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Gilpin observer. (Central City, Colo.) 1897-1921, March 15, 1900, Image 5

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. •- l G/'-< ! "! • • **„-•- -.... v •„ ; • ;■■•. .
V * | |
: '"' f —''
r % ___ __
;^- f V
. *
''•Stamp Mill Screens, Baps,
Fuse and Candles. /p
t —ii
2> Agent lor
Quicksilver and Mill Chemicals.
Steam Fittings. Gold Retorts, Belting,
Hardware, Stoves, Gas Pipes, Etc.
jejmkins,* jvfc’kAY & CO.
Central City, Colorado.
150.000 Barrels per •^.an.rr-u.xrr
Tire Ovutp*u.t of
S —
It is Bnnvcd from tin* Best Colorado Barley and Hops.
It, therefore, commends itself to all who want a good
glass of l*nre Home-Made Beer,
Adolph Zang, Tim Daniel Fuelscher, Agent, Central City, Colo
A Nico Largo Assortment of Fancy and Grotesque
Costumes to ho ltnntod at
Bussell Gulch, Novadavillo and outside towns w
especially invited lojinvestigato.
MHS. AOIfEE H, Prop.
Central City, Colorado.
InM $ .50 Gold ami nilvor.. ..$ .7 T, !
soail 50 Gold, silvHr, copr.. 1.50 !
Humpies by mull receive prompt attention. j
Rich Ores and Bullion Bought, j
1-2*29 16th Street - Denver, Colorndo
Dr.Ai.Rit Is—
jCtaee'Wines as! Liquors
Medical and Family Purposes.
Bast imported nud domestic Cigars,
smoking tobacco, Meerschaum and
Hrinr Pipes and Smokers, Articles
The Oldest Liquors in Market a Specialty
V, J j K';AG
q-jjfl,Trad: Marks
Coryrig>;ts Ac.
Anronn sprtdlng n rkctrh nnd description mny
quickly lutceriiiiii our opinion frees whether h:j
invention is prohnbly putuntnbl?. foniniunlrn
ttoiix atrlctly conlldcntlnl. 1 !an<lbook on I’.ucntu
sent freo. ti!d>*st nirency for securing patents.
l*ni.nils taken through Muuti & Co. receive
i/ifiit l notice, ‘.rlMioat chnrce. In tho
Scietifific Jf^&lcan.
lmndsomely lUnstmted weekly. I.nnrcst cir
culation of ntir pr ientltlo journal. 'l’ertns, $ ’ u
your; four months, 91. Sold by «.ll m-wmlon.ore.
ifIUNN S Co. 3e,B “~ h «»’ New York
Branch Office, C 25 li* St„ Washington, l>. C.
. . .
Ranch in Leavenworth Gulch.
O-. ZvZcxrsjD.o,ll,
Central City, Colo
Times. 0
THE TlMES™*®* ««
A Greater Uncle Sam.
A Greater Colorado,
A Greater Denver.
Only afternoon peper published In
Denver bavins full Associated Press
reports. n
Daily by Mail. WABE*."
•Weekly by Mall.. fftfJSi!?.
Apex, Bennett,
Silver Creek,
Black Hawk and
Central City...
••■ ANP Return.
Having purchased the Conveyances
and Stock of l*eter C. Hanaen, tho
new proprietors will devote their ex
clusive attention to the Stage nnd
Hxpri'Bi) huninesH. Contructe will he
takt*u for the delivery of Freight
from Black Hawk and (Central City
to any of the above named pnintH.
All orders will receive prompt atten
tion hy telephoning No. GT», Central
City, Ctilorado. .• . We also run a
And will fumMi on nhert notlco, Convov.
iiihm’h for iidjoiningTowiih. MinuHor .Mi!ln
< ounty Itoiul nnd Kiuit
11 iuli Mtrnd, :: :: :: :: ::
*4J7*JV rinrkrt St-, i’hona joNj,
Itnnk ItnlllngM, Bund and I’olnfo Hcroena,
limn** Wh'ktda, Iron Kmimm, Howor Htandn,
Kina Grills Work, < 'liair*. Halt•*«•»* and Viu>(*m,
Iron Hliattari*, Wind<»w Uuiimlh,
(ieuarul IJulldiDK Iron Work.
■■ l c c ’f ,; '
V) \ UeADViUE, 1
ai il sramt
fom ) \ BRAND
itism L wsr/M
i sgSm f
/f B v* a ’Sf£
( e 4S |-
(S’.P.&tA-.PEItVER.-t- Tr*<' "
r w
Ia y o |
IA I eisssoiro |
Is Jus l ' <:
\,oo3fXV\ what >
/'""'N c|4\ word :•
implies, j;
O indicates < 1
the state < |
of the tension at a glance. • 1
Its use means time saving ‘ 1
and easier sewing.
It's our own invention ‘
and is found only on the
!; White j|
:: Sewing Machine. :
I > We have other striking ;
- improvements that appeal to ;
! i the careful buyer. Send for ;
; our elegant H. T. catalog. ;
:: White Sewing Machine Co. j j
• | Cleveland, Ohio. >
Any Lady
or man, who will take orders for our Leg
horn Hen Food in their vicinity,
Our food increases yield of eggs, and
keeps fowl in good health. We are making
lilieral offers to agents in order to get more
people to using our food. On receipt of 50c.
we will send, postpaid, a regular $l.OO size
hox, with which you can !x*giu to take orders
at once.
Pamphlet, with more information about liens, «ent on
receipt ot Kell-.uidreaaefJ, stamped envelope. Address
! Leghorn Food Co*( HUM) )Boston* Mom.
, Spoiler h Linen with itH fuultloßfl work,
prompt delivery and hmiiill rhnrgeH to
) huve your linen exantly nn it Hhould he,
patronize tho Troy (jloljh Laundry. No
waw odgo left on col tarn and culTs.
CollarH ,'k*.
CulTh 6c.
ShirtH I Or.
Leave orders at, tho PoHtofllce Store
Central Ciiy.
J. H. MAYMON, \gont.
n it.trs .1 *11: 11.
wiTiiorr noon in rri:if.•
IE Tillr DEST.
[TfmrffTJ T° PATENT Good Ideas ;
I 1 V I |i 11 ”J| mwy hi* Hccunsl by
|k Il|lk 'I ■ our aid. A.ldresa, I
WANTED in every town 11 loenl repre
»»ent »i!ive. Indv nr L f f n? IfMiuin. Kwify wf*-k
good pay. No enpilnl required. Pi»v
-• merit every week. Addrena for partiuu*
litre, L. Mauki iiai. Aar Co.,
1118 Kl 111 St., Online, Tex ns.
John Kurri or the Ohio group of mines
at the bud of Miners gulch in Vermil- ]
I on dibtiict, woe attending to business
nutters here last Saturduy.-Jle returned ,
to the mine after dinner. ,
James Claytgn of the Calumet Gold 1
Mining and Milling Company, Russell : ]
district, after looking after a lot of ore
S lipped here to the Rocky Mountui:.
c >nc filtration works Sat urday aftcr:ionr\
took tlie train for Idaho Springs where
ho spent Sunday.
A man rained DeVore was brought. !■
his place from ti e Middle Boulder lasl j
Friday, who had been bitten on his left ;
hand by a fox. Ilis hand and arm were !
badly swollen from the effects of the bite. !
Dr. Richmond is attending him and re j
norts that if blood poisoning does not set
in f h© hand will bo all right in a short
Carl Johnson and Carl Hansen left for
Cape Nome, Alaska, last Saturday.
George Fertig came in Saturday from
his Golden Sheaf mine, Vermillion dis
trict, to lay in a supply of provisions and
visit his friend Rufus Batchellor and the
rest of the boys in the Quartz Mill City.
Bonati Pnoli, the Italian miner injured
in n mine in Russell district a short time
ago, was brought here Sat urday and sent
to St. Anthony’s hospital in Denver for
Dr. Richmond has purchased the resi
dence of Harry Fox on Ccoper street,
this city.
Despite the slackness of ore at times
the Gilpin mill is well supplied with ore
and keep their f>o stamps thundering
away, which keeps our friend John
Keyes and the rest of the mill crew busy.
Nelson Franklin of the State Ore
Sampling Works, and E. F. Olden of the
Gilpin stamp mill company, left for Crij -
pie Creek last Saturday.
The following judges have been ap
pointed for the ensuing municipal elec
First ward— Joseph Moyle, Jero S
Borham, John Sleep.
Second ward—L. F. Allebaugh, Ku
gene Perley, F. A. Rudolph.
Third ward—Charles Chatfield, E. T.
Jon op, Walter E. Scott.
At the last meeting of the city coun
cil Thomas O’Meara was reinstated as
night watch for the month of March.
A special meeting of Black liawk lodge
No. 11, A. F. AA. M., will be held this
evening for work on the Master Mason’s
degree. Grand lodge officers will also be
The masquerade ball given by the
Black Hawk Fire Department at Fire
men’s hall last Tuesday evening was the
most successful and enjoyable affair held
here for years. About thirty five couple
were masked, Walter Jones as a Dutch
man being the best character. After un
masking all present had a jolly good
time until 3 o’clock the next morning
Supper was served at the Gilpin Hotel,
and was heartily partaken of by all. The
committee having the ball in charge did
everything possible to make it a success
and were rewarded by all present ack
nowledging that they never before had a
better time. The Opera House orchestra
furnished excellent music.
Grading is being done for the placing
the ties and track for the new ore tram
way of the Boston A Denver Mining A
Milling company, from the mouthof the
Smith A Parmelee exit on the Gregory
lode to the Bobtail tunnel entrance.
Fred Jefferies, absence from this city
i» bemoaned by his mother, the young
man having lit out for Cripple Creek
Sunday afternoon.
McFarlane A Co. have received nn or
der for three copper bottom humping
tables which will l>e shipped toSanJuan,
Bautista, Old Mexico, where they will lie
placed in a stamp mill near that place.
A citizen’s meeting will he held at the
city hall next Saturdny, when a cancidato
for mayor, treasurer and four aldermen
will l>e mode.
Mrs. Allen's condition is reported ns
very critical by Dr. Richmond, who has
little hoites of her recovery. She is very
weak and does not seem to recover her
atrength as she should.
E. C. Allen of Knnfmu City. Mo., was
visiting his friend George Scheer here
yesterday. He is connected with the A.
M. Hughes Puint A Glnss Co. of that
A lino lino of stationery just received
at Mayinon’s Central Postoffice Store.
Couldn't help getting a cold never cures
it; hut carrying homo a bottle of Bal
lard’s Horohound Syrup, and using it as
directed will euro the worst kind of cold
or cough. Price 25 and 50 cents.
For sale at the Black Hav k Pharmacy
Tim Niitlon’ft <2rrat lt«**ort Hot spring*'*
A rkaiiHUH.
This famous health and plenHuro re
sort is owned by and under control of
the U. S. Government. Not only do its
healing waters ellect marvelous cures
but the heaty of the place and the su
perb climate nttract thousands of tour
ist.s annually who are in search of nn at
tractive resort. Especially is it a desir
able place for people of Colorado and
the west to hj end the winter months.
The Colorado A- Southern Railway offers
very low round trip rates with liberal
time limits. Ask any agent of the Colo
rado A Southern Railway for furthur in
formation, or write
T. E. FiHiiK.it,
General Passenger Agent, Denver, Colo
Mamie L . infant daughter of Mr. and
Mr.*. T. L. Henry died last Saturday,
March 10, and was buried Monday after
noon in the Catholic cemetery near Cen
tral City.
Mrs. R. E L. Townsend and children
left for Denver last Thursday.
Idaho Springs Gazette: We ; eknowl-
i.i a '.y! la?- 1 « . < w. :g from Mrs. John
A. Dory and her daughter in-law Mrs.
Dory of Rt -sell Gulch. Th latter ex
peetd to iel urn to Idaho Springs, as
George has Htvptrd the foremnnship of
the Freeland Extension mine.
Foi.n In Russell Gulch. Gilpin county,
Colorado, Marc h 10, 1900, i„ the; wife
of Robert Griffith,a eon.
A lex Kl in left for Cripple Creek last
The following letters remain in the
postoffice here unclaimed: John Firth,
(i. \\ . Middleton, A. W.Tollman, George
Hawke. If not called for within thirty
days they will be forwarded to the dead
letter office at Washington.
Don is Barnabee s new place of business
opposile the postoffice is receiving a new
coat of paint at the hands of W. O.
Louis Cataui is up and around his
place of business after a siege of rheu
E. W. Williams, the well known Den
ver mine promoter, was taking in the
Specie Payment and other mines on
Bellevue mountain and at the head of
Virginia canon on Tuesday.
Charles Mobray left for Silver City,
Clear Creek county, Tuesday, where he
will probably engage in mining.
The local pool of miners who are work
ing the Ace of Diamonds, just south of
this place, are making good headway in
sinking the main shaft on that vein.
P. T. Collie, formerly of Central City,
has become a fixture here and is engag
ed in mining on the Hi 11 house lode, that
has developed into a large body of con
centrating ore.
People who reside on Klein avenue
claim t hat a haunted house is situated
thereon. Some very funny stories are
circulated by the ghost and what has
transpired in the vicinity of the house.
Some of these stories are only exceeded
by the Eureka street ghost and ghostess
that were seen in Central City back in
the seventies.
There are no idle men in the district,
every person being employed.
Mr. Knowles, manager of the Crown
Point & Virginia mine, was short of his
usual force of men, was trying to securo
miners here the first of the week and
failed in securing them.
Crocuses are in bloom, the first spring
flower to put in an appearance. A rep
resentative of the Observer met a little
school girl Tuesday morning who had
plucked quite a boquet of them,
she was carrying to her teacher.
Joseph Cheynoweth, a former resident
’ of Gilpin county, was found guilty last *
week in the district court at Cripple
Creek, of attempting to murder his wife,
and was sentenced by Judge Stimson on
Mobday afternoon for a term of not le&s -
than four years nor more than eight
years in the state penitentiary. In pas
sing sentence the court took occasion to
give the prisoner and the public some
intimation of the ronsons why he had
not given the full limit under the stat
utes. The prisoner heretofore had been
an exemplary citizen, and the assaulton
his wife was made when under the in
fluence of liquor and in a fit of passion.
Funeral designs of ovory description
cut flowers for parties, bulls, or wedding
bouquets, and flowers of every descrip
tion for garden or house, furnished by
Cockburn, the florist.
Stylish and well fitting footwear.
Ehickhom, Lawrence street, Central.
.StM-nml Only To Sunlight.
In cheapness and brilliancy is the light
produced by the Western Lamp. A
trial costs nothing. Satisfaction guar
Solo Agents.
Itmul Ahum
Is a most important part of our diet, and
it is the duty of everyone to see that it
is pure nnd wholesome. The same is true
of cakes and pies. Nothing hut what is
first class is sold by the Union or Black
Hawk bakeries, llail the wugon or call
at the store.
lloin«*ni,-n<| llrnuil,
Pies and cakes, fresh every day at Jack’s
Place, Main street, Central.
■ ■ 1 • ■ ■
fjuullty I* tlie Helleli.
People often lack an appetite becuuio
they have eaten something unwholesome.
Wo have nothing of that kind, but keep
an abundant supply of the best gr«>ceries
and canned goods for the most fastidious
to select from.
Phillips «!L Bum,
Lawrence Street < • racers,
A flood Point,
A good point about our groceries
They are fresh nnd of the highest
quality. Prices are the lowest for cash.
The Sauer-McShane Mercantile C’o.
Fine watch repairing at the Mineral
Nothing is more gratifying to the pub
lic limn fine fruit. It nets us n correc
tive ami keeps you up to concert pitch.
Here you find all tho delicacies of the
season in tho fruit lino. Remember at
tho store of the
Mi’bllf.h Commission Co,

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