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Half Price Sale of Women's,
Misses' and Children's
Coats, Suits and Dresses
One lot of fine Nulls and coats worth up to SCO. Including
in thin great lot ure fancy mixtures pluin serges, two-tone
velvets and corduroys, velours and chinchillas Former prices
110 to |6O. Mule prices $5.00 *« 930.00
Made of pluin cloths fancy mixtures and Chinchillas. Ages
3 to 14. Firmer prices |2.6« to |IM. sale prices 91*23 to 90
Silk Dresses Half Price
• K. 50 Women's and Misses Silk Dresses for 94.23 I
• 10. no Women's and Misses Silk Drosses for 83,00
• 16.00 Women's mid Misses Silk Dresses for 97.30
• 20.00 Women’s mid Misses Silk Dresses for . . 910.00 I
•26.00 Women's sud Misses Silk Dresses for . . si2.no I
• JO.OO Women's and Misses Silk Dresses for . ... 915.00 I
Child's Solid Oak Desk
and Chair
The desk la 28 Inches high, has a 22x17 lop. The chair has
a 10x10 Inch sent. The lid of the desk will open. The
eonililnatlon Is well hiillt mid finished hi Golden. weathered
oak and Early English. Will please any child. We have 25
sets that arrived In the car load of Holiday furniture which
arrived about one week late. •1.25 value. Imt in order to
close them out quickly the price will be, for Monday and
Tuesday, set 92.H5 I
Virginia and Voltaire Gloves
The two best known brands In America. Virginia Ileal
Kid Cloves, 2 clasp. Fans point embroidery, lilnrk and white
brown, un. mode, red, green, navy und gray, pair . 91.75 l
Voltaire Kid Cloves, 2 clasp. I looser embroidery, black and
white, brown, tun, mode, grey red green navy pair 91*25
Toy land in the Basement
Air Cuns. Fop Cuns and Pistols with bells, llluck boards.
Red Chairs and Rockers, Tool Chests and Moore llooks. Never
have we had such a wonderful collection ot good liooks for little
folks and the grown-ups—Electric and Mechanical and Iron Trnins
and don't forget to see the great New York lllt-ltlngs Mechanical
Walking Animals. Cbrlstnuis Decorations galore.
Car Load of Holiday Furniture
Arrived Late
T 7 ] Furniture. Sensible, Lasting Gifts
PI ~|7 "IT Special for Monday end Tuesday
J j f J|| High Grade Rockers
l'\\ j , The largest assortment or good rockers ever shown in aplen
n \ did variety new designs and finishes. Frlcn* range from
I _sTr| 91.50 '« 965.00 I
IPPSHSpBi SjSSBm BH Mioses flue rocker. Solid Onk. Auto scat, upholstered In
S ■ Brl best chases* leather. Mission style, like cut ahowmJtpee-
fig '' FJ ij la I price. Monday and Tuesday, each ... 92.35 I
1 if w 11/ The Famous «. t .
M Bissell «"•■** M f
In Coldon Oalc
“Cyco" ball bearing new
rubber corners, showing n ° K n
Early HnKh-.li
/ RUG SPECIAL and It rns s. I I
27x54 Velvet rug. Cood n „ ,|
to choose from ** **
t- 9i*i3
Foot Stool rv
Mission Style, fumed Ouk finish. / / \ \
rpliolhtered in Moroccoline. Size /^L
inch. Special
Fine Couches and Davenports
From the inexpensive to the better kind. Extra Special Monday Tlf n
und Tuesday. ltox couch, automatic raising top. wardrobe box ''
underneath.' 27 Indies by six feet. Upholstered in red "▼ ¥
New York, Her. 21.—As viiimiiarij
to the New York Nationals annual
invasion of Marlin. Texas. ground
keeper John Murphy, or the ** o, °
grounds started Tor Marlin today to
put the haHeball park there in readi
ness for the training season. The
New York team has become an insti
tution at Marlin, where the citizens
have presented the club with an up
to-date park. Murpby mado a fine
diamond «»f it last year, but he con
templates a number of improvements
Including a drainage system, an oc
casional flower bed and a new sod
ding of grass.
Doan's Rogulets are recommended
bv many who say they operate easily
wit bout griping and without bad aft
er efleets. 25c at all drug stores.
Qualify printing anything
everything at the Chronicle-News
office. Work delivered when prom
Pretty Aprons
All kindM, dainty and prac
tical. .hint received a large
shipment, cleverly made of
lawns la«e and ribbon trim
med and embroidered, spe
cial values, each ■ ■ 23f
Head Scarfs
Made of pluin aud funry silk
crepe. Dotted and plain
mulls. Embroidered nets and
eiiiffous. A complete assort
ment of blues, pink, laven
der. white, black etc. A
splendid variety at 3»r I
050 "■ 91.00
Neweit Style*
linlmy Kolmpiprri' i-ollnr*
»' 25C 50C 91.00
Fancy stock collars at 25C I
50C 11 ,u * 75c
tnlM.ls 25c 50c
Uco Dutch rollura 23f lo
Large Dutch collars. 91 "• i
Chemisettes 2.>c* «•* 73r I
Newest pleating* * w
Vliulsor ties 15C ltd 25C I
Four in bauds 330 I
Ijirge assortment bows at
-15 - 35C ‘"‘ ll 5*C
Extraordinary Values
for Monday o»9 Tuesday
From the
Basement Store
Framed pictures, choice of any In
our stock of beautiful pictures.
One-third off the regular price.
Dressed Doll*—-One great lot to
select from a! •!.«« dressed dolls
•1.50 dressed dolls 91.00
• l.uii drums for 75c
Electric Inmim one-third off.
Don't delay as varieties are grow
ing less.
Children take BALLARD'S HORE
HOUND SYRUP willingly boenuse it
tastes nice. There isn't a better rem
edy anywhere for children's coughs,
hoarseness and bronchitis. It's a good
medicine and easy to take. Price 25c,
[.•Or aud JI .Oft per bottle. Sold by
Hausman Drug Co.
UQflB i*ui, in H,s h i a,id B.,unic^fs
i-*„. »iu» si., Riuwa.
Is Jp ymitnuxiiy baimt. Al*ty* K«ll,i>l«
rvi. 1. associated miss
New York. De* 21 The stock
market closed Hlrixly
Notable exhibitIons of strength
from outside order* wen* received in
ICrcatci* volume today titan for n
Iouk time back ami they imparted
strength to the early market. Tl»«*
ii|iwunl movement wus impeded lat
er by an unexpected breag In South
ern I’udfie to tile lowest price of the
year. The stork went off a point at
a time to 103$ ami there was a sym
pathetic break all throiiKh the list
to a level well below last night's
filial figures. Reading manifested
acute weakness and losses of a imltit
or so were recorded in Smelting, Le
high Valley and I'niou Pacific Short
covering puller the market up smart -
lv attain before the close.
Itolids were unchanged.
Atchison Iflti; Northetn Pacific
121 I'nton Pacific ItiO; Amalgam
a ted 7ti$: Great Northern 131?
Reading 11*7 ' ; Bleel t'.K; Sugar II9J
New York Ventral ins;*. Southern
Pitelflr in 12; Steel preferred llttj.
1 New York. IV. 21. Money on
••all nominal. Time loans weaker,
do and !•<> days pet rent. six
nionths 5 | *t H 1.
Dose: Prime meirnnllle pa|M-r ti
per cent
Sterling exchanite ;teaily with art
ual tms:tiess lii hunkers' hills at 4.81
for fto day hllla and at 4 85ti for de
Commercial bills 4 80$.
liar silver «3J.
Mexican dollars 4 9J.
Government bonds nteadr.
Itailroad bond* steady.
Chicago Livestock.
Chicago. D«S* 21 fettle receipts
.700. Market steady
lleeves 5.4r.<19.7.7; Texas steers
4.40<1 G.ti5: western steers 5.2.7*1
7.70; Ktorkefn and feeders 4 20fi
7.GO; rows and heifers 2 7<Ht 7.70;
calves ♦; Git*? 9.75.
[ IIOGS: Receipts 9.000. Market |
j strong.
j Light 6.8,7 *l 7 221. mixed II.9.7*1 ,
7.4**; heavy r..9u*i 7 40; rough ti.!in
' *t 7.40; pigs Gfiti.KA
Hulk of sales 7.|0ft 7 .7.7
SHEEP Receipts 1.000. Matket
st rung.
Native 3.90f?.7.1G; western 4 *t .7;
yearlings .7.7G*i ti.85; lambs, native |
.7. 8 5 *i K. 1 .7. western ti.2GfrK.IG.
Kanui City Livettock.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 21 —Cut
tie receipts 200. No southerns.
Market steady.
Native steers d.G0#< 10: southern
steers I 77*i 7.10; southern cows
and heifers 3.40ft ti.2G; native rows
and heifers 3.ti0ftS: Stockers and
feeders .7fi 7.2.7; hulls 4.2.7ft fi.2.7;
calves f.*» 10. western steers G.Go
'it N; western cows 3.75*1 ti.GO.
HOGS: Receipts 1,500. Market
strong. Hulk of salt's 7.0.7fi 7.30.
Heavy 7.30*i'7.3G; packers and
butchers 7.15<t 7.33; light 6.93 6?
7.20; pigs G.7.7*i ti.75.
SHEEP: Receipts none. Market
Muttons 3.7.7*i 4.75; lambs 66i
7.7.7; range wethers and yearlings
1.75 fli ti.75; rn nge ewes 3 ft .7.
Denver Livestock.
Denver. Colo.. Dec. 21.- -Cattle re
ceipts 300. Market steady. Ileef
steers 5.75*i K; cows and heifers 1 fti
ti.20; stoekers and feeders 5.756? 7.
calves tiff 9.
HOGS: Receipts 100. Market
steady. Top 7.15; hulk of sales 7 10
fa 7.15.
SHEEP Receipts none.

Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 21 —Cash:
Wheat unchanged. No. 2 hard S3*?
87$; No. 3. 82$ 6/85; No. 2 red l.ot
6| 1.04 ; No. 3 9»i{? 1.07.
Corn unchanged to ','c down No. (
2 mixed 48. No. 2 white 18 1 } No. 3
4 ti $.
Oats steady. No. 2 white 31$ 6T
35; No. 2 mixed 33$6t33£.
Rye unchanged.
Hay unchanged.
Receipts: Wheat 84 cars: no corn
or oats. i
(’lose: Wheat, May R56T853; July
83} ®fi.
Corn, May 415?# 47; July 472#$- 1
Oats, May 34?#35.
St. Louis, Mo.. Dec. 21.— Wool j
steady. Territory and western me- j
riitims 21 fit 25c. 1
Fine mediums 18fi20e.
Flue 1 3 (si 1 7c.
St. Louis, Dec. 21.—Lead weak.
4.10®'12J. !
Spelter dull, 7.15. |
WCEMBER 81. 1912
Now York, Dee. 21.—The metal
markets were quiet Jim! prm-tlcally
uouiluul l.ak«» ami electrolytic cop*
per 17 G2& fti S" J; earn In,;* 17 2.’. <i»
1 *.3« 1.
Iron unchanged.
ClilcaK" Dn 21. l«ower rabln*
am! Ion of rain* in Argentina
influenced model ate lli|iililiilion of
wli«..it at i!i<* opening today, prleow
ranging from 1 '•» 2 '*» ! under yester
day's rinse May opened 'u 4 to 2 •*
i down at UlSliHli, inui’hwl U12*i
Jam! tlit*n iliopiM.il to Pit-
Tlu» close was heavy. May 2c on
iler yesterday at Pit
May i-orn started a hIi.iiIi 1 to
down at 2 and Hold to IP
The t’lotM* wan weak. May l<iS r
down at 4KJ<i 2
May oat* o|M*ned a -hade to !«•
lower at 232 r o \ and aoIiI to 221
Chicago. Der. 21 -Provisions
were Inactive. May |*ork opened un
hanged to 2 ft** up at I K.22| '»i 26:
May lard a shade up at Id and May
rllis a shade down at P.77}.
Ww York, I lee 21 - lUw sugar
sternly Mu»eova*lo HP lent 2.12.
centrifugal, Pfi te/t. 2 P2; molas****
sugar. HP test. 2.17 Iteflneil steady
(’rushed 6.60; granulated fine 4 P‘»
powdered 6.00.
Calves ton. Te\as, Her. 21 —Cot
ton lower. I2J.
with U(f|iHlito ialotnutioo regarding
and Kindred !>»*■**»»
Write Bee t«»
C. J. BORLAND, 304 Century Bldg.
d»:n vr.it. romit.mm »
l»onver. Dec. -I. Mayor llrnry
.1. Arnold won cited for contempt of
court thin morn I life l»y District Judge
Greeley Ws Whltford, because the
mayor ignored the court's order and
paid the memliorii of I In* fin* and
police force their salaries when tin*
payroll won not approved by civil ser
vlce commission The approach of
Christmas won given bv Arnold an
reason for lilh action.
At the meet I iik of the civil ser
vice commission yesterday Mayor
Arnold demanded that the honrd ap
prove the |»uyroll *nbmltted to It hy
the fire and police hoard.
The commission then Rigneri the
payroll under protest, and warrants
were immediately drawn hy the city
auditor. Today the comniiHsion ap
pealed to .liplkc Whltford with the
result that the mayor was cited for
contempt of court.
Mayor Arnold will appear In court
Christmas eve to show can He why he
should not he sentenced for contempt.
In speaki iik of the citation today,
the mayor said:
• 1 do not care anything about this
citation. 1 may go to Jail, and f ex
pect to ko to Jail. Hut I have the
satisfaction of knowing that every
man under me. In the employ of the
city will have his pay check to take
home to his family today.
"The evil civil service commission
has acted stubbornly and done noth
ing luit play at small politics. I tell
>oii I will lie far happier in Jail I
Christmas day, knowing that. I have
mode others happy, than to be out
enjoying the day with my family
and friends and have to suffer the
thought that through me many fam
ilies have been cheated of their
rights and Christinas cheer. ’*
Itching, bleeding, protruding or
blind piles have yielded to Ooan'i
Ointment. lillr at all stores.
Dft. T. Falls Oouraud't Oriental
Cream or Magloal
|!kJ R#mo*»* Tan.
gi™ t rvcfeltt. il.tr, i’.Hli-i,
ss:, Hath, an.l >hln t>
2*4;. anil trtrj blnuidi
,JM on bwity. and it*-
Mjo’X JK -Yr l*a» aloud u.« tMt
- j E tl / It/ of M f rare. and
Ts"B i V At Uhi ri arm 1-M »•
*5 1 |a*tr it toßlaar^n
'UMraad't (>«•■' a* lb« Watt hartnfel i.f all tt>«
akla preparation. Fit aalt bjr a. I dru**i»t, a.«lrancy
Oooda Dealer* in lit Untied Staia.. Canada and Europ*.
iui. i.mnnt, rrap, n imt jm im Im t«i
Jewelry the Best Gift for Christmas
Itecaiifte it is something Hint every one appreciates and is useful,
long lasting mid appropriate.
If it’s from Allen’s you know it’s good
I teen use Allens gtMids are not only guaranteed to give satisfae*
tton but lie bus the oldest- established Jeweler) in die city und has
won for himself a reputation of honest dealings
(Jen's 16 Jewel 29-year gold Itoger's is 17 Sliver knives
filled watch . . *12.00 fMt, and Fork*, |M*r dor. *n.s»
l.adv's 29-vein gtdd filled | (Juudi upls Tea Spoons. j*er
'vatel, «1 a.im C"t H3.SO
Cent's 17 Jewel 20-year Ai Solbl Silver Tea Spoons, |**r
gold rilled wati'ii 9fMM> net KCi.riO
Cent's 7 Jewel nickel watch y llaby S|mioiis, special lie
*:i.r>o "• *.vo» «m»» • *i.<m> ui.
The Jeweler
Look For the Big Street Clock*
Real Comfort, Courtesy^Cleanlinets
Dcuvrt’i Only Popular Priced
The Melropole. be. uu»e ol its central location ac
reasihlllty to Union # Depot, and superior ser
vice, Is being recognized an u home for
t'(dorado People
Under the munagement of E. E. Hich »1», »l»o of the Cliff Home, Manitai.
Indianapolis, lud . Dee. 21.— M Are
you golug to convict these om-ii on
the testimony ot n dynamiter? You
have the word of M< Munigal against
the denial of these defendant*
Which are you koluk to believe?"
In tliepe words today Attorney Al
fred It. Ilovey summed up his argu
ment that the forty defendants In
tin* "dynamite conspiracy" trial
were not implicated in the McNa
mara plots.
Attorney Ilovey culled attention
especially to Frank .1 IligKins or
Itmton, former New Kuglaud or
ganizer of the Iron Workers' I'tilon.
and to Henry \V l.elg|eittier, former
ly an Iron Worker. In Pittsburgh
“McMauigal tells of going to llos
ton to cause an explosion. Then lie
tell* of seeing ladgN'lt net coiM«* Into
the Iron Workers* headquarters with
a suit cave especially designed to
tarry nitroglycerin. Tin* defendants
deny this. Which nre you koluk to
IxiHovr?" Mr. Ilovey referred to
the government's expense In calling
' » - i
■■ w If
I flll1 11 P f i»■ ■ tr. *
R I ■ ~— At-L-Ja.
Twin pianos exactly Hite the above sold to The Chronicle-News
to lie given away In their subscription contest. Absolutely reliable
and the best value on the market today. Stein way, A. 11. Chase, Ho
bart. M. Cable and other makes at specini prices and terms for the
Christmas. Some special bargains in used pianos. Host I’layer pianos
on exhibition at Knight Campbell Music Co. store. See the Twins
at 138 B. Main street.
life Knight-Campbeli
Music Company
135 East Main St. J. H. COOLEY, in Charge
witnesses from the Pacific. *
"Think of the ••xpense* of bringing
hotel clerks from San Franeh»eo and
Lon Angeles merely to corroDorato
McMnnigal." said Mr. Ilovey. “All
the trifles were corroborated but
none of tho essentials. Ton ara
•sited to eonvlet most of these de
fendants on the word of MrManigat.
tin, government's hero, whose story
reads like .i dime novel.
"In not a single instance has this
dynamiter’s story been corroborated
in relation to the four Chicago de-
Tcodatits It |i ha i»d IL. Hollsloii.
James Coney, William Shitpe and
Jamen A Coughlin.
I The National Krectors’ Associa
tion ha* show'll its«*ll to be gieatly
I Interested In this prosecution tail lb*
American peofile don't want to see
I innocent men convicted."
| For any pain, burn, scald or bruise
apply Hr Thomas' Klectrle Oil— toe
household remedy. Two sizes, 26c
and f.tic nt all drug store*.

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