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Elbert County tribune and Elbert County banner. (Elizabeth, Colo.) 1920-1921, May 28, 1920, Image 6

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WcaUrn N«wrp«p«r t'nlon N*»i B*rvlo».
Fire destroyed more than half a btial
block at Twin Falls, Idaho, caus
ing a loss of approximately SBOO,OOO.
The blast* started in a hall In which a
dance was held.
University of Washington's varsity
crew defeated the University of (Cali
fornia shell by half a boat length on
latke Washington, at Seattle. The time
was 16:8ft. Washington's freshmen
also defeated California's freshmen.
Time. 10:54.
Brig. Gen. Frank Taylor, United
States army, retired, a veteran of the
Civil, Indian and Hpanlsh-American
wars, died suddenly at the home of his
daughter in Seattle, Wash. He was
horn 76 years ago in Calais, France, of
English parents.
lank of enthuslumn of Ihe San Fran
cisco public over 7ft-cent hair-cuts
prompted a number of the leading ton
sorial establishments at Shu Francisco
to announce the ftO-cent limit wouh;
he maintained, despite a previous pub
licution of the higher tariff.
Fire at Portland destroyed the plHnt
of the North Portland Lumber and Box
Company, the abandoned shipbuilding
yard of the Guy M. Stnndtfer corpora
tion, a number of docks, more than 1,-
000,000 feet of lumber and four small
dwellings. The loss was estimated at
F. L. Parker, manager of a lumber
mill, told the police at Oakland he had
set a gun trap which killed a 12-year
old hoy and that he threw the body in
to the Oakland estuary. The body was
recovered by the police. Parker, who
is under arrest, said he set the trap to
frighten hoys who had been breaking
Into the mill.
As the result of a reported depres
sion In the price paid the producer for
beef eattle, the members of Ihe Cali
fornia Cattlemen's Association were
advised by their officers at San Fran
cisco to keep the cattle out of the state
markets as long as possible. The cat
tlemen were also urged to ship them
to Montana In the event that such a
measure produces a feed shortage.
In an effort to prepare for a recess
or adjournment of Congress by June
ft, the Senate will meet an hour earlier
dally hereafter.
The Supreme Court has decided that
telegraph companies cannot he held
liable for the full amount of losses
caused by deluys In delivering tele
The House bill authorizing the Sec
retary of the Treasury to purchase
$20,000,000 additional of farm land
hunk bonds has been passed by the
Exports for April decreased slßft,-
000,000, while Imports fell off $30,000,-
000, as compared with the trade fig
ures of March, it has been announced
by the Department of Commerce.
From SOO to $l2O per gallon is the
ruling price for whisky in illicit trade.
Secretary Houston wrote Congress in
requesting $1,600,000 for 1,000 watch
men to guard bonded warehouses next
President Wilson has asked author
ity from Congress for the United
States t<» accept u mandate over Ar
menia. The President told Congress
that he thought the wish of the Amer
ican people was that the United Stutes
should become the mandatory far Ar
President Wilson has signed hills
providing for an examination and re
port on the conditions and possible Ir
rigation developments of tlie Imperial
valley in California, for enlargement
of the boundaries of the Oregon na
tional forest and for disposition of pub
lic lands withdrawn and Improved un
der the provisions of the reclumntion
laws and which no longer are needed
for reclamation purposes.
The government’s gross loss in oper
ation of the railroads during federal
control was $900,478,000, according to
the final report of Swager Shirley, rnil
road administration director of fi
nance. Of this total $677,518,000 was
chargeable directly to the excess of op
erating expenses over revenues and
rentals for the “class one” roads, Mr.
Shirley said. Smaller lines, sleeping
ear oompunles and Inland waterways
added $45,400,000 to this total.
The House passed a bill setting
aside approximately 260,000 acres of
land in the Hawaiian islands for
homestead purposes, available to na
tive liawaiiatis only. The territorial
Legislature urged the step, which was
expected to rehabilitate the Hawaiian
race, said to be fast dying out.
Members of the Tobacco Merchants'
Association of the United States, in
convention at Washington, were as
sured by President Charles Eisonlohr,
Philadelphia, that there was no basis
for fear that use of tobacco would he
HungHry will sign the treaty of
peace, M. Prnunowftkl, president of the
Hungarian peace delegation, notified
i lie supreme council.
A copy of tlie extremely rare two
pence stamp of Mauritius, Issue of
1847. was sold for 100,000 francs nt the
su lc of a collection In the Hotel
Grouot, in Paris.
Greek and Turkish troops have
clashed about twenty-five miles east of
Smyrna, where the Turks are taking
the offensive and are apparently mas*
lug reinforcements preparatory to fur
ther advances against the Greeks.
The carrying out of 150 death sen
tences pronounced by the courts-mar
tial 111 the Itulir district in Berlin has
been postponed by President Ebert's
order, according to official announce
ment. The sentences probably will he
The Bolshevists have launched an
attack on the northern front between
the River Dvina and Borisoff and the
Poles have been compelled to surren
der ground In the face of superior
forces, says an official communication
issued Ht Warsaw.
The council of the League of Nations
lias sent u message to President Wil
son requesting him to convoke the
League of Nations next November at
Brussels. It is pointed out that Gen
eva Is not ready to receive the assem
A $250,000 plant to manufacture lig
nttC briquettes to help relieve the
coal shortage is to he erected at Bleu
fnit, Mask., immediately. The plant's
product will he sold for $10.50 to sll
a ton, and It is said It will equal the
best Amerlcuii anthracite.
A reward of 100,000 peso* for the
death or capture of Francisco Villa
has been offered by the government of
the state of ('hlliuahiin. This an
nouncement was made by Provisional
Governor Tomas Gameros, who added
that 2,000 troops left Chihuahua Clt\
under orders to hunt down the hnndit
A lump of pure gold weighing just
over twelve pounds, one of the largest
nuggets ever found, has been discov
ered In the Kilo state mines in the
northeastern district of the Belgian
Congo, according to tlie African
World. It Is now in the possession of
the lamdon branch of the Bnnqtie du
Congo Beige and will he sold on behalf
of the Belgian government.
A hydro-airplane marked "No. 826,"
was picked tip at sea off Scotland light
ship by the steam pilot boat New York.
The hydro-airplane wits upside down
atid there were no traces of any occu
pant a.
Wlldalr, owned by Harry Payne
Whitney, won the historic Metropol
itan handicap tit Belmont park, at New
York. Thunderclap was second ami
On Watch third. The time was
1 :88 4-ft.
Thirty-five stales will elect govern
ors next fall at the time when the
■ President and vice president lire clios
; en. Thirty-two United States senators,
i to take office March 4, 1921, also are
I to he elected.
! Three men were killed and Slsters
ville, W. Yu., was nicked by an explo
sion of 100 quarts of nitroglycerine at
the plant of the Young Torpedo Coin
puny. The cause of the explosion has
not been determined.
A nationwide campaign agHinst tlie
use of tobacco was advocated by Mrs.
Stella B. Irvine, president of the W.
C. T. U. of southern California, at
that organization's thirty-eighth an
nul convention ut Long Bench, Calif.
The American Legion has inaugu
rated a cuinpulgn for the re-adoption
of approximately 3,000 of the more
than 3,7(H) fatherless French children
whom the American expeditionary
force cared for during the war. It was
suld thut only about 700 of the chil
dren have been able to live without
outside assistance since the A. E. F.
ceased to provide for them.
Fifty persons saved themselves by
jumping Into u life net spread by po
lice and firemen wiien fire broke out
in tlie Hotel Manhattan, at Paterson,
N. J., a four-story structure in the lius
iness section. The loss is estimated ut
Eight large passenger liners, carry
ing more titan 12,000 persons have left
New York for Europeun ports, mark
ing one of the largest suiling days
since tlie close of the war. Among
passengers are Commander Evangeline
Booth of the Salvation Army, Walter
llugun, golf champion : more than 600
students for the Sokol utliletlc meet
ings ut The Hague, and a number of
grnnd opera stars.
Tlie U. S. super-drendiiuught Mary
land is soon to go in commission. Tills
huge ship will have a displacement of
33,590 tons. The Maryland Is electric
ally propelled and electrical through
out. Approximately 28,000 horsepower
is available, enough to supply power to
a city of over 100,000 population. She
has a fuel capacity of 1,000,000 gullotis
of oil. She will be the first U. S. navy
ship to mount 16-Inch guns, of which
she will carry eight.
The First National Bank at Fiuley
vllle, Fa., <Vus held up and robbed hv
six men, who camped. 'The bandits got
away with SIOO, OOO in bonds and se
curities and $15,000 in cash. The cash
ier, who was the only man in the hank
at the time, was knocked unconscious
and locked In the vault while the umn
dits worked, the report said.
The election of officers of the gen
eral society for Daughters of the Rev
olution for the ensuing year marked
ihe close of Its convention ut Boston.
Mrs. Sue C. Wolbert of Pldladeiplibi
was chosen president-general.
Western Nf I nion *
« little.
Beef et«-cr» (yearling*). . .Sll.oo© 12.60
He. fr I eel's, . to prime. 11.76©12.26
Beef stei-m. k o«d t. eh.. 11.00011.j0
It-if *te*-i*. full to l-.- d t 0.26010.76
Heifers, pi itn« 10.ftf>©il.25
f-VM., fHB j..rod to iliime. 10 (.0 if 10.7 ft
(Hit to g-Mui.. b. •-■ © *.'*o
''lltlMl* Mild feeder CI)WH. . 1.60©' 6.00
< snners 3.00© 4.H0
Bulls 6.75© 8.5"
W’ti • ulves . 14.60© 16.50
Feeder*, good to i holce .. 10.25 © 10.75
Feedri*. fail to good 9.00©>10.00
Stocker*, good to . hoice ft. Soft 9.50
Stocker*. f«u to good 7.60$ ft.oo
11 OK*.
Good hog* * IH.lftf* 14-20
Bnmb*. fat. good lo choice.ll B.oo© 1X.50
l^imb*, fat. rail to good. 1 T.ftu © 1 H.uO
Spiing lamb* 17.00t8 17.50
B\m * fat. good to choice. 12.00© 13.<*0
Shorn lamb* 17.00© 17.50
Shorn ev» e* 1 l.oo© 11.75
Droned Foul I ry.
Tin* following price* on dressed
poultry „i. n«*t F. O. H. Denver.
Turkey*. No. I* 45
Turkey*, old tom* 40
Hens, ib 34
Buck*, young 25 ©27
< Je*-*e ... . .25 ©27
Boosters 23 ©26
l.l*e FuMltry.
Turkey*. 10 Ib*. or over 40
Men*, lb 30 ©32
I 'milling* 18 U2O
Gosling* 20 ©22
Broiler*. 1920 . i*.p 60 ©B6
Cock* 16
Spring* 3ft
BSlnr*. *trirt ly fre*h, case
count $10.75© 11.2 S
Creamery, first, grade 58
Creamery, second grade .... 54
I‘met MM Butter 50
Backing stock 38 ©4O
Mutter Fat.
Direct 56
Station 50
Apple*. Colo., box 13.00©4.00
\ egetnhlen.
A*paiagua. Ib J 06© .08
i.euim, navy, cw l 8.50© 9.00
I tea ii*. I ‘into, cwt 6.00© 6.75
Its* nr. I,unn. Ib .22 © .2ft
Beun*. green. Ib 12 © 1$
Beaus, wax. Ib 12© .16
Ueet*. ch i . . 3.00 u 4.u0
Ballot*, i:wt. .......... B.oo© 8.30
Cauliflower. Hi 18© -20
It. 11. cucumber*. d*>x 2.00© 3.00
Leaf lettuce, h. h., do*.. 90© 1.10
Lettuce, head, do* 75'ir 1.00
Onions. Colo., ew t 3.50
Parsley. So., do* 60© .75
Parsnip*, per cwt 4.6•>© ft.so
Green p*-a*. lb 10© .12
Pepper* 30© .35
Potatoes, new 10.00© 12.00
Potatoes. Colo B.oo© 9.00
Uadl*he*. long h. h 40© .50
Badishe*. round It. n 35©' 15
Spinach .05© .06
Turnip*. Colo., cwt. 7.00© 8.00
Buying price* (bulk) carloads, F. O.
B. Denver:
Corn. No. 3 yellow $3.5.5
Corn. No. 3 mixed 3.30
Oats, per cwt 3.70
Barley, per cwt 3.35
Timothy. No. 1. ton J 36.00
Timothy. No. 2. ton 3 4.UU
South Park. No. 1, ton 35.00
South Park. No. 2. ton 33.00
Alfalfa, ton 33.00
Second Bottom. No. 1. ton 27.50
Second Bottom. No. 2. ton 26.00
Straw 12.00
Quotation* furnished by Charles
Friend At Co.. Inc.
Drn\er Price l.laf.
Dry Flint llldea.
Butcher. 16 lbs. and up 36c
Butcher, under 16 Ib* 35c
Fallen, all weights 33c
Bull* and stag* 18c
Culls 16c
Dry salt hide*. 6c per Ib. less.
Dry Flint Pelt*.
Wool pelts JOe
Short wool pelt* 25c
Butcher shearing* 20c
No. 2 murrain shearing* 10c
Buck*, saddle* and piece* of pelt* lf,c
Green Suited Hide*. Ktc.
Cured hide*. 26 Ib*. tip. No. 1.... 15c
Cured hides. 25 Ib*. up. No. 2.... 14c
Bull*. No. I 12c
Lull*. No. 2 11c
Glue*, hide* and *kins 10c.
Kip. No. 1 20*1
Kip, No. 2 18c
t 'nlf. No. 132 c
Branded kip and calf. No. 115 c
Biundcd kip or calf. No. 2 14c
Part cured hide*, 2c per Ib. less than
cur *d.
Green hide*. 4c. per lb. less than
cu red.
Green *»nltcd llorNelilUe*.
No. 1 SB.OO ©9.00
No. 2 7.00© 8.00
Headle**. 50«- le**.
Ponies and glue $2.50© 5.00
9IRTAI. 31A UK FT.**.
Colorado **-i t It-nieiil prices.
Bar silver. sl.Ol.
Copper, pound. 19©20c.
Lead. $8.90.
Spelter. $7.50.
Tungsten, per unit. $6.50© 15.00.
At ChlcMKO.
Chicago.—(Tattle—Beef *te« r* mostly
stead* ; yearlings and good heavy
weights active. Top yearling*. $13.65
top heavy steer*. sl3: bulk, all weight.
sll.oo© 12.6 H; flit heavy she atock
lower; other cows and stockers and
feeders steady; calve* *teailv to 50c
higher; bulk. $11.50© 13.00; bull*,
strong, bulk. s7.7l>© 8.50.
Hog*—Heavy steady. Top. $14.60;
bulk light and light butchers, $14.40©
14.60: bulk 260-pounder* and over.
$13.75© 14.25; pigs steady to 25c lower;
bulk. $12.00©12.75.
Sheep—Mostly steady. Choice handy
weight short lamb*. $17.25; bulk. $16.00
©17.00; medium $16.50 down; few good
to choice ewe*. $11.76©12.00,
t'n*h Grain In tliieiiKO.
Chicago.— Wheat —No. * Northern.
Corn—No. 2 mixed, $1.98© 2.00; No. 2
yellow. $1.98©2.00.
Outs—No. 2 white. $1.13© 1.11; No. 3
white. sl.lo© 1.12.
Rye—No. 2. $2.10.
Timothy Seed—slo.oo© 12.00.
Clover Seed- s2ft.oo©'3s.o<>.
Lard— $20.52.
Rib*— sl7 r ° • ’
Chicago Produce.
Chicago.— Butt i r am* i' . 42© 55c.
Egg* Firsts. 40© IJ. , ordinary
1 (1v7,• at tws'l. included.
B*©4oc: storage packed, firsts. 42%©
i’oultry —Alive, fowl*. 35c.
Western Newspaper I'nlori Sent Service.
Houston, Texas, May 20. —May oil
export tuxes to the umount of about
I.ftOO.OUO pesos were paid in advance
to tin* Mexican revolutionary govern
ment at Tampico upon the reque*» of
Manuel Peine/., de facto governor of
Tlie payments were made under pro
test hut with iho American consul's
assurance tliul the Washington govern
ment would see that such an advance
collection would not he again,
‘according to tlie information. The re
quest of Peiuez was reported as fol
lows :
"In view of tlie abnormal situation
and urgent nerd of funds for ihe sue
tenance of the military forces operat
ing in this region, f’uurtel General un
der my commune! has considered It con
venient to decree nu advance payment
on account of May export taxes on o*l
due May 1 1020."
Washington. Advices from Mexico
Indicate that the revel utiouiftts have
much to do before a stable govern
ment can he established. Military
leaders arc reported in various parts
of the republic with small forces of
men under arms, eitiier still loyal to
the Carritnax regime or for other rea
sons hostile to the de facto govern
ment. These groups are recognized by
Mexican observers here lo be possible
nuclei for the organizations of new
revolts. Representatives of the new
government, however, minimize their
Importance, asserting par: of them al
ready are negotiating tor arms, .virile
others ore on the defensive.
Francisco Villa, wliosi force of men
is variously estimated at from u few
hundred to several thousand, is leck
oued the most important of ilie inde
pendent leaders.
Gen. Candida Aguilar, the late !’re»-
ideut's sun-in-law. who during the
past five years has become a military
lender of the first order in Mexico,
still Is in •he field. He was last re
ported ut .Tnlapilln, on the outskirts of
Orizalm, with 300 men. General Ber
tutii. who brought the accusation of
conspiracy uguilist Cejudo in connec
tion with which Obregon was ordered
to Mexico City for the court martir
and who acknowledges Aguilar as Ida
chief is at Zongolicu with 150 men, ac
cording to the latest reports. With
Bertuni is Genera! Tello. also one of
Aguilar's subordinates, with a force of
150 men.
(Jen. Alfonso Cabrera lms set up tlie
state government of Puebla at San
Miguel-Tefuiigo, anti there has been
nothing In tlie news to indicate that
he is not functioning as governor with
troops ut Ids command Tlie size of
his force wus reported at 2,000, all Pu
ebla Indians. Luis Cabrera, known to
be one of the most astute politicians
of Mexico today, may join hi* blether
—lf lie lots not already done so--and
aid in the struggle against tlie Übre
gon-Ucnzalcs tie facto governmen..
Japs Buy Big Battleship.
London.—lt Is reported from Naples
that the newly launched Italian super
drendmittght lms been said to Japan,
says it dispatch to the Exchange Tel
egruph from Rome. Tlie
Red Army Pushing Poles.
London. -Tlie capture of numerous
villages on the fighting front is an
nounced in an official statement issued
by tlie soviet government at Moscow.
An energetic advance by the Bolshcvikt
toward Minsk is being developed, the
statement says, a number of villages
in the Ilmen district, to the southeast
of Minsk, having fallen into tlie hands
of the Bolshoviki.
Wood Alcohol Kills Two
Tacoma, Wash. — Wood alcohol poi
soning w«.s responsible for two deaths
here, according to the police (’lmries
I)iek. an Indian, was found dcud in n
chair In u hotel. Arthur Lucey, a long
shoreman, was discovered dead in Ids
room. Investigation disclosed both
men had been drinking what appeared
to be wood alcohol, the police say.
Two Held on Swindle Charge.
Cleveland, Ohio. —F. W. Parker,
president of the Fidelity Picture Plays
syndicate, ami Miss Harrier K. Mills,
secretary, were held to the federal
grnnd Jury on charges of using the
mails to defraud.
Claims He Held Up Bank.
Omnlm, Neb Sherry Scott, urrested
upon suspicion here, told police lie es
caped four mouths ago from an Okla
homa prison at MeAlester, and later
robbed an Oklahoma country hank.
Scott and a 19-,vear-old youth with him
wore expensive diamonds and hint sl,-
200 In cash. They were about to leave
Olmmu in an automobile. Scott had
been here two months, and bad become
engaged to a girl to whom he repre
sented himself as an oil salesman.
Millions of Tiny Germs
Cause Your Catarrh
Real Relief Comes Only by
Cleansing the Hlood of the
You must realize that your blood
is loaded down with catarrh
germs, and these germs must be
removed from your blood before
you can expect real, rational relief
from the disease. And of course,
you know that you cannot reach
these germs in your blood with
Spohn’s Distemper Compound
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or cold In your hor»e. ylve a few clone* of “HPOHN’H." Jt will
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er destruction of body by dlaeaae. “HPOHX'B" bee been tha
standard remedy for DIBTBMPICK. INFLUENZA, PINK ETK.
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century. 60 cents and fl 15 per bottle at all drur stores.
At the Circus.
"I call your woman star's feat tre
mendous.” “Naturally; site comes
from Chicago.”
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
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have kidney or bladder trouble and never
suspect it.
Women's complaints often prove to be
nothing else but kidney trouble, or the
resvlt of kidney or bladder diaeaae.
If the kidneya are not in a healthy con
dition, they may cause the other organa
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You may suffer pain in the back, head
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honestly acquire*! coin the best is not
too good.
The housewife smiles with satisfac
tion as she looks at the basket of
clear, white clothes and thanks Ited
Cross Bag Blue. At grocers, sc.
Pompous Individual Duly Awarded
Him "Place in the Sun,” as He
Had Requested.
The Swnmpton Dramatic society
wanted their annual performance to
lie a success, so they engaged a pro
fessional from London to arrange It
all. As soon ns this gentleman ap
peared one of the amateurs tackled
"I must have a role to suit me," he
begun pompously. "I always play one
of the principal parts in our shows,
and so far I’ve been most successful.”
"Excuse me,” Interposed the pro
fessional, "hut you must allow me to
he the Judge of the most suitable
The first rehearsal occurred a few
days luter. When the cast wns read
out the pushing amateur found he had
been left out altogether.
"Why have I not got a part ?” he
demanded angrily.
“You have a part, all right," re
plied tlie producer. "You are to be
the first banana In the fruit-market
scene.” —London Answers.
No Vacillation There
"So. Wobbler Is dead?”
"Yes. and it's the first time lie ever
arrived at a definite conclusion.”
He Is a wise weather prophet who
knows when to borrow nn umbrella.
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r sprays and douches.
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I years, and is sold by all druggists,
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i lose no further time in getting on
■ the right treatment.
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, case will be furnished free. A.d
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i Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga.
Hoarding and Wasting.
Great as ia the sin to hoard treas
ure. It is no greater than to squander
them. Waste brings woe. It Is of the
essence of well-doing to "economize.”
Unfaithfulness stands ns its own wit
ness against u man. Tlie Lord intrusts
us -vith this world's goods that his
cause may not suffer. Reformed
Church Messenger.
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ture of Monoaceticaddester of Salley
licacid. —Adv.
As Shepherds, the Animals Are Said
tc Develop Traits That Are
Almost Human.
I have often wondered, remarks Mr.
W. C. Scully in the Atlantic Monthly,
why more baboons are not trained as
shepherds. The creatures invariably
develop nn absorbing affection for any
young animals, human or other, that
are placed in their charge, and there
Is a well-authenticated Instance of a
liaboon taking charge of a motherless
Kafir Infant, and guarding It night
and day for more than two years.
r I he simian foster , a rent performed
every necessary function except feed
ing The child.
Several baboons have .been trained
as shepherds. In a case that Mr. Scul
ly himself observed the baboon had
charge of several hundred sheep. He
became passionately attached to the
members of the flock, anti remained
with, them all day long at pasture and
brought them hack to the corral In
the evening. Ills only fault as shep
herd wns Ihe outcome of extreme so
licitude; if he heard the voices of wild
baboons In the distance at any time
of the day, he would at once collect
the sheep, and with every appearance
of the liveliest terror hurry them
His Job.
Belle —Do you know what a make
up man does on a newspaper?
Nell —I suppose he puts the piece*
in that tell you how to get a good

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