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Do your Christmas
shopping in Trinidad
and shop early
$3,257.90 FOR
Cennty Coffert Receipt
Their Largest Fine
CmtrihatL ****
Mebfrt Bruacb, 4 cum .. .1137.60
Jokfc Beck, 4 CUM 233.30
LoMarelll. 4 cum 237.70
101 l Room, 4 cum 361.10
V. O. Busier, 4 cum 237.49
CksrlM Carter, 4 cum .... 237.70
J«ke lafu 3 cum 130.90
Umle Roeel, 3 cue. 139.90
A. 64 Potaluro. 3 case. .... 173.30
Jaluu wiliuas, 3 cue. .... i30.*0
Wtsaa Martelll, 3 caeca ... 131.30
AVelo Perlecone. 3 cum .. 133.30
A- Brau, 3 caeca 113.90
More Mast 93.46
Start Patrick 46.90
Liddell 34.30
Sato Mcisao 93.90
W3I. Mltckell 90.43
MB* Cbaubera 30.45
P»10 Berta 69.65
MBS Knacketil 61.66
It* Carter, -39.06
Jake Piper 63.66
Tom Btaaceto 69.66
Tekp Norsk 69.66
Heats 'Better 69.66
Mbs Cover 39.66
'The total soar or 53.367.9a mil he
SfM to Clark or tlio county court
to Uo totnty Ntrti mKxw ■«• cud
MTUM *|o yitorduy outorod pious
to#Mltr lu tto oouuty court to ttoo
rkurgi or *A9#fag Dublin rooms.
Till Is th Isrgsst sum or mousy ever
rcrotrsd st out Urns lu Iks county
omivt. Tbs üboso list shows tbs
amount psld by such defendant on
bis plea of guilty. representing tbs
fins Imposed of 930 and costs. In
cluding docket too of 9S. The fine
and costs oo snob esse was about
ISI.Ii, In some cases higher.
Twelet entered pleas of guilty
yesterday morning, the remainder of
tbs twenty-seven naked for continu
ance tor the term, but in the after
boon, after tbs first batch bad been
rtasd the minimum under the stat
ute, tbs moat of them withdrew tbelr
former plena of not guilty and waived
tbelr. right to trial and took tbelr
medicine. The few who did not
plead guilty asked for a continuance,
but *m>b tbs objection of District
▲ttoruar McHandrle, the court set
tba oases for trial In January, out
ICmIImH o» |>a«. eigkt).
For four hours yesterday a pack
age containing enough dynamite to
blow the First National Bank Into
Union County, X. M.. lay cached in
the White Front barber shop. The
buodle of eaploalve* luy in s corner
as unconcernedly as though it were a
pair of machinist's overs lln just back
from the wash. For four hours police
officers watched the Scaiffe tonsor
lai parlors, making descriptive notes
of every person who entered and
came out. Rumor spread that mem
bers of the McNamara dynamiting
gang bad slipped Into town and were
planning a aeries of explosions. When
Epctein on the corner heard the
story be trembled and D. J. Penno
started for Europe for the benefit of
his health. Jake Paul, bartender of
the White Front, secluded himself in
the cellar and locked the door.
About five o'clock in the evening
Dr. Henry Dillon, a prominent veter
inary surgeon of Den Moines. X. M .
was'arrested by officers Mulnix and
Martin and taken to the city jail.
Tbu dynamite was removed from she
barber shop and taken to the Jail
where the veterinary surgeon made a
confession. He confessed to pur
chasing the dynamite at the Branson
g Griswold hardware store yesterday
morning and that he wanted it to
blow out some rock to dig a well. The
alleged dynamiter being b reputable
citizen of the balllw'lck of Des
Moines, the chief released him after
confiscating the dynamite.
Dillon did purchase the dynamite
and caps at the hardware store. He
first asked for nltro-glycerine and
London, Dec. 18. —The peace plen
ipotentiaries of the llalkuu allies
onme together In Informal meetings
today to decide on their plan of ac
tion In the eventually of Turkey de
clining to ratae her boycott of the
t Hellenic delegate# unless Greece
’ signs the armlatlce.
The allies In the course of yester
day's meeting of the peace confer
ence at St. James Palace made It
clear that they would not en
*r 'gotiatlone without Greece
/# %ed to participate and Dr.
B. Da. the leader of the Bulgar
ian delegation is quoted as saying:
"If on Thursday the reply of the
Ottoman delegatee is not satisfactor
ily we will break of' negotiations
and meet again at the fchaulja lines
That will be the end of Turkey lu
The concensus of opinion here,
however. Is that the present obstacle
will be surmounted by the delegates
and that the real danger point will
be over the future possession of the
fortress of Adrlanople. As far as
can be seen at present only media
tion by an outside (tower can solve
this problem.
Bervla took an Important step In
the declaration of peace today by in
timating her wllllugness to leave the
matter of An outlet on the Adriatic
nen entirely In the hands of the
great EnropsAn powers.
lu Announcing the decision of the
tier v lan government to take this step
the head of the Servian peace dele
gation added that Servin's attitude
waa a perfectly moderate one and
that relying on the Justice of her
claim and the sympathies of the Eu
ropean governments, she had decided
to take the coarse Indicated.
la regard to the tension between
Auetrln-llungary and Servim, It Is
generally expected that direct nego
tiations between those two nntlonn
will begin Immediately. These will
take the form of conferences be
tween the Austrian foreign Minister
and M. Jovanovltrh. the newly ap
pointed Servian minister st Vienna
and the object aimed at will he the
realisation of the mutual desire of
the two countries for the clearing
up of the situation and the removal
of misunderstandings
Constantinople. Dec. 18. —A great
victory by ihe Turkish troops over
the Greek army near Junlnu on Sun
day la reported today bv the Turkish
commander there in n telegram to
the war office. He usserts that 400
Greeks were killed and 120 wound
ed. Several field guns, numerous
rifles and a quantity of equipment
were captured by the Turks.
Washington. Dec. 18.—President
Taft today sent to the senate the ap
pointment of William Dlstln, of Illi
nois, as surveyor general of Alaska.
this aroused the suspicions of the
hardware salesman. Before leaving
the store Dillon remarked nonchal
antly that be was going to "do a cou
ple of Jobs". He talked about blow
ing safes and getting away with a
few thousand for Christmas spending
money. The hardware man became
concerned and notified the police.
Dillon needed a shave And a haircut
ao he entered the burber shop and af
ter he hod been wltchhazeled and
bayi-urnmed he handed the bundle to
Scaiffe and asked that it he kept for
him. Scaiffe thought It was an old
pair of shoes or something and made
a motion to toss it into a corner.
"8top! Be reasonable! ejaculated
the stranger, "that package contains
dynamite. If you drop It it will blow
your barber chalra up on Simpson's
Rest and there will be Fitch’s hair
tonic running Into every storm sew
er In town." Before Scaifc could re
monstrate the stranger was gone.
But the barber was game. Wrap
ping the package in hot towels he
laid It carefully away and put "Ne
mo," John Beck's bull dog, to guard
It. Ten cents admission was charged
for the "curious public" to come in
and gaze upon the bundle with eyes
of awe. When Nate John came In
and naked for a shave, someone sug
gested that the dynamite be used to
blow the hairs off his faee and thus
save time and the wear and tour on
the razor.
But Dr. Dillon explained every
thing at the JnII and returned last
night without the dynamite.
Spillway at Gatun Dam and Big Light That Will
Guide Mariners on Way Through Gatun Lake
The vast quantity of water tha t is now dnshlng over the spillway n t Gutun dutu makes it a rival of Nl
agra. This water will ultimately lie u«e<| to generate power for operating tin* locks. The power plant is
now being constructed. The lighth nt*e shown in the picture is to Im* located between the chamber* of the
Gatun locks ami will serve as a ben con for vessels pas-tug through Gutun lake.
Denver. Colo.. Dec. tv .1 It fun- •
uinghatu. president <>f the defnii. . i
Flrgt National Bank of !(•»• ky Ford, j
was found not guilty today In the'
United States district court on the
charge of misappliestU.i* of the f«nd>
of the bank. The Jury disagreed on
four other counts, charging false en
tries and reports to the rnuiptroller i
of the currency. United States dis
trict Attorney llarry K. Kelly an
nounced that Cunningham will lie
rearrested on these four counts at the j
January term of court. On the four
count* the Jury stood eight fiir con
viction and four for acquittal.
London. Dec. 18.—Kitty Marlon, n
militant suffragist today indignant
ly refured to accept the alternative
of a fine of sl2 f» instead of a month's
imprisonment on the charge of giv
ing false fire alarm*. In reply to
the How street magistrate she de
clared that If she (tosaessed "a hun
dred million* she wouldn't pay a
penny," and wns thereupon sent to
New York. Dec. 18.—Governor
Wilson was up early this morning In
order to hold conference* with a
number of prominent Democratic
leaders who are In the city nnd who
heard hi* speech ut the Southern so
ciety dinner Inst night In which the
president elect promised to provide
"a glblet of public disgrace" for any
man who should attempt to start a
panic lu the United States.
Chief among thoso whom the gov
ernor expected to see were William
F. McCombs, chairman of the Demo
cratic National Committee: Vice!
Chairman McAdoo, Colonel E. M. j
House of Houston. Texas and A. MIC
chell Palmer, Democratic Xationul j
Committeeman from Pennsylvania, j
Pete got arrested
He hit Jimmy
Smith with »
hunk o’ ice an'
Jimmy's paw had
him pinched for
carry in' con gell
ed weapons.
Weather Forecast.
Tonight and Thursday fair, with
rising temperature cast.
Yetterday'a Temperature,.
Maximum 11
Minimum 24
Mean .12
Prcciiptation —. Pnrt cloudy.
SENATE: Convened at noon
Senator Kenyon concluded I*l*
[speech on Interstat*' liquor *l»lpino*ni.
' Committee Investigating campaign
i fund contributions continued l*«
| hearing. with fmnu r Penn tor Foraker
ten Hying
Court of Impeachment resumed
trial of Judge Archbold with expec
tation of concluding testimony of de
fense before adjournment.
! Democratic caucus reached decis
ion to permit only confirmation of
army and navy nominations before
i holiday recess.
j Senator Horn nr elected chairman
of joint congressional commission to
||itninot<! federal aid in highway con
HOUSE: Convened at noon.
Money trust investigation commit
tee resumed hearing*.
Banking nnd currency sub-commit
tee decided to report unfavorably the
Levy bill to relievo stringency in
money market by placing 9A0.000.0nn
from treasury in National banks.
Passed Bourne literacy test Immi
gration bill not to admit Immigrants
over If. who cannot rend.
Resumed consideration of Indian
appropriation bill.
Tries to Clear Pal;
Convicts Himself
Salt Lako City. Utah. Dei:. IS.
| Dick LI I Icy or San Francisco, under
loath in the distil- 1 court here today,
while trying t,» - bar a friend <»f a
theft charge, practically convicted
himself of a felony, according to the
district attorney. He was arrested
as lie left the court room.
Li Hey mine lieie to testify in be
half () f J. .1, Ky an, accused of steal
ing $ i 4from Samuel Walker of Al
berta, Canada. Unconscious of impll
cHtlnz himself. LI 1 Icy testified that
he had won the money from Walker
wimbling and that therefor Itynn
could not be guilty of theft.
Before he left the witness stand,
a warrant for his arrest had been is
sued. By a recent state law gambl
ing In Utah wsa made n felony.
Cananen, Sonora. Mexico, Dec. IS.
I—Seven 1 —Seven hundred and fifty Mexican
miners struck for more pay and
shorter hours at the miner of the
Cnuunea and Dcniocruta companies
! Wellington. Dec lv Former
Si uatoi Foraker today produced - i»
• Hbtunciil befoic the : crate ■ smpalnn
expenditure* iuv r»t Igntlnx commit
' let*, prepared by Glh'hrist Stewart.
' purporting to l<4- bared on a dcserip
' Hon by W W Wlnkfield. of how
! Winkfleld and Charles Stump took
tlto • \ rob bold letters" from tbt
Standard Oil offices and rnld them to
lu representative of William It
j Hen rut
"Mr. Ilearst said yesterday that lie
19|i<| not know bow the letters were
piocuted," declared the former Sena
tor. ''Such a preposterous story ns
that you might tell to tin* murines,
hut to no one else.'
Senator Foraker requested an op*
poitunity to appear before the Inves
tlgntii'K roramittep. Several of the
Arehhold letters prt'vlously have been
published by Mr Ilearst and Inter
identified by Mr. Arch hold as genu
ine. had been addressed to Senator
Foraker nnd relnt*-il to legislation or
subjects not fully by the
eortespondence. Four of the letter*
Mr. Ilearst gave the senate commit
tee yesterday also purported to hr*
from the Standard Oil man to Sena
tor Foraker.
Mr. Foraker. taking up Ihe two
rertlfleatcs of deposit for s2'*.o(lrt
fiotn the Standard Oil company to
him reiterated that the money was
for services as attorney in Ohio liti
gation. Senator Foraker repented bis
previous statements that the Stand
ard oil "employment" had nothing to
do with legislation in congress. Hi*
charged that Mr. Ilearst in later re
producing the Arehhold letter to
Senator Foraker about defeating the
so-called Jones corporation bill, gar
bled bis statement.
"Any letter Mr. Arehhold has vvrit
ilen no* since the Standard Oil litiga
tion in Ohio has been Just as any one
might do and as thousands have done
about legislation that affected them,"
declared the witness.
"And right here I might say Mr
Ilearst did not produre here yesterday
a single letter that had not been pub
[ lished over nnd over again, except one
which lie confessed he had In his
pocket and which showed that I had
returned tile s.”»o.don to the Standard
Oil Cocoauy. and about which he
talked .mi much, lie concealed that
The witness took occasion to suy
ho would leave the original of his let
ter with the committee.
Cincinnati. 6.. Dec. 18.--That
there is a hitch In the much talked
of ararngement by which Frank
Chance, former manager of the Chi
cago National League club would be
come manager of the New York
[American team beenuio- known tod“y
when President August Ilerrmati of
the Cincinnati club stated that he
had not released Chance.
Axman Kills
Two Lonely
Coiunibln, \10.,* ik is—Mr<
George Moore, is l years old, and ner
mother. Mrs. Mary .1 \Vllm>i«, 82
y«*aiH old. were found dead In 'heir
home her today. their head* ertidiul
with mi axe
The ill wo very w.m made hv f.eo
Moore, n son. who hml eotne from Mo
hotly to lire pare a t hrUtinn* far tlo*
women who lived aloneon the out
skirts of Columbia. Moore'foil in' tin
kill hen door stnndiiiv open nt..l or
th kill hen floor lay the lusty of hln
mother with the th.ro. t hacked. On
» In-.| in unoOicr room liU am rid mot ti
er. ..’I th n sin I liar woi r.d. was found
The uxe, with which the women hud
he«*!i slain. w.u oa the floor.
M's Wlls hi <ii-4l ,\li * M-» ire were
last seen alive ntjout dusk yesterday.
NeiK'ihoiH heard no noise ui tin
houMe Inst uiKhi. mid no one called
thee this morning up till the Mon.
; who mine on a morn in; train from
Moheily with f'hrlstinns package?
and went out to the limine at in o'-
Tile police are without a clue.
The women had no money mol were
known to he dependent Upon neigh
bors and rein liven. A pocket hook
containing a "mall mini of money was
found on the kitchen floor
From the |misltlon of the hollies the
police believe the murderer prMwbly
went to the kitchen door mol when |
Ml's Moore opeued It struck her down .
and then attacked the elder woman!
a» she slept
William K laiwlcr. iii.mugcr of
the Southern Colorado Mercantile
company and one'of (he bcnC'known
biisiioss men and residents of the
city, hus an non need himself a candi
date for tlo* uppoiutment of postm-is
let The friends of Mr larwler are
already active In Ills behalf mol nr*-
circulating « petition addressed to
j President-elect Woodrow Wilson, en
i dor-dug the name of Mr luivvler
Mr. Imwler has 10-en a resident of
[Tilnidnd -1 years mid has always
ihecn a slatitoh Democrat mol a-live
in Ho* party ranks. He held tlo* of
fice of city treasurer for two terms.
[He Is in every way qualified to fill
the position.
I-os A nudes, Cnllf., Dec. IS.—A
throng was attracted to court today
when the flrrt testimony was taken
in tlo* trial of tiny Kddic, tlo* hiis
petoleil dtv prosecutor. who Is ac
cused of an offense against Mrs. Al
ice Phelps, a 20 year old woman
Then* were few women in the crowd,
j l>. F. Mcl-außhlin, Humane Offic
er. who directed the action of the of
ficers when they broke down the
door of l-Mdie*s office and arrested
him in the company of Mrs. Phelps,
was the first witness to testify. One
of the first questions asked hint up
on cross exam hint ion was why he
sent Mrs. Phelps hack to Eddie's of
fice again, after she had reported to
him the indignities which It Is al
leged Kddie offered her upon pre
vious visits.
This query indicated that the de
fense would rely strongly upon the
supposition that Kddie was the victim
of n “frame up” concocted and car
ried out by political enemies.
Mnnlli., lK>c. IS. -The career of
Arranie, the notorious outlaw chief
in the Philippines and murderer of
ut least seven persons was brought
to an end today when lie was killed
In a personal encounter with Kieu
tenunt E. 11. Johnson of the Philip
pines constabulary. Two other out
laws of the same hand also were kill-
Doorltiioitnd, Germany, Dec. 4
1 8.-—Thirty-one coal miners arc 4
believed to have been killed bv 4
an explosion of black dump In 4
the Acelihuch mine today. Six 4
bodies have been recovered from 4
the pit and 2f* miners stll! are 4
missing. 4
Names of the “Money
Trust” Heads are
Given in Charts
Washington. Dec Is I |». Mor
gan took tile stand before the llou-c
money trust committee at 2 20 ihiM
after noon. ?-*imn• • i rntertneyer, coun
sel for Hu* i ouiriiltlee, immediately
begun Ills examination.
The money iiust committee lute
lodav took a recent until 2 p m
tornoirow when Mr Morgan will
again lake the stand.
Chairman Ptijo said tin* adjourn
ment was to enable members to take
cure of private business before Irov
iug for tin* holidays.
Mr Moikuii held whispered con
ferences with IMuncey Nieol and If
S l-indabtiry. of lit*, counsel, ns ilia
committee pro* eeded
Kenning back in u small cane-lent
|**d * hair lie watched Mr ricuddcr and
.the questioner closely ||.- wore his
I usual stilt of Muck with a black
< ravnt under u -pleading wing col
the great mass of statistics wan
- Sow |) pm Into tlo. record, Mr Mor
gan relaxed in bis chair, clasped his
bands on bln lap and closed his eye*.
The crowd of spectators gradually in
creased j* the afternoon wore on.
When Scudder finished Mr I’nter
myer «ailed out
“Mr Morgan, will you taka (ha
•land?” » • ~»
The fliiniu ler walked to the rßilr
at the end of the committee table
and was sworn l»y Chulrmou Pujo.
In response to the utunl qualifying
questions be said be was n hanker
in New York f'lty.
"Arc you u member of a l*hllad*-l
--i bln firm: asked Mr I'lilennyer
“Well, that’s the same firm.” an
swered Mr Morgan
\ separate house?**
“They are all the sonic house The
firm is in New York with branches
In Philuth Iphlu. Paris and Kondnn.”
I-aid Mr. Morgnu.
Who arc the members of th*
Mr Morgan furnished the follow
ing list :
.1. P. Morgan. II I* Davie-on. W
|il Hamilton, T. \Y Kauiont, II F.
Kloyd. I I* Morgan. Jr.. A. A. New
bold. William H Porter, f'harle*
Stecb*. K. T. Stotslniry nud Temple
Mr. Morgan -aid the same part
ners were in all the houses.
Mr. Fntermyer asked Mr. .Morgan
whether his house carried deposits
of “interstate corporations”
Mr. Morgan said he did not quite
undervtnnd what tlo- attorney meant,
and Mr. Fntermyer explained that lo»
meant companies transacting btisl
ness in more than on© state.
Mi*. Morgan said his firm accepted
(Continued on page eight).
Indianapolis, hid . Dec. I*. -‘•Poli
ticians standing between labor un
ions nud the courts” wer blamed for
the McNamara dynamite plots at the
outset of the government's argument
to the Jury at the trial of he 11 ac
cused “bomb plotters” today.
Pronouncing the series of explos
ions scattered over the country an ;t
conspiracy more dastardly and more
threatening to society than the crime
of nn Individual.” James W. Noel,
special assistant attorney, told thev
Jurors they were called on to ren
tier verdicts In the most important,
trial in recent years.
•'Organlxod crime has here ap
peared to amnzing degree,” said Mr.
Noel, “and it was carried on and it
grew because locally the arm of th©
law failed. Had local authorities
done their duty this conspiracy could
not have spread. But it appears that
politicians for obvious reasons stood
between labor unions nnd criminals
and the local courts.

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