a load —of
, , . coal.
Letters were received In Fnndls
Thursday from Roy Skoog. Baying
«'Y» that Mrs. Skoog is Improving and
that he will be back In Fondis ns
scon as he can leave her. Her con
-1 dltion lmd been serious, but not
"hopeless" us reports previously re
r - .4 \ ceived had Indicated. We all hope
for her speedy recovery.
No, the men- who wrote our Consti
\ * tution did not oppose liquor. Neither
did they oppose slavery, and about
* seventeen other amendments have
been made to the Constitution thev
wrote- They realized however, that
•♦/the world would move and chants
f would be necessary and so made pro
[ visions for. amendments.
1 Mr. Miller is prospecting for min
lerala on his place (the old Harry
SCollins place) He has had two
assayS’flradS. dfce W 5 yGVrS agr'o. arid
y quite recently. These assays^
how about eleven ounces of sliver to
ihe ton. He is trying to determine 1
the extent of the find.
At the Farm Bureau meeting at
Fondis Sunday a foreman was chooa
eii for each of the four townships of
this pest district, to oversee and in-j
force the work of prairie dog eradi-j
cation. The foreman for Township l
!>, Range 62 is W. F. Beaman; for
10-62, Chas. Schauer, for 10-63, Mr.
EickhofT and for £-63, A M. Roeh
ling. All land must be treated,dur
ing the week from June 15th to June
22nd, and all dogs killed by August
15th, at about which time Hii-inspec
ior will look over the territory. Bet
ter get your poison. Give your or
der to your foreman. Not much
time to loose.
The rural mail routes have caused
improvements in the roads und new
roads to be opened. Consolidated
schools will do the same. The nec
essity must come before anything
much can be expected. Railroads
are not built until the necessity for
them exists. Are you wise or other
Ike Campbell bought Mrs. Gra
ham’3 farm, three miles east of Fondis
Ross Howard spent part of last
week In Denver, disposing of his
property there.
Freeman Reubeck went to Nebras
ka last week We can’t guess what
his errand was.
‘The roads were dragged promptly
after the last ruin. Keep it up arid
great benefits will surely follow.
Let’s license the profiteers If they
are going (o profiteer in spite of all
regulations. Sounds sensible, does
it not?
Weather fine, rpads fine, grass
fine, everything fine, in fact Colo
rado is a fine country.
Roy and Arthur Hadsell motored
to Denver Sunday.
We suppose that all the fair grad
uates are getting their photos made,
that they may respond properly to
il.eir acknowledged invitations.
Kay Backus and family called at
the George Williams home Sunday.
G. S. Kirkpatrick had the misfor
tune to lose one of his work hors-.s
this week.
We have heard of many kind of
bees, and in fact have had personal
dealings with several varieties, but
the ladies have come forward with a
new one. namely, the “vinegar bee.”
At a wedding we attended some
years ago. a baby cried during the
whole ceremony, it was simply aw
ful, said the little maid of honor.
When i get marired i am going to
engrave on the corner of the invita
tions, “no babies expected.”
Young folks are great creatures,
anyway, but still we always enjoy
their company, for it makes us think
of the times we used to have before
our hairs w r ere gray*
Ihe Hie of an editor must he
great, he has the country folks to
hunt up all the news they can find
and send them in while he sits at his
desk, writing ouK little statments,
| saying your subscription has expir
ed. please remit at once, and any one
would qUit their work to go pay up
1 the editor, co about all he has to do
is pocket the money.
Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes are keeping
house at the Watts Residence for a
few days as Me Knapps are moving*
into the house vacated by the Yerkes
Mr. C. W. Whiting of Elbert put
up new tombstones at the Sparkman
graves Monday, and erected a new
iron—fence around them Tuesday po
hey cunnot be used for grazing.
Mrs. Lorensen’s mother visited her
a few days recently, returning to
Denver Wednesday morning.
Mr. Reeves was a visitor here Tu
Revcrand Jas. Millar went Wed
, nesday morning to Greely, whe-e*
Mrs. Millar has been receiving treat/
ment the pasf couple of weeks, -fehe?
, will possibly return home with him/
Died— Mrs. Kathrine Oltmans, at*
Westminister. Mrs. Oltmans Is a
daughter of Mrs.Seubert of Douglas
County, and has attended school in
, Elizabeth at one time. She was a
i warm- friend of the Alding'trrs. - ’ "" j
i She leaves to mourn her loss,a hu*-^
band,Halley Oltmans, two children,
a mother, brother and many friends.
She was twenty-five years old
Dr. W. S. Bennett visited Den
nison's and M. L. Wight's Monday.
Chris Nicholson and children vis
ited Albert Wight's a few days re
Mr. and Mrs. C. F- Wight attended
j the funeral of Mrs. Adella Nicholson
at Elbert. Saturday.
An err§r occured last week in re
gard to the burial of Mra. Nicholson
at Miami. The plans were changed
and interment was made at Elbert.
The Carson Brothers and Aunt
have had friends visiting them the
I last week.
P. P. Patterson has moved to town
to work on the county road gang.
' Everybody is very busy in this
j neighborhood, getting In their crops
'and several women folks are help
Mr. Wm Polsen had a work horse
disappear the first of the week and
j has not found it yet. It Is pre
sumed that it wandered away with
blind staggers.
There is entirely too many tax
collectors for the number of tax pay- (
cr3. We need food a great deal
more than we need good roads, and
the help that the good roads are tak
ing from the farms.
At the Union Hill Sunday School
there will be Children's Day held
the latter part of June.
There was a surprise party at the
Osborn home for Zola, It being her
13th birthday. There was a party
at the Gammon ranch, and a party
at another home the same night
Saturday, May 15.
The weather sure is grand around
here Jnst the last few dnys and the
farmers are hustling In their crops,
ns fast as they can.
The Woodard family has got set
tled on the Ike Campbell place
A new baby girl was born to Mr.
and Mrs. Hce Campbell last Monday
Everybody Is rushing In their
crops, on account of the good weath
er conditions.
Mr. Ike C nmpbcll has returned
home from his trip to New Mexico.
Mae Squires and Althea ” Brace
spent Tueaday night with Mrs. Dee
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Brace W'ere u
nited with the Presbyterian Church
last Sunday.
Florence Gatewood spent Thurs
day with Helen Clark.
Jo3.sie Squires has returned from
Cripple Creek, where he spent a cou
ple of weeks.
Greuljam, Mr Lindsley, Mr. Case and
Ed Clark. No one reported very
sick aH yet.
Glen Brazelton is working for E.
Miss Hattie Hoover is papering
her hoqee this week. Doiu’ good
job, too.
On Tuesday forenoon Earl Squires
bad quite an accident. The. clevis
pin breaking on the plow, throwing
him forward and broke several front
teeth; pulling one entirely out. He
and hl3 Uncle autoed to the Springs
the next day to have dental work
done on them immediately.
Mr. and Mrs Dee Pottinger, Al--
rneu Brace and Mae Squires autoed
to the High School exercises a t Eliz
abeth Monday night.
Mr. Lindsley plowed with his Ford
one day this week, but gave it up in
djsgust. "
If you want, a good time at the
dance in Elbert Saturday night, he
.‘Hire to go and get a glimpse of the
wild bunch from here, who are sure
to be there. To get some pointers
about several things.
Mr. and Mrs. Dee Pottinger spent
Sunday evening at Mrs. Houston’s.
The Misses Beulah and Vilie Dere
mo «re spending a few days in Den
Mrs Squires entertained at Sun
day dinner Mr and Mrs. J. C. Braz
elton and family and Mr. and Mrs.
Deremo and son Clyde.
Mr. Lindsley purchased a couple
of cows of Mr. Creßham last week. «
Mr. arid Mrs. Janies Murray gave
a delightful dinner to some of their
friends last Sunday. Despite the
high cost of cream, quantities of it
was consumed by- hut let us tell you
tv ho were there and you can judge,
the families oT Earl Ruhdy, George
Mr. and Mrs. Squires and family
made calls on the families of Mr. De
|remo and Mr. J. Dittemo.re Sunday.
Mr. Gresham and family, accom
. panied Mrs. Epler as far as Denver
week- Mrs. Epler went to Ida
j ho to visit her sons and families.
, Mi33es Althea Brace and Mao,
Squires spent Tuesday afternoon at
i Mrs. Dec Pottinger’s and Mrs. Clark
and Helen spent Tuesday, afternoon
there . j
| All of our farmers are in the fields
For Sale and Want
Ask our advertisers. Ask our
• subscribers. - Let the Tribune
and Banner serve you.

i LOST—a crank for an Oaklund car,
one day last week, between Eliza
beth and the Blumer ranch. Find
, °r please leave at the Tribune-Ban
ner Office or J. II Fredinburg,
Elizabeth, Colo.
6 room house furnished. Good
garden spot all plowed. R. S. Er
kenbeck, Elizabeth. Colorado. 6 4
FOR SALE— 4 registered Duroc
Jersey boar pigs and one sow. The
Bell Livestock Co.. Elizabeth. Colo
rado. j
Mr. Squires and two eons autoed
Kiowa on business last Friday.
Mr. Deremo's house Is looming
up quite handsomely and if we have
good weather he can get it painted
Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Helen took ,
dinner at Roy Carver's last week.
W. R. Horry and Mr. und Mrs. K.
I. Horry left Tuesday for California
where they will visit Mr. and Mrs.
Horry’s two sons for some time. J
I Gives Service and Satisfaction
♦. ■ *
♦ Repair Work, on any Make of Machine, Mo- ♦
I tor or Engine. i
Raditors Repaired, Mag- |||
X netoes Charged, Batteries +
__ ■ ‘
♦ Recharged. +
l “ACCOMMODATION.'’’-Our Motto I
♦ ♦
J J. P. KNAPP & CO. t
Vr ■■lf.—ll I
I ~ "
' " i ~1 i
Meeting the Demand '
Meeting the demand for more efficient telephone service is L
just as difficult as meeting the demand on any other public y
concern—whether it be an over-crowded grocery store, a pop- j
ular ticket window, a bargain counter or anything else jWhere \
supply is running short. *
'- \ \
Conditions are unusual throughout the entire manufacturing*,,
mercantile and domestic world. Deficiencies iriNtelephone v v
service which have been quite obvious for are
directly due to these abnormal conditions. \
! !■
Materials are scarce—manufacturers are not able to meet the'*? N
demand—telephone supplies cannot be had—the diverted \ Xfr
all activities in other directions, and they are just beginning
to come back. Until the normal level is struck, there is bound-1
to be shortage of supplies and this means
deficiencies. 1 Vr|
V "
The telephone service is probably no better or no worsen than
the general average of the business and domestic routing.
The telephone management is in a vigorous campaign toijget
its service back to the old standard of speed and accuracy. \
Patience and co-operation on the part of the public will great
ly aid in bringing about mutual satisfaction.
The Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co.
: i * .
It! - ■ 1,1 " TV..-ALJ3J
Published at Elizabeth, Colorado, every Friday.
ALBERT NEUMAN. Publisher and Owner.
EDWARD J. PHILLIPS Editor Manager.
Entered at the Fostoffice of Elizabeth, Colorado, as second class matter.
Subscription, one year In advance |1.6tl
Subscription, six months .76
Dlspluy ads, per coUnnn inch .25
Cuts and electro ads, per inch .16 to .18
Want and sale ads, per line one week .10
Want and sale ads, more than one week .07
Church notices, obituaries, card of thanks, etc , per line -06
Legal udvertißing Legal rates
Job work, any kind Estimated
Ed Reum shipped two veals to the.
Denver market on Tuesday.
Mrs. J. A. Howard who lias been
spending some time visiting friends
in Denver returned home Friday.
Mrs. C. W. Fanson wus a Castle
Rock visitor last Thursday. While
there she had some dental work atl
tended to.
Miss Margaret Rankins and Mas
ter Frank Bunking of Eußt Lake are
visiting with their grandparents,
Mr and Mrs. Thomas Harmer.
Mr und Mra. Mikollzik spent Sat-
* urdny evening with Mr. and Mrs. Al
bert Reynolds of Elizabeth.
, Mr. Roy Kendall and Miss Effio
, Kendall of Fort Lupton are spend
ing a few days at the F. L. Kendall
Quito a number from around here
took in the Graduating exercises at
Castle Rock last Friday, the two Bth
grade graduates from Hill Top Dist
rict being Misses Iris Kendall and
Bertha Kelsey
Miss Jennie Bhaffner of Denver
spoilt Saturday and Sunday at the
Mikollzik home.

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