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Refnsal of Greece to Sign Armistice Blocks
Peace Conference
London, Hoc. 17.—An obstacle warn
encountered b j the Balkan and Turk*
Irb plenipotentiaries guthered here to
bring about peace, in the absence ot
Greece'* signature to the armistice
Pioctol. The delegates found It
necessary to adjourn without effect*
lag any real business. They will iot
meet again ui.til lot* on Thursday
afternoon and in the meantime will
communicate with tbeir governments.
After their adjournment l»r. S.
Dsreff. leader of the Bulgarian dele
gation and president of today's con
ference, confirmed the report that
ibe queatiou of the protortol had
been under discussion without a de
rision being reached. It Is under
stood that the power* of the Turkish
plenipotentiaries did not authorise
them to recognize the l!*»l!enle dele
gates unle** Greece -ign* the arnil*-
t’re and therefore they weio obliged
t-i tefer the matter to Constantinople
la* foie priH t-edlng ‘ with the confer
en* a
T* i Gttek repieaentaUvin refused
is *lgn the pmioetol when Ir.vlicd i«
do so today, pointing out that it
would make no practical difference,
as tba allies were united and the de
cision of the conference would be
binding upon Greer us well as the
In apeuktng today on the subject
af foreign mediation In the Balkan
gt(bin». Wojan Novakovltch. the bead
Wntblßgldn. Urn. IT.—William R.
Ijggjwt produced before the eeuate
fetflttigktlmg committee today aev
mrnl Mv letters bearing upon the al*
terns* political ttrtlvltlea of John D.
Arch bold and the Standard Oil com*
|MT. Hr lira rat testified that he
|aev uothing aa to the Incidents re*
Ihteg in Ue letters or the circum
•tiecei under which Mr. Archbold
might kwea sent money to former
ghoator tonker of Ohio and former
jtaprnmntaMve Joseph C. Sibley of
IHanaylvaalu to whom some of the
letters ware addressed.
The publisher was the chief wtt
oem at the committee's short session
today. Two of the letters he pro
duced had been made public in 1908
he mid- In a speech at Columbus,
Ohio. They w.ere from John D.
Archbold and referred to a project
ed loan or f 50,000 to Senator Por
aker. to be repaid by installments.
Mr. Hearat told the committee he
had been Informed that tba money
Was repaid.
Hearat appeared us the first wit
aess at the opening of the campaign
investigation which had come to a
halt before election. The New York
publisher told the committee at the
outaet that he had some others that
bad not beeu made public. He first
produced the photographic copies of
the letters already published and
Identified them for the convenience
of (he committee.
Chairman Clapp asked Mr. Ifeafst
if he ever saw the orlglnala of the
letters published in his magnxlne.
lie Mid be was not certain hut he
believed he had only seen the photo
graphic faciamlle copies.
-Of whom did you get them?"
asked Senator Clapp.
liearst hesitated a moment.
•I am noxious." he began, "ro tes
tify very fully to everything that I
am personally concerned In and
everything of Interest to this Inquiry.
Ho you feel that this Is essential lo
the inquiry?”
Senator Clapp replied that the au
thenticity of some of the letters had
been questioned after member* of the
committee had Insisted upon the In
formation. Mr. Hears! responded
that be got the copies of John Eddy
of London, author of four f the nr-
Hfcles published In u magazine. He
taetifled he did not know of whom
Eddy procitred the letters.
.Mr. Hearat then produced several
'letters and telegrams. The first was
from Senutor Penrose to John D.
Archbold dated December 4. 1903,
at Philadelphia, and read in part, as
-f have wired Senator Aldrich to
make hii appolotmeut with him to
of the Servian delegation, said:
"The choice of the I'nlted States
as mediator would be an excellent
one. The fears iu this connection are
that the distance of the United States
from the scene and Its lack of knowl
edge of the different complex prob
lem* agitating the Balkan peoples
might hamper Its action, while an
European country would find itself
In readier condition, having for years
followed the aspirations of the differ
ent races constituting the Balkan
Hr. S. Daneff. speaker of the Bui*
giitian parliauieut. pretided today.
The first business of the conference
was the appnlntuicut of secretaries.
It was decided that each delegation
ishould appoint one man to act as sec
retary of the conference on the day
when the chief of the mission to
which he belonged wns In the chair.
This will occur In alphabetical order
of the -date* re presented at the con
ferrnre. Thus, a Bulgarian secre
tary today undertook the secretarial
duties of the conference.* The dele
gates then exchunged credentials
Sedil. Itahr. Dardanelles, Dec. 17.
—Another naval battle was begun
between the Turkish and Greek fleet*
this morning outside the entrance to
the Dardanelles. The fire was very
, heavy. Ilow many vessels are eu-
Imaged is not known
discuss tha matter referred <o in your
It added that Penrose himself
could meet Archbold In New Tork at
any time. A letter from John I).
Arch bold to J. it. Fornker, then
Senator from Ohio, expreaaed the
willingness of Archbold to make a
loan of 960.000.
liearst sold be knew nothing of
the facts to wblrb any or the letters
Another letter was from John D.
Archbold to former Representative
Joseph C. Sibley la which he refer
red to an Inclosed certificate of de
posit of 95.000 “sent you at the re
quest of Mr. Grlsoom, the purpose of
•which you no doubt understand.” A
telegram from Senator Penrose to
Mr. Arcbbold sent on December 4.
1903. read in full:
"Your letter of the 15 Instant was
received yesterday on my return from
u trip In Itrltlab Columbia. 1 have
wired Senator Aldrich to make an
appointment with him to discuss the
matter referred to. 1 enn see you In
New York any day If you have any
suggestions to make. I think the
matter Is of conaldurable Importance
and I can allow Senator Aldrich
where such an appointment would be
desired. If necessary 1 can see you
In New York or 1 can talk to you
over the fone from the headquarters
of the Republican state committee,
l-ocust street. Philadelphia, where I
shall lie during the present month."
Mr. Hearat suggest Mr. Eddy
probably would be willing to appeur
to tell how the letters were taken
Trom the Standard Oil company files.
The lettor from John D. Archbold
to Senator J. B. Foraker about the
950,000 loan w-ns dated January 2*2.
1002. and read:
-Referring to our further talk of
today over the telephone, we are
willing to make the loan $50,000.
925,000 to he returned within the
year and the. remaining 925,000 to
be paid In annual payments there
after. All to bear Interest at 5 per
“Trusting you will succeed In con
suming the matter aa you deelre, I am
“Very truly yours.
"John D. Archbold.”
A question about campaign con
tributions brought from Mr. liearst
the statement that he had contrib
uted “about 910.000 or $12,000 In
1008 to the Independent league com
mittee for the national campaign.
Another letter dated January 27.
1002, from Johu D. Archbold to J.
H. Foraker. transmitted a certificate
of deposit tor $50,000. This letter,
(Continued on page two.)
Fined 130 ud Co*. C. O. Stanley.^
Kd Carter. JloUrd.
A. Bruno, two cases Janies luiiub. two
Jo* Liddell. Antonio Muaao.
Tony Staucato .1. F. Hacca.
Jobu Novuk Tony Patrick.
I\t* Muftao Joe Liddell, one cauc
Pete Berta Vick Sayi*. decaps.d
Moaia Butler » Pending on Motion.
Steve Patrick. Joe. I.ucci.
John Beck. 4 cawes. Bendy for Trial.
John Pranchetti. K. M. Cook.
John Piper. Wallie Yeager.
John Chambers Max French.
John Comer. Luigi Cutarelll.
ftlszi and Zanon Joe Malouff.
Hilly Mitchell. i' It. Conani
Angelo Peralcome Elmer Rhodes, two cases
Winner Marielli \\ It. Rhodes, three «as-►
Roaal and Segnu Clarence Rhode*, iwo caos
Charles Carter. Leo Dolce.
John Root* The cusps against Kll Green were
Pusquulle Igiffarellt pu-srd owing to the absence of tic*
A. Putaturo. defendant called out ot th* city t»>
i Robert Itrunuugh the Illness of his mot bn
Withdrawing their former pleas oY,
not guilty to the charge of keeping .
gambling rooms, and entering plea*,
of guilty. twenty.five defendants In
the county court todnj were us-'
seated a fine of S3O uud costs fur the
violation of the law Judge Ross <
imposed the iiituiinuiu iln» under tie- I
statute, granting leniency In view ot
the fart that the men bud entered
pleas of guilty. The district attor
ney expressed hilllSelt as agrees hi
{that the minimum flue should he
given. The case*, more thau ninety 1
of them, were gone over on the dork
el. A continuance muh asked for In'
many of them, others wire pas«*d
for the time hemg and in a few ■
! nolb** were entered. It wa* a gamb
lers* mmnlng matinee and the gamb
ler* fared exceeding!) well. John
llcrk pleaded guilty, lo tour separate
cast's, swelling the flue to It'jn uni
In every case where a continuance
for the term was asked for. District
Attorney Mc.llendrle Interposed uu •
object iou. Tli* court merely past'd
th* »ure* and advised the attorneys'
that In court this afternoon he would ,
review the showing made. In the
cases against W 14. Rhode*. Elmer,
and Clarence Rhode*. Attorney Mur- j
tin declared that the rases could he
set for trial, also the case against
Wally Yeager. Leo Dolce waa ready *
fur trial
The first case called was that of
the People against Ed Carter. R. T.
Yea man naked tbut the Information:
he rbunged to read "keeping a gamb
ling-room," instead of "engaging in)
gambling.” Mr. Mcllendrle asked'
that the information be thus amend
ed and a plea or guilty was entered.
In one or two other cases the Infor
mations were amended In the name
When the case against John Cham
bers was railed Attorney Yea man
mods his first request for a runt In-,
nance. He said the defendant waa
not ready to go to trial and wanted
It put over for the term. The dis
trict attorney objected stating that
the information waa filed on Septem
ber 3 and the case had been twice
continued. He declared that the
counsel had made no showing that
merited a continuance, and he In
sisted the case be set for trial. Mr.
Yeaman then advised the court that
his client had sickness in the fam
ily and was not financially fixed to
go to trial. C. Deardorff stated that
he had no attorney and the court
appointed R. T. Yeaman. Previous
to this Yeaman had suggested that
the rase he dismissed, but the dis
trict attorney- could see no reason for
the dismissal of the ease.
In asking a continuance for Max
Pranch. Sam Freudenthal took the
same course ns Yeaman in suggesting
that as the regular panel of the Jury
would not be coining In that the
cases go over rather than have a
special venire brought in. James
Maw sez by th*
time th' butter
un* fish has trav
eled a few hun
dred miles in th'
snnic mail saeft,
she thinks pnr-
Ms post won't be
so popular.
' Weather Forecut.
Tonight generally fair, cooler south
west portion. Wednesday fair.
Yeeterdey'e Temperature.
Maximum 4 9
Minimum 30
Mean 39
Precipitation—. Clear.
Vlt K.-ougb a*ked tot • ontlmiuin c* j
for Robert Branagh on six cases
and C O Stanley on lour ami olhet
< lleuls.
In behalf of Ell Green. K.irl Cooley i
plated that the Mefeudnnt hail i*- I
■ reived u telegram last night advls
liiig him of the serious Illness of hi* I
mot In* I and he* had Im-cii lulled to lieri
bedside The- court p.i**cd the rum- i
until his return. Jo* Liddell entor- :
I e-d u pP's of guilty to t ii-• charge of |
ke-« , Ing gambling room, end tne case
[against his sturdier was noll*d
lit information* agalnsi Charles
[Ve'trle und Mike I'ugliuso weie
found to be- in erro! by the district
! attorney Inasmuch as there was m
i mfxiip In niiiues tin re- being two
Yclirivs In th<* saloon business, tbe
indPtment was Intended tor unn.lie**
party. Time was granted to make
th#- correction.
When the docket hail horn gone
over. Attorney Ycuim- mude- u plea
of leniency tor Ills titsi client Kd .
farter mid asked that the minimum 1
fine bo imposed 111 view of the act*
of the defendants tb admitted gull'
the dlstiict attorney was agreeable
and »hr court iln-c. *a< h of »l*e d*-
fetidstitg wlio hnd entered pleas o!
guiltv. s::n mid rosts on each sepa
rate count.
A number that u«ked foi •-ontinu
anre- this mo;ning entered pleas of
guilty this afternoon und fined S3O
and costs. The rtmrt announced u
Jury would he culled in on Junury 2
and begin the trial of the cases of E
M. Cook. F. 11. Conant. Lugi Caffarel
-11, Max Francb. and the others who
*x| r*s/*d desire to go to trial. The
remainder of the cases on docket
were pa uteri at request of the district
attorney, including C. II Richter, M
J. Berger. Bruno Nlcolll and Charles
N leoll I
Lisbon. Portugal, Dee. 17.—A plot
to cstabliKh a military dictatorship
In Portugal was di-iovered last night.
Part of the army was supposed to to
be implicated. The cabinet wu* iu
session all night Troops were kept
under arms und today warshii* hi
the harbor cleared for action.
Rumors of un alarming nature
spread all over the city and caused
great anxiety.
lt was reimrted that u large num
ber of conspiratoi - had assembled in
the Campo Grando Park amt wero
almtit to come Into the city anti seize
the members of the eabinct It was
also asserted that they Intended to
occupy the government building* and
declare a new government.
The minister of war. acting under
the orders of tb*- cabinet, kept cer
tain troops, whoso loyalty was un
doubted. under arms. He also called
otu the whole of the republican
guards and the members of the Re
publican secret secretary who were
all armed.
The minister ot marine ordered ull
the war vessels in the harbor to take
up favorable positions and to pre
-1 pare for eventualities.
The night pushed, however, with
out any outbreak
El Paso, Texas, Dec. 17 -A .rang
of rebels on a comnmnderrd
I Mv© today ventured within thirty
miles of Juarez and burned more
bridges on the Mexico Northwestern.
They escaped south before the leder
nls were aware of the act.
Trinidad i* getting ready to re
ceive the boosters of Colorado —the
officer* of the com toe rc I ill usxoelu
lioutt who will hold their quarterly
meeting in thin city <»u Friday and
Saturday of this week Secretary K.
.1 McMahon cut i mat oh Hum about
one hundred |a*o|»|e will he here, u*
this meeting H to be Otie of I lie lilOHt
.nijHjitant in the history of the or
ganization. Tile eonimercial evecu
tlvea are Interested in legislation,
are interested particularly in the
I manner by which Colorado ahull be
|advertised throughout the country
and the world, and the booster*, of
'Southern Colorado a ant a iiiuii from
this pail of the state on the board of
. immigration I hut Southern Colorado
I w ill get Its just share of the adver
i Another Important mu:ter to e|i«im
I the attention of the corn mere la I men
;la that of lire lliauruitre. AI the
; lust meetliiK in Men vet a •ouimltlee
|whh appointed to report on the mat
ter of reduced tire insurance, and the
agitation lor lower rates will be eon*
tinned at the sessions here
Tlo- loeal Cliamuer of Commerce i>
l.lunnitiK to entertain the visitors
every minute that they are not in
iiusin'*sa session. On the morning
of Friday an interurban excursion
will be run to Coke dale where the
visitors will I..- show ii uii active eonl '
• amp ami the operations of coal min* 1
itis On Saturday an uototnohll* ex
eursion to Its'oii has been planned
a trip over the beautiful mountain'
'road Some of the speakers of the
meeting will he Senator A. N Par- '
risli ol Lamar.. Kev II M Shields
of Dawson. Judge .1 tJ. Northcutt.
nod It A. Turner. J. X. Jenkins of
SENATE: Convened at noon
Senator Kenyon spoke on interstate
liquor shipment bill.
William R. Hearat testifying before
campaign (units Investigating com
mittee. produced several new letters
bearing on |M>liliral activities of John
D. Archbold and the Standard Oil
President Taft submitted for ap
proval nine lump* for members ot
commission «o industrial relations.
Court of ini|H-ai hrn-iii resumed
trial of Judge Arch hit Id
HOUSE: Convened at noon
Resumed consideration of Iturnett
literacy tc«i iriiuilKraiiou hill
Money trust investigating commit- i
t** resumed Its hearing with Freder-I
Irk l.ewlsohn on stand
New York, !>*•«. IT.—The national
executive committee of the house
wives lea ;ue. which is conducting a
crusade in New Yoik for cheaper
eggs, anommred that a meeting will
Ih- held today to consider plans for
extending the campaign to every
large city In tin* country.
“Trinidad The Town To Tie To”
Our leaders are urged to give the most careful consideration to
every page of this issue of the Chronicle-News which the enterprise and
progressive business methods of our merchants has made possible- In
acknowledging our appreciation of the manner in which our business
men have seen fit to utilize the columns of the C-N in placing their
wares before the public wc reiterate our frequent statement that no
citizen need leave Trinidad or send out of the city for any necessity or
luxury desired. Save this copy of the Chronicle-News, look over the ad
vertisements of the different iocal firms and then know how much better
it is to buy here than in Denver, Pueblo. Kansas City. Chicago or any
other town.
That "Trinidad- the Town to TIE TO" IS such a town is largely due
to the up-to-date business methods of our merchants. The stores of Trin
idad are one of the best reasons for selecting this city as a home. SHOP
Bargains, Bargains Everywhere of Best Quality
and Excellent Service.
.! Iturgnln* lo the right of us. Imr-1
, gaunt lo tin- b-fl of us. bargains he-
Ijhind um. bargain* everywhere .
ji'hrikimub bargains for illuerlinlnai
, jillK buyers. Above us ami all around
nl us everywhere w« look are Christ
j I urns decoration* green and red
. I Kerim and evergreen with a sprink
.'ling of holly berries and in the win
dows mn-h a wonderful assortment
. 'and selection of pretty tilings
,! every thing suggestive of Christum*
. which i- but eight days «*fr. The
j I I'rinidud stores never looked better
i -it holiday time than light now.
f I Kver> merchant him caught the spirit
} or yuletlde. The Christ mu* rush Is on
full blast and the early shoppers are
picking over the Im-m. hat gains
, The Trinidad store* are keeping
, ipace with the stores of the big city.
i Ihe windows speak for themselves
. ,nml If not the windows, then tile
. 1 counter* and slu-hc* Trinidad
, I mere ha nts are enterprising They
. jhnve learned tin- secret that business
'slice* s* Is moie than half advertising
and making their store* and shops
.attractive. Moreover they are mak.
'ting tbelt stores nttrnctlie to the
\ little folks and It Is the little folks i
‘ 11 but bring the big folks at Christ-1
, |maa time. Hundreds of pairs of done
j'ltig c>'«-» are every day seeing the
• the pretty things in the wlniJown
;gazlng with rapture upon the mar
velous assort men* of toys and dolls
jiind gnn»«*s (everywhere Is the lion*
' dlwork of Santa Claus everywhere
|the Welcome of tile holly wreath and
’.the wide open door to Childhood's
\\ «>nd< i land
r | t’ i* and down Commercial street -
up and down Main stret. an cndkMsj
pro. c4siou id shopper* intent on gift'
. purchasing, and oh. mi eh an array to I
\ • house from. How will they ever*
| decide? Counters heaped Inch with.
J'’JiiKt the proper things' for friends]
land relatives. Shelves bursting with 1
the "acceptable gifts for young and
■ old Aisles crowded with eager and
smiling patrons who are not waiting
> until the last minute to do their j
. shopping. Children tugging at tna-j
i t-rnul skirts. isdntlng little fingers I
at the multitude of Christmas play-1
things. These are the glad day* be
tore Christmas and somewhere angel.
• bolts are rehearsing the "llnlleltt-j
'jab' song tlint is to bring glad tid
ings null good will to men
j The local *tor«* will be keeping
I open nights this week The wide-.
jtiwnkc merchant* have been prepar
ing for mouths for the holiday rush
.They have spared no pains or expense'
■to decorate and to display their!
goods in the most attractive manlier.;
| One stops at (Soblsmilh's. where
,there is something for every wes-*
man and child. Those nobby coats J
'and footwear for children, the lat-'
jest eastern importations in spangled I
i gowns. Indies* neckwear and the I
feminine adornment that lias clnss
and style at reasonable prices. The I
! windows are magnets for the fair s«-\ .
'but the windows show- only the small ;
jest per rout of wlmt Is offered in-,
i side. The fash lons of the h«uir In
| wearing apparel are displayed.
I 11. Moses and sou, the store with 1
PAGES 1 to 8
tthe white front is a literal bower of
decorations, with a bespangl'd
Christmas tree to bold the attention
lof the children. Here the nohhic»t
i garments for Indies and gentlemen
are displayed, fancy neckwear and
hosiery, a multitude of thing* fair
the lady’s boudoir There I* a splen
did showing of children’s clothing
and In llie entrance a large display
cabinet of dolls ami gifts that make
tin- children happy
The HaiiierHlinigh store offers an
endless assort no-at of liollda> bar
gains. The large window* on Main
street and Convent street reflect the
latest In wearing apparel, the fash
ionable suits and elouks for ladies
and Imivs and girls of all ages and
sixes There Is a showing of the use
ful tilings ns gift suggestion*, ladles*
handbag*, suit cases. linens and
lures and draperies lairge henutltul
doll- a lid heuiltlflll doll garineats.
warm blanket* and spreads and mm
forts The best of everything at
prices every person can afford to
The standatd makes of clothing
are prominentl; displayed nt the |*a
j molts Miieli space is devoted to n
I showing 111 table linen and lioii*m
il'-coratlons of white. Here |* shown
me stylish footwear for men uud wo
men and whiter wraps, fins, cloaks
and over< oats The modish pattern*
tn dresses, the up-to-date style* In
neckwear The children's depart
ment I* complete and the stock of
holiday goods are so arranged as »n
facilitate convenient shopping
The window's of the KtniKiriuin ar«
tastefully drnpod In i-irti and ret
Here I*, a fascinating aimotftncnt of
I sifts for children, toy* of at! I»tnd«
and descriptions, toy autos, wagons’,
[dolls, and a thousand and one other
things the Christmas shopper would
inever think of if they could not b
seen. There I* the nobby clothing
for men and the stylMi and correct
raiment rnr women and the substan
tial clothing for children Kvery
thlng from a package of plus to a
seal skin coat Moip-v goes a long
v n\ at the emporium The grocery
department I* showing the good
things for the Christmas dinner
i The child s wonderland Is at tlio
.luniichon store One large window
[spare Is filled with gilt suggestions
of the toy department. Dolls and doll
buggies and automobiles, cradles mid
houses. Humes and nieehnnlcal toys
that the noisy army of youngsters
gaxe upon with bulging eyes. The
latest millinery* creations, curt aims
and druperles and the swell coats and
cloaks for women awl fancy laces
'and lingerie. Special tmrgalns in
I furniture, the necessary things that
[beautify the home. Ml at Jamie-
I son’s
The Holden Rule store has one of
the best holiday show’lugs on Mala
street. There Is everything to please
the little folks. Appropriate gift
'suggestions are offered In the way
of toilet articles, not to mention the
useful thing!, in the way of wearing
(Continued on page two.)

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