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Christmas Suggestions for the Whole Family
Pocket Knife*
Air Rifle Roller Skate* « Hood Kuior Parlor Ruk
Hammer Coaster XVagou a Hood Strop Nice Clock
g * w itock imr ('halt Pocket Knife Nice Davenport
Dane hull hut Rocking t uaii „. . .
Han- liall klom Pair Sclaaora Itunnuor «°oi]lUiiko .
Ha*o hall inntik Tooth BrtiMli h* w 44451 n,VCB * , ' or kf
Foot hall ault Tooth Powder Rifle Tea Spoou*
Leather cuffa • Nlcu Tri||lk Shot Cun Sot Tuble Spoonc
Watch . * leather Cuffa Pair Sclaaora
Riding whip • >,c ® ureM * r Tooth Brush Sewing. Machine
Roller Skates Nice Clock Xooili Powder Dining Tuble
Coster Wagon Bedroom Rug Kaay Choir Sideboard
All these things and many more we have in atock with prices
us low as good goods can be sold at. We Invite your inspection.
(Had to show you whether you tin to buy or not.
Hr CASH BARGAIN STORE. 403 N. Commercial
Wintod-Mile Help
For U. 8. army. Abla bodied un
married men bet wean ages of It
and 35; citizens of United States, of
good character and temperate habits
who can apeak, read and write the
Knglish language. For Information
apply to Recruiting Officer. 102
West Main St.. Trinidad. Colo. tf.
All who do not receive tl.»*lr
Chronicle-Now* to idnoz* • nls ». m<*
between 6: 00 aod 7:00 the same
Second hand furniture. Carmich
ael and Co . Phone Trinidad 330. tf
.Men mid women, local and travel
• UK- Salary. Cnll for Mr. Templeton.
Ilotd lluxcldine after 3 p. m. I*
Your films to develop. 10c a roll
at Hrren‘* Drug Store. imo.
Cash paid for cast off clothing,
aboca and bata. Call Trln. 426. Imoj
Carrier boy Munt have home. Ap-j
Ply at Chronicle-News office. tf]
For Sol*
Sell off your surplus stuff buy using
t:-N want nda. They only coot 6
cents a lint. ef
For new aod second hand furnit
ure call on Carmichael and Co.. ISO
-132 Kim street. Phene Trinidad
63«. U 1
Mcscagc* aud puperß of the prcal
dent* In leu volume*. Apply Clirou-
Iclo-Newa. 3
Two pair hru**eU net curtain*.
. luuulrc . .0. 7 Malvcrnlu. 2
Five pioai strictly modern bouse,
3rd atreet. Inquire Mr. Inglca. Inter
national Stutc bank. tf.
Coal ramp l»oardlng house at (Ireel*
Canon with 30 regular hoarder*,
owner want* to go eu*t. A good cp- ]
port unity for tlic right party. Ad- ,
die** .Mr*. F. A. Woodruff, Beacon. 1
Colo. ii
One Holden O.ik du ten port Mr*.
W. K Turner. No 7. Malvcrula 2*
High grade Holden Oak furniture
of I room flat ut a bargulu. Party
piirr|ia«lng furniture can rent flat
very rem-onablc. 203 South Animat*
street. Phone Trinidad 137. 3*
Fancy driving horse, new buggy
and harness. Bargain. Address “IF*
C-N. 3*
Five room modern home, Colorado
avenue, excellent condition. Price
92.900. Phone Red 1332. 3
Ten share* Trinidad Milling and
.Milting Co. stock, phono Trin 231. tf
» . .
Frozen and cracked automobile |
cylinders welded. Prices reasonable.
A bind i Novelty Work*. lIS N. Maple
street. tf
Taxi C*b
Taxi day or night. Call Toltcc Ho
tel. Trln. 384. or Trln. 2!H. tf
——^ —
If you need printing of any kind
come to the Chronicle-News. High
class work, reasonable prices.
r Papering
Up-to-d.t. dMlgn. of wall panar.
barge .election. Very loweet prloee.
Joe Burkland. 10» Baat PI ret Phone
Heca 683. I guarantee. tf.
Oil chattel eecurlty. reaeonehle
retce, private. O. O. Newman, 11*
W. Mala.
Cleealn*.’ preaeln. and dyeing.—
The Trlaldtd Cleaning and Dye
Worke. >*
ii, <' \i , . -J ' i'O' ’" e * II i <.»(. ** T’HON t IH i N I»A t« ' J
! rot Rwt
I Three room furnished apartment,
iwith bath. Also 2 roquis for 912.
light, beat and water furnished. 11.
1,. 1.. Anderson. Andcraou block, tf
Furnished housekeeping rooms.
4UU Uulverslty. IPhone Red 1442* tf
Rooms for light houskeeplng at Lu
cerne. Phono Baca 383 or 418 Beech.
Out*, two or three rooms for house
keeping. reasonable, 308 Animas, tf
Five room strictly modern furnish
ed liouhe. Comer 7tb aud Aah. Phone
Red 2U42. tf
Three rooms tor ngut house keep’
lug. tool Atizonu. tf.
Two furnished looms. Phone Red
1711. 3
Modern furnished room* for light
houscki eping. Inquire 313 Colorado
avenue. 6
i Two furnished room* for light
I housekeeping. Phone Red 382. 2*
Furnished room in modem house.
II 1C Uruut. tf.
Five furnished room* for light j
nouskeeplng. 602 Kast Ist St. Trin.'
i ±\
Four room* and throe room* on
ground floor, furnlntied for light
Housekeeping ut 411 Weal Ist. 3*
Modern 3 room bungalow. Apply
I M. A. Ksstou, 317 W. Topeku. If.
Furnished front mom. Gil Pine.
Ited lU7 4. If.
Modem room* for light house
keeping. 201 State Street. tf
Two nice furnished room* for
light housekeeping near C. and H.,
shop*. Abeytu Avc. Ite«l 214. 912. tf J
Situation Wonted
Free employment bureau, office of I
' ia*»rtalcil Charities, lit; Commercial (
j -I reel. Phone Red 2982. Help;
. 'iirnUhcd and employ nieut secured, it
Woiiimii wuuts work by dnv. Kn-J
quire ••II” tills office. 2 (
.. - ■ -
Young married uinii wants posl
tlon driving team. Can furnish refer
cueea. Address C. A. Ilelstand. gen.
cl I. 3
Youug girl 16 years old want* to
tl » housework. Address Soprlr. Box.
U ». f
Work In store or office by com-
I* -tent young man. Phone Red 3733
19 year old hoy wants work w*itli
privilege of going to school. Will
work for board. Phone Red 2U62. 2
, Hu* range for coal range. Tel.
| Hues 341. 3
! Lost
Small black mare, white saddle
mark, branded “I." on hip. 1401 Sail
Pedro. Reward. 3
At Cardens* hotel Friday evening
one long white kid glove. Finder
ploasc leave at this office. 4
Indy's small plain gold watch
and pin. Ver!lc Gatlin** name in
side. Finder please leave same at C-
N. Reward. 3
l.o*t between Commercial and Con
vent one pair linesman pliers. Liber
al reward for return to Trlndad Klec
trlc Trans. It. and G. Co.
Wagou end gate and coal fork.
Finder please notify Ilaldy Coal Co.
Reward. 2
We buy and tell second hand Mr*
While the world Is willing to help
a man reform it can’t do much for
him If he won’t help himself.
New York. Dee. 12. — In spite of
further heavy procure ag/ifim Union
Pacific the Mock market In general
waa more stable during the flmt sen
*lon today. Trader* were still at n
loan to accouut for the eelllug of the
Union Pacific but the effect of the
break wuk rtsrlcted principally to a
few speculative stocks and there wn*
no recurrence of the widespread
liquidation in high grade investment
issues Wheu It was demonstrated
that the general list era* showing
better resistanco hull traders grew
moro confident and began to absorb
Hocks on a rising scale. Short* ulxo
heat n retreat which became a rout
a* the price of Union Pacific runs
with a rm’.i. Jumping as much a* a
point between sales until it touehed
1362 as compared with 1302 early
ami 133 at yesterday's dose. There
were advance* of I to 2 point* over
lint night In Mich stocks as Canudlan
Pacific, fet. Paul. Great Northern, U
high Valley, Steel and Southern Pa
Bonds were firm.
Speculation having returned to
mtnetlilng like a normal basis, fluct
uation* be mu co moderate and a*idc
from some Irregularity in Union Pa
cific and Rendln t. tbe market was
common place.
While there were pauses In the
ufternnon advance, due to the com
pletion of the urgent covering in
some stock* and profit taking, the
in ml wa* upward and the average
level mure than n point above yen-
New Y-tk. Dim:. 12. Amalgamat
ed 73; Sugar I13J; A toll Don 103 J:
Great Northern 1332: New York
Ciutral lok J: Northern nciflc 1191:
Reading 1611: Southern Pacific 109;
Union Pacific 133; Steel 631; Steel
preferred I«*s.
let day's close.
New Yolk. Dec. 12.—Money Oil
call ea-ler. 42*» 3 per cent: ruling
rate I!: do-lug hid 4&: offered at
j Tim** loan* easier. Go days ,64/61
per cent; 9o day* 64(61: six months
I *• i 4l 6.
Clc ;e: Prim*- mercantile paper 6
• per cent: sterling exchange strong,
with actual (>u> Inns In bnuker** hill*
at 4.81 fa rslxty day bills and at
1.83.33 for demand.
Commercial bill* 4.802.
liar silver 632.
Mexican dollars 4*2-
Hovernmcnl bond* steady.
Railroad bond* steady.
Kau a* City. Mo., Dec. 12. Cash:
!Wheat unchanged to !«• higher. No.
2 hard 8214(87: No. 3 *0'«821: No.
l 2 ted 97ti1.f1. No. 3 881 4» 982.
i Corn I*l lr higher. No. 2 mixed
'Kate 48: No. 3 172; No 3 17241
O.it unchanged: No. 2 white 314/
133; No. 2 mixed 322 4* 33.
I liny unchanged. Choice timothy
'134( 13.30; choice priarie 124( 122.
| Receipts: Wheat 18 tars; com 13
curs: oat* 7 cars.
Clc : Wheat, May S4J HJ: July
8184/ 2.
Corn: May 163 4*?: July 47|4i|.
Oat*. May 315.
The market closed easy.
Realization made more of an tin
preaslou on the market «•» the day
drew to an end and price* fell In an
orderly fashion on moderate offer
Most of the stocks ruled I point
or more below the best.
Washington. Dec. 12.—Tim De
partment of Agriculture today an
nounerd the 1912-13 cotton crop of
the United State.s would amount to
13.820.000 bale* of 300 poumU each
t not Including llnters).
Production by Mates:
Vh zlnin It.ooo: Nornli Carolina
s7s.•on; South Carolina 1,181.000;
Hrorgin 1.701,000; Florida 68.000;
Alabama 1.330.000: Mississippi 1,-
109.000; l.oub la tin, 133.000. roni
pnr< d with 384.397 bale* l*st year
and 320. IS 1 bale* the average 1906
—l9lO. The value of the crop Inst;
ye..l was 921.010.000.
Tcxax 1.830.00th Arkansas 834.-
000: Ten no .-re 280.000: Mlmoiiil
39,000: Okluhomu l.t»39,000; Call
fornl 9.000. All other *tnte»
Denver Livestock.
Denver, Colo.. Dec. 12.—Cattle re
ceipt* 600. Market steady.
Beef steer* 6.75 <0 7: cow* and
heifer* 44? 6.40: Mocker* and feed
cir 5$ 7: calves 6<o-9.30.
HOGS: Receipts 2,000'. Market
lower. Top 7.30: bulk of sale* 7.30
Ti 7.40
SIIKKP: Receipts 1.300. Market
steady. Yearling* 3ft 3.30: wether*
I'll 4.40: Intnb* 6.304? 7.23: ewes
3.10(0 1.23.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. Dr. 12. Cattle re.elp'K
i.OoO Market Mow. weak.
Breves ri.30410.70; Texas fleer*
1.3043.50; w<“ tern Mcor* 3.10491.0; !
Mockers and feeders 1.3347.50; cows
They Make Good
who keep themselves in fine
physical condition. Regular
bowel*, active kidneys and
liver, good digestion, and
a greater natural vigor follow
the timely use of the reliable
Idliiwbw 1* kwaa IS*.. If*.
aud llelfera 2.7047.63; calve* 6.304
IIOG8: Receipt* 26.000. Market
steady to 8c lower.
Light 74( 7.372: mixed 7.034?
7.43; heavy 7.304(7.40; rough 7.03
4i 7.20; pigs 5 $ 7.
Bulk of salert 7.20 4/ 7 to.
RIIKKP: Receipt* is.oort. Market
atrong generally. 10c higher.
Native 4.10tf3.13; western I 306/
3.10; yearling* 34J6.90; lamb*, na
tive 6.33 4# 8.35; western 6.40 4C8.35.
Kaaias City I.ireatock.
Kuiiroa City, Mo.. |>ee. 12.—Cattle
Hcrljg* 1.300. Ill* lutllug 300 *outli
ern*. Market »tca«ly.
Native rteer* 6.234/ |ti.3o; touih
ern steer* 34(7.1". -tuillicru cows
mid heifer* 3.73«»/6.30 southern
cow* and lielfer* 3.75 4/ 6.50: native
rew* and ht-lfers 3.754/ 9; ►to<k<rs
und feeder* 3*i 7.6 u; nulls 4.254/
6 50; calve* sft I"; western atecr.f
5.50 G 8.50.
MOHS: Receipts 12.000 Market
lt)c lower.
Bulk of Mile* 7.254/ 7.10 heavy
7.404/ 7.50; pa«-k«-r4 ami butcher*
7.304/ 7.45; light 7 134/7 to; pigs
SIIKKP: Receipts lo.uoo. Market
xicM/ly. Mu t too- 14/5.25; lambs
C.2s*i 7.53; raugc wether* and year
lint?* 1.304* 7: range ewex 3.28 4/
l 60
Bt. Joe Livestock.
St Joseph, Mo.. I»i*c. 12. Cattle
li'adptH 2,000. Market slow: -lee/*
6 75 4/ 10.25: row* and heifer* 3.5A(f
8.50: calve. 1.50 4( 9 75.
IIOHS- Receipt- 16.5v0 Market
slow and lower. Top 7.3". hulk of
sale. 6.254| 7.40.
SIIKKP: Receipt- I. Market
HI to 25c higher i..iinh« 6.104(8.
St. laitil*. Mo. Dec. 12.—W00l
*«cady. TcrrVon and western ute
tliuinf 21 4(25c.
Une medium* l** */20c.
Flee IS4M7e.
('Jilraxit, l»r I*2.- Heavy rain*
ami halt damage in Central Atgcii
>in« helped wheat today to advance.
Buying was of a rommlfwlon sort and
wa> fairly active. Tin* trade kept «
•barp eye on the Mock market. Open
ing price* varied front A* off to Jc
up. May started at 894i89',c. rang
ing from Ac decline 1«> a like upturn
and thou ro*e to 89£<i lr.
The close was steady with May at
89£. a net gain of £r.
May corn «»|h nrd uncliungcd to a
shade lower, at 18|4i2. toucher t s A
ii J and recovered to 48J.
The close wa r steady. ',«• net high-;
er. at |Bi«/i; for May.
May oat*, which started a shade to}
Ac higher at 32? to 327 *<S. hard
ened to 321
Chicago. Dec 12.—Stock yards
buying lifted provision*. Find frans
actiniiM were 2Jo lower to 5c up,
with May at 18.23 for |»ork; 9 95 to
9.971 for lard and 9.721$ 9.75 for
i ih*.
St. Loul*. Mo.. Dec. 12.—Lead
dull 1.1714/ 1.29.
Spelter quiet. 7.20.
New Yoik. Dec. 12. -Copper quiet.
Standard rpo land December 16.75
bid: January. February and March
16.75$ 17.10. Fleet roly tic 17.624/
17.57. Lake 17.62f* 17.87: ra'dliiß*
17.25$ 17.37.
Tin firm. Spot 4 9 55$ 49.62; De
cember 49.52 4/ 19.62; January 19.45
M 19.65.
Lead easy. <.5 $ 4.35.
Spelter lower. 7.121.
Antimony steady; Cook-on* 1«> 1.
Iron quiet and unchanged.
Oalveoton. Dec. 12.—Cotton un
changed. 127. «
New York. Dee. 12.—CoUon spot
closed quiet: middling upland*
12 90: middling Gulf 13.15 Sale*
200 bale*.
Cotton future* closed steady. Clos
ing blu*: December 12.38; January
13.51; February 12.50: March 12.55;
April 12.45; May 12.55; Juno 12.51;
July 12.51: August 12.43: September
1 1.92: 0« tobr r 11.80.
Liverpool. Dec. 12. Cloving - Cot
■icn spot mod* rate business done:
• price* higher. American middling
fa r 1761: good middling 725; mld«ll
jtng 707: low mid/Mlng 689: middling
ordinary 643; ordinary 595.
DECEMBER 12. 1912.
Senator Jackson
Succeeds Rayner
Washington- Dec. I:', —Senator
William I*. Jackson has Ikm'll hwiini
In mm iho successor of Senator Ray*
nor or Maryland. Mr Jackson |s n
wealthy iiinnufurtliter who tins been
* hi* Republican uniiomil com lull too*
innn from Maryland.
i Uoutluued from Page One )
to «•!•(;■ In another. In* mild, wen* fu
"Are there uian> M*curlt lcs of lu
lerntato tudustilcs will'll can he
'ought mid Mdd only on the New
York e’tiM-k Kxcha:i' asked Mr.
i nterniycr.
"If a Conwolldaicd exejiauKe uieui*
her own* such stock or Itoiida then
to* can iioi -e|| tliQiu In any market?
"Only by trailing under cover,'*
■ answered Mr. Ilelu.
Thu oidulou of the New York
► late supreme court upholding Ihe
Mock exeliaiiße rules In tin- -in.
brought by Mr. Il'-lu wan pul In (ho
record. ,
| "ruder the present clrcutiiMtnii*
leer." tcMill'd Miguel de Aguero.
iprealdeiil of I lie Consolidated Stock
| Kxchuiiße, " business on our ex
• haiiße In liudlv hampered. To trims
tier |iio|H*rly stock sold on our cx
'chnttgo there corporation- d.-mand
ihe certificate of atock to be accom
panied by u uolortal cerillicute prov
iiik the Identity of the holder. We
contend that the concoiu* are natal*
toward I heir own stock holder« be
raUMo they try to force them to im-II
their Mock on one market onl> A
man's guarantee In no* uimml while
lie In on oni exchange. lint If In*
buya a wilt on the New York Stock
Fxchatigc lie It immediately Rood,
although In- htiH leas motley ttinn he
hud before, hv the amount paid for j
bin rrat. *
Maurice Ohcrr. A Con-kjl Ida ted Kx- j
change Itroker, produced a letter
from Peers ami Owens. a New York ,
jSlock Kchsnge brokerage house, |
'dated May 21. 1909. The writers de- ,
'cllucd to do any further business |
iwitli Übera ami also declined to act j
'for a customer Kent to them b j
; Übcra.
j Mr. Obera said that when the
| "curb" market wan organized ho wiw
■ forced to desert his business on tn»
curb becnuKe the ruh*K adopted "at
the instigation of the New York
Stock tixehnugc." prohibited any
curb dealer from dealing In any
other exchange except the New York
Stock Kxchnugc.
Washington, l)ee. 12. The new
ievolutionary* outbreak In the Do
minicun republic Is both puzzling and
vexing to state department official*,
who were in hopes that, the arrange
ment made recently by the special
American commission would preserve
pence for two years, when a new elec
tion was to he held.
The hurried despatch last night of
the battleship New Hump-hire Indi
cates that officials interpret such
monger advices as have gotten
.lirougii as forecasting n situation
calling for immediate action .
The New lluuipshlrc cnrrlt • about
POO men. including one company of
marines. She Is commanded by Cap
tain .fames 11. Oliver.
An Idle rumor never spends much
time in the office of the busy man.
Possibly a cold storage egg might
conceal that fact from anyone who
didn't try to cat It.
Embossed Xmas Stationery.
The Chronicle-News this sea
son is showing a beautiful line
of Christmas embossed station
ery. Orders filled promptly.
Call and make your selections
at once.
vVm less
ECONOMY that'-. OllC ill* Its* \--i .: 5
Mgr - |ookltl|* luriiitl. .
rff ol high livisit; cent Calumet iusut«- . wm.Vi- «.**•
Er (ul saving in vour linking. Hut it doe . -i: . iALUMFII
M It insures whole*4>in<> food.laxly lord- i-nii. only i4i*«d food. p***
H Calumet i-* made rijrht *.n rell light lo liaku rivlit. A k
W one of ihe millions ot women who use ii- »>r ask >• ur grocer. AB'l'w
HR WmU'i fw* Food Cku ar*>. 111. ■jw']
Will Try Plague Cure
In His Own Institute
I'crllii, |k*c 12. I)r Frvdrleh
I’raiiz Friedmann, tile Merlin physi
cian who rays hr tilth evolved u cure
lor tuberculosis, will open Ills flisl
iiiHtltute for thu treatment of tin*
White plague 111 tile I,IIIZO W -ht Til HIM*
lii fterlin next week.
Since the announceuncut of Dr.
Kreldmaiin’a alleged discovery he liiih
been bombarded with cable and letter
lni|iiiri(*K from all parts of the t'ulteil
Stat'-K and Canada.
Ills correspondents. b«dli sufferers
and fellow pliysieiutis. all want more
("tails. Scores make frantic reqtil
sit lans for samples of ills antidote.
Others wish lo know if Dr. Fried
iiiutiu will treat them If they under
take the Journey across tin- seas to
Dr. Friedmann. Ilka the average
scientist. I- Inexperienced as a busi
ness man. lie Is still too nuich In
terested In the niedlrnl mid humani
tarian aspect of Ills alleged discovery
to give attention to Ills correspond
ence. und tile result is that Ills -tml)
at the present moment contains n'
mass uf uudlgentid cables, letters and
newspaper clippings.
To such of bis supplicants as lit*.
Friedman has found time to answer
he has Issu'd a general Matetueut
that lie is prepared to treat all who
are willing to undertake at their
own res|M)iislldlil' tin* Hip to hi-I
new Institution here.
lie refuse* to supply ituy of hi
elite material to doctors. ll* has ii"
yet patented Ills process, and In
t< nils to run no risks in the mean
"Physicians of tin* world.' In* de
clares. "are kept going to a large ex.,
tent by humanity's erticlcat and dead I
liest toes, cancer and consutuptlo.t. |
They have every reason In the world
to throttle n thing like mine while J
still In Its swaddling clothes." ,
Dr. Friedmann is only .10 years
old. lie lins devoted practically Ills
entire life, since leaving the medical
Winter Tourist
Ft. Worth mid Dalian. Texxs- and return $23.60
Galveston nnd return $35 30
Huston nnd return $33-30
San Antonio nnd return $34.60
San Angelo nnd return ...... $25.70
Pcco, and retnrn $27.95
Waco and return $27.20
El Paso and return $33.90
Gprput Christ! and return . $40.60
Brownsville nnd return $46.80
Carlsbad and return $23 95
Boswell nnd return $19.95
Mineral Welle fad return $25 90
Charleston South Carolina an d return $65 85
Columbia, South Carolina, and return $62.15
Oulfport, Mieeiaaippi. and return $58.00
Meridian, Miaaisaippi and return • ■ $46 40
Hew Orleana, nnd return $44.00
Mobile* Alabama, nnd return 758 00
Jackaonville, Florida, and return $67.50
—Tickets on sale dally up to April I PI". Final return limit
June 1, 1913. Liberal stopover privileges. Fares to many other
points In Texas, Louisiana. Mississippi. Alabama, Florida, Cuba,
Georgia and South Carolina.
The Colorado & Southern
school, to seeking a cure for Iho
white plague For tin* moment lie la
going through the same experience
that nearly annihilated Prof Robert
Koch, but Im* Is confident that Ills*
lory will not repeat Itself in Ills case.
Mi'iuphls, Tonn.. Dec. 12 Charg
ed with having knowledge of n plot
to free his brother, who was enrotit'*
fiom Savannah, tiu.. to Oklnlionia. lit
(itstody of officers Kite-stßiolan has
been sliMuii-scd from tin* Mcuipliia
detect I vt* force Nolan's brother.
Deggs. accused of misuse of tll•* malls
was to b<* taken ft mu .detectives In
M**nipliis by the llalloway gang of
thieves, who were i*aptitM*d yester
day* according to the charge.
HEIR TO $14,000,000 WEDS
New York Dec. 12. William
/.ctgci. heir to $1 I.non. non under
the will of a baking powder manu
facturer who adopted him in Infancy
was man led here yesterday to hi,
• Inldhoud sweetheart. Miss Glaydft V
Watson of this city
t'bronlele-NeWd. fitte per Ul'inlll.
Dry Catarrh
■ "

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