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if a merchant really believes
that his "stora uswa" is Import
ant to you, be will print it in
"tour" newspaper. If he doeau't,
ba will not.
Balkan ‘Conw ,&
Begin Next MonL, 4
Constantinople. Dor. 13.—The
Turkish delegates to the peace con
ference lu London have been in
wtnictcd 10 decline to meet the Greek
delegates until Greet l»an aliened the
. armistice.
LONDON. England. December ft.
.—The formal work of the peace dele-
Hates represent lux the Ottoman em
pire and the allied Balkan nations
•will begin next Monday, when the
delegate* will open discussions,
which. If Micrenuful. will have the
effect of remaking the uiap of the
near east.
When the plenipotentiaries gather
with their uccrcUrlc* and steaog
rapbont—a group of forty or fifty
all told—ln the historic St. James
falser, they will find themselves
amid surroundings most conducive
to peace.
"The picture galley", which has
t»een selected os the conference room
18 the most necluded apartment in the
palace. It overlooks a country -old
grara-growo quadrangle entirely shut
off from the turmoil of London
street* On the gallery walls an*
•hung port rails of all the English sov
ereigns from Henry Vlll. with that of
Edward, "the peare-moker". in a
prominent position.
A long table stretches from the
middle of the gatlrry §ml from this
are placed silver ink stands which
were precented by Charles 11. to his
privy councillors
The mantel piece* at each cud of
the. gallery are ornamented with
quaint brunt* candelabra of the early
Georgian period, ifce principle fest
wrp*ot wbloh Is formed by manat..
l»nm»«* figure* InHdlng aloft garlands
lit p«Sf.
Athens. Greece. Dec 13. - A gen
eral offensive movement along the
whole line wa« begun Monday h> the
Greek army operating lu Epirus, the
moit westerly |»ortion of the Balkan
...er repeated attacks the GreeS
troop* occupied at the |»oint of the
l>a)uu«»t the Turkish advanced poets
toward the Vlsall fortification* and
i stuped tbete.
The Greeks captured three quick
fit Ing cannon, s large quantity of
General who was In
vummand of the Greek nrmy. reports
from Pentepigedla that his troop*
fought with vigor during the etitite
day With the view of drawiug off
p port lon of the Turkish troops con
centrating In the forties* of Janinu
when the Greks wer about to make a
frontal attack, two battalions or
Gteek IrtfaMty • supported h> four
field guns were landed at Santl
quaranta to the northwest of Janinu.
Tli*» diversion was tniccetuifUlly car-,
~jcd out. The Turks, as soon «s theyi
learned of the landing of the Greek
titrp*. scut out tight battalion* with
two batteries of siege guns to engage
them. After a ►kltmish the Greek
troops were embarked aud mad * for
another part of the coast of Epirus
The Greeks lo&t only five Killed
aud nineteen wounded.
. .The operations In Epirus are prov
ing costly, however. General Sa-
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rmosorHKAL mux sats
"Friday th' 13th
I'm most afraid
t* open m‘ mouth
t*day fer feur I'll
put m* foot In
Weather Forecait
Tonight and Saturday gouerully
fair: not much change .in teinpera
Yesterday's Temperature*. . t
•Maximum 0v
Precipitation —• Clear.
Hurry Elder aud his sixteen yeur
old wife. Jessie Eaaterhrook Elder,
with whom he eloped from Ludlow
uu Saturday aud was married at
Walaenburg, walked away from the
county court this morning free to re
utrn to liaat^vvllli 1 where Elder is
employed. lu the court of Justice
**ers the charges of uhdiictioti
™ against the youthful hus-
nt the request of
t uttornejr and in the
the charge of lii'orrlgi*
blit.. #• referred against the girl by
her stepmother. Mrs. T. 11. Easter
brook, of Ludlow, was dismissed.
Relatives of the girl, brothers and
sinters from New Mexico, who arriv
ed yesterday, accomplished the set
tlement of the rase
The girl's relatives tool, the stand
that being as the couple were mar
ried there was no use to separate
them. Elder is aftokeu of In the
highest terms by those who know
him and ap|»eared to the court to be
a steady young man and übln and
willing to provide for the girl. The
aged stepmother objected to the set
thment of the case even upon the
advice of friends whom she had ter
ved as witnesses She was the only
person who would not congratulate
the bride and groom when the case
was dlKmlsscd. Earl Cooley appear
ed for the couple.
The girl s mother and father arc
dead and she had been staying with
he stepmother and Helping at the
boarding house at Ludlow. Elder
claimed that lie received the consent
of Mrs. Essterhrook to the marriage
and that she afterward withdrew her
consent. Elder admitted thut he
had pworn the girl wmn eighteen
years of wc*» in securing a marriage
ticcuae at Walsenburg.
Mother Starves to
Revive Dead Babe;
Fast Causes Death
Calgary*. Albajta. Qyc, li}. —Wast
ing her strength for mure than a
month lu the Idle hope that her fast
would bring bark to life the baba
that perished two months after birth.
Mn*. Henrietta Irving, wife of a
rancher near beie, died Inietnlx-r s
and today the husband re|»ort. d the
matter to the coroner The mother,
father and aunt of the child partici
pated iu the fast
There was no pliysielau in
an e nt the hiith three mouths ago.
When the child died the body was
tovered with blanket* und held for
the resurrection that was supposed to ;
follow* the fasting process. libs Har
rison. tlie mother's sister, weakened
In her fulth after the death of her
sister, advised Irving to notify the
police, aud last night the bod lea were
Grand Junction. Colo., Dec. 13.
Mrs. Lizzie Noyes, aged 26, married
four times nud the mother of several
children, ail dead, was found dead
in bed here today at the home of Mrs.
Jennie Geyser A battered wedding
ring whs clasped in her lifeless hand.
According to the authorities death
was caused by an overdose of mor
SENATE: Convened at. noon.
Resumed consideration of omni
bus bill.
Court of . impeach men t rammed
trial of Judge Arxlibald at 1:30 p nj.
Adopted resolution for holiday re
cess from December 1!) to January 2.
HOUSE: Convened at noon
Considered private pension legisla
Representative Kindred introduced
resolution calling for report of in
vestigation into Peruvian rubber dis
trict atrocities.
Rcprcsentatvte Kahn urged public
building committee to provide sooo,-
000 for marine'hospital at Shu Fran
Readjustment of patent fee system
proposed in a bill Introduced by Rep
resentative Oldfield.
Resumed consideration or Indiun
appropriation bill.
"Money trust" investigation com
mittee continued its hearings.
Railroad men were heard by post
oflflce committee iu plea for ade
quate comiHMisotlop for carrying the
I Merchant luarlue. •oiuniitte set
{ January T for beginning hearings iu
investigation of steamship pools.
Pittsburgh, Pa.. Doc. 13.—More
Ilian- 200 persons, residents of the
Librnrv u part incut*, a large residence
building In the business heart of the
north side Wero driven Into the
streets this morning by a spectacular
lire which destroyed the structure
A dozen or more persons were Injured
some oi ih<* llrenieii who were caught
under a fating wall hut it is not be
lieved there were any fatalities.
A report spread Hi rough the
crowd thut eight women hud been
trapped in a rear room and n jkillcc
iiiAii made bis way to the fourth
story aud rescued fourteen women
dragging and carrying them to the
froqt of tlie building* where they
were taken down ladders.
Mormon Proselyting
in London Attacked;
Seek Consular Aid
loiudou. Dec. |3. Mormon mi*-
slouuil*** toduv requested the Cuitcd
Plate* embassy to intervene lu tlielr
hull ii If with tin authorities of Ipswich
where they have been refused police
protection for a big mcrtlug arrang
ed for Decemtier IT*.
The Mormons have been ' prose Iy t
ing lu Ixmqnu for some weeks past
und have nn-t with hostile receptions.
At a meeting In Id at fp.»wlr|i one
day lust week, a erowd drove ibe
mir-lonnrle* irom the hull and
through the streets
Tin* police of fj»s*’lch found the
greatest difficulty in protecting the
Mormons front the imputation.
The in issloti h ri* N t«-l*pliom-*j to the
embassy today declaring they were
American citizen* and asking for In
tervention The matter Is under voli
Chicago, Dec 13.—Just before de
parting for home tod a*. France Far
rell. owner of tile New York Ameri
can cltib. declared that Frank
Chance. |( p, becomes bis manage:
-tie fk high st Mlarri'tf bgiM-hJII
manager In the United States, not
burring John J Met;raw. matiuger
of the New York iiutlonuls.
Mr. Farrell would iiot go into do- j
lull*, hut It i* known that Chance 1
ha* dr-tun tided 12n.n0 u y**nr u* I
Wu*li lugioii. Dec 13. According
to tegulHtloii* governing the parcels
po*t system promulgated by I»csi
master General Hitchcock, perishable
articles rnnv In- .sent through the
mall* only under specific restrictions
a- to tlielr containers and the dis
tance they are to tie sent Hotter,
lard, fifth, fresh incut*, dressed fowls,
vegetable*, fruits, berries and similar
articles likely quickly to decay, may
he sent for short distance* when se
curely packed. Egg* will be accept
ed for local delivery when packed
properly in a container and for any
distance when each egg Is separately
packed In a perfectly secure manner.
No restriction i* placed on the
mulling of suited, dried, siliokcd or
cured meats, hut fresh meats will be
transp ( ortcd only within the first
Fragile articles, including millin
ery, toys, musical ijvdnimrntH und
articles of glass in whole or In part,
may he securely parked and marked
Articles that may not be sent by
purccla i*>st Include intoxicating
liquors or any kind, poisons, poison
ous animal*. Insects or reptiles, ex
plosive* of every kind: inflamablc
articles, including matches: infern
al machines: pistols or revolvers: dis
ease germ*, aiiv obscene, defamatory
or scurrilous mutter now proscribed
by law: live or dead animals or birds
or live poultry; raw hides or pelts
or upyihlng having a bad odor.
Books und printed mutter may not
be forwarded at parcel posts rate,
hut only ut the pound rates or third
class matter.
* committee of railroad officials
headed l»y President Ralph Peters of
the U»ng Island Railroad today pe
titioned the house pOHtoffie© commit
tee for rearrangement of weighing
and pay for transporting mail*. The
railroad men set. out Lhutt hey did
not contemplate carrying the parcels
post on their present contract* and
declared u« a matter of contract they
were not obliged to accept packages
weighing more than four pounds.
Second Child Dies
of Scarlet Fever
Two Others III
Ucuih fur th* second lime this
week lium iuvnd«-d tin- home of
Mr aml Mrs. Flunk DcttlebacU
al JliliNCli. Jen ii ie May. aged
eleven mouths died at the fain
ilv home of sen riot fever nt
1 I 4U lasi ulglu Tlieliua. I lie
eight >e»r old d.’lighter died of
ilie smile di*va*e on Tuesday
The funeral of the second child
took placet his morning ut eleven
o'clock. Rev. F. \' Bretnall offl
dating nt the ceuietei v
The paroiils o( ibe children
UIC gllef stricken ov«-i the loss
of the Iwo little one* and tlielr
Mirrfiu is uugini nted o> tlie fuel
(hat tlielr fuller two children are
ill with sf-arle* fovt-r at home
Mr. licitlehnc!) i* agent of the
.**'antu Ke io.id ut Juiim-ii and an
officer lit the loed • amp ut Span
ish vcii|- veterans
Gilroy- Cal., Dec 12. Mr. and
Mrs. Luke Walsh '"r* burned to
d'uth today when tltcli home here
was destroyed by (lie Ihe fu* t tliut
there have been mix fire* here in the
last three weeks lead* to the min
pl« lon of lucendulrt*-ui An luvctdlgn
tion In in progrea*.
M ufthtnguvu- D«*c iPiesnlent j
Tuf. todu> signed an ev.ciitlve order;
withdrawing propt public ent'rv 2!'.-
.•4 1 acre* of oil laud* In the ltu< tri
Virtu hills. Kent count • ('ullforniu, |
ax a source of suppl' oi oil fit* I lor!
the uuvy.
New York. Dee. I : With the
’Hu'ter Brothel* atei l arn»an-l.olt*»*‘
team *llll trailing two I-m** iu the
rear the 12 leader* :tt the slv-dav (
bicycle tace were t»*••! ».t 2.t»UT miles.
6 lap* at s o'clock ;h > morning, the I
lttlth hour. ThD * ■<•«• n tutle* six
laps tn Mud th re* otd* for the hour
Hindi to*; year T’
At noon the 21 "in hour, the 12
.lauding team* were tied ut 2061 mil*-'
and five lap* Tile record for the
I hour D 2,0X6 mile*, b lap*, made lu
Mulllp«llrr. Vl !>.-■ 13 A lull
amend lug tin- -tulutes *« Uiat per
son:* divorced iu tills state und mar
rying ugnli- elnewlmrc may be prow
iCUted lor bitamy If they return to
Vermont, wa- signed today by Gover
nor Fletcher
Loudon. Dec. i 3. Ste'un Leech (
British minister, lealdeitt at Havana,
tin* been promoted to tlie rank of
envoy cxtraordlniry and minister
plenl!»otentiu ry.
Phoenix. Arlx.. Dev 13. A com
plaint chnrging that railroad rates
on grain, flour and cereal products
generally between Kansas ami Ari
zona points were excessive und dls
citiminatory. were coiftainod in a
rult filed today with the interslai
commerce conimbflon by tlie Arizona
corporatiou comniisaion.
WiiHhinzton. Dec. 13. -AdJiejio
ment of congre.-: tor Christmas iioli
duy* from December 19 to January
2 was authorized today whch lh* sen
ate adopted n resolution ulnedy
parsed by the bouse.
U. M. W., DIST. 15
Denver. Colo . Doc. IS.—John
Lenan. president of the Colorado
Stato FiKleration "f Labor, bus been
elected president "f tile United Mine
Workers, district 13. over Thomas 11.
Williams. The ballot was by refer
endum vote anil carried
nearly every local In the northern
counties and made a clean sweep of
the south. Williams was formerly
mayor of Ixmleville.
Edward Doyle was reelected secre
tary-! leusurer ••■ the district with
out opposition -c was John 11. Law
son, national hoard member. The
vote was taken »• an approval of the
strike iu the northern field of Colo
rado and the manner In whJcff the of
ficers have conducted it
Washington- Dec. 13 Two gov
ernor* of the .\e» York stock ex
change toduv told the house money
• Mist inv< stigatlug committee tlint
an least a part oi the transaction*
til lie *to( It mark* t w* re of a gamb
ling nature.
Frank K Sturgis aud Rudolph
Keppler were tlie witnesses muler
evitulliiit ion Itoiii are
presidents of the exchungc
Mr. Kturgis was led l>\ Counsel
|l'iitciiu. cr for tho roiiiniittee through
.. long dl'OMissioil nl llii* uioral aspect
t»f short Bales" or sales of stisk
which the seller does Hot posse**. H<
•liliilitted I hill pei soiiu 11 v he believed
the "mottal oldoipiv' of *ueh n trans
nctlon overvalue any argument iu it*!
fa tor.
I' I* not puit of iu> duty to urge I
moml reforms upon the community," t
raid Mr. Sturgis lie look tlo- stand
that stink sold tn a higher ut lower
level bv i-row sales uilil purchuscs.
declaring tliut the exchange u* *ueh
did not recognize such transactions.
Mr. Morgt* heid that the "duty nt
tlie stock exchange toward the pub
ill* i* only to see thin a proper plncc
11* ilia in lal lied for huving and selling
land that proper restrictions are ob
served "
| On tin- qm-*ilon of -iiori wales. Mr
[ruterniyer asked, "a* a mutter of
| fart short selling I* ju t gambling,
pure mid simple
"Ye* very largely ilia:. replied
Mr Sturgis
Mr. Keppfer who follow* d Mr.
Sturgis on ilie stand, declared that
‘manipulation" was perfectly prop
jcr long as it was I*-gititustcly con-'
.ductnl. Ill*- < ouiiiii* sloiis were paid!
.tiad there wiis no collusion ,
i Ibt you ngtee with the conclusion!
j«d «he Hughes I’omiiiisslou that uj
' siibstaullnl part of the transact lon* |
'on stock..'•%rb*ngo ar** Lamb- J
•ling.*" asked Mr. rntormrer.
"I would sAy lit .if some trunsMC
j I lolls oil the stock exchange are slime
vvhst of :i guuihliiiK nature. uiiMwer
|ed Mr. Keppler.
Hurry Content, a N«* w York linik
• r. said his firm wu* an active trader
•in stoiks: that hr never hod wngill
*o>red a iiinnipulatlou blni a eir. hut
jii» knew* what "inunipiilatiou" was
life said h” hud never been employed
I' by a pool
I've always been employed by In
dividual houses." he said
i "That's the wa: It'* done, isn't it ’
Tli« pool* acts rhrough a slngl*
house, the pisd munagei * ' asked Mr.
"Yes." uiiswrd Mr Contoni.
Tlie wltnes finally dcscrllud tlie
process of giving • ri.>* order* to buy
and to sell them stock ll** sold Hint
the object of tb<- operation was to
create an active market lu a stock
without actually Inlying any of the
*tis k
"Don't you think tliai deceives th**
public ’ ' a iked Mi Unlcrmejrer.
No. I don't tiiink it doe*."
"Do you think It's good for the
"Yes, sometimes."
Mr. Content said that operations
by pools was no longer u feature of
the market but that a mini her of Idg
Individual operators wen* now work
ing on tlie street
• Why Is tliut ? ' asked Mr. i'liter
"They find it safer not to have
partners. They used to sell each otli
(Continued on page two.)
Confesses Murder,
Escapes, Recaptured
San Francisco, Dec. 13.—Pains of
present imprisonment proving stron
ger than the pangs ot eonuclenci! for
a past crime. John Wesley a
naval apprentice* who confessed nine
days ago vo an unsu«pccU:d murder
mar Ati bison. Kansas, throe years
ngo. escaped yesterday from tho pris
on hospital on Ylerba Buena Island
where he had been confined since his
confession. News of his i*scupe was
given out today with word that lie
was captured last night in u- cave on
the island. He made no resistance.
Dorr's confession followed a per
ion during wlilch he refused to eat.
He sold he bad killed •‘Billy” Barkis,
a recluse, who wan found dead in his
yard. It xvna supoaed Barkis had died
of n full.
Derr was considered weak minded
in Atchison liut Hie death of Barkis
wu- confirmed. Pending a fuller In
vestigation. Derr wiis held her**.
Date is Fixed for
Bar Ass’n. Banquet
N•• x l Saturday, December -I. In
tlit* «lut<• fixed by the committee for
the banquet of tin* l.us Animus couii
t> bur nssoi hit ion. Tin* banquet is
to Im* livbl at tin* Columbian hot• I
lit nine I*. M Tin* committee com
posed of .1, C lb*||. K K. Couloy and
It M Kalutoii an* preparing an ex
((•limit program for tin* gathering
of lilt* men of tin* legal profession
Former Jurist* and attorneys of thin
• ity will Im* Invited to attend Tin
banquet will gnlxc tin* honor ro
t-cnlly heat owed by tin* governor up
on .Indue W It- .Moi nan In his ap
point uteiii to tin* court of appcnlH.
flu* election of I lon. A NV. McHeml
i It*. Judin* of tin* third judicial dls
trlci and the election ol J l Mend
ink. a* dinti h i attorney and tin* re
lircincnt from tin* district bench of
lion Henry Hunter
Denver. t’olo., Dec 13. William
llartli. named with James A Hill in
a plaintiff in mu Its r 11* *1 aitnliiMi tJuy
l.etoy Strip k. re« elver of the de
funct Saving Hank. today filed a
statement In tin* district court, de
claring that lie had not been consult
ed and that Ills name vvn? used with
out his consent
Thu Hill suit i* for |.Vj3,iHin dam
ap h, and chargea conspiracy on the
part of Hlevlck and others to close
111.. b.illk when it WUK sollellt.
ItrlKhton, t'olo . Dec. 1::. Frank
ll*. Smith, accused slayer of Detective
II HHnglry. who rm’ditl!;- es
caped from jail here Is hldiiiK In the
vlftlnlt the n-v. Mcxlco-COlorado
line, according •" the story told
Slieiiff ScliWmi toduy by .lames A
Staton, who escap**d with Smith Sta
ton declared that h** had aKre«*d to
meet Smith in the vicinity of Folsom
or Trim hem .New Mexico officials
have lc en notlfh d
Dalton, tin.. Dec 13 A revival'
of the days ot the Kit Klux Klan took 1
place here today when masked men
took .lollit Watkins from his home!
to the center of the town where lie
was severely whipped. Watkins then *
was Kiveu three days to leave town .!
'Die action is said to have followed |
Watkin's refusal to g**t rid of several :
alleKed disorderly w hite women. I
living In olio of hia houses.
I Cincinnati, 0.. Dim-. 13. Cross
aNninlnatioii of \. G Woodman of
eillvnu. Mont . was again taken up
when tin* trial of John 11. Patterson
and I’U officers and former officers,
of the National Ciihli Itcglulur com
puny of Dayton, Ohio, charged with
violation of thu Criminal section of
the She ruin a anti-trust law. was re
sumed in the district icnirt here to
day .
Woodman was agent for tin* Amer
ican* Citsli Remitter company for Moli
lalia and Idaho and had testified
that lie was followed continually by
two agents of the National Company
|who kept account of his every move
Cincinnati. 0.. Dee. 13. A. K
Edwards, a dealer In store fixtures
and Michigan rush registers at Spo*
Ikuiie, Washington and vicinity.
Isprting a sensation at the trial of the
officers of the National Cash Hog
Jstcr company today when he said
that he had been made the twenty
seventh mouther of the National's
"morgue Ibvi" and had boon threat
ened with the loss of his entire bus
iness unless he gave up selling tlie
Michigan line.
Denver. Colo.. Dec. 13. -George
W. Vallory. president was appointed
receiver of the Colorado Midland
Hallway company today upon the ap
plication or the Central Trust com
pany of New York, filed with the
United States district court The
tiust company Is trustee under the
Colorado Midland's first mortgage
|bonds, and the receivership was ask
ed for the benefit of the l*ondholders.
Statement of Court in
the Dynamite Case
IndlaiiapollM. Ind . Dec. IJ Tin*
government read proceedings <d the
Milwaukee convention In which thu
delegates charged that dynamite and
nitroglycerin bad been planted bv
detcctlvcH of the Nutloncl Erectors'
association so as to manufacture evi
dence against McNamara In lli«
country-wide strike of the iron work
ers against open shop concerns
Overruling repeated objections.
Judge Anderson sahl, 'Witness aft« i
witness lias testified here tending to
show that the officers of ililh union
spent thousands of ihdlais of Ho*
union's funds to hire men like Me
Mnuigal and JalueM It McNamuta to
go about thi* country blowing up tin*
work of non-union contractors. The
union's executive Imard met frm limit
to tlim* and appropriated money for
which no accounting was given.
"Now tills defendant, Morrill, lias
lllllllc a defense that lie alte||l|ltei| to
Have the union's iieeoillitH puhllHhed,
indicating 'then* was something rot
ten in the stun* ot Indiana. Ills de
fense is not that the e\plosions wen*
not. going on. hut that If they were
going on In* illil know of It
Tin* court held mat Hits Hue of
defense open to tho government ••
lull liiqulty as to whether the union
officials thought McNamara kulHv
before he aetuuily pleaded guilty.
.McNamara pleade<| guilty about two
mouths after tin* Milwaukee con
i ell I loti
Thomas Taggart, former ciialrtuuu
of the Democratic Nat tonal commit -
lii* was a Witness for the defense
tills nlternootl. It* Was questioned
Ity Sena lot Kern.
-XVheir III* i/OJeitoil to
Taggart's testimony Senator Kern
said H would he shown that when
sti explosion oc« urred at Frettclillrk.
Ind.. Hu* Joti was in thi* process of
•wing union d and that Fred Sher
man. a defendant, was negotiating
with Taggart. The government con
tended ilit** testimony was Incom
potent. Finally the witness was al
lowed to say tie- job was being union
hull.ma polls. Ind. Dec I.'!.
; Whether he approved Of a speech bv
1-1 111 11 Seidel, of Milwaukee, 111 VVhit’ll
I Seidel denounced tin* courts for the
| arrest of John .1. McNamara as a
kidnapping" and whether lie ap
l proved of the prole*; against Uim
' kidnapping sent to Samuel Gom-
I pels, president ol tin American Fed
eration of l..ilM>r, were questions ask
• d I'aiil .1 Morrill of St. l«oul*. a de
fendant ai the "dynamite conspir
acy" trial today.
Objection vv.i* offered by counsel
lor the fort -one ilcf'didlints hilt til**
umrt held that Morrin had attempt
ed to r.how In* was not In accord
with the officials of tin* Internation
al Association of Bridge and Struc
tural Iron Workers "who It has Im*i*ii
shown, expended thousands of dol
lars for the destruction of life and
The speech ot Seidel, referred to
by the government, was delivered nt
the iron worl.ei*. coil vent ion In Mil
wiiukec on September 11. five month i
after McNamara's arrest and wlillo
lie wa> confined in jail at l*os An
gclcs. Morrill was pn sent :ia a dele
■ li|d you sc" Minor Seidel Intro-
I'uced to the convention by Frank M.
It y an- the president, and did you ap-
(Continued on page two.)
l.ondtin De- i.: Whllelow Held,
i.nifcil States ambassador to Great
Uritinn, Is rlouslj ill Hi is auf-
Pring from asthma and his condi
tion has become consldorably worse*
during t'i< last week. Several spec
ialists in*' in attendance.
Tie* anihnssador returned from
America in October. Afterward ho
caught cold from which he was ro-
I'overltig wln*ii li«- suffered a relapse
after dellveritig his speech at the
I opening session of the I'nlveraity of
Wales at A lie ry ai with on October 31.
which overtaxed hiss Lreogth. Ho
lias he**u confined to his room at
Dorchester house most of the time
since that dato.

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