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Turks Refuse Terms of Allies; Peace Hopes Shattered.
Constantinople, Nov. 2!.- The Ottoman government linn rej-etd
terms offered by the allied Italkan nations.
I'uslin, the Turkish rotnmundcr In chief has been ordered to
resume "- iih.
Tli '•ncement of the rejection of the Bulgur's terms road
“7 Bulgarian conditions for nil armistice Inac
ceptaU 10 • esutjie military operations.'*
I-ondon. * *i, ulgiirluu terms of peure arc Impossible. ac
cording to the Tt.. ,1 vUler, and if they are Insisted on the
war will continue, lie m. this statement to tin correspondent of the
Dally Mall &' Constantinople today. Kiamil Pasha said:
*T received last night cotumunleatlon through the IBisslau ambassa
dor to Turkey of the terms whl h tin Bulgarians suggest for an urrnlstieo
as a preliminary to the discussion ol Jeace. The terms are impossible
and unless they are radically altered tin- war will continue.
“The Bulgarians ask for the surrender of Adrlnnople, Scutari. Ju
ntas and the TchatulJa lines."
The only hope of peace, tin* correspondent adds, now seems to lie In
the fact that these demands of the allies probably were determined upon
before the unsuccessful attacks were made by the Bulgarians on the
TchatulJa lines during the first three days of this week.
There has been much talk of a European conference as soon as hos
tilities fr tho discussion f International questions arising uto of tin- war.
Sir Kdward Grey, the British frclgn minister, liwever. announced to
day in the house of commons that the quest ion whether 11 conference
should or should not he held hnd not been definitely considered by the
European powers.
The Bulgarian losses In dead and wounded during the fighting at
TchatulJa total 8,000, according to official ndvlccs telegraphed by a
special correspondent from Constantinople todav. Terrific damage was
done to the Ilulgarlnn column which attacked the Turkish left wing,
particularly by the shells from the Turkish warships. One of these fell
on s Bulgarian ammunition tralu, which exploded, resulting In great loss
of life.
Constantinople. Nov. 21. llenrt
rending scenes of suffering mid mis
ery nr** enact'd dally at tin* Turk
ish Cholera camp at Kan Stefano. The
correspondent of the Associated Pre s
accompanied by the secretary of a
foreign embassy ami Major Clyde S.
Ford. 17. 8. A., who Is hcr«* on leave
of absence, paid a visit here today.
A nauseating picture wn* witness
ed at the side of the railroads. The
bodies which hud been thrown from
the trains lay ns they had fallen.
Some hnd struck on top of the em
bankment: others bad rolled part o'
the way down- und some hail reached
the bottom. Some of the corpses lay 1
stiffly along. Others were In groups I
of threes and fours.
Around a one story stable at the!
foot of the embankments was a group :
of sixty dead lying close together tut
the slopes of a manure pile which the j
sick men had found softer than the I
hard ground. One man on top of the
pile was dlgeing with Ills fingers a J
sort of trough in which to He. The
trough soon heennie Ills grave.
A group of tents stood In the cen-1
ter w here four or five Turkish sol-1
dlcrs wearing the nrmpleco of tin*
Red Crescent stood on guard. Inside
the sick and dead lay In groups. Tho
doctors on duty counted 22 patients
In one tent, while double that num
ber lay outside sheltered from the
wind by the canvass. Some of the
stricken men found difficulty 111 get"
ting Into the Moslem position for
prayer looking toward the east. One
praying victim was ho weak that he
could not replace his blanket around
hla head when the wind blew it off.
A water cart drawn by a donkey
passed along the road. Those of the
victims who were able to rise to their
feet went unassisted toward it and
stuggled feebly for a drink. Those
unable to rise got none.
In a similar way what appeared to
be army bread was distributed to
those able to reach the place of dis
Several of the sick men raised
themselves with difficulty and stum
bled toward a well, from which they
tried to dip water with their long
saßhes. wetting the ends and moisten
ing their parched mouths with them.
There were hundreds of dead and
thousands of sick In this camp, many
of them lying on the open ground
and great numbers supporting their
backs against the houses bordering
tho open fields, most, of which were
Nnxim Pasha, the Turkish coni
ntnner In chief, in a telegram to the
Ottoman war office today, says:
“According to reports just receiv
ed. Tuklsh reconuoltcrlng parties
have confirmed the report that the
enemy abandoned the trenches held
during the Inst three days raring the
line of forts In tho rone which they
had occupied. The Bulgarians have
fallen back at certain points ns much
ns four and a half miles from the
Turkish lines. A number of wounded
and many dead bodies were found 111
the Bulgarian trenches, besides rifles, 1
ammunition and oilier equipment.” |
The sound of heavy firing, pro-1 i
sumably from naval guns, was again
audible today..
In an attack on the Turkish cruis
er linmldlcli. on the Black sea this
morning, two Bulgarian torpedo
-houtn are asserted to have been sunk
and two other torpedo boats badly
The Hamldleh Is said to have es
caped practically without dauiuge.
: London. Nov. 21.- Hcliahlc
! witnesses «f Jhp fighting on 111 •
Turkish left wing nt Tehatnfjn r. -
, |H»rt that It appears to huve resulted
iu the Bulgarians retiring along th*
road from Pnpnz Burgas toward !h
Ivlllac- of Tchatalja. according to the
correspondent of the Bully N *ws.
,Uno report says they fell bark ton
I miles.
I It appears, according to this cor- '
J respondent, doubtful whether the • n*
thuslastlc descriptions by the Turk
ish press of victories on the right I
wing are reliable.
The Turkish losses here have been
j admittedly heavy, but the arrival I
l«*r troops from Syria has further
strengthened the Turkish defense. P
il4 also evident that the supply and}
J commissariat difficulties of the Ot
toman army have been somewhat re
Belgrade. Scrvln, Nov. 21. —Twen-
ty-thousand of the 80,000 Turks who
defended Mouastlr were killed or
wounded In tho fount ays* battle tint
preceded the capture of the city by,
the Servian army. It was estimated
today. The Servian loss was almost |
ns great. In the defense of the fort
ress the Inhabitants of the cit>
long lit with great ferocity side by
ride with the Turkish regulars.
The burnt of the attack on the
fortress was borne by the Servian in
fantry. Tho men waded breast deep
in tho water of the surrounding
marshes and took position after po
sition by sheer dogged determination.
Sofia, No. 21.—Tho Turkish
cruiser llamideih is reported to have
been blown up by tho Bulgarian tor
pedo boats near the port of Varna, on
tin* Black sea. No confirmation of the
(Continue* °*ge Three I
Paw sc 7. he like*=
t’ rend about th’
way th* allies arc
whackin' it t* th’
Turks, hut ho
trembles t’ think
of tli’ effect tli'
war’s goln’ f
have on women's
Weather Forecast.
Tonight fair, cooler southeast por
tion. Friday fair.
Yesterday’s Temperatures
Mil x I mum 58
Minimum \. 22
Mean • 40
Precipitation 0. Clear.
■■■ - ■ * • • I • n • aplUl but d pi
ports about disturbance here evcryi g U quiet , i , . .~, -.,
11 • ■ a lam *• «.r tho dlsi > a an i a I it.
• and th I number oxcc
aloes thi . oe to the Turk than the fl
*'.°V ?• v° mrn U ' ' 11,1,1 '* '‘ ' 1,1 B B .n will deliberate a long time before they
temporary occupation of ComUnUuopl* l.y the Bui n • •An «ya wltnra. «t Tch.UlJ. »y» that
"" S" 11 '' n*!>< M< • • Headquarters ol the Turkl.h com
ir.anil-r Him*. II- «n.v. th- 1m.1>.« wot- .liann-rf s ’i.n.-h .it tli- ml of lnn K l-xiki ami thrown in
« rlmiiiately.
Indianapolis, Ind.. Nov. 21. How i
■ employes «»f \V. t. Bums, a «let<- r|v, ,
Bad tho Los Angeles <lyn:imli<-n
! “eoinered" iu n remn In a boarding |
holisc at Conor ‘r, Wi . five iin.iu'isj
I before the arrets wen* made and i
| lowed them to on tape v\a. :•la a. .i i, %
lOrtie K Mr.M'inii-'. I in rt -’iinfi).; !• I
'confession nt th** ' dynamite joi.spir
aey” trial t« day.
MeManlgnl said In November.
1910, tln> month ni.i the Tinu . j
building was blown up, lie and .Linn .*
B. McNama m had been 1
—i 11 from * • • on on da
lie missed Janie* B. and later found I
Biin drunk in the hoarding house I
talking to detectives. McMnniga! !
said McNamara's «les»-ript|en hnd
been published everywhere and he 1
had received mall at Conover, But 1
afti Pad u i ; : tho dot
they managed to • • MeNatnarn ,
the next month caused another o-j
plosion nt L«:s Angeles and t«■ n other ,
explosions followed before the arrests I,
in April, 1911.
On their escape from the Wiscon
sin woods Mr.MnnUnl said dame.' It. |i
a second time (tUcmpt<-d to kill him. 1
“il<> wanted me to hold in a tin |l
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rated by the Chronicle-News in a few
days. Thousands of dollars in magnifi
cent prizes, including cn Automobile,
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ran and ir* him •»t a hole through j
'lt.” said Mc.M.- I.
I I told him • -it a hole through
I h!m*.df li It** u «I to kill of any
(Continu'd Page Three!
i Goshen, N. Y . 21.—The state '
i*st'il Its ea " ' against Burton
IW. Gibbon, t: w York lawyer.
U'hnrgcd with i ur«lcr of Mrs
Hush Szaho, li at. |)r. Otto 11.
iHchuHxe «>f N» irk* a coroner's
I physician, t*-: that Mrs. Sxubn
Idled of stran ion and not of
j drowning.
! Dr. Schultz- • -timony corrobo- !
ted ihal of tn - slcians who ; *e- I
•■'•odd him. i:> of a photo-
I graph «•( tho <■ «»f Mrs. Szobo*
throat, taken their removal;
from lior body. In- I lustratd his con- I
I tout lon that s -d, heott strangled!
IBy force appli ; her throat.
Fort Worth. T« v. Nov. 21.—1 t
< o;.l (’otic .fohm.cn of counsel lor the
■d< •. list $ 100 todi • to >rk Into the
irecord an important defense link in
Sneed's te-ioml trial for the alleged
jmurd'-r of < apt iln A. G. Boyce.
v !‘i-' .... 'ini.Ti, from the court to
1 silent. InlinMm repeatcdli toiccd
a quiati"'i which t ; 111 had pre
iscrlhd and though lie was unable i
- it hi forced i»
Ito the point where the court fined
l.im S I• "l for eoii'i-mi't. .loiiiihon paid
t ;ie fine, deelnrfng he made his ques- I
tlon au!ficieutl > ef record to bo used
Ibe question was to be used as i
i vldeiice By which the d'denso hopes |
i to prove i Bat Captain Boyce gave his,
j;!ii«I also that an employe of Cap
tain Bovce was sent to Fort Worth,
| to assist iu tho elopin' nt.
“Wont Lie to Save
My Neck,” Says Man
Denver, (’nit).. Nov. 2 I .—" Smith '
jot me into this trouble, but I am i
willing to swing for niv part in tho 1
murder o'' Detective H. Stinglcy. '•
f won't lie about it, even to save my 1
own neck." i
This (leelarntlon was made today '
,1 1 y Patrick Code, alias \V. P. Code. '
!i-n informed that l ,, rnnk L. Smith 1
who whh arrested recently in Olein- 1
con net with the mur- 1
der. had charged him with ho|o re
sponsibility for the crime. Code re
iteral d I b tit *la rat lon that while
ho fired the fit t hots that Inter
cepted Stlngley, Smith struck him I
|lour times with ;• heavy pinch bar. I
St in,'.lcy had been detailed to
watch for box car thieves at Utahll
Junction. near Denver, and was inur- 1
(lend tlie night of Octobi r 25. |'
Mrs. Sunni! .1 Lawler, wite of the
Ib'V. It. !•’. Lawler, former ic*ldcni of
• his city, ami mother of Prank (\
Lawler, iiiuiiagc* of the Chronlclc-
Newa and W. B Lawler ol tht South
ern Colorado ,M« muillli company,
died t two o'cl kth fternoon at
ler homo at 0 M I t |
a ram announcing the death followed
••lose upon a iuckkuko received by P. C
Lawler laut evening advising him
that his mother was crltleali 111
The deceased had been falling in
h i wveral moot h • an
• Ight mouths nao Buffeted the lo** of
her eyesight.
The (leteased .hi.- Lawler was m-v*
• lily-nine years ol ago nml resided In
ilils city for twenty years. Horn
near Lexington. Ky.. she moved with
hei paronti to Ml i a cl lid
•nd '.*?• r lived at Salem and Hum
boldt In Nebraska. 11 • r mart
• f ! took plat e•• NV Ind
Mo., forty-seven yearn axe.
The lit \ It P. Lawler was pastor
»f the Hnptlut clnirrh in thin
cliy for years and one of the plom-n
i»f tbl. i mint' Mr. laiwb-r was ac
ti»e during I. r twenty years of rcal
•laiM e here in • htircb work and for a
period wa« pn dent
naptlat Ladlev' Aid Soel-ty. He;
Lawler aerompi l >bed lb.- building of
• now Da md tl
deceased was a the in raising the
fund for memo*lil window A me
morial window bear in' the name of
•he deceased I* In Hie church on ih.-l
ootth side Four v.ar* nco ID*, nod
Mrs. Lawler left Trinidad and look i
up their rmddem •in Osceola, Mo. |
The drocaieil l*» survived by two!
’• ‘ur. Prank f. and \\ K Lawhr or
thle Tlty, and bv tin. dnuglitci
Mr- Lulu Raddlik of i ironto. Can j
.'til Sal lie lone. Of Peru. \eb.: and
• • ;' m i * r Sc »i:p
Cal. P. C Lawler 111 leave tonight
• for Osceola. The remains will be
I ’aid to rest there.
% • I
| Los Xugele*. Paiif.. \ov 21
[''irl iteldellmeb, who Invaded Ccii
. ; i Police Station Tuesday with nn
. Infernal machine, was arraigned in
.iho municipal court t oday and
| • barged with a violation of the sec
tion of the penal code which prohlh
•i tin placing of dynamite In any
i»lac* where human beings eongre
j "ate with malicious purpose to kill
j' r maim. One year to life imprison
• iu*:it Ik the penalty prescribed.
lin arraignment was the result of j
! .i decision today on the part of the
j authorities that none of the state
hospitals for the insane has uuffl
■ lens safeguards against the escape I
j' l homlf idal lunatics.
leaven worth, Kan . Nov. 21
; William Conrad, an inmate of the
Soldier's Monte here, who served
JHi rough the civil war in the 100th
I New York Infantry, was struck bj an
j automobile last night and killed,
j A daughter. Sister Mary Haruurd. Is
onn cted with 1 1>•• Loretto ai d n
| Santa IV, N. M.. and another daugh
ter with a Catholic Institution in Kl
Paso, Texas.
j Kansas City, Mo.. Nov. 21 Hun
(Ireds of litters from Zimmermans in
all parts of the I'nited Stnt.s. who
seek to share In the million dollar
[•state of .1. K. Zimmerman, formerly ]
a cattle man of Waco. Texas, have
[ been received by Judge J. IC. (}ulo-1
n >tto of the Kansas City probate
1 court.
Denver, Nov. 21 The conductor
of north hound Santa Pe passenger
train due in Denver shortly before
noon today, discovered at Colorado
Springs that a man with small pox
occupied n coach with eleven other
passengers. The conductor commun
icated with the Colorado state health
authorities in Denver, who ordered
i lie coach cut out when the train
reached Castle Itock. The small pox
victim and the other occupants of
the coach were detained there, and
the train proceeded to Denver. The
man wotli the small pox hoarded the
train, it is said, at La Junta.
Charleston. S. ('., Nov. 2 1.- Sev'Mi
thousand marines and blue Jackets
i from the battleships, military col
-1 lego cadets, roast artillerymen and
• ate militia, marched in a parade
here today which was the feature of
the visit of eleven Atlantic fleet
j warships to this harbor.
l!l Paso, Tex.. Nov. 21 - Itehels
, • ‘fly today took I'nlom.tr.. the Mexl
eun port of entrv opposite Columbus.
, N* M., after two hours of brisk fight
ing, says a report received at Port
Hllsh from the I'nited States border
pitroi .-t that point
The revolutionists assaulted the
[ town shortly after daybreak. Th
j federal garrison of litth- nioro than
1 i"" men responded with spirit, but
j rebels bail crept close to the out
skirts of ihe town and liimh'il limit,
grenades of dynamite into the oii’iy
* lug bouses Which bad been fortin-d
i»y the f< derals shattering the build
tugs and burying the defenders in
debris of adobe bricks
The report received nt noon by
(loneral B. Z Steevcr raid Hint Cap
tain Itomano, of the federal*, wan
among the refugees who fled to tho
American side of Hie line and related
the town's capture The rebels*
strength Is not known, but Hie en
emy Were believed to have been led
by (Jcncrnl Ine* Halnxar who lias
combined various small rebel gr< ups
I lb Ibe neighborhood
The CnloinaM-C<diimhi!s place of
•entry U a Millport to the |-;i pggo
.Jiiar<-/ port for Mexican and Anierl
i* :in rosin filers and itilliilgraHon It
|(h tbs k< v to tho ovorland trail* lend
ing Into the c.ihus Crnndes district
where Its |m»ms< rslon by-rebels Is con
sidered nn Important step toward
• out rolling the vicinity below tho
New Mexico border.
The number of federals killed Is
not known The only Information r*»-
colyoU hare i* that telegraphed to
Oeiieral Steevcr at Port lUlhh bv Ills
[officers at Columbus. V M.. and th»y
|oht allied their Information from the
jfi'd«*ri| iniitnln who crossed to this
|ride of Hie line during Hie fighting.
.II- did not know how many of bis
l im en had, ben killed or captured.
Di n ver, Colo . Nov. 21.- The on
tD' hoard of director* of the (’(dora
do A- Southern railroad company was
re-elected today at the annual meet-
Vof tht tockh ildt i» h< Id ht •
I Tile directois are:
. Heorge m H urls and Darius MU
jl*r of C'licago; Charles P Maker.
, Heorge P Maker. Jr.. Harry Monner.
i William I' Clough, James N IHII.
Pdword T Niehol* and Samuel
Thoidl -I \* u York; James J. Hill
of S(. Paul; A D Parker of Denver:
John J. .Mitchell nml Hale Holden
of Clllcl?o.
I The government parcels post sys
t'm g( Into 1 1 •' on Januai j 1.
tbl :i. and from that date all mor
»handlse matter sent through the
| malls will be bundled under the rules
(of the parcels |H»st system. This an
nouncement is made by the local
|t*o3toffice officials, and it Is Import
ant Hint every person familiarize
himself with the requirements of the
j system.
Destine!lve parcels ttfrst stump'-*
• must be used on all merchandise mail
I matter aftoi the first i tht year
and such matter bearing the ordin
ary postage stamps will not be ac
cepted but will be held for postage.
In other words, merchandise mall
matter- must be stamped with the
p 111 pan• Is pi s' st 'in s -''M tij
the postoffic* and at sub-stations and
nraneb pom offices must be mailed at
tile postoffice and cannot be left at
street collection boxes as parcels are
now left. Purthormoro all parcels
n.list bear the name and address of
the sender or parcels will not be ac
When the time comes it will he
necessary for every person to Inform
himself of tho rates of postage under
tin panels post law, ns parcels post
age is fixed by zones and distance
rather than by weight as under tho
present system. In the same manner
as express rates are fixed. The pim
ple ate reminded that the parcels
post arrangement is not In effect for
the Christmas holidays, and merchan
dise bundles can be sent out under
the present prevailing system.

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