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The Observer Mining Department.
Anil Smelting: Ore Struck In tlie East
Wliitlug Mine on (iunut-U Hill.
Some weeks ago mention wes made in
The Observer of the fact that there
was a marked improvement in the ore
being taken out of the East Whitiog
mine on Gunnell hill. A few days ago
Mr. P. H. Clark informed a representa
tive of The Observer that the crevice
matter in the 300-foot west and 200 foot
east levels had opened out into from six
to twelve feet of stamp mill ore which
carries smelting ore which nets 8214 per
ton. The stamp mill ore, treated at the
Cashier stamp mill above Black Hawk,
yields from 8 to 14 ounces gold per cord,
the concentrates netting at the smelters
in Denver 813.60 per ton. There is no
question of doubt that the ore chute
from which the ore is being taken is the
same as the one from which so large a
sum of money was taken out by Dan
Baldwin and John Bitzer when they
were working the West Whiting before
it was sold to the late John V. Kimber
and William Fullerton. At all events
the trend or dip of the ore chute is to
the west. In the oast 200-foot level the
ore shows up splendidly at a point about
about 100 feet west of the junction of
the Butler lode.
Mr. Sam W. Miller, of Chicago, who
now owns the East Whiting is treating
40 tono of stamp mill ore in the above
mentioned mill, the stamps of which are
of the rapid drop pattern and are run at
the rate of 100 drops per minute, ten
stamps being employed. Mr. Miller has
in contemplation the placement of a
larger plant of machinery on the surface
and the adding of other surface and un
derground improvements which will
lessen the cost of mining, hoisting and
handling of the ore. He is to be con
gratulated on having opened up a
H. B. Gilbert, of Denver, has resumed
work on his Clifford group of .veins on
Clifford mountain, in York district, west
of Nevadavilie. The Clifford was worked
6ome fifteen years ago quite extensively,
the ore taken out being concentrated at
the mine. It carries galena, silver and a
high percentage of copper. It is under
stood that the Chicago owner of the
Maple Leaf mine, situated dear the
Clifford group, will also resume work,
the oro carrying copper values of high
grade. The latter was discovered by
Jerry Quigley, who sold it to Mr. Thomp
son, of Chicago. It is well developed.
Senator S. V. Newell informs The Ob
server that the preliminary steps for re
Burning work on the Americus mine, cn
Bobtail hill, will bo taken next week.
The property hus been idle for some
length of time. It is owned by the
Americus Gold Mining company, and
consists of 750 feet on the same vein as
the Pisk, Sleepy Hollow’, and the After
Supper lode, the latter now being worked
by the After Supper Leasing company,
composed of home men. The mine is
provided with a good plaut of machinery
and other conveniences for the handling
of the oro taken out.
McParlane & Co., on Saturday received
a letter from Mr. Prank C. Young, pres
ident of the recently organized Gunnell
Gold Mining and Milling company, uu
order for an 8-inch Cornish pump, which
will take the place of the lower portion
of the 8 inch pump now in the pump
shaft of that property. The “Jack head,”
as it is termed, used in the mine when
the pump was working was made in an
early day by Hondrie St Bolthoff, when
they were conducting tho foundry on
Eureka street. This has been under
water for a number of years, and no
doubt hus become oxidized by this time.
Mannger McCann, of the Kansus-Bur
roughs Consolidated Mining compuny,
some time ago sent ton tramway cars of
ore to tho Hiddon Treasure and Meade
mills, in Black Hawk, five cars—or cords
—to each. Two cars of the same quality
of oro which was taken from the buckets
of ore as they were taken out of the mine
as a sample lot, were ulso sent to the
sums mills, a car, or cord lot to each.
After being crushed, the saving of tho
mills showed 81) per cent, of tho assay
values tho ore contained. Another test
sample lot was sent to the same mills
which gave 86 per cent, of the assay
value of tho oro. This is a splendid sav
ing of values by treatment under stamps.
A Victor Bpociul to Saturday's Kocky
Mountain News says tho Creston Leas
ing company, working on tho Jack Pot,
on Haven Hill, signed a contract with
Moffatt's Metallic Extraction works, of
Floreuce. a few days ago, to take all the
ore produced from the mine. Previous
to the shut-down of the timelier Trust
smelters threo-fourths of tho ore was
being shipped to tho Globe, of Denvor.
The oro has been averaging from 830 to
840 per ton. In tho 400-foot, or bottom
level, Friday eighteen inches of very rich
mineral containing sylvanite was entered
that assays from 81,000 to 83,000 per ton.
This is now being stripped as nearly as
possible. Enough of it is being broken
each day to pay the wages of the union
miners for an entire year. Assays of
picked samples assay as high as 850,000
per ton. The output at present is about
40 tons per day.
Manager Colvin, of the Cook Gold
Mining company, on Saturday put in a
Knowles No. 5 sinking pump in the cage
6haft of that property. The miners cut
into the Bobtail vein Friday night. It
is quite likely that a cistern will be put
in at that point and the water pumped
up from tho cage shaft workings of the
Gregory mine, north of the Bobtail vein.
The Denver Times of last evening says
that the smelter managers refuse to dis
cuss the situation with a committee
from the Smeltermen’s Union. Mr.
White, of the union thinks that if they
will not listen to them, perhaps they
will listen to the board of arbitration.
He states that the men 6tand firm and
are ready to leave everything to the
board. He cannot 6ee what more the
men who are holding out can do.
The Hughes Sc Wheeler at the head of
Spring gulch, known in the early days
as the Asbury lode, will resume work
Walter B. Wilson, a former resident of
Central City, now manager of the Elkton
and El Paso mines, at Cripple Creek, is
on a visit to London.
E. T. Dalton has been appointed su
perintendent of the Kidgwood Gold Min
ing company, who own and will operate
the Rialto mine in this city.
Whatever may be the terms of the
settlement of the smelter troubles, the
people must take such steps as will
render the smelter trust harmless.
A sheriff’s deed has been filed for
record conveying to E. M. Rogers, the
property of the Cuba Gold Mining com
pany, which consists of tho Aurora mine
in Illinois Central district.
Whitman Cross, of tho United States
Geological Survey, who wrote the most
exhaustive discussion of tho geology of
the Cripple Creek district, was a guest
at the Brown, in Denver, last Saturday.
The Boulder Herald says that there is
no difficulty between tho smelters and
employes, nor between the mines and
mine-owners in Boulder county. All
their difficulties were settled some time
J. R. Quigley & Co., contractors of thi3
city, have commenced the erection of a
new shaft building on the Clark-Gard
ner mine, on Quartz hill, which is to be
24x56. It will enclose tho plant of ma
chinery received from Hendrie Sc Bolt
hoff, in Denver, last week.
The smelter at Tacoma, Washington,
has refused to enter the big smelter trusi
and is preparing instead, to double its
present capacity, of 190 tons daily. With
the proposed improvements it will be
able to handle 350 tons, making it tho
second largest in the country.
John Sublete, of Porigo, who has been
running the Daisy 15 slow drop stamp
mill in tho head of Garnbel gulch, came
in Monday morning. John is one of the
old-time prospectors, mining and mill
men of Independent district. He trans
acted business at the county seat. He
returned in the evening.
Twenty men are employed by the Poc
tolus Placer Mining company, on North
Beaver, northeast of this city. The
giants used are removing 2,000 yards per
day. It is claimed that a late clean-up
of a few boxes showed nn average of 60
to 60 cents per cubic yard of dirt run
through the sluices.
Vallero, Rupin Sc Co. mode a shipment
of stamp null ore to one of the Black
Hawk custom stamp mills, last week.
This week they mado a shipment of
smelting oro from their Golden Wedge
property in Lake district, to the titnto
Ore Sampling works. They will receive
the returns from tho latter, us also their
stamp mill returns.
Prof. C. E. Lindcrmnn, of the Stewart
mine. Ilawkeyo district, cauio in Satur
day to attend to business matters. Ho
has had a tedious time in cleaning out
tho old workings of tho main shaft on
the Stewart, it boing filled up with tim
bers, rock, snow and ico. He returned
to the mino in the evening.
The Pueblo Opinion, in epeaking of
tho smelter situation in that place, suys
that It begins to look as though the
smelter men who went out on the llth
Inst, are sorry that thoy listonod to the
talk of outsiders, nnd the Opinion known
that noarly all tho American employes
regrot that the foreigners forced the
closing down of two of Pueblo's big
smelters. The Guggenheim sraeltei 5 * the
largest in the United States, is now gun
ning with 850 men, and if the agitators
can be kept off, this plant will give" em
ployment to more than 1,200 men by the
first of October.
Captain Walter B. Jenness has been
succeeded as superintendent of ,the
Village Belle mine at Eldora by Ai J.
The Eldora Miner announces another
strike of tellurium ore in the Rosetta H.
mine, on Mineral mountain, that place.
The ore was struck in a tunnel forty feet
in from its entrance.
The Golden Globe says that the opera
tors of the Malachite mine near that
place have struck a rich body of copper
oro in their new shaft, and are much en
couraged over the find.
Mr. Colvin informs The Observer
that the 800-foot station in the cage
shaft on the Cook Gold Mining com
pany’s property have been cut and es
tablished, and that sinking another 100
feet will be commenced immediately.
Mr. E. E. Chase, the well-known min
ing engineer, of Denver, recently visited
the Big Alice mine, west of Silver Creek,
Clear Creek county, and took from that
immense porphyry dyke, a number of
samples for assay. Should the assays
prove satisfactory an English syndicate
will purchase the property and concen
tration mill at the mine.
Frank Stansfield, of Russell Gulch,
has been placed in charge of the work
ings of the Hot Pot mine, in Virginia
canon, formerly superintended by J. H.
LeMoyne. Mr. Stansfield is driving tbe
500-foot east and west levels under con
tract. Mr. LeMoyne is now operating
the Freeland Extension group of mines
in Clear Creek county.
Steam was raised last Thursday for
the firßt time at the Rialto mine, this
city, and the engine and hoister started
in motion a9 a test to see if the plant was
in proper working order. Mrs. Barnes
bad tho honor of pulling the lever to the
steam whistle which announced that the
machinery was in working order.
Norman McCauley, of Hill City, South
Dakota, has patented a quartz mill, tilt
combination consisting of rocker platiMH
connected in pairs in combination witK
interposed ridged or corrugated aprorjl
connected to and rocking with solia
plates for distributing the material, and
the pans in which said rocker platee
operate, said pans underlying the dis
charge sides of the apron.
The North Downs Gold Mining com
pany, a Boston incorporation, are em
ploying quite a number of miners in de
veloping their Norih Downs mine, on
Swede hill, in Black Hawk. Mr. L. H.
Stookbridge, Manager of the Fisk Gold
Mining company, is looking after the
property for the eastern owners, and is
assisted by James V. Thompson, of Bluck
Hawk. Tho vein is well defined and
wide. The ore is of a galenons character.
A 25-horse power gasoline hoister is to
bo placed on the Gladstone lode, Illinois
Central district, recently sold to the Gil
pin & Boston Gold Mining company, of
which Mr. E. S. Moulton is the manager.
The shaft has been rctimbored in first
class shape. It now has a depth of 85
feet. As soon as the shaft building now
in course of erection is completed, und
the hoister in position, an additional 100
feet will be sunk. Mr. Michael Flynn
has chargo of the underground work.
Mr. Steffan, manager of tho Geiger
mine, one of the bt-st developed and larg
est producing mines in Pine district,
passed througli Central last Saturday
with four spuuking horses nnd a Downs
Sc Odgers ore wagon, recently purchased
by him, on his way to the mine. Now
that the roads from that property into
Black Hawk have become settled, Mr.
Steffan has commenced Imuling tho ac
cumulated oro nt the Geiger to the
sampling works in the Quartz Mill City.
Mr. S. 8. Johnson, for L. Stornberger,
of Denver, lust week commenced making
another shipment of concentrating oro
from the Lotus mine, Riibholl district, to
Black Hawk, where it was loaded onto
railroad cars, and thonco taken to Idaho
Springs for treatment. Mr. Stornberger
when this shipment is completed will
have shipped to that plant 1,00.) tons of
concentrating oro from the Lotus. The
operators of the Gorman mino, nt the
head of Virginia canon, also made a ship
ment to that point, the oro boing hauled
there by wagons.
While in Nevnd ivillo Tuesday a repro
sontntiveof The Obhku vr.it ascertained
that tho water in the deep shaft on the
California mine on Quartz hill has been
lowered to a point below the 1,600-foot
level, and is now being takbn out by
means of largo water buckets at the rate
of five foot per day. As there is com
paratively a small amount of ground re
moved below the 1,600-foot level, it is
expected that by tho end of July the
1,700-foot level will have been reached.
At this point Mr. A. L. Collins, the mao
nger, will connect the 1,700-foot level
west with the 1,400 foot level east of the
Hidden Treasure shaft. This connec
tion made will be the means of affording
employment to a larger force of miners.
American Flags—Fire Works.
American flags and fire works at the
postoffice store of M. Maymon.
The finest line of sailors in the city be
ing sold at cost at The Gilpin.
It Pays You to Buy
At A. A. Lintz Sc Sons, the Peoples’
Home Store. Good serviceable suits
from 85 up.
Most Important—Good Bread.
Good bread is a most important thing
in your diet. We make tho sweetest,
most wholesome bread. Tty it once.
That is all wo ask. Hail our wagons.
Central and Black Hawk.
Owing to the fact that many people
ruthlessly waste large amounts of water
by letting it run on their lawns from
morning until night, and some of them
all night, it becomes necessary to restrict
all, and all parties are hereby notified
that the water is not to be used for
sprinkling purposes except between the
hours of 6 and 8 o’clock a. m., and 6 and
8 o’clock p. ra. Any person disregarding
this notice will be subject to having the
water cut off.
Frank J. Bullene,
12-2 Water Commicsioner.
Ripe Watermelons
Just received by the
Sauer-McShane Mercantile Co.
Fire Works! Fire Works!
American flags, Chinese lanterns, etc.,
at E. Goldman’s.
Apportionment for Schools.
In accordance with the provisions of
Sec. 20 of the school laws of Colorado, I
herewith report the apportionment of
the general school fund for the year end
ing June 30, 1899.
Received from the state $1297 04
“ ** “ county 5306 80
** ** penal fund 33 00
Total SOB3O 84
There being 2060 persons of school age
in tbe county, the rate per capita was
83.32. The above amount was appor
tioned among the several school districts
as follows:
District No. I—Central City $3003 55
; ** ** l—Reid Mountain 1118 46
p »• “ 3—Black Hawk .116823
I ‘* F “ 4—Lake Gulch 53 10
I u ** s—Russell Gulch 507 37
WL T. r “ B— Hnjrhesville 06 23
IR-*- v „ “ 7—Rollinsrille 170 22
** “ B— Mountain Honse 79 66
“ " 0-Bay State 92 I*2
“ “ 10—Thorn Lake 59 73
“ “ ll—North Clewr Creek 265 58
“ ** 12—Quartz Valley 122 80
Total S6hSO 84
Minnie Frey,
County Supt.
A young college graduate who thought
Providence had specially designed him
for a journalist failed to find a desirable
position and started a paper of his own.
At tho top of tho oditoral page he made
the startling announcement. “Adver
tising rates fifty ceut9 per square foot.”
Tho Gilpin is having a sale on summer
goods this week, including shirt waists,
skirts, bolts, buckles, sailors, hose and
a large line of novelties. Don’t mi6s it.
Tlie Mm lh-r Commission Company
Sells a fine cracker nt 5 cents per pound.
For Rent--I>B»lrahl« Location.
A four-roomed cottage in a desirable
location in this city. Apply at Phillips
& Eblis’ grocery store, Lawrence street,
Star Estate Ranges at Anderson’s.
I*V Express Every Day.
Fresh ripe strawberries received by
express every day. Sauer-McShane Mer
cantilo company.
A gold band ring with bunch of grapes
on top of ring. Finder will please leave
at this office and receive a suitable re
Kstray Taken Up.
Taken up, June 26, 1899, at Lake
View, Lake district, Gilpin county, Colo
rado, a white horse with slit in right
ear. The owner will please prove owner
ship, pay charges and take him nwny.
Doi.ph Snyder.
Decorated Tableware.
Anothor invoice of decorated tableware
nnd bedroom sots just received by tho
Sauer-McShane Mercantile company.
From this city a gray horse branded
“A. C.” on left hip. Tiie finder, by re
turning saitie to tho owner, J. Boznrgo,
in Black Hawk, will receive a reward of
The Best To Be Had.
For your meat in the future,
Call on Joseph Dennis, tho butcher,
Such n visit will nmko you glad;
Hu's not a grout poet,
This rhyme will show it,
13ut his meat is the best to be hud.
Tho Colorado Road invitca comparison
of its elegant now trains with tho trains
of other lines which run between Denver
and Colorado Springs.
Judge H. A. Hicks returned from a
business trip to Denver last Friday.
G. E. McClellan, of Idaho Springs, was
a visitor to Central Tuesday and yester
Hon. Willard Teller was in attendance
at the district court last Monday after
Hon. J. McD. Livesay of Denver, came
up Sunday evening, accompanied by his
son Dowell.
Dr. LI P. Davis, of The Pharmacy, left
for Denver Sunday evening, returning
on Monday.
Sam W. Miller of the East Whiting
mine, returned from Denver yesterday
evening, where he spent Sunday.
Miss Mabel Champion is spending her
summer vacation with her sister, Mrs.
H. J. Hoskins, at SAdalia, Colorado.
Mrs. Henry Dennis and daughter, Miss
Lizzie, have returned from Boulder
where they have been visiting relatives.
Mrs. Wo. Hoefle and two daughters
returned from Denver Monday evening,
where they spent Sunday with friends.
Thomas H. Potter, president of the
Rocky Mountain National Bank, who
spent Sunday in Denver, returned Mon
day morning.
Mrs. N. Nordquist, of this city, is
visiting her sisters, Mrs. Peter Johnson
at Boulder, and Mrs. Ed Brubaker at
Ward, Boulder county.
Mrs. Moore, mother of Conductor W.
H. Moore, who has been visiting her son
and his wife for some days, returned
Thursday to her home in Denver.
Colonel George E. Randolph came up
from Denver Thursday noon. After
transacting business here he drove over
to Idaho Springs in the afternoon.
J. S. Smith and wife of Yankee, were
visitors to Central on Monday. Mr.
Smith was formerly proprietor of the
stage line between this city and Yankee.
Fred Hurd now employed at Kelley’s
printing house, Denver, came up Satur
day and spent Sunday with grandpa and
grandma Hurd. He was accompanied by
his wife and little girl.
Mrs. George Ebert jf Yankee, who has
been in Denver the past three months
owing to ill health, came up from the
state capital Monday morning, and left
by stage after dinner for Yankee.
• Dr. Henry df Denver, spent sev
eral days this week looking after his
mining interests in Nevada and Russell
district. He has holdings on the Forks
lode on the westerly portion of Quartz
The Misses Lena Wilson and Margie
Harris, this city, left Thursday for
Berthoud, whero they will spend the
summer vacation the guests of their
uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Seth J.
Mrs. Jeannette Caffaratti and daugh
ter petite Hildah, and Mrs. Bellows left
for Denver on la*-t Saturday evening’s
passenger. Ilildah will remuin there
several weeks visiting her grandmother
and aunt.
Alfred of the Surprise mine
Vermillion district, C/iiue in Inst Satur
day. Ho reports that tho miues being
worked in that portion of tho Golden
Queen, have a superabundance of water
in their lower workings.
The Greeley Sun of Juno 24 says:
James Couch of Central City was In
this city this week, tho guest of G. W.
Morgan. Mr. Couch is in the confec
tionery and btationnry business, and was
formerly M r. Morgan’s employer.
Miss Loretta Doran nrter a visit with
friends at Santa Barbara, California, re
turned Sunday evoning much improved
by her trip to the Golden State. She re
sumed her duties at tho Rocky Mount
ain Bank, this city, Monday morning.
Hon. John C. McShane came up from
Arvada Tuesday and returned yesterday.
About the 10th of 'he coming month he
will bring his wife up with him, when
they will roside nt their residence on
Second West High street during the
summer months.
Boulder Tribune, Juno 23: Mrs. J
Fullerton, with her throo daughters, left
Saturday for Central City to join her
husband who is now working In that
place. Their household goods wore
shipped several days ago and they will
permanently reside in Central.
Hon. H. J. Kruse, ex-president of the
Clear Creek Valley Masonic Association
who was in nttundance nt the third an
nual reunion held in Georgetown lust
Saturday, drove ovor from Idaho Springs
Sunday, accompanied by his wife. Mr.
and Mrs. Kruse left for Denver Monday.
E. M. MosHiter of Perigo, who has
been attending to business mutters in
Denver came up Saturday morning and
spent Sunday with Central friends, re
turning to Perigo Sunday evoning. Mr.
Messiter is still at the Perigo mine and
rapid stamp mill connected with that
Stats superintendent of schools Mrs.
11. L. Grenfell was a pkasant caller at
*Th* Ouservbr office laat Friday morn
NO. 12.
ing. She was here on business connected
with the office of the county superic*
tendent of schools. Mrs. Grenfell is
making a tour of the counties of the
state. She anticipates attending the
National Educational Association which
meets in Los Angeles, Cali., July 11-14,
before whom sho will deliver an address.
Her visit to Central and her old home in
Black Hawk was necessarily brief, owing
to limited time.
Frank C. Young, president of the
newly organized Gunnell Gold Mining
and Milling company, arrived from Den
on Tuesday. Whilo here he looked
around the mines and mills of that com
pany prior to formulating plans for the
future development of the property, as
well as the running of throe stamp mills.
Both the mines and mills are connected
with the Gilpin Tramway company’s
main track.
Mrs. C. E. Miller, Mary Ellen Fergu-
I son, Marie Louise Booker, Edith A.
Vaughn, George W. Brown and daugh
ter, all of Louisville, Kentucky, formed
a party’ of sighteers who yesterday visi
ted the Cook mine on Bobtail hill, and
other points of interest in Black Haw k.
They registered nt the Teller for lunch
eon, returning to Denver on the after
noon train.
After the adjournment of court last
Friday afternoon Judge Allison H.
DeFrance left for Golden. Tho follow
ing day his wife left Golden for Cali
fornia, accompanied by other ladies. The
judge returned Monday morning and
was on the bench at the reconvening of
court at 1:30 p. m. that day.
Mrs. George W. Morgan of Greeley,
who has been visiting her parents at
Idaho Springs arrived in Central Mon
day morning, where she will visit Mrs,
J. R. Morgan and family.
Major T. F. Donahue, of Lansing,
Michigan, is in the city, accompanied by
his wife and two daughters. They re
main here until August.
Gustave Kruse returned from Denver
Monday evening, whero ho spent Sun
H. A. Hoffman, secretary and treasure
of the Kan&as-Burroughs, is in the city,
July Sale Now On.
The July sale at The Gilpin is now on.
A large line of sailors, lawns, belts and
buckles, and a largo line of novelties,
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July wearing apparel, to be sold Satur
day and Monday at ACTUAL COST. A
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mer goods chenp.
St. Clair stoves at Anderson’s.
Best Brands Family Liquors
■ a uquurs
Just received nt Philipps & Ebli's I_vw
ronce street grocery store.
At ii cents per pound nt the store of the
Mueller Commission Company.
Cnfe C.n on the < oluruUo haul.
Tho popular Colorado Kond has intro
duced anew feature in the wo3t in the
shape of elegant cafe enrs on its through
trains, whero splendid meals are served
en route at reasonable rates.
Parker's Lucky Curve Fountain Pea
at ilyndman hook store.
Under the “collective mourner" system
in Oermony nil the relatives of tho dec
eased bind themselves together to mourn
his loss and to defray cullo itivly tho cost
of nd ver I isement. The cate of Mrs. Regi nu
Woroconu is an matnnoe in point. She
lived to tho ago of 111 nud left behind
her many relatives, whoes testimony,
quoted from tho Warsehau gnzotto, reads
as follows: "Fillod with Boirow wo an
nounce to all our relations and aquaint
nnces the departure of our innormostly
loved Mother, Mother-inlaw, Grand
mother, Great-Grandmother, Great-
Great-Grandmother and Great Great-
Great Grandmother, who departed this
life on August 22, 181(8." Tho signatures
of ihe parties afflicted follow. Tho Ger
man fur tho Inst title is "Urururgross
Kidney or Bladder Trouble.
If you suffer from kidney, Guilder or urln
ary trouble*, or from too frvquont or nennty
urine. ’’Dr. Kenner'* Kidney nnd llackachc
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children In gmiwrully curod by one l>nttTe of
ltd* powerful remedy. TcntlmonlulM an
disregarded, many |>«*c.olo doubting thohon
aaty or sincerity of them, wo therefore avoid
giving any here, hut will furnish them on ap
&1li'1 i'ht lon to denier whnne numo I* given
nlow. If not mil lulled lifter uidng rue bob*
tie your money will bo refuuded by
A. 11. Day, Central City.
Crockery Ware.
Philipps & Ebli at their Lawrence
street grocery store, have received n lino
lino of crockery wan* of tho latest de
Tho best trains for Colorado Hprin* a
are thorn* of the Colorndo Road which
Imivo Union del o' at *>:2m a. u 11:2c a
in., 3 p. m. nnd 11:30 p. m.
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likeness and highly artistic finish guar
anteed. Send your photo at once to
C. L. Marechal Art Co.,
jao tjiiu at., L» alius, Texas.

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