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John Teague will vacate his present
place of business in Mellor block at the
foot of Main street, and will open up in
Sol Bacharach’s block on the south side
of Lawrence street on Thursday next.
The assistant general passenger agent
of the Illinois Central railroad company
at Dubuque, lowa, spent several days in
Denver last week looking for a location
for offices. lie will return in a short |
time and complete negotiations. Captain
Merry, the agent, is well knowu as an .
experenced mau and is said to be pre
pared to send a great many tourists out
to the mountains noxt summnr. His
jurisdiction has been extended fiorn the
Missouri river to the Rocky Mountains.
New oil wells are said to have been dis
covered about 13 miles below Steamboat
Springs The announcement has caused
no littlo excitement at Routt county.
Sunday’s warm sunshine played havoc
with the sleighing and coasting. The
lrtter had a dampening effect on the
school children, and for that matter
many of the elderly people.
Through the courtesy of Colonel S. K.
Hooper of the Denver it Rio Grand rail
road The Observbr hns received the
February number of the Railroad Red
Book containing much valuable informa
tion in regard to that line of railroad.
Last Friday the Gilpin Tramway com
pany was compelled to send out an en
gine and snow plow to open the main
line of the company which was badly
drifted with snow by the high wind of
the preceding night.
A story comes from Michigan that a
Holstein cow in that state ate three
bushels of sweet apples out of a barrel
in a neighbor’s yard. The next time the
owner of the cow churned ho was much
surprised to find that the churn was half
full of apple butter.
Will S. Medill, a graduate of the State
School of Mines at Golden has been ap
pointed manager of the State Ore Samp
ling Works at Idaho Springs lo take the
place of J. H. Presnell, who has resigned.
Miss Rose Armour has been appointed
as deputy postmaster at Idaho Springs
The young lady is a niece of Conductor
Moore of this city.
Georgetown Herald: The following
story is told of one of our boys. Ho and
his Indy friend were out driving on a
Sunday afternoon recently. They had
come to a fine stretch of road. "Do you
believe ih palmistry- the reading of one's
hand” said he. “I believe,” she said, “that
if I could see the lines in only one of
your hands I could foretell that we will
have a very pleasant drive.” He grasped
the lines in one hand and the situation
in the other.
Since the organization of the Gilpin
County*Pioneers Association there Lav,
been ITS names enrolled, 81 of whom
have entered rest, and 07 are still in the
land of the living. The association has
been organized since 18S2.
Otto Scheffler on Monday fired up the
bake oven at his new Union Bakery on
Main street. Ho will Boon bo turning
out bread and cakes in good style.
George Cowling an employe at the U.
I*. R. R. mine on German mountain this
city, was caught bv a falling scale* of rock
nod was badly bruised on the right .side
and leg. Dr. Richmond was sent for who
says he will bo laid up for several weeks.
Mrs. Henry Peck, mother of F. L.
Peck, clerk of the district court of Clear
Creek county, di.»d at her son’s home in
Empire last Saturday at the advanced
age of 90 years. She was the oldest res
dent of E upi e. The funeral occurred
Nicholas Johns, while working in the
Golden Gate mine ln-t Monday morning,
met with a severe accident. A rock fell,
striking him ov. r the right eye and cut
ting to the ball of the eye. Dr. Moore
attended him. Fortuualcly it will not
impair the eyesight.
Harry Wyse, Ed Robinson and Tun:
McDertnut, working in the Enterprise
mine in the Taylor river country, Gun
nison county, were buried up in a snow
slide several days ago. Last Sunday the
bodies wore recovered. James Bickford,
another miner, lost his life in u snow
slide about the same time. Tho men
were all old-timers.
Look out for burglars, and treat them
to a dose of cold lead when caught mon
keying around your door or windows.
Ignass Gundy of Quartz Valley who
had his right hand poisoned week before
last is reported as not suffering an much
pain as last week, and the swelling in the
hand and arm has become greatly re
duced. The chances are now that he
will soon recover the use of both.
Tho girl in tho employ of Judge H. A.
# Hicks, residing at the corner of County
Rond and Eureka streets, this city, on
retiring to her room about 10 o’clock
Tuesday evening heard an unusual noise,
as if some one wore attempting to force
nn entrance. She proceeded down stairs
and Informed Mrs. Hicks and her sister,
Miss Presnell, who had not yet retired,
of what she had hoard. Securing a
pistol first she opened the door and saw
the retiring form of a man. Mr. William
Prinn, who lives on the opposite side of
thestreot, was called upon. He found
that the would-be burglar had dropped
down tho bank in the rear of tho now
county building, his footsteps showing
plainly in the snow lodged there. Tho
opinion is general that the party is the
sumo one who burglarized the saloon of
Valloro & Ebli.
To-Night Is the Night, and the
Pioneers Have Made All
Order Your Hacks and Be Sure and Arrive
Early as tho Grand March Begins
at 9 O'clock.
Tonight is the night! The grand ded
cation ball and banquet of the Pioneers
Association will be held at the new court
house, when it will be thrown open to
the public for the first time. The old
timers have been preparing and making
arrangements for the past two months
to make the dedication ball of the court
house the social event of the season, and
to-day are resting up waiting for the
eveuing’s program, knowing that they
have done everything to make it a brilli
ant success in every way. A number of
peoplo are still of the impression that it
is an invitation affair, which is not so.
Others think that unless they are in full
dress they will be out of place. This is
no excuse to remain at home, as not more
than half the dancers will be in full
dress. Everyone who wishes to may
come and they will receive a cordial wel
come and we can assure them a good
time whether in full dress or not.
Tickets admitting lady and gentleman
are $3, extra ladies and ail childeon will
be 82.30 each. Tickets include admission,
supper and hacks.
Dancing will be commenced with the
graud march at promptly 0 o’clock.
Supper will be served in the county
court room on the first floor from 10:13
o’clock until all have finished.
Hacks will ca’l for all those who leave
orders Russell people should leave or
ders at Wagner A- Askews’ store, Neva
tlavilk* people withJi bn Madders. Black
Hawk people with El. »S. Blake, and
< Vntral people with either the Williams
or Eclipse Livery stables.
Beautifnl souvenir badges will bo pre
seated each one attending.
There is on exhibition at Rapin’s Min j
eral Palace, this city, a mountain lion
measuring six feet from tip to tip. It
was trapped by Herman Brandel whiL
in Routt county last fail.
The board of county commissioners
met last Tuesday and received tho court
house, which was turned over to them
by the contractors, Lamont A Ballard.
In Central City. Colorado, February 20,
1'H)0, to the wife of Bart Ebli, a daugh
Bart now boasts of three sons and
three daughters. ‘Tono da su u .a,” is
his salutation to everybody these days.
At the residence nf J. C. Light, 2717 j
Satee street. St. Joseph, Mo, Tuesday.
February 20, 1000, at 12 o’clock noon,
Rev. Bullard, officiating, Miss Lillian
Light and Mr. J. \V. Campbell of Cen
tral City, Colo.
The above was the announcement con
tained in a telegram received at this of
fice yesterday, and will proven great sur
prise to their many friends in Gilpin
county. After tho ceremony a reception
was tendered the happy couple, and at 3
o’clock p. m. they left for St. Louis. The
bride last fall had charge of tho millin
ery department at The Gilpin in this
city, and made many friends while hero.
The groom is a young man well known in
this county, where he was born and
reared to manhood. He is bookkeeper at
the Sauer McShaue M. Co’s store, which
position he has held for several years.
He is a bright young man, well liked and
popular with all his acquaintances. The
many friends of the happy couple wish
them the greatest joy, and a long and
happy married life.
They will return to Central about the
first of next week, and will heat home
to their friends after March 1. No cards.
In Dlnck Hawk. Colorado, Februnry 18,
1900, of miner.B disease, Harry Curry,
aged 10 years native of England.
Deceased for several years was con
nccted with the Fisk mine on Bobtail
hill. He leaves a wife and three sons.
Tne funeral occurred yesterday after
For Your Wifi*.
Or Someone Fisc's
At the
Court House Ball
Can he secured from
American Beauties
Tea Roses, Carnations
Violets or any flower you wish
Leave orders at the Green
house, Lawrence street.
A genealogical Joke Is recorded by
ByDanus Urban In his August “Con
ferences on Books and Men” In The
A man applied to the college for a
coat of arms and was asked If any of
his ancestors had been renowned for
any singular achievement. The mau
paused and considered, but could recol
lect nothing.
“Your father?” said the herald, aiding
his memory. “Your grandfather? Your
great-gra ml fa t her?”
“No.” returned the applicant. “I nev
er knew that I had a great-grandfa
ther or a gra ml fa tiler.”
“Of yourself?” asked this creator of
*1 know nothing remarkable of my
self.” returned the man, “only that be
ing once locked up In Ludgate prison
for debt I found means to escape from
an upper window, and that, you know,
is no honor in a man’s scutcheon.”
“And how did you get down?” said
the herald.
“Odd enough,” retorted the man. “1
procured a cord, fixed it round the
neck of the statue of King Lud. on the
outside of the building, and thus let
myself down.”
“I have it.” said the herald. "No hon
or! Lineally descended from King
Lud. and his coat of arms will do for
S'tnsrt* ItcaliKm,
“Iln!” exclaimed the female detective
ns she withdrew from the embrace if
her stage lover, who was doing the
heavy villain role. “I have discovered
your secret at last. Your face betrays
“Explain your talk, woman,” said tho
villain, as he calmly seated himself on
a cake of ice 'and lighted a fresh ciga
“Yes.” she continued, “it must be so.
You shave yourself.”—Chicago News.
The Home Guard.
“Why didn’t you go to the front,
“Wanted to. egad! Swore that I’d ’
a hero or die. Doctor certified it was a
case of suicidal mania; wouldn’t let me
Not on Itorron lnK Terms Xovv.«
“Mrs. Hockafus. mamma, wants t«
know if you’ll lend her your hall lamp
this evening.”
“Certainly. Willie. Here it is. Han
dle it carefully.”
“1 will. Ever so much”—
“Oh. by the way. Willie!”
“Yes. ma’am.”
“Ask your mamma if she wouldn’t
like to borrow our parlor chandelier.”—
Chicago Tribune.
A CotiNtnnt (lender.
‘Tin a subscriber to your paper.”
said tho man whose head was bowed
down by reason of a boil on the back
of ids neck. “I came in to make a re- !
“Well.” replied the editor, “what can |
1 do for you?”
“I want to know if you can’t post
your war bulletins a little lower dpwn
until I get over this trouble of mine.'*—
Philadelphia Press.
I'r.rrnlnl Indoneßirnt.
The teacher had sent Johnny home
with a note to the effect that he was
idle, did not know his lessons and had
disturbed the school by whispering and
other misconduct.
“My son.” said his father, reaching
behind the looking glass for n small
rawhide, “come with me to the wood
shed. We will load the strenuous life
for about five minutes.”—Chicago Trib
Tlie Snviiki* Itu<*lielor.
“It seems so queer that once n man
had a right to beat his wife with a
stick no bigger than his thumb,” said
the sweet young thing.
“Oh. that Is not the only rule of war
fare that has been mollified In accord
ance with a false sentimentality.” said
the savage bachelor. lndianapolis
CrmiiKM] Out.
“Wore you Over crossed In love?”
“Yes. once. There was a beautiful
girl whose father was rich, and she
loved me. I called her up by telephone
to arrange the details of our elopement,
but the wires were crossed that morn
ing. nnd the old gentleman overheard
what wo said.”—Chicago Tlmes-Ilor
Their Harvest Time.
“Not wishing our English cousins
any harm.” said Calcsby. “but with so
many of the lords and dukes rushing
off to the war It looks as though unti
tled but honest Americans might have
some show in the matrimonial mar
ket."—Philadelphia North American.
Keeplns In Prnctlce.
“So he is going abroad?”
“Yes. lie got so In the linblt of
kicking about the way tilings were
done during tho Spanish war that he
Is going to England now to help out
the stay at homes there."—Chicago
j la ) \ GRAND
la/ umr/m
I §Mmi &&&&*
?p«i( ( 0 4$ j
s.Mysnis^^^ 1
-i S.K.HOdPSR.
<j.R5-7A.,DENVER. <* _
I' A Tenslera . I
Indicator I
Q is j ust |
Jsp\ the |
/'"'N "04] WORD I
r 'P*&/ I
% O 1 indicates j£
1' s the state <*
of the tension at a glance. $
Its use means time saving <
and easier sewing. c
lt’s our own invention <
, > and is found only on the <
j|| White 1
Sewing- Machine. |
i 1 We have other striking <
! | improvements that appeal to i
] • the careful buyer. Send for J
; • our elegant H. T. catalog. <
i: White Sewing Machine Co. |
11 Cleveland, Ohio. J
rfTiTITTf] To PATENT Good Ide^s
1i I I liil ’B may he secured by
111 lIIk | N our aid. Address,
Baltimore. Md.
Private and Chronic Diseases of Men
CONSULT Mon Bufforimr from ovilof
afoctsof youthful intli6crc
tioos, syphilis, gonorrhoea,
gloct, strict tiro, sexual
weakness* varicocclo, ui>
natural discharges, lost
vitality, failing memory,
unlitnesa to marry, blood,
skin, kidnoy or privato dis
unites, aro speedily cured.
DU. COOK bas spent SO
years of pereistnnt study
aud experience in liis own
practico and among tho
largeHt Eastern hospitals
DOCTOB CUUB. | n curing tins class of dis
eases and. will guarnutoo you a pormunent euro
nt inodorato cost. Ho Las cured thousand* who
thought, tholrcusos hopeless. All lottor* privnte.
Writo for quostion blank. Consultatiou froo.
Medicines sent free from observation.
Cook nodical Co. 1623 CurtU St. Denver .Col.
Farmers’ Wives
or any other ladies who wiaH to work
working for us in spare time at home on
our cloths. W ® offer you a good chance
to make plenty of spending money
easily, in leisure hours. Send 12c for
cloth and full directions for work, and
commence at. once. Cloth sent ntivwhere.
Address, WINOOSKET 00. (210 0)Bos
on, M ass., Mfg. Pept
Assayer and Chemist,
1722 Champa St., Denver, Colo,
i*. o. box 784.
Gold, Silver, Lead, 75 cents each. Any
two 81. All three 81.25. Copper 81.
Zinc 81.50. Iron, Manganesi*, Silica. 82
eaoh throe 85. Prices on other
chemical work furnished upon applica
tion. Amalgamation, Cyanide, Chlori
nation tents, 85 each. Contracts for ore
made with smelters and sampling of
same attended to. Write uh.
lILAD po.ltlvoly ralU-vril find CURED b*
thin wond.rfnt*; .leaunlllK-nnllneptlf.—
uml lid'—• spec lie. I*clco W unil CO ctn.
Sold at Tho Pharmacy, LI. P. Davie
It Co., Central City, Colo.
.*.*>» THE * * +
Ml Mill Mil BA
Central City, Colo.
r. K. rOTTKR, Prog—on*; J. E, LIGHTBOURN, Vice Pi^ilde*
H. G. ?UUCK, Cashier. E. W. DaVIS, Ain't Caahiec.
Finest Line of Whiskies, Wines and Bottled Goods.
Cho.ce Cigars and Tobacco.
_ 11
tp ' cl v zee jEwS
Wc own and occupy the tallest mercantile building in the world. Wc have ' \
I v-L » over 2,000,000 customers. Sixteen hundred clerks are constantly E
ty 1 engaged filling out-of-town orders. i qfMjP
1*577 OUR GENERAL CATALOGUE is the book of the people —it quotes \
J’j Wholesale Prices to Everybody, has over x,ooo pages, 16,000 illustrations, and Xjjy* / .
(£1 60,000 descriptions of articles with prices. It costs 73 cents to print and mail T/|G I A
{ ench copy. We want you to have one. SEND FIFTEEN CENTS to show •
y, a your good faith, and we'll send you a copy FREE, with all charges prepaid. ItA ■*
t Bryan's New Book
lion. Andrew Carnegie, Renntor* ',
Hoar, Vo*t. Allen. White, Cior- ‘ ‘ 1./f/
man, Liucon, Mnnon, Daniel, Vl r '
TT.W w T Itnraoi Chilton. Duller, Mcl.aurin. TUI- __
JION. IiRVAN. nianj Money, Turner. Teller, IIOK. ANDREW OarNBOIK.
Rdmunde. Clay; Hon. 11. IT. JolinHon, lion. Chu. A.Towne, Hon. AdUi K. BtevenM>n, Kx-Seen tury Car
u.lO Dev. Dr. Nan Dyke. Hon Cha.. Francia A«latn«, Prof. David Btari Jordan, Ueu’l Weaver, lion.
Purl Uchurz, Hum I (tompont, Preat. Am. Fed. of Lnhor, and other*.
Territorial Expansion denominated, '77//; POOH MAS'S LOAD ” and o«.po*H«l to theConetitullon
jf the United StatHH the Declaration of Independence, and ull tho moet Macrod doctrine* of our
Kepulilio c* handed down to u* l»y our Father*.
It;!* profueeiy Ulnrtrated. giving beautiful half-tone portrait* of Mr Rryan and the other con
jrlhAitora; al*o scenes of thrilling Intereet, *howing tho exact condition* and customh in tb»
I I*illppinee Nothing like It l>«foro attempted in lK>ok-piihU*hing. A very bonanza for agent*
L* b^ B bou * ht nt hook-etort*i it cannot be furnished by any other house. We are tho aole
Juirinl 1 übliHher*.
The flrat Edition, 100,000 copies. A large octavo book, beautiful new type.
WK PAY FKEIGIIT on euch order amounting to 60 book* at one time, whon cash
tccompanie* order. ' '•" 8U
.. .JWJEV •** "lake no charge for the elegant, complete i’roepect.n
Duttlt, with blank*, etc., but a* ench Outfit coal* u* a lot of money, in order to protect onrwilve*
tgainet many who would impotie upon u» by eeuding for Outfit with no intention of working but
nerely out of idle curioaity, we reipiire the applicant, a* a guarantee ol good raltb on hi* i.art
Jr’.??, “rd”;V.J7fiTLVL d -''“*■*»*“*• •« b « -Ib.d.d I. „,.f
Heel ('loth Rinding • • A.
Jh»m Half Hll win llimiing, with marblotl otlgon *
Hub I Full ituafliu llimiing, with gold otlgoa ••...Cl'.llV.llV.ll 3*oo
Write for our I’aparnllclcd «rm to Agents. Address—
E. K. Ilam lin (lute of the firm of Downs, Odger
Hamlin) having purchnsecl the shop on Gregory
street formerly conducted by Edwards A: Steele,
a ill lie pleased to meet all liis old friends. lie
will conduct a
And make a specialty of
As well as ... .
Particular attention will lie paid to Repairing, either
in Iron or Wood Work. Light or extra heavy wagons re
paired or made to order on short notice. Also carriage

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