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The ChristmM Handkf. Store
HnniUwi* to Kfleci frofu unit they make Ideal gifts.
Many put tip in fancy Itoxcs, 4-u*\ to mail or give.
Women’s and Children's Boxed Handlcerchfs
llctnKtiU'hcil uml roruer em-w Initial and embroidered lln
broidered, :} in :t box wd H on, In u box ... $l.OO l
l!inbroldorei| on pure linen! II Initial, new aide effect, etn
i In a Imix . . TSC II I roldcnd pure linen. It in I
(Embroidered and lace trim-1 II u Ih»x ... $l.OO I
mnil. il» a l«>* $1.00) Vl)lnitial Irl.h lawn «In box
pure linen. It in u box •? i ir - a©* i
IterneHe art embroidered. U/Newest novel)*, colored bor
ini re linen. It In a Imix £1 Hf der, wan anted fast. sheer
rternene art embroidered, nj am) xllky, 4 assorted in a
pure linen. 4 in a Imix |2 II box $l.OO
K>i.lirold<>r.-.1, .lx iinnrbnl Bchiidrnn-. plain liiinlk.r
designs 111 a box $1.25 I H hlefs It In a fancy box ... I
llinbroldered on linen. 4 an- und ]se
twirled designs in Imix . * * , t ,
• « |k •• in Imix. fancy Itordertt and
I - i If Mother Goose rhymes. l>ox
Hand embroidered on lim n
It assorted doulgnc* in box Ip l&C
111,25 W Initial bundkerchlefii, pure
Hand embroidered on linen I* linen. It in u Imix .. . 25* I
i; asmirl.il <|i>.lan, In Ikix P Initial hamlkt'rrhlrr.. Call on
52.00 C d In n box I.V
Head Scons Pretty Aprons
Made «»f plain and fanry sllk
rre|M*. Hotted and plain A „ kl||lli , lalnry - ni| ~r * c .
»*“ , “ 1,l Ural. Ju.l w. Iv.hl a lam
. till Ton,. A complete a.»rl- ,n|p,urm. rlrvrrly mn.le „r
,#v ™; lawn, lure atnl ribbon trim
der. white, black m«*d and embroidered. n|»e.
splendid variety at 30C- rlnl values, earli .
OT»C $l.OO r
Virginia and Voltaire Gloves
The two l«*ht known brands in America. Virginia Ileal
Kid 11 loves*, 2 clasp. Pari* |M»lnt embroidery, black and white
brown, tan. mode, red. green, navy and gray, pair . 91.75 I
Voltaire Kbl (lloves, - clasp. iMisser embroidery, black and
white, brown, tan. mode, grry red green navy pair $1.25 I
Car of Holiday Furniture
Juat received end ii ready (or your inspection and chooainf.
Many Rood pieces of quslity furniture. Men's Smokers in
Golden Oak Early English and Fumed finishes. Ladies'
Writinß Desks and Tables, Book Sacks. MsßSiine Sacks.
Fine. Comfortable Sockois. Costumers. Foot Stools, Library
Tables. Children's Chairs snd Rockers, Morris Chairs. Blue
ißß Stands snd Cabinets. Card Tables. Work Baskets. Pedes
tals. Tabonrettes. Buffets, etc., etc. AU moderately priced
for quality Furniture.
The famous McDohrsl and Hastißßs Kitchen Cabinets-
China Department
In basement. In this interesting department yon will find
scores of Hand Painted Plate-. Bowls. Pitchers and many other
pieces from 25c np. Cut Glass. Chafinß Dishes. Percolators. Carv
ing Sets. Silverware. Electric lions. Toasters, etc. Bric-a-Btc. Steins
and many other odd pieces in China and Crockery. Pictures Car
pet Sweepers, etc. All nuke heantifnl and useful presents.
High Grade'Leather Hand Bag. and Sait Cases $5 to 125.
g IT
||||jp|l§ 11119 | i Mil I 1 1
Twin pii.no, exactly like the above sold to The Clirotilclo-News
in be eiveii uwnv in their subscription contest. Absolutely reliable
and the best value on the market today. Steinway, A. 11. Chase, llo
h-m M Cable and other makes at apodal prlrea and terms lor the
Christmas Some special linrgalns In used plunos. Host Player pianos
on exhibition at Knlftht rampbell Music Co. store, See the Twins
at ins E. Main street.
<lhe Knight-Campbell
Music Company
135 East Main St. I H. COOLEY, in Charge
If you want fo know
this it the tobacco that put
tha Lonjmg in my pipe!
The old star* of th«s High School
basket linll team went down in defeat
IrsHi uixht before the present team by
Him *4OIO of 30 to Hi. Although the
regular squad is uiupi' hat rrlpplrd
by M'Vfral of the boy* Ir-ing down in
their studio* the alumni found them
too speedy. The first half of tli«*
game wan close and excltlug. Hu*
score lining |u to 7 !n favor of tlie
High School. Presto. who was play
ing forward for the alumni, wan un
able to reotiter the game ni Hit* be
ginning of the second half owing to
siekiu/* III* loss was greatly felt by
the alumni a* the High School *een»etl
to hf able to moke basket* at will,
during till* halm. Metzger. who waa
playing guard and then renter after
the too*-ll|l. made nio-t of Ills- bn-kot*
for the High Si'lhmil Imiv* tin.l played
;t speedy gann* tlirotlghunt.
The alumni noy* failed when it
came t*» hitting the banket a* they
hail xereral chance* and failed
There will be another game the
10th of January anil it is eertnln
Hint with it little more practice and
team work they will he able to put
up a much better game as the team
is rnni|M>sed of several individual
Tile lineup last night was a* fol
Alumni Rose, renter. Wade. Crea
tes and l.ujun. forwards; Jamison mid
Simpson, guards
High School; Metzger and Cleav
ing.**, guard*: Cunningham. Murray,
Mar* and Tolxlen. forward*: Town.
r« titer.
M’Manigal “Arch
Fiend” Says Atty.
For Unionists
Indianapolis. Ind.. Dee. 20. "If
you believe these men are guilty It
I* your ilutv to convict them, but If
you undertuke to piece the evidence
together with suspicions and Infer
ence* you should think of the 11 van
you are about to wreck."
Henry I. Nowland. Peoria, no ap
peHled to tin* Jury today on behalf of
the forty defendants tot the "dyna
mite conspiracy** trial. Attorney
Now lan referred to Ortie K. McMani
gal a * an "urch fiend*' and attacked
Ills confessions In inipll« ating others
in explosions as not having been suf
liciently corroborated.
"Chiefly upon the wortl of this con
fessed criminal you are asked to sep
arate forty men from their homes
and deprive them of their liberty. *
slid Mr Now lan. "Of course. Me-
Manigal nexer expeeted to tell his
story. In traveling about the coun
try blowing non-union Job.*, lie had
no future object In view when lie
raw as many people as (.oetlhlc and
left behind him evidence of ills vh-it.
Of course he did not deliberately plan
•to implicate others. He was not
twice brought from I .os Angeles for
William A. Gray of Philadelphia,
another counsel for the defense, told
the jurors that none of the defend
ant* approved of the art* of the Mc-
Namara brother* or of the assaults,
and riots In labor dispute* a* hnd
licen described by witnesses.
.la-Ksonvlllp, Kin.. Dec. 2ft._ Prenl
dent Taft will he made an "alligator"
tonight by the Mororoea Tent of the
Ancient Arab Order Noble* of the
Mystic Shrine( when he slops In
Jacksonville enorute to Key West.
The honor is the highest that een
bo conferred on a Shrlner in Florida.
Chronicle-New* &oc per mootb.
LturrlialJrll). tie II >• diiecM aod uati ika H
iM-nrllrlul result, liondini'a l.rtnu. Hiaiaot oalloC
b* r*tw» ti.o V-ruax 04 caUtlV-ft* aoullllu*
tn* liifcittrd nMbnn*, byJirullsM «»• row
it lure*, sold tijr nearly every dnwlil HeapSa IV
KRRK tmmrnomoa* MDms> wr
|TB(nHaifhinii' Drf# CW ffpesiW^
(Continued from Pag* One.)
given the mutter 4-ons|di*rub|e
thought und attention, hut in making
his report confined himself to a
statement of tlie- matter that up
p4-ured In u magazine known u*
■■Printers* Ink." which included a
statement of ttie- result of the inves
tigations of a Chl.-ago attorney who
discussed the legal phases of the sub
ject and su.4gr te4l a remedy.
All kinds of fake advertizing wete
touched upon in the remarks of Mr.
Collisson. who suggested that the as
sociation take- step* to secure tb.«
passage hv the next g# nernl asM-mbiv
of a hill that w.li regulate advertis
ing so an to protect the public from
the criminal practice* of the fraudu
lent advertiser Secretary J. F. Hear
4lon went mon* fully Into the matter,
emphasizing his view* particularly
in relation to newspaper advertising.
It la the aim of the uaaoelati4>n to
prevent the operation* of the adver
tising solicitor , who annually reap
a harvest in the small towns from all
sort and condition* of schemes to
separate the merchant from his hanl
eat tied dollars In abort, the asso
ciation declare* f4ir the "legitimate"
In everything, tor the protection of
the merchant and for the protection
also of the established pome news
paper and other medium* of respon
sible advertising. This matter will
come up again at the meeting to
(*. K. Daniels of Fort rolllna niude
an iuformnt report on the work of
the committee on fire insurance rates
a matter that was gone into exhaus
tively at the last meeting of the as-,
soeint lon Frank K. Brcle of lloul-i
der I* i hall man of this l ommlttee
but was unable to attend this con
ference. Mr. Daniels presented the
result of the commit tee’s investiga
tion. taking cognizance of the enor
nzoiis sum expended in premiums
uml showing quite convincing!) that
the rates were excessive. A number
of the fire iusuranee agents of the
city were present and took part in
the discussion.
The antl-pasa“ bill "w*aT™«!T»ruHse«f
amt the matter of freight rates. It
was notireahlo that the represen
tatives this afternoon were saving
their thunder for tonight, when the
attendance will justify a fuller dis
cussion of all matters.
Tne visiting boosters were taken
to Cokedab this morning where they
viewed the bailiwick of Simou Gug
genheim and inciilentally observed
the operations of a modern coal ramp.
Iteturning shortly after noon they >.at
at lum-beon at the i’olumhiitti hotel
The report of the president amt sec
retary were read, setting forth wluit
had been done by the association
since its ii. gauizat ion and this was
foll4iW4>d by a roundtable discussion
led by K. .1 McMahon.
Over the teacups or the Commercial
Executives “truck u harmouious 4-hor«l
in voicing the gospel of "Doom ami
Never Stop". It was emphasized that
every community should support its
commercial < lub. and that throng Its
Chamber of Commerce or floatd nr
Trade must the permanent results
• and benefits come. It mas a doxology
which paraphrased that old familiar
drone by amending it. "Praise the
commercial organizations from which
all blessing* flow".
Jimmie Dime, the noted Pittsburg t
sport promoter, w rites to a friend In i
this city tlint If a large enough guar- j
untec will he put np he will send
Patsy Uratiuigan out here to fight ;
Betty Chavez. Dime declares tkul
ho considers Chavez one of the mo?
formidable aspirants for the bantam
weight championship in the country,
hut he says that he coulil not afford
to mak4* the trip unless a substantial!
guarantee was offerer. Dime has a
half dozen good tighter* that he is
keeping busy in the east, among them
two prominß heavyweights—Jim Paly
nml Tony Ross, l»oth of whom would
come hen* to meet Fireman Harris if
the guarantee wipi attractive. In
paly, Dime believes he has the fut
ure champion and ho is now dicker
ing for a match with Lute McCarthy.
Printing of every description neat
ly and quickly executed at the
Chronlcle-Nwilt Job rooms Samples
anil quotation* on request. Use the
telephone. Trinidad 410. tf
r DECEMBER 20. 1012
Traveling in every land under tlit*
sun in «t Ha*’lean! 45 ear ha* edu
cated .Melvin A. Mall of Now York
to the need* and advantages of good
roads. Ym lii all the world In the
.*17,000 mile* that he bus traveled
slnre leaving New York on Juno I,
toil, he liAk *een no road offering
any more attraction* to the murints
than Hut nlil Sun in I'., troll null
anil hi* mother renehed Trinidad
yesterday afternoon and are stopping
at the Cardenas.
On this tour whieli has covered the
world iho New York motorist has
passed over roads that have never he
fore carried the trark of an automo
bile and hi* experience** in many
lands would fill u hook, if written
down Kvery country in the world
cave Portugal, lliiknl.-i, Norway and
Greece, have been visited. They wit
nenifil the coronation of King George
of Knglund. th«* Durbar of Delhi and
the fuoeral of the emperor of Japan,
and explored every nook and cornel
of those ancient countrle* ln*yomt ihe
touch of miHfern civilization
I .paving New York on June 1. 1911
Hall and hi* mother b> ocenn
liner to South Hatmuou From
there they motored i« J.omton They
covered Kngiuml and vlalted Ireland.
Scotland and Wales, motored over the
magn'fhent roud* and houlevar.ln of
Fran«-e. through Germany and Swit
zerland anil covered about I |.into
mile* altogether It* Kurnpe
Parsing Into Turkey, they wen
turned hack by the government They
v I*! ted the Adi lath states, covered
Italy ami arrived in India in time for
the Thirhar. Ceylon, Iturmu and the
.Malay states were vßcx. China and
Jafiun and the Philippine Island*
From the Muml-* the party crossed
the water and arrived In San Fran
deco, from which city they motored
to San IMego. into Mexico, hack to
Yuma and thence over the old Santa
Fe trail to Trinidad They left to
day for Colorndo Springs
.Mr Hall maintain* that the road*
In America do not tompurc with the
roads .u Kurope. particularly in
Frame and Switzerland, which nr*-
the fine*: in the world, lie declares
that .he route thut take* in the old
Santa Fe irull from roast to roast I*
j lie mosi feasible Iran-continental
I Ml*. C C Madonry, wife of the
heud clerk at SnodgrarV main store,
nttiirned tlif- mornlnj from
visit with her mother. Mrs. I S
Gmvin. at Dim* Moines
Trinidad Citiicai' Experiences Fur
nish Topic for Trinidad Discussion.
The following experience occurred
in Trinidad. A Trinidad citizen re
nte* It.
Similar experience* are occurring
Trluldud people are bring relieved.
■Getting rid of dlstrcsaiug kidney
Trv Dnau'a Kidney Pills, the text
ed remedy.
Trinidad people testify. Trinidad
people profit.
The evidence 1* home evidence—
til* proof convincing.
Trinidad teatitnony I* gratefully
Trinidad sufferer* should heed It.
.Mrs. D. S. Ashley. I3H N. I.lmleu
Ave., Trluldud. Colo., wiya: "I will
ingly confirm the public statement
I gav«* In praise of Doan's Kidney
Pills in January, 1907. Thla rem
edy was procured at the llnusman
Drug Co. and brought relief from
backache and weaklier* arrow* the
loins after the physicians' medicine*
• had proven useless. The benefit has
• been permanent."
For sale by all dealers. Price .*#o
cent*. Fnator-Mllhurn Co.. Iluffulo.
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other.
j Washington. !>«•«•. -0.— William .1.
I Bryan reached Washington today on
| fiIf* way to New York, lie said he
, would talk with President-elect Wil
son before he "went buck south", but
11tint the dutc or place of the confer
ence mttHt he announced "at the otfl
ier end".
1 Chicago, IV» . 20.—J. 11. Hogue, .‘#o
years old, president of .1. 11. l<ogue&
Coin puny, dtuin >nd dealer*, was found
murdered in h's offices. Kohbery is
I believed to ha\e been the motive for
, the crime.
An Appeal to Wives
Tou know tlie terrible sfllictl*»n that
comm to many koines from the result ot
a drinking husband or sou. Yon know
of the money wasted on •.•Drink'' that
it seeded iu the home to purchase food
and clothing. ORKINK has saved thous
and* of driukiug mcu. It is a home
treatment and cun be given secretly.
Your money will be refunded if, utter u
trial, it hat failed to benefit. Cost* only
SI.OO a box. Come iu and get a free
booklet and let u» tell you of the good
Oil KINK is doing.
The llnuHtnun Drug Co. three store*.
Reliable Low-Priced Watches
wutches that tiro reliable and
is a iMiiiit in price that go below,
quality must 1m» sacrificed. Our -/am *
years of experience Iu the watch d f J' .
business tells us where the dang-
not. l#e sold for less money than ■ •~.i xl
we ask for them. We nro special / i (j
South lieml railroad watch in wfc iy jj
fact all American makes. He mire .'*»
your watch Is right by buying of >■ 'jjm/
The Jeweler
9. Look For the Big Street Clock*
The nostril*, nr#* perfect "nlr fll
tera* and. wren kept iu clean, heal
thy stale, strain every hit of nlr we
bie.nhe. catching all dust particle*,
foreign matter and germs. Tin* air Is
lull of germs. You cannot dodge ilieni
tmt you can safe-guard yourself
against catarrh and other dineases
contracted ih the proeesn of breath
ing hy keeping the nostrils clean aud
healthy t'uiurrh germs will some
titn**s get In their work, uml you may
mistake the symptom* lor nit ordlu
ary cold.
Don't take any ehnucei*. If you lm\e
a stuffed up feeling in the head, or
If your throat I* Mire or filled with
phh'gm, jiisr grease the nostrils with
a little Kly's (‘ream llnlin. draw the
pure, aromatic fumes buck in the
head, ami you will be astonished at
the effect. In u few minutes you will
fe«dlng a loosening up In the bead, the
nasty discharge will soon he stop
ped. the soreness guui’ v aud you will
feel a sense of genuine relief.
Kly's Cream Haim not only ward*
off catarrh, luit will quickly cure
even a chronic, longstanding cam* of
catarrh It takes the trouble right
where It starts. In the nose and
threat cleanse*. heals and strength
ens the raw. sore insid*- akin, or
membrane, and in this way driven
out catarrh and inukcs you proof
against this filthy, disgusting dis
Colds, which often hang on for
weeks, can lie quickly cured with
this eleansiug. healing, antiseptic
halm. All druggists sell it tor fifty
cent* a bottle, ami the one bottle is
generally all that Is needed to effect
a complete cure. Try It today. J. 11.
Hughs. City Drug Store, Ageui
• Santa Clutia letter*, received
• by tho Chronicle-Ncwa after six
• p. m Monday. Dec. 23. cannot
► be published. It will be ton
► late nft«*r that time to deliver
►them. Santa Claun belongs to
► the ranks of early shopper* and,
► unlei* hi* little friend* hurry
► up with their letter* he will do
► his buying without the sugges
► tlou* lie usually receives. Send
► in yout Snntu Claus letter right
► away.
Kvery boy and girl of Trinidad who
desires to take advantage of the Invi
tation of th« Klks to witness the
matinee of "Du Harry" at the West
theatre, Christmas day, may cull at
the box office between the hours of 9
a. m. and I p. m tomorrow and they
will be given free tickets. Tho Klks
are going to show a big time to the
DENTS ~ rTWve-'
1 Via The
Colorado & Southern Railway
Tickets on sale I>cc. 23, 24, 25 and 31, 1912, and Jan. 1,19 J 2
Final return limit, January 3, 1913.
Ticket* on sale date school closes and following date, but not * •
Her than Dec. 20th. Get certificate from proper officer in charge
«of school.
N. Final return limit, January 6, 1913.
!J*L Full information from any Colorado & Southern
y Agent. T. E* FISHER.
Is the place tor your winter
vnruthHi There you will avoid
the cold ami the snow
Take Onn of the
Fait Traim of the .
Standard Road of tjte Writ.
B|»«*nd the winter iu Florida or
along the Gulf. w«here the golf
season In Jiihl ofwniiig. when*
the surf call* t«» the bather*,
where tho lure of hailing, motor
ing driving and tcitnl* usurp*
the sway of northern blizzard*
You may go via Chicago, Kan
sas City, or St. I«ouih nml enjoy
tho vacation from the time
you hoard tho train.
There Ik excellent train service
via any of these route*. Guinn
Pacific train*, leisides affording
nil the comforts of modern
travel, also provide the travel
er with twofold protection.
Automatic Electric Block
Safety Signals and
Double Track.
A«k u> about the tours to f'u •i.
through Old Mexico or ill* •»«I
nml water trip to Now .York
Reduced fares to destinations
in all the Southern Slate
For information regarding i.iren
train service, ete.. call on or
Commercial Ag» at
I!.' x Main St.
You will find that druggists **.••*• -
where speak well of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. They know from
longexperlonce in the sale of it that
In case* of roughs and colds It mu
always ho depended upon, and the.'
it Is pleasant and siiTo to tulc I*»»r
*alo by all dealers.

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