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< ('ouiiuuad froM pag* 1.)
months render the roads ini passable.
(From captured prisoners and oilier
sources the Russians arc said to have
received reliable information that the
Germuus intend to begin an offensive
movement in the near future.
The Russians are preparing efec
tively to meet this offensive. New
recruitment in 191."*. within HI days,
as officially announced, will give to
Russia nearly 000,000 men.
The German advance on tiie com
munities south of the village of
Moghuly and southeast of Sochaczew,
several times repulsed witli great
losses in the last few days, accord
ing to Russian advices, is reported to
have been undertaken again. Like
wise an Austrian advance towards
KTelco and in the region of the Pi
licia river is said to have boon ef
fectively repulsed.
These battles are chiefly import
ant as showing the continued Ger
man and Austrian offensives in spite
of constant losses. r
As off setting the recently acquired
Russian positions on the Hungarian
and Roumanian border, the Austri
anshavc fortified themselves as a
measure, Russian officials ussert. to
prevent Roumania. should she es
pouse the cause of the allies, from
crossing into Transylvania.
Despite the ban placed by the Pet
rugrad authorities on publications in
the German language, two newspa
pers printed in German continued to
be circulated in the capital until to
day, when their offices were closed
by government order. The explana
tion given was that such publications
were offensive to the Russians.
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flSe Junidod I
j 320 atAftet j
Indianapolis, Jun. 12.—Seventy
nine of the 114 of the Terre Huutc
men indicted by the federal grand
jury in the election fraud case plead
ed guilty before Judge Anderson in
the federal court. Demurrers to the
indictment were filed for Mayor Kob
| erts of Terre Haute, Judge Eli Red
man and Sheriff Dennis Shea.
Sentence was not passed. The men
admitted they had participated In
the alleged conspiracy to corrupt the
election of November 11)14, in
Terre Haute.
Reside Mayor Roberts, Judge Red
man and Sheriff Shea, several others
riled demurrers. The demurrers will
be argued January 20.
J. lid ward Holler, who until n
1 few days ago was chief of police,
was among those who pleaded guilty.
\Vith the exception of Holler and
Nugent, all of the city and county
officials who were indicted filed de
All the 111 men were told they
could return to their homes and
await the summons of the United
States district attorney.
At the opening of tlie hearing the
defendant, all of whom bad been re
leased on bonds of personal recogni
zance, were ushered into the court
room und sealed one at a time. The
jury box had been removed and a
few other alterations were uccessury
to find room for all of the 114.
Mayor Roberta was among the last
io enter. Seated beside ills counsel
lie eyed the defendants attentively as
they uttered pleas of guilty.
The Salvauon Army can use any
cast-off clothing, furniture. k"?hen
utensils, dishes, bedding, etc. Any
one having any or such please phone
Red 29G2 and they will be called
for promptly. Thanks. —***ptain E
H „l&a»
DUDLEY 2)i laches
NORMAN 2ii i»,M.
2fafasoa. p~h,rnMiae»-y. aa—
.Montreal. Quo., Jun. 12.—A de-.
tailed description of a naval battle
off Granada, Rritisli West Indies, is
given in u letter received here to
day from an eye witness, who asserts .
that in his opinion the German cruis
er Karlsruhe took part and wa?
The letter was dated Granada, De
cember 2, and the writer asserts that
after tlie battle u life buoy came
ashore marked "S. M. S. Karlsruhe",
1 together with wreckage and barrels
of foodstuffs, lie further writes that,
fishermen had brought the news
that they Ifad seen dead bodies float-
I ing in the vicinity of the battle, nuiu- •
| hors of candles marked "Kaiser
Light," boots witli feet in then),
helmets, aud other wreckage.
The letter .was made public by the
1 Montreal Gazette und was received
by a member of the Gazette staff
1 from one or his friends at Grciiada.
The letter says:
"While at my house on a ridge
overlooking the sea north of Gren
ada I witnessed a naval engagement,
which was undoubtedly carried on
between more tliau two warships.
The action lasted, as far as 1 ob
served, from 7 o'clock p. .m to 11 p.
m. As the darkuess increased U was
’ quite apparent when broadsides o.
1 irojectlles exploded within seconds
of each other on either side, within a
range of four to six miles. I did not
1 hear the explosion of the shells, as
the fight was too far away. Nobody
in Rt. Patrick's appeared to have no
ticed what had happened. Whether
the government knew of the engage
ment or not, they certainly censored
all news as regards it
"Six days afterward I was con
firmed iu my opinion by the fact that
Sauteur fishermen, fishing in the
C’arriclon channel, brought in news
that they bad found dead bodies
floating in the water, together with
numberless candles, marked "Kuiser
liglU" (a sample of which I send
you us a Christmas card): also boots
with feet iu them, helmets, pieces of
wreckage, etc.
"On my portion of an island called
Isle of Rhnmlrfe a life buoy eanu
ashore marked "S. M. S?. Karlsruhe",
and besides wreckage and burrcls of
foodstuffs. I am the lucky possessor
of un officer's sword, which came
'ashore wrapped up carefully in oil- ’
"All this confirms my conclusion
that not only did an engagement oc
cur but that the derailed Karlshure
has been sank."
The Karlsruhe last was deiinitcly
beard from on October 26, when she
captured the Igimport and Holt liner
Vandyke. The Vandyke was the sev
enteenth vessel that bad been caught
by the German cruiser. No vessels
also, so far as known, have been cap
tured by the Karlsruhe since October
26. The British admiralty has made
no announcement concerning the re
ported sinking of the Karlsruhe.
Heretofore the admiralty lius been
prompt to annouuee any disaster to
German warships. •
Principal Kealey of the local
high school is in receipt of a letter
from Principal McCliutock, regard
ing the matter of a fluul decision iu
tilt* coining debate contest, gome
school should be definitely decided
us a winner in order that tills school
should have the privilege of entering
the state debating contest. Accord
ing to the rules udopted for the de- t
bate, a school in order to be a win
ner must win both of their contests
- -the winning school to enter the.
stute contest. Accordingly if no
school is successful in both contests,
no winner would be chosen. In or
der to offset any chance of no winner
being selected Mr. McCMintock offer*
tlie following special rules for the
contest. Principal Keeley realizes
the necessity of rrepuration and i'a
ors the supplementary rules:
Supplement to Debate Agreement
between Rocky Ford, La Junta aud
Trinidad. In case no school involved
wins a favorable decision of both
side? of tin? question the winner shall
be determined in the following man
ner: ill Kucii judge shall be given
three copies of the "Additional
Forms for each Judge", in addition
to the ballot and instructions pro
vided for iu the agreement. No
iihiiios shall be on litis form.
On tiie night of the contest, the vis-,
Ring conch shall be given u copy ofi
Tiie increased attendance at tiie
second revival meeting given under
the joint auspices of the Raptist
church and Methodist church, South,
emphasizes that a greut amount of
interest is being manifested in these
meetings. Rev. B. O. Butler of the*
-Raptist church delivered a splendid-
;sermon last night on the "Strength,
aud Weukness of Jacob." The serv
ices will continue each evening this*
week ui the Southern Methodist
church. Itev. liutlcr will speak
again tonight.
The subject will be "The Great.
and Glorious Mission of the People
• of God." Tiie attendance will be
larger this evemng and we need you
not only to help to increase tiie num
ber, but to add your voice to tiie
splendid song and praise service.
Tiie now books are proving quite
Pastor liuller spoke lasi night on
tiie "Strength aud Weakness of Ja
cob." He pointed out the fact that
by nature Jacob wus endowed with
splendid ability as a mau of the
world. He possessed a wonderful in
tellect and proceed to use it for Ills
; own enrichment. He gained great
( advuntage by deceiving his old blind
father. He drove a sharp bargain
with his only brother, which put him
in a position of honor and power as
the line leader of his family, lie
outwitted ills shrewd old father-in
law und was fast robbing him of lit*
; cattle and his wealth. He always
| hud succeeded by reason of liis su
perior intellectual powers und thru
his craftiness as a chemer. This
ability to deceive and beat men had
always been regarded by him and
others as bis strength. lie prided
. himself iu the record lie made, and
/was confident that his superior abil
ity as a schemer, trader aud diplo
matic politicians would win in every
conflict. So confident was lie that
1 when he would go up to possess the
promised laud he still relied upon
that ability alone to bring him into
the heritage.
God could not give tiie inheritance
to such a man until lie had in some
vfay changed his viewpoint and there
is no better way to change tiie view
point of a selfish mau than to eh itige .
his nature. lie could not change the
|character excepl through tiie will aud
choice of the man. But tiie man
Mould never surrender his proud and
haughty ways until he should real
ize the weakness of his ways, and
Inasmuch as no tuan had been able
the grades and the principal where
the contest is held shull keep a copy
and send the third copy to the prin
cipal of tiie third school. (2) Each
judge sliull grade each speaker in
both construction argument and re
bittul. M) To decide tiie grade of
tin* speaker giving the relmtai. the
‘two grades shell he averaged. (I
Tli«‘ rank of each speaker in each ;
contest shall be taken and the school
whose six s leakers lias the lowest to
tal number of points or rank* shall
be declared the winner. (6) If a
winner is still undetermined the 1
school whose six speakers average
the highest shall be the winner. (7) .
Each judge shall also be given an ex
tra envelope for the three sets of
grades. These shull he opened by
the representatives of the two
school - involved Immediately after
the contest Is concluded. IS) These
grades shall not be signed by the
Principal McCliutock lias also sent ,
his list of sivx judges to Principal
Keeley. three jof which were selected (
lo judge the debuting contest litre
next Friday night. The three are I.
W. Stutsman, principal of Walsen
burg high school: ri. M. Andrews. (
toucher at Walscuburg, and L. S. ,
Wilson, lawyer, of Raton.
Columbia, S. C. Jan. 12. —Ju hlsjj
farewell message today to the (
South Carolina legislature. Governor j
Blouse commented upon wnat lie
scribed as the "eneroucluuent by
federal government upon state's . J
rights,' man'yof which he asserted.
"had been stolen." ,
"Can it be possible," iv said, "tliut
under the lead of a man sometimes j
called a southern the Democratic \
party is to become the party that is \
'stealing the power from the states’/
and giving it to the federal govern- /
ment. and that the Republican parly r
to hum bit 1 Jacob God must undertake
lu his behalf.
h'oiiic contend that Jacob was a I
•Christian man since childhood, but >
his conversion dales from that Unit; i
, Wight of struggle on the banks of 1
, the Jabok. That conflict represents ! I
.human wisdom at its best arrayed'*
in selfishness against God and bis i
plan. Human wisdom and skill are ’
. Gad given and God honored but only I*
1 wlion used in harmony with God's*
, plun. God's plan is not arbitrary.
but is revealed as the only best >vny .
for man as well as for God. Just us j
jthe Biblo is true not simply because
It is God's message, but God said (
■ these tilings because they are true.
So the plan which God reveals is best |
for man because God selects that plan ,
for ills children which is the very 1
best possible plan of all the world for
God could not welcome un insin
cere man as Jiis own. to a rich herit
age anil as the head of a great religi
ous liuc. When at last Jaeob surren
dered and began to plead for a bless
' ing. God insisted tHut Jaeob should
' make confession of his sins so lio.■
; asked IGui “What is thy name?” Most
of you know that a name designated
I a character in the times when this
i record was made, and the name Jacob
| denoted treachery, cheating, sup-!
1 planting and scheming. Jaeob at
' last acknowledged bis name aud In
• so doing lie made confession of all
i his wicked nature and selk seeking. (
i We have the assuruuce that when j
we confess our sins aud forsake them, j
i turning to God in the name of Jesus ,
i our savior. God is faithful and just 1
I to forgive us aud .to cleanse us from j
l nil unrighteousness. So when Jacob •
I surrendered to God and pleaded for ,
I a blessing aud acknowledged bis sins j
■ and put Ills confidence wlioly in his j
God, the Lord gave him u new name.
Me was called a prince. He had won j
.ip the conflict with God, but lie won j
■ by humility' and prayer. He bad
great power with God, but it was the
i power of a true fa.th in God.
Another remarkable tiling was that !
• as soon as Jacob got right with God !
lie was reconciled to hjs brother.
Jacob was blessed and turned from :
Ills wicked way, but at a fearful cost.
TTe went limping through life. Some;
. men refuse to hear the word of God j
until he speaks while they stand
amid the wreck of earthly fortunes j
or beside the little white casket. T)o
not take chances against God. Get
right with your God an«l you will
love him and your fellowmen as well. ;
under the lead of a Hughes or Whit
man ir to become the state rights
and stop this stealing of
In closing his message lie declared: 1
”f have bowed my knee to no man
or set of men: if 1 create a favorable
impression, all well and good: if 1
create an unfavorable impression. 1
and I alone am responsible. My
life's work so far as my personal
interest is concerned has been eom
t pleted.
! Tlie governor recommended sinall
icr appropriations for state institu
tions of higher learning, and the
abolishment of all free scholarships.
, Urging the legislature to provide for
immigration. Governor Ulensc de
| clared lie did “not agree with the ;
"policy that men should be highly j
educated in order to be immigrants. \
We want a laboring citizen,” be i
i’ueblo, Jan. 12. —Work of examin
ing talesmen continued today in the ,
trial of eight former strikers charged
with the slaying ot a party of mine :
guards near La Veta in November. :
•»i:l Little or no progress toward j
Qlliug tlie jury box was made dur- -
ing the day. This is the sccoud week
of the triul. ,
William H. Gambling, foreman of
;tlie Oakdule mine'when four of itr ,
employes were shot to death by strlk- !,
ing miners, November 8. 101 ft. und I
.the onlv survivor of the automobile !
puriy which was fired upon, will be ,
Hie stale's star witne-s at the trial j.
.now iu progress in the Pueblo j
;county district court at which eight .
of the strikers are ciiargcd with firs:
degree murder. ,
with the return j
of u sub menu which had been served
on Humbling iu Weld county, tlie ex
foreman, accompanied by an officer
who guards him against possible at
tack. appeared at tlie office of the *
court clerk yesterday. Whether
Gambling would be a witness has :
been in doubt. He made a complete :
deposition of the shooting last si»b
mer iu the county court at Walscn
burg. and stated in that deposition
that he expected to leave Immediate- 1
ly afterwards for England, his na- ;
tive home. Mis deposition is part of’
the records now on file hero. It will
not he used, however, in lien of the
fact that Gambling will take the wit-,
ness stand in person and tell his
story of tlie shooting.
Several suhpoenaes for Gambling
were issued before he was found. One
was returned from Denver stamped
“not found.” The subpoenae sent to
Sheriff J. McAfee of Weld county,
containing the names of Gambling, I
Major Charles Townsend. \V. J. Ken- i
uody und Capt. Charles Swope, bore I
tlie proper return? to indicate that
the four important witnesses bad j
been found und had acknowledged
the demand that they appear here to
The witnesses, tv.o of whom are of- ,
i fleers of the state militia who fig
ured conspicuously in the strike, i
‘Stephen Sheet/ of Weld county, andji
i Lieut. George Kco’j of Montrose, are 1
[the only witnesses 'so far subpoenaed.
iThe suhpoenaes L ucd for them did:
not specify any date other than they ,
| were to appear iiu once. They re-I
“The only reason we ordered these
suhpoenaes issijed was that we were j
anxious to find these witnesses aud
to be doubly certain that they would
ibe here,’ said Attorney Manly, one ;
, of the attorneys for the prosecution
; who has been a feigned tin* job of
[handling tlie s.ihpoenacs lor the!
"We will not issue any more sub
poenaed until we know when they
will be wanted. That is impossible
until tlie Jury is obtained. Our wit
nesses are the list endorsed on the
information filed in the Pueblo couu
ity district court last October, wiiu i
twelve additional ones which were 1
j endorsed on the information last No-j
vein her.”
Attorney Manly declined to state
that William H. Gambling is in the
.city or even that lie had seen him.
but from another reliable source it
was learned that Gambling visited
the clerk of the court's office and for
a few minutes was a spectator iu tlie
(court room.
! Judge Burke intends to expedite
tin* examination of jurors, if not by
shortening the examinations, then
jby lengthening the hour?, lie called
a night session for last night. Me
made tlie announcement in open
I court yesterday when Attornely Tom
i Devine stated that he had an import
ant busiuess engagement for the ev
ening and could not return. Judge
' Burke respected the attorney's wish
es aud withdrew his order for a
! night session.
• “I wish to serve notice on the at
; torneys now, however." said Judge
I Burge, “that hereafter they must
' hold themselves in readiness for a
.' night session every day. 1 will hole
(them frequently."
(CuntlMurd front page 1.1
payment of tlie claim has been de
! laved for many months. The money
goes to the city hall fund.
Application asking the count iI to
reconsider its recent action by reso
-1 lotion iu invoking saloon licenses
1 were submitted liy Martin Orekar
und Pnsqualle Loffarelli. who were
! found guilty and fined for keeping
open on Sunday in violation of the
City ordinances. The applications
were referred to tlie police committee
with power to act. Wholesale liquor
, licenses were granted the Pells Brew
.ng and ice company. S. Salito of Rio
alley upon approval of bonds. A re
tail liquor license was granted to J.
• 71. Berger, who lias taken over the
retail business of the Stanley A-
Thompson Liquor company on North
Commercial street.
L. E. But trick was. granted a 11-
eense to conduct the West dance
I hall.
Afi invitation was received from
X House PuniisliersX
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V y
X Furniture y
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*lhe Albany Hotel
Denver =
100 Room* with bath at *1.50 per daj
75 Boom, with bath at $2.00 per daf
Others at $2.50 and $3.00 par dap
SAM F. DUTTON. President
and General Manager
Musterole Loosens up Those Stiff
Joints—Drives Out Pain
You’ll know why thousands use MUS
TEROLE once you experience tlie glad
rC Gct a jar' at once from the nearest
drug store. It is a clean, while oint
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ter than a mustard plaster and docs not
blister. Brings case ami comfort while
it is being rubbed on! , , ,
MLJSTKROLE is recommended by
doctors and nurses. Millions of jars arc
I used annually for Bronchitis, Croup.
Stiff Neck. Asthma. Neuralgia. Conges
tion. Pleurisy. Rheumatism. Lumbago,
Pains and Aches of the Iteck. or Joints.
■ Sprains. Sore Muscles. Bruises, C id-
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(it often prevents a ncmnonia). .
At your druggist s. m -ac and MJc jars,
and a special large hospital size fors2fo.
Be sure you get the genuine MUb-
TFROI 1 Refuse imitations—get what
you ask for. The Musterole Company,
L. A. Barley calling attention to tlie
i meeting in Denver this month of tho
municipal electric inspectors and the
council authorized Robert Daugherty
tlie fire chief to attend and represent
the city of Trinidad.
A petition from property owners
asking the vacation of Union street
between Third and Washington and
High and Raton streets was referred
to tlie townsite committee. «
A number of milk licenses were
received together with a report of
milk inspector Casey. Upon repre
sentations that \V. S. Lee was sell
ing milk in his neighborhood and not
conforming with ordinance iu hav
ing liis cows tested, the city attor
ney was instructed to advise Mr. Ix*e
t Hat lie must comply with the mill;
Grant Merritt was authorized to
assume tlie uuties of dog catcher.
.Wrritt presented a proposition that
he would collect all dog taxes for a
fee of 25 cents for each collection
made or received and by proper
method get rid of all unlicensed dogs
for the privilege of selling lhe
hide. Tlie council saw merit in this
proposition and agreed to clothe
Merritt with tlie necessary author
Reports of city officers together
with reports of the plumbing in
spector and Mr. Casey were received
and disposed of in tlie usual manner.
Results Tell the Tale.
Can you doubt tlie evidence of tills
Trinidad citizen? •
You can verify Trinidad endorse
Read this: C. Uotli, shoemaker.
112 W. Baca St.. Trinidad, says: "If
anyone were to ask me about Doau's
Kidney Pills. 1 would say they arc
all right. I have used them and
know. My back bothered me for
some time. In the morning when I
got up, I was stiff and lame. Be
lieving that Doan's Kidney Pills
were tlie medicine l needed, T got a
box and used them. They drove
away the stiffness and lameness uml
I haven't been bothered since.”
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simply ask for u kidney remedy—
get Doan's Kidney Pills —the same
that Mr. Rotli bad. Foster-MUburn
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