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Do your Christmas
shopping in Trinidad
and shop early
Three sons are cut off with Jf
dollar each In the will and teata
of the late John 8. Hart of Trin **
which wva filed for probate in
county fourt today. Hart left an ra
fale, Including real estate and prop
erty. personal and mixed, valued at
about 920,000. The will recom
mends the appointment) of John K.
H her man and F. K. Griswold an exe
cutors and autborisea the executors
alter all dehta are paid to turn over
the estate to one daughter. Mrs. Ger
trude Hlgnet of Trlnohcra, who the
deceased wishes, shall have all that
ha left In the world. The will pro
vides that the children of thia daugh
ter ahatl participate In the benefits
of the estate and a proYian la insert
ed that when the youngest child
shall reach the age of 20 years, the
aatate shall be divided, one-half to
Mrs. Hlgnet aud one-half to In; di
vided equally between the children.
The sons who were cut off with
oue dollar are Andrew B. Hart. Na
(hauls! J. Hart of thla county and
Charles 11. Hart of Council Grove.
Kami. Another daughter. Mr*.
Mary Hart Kiddle, a widow, resides
in Oklahoma. Thia daughter is also
cut off with oue dollar.
It Is declared that for souie years
lhere had been a breach between the
<larrased aud two aons. Andrew and
Nathaaial. Not long ago the de
• eased was plaintiff in a ault to re
cover money from the son Andrew,
due on notes. Nnthatilal Hart has
figured In a number of court cases,
aud a few mouths ago was tried for
lunacy. The daughter, Mrs. Hlgnet
MV* been bis constant companion
and advisor for years aud receives
the benefit of the entire eatate.
Gfurva Switzerland. Dec. 2o —
Tba story of how Crown Prince Alex
a Oder of Srrvla was rescued from
death in the Alpine Known lust win
ter while training himself for ser
vice with the urmy in the field, baa
just been made known by the Abbot
of the 8t. Bernard monastery.
The monks and the dogs were on
watrh in the 8t. Bernard puss, hh us
pal on bad nights, when one of the
Hogs discovered two men overcome
jd the anow and half buried by the
drifting flukes.
The men were taken to the monas
tery and restored to consciousness,
when they told the moults they were
Prince Alexander and his adjutant,
a Servian captain.
Pueblo. Colo.. Dec. 20.--Superin
tendent T- A. Shea of tin* MUnourl
Pacific railroad, has Issued a warn
ing to beware of counterfeit pay
checks on that system Ftv® hun
dred bogus cheeks aro bald to have
been printed, being numbered from
10.200 to 10,700 and bearing the date
of Deccmbor 1 Instead of December 2,
which appears on the genuine cheeks.
The paymaster’s is affixed with a
rubber ntamp.
Superintendent Shea has been no
tified that the first attempt to pass
one of the bogus checks was mailt* In
Kansas City on Tuesday.
Haw’s a poet.
Here's his latest
••Buyin' present’s
easy enough
Hayin' fer ’em'a
Hretty tough.’’
Weather Forecast.
Tonight fair, continuing cold, hut
u i day fair. Rising temperature In
oast portion.
Yesterday's Temperatures.
Minimum ’-•*
Precipitation—. Clear.
O. ' -•ton. Dec. 20.—The de-
Administration to
1 ° ; /cy towurd Mexico,
* announcement last
nig.. pom* to make fresh
represents.. .o that government
regarding to the continuation of the
rebellion, la directly attributed to
tbe return t«» Washington of aevcral
persona thoroughly conversant with
the alleged evil conditions existing
south of the border.
First was llenry lane Wilson.
American ambassador to Mexico, who
has hern. In close touch with every
one of (lie American consular officers
In the disturbed districts aud who is
also ecnsjually aware of the attitude
of the Mexican government towurd
the large number of American claims,
presented ns u result of the depreda- 1
tlons committed by the rebels.
Then there have come forward the
three members of the self-constituted
committee of Americans representing
the large plantation and mining in
terests in Northern Mexico, who
from personal knowledge were able
to Inform the state department of the
vnrloua practices employed by the
rebel leaders to extort money from
the American manager* aud foremen
and of the comparative Indifference
of the Mexican government officials
to the numerous appeals of the Amer
ican Interests for protect lon from
the raiders
latstly, there have come the mem
bers of the »«*nnte sub-committee on
foreign relations, fresh from un in
vestigation at first hand of border
conditions, from California to Texas.
Tbe combination of ail these repre
sentations has made a profound im
presaion on tbs administration. It
has been concluded that stronger rep
resentations than have heretofore
been made must be directed the
Mexican government IT the renditions
are to be cured In the ordinary
course these will be (omaunicated
through Ambassador Wilson, who is
leaving Washington today for New
York, whence he will sail next Thurs
day for hi* port byway of Vera Cruz.
The fact that the Ambassador Is re
turning in a leisurely fashion may
be indicative of the purpose of the
administration to avoid undue haste
or excitement in developing this
stronger policy toward Mexico.
It has been represented to the state
Department that the strict enforce
ment of the neutrally laws. Is. In fact
resulting in the maintenance of .in
attitude anything but neutral on the
part of the United States and that
the Madoro government Is bencfltting
unduly by the exclusion of arms from
the rebel* while Itself receiving
quantities of military supplies, and
the United Slates government Is now
contemplating some amendment of
the practice In that respect so as to
mak* Ith atttud* more impartial as
between the combatants.
Reports to the state department to
day from the border refer to the
strike of 950 Mexican miners em
ployed in American mines at Canan
ea. Sonora, and of the strong anti-
American feeling among the strikers.
The local officials express confidence
in their ability to control the situa
tion. but It Is thought Americans in
the neighborhood would be in danger
In the event of a riot. The rej>orts
indicate thut arms and ammunition,
allowed to cross the border fron* the
United States for the purpose of pro
tecting American Interests and placed
in the hands of the miners to use
against the rebels are being turned
upon the American mine managers
and foremen.
James S. Colbatb. manager of the
Mines Company of America at l/os
A/.uelev Chihuahua, who was capt
ured by the rebels December 17 and
held for ransom, was released De
cember is. according to a consular
report to the state department.
Nothing has been heard of the
American, J Morrcys, roadmaster of
the Mexican Northwestern railway,
wno was abducted by bandits when
h<» tried to extinguish n fire they had
kindled on a bridge.
I .ar k of space prevents the
publication' today of a large
number of letters to Santa
Clans These letters will he
published tomorrow. Remem
ber that Monday at six p. tn.
the last hour that Santa will
receive letters for* publication
These will be published Tues
day. Tuesday night he starts
the work of distributing the
Today is the biggest day of tbo
year in the* chord child's mind, un
less lit! Is bushful. and appropriate
exercises will be given in the differ
ent schools of the city in keeping
with the holiday season. It Is an
annual custom among tile local
schools to observe the luxt duy of
si liool In-fore the students art* dis
missed for the Christmas holidays,
anti splendid programs were g|\eu
in the different grades.
The Columbian school <1 id not ob
serve the holiday. Imt devoted time
to study, on urcount of haxing miss
ed a week of work when the school
was float'd last mouth on in-count of
an epidemic f scarlet fever.
The high tchool had a short pro
gram this morning which was given
during the usseinbly period, anil
consisted of several musical number*
by the high school orchestra aud
Glee club.
With tlie closiug of the Trinidad
schools tills afternoon another suc
cessful school year will go down in
At the High School
The following {rude program will
l»«* given in the High St boot auditor
ium .
Soug ('hri*tiuu* Hells—bill grade
It *cltutlon nut! Song Christmas
Candles—lot grade.
Song Christmas Lullaby 2d
A Hu(itan anti Indian Folk lane
Dance—3d grade
Song: Christmas Bella - First
.la pa lie te Motion Song 2d grade.
Song Santa’s Reindeer- Ist ami
2d grade t.
Play: Christmas In Toy la ml *>th
A Dutch Folk Danee ltd and 4*li
Souk \ Christman at K»-j ttili
Flay:. A Christmas .Wish 7th
Song. Clirlsimaa Bells 7th and
kth grades
Play, tn iv.n acta: The i. .. I.ln. So
cletjr—fitli grade
Duet: Christina* Tide Mastet
Price Dunlaw and Mbs Lela May
Ault man
Rice School—Grades 1 and 2.
Song: The Nina* Star—lst grade.
Song: The Xina* Tree—2d grade
Song A Xmas Lullaby—lst grade
Concert Recitation: Xmas Bells
2d grade.
What Makes Christman-- Ist grade
Song: Away in a Manger lstand
2d grades.
Dramatization of Same: ChrlMuia*-
Toy*—Twelve Children
Song: Who Is Coming O'er the
Hills —Ist unr! 2d grades
Christmas —S*lx 2d grade
Kong: When Good Old Kris Comes
Dow n —2d grade
Bong: Hong Up the Baby's Stock
ing— Ist grade.
Rice School—3d Rnd 4th Grades.
Song: Santa Claus la Coming—2d
Overheard at Christmas —Gerald
Trouble in the Doll House Jam*'
Stocking Drill —Fight boys.
Fair Warning to Santa Claus—
Thomas Mlera
Song: Christmas —Itli grade
itecltation- —Frances Miller.
Drill: Waiting for Santa —Twelve
Recitation —Delbert Prosser
Kris Krlngle—Kthcl Coy.
The Round Year—Bernard Strom
The i/ookout Man—Vesta Owen.
Bvergreen Drill—Fight Girls.
Song: Christmas Bells —2d grade.
Rice School—sth and 6th Grades.
Sons The Olden Christmas—uth
The Little Town of Bethlehem
Atnbrosio Gallegos.
Song: A Christmas Carol—Oth
grade girls.
The Leftover Dolly—Elsie Heaps.
Christmas Song— 6th grade.
Through the Telephone—Edward
Jest ’Fore Christiuu.*v Irwin Hare.
Winter—Nellie Stafford.
Little Jim—Lenore Skecls.
Seng' Holy Knight Ten Pupils.
sth grade.
Ring Out Wild Bells—Lelu Jones.
Christmas--Catherine Bell.
The Marriage of Santa Claus —Es-
tclla Baer.
Dialogue: Santa Claus’ New Out fit
• -Cotnyn Castle aud Hazel Zttiek.
Two I/It tie Stockings—Edna An
Song: Christmas at Sea —sth
Rice Schcol—7tli Grade
Song: Christmas Bells —School.
Recitation: The Children’s Tele
gram—Alice Blrkett.
Rfcitation: The Christmas Tree—
Ernest Lloyd
Chorus: Hail. Kveniiig Bright
Twelve Pupils. .
Recitation: A Christina* Wish
Waldersec lleudrcy.
Song Angry Words M-iiool
Recitation: Who W. Sant i Clan*
Helen Stevenson
Kong Caroling Bell .*•'« liool
Chorus Norse t’r.idb- Song
Twelve Pupils.
Recitation: Harry’s t ir.rtma- M*
sage I'erlnn o**anutt.
Kong Christmas at s».i- S*ho«d.
Reiitatlon: Tile Thte.- King
Itiidie Bnwtdeii
Chorus Evening l’we|»e
i*u nils
Reeitntion: Long M<. • I Knitted
Who Santa Claus \Vu* ' lenn nt Sut
Clients The Mill -Twelve Hup i
Recitation William Doubt
Wllfied Anderson.
Snug Abide With I S« liool
Rice Building—GUi Rnd Bth Guide*..
Song ChrUtniHs- -Mtii grade
A Christ mas Wish l**o Vigil
Souk The Olden Christ mat tith
Joe Fall \llldil*»ky
Soi.g Ring. Roll . R»n" MU
The Weight of u Word Carlos
Song Caroling Hell* nth grade
The Marriage of Sant i Clam Fed
Bay lew
j Sons At the Dance Mli grade
| Long before I Kn> n Who Santa
iContinued »»(* t»'f*' »«*•»»
I Boise, Idaho. Dec 2» The ans
wer of It. S Sheridan, publisher, and
C. O. Broxen in a nag"- uud editor of
the Uo'ac Ckp'vil Nvj; v. fie#-»on
tempt of eourt rase was filed lii the
supreme eourt here toda* A de
murrer to the iiliswt-r was filed hV
I Attorney General MrDougnl and ttils
j was taken under aUvlMment by the
! Tile defendant representative * of
•tec publishing company were cited
!for tin.* publication nr tin* message of
j Colonel Theodore Roosevelt to the
people of Idaho relating to the deri
sion of the supreme court barring
tbe Progressive candidates for pres
idential electors on tbe Idaho ballot,
together with editorial criticism of
that derision
The company admits responsibil
ity lor publieation «»f the articles In
the Capital-News, and in explana
tion says that the) were published in
the belief of Its privilege to do so.
ill.dir the right of tree speech.
Tonight's Prop-am
Address: "Good
Commercial Work 111 New Mexico 1,. S Wtlnc.n "( Union
"Fake Aflverttaing”—<l. K. Colllxou, Secy. Denver lletnll Merchants
AS ’'"“ News impel- AtlvorllllllB" J. H. Itenrilon. Secy. Oilnruiln Assoelallon
ol rommere.ini Kxeelltlvcs.
••Uoostlllß'' «• M. Kturwlne. Jr., AMistnnl *«> IH-s.x'-r <7inml.. r
ol Commerce. „ ,
-Flro Insurance Kates”—C. E. Daulels. Secy. Fort Collins ( luimber
or Commerce.
•‘Freight Rates I*. A. Gray, Commissioner of Transportation. I ucti
b» Commercial club ,
Address A V' Henderson of Colorado Springs, president of State
• Commercialism ' — Judge J. G. Northcutt.
The boosters of Colorado—the men -
who have put Colorado on the map!
in big bold letters who are adver
tising the state throughout the
world and making "f every commun
ity hii empire In itself, are here to
attend the quurterl> meeting of the
Colorado Association or Commercial
Executives. The advance guard ar
rived this morning wad many others,
arrived on the D A* R. G train this!
‘noon. The work of the association :
.will conclude at ih« membership
■ meeting of t.ho Chamber of Com- 1
tmerco tonight, and tomorrow the
|visitors will be taken over the senile
[highway to Union where they will
meet the live boosters of the new
state. There will be no dearth of
entertainment during the two days)
that the commercial executives so
journ In this city.
The earliest arrivals were <’. M. j
Klttrldgc. Jr., assistant secretary of j
the Denver Chamber of Commeitoe.
John F. Reardon, ot the Reardon j
fAdvertising agettcj of Denver and |
secretary-treasurer of th«* assoeiutioii I
fund G. E. Colllsson secretary of the
Auto Bandit an
Active Churchman
i Chicago. Dec 20 When Arthur
Lewis, alius I/Oil is Forbes, suspected
'of being all automobib* butidlt, was I
searched today a card was found in
Ins pocket showing that In- is ii mem
ber of the Tuesday Evening club ol
the Trinity Episcopal church on
South Michigan avenue In unolhor
pocket a letter wiih found front the
pastor acknowledging rcclept of a
contribution of flu for mimilouniy
Morris Wolfe. S 4 re I and
Joseph Wilde, 22 « ir* old. compiin
jiotiH «»f Lcwln, are said to hav«* con
li-ssed to tin police that tlie> had
'planned to r«d» several restaurntilN
wlti*i till.e|i into • listed)
Lewis denied Hie charges and
Js|H*nt Ill'll Ii Of tile day reading llie
llilile in til* cell.
Ogden Mills Reid
Will Inherit Vast
Wealth from Father
Whitelaw Reid in l/oudon arouses
luter«*st in the |M*rsonallt> of Ills
son. Ogden Mills Reid. lie is now
on the ocean enroute to England lie
'was graduated from Yale some >eni*|
ago and then Joined the staff of his'
father's paper, tin* Tribune He
now the president of the corpora
tion that publishes the Tribune, of
which he is tnutiaging editor.
Rabat, Morocco. Dec. _••• - Moroi
mil icbcl* in the M.igard.i dlstrot
have surrounded a detai hment c*f
I’rett Ii troops cotc 1.-tltig of two 'im
panles of Zouaves, aecordlng to na
tive adelcea received li«*r<-
.Denver H.'.tail Merchants association
Rev. Harvey M. Shields, of Dawson.
m . one of the most noted good
roads boosters i»r the southwest and
I!,. S. Wilson, president of the Raton
I Automobile club are here to take an
(active part in tin* work that is being
done A W Henderson of Colorado
Springs, president of the state asso
ciation of cenitnerelal executives ar-{
| rived at noon The attendance Is
I not ns large as nnt ieipated, but the 1
[meeting is one of the most' import
lint in ths history of the nrguiil/.u
--t ion.
| A proposed law to do nWny with
fraudulent advertising, to make It a
I mhdeme.mor for advertisers to make
(false, deceptive or misleading stilt**
Intents and providing n penalty for
| prosecution was one of the several
| important matters discussed at the
opening session or the Commercial
Executives at the Chamber of C’oin
! mere#, rooms tills afternoon. The
I mutter was carefully presented by
G. E Colllsson of Denver, who has
(Continued on I’nne Three)
fount uutl no pit*, I >••• L'o Tim In
► mictions for war preparations by
tin* Uttoiiiiiii government to Itech ed
I‘a-»li u, tin* leader of tin* Turkish
pear* delegation In l«oudou, authorize
Ittin to tr**ut with tin* firi'i'k dele
gates willioiit tln*lr previous siguui
uri* of tin* artnlHtlii* protocol.
Tlii* Turk lull delegation i~ ordered
to apply ilurlnic tomorrow - meeting
lor p**imi-Mon lor th«* rev Ictuullng of
ill-* foriptsof Ailrlnnopli'.
To' TurklHli flagship Klicy rli-Kil
Inn Itarhaio*. which, accenting to re
iHirth from YHiciim, w;ih practically
•|i-iro)i*il l»> tsri***k shells during I In*
r«* cm fight off t lie- Darclanclloi*
straights, wan presented toilny by tin*
Sultan of Turkey with tin* historic
1 il. ;• Mown Itv ihi* battleship Maliuiu
|i!|ili at tin- bom bard no* tit of Sebanto
. pol lii 1854
lli. caplinii of tin* flniodilp was
; pi«- .•till'd to tli«* Sultan, who rongrut-
I ii|s;* d him anil the rest of the Turk*
Inli navy on the outcome of the a« -
! tloti It appear* Hint the Turkish
1 flagship wan struck by two Greek
..hells hut the dainuge done to the
i vmirl waa irislfnlflt ant
I Onh man was kill'd and elalit oth-
I «*r*» wounded
During the no-tailed battle the
command**!* of the Turkish and
( Qreek fleata ext haagi d pit ■ ntrlt
Iby w-lrelern telegraphy The Greek
idlllll.il telegmpiled
• We have occupied the Inland of
Tetitdo* and await your order*.” to
which the Turkish admiral replied
Your ihell • are falling m Ida I.
would recommend you take better;
aim ”
I 'el till Je. Montenegro. I tec -** I
Au«lrl*-llunnorl»n military iirr|wr-|
at ions continue without relation.
numto'M* «it iioon.* early I
fn Oairtiitla.
have been converted Into transport*
and extensive fortification* are un
. I tier construction
j Ijondou. l»er 2u The Turkish |
plenipotentiaries to the peace confer* j
i i'ure have h<**'n Instructed to break!
neKotlatloiis If llulxarla Insist* on the j
siirrendi-r or Adrlnnople. according *•» I
the Temps cor respondent at Gonstan-I
Itlnople. who says hr baa bla Informa
11loti from tin official aource.
! Having renewed confidence in her
military strength. Turkey, the correa
i (indent way*. I* ready to admit
Glee - *' to Hi. peiie#. conference with
.nit lor JoinltiK l« the armistice. It
Grceie . hoiild now ask for an armh
l|ce, he conclude . Turkey would re
Tie* :;x great Kuropean powers
Hngland. I*imice. Germany. ItiiMla,
\uslrlu •* nd Italy, h ter opted *hr
j principle of an autonomous AI Imn la.
with a prlvllcje guaranteeing to Sei
ji hi tommerclal iicohs to tin* Adrlath
1.-, a This h. the first definite result
Li the amhasmirtore' ••onversatlons”.
': im third ol w lalr i waa held thl af •
I’ari*. !»•• 20. \ustrlu-liuuguiy j
is spending a day to defray!
the expenses of the mobilization of J
her army, according to an estimate
made l»y a correspondent of Hh>
Temps, Just returned from Gulleli*.,
A list l ilt
The whole or th- commercial and
industrial life of the country This
been disorganized, lie adds. In Oul
|e|n no money nor food Is to ho had
and the wealthy part or the popula
tion has fled from the country*.
At the Maine time the fenr-HUt-icken
peasants are becoming the prey of
speculators. Groups of these men
aro cornering all the gold awd silver
coin, with which they buy alj the
paper money they can find ut a heavy
discount and then hand It 4o Austria
proper, where it Is good Vor Its face
value. .
London. I lei Th.« pejice plen
ipotentiaries of Turkey and or the
Ha I kan allies were the guests or hon
-lor at a lunch given by the l<ord May
lot of London at th«» Mansion House
today. The (listlngniiahod fathering
including Premier Asquith. Foreign
Secretary Sir Kdwnrd Grey, laird
President of tho council Viscount
Morlcy and other prominent person
The Lord Mayor extended hearty
welcome to tho peace plenl|iotent!ar
ies. speaking of tin- enduring satis
faction which would b<* felt if they
should achieve a happy Issue and a
lasting peace.
Yonkers, N. S'., Dee. 21. ltov.
Win. P. Stevenson is looking for the
ithlef who stole his cout while ho was
|delivering n sermon on stealing.
l<ondon f»*< The memorial
set vice for Hi* late Ambassador
Whit claw ICoid • • let. rated at West
minster Abbey whs .hi impressed
commony. The lioiioi* of such a *• r
vice iu Great Itrltian'a most historic
cathedral has on only few occasions
bel li accorded to anv bill Ill'llish
subjects of great distinction
In the congregation of which
assembled, nearly half Ameri
can residents in Kugland, Including
the staff of th* American embassy
and consulate general
Itoj alt v Ihe *OV« I nmi "I Mid • •• I
class of public life logftlhcr with
the artistic and literary world were
i <• prose ii ted.
Shortly afternoon a processional
was plaid on the great organ and
the Archbishop »i t’liutebuiy and
York In their robes or scurlet and
white with Ihe right Ilev. Herbert
Kdward Ityle. dean of Westminster
Abbey. In black and gold, went !•»
their places while the choir soft I v
chanted the opening soutonciu of
the burial service.
The nineteenth imalin was sung
to Purcell musli Th* tenon was
from Hie iMh chapter of Hi*- First
Kplstle lo the f'orliithluiis After
Wesh-v h ,iiilbelli lie Will Swallow
up Heath In Vlc.ory. ' was sung and
i hen ihum h i* m*l irt'of thl but -
,i ervlc*
The music wa* Sllllg l»v thl \bbe'
choir reinforced t»v llie choir of tlio
■ liuiM-l Hoyal and the great organ
was plays I by Sir Frederick Hrldge
we had a band of drums and trump
eters to iisolst The sonorous roll of
the drums and bursts of the truin
phata In th* DMd March In Saul and
In Chopin's Marche Puiirlire*' and
iheir accompanyment of tho many
Imiv voices In the lllliyu le t Halil* ••
jon in Concert Slug” were .»n
--|surpass* *1 In solemnlt* mid henupr
k ‘j* :■ 'Vf «•*** ' V
vice fur'tlw Hite Ambassador White
law Held was held this evening I"
St Lucas chapel The IteV. hutatt
Van Wlnkel delivered an address.
j Washington. !»«••• 2" President
I t uft has granted a full and absolute
'i irdou to John II Hall. former
i nlled States district attorney of
ivrtliuid. Oregon, convicted June 1.
Http* of conspiracy In • oiinertion
with unlawful fencing of public
lands in eastern Oregon The pres
ident's action wus based on the
ground* that Hall Is innocent of the
llnll was fined Sl.flflfi and sen
•eticid to txt > days in jail hul hart
»m rved non** «>f his sentence. 110 ap
pealed to tho •supreme court of the
: tilled State, but that appeal was
•numbs* d today, coincident with his
pardon by the president. Tho court’s
dismissal was on the tcehnic.il ground
II nut Ik had not printed th* proceed
| mgs ol the lower court
j Tiles übstance of tin offense for
Which Hall Fran -
:ces J. Ileney. was that the district
attorney had failed »•> prosecute a
land company In Oregon, chargad
with fencing government lands and
tbut when he did prosecute it waa
through civil Instead of criminal pro
.. edings. Two attorneys Invuall
-1 gated Ho* ease for Attorney General
Wickersham and the pardon today
was hated on their finding that Mali
was Innocent and shauld nev»jr have
been prosecuted
The pardon of Hall makes a total
•it Hire* pardons by President Tnf*
in contiectiou with the Oregon and
Ira ltd eases.
Fishkill. N V . I)ee. Kxllltust
ed by yesterday 's _J mine trump, the
four suffragette pedestrian- ciiroute
to Albany, sl(>eut jatet his morning.
With a walk of only eight miles to
Wappitigers Falls ahead of them,
they decided not to start until noon
. w Ibb llosalle G Jones, It idol of
the pilgrimage, announced on bell.ill'
of her followers that, alcohol rubs for
stiffened joints and salve for blister
ed feet “had done wonders'' and that
"today's hike will be nothing but a
little jaunt
"They ure going to give a hull in
our honor at Wappingers Falls to
night.” she added, "and we are alt
going to dance.”

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