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VOL. 5.
Published evext Feidat at Cbtetal
Quskieus CocsTT, Co lob a do.
0*0. C. Eatok, : : Fease I. Warn,
Editors and Publishers.
UEtand at tha Crrsta! Fort OSes fortrana-
Sistia thnrSEh thl mails nnnnrnnil ulsss iii.IIm
Subscription $2.50 a Year.
A mark across this notice signifies that
your subscription has expired. The pa
per will be continued to all subscribers
unless we are otherwise notified and un
til all arrearages are paid up.
1 mo. 2 mo. > mo. 6 mo. 1 > r.
I Inch *TaO f fToO $ToO *12 «0
S ”• •• *00 5W §00 12 002400
9 w 5 00 9 00 1* 00 25 00 50 00
• * ... 6 00 11 00 10 00 20 00 00 00
i “ 7 00 13 00 20 00 BH (to 70 00
• ** 8 00 15 00 2* 00 4ft 00 SM00
f M 8 50 10 00 25 00 46 00 *100
• M 9 00 10 50 20 00 48 0» 90 00
• •* 9 50 18 00 » 00 50 U0 100 (JO
10 •• 10 00 19 00 *0 00 52 00|H»4 00
11 “ 10 50 20 00 31 001 f»4 00 108 00
12 “ I 11 00' 21 OP' 3.? 00 55 OUlllO 00
racr!'> rnnqnotwlo «..p ieatn.n
■■■ .»
Silver 51%. Lead $3.60.
John Sherman will make one speech
In the Ohio campaign to refute the re
ports of his senility.
Chinese pirates recently attacked a
British steamer off the coast of Acheen
and the crew and passengers murdered,
after which the ship was looted. Acheen
is a province of China on the east coast
of Asia.
When the “Portland” came into port
from the north her cargo of gold only
amounted to 9175,000 in value. Persons
afflicted with Klondicitis should note
the difference between a year’s product
and the result of a few months work.
The deputy Marshalships of Arkansas
have no charms for the Colorado pie
counter brigade. Two deputy- United
States Marshals dead, two missing and
two wounded is the record of a skirmish
with a band of Beacy county, Arkansas,
moonshiners a few days ago.
liunday night five prisoners confined
in the Lake County jail overpowered the
night jailer, took the keys from him and
after locking both the inner and outside
doors departed. It is a Klondike day
when Leadville doesn't supply the as
sociated press with something startling.
Editors Butler and Tobin of the Her
ald and Newa-Rcportcr, respectively, met
in the street the other day and exchang
ed shots in old fashioned Kentucky
feudal style, that reminded Leadville’s
old timers of the bright days of Califor
nia gulch. The names of both gentlemen
must be prefixed with “Colonel” in
The Canadian Parliment passed a law
prohibiting the employment of labor
tr om the United States, but the Cana
dian police, with more sense than the
law-makers, have not enforced the law
and it is now a dead letter. On a new
railroad, now in course of construction,
In Canada, all the contractors and labor
art are citizens of the United States.
Luetgert, the Chicago sausage maker,
was put on trial Monday for his life. It
is among the most sensational cases of
recent years, ranking with the Holmes
crimes and the Pearl Bryan case. Luet
gert is charged with having murdered
his wife the first day of last May and
then destroying the body in a solution of
caustic potash in a vat in his sausage
Juan Idiarta Borda, President of the
Republic of Uruguay, was assassinated
last week by a Uruguayan soldier, who
says his act was induced by personal
hatred. President Borda was fifty two
years old and was inaugerated President
in 1894. He seems to have been the
Grover Cleveland of the South Ameri
con Republic, and leaves a record that
cannot be emulated with honor.
History repeats itself with variations;
about fifty years ago, when gold was dis
covered in California and Australia, Ger
many demonetized the yellow metal. The
masons urged in defense of the act were
the —used by Americans last year to
justify votes against the restoration of
silver. The moray power has shaped
the destiny of nations with a daring that
would have startled the Great Napoleon
in hie grandest dreams.
Ftasl Mcfcsi Up AieaaS «Im Crystal District m 4
Be* tan Fnatha rtaay Was*.
Win. Boucher is breaking considerable
ore in the* Last Chance, near Scofield,
and will make another shipment within
a few days.
The Gay E. which shows some splen
did copper, and apparently a large body
of it, wil probably be operated under a
lease. It is situated in a location on the
south side of Sheep Mountain, that will
not be interfered by snow slides, and
could be operated all winter.
S. H. Caldwell has been pushing work
on his mine in Bear Mountain, and has
taken out some good specimens of ore,
but not for shipment, as he is only doing
devolopment work, to strike the contact.
The Crystal Mountain Mine is still
working in the crystal and spar formation
not having reached the hanging wall yet.
The flow of water noted last week has
rather diminished.
The Belle of Titusville shaft is com
pleted and the power drills are perfor
ating tha breast of the drift at the fifty
foot level. The contact will be struck at
about fifty feet from the shaft, where a
body of ore will probably be opened. A
sump at the bottom of the shaft catches
the water during the hours of the day
shift, and the pump removes it during
the night.
The Lead King has suspended taking
out ore for a short time in order to do
some development work in the shaft and
the drift at the fifty foot level, where it
is believed a larger body of ore will be
At the Mineral Point a great deal of
ore is being broken and also some de
velopment work being pushed. An up
raise shaft has recently been completed
and considerable development work done
in the tunnel.
C. J. S. Hoover will complete the as
sessment work on the fraction of the
Black Queen within a few days, which
will make it ready for patent This frac
tion is the bone of contention in the long
legal contest of the Black Queen.
On Whitehouse the ore bodies continue
to produce about the same amount as
for the past month, and shipments come
down by jack train.
WasUsS Frwa tkm Rich DapMtta m TW Luc*
Eichuf* Tabic.
After the fall election in Ohio Senator
Hanna may be able to certify that the
Chilcoot pass in Alaska is not the only
rugged pathway in the country.— Post.
Patronise home merchants, home me
chanics, home products and home insti
tutions generally. Patronage, like char
ity, should begin at home and, as a rule,
stay there. -Ounniaon Ntwa.
It is well known that in dull times it
is economy to marry, and it is equally
well known by those who have tried it,
that in dull times it is economy to adver
tise. The fact is that there is no season
in the year when a merchant can afford
not to advertise. —Silver Cliff Ruatler.
After the great fire of 1872, the cost of
bricks laid in the wall was ordinarily
reckoned in Boston at 936 a thousand.
Now, better bricks, quite as well laid,
with better lime and cement, cost there,
in the wall, 915 a thousand. Fireproof
ing processes have been greatly improv
ed and cheapened, so that vn ordinary
mercantile building can be erected with
floors, roof and partitions all of iron and
concrete, or terra cotta, for 10 to 15 per
cent more than it would cost With cheap
wooden floors. —Scientific American.
The cruiser “Bruix” sent to escort
President Faure to Russia, broke down
and the “Dupuy de Lome" was hurried
off to take the place of the “Bruix”.
But to catch up with the rest of the
fleet she had to pass through the Kiel
canal, and had to salute a German war
ship in her path. This worries the French
but they can console themselves even
ns Mrs. Murphy did when she spoke
to Mrs. McGinnis. The ladies were
neighbors and quarrelled, and both
j rushed to the court for redress, A case
was on trial, so an officer showed them
I both to the same waiting-toom. They
' glared at each other for an hour without
speaking, but finally Mrs. Murphy said:
“Good day to yees, Mrs. McGinnis. Not
that I care a damn for yees. I merely
spake for the sociability of the thing.”
* Salt Lake Tribune.
I Am soon as a man and his wife have
saved up enough money to afford plums
in their pudding, their trouble begins in
16«Hing • competent girl to cook it.
I hae aften heard it said—
(But my wording may be new)
Ilka tiny blade o’ grass
Gets its ain pure drap o’ dew.
This auld saying did I pen,
Asking Jeannie if she knew
I was like a blade o’ grass,
Wad she be my drap o’ dew?
Yester-e’en her answer came -
Sweet and saucy, like my lass:
“In the way o* color, Rob,
Ye are like a blade o’ grass,
“An ye’re growing in my heart,
Where the cauld wind never blew!
Dinna suffer lang wi’ thirst;
Come and take your drap o’ dew.”—
Hattie G. Canfield in the September
Ladies Home Journal.
No single mountain in Colorado con
tains more rich mineral than Sheep
Mountain, and we doubt if there are so
many valuable properties idle in a like
territory any place in the state. This
is due to various causes, embracing high
cost of transportation, litigation, specu
lative holders, and the low price of sil
ver bullion.
One of the companies holding desirable
mines is composed of Messrs J. B. Wheel
er, Woodard, Cochran, Dudley, and oth
era, owning the Black Eagle and Stanley
two silver propositions, that have shown,
respectively, bodies of 400 and 1800
ounce ore.
The Midland is a remarkably rich lead
proposition within a gunshot of camp,
which carries a vein of pure ore four
feet in width. The ore is cut into in a
hundred and twenty foot tunnel. The
Midland contact is one of the strongest
in the Rock Creek mining district and
can be traced for a mile.
The Black Queen and Fargo mines, in
litigation since 1890, are almost fabulous
ly rich. In the former 975,000 worth of
silver ore is blocked out and ready to be
The Adams Prospecting Company
owns thirteen mines and prospects all
good ones Sheep Mountain. Among
them the Sweet Home, Mountain Cnief,
and Evening Star. The latter, entirely
undeveloped, was stumbled on by some
prospectors in '88, who not knowing it
was already patented property, were on
the point of beginning work on it. An
offer of 910,000 was refused by the Adams
Company, for the Evening Star, and
they also declined to lease.
The Sheep Mountain Tunnel, with
some three thousand feet of workings,
has shown very high values. This prop
erty is row closed owing to the very low
pi ice of silver.
The Inez properties, consisting of
fourteen claims, which recently closed,
{lending a settlement of the financial
problem is one of the best looking mines
of the district, and a high grade propo
sition of gold and silver values.
There are dozens of splendid prospects
on the rugged monarch, but in the above
sketch we have only mentioned a few of
known value. Some day from Sheep
Mountain will be taken gold, silver and
lead enough to pay off the national debt.
The Glenwood District Fair.
At Glenwood Springs September 16th,
17th. and 18th, will lie held one of the
best District Fairs ever held on the wes
tern slope. The counties of Garfield,
Eagle, and Pitkin, are three of the fore
most divisions of the western section of
the state, and under the able direction
of Secretary Geo. H. Bell will make a
most creditable and interesting display.
A Crystal Young Man’s Golden Rules
Never be afraid to ask for anything in
Don’t read trashy books because ?they
have pretty covers.
Look at the beam in your own eye first
then speak of the one in your neighbors.
Don’t praise a man to the skies to one
person and then stab him in the back to
Never try to lead another into dishon
esty because your own conception of
right is perverted.
Don’t be too modest in proposing to a
young lady. Iff you are, you may lose
the chance of your life.
Remember that the all-seeing eye is
upon you, and your thoughts are known
to Him, if not to others.
Never do a person any injury wrth the
hope of benefiting yourself. If you do
you are a traitor to mankind.
Never look savage at other people, you
might make them think you mean mis
chief, and thereby get hurt yourself.
A "Drap O'Dew"
Sheep Mountain.
Atchison Globe Sights.
Your rival nearly always baa dimples.
It is terribly hard to do the right thing.
Any meal is good to a sixteen-year-old
A woman’s call has a postscript the
same as her letters.
It always seems an effort for some men
to be good natured.
How many kin an old man has! No
wonder he is miserable.
Even if a man has nerve, he dislikes
for occasion to arise for using it.
Some people have no appreciation of
anything beyond something to eat.
When a man is silent in a quarrel with
his wife, it is because there is refuge in it.
A man whc builds a new house Is crit
icized as much as a woman who gives a
It will be just our luck to go to hell
while our preacher is off on his summer
What a good time a worm must have
who has found a home in the center of a
ripe peach.
We have seen a good many wet hens in
our time, but have never yet seen one
that was mad.
When a doctor calls on a sick man, his
wife always has a private consultation
with him outside.
If a man shows good sense in getting
married, he can usually be trusted in
other particulars.
If a man is doing fairly well, he is a
fool to make a business change after he
is forty years old.
The real treasure of a home is the
woman with an aptitude for finding
things that are lost.
Trying to economize makes enemies.
As long as you turn your money loose,
you are a good fellow.
Our idea of a loafer is one who goes to
the depot during business hours to meet
his wife’s visiting kin.
Reformers have ranted so much that
a great many things are expected of men
that are not their duty.
There are some men who don't know
what greatness Is until they have some
one working-under them-
This world will not lie eutirely satis
factory to the women until some man
has given birth to a baby.
A musical laugh is one brought forth
by one of your own jokes: all other
laughs are more or less grating.
Now that the weather is cool enough
for the people to sleep, they are begin
ging to stay up nights to play whist.
When a man is in love he is no earthly
use to anyone except his girl, and the
soda fountain and ice cream dealers,
When a woman is anxious about her
husband, there is a glitter in her eye
that does not show at any other time.
After a man gets married, there is no
way left hjm of changing his environ
ment other than by adding a baby to it.
A woman feels that she has treated all
her neighbors justly if she never tried
to get their hired girls away from them.
You have more sense than most people
if you stay away from places where you
will see people you hate, and who hate
A crank is never at his best until he
has a daughter eighteen or nineteen
years old. and she begins to receive “com
When a woman gets a little money
ahead, instead of spending it on her
husband, she spends it on the spare
bed room.
Every woman, according to the story
she tells her second husband, was forced
into her first marriage by the wishes of
her parents.
It occasionally happens that the only
fault a daughter has to find with her
mother is that she married such a man
as her father.
The people who think it is wicked to
buy lottery tickets, must have trouble
in reconciling their consciences to buy
ing cantalopes.
The finest peach in the world is the
little old seedling. The finest man in
the world is a natural man, without any
art or cultivation.
We have only one objection to old
fashioned people; when you see anything
you like particularly to eat, they say it
is “not good” for you.
How can bicycle riding be good for
girls, when it develops a set of muscles
they can’t use in cooking? Girls don’t
stir cake with their feet.
Make No Mistake!
....Here’s Your Chance....
The following named Goods will
be disposed of to reduce stock
at prices quoted for spot
Canned Goods.
Cupid Toma toe*. 7 can* for $1.1*1 Code, Elfelt k Co. Pcachea, Scans. • LOB
White Owl Corn, 9 can* for 1.00 " Aprioota,5 44 .. LOO
Empaon Daisy Pea*, 8 can* for IDO Pxara, 6 cans for. LOO
Hamburgh Early June Peaa, Schall*a Extra Select Pins
0 can* for 1D0 Apple, 5 cane for LOS
N. J. Sweet Potatoes, 5 can* for 1.00 Anderson* Aaxt’d Jam.• sane lor.* LSI
Lewis Baked Bean*, 4 can* for 1.00 Hamburgh Oat Apples, Scan* for.. US
Van Camp Pork k Beans, 4 can* for 1.00 Am’t’d Gal. Pie Fruit, 3 cans for. •* Lf$
Hub City Baked Bean*, 5 can* for.. 1.00 Hale Gal. Regent Maple, par can.;* J§
Field Core Oyster*, 5 can* for 1D0 Quarter Gal. Extra Fine Pure
Harrington 1K> Salmon, 5 can*for.. 1.00 Maple Syrap. par can,....••• AS
21> Rex Corned Beef, 4 can* for... 1D0 Eagle Coodmad Milk, 6 can* tor.. LOS
3B> Rex Koa*t Beef, 4 can* for 1D0 Crown 44 u 5 can* far.. LOS
Ketchup, Gallon Can*, per can 75 St. Charlee M “7 oana for.. IDS
Mustard Sardine*, Scan* for DO Economy 44 44 f oana for.* LOS
Domestic Sardine*, 5 can* for DO J
Washing: Preparations.
Red 8jye, 4 can* for 0 DO Duaky Diamond Tar Snap, 10 bar*.01 DO
While Russian Soap, 18 bar* for... 1D0 Sapolio, Large, 6 bars for LOS
Denver Best Soap, 18 bar* for 1D0 1777, Large sixe. 4 bam for DS
Ivory Soap- Large Sixe, 10 bar* for 1.00 Scrubbing Brushes, aa*b JO
Breakfast Foods.
Quaker Buckwheat Self Kataing J Victor Rolled Oata 1 racy*1111.)
Flour, 2I> pkga., 7 for 01.00 ' 21) package. 0 far US
Schumaker. Buckwheat 8. R. Rolled Oata, (Bulk 1 for....... UlO
Flour, 2t> pckga. 6 for 1.00
Navy Beana. 101m for 0 .SO Cor lea Hominy, 8 fee tor JR
Lima Beana. 81m for JO Vermicilli, per boa J*
Pearl Barley, 7 Im for JO Macaroni, per box JS
Pearl Tapioca, 5 Im for JO A No, 1 Lard. 5 Ik palla each M
Sago, i> Im for JO M “ 101 “ ..,,,. Ml
Rice. A, No. 1, 8 Im for JO j
Dried Fruits Coffees aud Teas
Evaporated Applea, 6 lba for I JO McLaughlin’a XXXX Package
Evaporated Peachee, 4 lba for JO Coffee, • packagee tor 01 M
Evaporated Plume, 4 lba for JO Arbuckle'a Coffee 0 pkge. lor UU
Evaporated Apricota, 4 lba for JO Mocha and Jara (extra One)IMIbn. MS
Evaporated Peara, 4 lba for JO B. F. Japan Tea, par lb M
Prune., 4 lba for JO Gunpowder Tea, par lb ,N
Sultana Seedleaa Raiaina, 4 lba for. JO Early Breakfaet Tea, pea lb JS
Three Crown Raiaina, 5 lba for JO (>long Tea, per lb JS
These goods will be sold only as
quoted above. These prices are
made to unload surplus
stock. Will fill orders
for priced lots.
Colorado Trading: &
Development Company,
NO. 2*.

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