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Our One-Half Price Sale is still on.
We have added to the various 'arti
cles in this sale our full line of
both hand-painted and the transter
decorations. C_UT GLASS. If
you want anything in this line it
will surprise you to see how little
it will cost you.
We are still in the ring, re
gardless of all kinds of Fake
Sales. We have stood the test
for twenty years in Florence
and will do business in the
future. Honesty is the best
policy. We are able to com
pete with any one. Come
| and be convinced.
Colonist Rates to
California and the Northwest
B rt | T 2 Do POIO9 L aar Faintis
Ber i R T N
| SDR | T
i b e o
A daily line of Pullman tourist cars will leave D"'n:_‘"'“
via the
Denver and Rio Grande
San Francisco 'au:dm;.:)gl ‘:::;fcl: ::',ithout change
For information regarding T'rain Service, Pullman Reservations, eto,, ote,, oall
8, K, HOOPER, General Passongor und Tisket Agent, Drxven, CoLorano
A Good Story
“B{il's tellin’ it arownd,” chuckled
Marvin Parsons. ‘lt whs a good one
on Pliny, you betcher. Seemed like
every time Pliny passed Bill's house
that fice o' Bill's ud run out yappin’
and snappin’ at him, an’ he got so
mad that he swore he'd kill it.”
“I've swore the same thing,” sald
Sol Baker. “Did he Kkill it?"”
“You walt,” sald Parsons, struggling
with mirth, “Pliny’d been over to the
market an’ bought him a steak for sup
per. It was a right prime cut, an’
Pliny sald to Dick Spence when he
cut it that he didn’t gredge payin’ a
shillin’ a pound for a steak like that
was. 'l'm a-goin’ to have the old wom
an fix 'er up with inyuns an’ brown
gravy,’ he says to Spence, an’ the way
he said it. Spence tol’ me, he couldn’t
keep his mouth from waterin'.”
“I don't blame him,” sald Washing
ton Hancock. “I've tasted them steaks
that Pliny’s wife fixes, an’ I wouldn’t
want nothin’ better. She's got away
o' cookin' a steak that beats any I've
ever knowed. It don't need to be no
prime cut, nuther. She can take a
piece right atwixt the critter's horns
an’ make you think it wus porter:
house.” '
“That's the French in her,” said the
storekseper. “Then French—"
. “What did Pliny do to the dawg,
Marve?’ asked Baker, impatiently.
“Did he kill him? That's what T want
to know."”
“If he'd 'a’ killed him I reckon Bill
wouldn't be a-tellin’ it around fer a
joke,” sald the storekeeper, contemptu
ously. “That's a fool question to ast.
That ain’t Bill's style.”
“Bill'd be chasin’ behind Pliny with
a double-barrel shotgun right now if
Pliny'd kep’ up his gait this long.!
Pliny uster be some at runnin’, but
Bill's a staver, an’ he's mighty sot up
about his shotgun, an' he thinks a
right smart o' that dawg,” sald Han
“Anyway, this was a pertickler fine
plece o' steak,” resumed Parsons.
“There was two pounds of it, too,
an’ —"
“I wusn't digputin’ it bein' a fine
piece o' steak, Marve,” sald Hancock,
mildly. “All { was sayin’ wus that
Pliny’s wife ¢'d take 'most any scrag
gly, tough ol' piece o' beef an’ fix it
up so's it 'ud seem like a prime cut.
You don't need to get miffed.”
“What did the dog do to Pliny,
Marve?" asked Baker.
“Who gald he done anythin’?” de
manded the storekeeper. “Why don’t
“That's what 1~ saypnce._ to tell it?”
“You keep your mouth shet an’ your
ears open, Sol, an’ you'll soon find out
about the dawg If you're so deter
mined to know."
“What dawg is that?” asked Henry
Westerman from Duck Crook, as he
lounged up to the group and hoisted
his bulky form to a seat on the
counter. “Ben Sibley’'s?"
“No, it's Bill Riley's dawg,” sald
Parsons. “I was tellin'—"
“I didn't know Bill had a dawg. Is
he any ’count?”
“Jest a little fice,” sald Baker. “One
o' them onery little yappin' tarriers, no
ercount fer anythin’. I told Blill T was
a-goin’ to kill him if he run out at me
“I thought mebbe you was talkin’
about Ben Sibley's Tige,"” said Wester
man. “Jerry Bush says he seen u!
dawg that can whip him. It's one of
those yere sheep dawgs, an' a feller
over in Sassafras township owns him.
He's whipped everythin' over in that
sectlon, an' Jerry says Tige wouldn't
last him five minutes. I thought if I
seen Sibley I'd tell him about it. It's
gotter to be a pow'ful good dawg to
whip Tige.”
“Tell us about Pliny's dawg, Marve,”
entreated Sol Baker.
“Does Bill think he e¢'n fight?”
asked Westerman.
“Why, no,” said Parsons, hastily.
“It hain’t a fightin® dawg. 1 was sayin’
that he'd be'n pesterin’ Pliny Williams
a right smart, an’ Pliny had be'n
around to Dick Spence's to get him a
steak for his supper. He was a-goin’
to have his wife fix It up with inyuns
in great shape.”
“She’'s a great hand to fix steaks
with Injuns,” explained Hancock, help
fully. “She can take a plece off the
shank or off the neck of a beef an’
cook it Bo's it 'ud melt in your mouth.”
“She’'s French,” supplemented the
storekeeper, “an’ them French know
how to fix vittles. There was an ol
French woman down where 1 was
ralsed— Where you goin’, Marve?"
“Tell us about Pliny afore you go,
- Marve,” begged Hancock.
| Parsons turned and faced the group
frresolutely. “Well,” he sald, “Pliny
wus goin' by Bill's with the steak an’
he seen the dawg nosin’ at a rosebush
two yards off an' he hadn’t got a rock,
80 he plugged at him with the steak,
an' the steak hit a tree an’ the paper
busted an' the dawg got the steak an’
run under the house with it afore
Pliny ¢'d git around to him, an' when
him an' Bill did git the steak it was o
mauled it wa'a't fitten for nawthin’,
an' that's all there wus to It, dog
gone every last one o' you!"
“What's Marve mad about?” gald
Hancock wonderingly, as the raconteur
strode out of the store,
Lessened Demand for Ruhies.
The output of rubles In Burma dur
ing 1907 amounted to 2,128,368 trucks,
valued In Magok books at $577,3206.
The royalty revenuw for the year was
$99,245. The market for rubles was|
fairly good the first of the year, fall
ing awny discouraglngly toward the|
Inat of the yoar,
g ggg gg g
§’*_—‘—“ it
?‘ R
| |'T
Personal Paragraphs
~—Mr. and Mre. George P. Nix
were Oanon Oity visitors in Florence
—Will Roscolla left yesterday for
Denver to spend a week with lis
sister, Mrs George Killian, who is
now living in the Oapital city
—Mr. and Mrs. George Dunn drove
to Canon Oity yesterday afternoon and
took in the citv around the county
seat, ‘
Aunual meeting O, 1 L, Elks hall
3 p. m, Friday March 6th. Come
and bring suggestions.
All members of the Oivie Im
provement league and all other good
ctizons, remember the annual meet
ing of the league in the Elks' hall
on Friday March sth at 8 p. m.
Berlin, March I—Jules Oambon,
Fronch ambassador to Gormany, yes
terdny conferrad upon Herr von
Schonn the German foreign minister
the grand cross of the Legion of
Honor, ns an indication of France's
satisfaotion over the Franco-Gerfan
agreement on Morocco. This event
‘lu interpreted as monaning that the rel
}ntloun between France and Germany
Aro on a better footing than for many
Sce the Tribune wfiyou are in
noed of job printing,
Four conversions are raported from
the revival meetivg at the Methodist
church last night, and others are said
to be taking the question seriously.
In addition to those coming forwaar
to the altar last eveaing, the Presby
treian church reports two at the
morning sorvice,
The Methodist chiureh was crowded
to its wtmost Jast night and the Rerve
fces will be held there this week.
The attendance has now become so
large that the largest church building
in the city is to be used, and of
course, that building is the Methodist
strocture. Rev. Ohandler preaohed
the sermon,
A street meeting was held Saturday
night and there was a big attend
nnce. Tha regular morning sery:
fces were held at all the churohes
The Oolorado and Sonthern has
placed on sale very low round trip
winter tourist tickets to points in
Texns, the Gulf Qonat, Florida, Ouba
and Old Mexico. These rates are on
sale daily until April 30th. and allow
liberal limits and stop-over privileges
Thero aro also attractive low rates to
the city of Mexico via the Gulf tours, |
golng or returning through Ouba and
Florida. For particulars, reservations
and freo fllustrated descriptive book- |
lots, call on your agont, or address T.
E. Fisher, gonoral passooger agent, |
Oolorado and Bouthern Railroad, | |
Denver, 0010, . 2012 |
IribuneGlass Ads
| —_————
i LO§T
| Lost—' right hand fur glove.
Leave at Tribune office, Reward.
" 50-56 x
———— .YX
e e g 0
\anml—Mllllnery apprentices at
Miss Thedes’. 47-52
Wanted—All classes of second-hand
: goods. Highest cash prices paid.
l‘_l‘.‘g; Hil”. State ‘Bnuk !_]ld. =
Wanted —Highest price paid for
|all kinds of junk, hides and furs.
sacks, eto, eto, Barney Ginsberg
Phone Florence 49, bB-tf
e —————————————————
For Sale—A 7-foot extension dining
tanle, in good condition, at 516 East
20d street, 48-58 x
———— TR
For Sale—Folding bed with large
mirror, dining tably, large fron bed,
white commode, small book CASe, car
pet sweeper. These goods must bo
soold this week. 213 Petrolenm, 41-45
To Trade—A good top buggy and
harness for spring wagon and lLar.
ness. Inqure of D. T, Kinnell, 318
West Seventh street, Floronce. 49-b4
To Rent—Suite of three or five un
furnished rooms, State Bank Build.
fug; with electric light, steam heat
and private bath. Rent reasonable.
e it e
‘To Ront—4 room furnished house
~ water In house. Desirable location,
Enquire 120 W. Second, 1-fix
e et e
Almarosa Oream, the Rreat romedy
for roughnoss of the #kin, ohapped
hauds or face, 5o the bottle, For male
oaly at Daulols’ Drug Btore, 4911

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