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Elbert County Tribune
J Largest £
S Circulation £
Lyceum Program
The second program of the Mid- j
land Lyceum course to be given in j
Elizabeth this winter, will, be pres
ented at the Town hall Monday even-J
ing, November 28th, at 8 o’clock. ,
The principal feature of the
gram wil, be a Lecture by Raymond
B. Tolbert on the “Spirit of a Nation.” t
Mr. Tolbert is heralded as one of the
leaders in his line and in all, move
ments for social betterment. J
Don’t miss the opportunity of hear- F
ing his lecture. Mr. Tolbert wil, no ,
doubt bring a message that will be ,
of great benefit to all and one that F
wilt be well worth the price of ad- ,
mission. Plan now to attend this ,
program. Remember the date, Mon- ,
day evening, November 2Sth.
The Elizabeth C. E. spent the most (
of the forty-five minutes last Sunday
evening in choir practice as we hope <
to have a choir for the church soon. ]t
In spite of the bad weather, twenty- 1
four braved the cold to come to our (
meeting; two of them, Ila Mrris and
‘her sister Hazel, came as visitors from
the Elbert C. E.
The lesson was on “God's Goodness”,
led by Miss Wilson.
As our president, Florence Either-
land, was unable to get in because of
bad roads, Mies Weiss took the chair
and appointed the following chairmen
for the committees:
Lookout Committee, Edna McCracken.
Social Committee, Paul Vest. I
Prayor Meeting Committee, Irene
Missionary Committee, Ethel Wilson.
Next Sunday evening the lesson
*vill be on “Christian Progress Among J
the Immigrants.” It is a Thanksgiv-
ing lesson and will be led by Paul
Vest. There will also be a short pro
gram. 1 1
This meeting will be a good time
for you to come and get acquainted
with our society and then see if you
won’t want to join, for w e are going *
to have many a Jolly time this winter. J
£'■> come and join the fun.
Secretary r
This issue of the Tribune contains
several ada from new advertisers —
One from the Russell Gatcfi Mercan
tile Company, one from the Ogden
Garage, one from The Elbert County
d armers’ Exchange Company, one
from C. C. Fawcett, one from the Lad-1
ia> Aid Society, one froir the Ellzn
card t from the Grangeshris~in
beth Commercial Association, one
from the University of Colorado. Boul-|
der, and a card from the Grange. (
Ik:ad nil of these advertisements as (
well as the advertisements from our,
regular advertisers. You wil, find it
to your interest to do so. and
ly so now that the holiday goods are
Of!'display. Read the ads each week]
and do your Christmas shopping ear
ly. Our merchants have a good
of Christmas goods and it will pay you
to look over their stock.
G. C. L. Club Meets
The G. C. L. Club was pleasantly |
entertained at the home of Miss Ethel
ReCd, Saturday. Nov. 19th.
A very interesting Book Review' of
one. of the late fiction was given by
Mrs! R G. Holt.
The next meeting will b e with
Fr»j Weiss, Dec. 3rd, at 1 o’clock.
Devoted to the Interests of the People of Elizabeth, Elbert, Elbert County and the Divide Country.
Editor Konkel and wife took In the 1
entertainment at Orsborn school hoire :
Wednesday evening.
Raymond Brew'er was hauling coal
from town Tuesday.
Harold Carson is on the mail route
as usual this week, even tho he has
numeroun other duties, cares and re
sponsibilities, both assumed and pre
Mrs. F. W. Faber is still visiting
relatives at Castle Rock.
Walter Peterson went to Denver
Wednesday evening to spend Thanks
giving with his mother.
| Gilbert Ahl and wife expect to take
in the Legion dance at the Grey
hound ranch on Thanksgiving night
| Bill Faber killed a fine young steer
to be served out at his market.
Homer Sexson is cutting the corners
these days with his fine, new coupe,
girls. Which one is it going to be.
j George McClellan came down the
street last Monday morning to his
work stepping high, fine and fancy,
fairly bubbling over with golden
smiles, good cheer and oxpuislte bows :
it’s a girl, and she weighs eight
pounds. Hats off boys, to the Amer
ican Lcglc i IMiSo.
Charles Cooto w'as hobnobbing with
old friends in Elizabeth on Wednes
It Is sincerely hoped that several
ex-service men will join the legion at
| the next meeting on Thursday evening
Dec. Ist.
— t —
I On Thanksgiving day a Mr. CheM
■ ter Marr and a Miss Esther McGibben
of Denver motored up to Elizabeth
with high hopes and grand aspirations
to be Joined in holy bonds of matri
mony and be made one for the re
mainder of jife. But think of the mis
ery, sorrow and disappointment they
must have fel.t when they found tho
minister had gone a turkey eating.
In their sorrow and sadness, with
hearts breaking with grief, they
learned that a justice of the peace
lived in town. In a very short time
their car drove up to the front door of
Justice Keran’a home on Main street
i and Court place and the parties told
their wants. In about thirty minutes
the cloud was rolled back, the knot
was tied and the bride and bride
groom entered their car, the bride
groom having his arms full of joy un
.descriable. Result was that Uncle
Johnnie Keran was able to buy a
sack of potatoes the next day.
J. F. Keran.
The Ladles’ Aid of the Elbert Chris
tian church will give a Bazaar and
chicken pie dinner at the Odd Fel
lows hall Saturday, December 10th.
Bible School 10:00a.m
Morning Worship 11:00 a.m
| Subject, “The Power of Faith.”
Christian Endeavor 6:45 p.ni
Evening Sermon 7:30 p. ni
* Subject, “A Conference In Hell.”
| Come and join !n our fine song
Prayer Meeting Friday evening 7:20
[ A cordial Invitation to all.
James Millar, Pastor
Wot you doin’ chile?
Nothin’, mammy.
I My, but you is gettin’ like yoh
After a girl gets on the shady side
of twenty-five, she drops the affinity |
,business and begins to hustle around,
for an ordinary bread-winner.
Indications of Hard, Cold Winter
Elizabeth happenings.
The Misses Mary and Ethel Wil
son spent Thanksgiving at the ranch.
Jess Knapp and family were Den
ver visitors Monday and again
Mr., and Mrs. C. S. Billings enter
tained at dfnner Sunday Mr. and
Mrs. Win. Pfost and daughters.
Miss Eva Chirnsidc spent Monday
night and Tuesday with Miss Eunice
Mr. and Mrs. Dungan visited at the
Peter Biumer home Friday, returning
to their home in Boulder in the even
ing. They made the trip via auto
Z. W. Ptylineky was very unfor
tunate in having one of ills best bor
es break its leg during a runaway
the first of the week, necessitating
it being killed.
Wesley Wilson took his sisters,
Mirs Mauz and Mr. and Mrs. Blan
chard over to the Mayberry-Wilson
ranch Sunday afternoon.
The Mlr.ses Bernice and Irene
Hrumboughi and Mr. Hopper were
dinner guests of the George Phillips
family Thanksgiving.
Joe Eisenberg and Gilbert Evans
and family enjoyed a bounteous din
ner at the Wm. Schuette home in
the country Thanksgiving.
Mrs. Kim Shepherd’s friends will
be glad to know that she is expected
home from Denver Sunday after a
several weeks’ absence on account of
an operation.
When in town next Thursday,
don’t forget to attend the bazaar and
get your lunch. Also plan to come
lo the dinner In the evening and meet
your friends for an hour’s social time.
Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Shepherd enter
tained at dinner Thursday, Misses
Elsie Phrule and Lena Bauman, Mrs.
Mamie Weldner and son Philip and
Mr. Clyde Whitcomb.
Articles sold at the bazaar, Thurs
day of next week wll«| make ideal
Christmas gifts Tho articles and pric
es will be so varied that the most
fastidious shopper will be pleased.
The Thanksgivingrruitcake, which
has been on display at the Elizabeth
Bakery the past few weeks, was won
by Chas. Wight. 68 was the number
that drew it. |
A novel feature of the bazaar to be
held at the Town hall. Dec. Ist, will
be the sale of Parcel Post packages
sent from friends of the memebrs of
the Ladies’ Aid as donations to this
I worthy cause. Packages have boon
sent from varioub states and each
package will be worth more than the
price asked.
J L. W. Ogden subscribed for the
Tribune Tuesday.
■ The Wilson girls had a brother vis
iting them for dinner Sunday.
• Kay Ilacus had a cousin from Den
ver spend Thanksgiving with him.
| The Barrett family partook of a
sumptuous turkey dinner at the Will
r Morgan home Thursday.
I It is reported that C. G. Bevins,
who has been quite sick from a car
> bunclc on his neck, is some better.
Mrs. Guy Holmes entertained Mr.
and Mrs. Lenhardt of Denver over
Manager of tlie Elizabeth Mercan
tile Company. Mr. G. R. Holt, wi'e
: and daughter spent Thanksgiving
with relatives in Denver.
Miss Pearl Allan and nephew, Iler-
Jald Carson, autoed to Denver Thanks
giving to be with friends and rela
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Knapp, Sr., gave
a family Thanksgiving dinner Thurs
-1 duy. Tho Clifford Smith family
helped them to enjoy the day.
A. G. Pomranke, manager of the
■ local Gates Company’s store, went to
Denver Thursday expecting to be
gone until the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Biumer autoed
out in the country to their daughter’s
Thursday where they spent Thanks
: giving. )
P. P. Patterson has returned to
■ his bachelor quarters In town after a
1 month's stay in the country working
! for Ira Sager.
The W. S. Bennett, F. E. Garland
rind George Mayberry families en
■ Joyed Thanksgiving festivities at the
1 home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller
• Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Poison of Mel
vin were here Wednesday afternoon
to get their daughter, Miss Irene,
1 who' will spend the remainder of
the week at home.
Make an efTort to attend the Bazaar
Dec. Ist, given by the Ladies' Aid at
1 the Town hall, for, it is time to do
1 your Christmas shopping and no
1 more tasty gifts could be gotten than
those that will be offered on this oc
cassion and at reasonable prices.
Mrs. Herald Mauldin, assisted by
' her mother. Mrs. G. 8. Kirkpatrick,
1 entertained at dinner Thanksgiving
James Mauldin, wife and little
1 (daughter. Will Mauldin, wife and llt
-1 tie son, Chas. Mauldin and family,
1 Carj Kleeman and wkfo of Castle
1 Rock and Tom Stephens and son
I Warren.
Rev. James Millar, wife and mother’
wore entertained at the Aj Reynolds |
home Thanksgiving.
I I,
Miss Ruby McCormick entertained
the Misses Ethel Wilson and Irene
Poison nt dinner Sunday. 1
Miss Mauz went to her home north
of Denver for Thanksgiving, n nd Miss 1
Terry is spending Thanksgiving with
her sister in Denver.
Mrs. Marshal] of Hill Top moved >
to her *new home ut Eastonville this i
week Henry Kleeman, assisted by
James Forsyth, moved her furniture j
Tuesday. ' <
! I
| Mrs. Jess Knapp’s father, E. S.
Hopper, and two brothers from Bur- .
lington. came Sunday evening for a
week’s visit.
| Thanksgiving services at the Pres-j
byterian church Thanksgiving even
ing were welj attonded.
Mr. and Mrs. Morlan and sons
w'ere Thanksgiving dny visitors In
Colorado Springs.
The Harry Christenson famly en
joyed an oyster supper nt tho War
j rca Blanchard homo Thanksgiving
Mildred Hammond will spend
I Thanksgiving day with her grand
.parents at Colorado Springs.
Several children v ere late the pn? t
week on account of tho bad condition
lo t tho roads. |
I '
Rugs, Comforters, Fancy Work of All
Kinds, and Candy.
Lunch will be served all day, followed
by a six o’clock dinner at 35 cents a
Plan to attend this Bazaar
and Big Dinner
Raymond B. Tolbert
Lecturer Publicist
Monday, Nov. 28th
8 P. M.
Raymond B. Tolbert is a native of Illinois, where from the ob
scurity of a double orphanage he has risen by many and varied
experiences to become an apostle of light to this age. He decends
from a line of great scientists, clergymen, statesmen and patriots
and Inherits a passionate love for the institutions of freedom and
progress. For twenty years his voice has been heard both East
and West in many public forums and always with an earnest,hon
est conviction that brooks no compromise of great principals.
"THE SPIRIT OF A NATION" —a brand new lecture inspired
by the Immortal character of Abraham Lincoln.
A message burning with the fervor of a great vision.
The story of achievements and high resolve.
The recital of deeds moro thrilling than fiction.
The pagent of The New World. Its Industry, Its commerce, Its
scientific and creative glory.
A message that will make each hearer lift his head with a
higher pride.
Sfsl.so Per YearX
jForSubi criptionj
Bonnel Brumbaugh was absent
from school on Monday.
At the spelling down contest and
memory test on the counties and
county scats of Colorado Wednesday
p. m., Carrol l’fost and Helen Denison
were a tie for the first place.
Mildred Hammond received tho
highest mark in the map drawing of
India on Tuesday.
The class in agriculture has been
studying how to take care of farm
machinery and how to feed farm ani
mals the past week.
Merle Hodges will eat Thanksgiv
ing dinner at his grand father’s ranch
oast of Elizabeth.
I The pupil having the greatest num
ber of lieud marks In spelling of the
7th and Bth grades will get a prize
from Mr. Coonradt at Xmns time.
He’s teaching her arithmetic,
Ho said that was his mission.
He kissed her once, he kissed her
And said: “Now that’s addition."
And as ho added smack by smock
In silent satisfaction,
She sweetly gave his kisses back,
And said: "Now that'ssubtraction.’
Then he kissed her and she kissed
With out any exclamation.
Then both together smiled and said,
“Now, that is multiplication."
But dad appeared upon the scene
And made a quick decision;
He kicked tho lad three blocks away
And said: "That’s long division"

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