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Western Newspaper Union News Service.
About the War
The Germans continue to shell the
French positions at Fontennelle and
the French trenches in Alsace, north
of Munster.
According to reports from the front,
the Austrians are making desperate
efforts to penetrate Italy through the
Carnic Alps.
The Grimsby trawlers Hainton and
Syrian have been sunk by German sub
marines in the North Sea. The crews
of the vessels were landed at Grimsby.
The Russian steamer Anna, from
Archangel, Russia, for Hull was
shelled by a German submarine in the
North sea. The crew abandoned the
ship and landed at Peterhead, Scot
London. —General Botha, command
ing the British forces in South Africa,
has accepted the surrender ofUhe en
tire German force in southwest Af
rica, it was officially announced ift
London. Hostilities have ceased.
The Russian Black sea fleet sank
five Turkish sailing vessels and four
vessels carrying coal to Constanti
nople and heavily bombarded a hostile
submarine off the Bosporus, it was
officially announced at Sebastopol.
The Grimsby trawler Fleetwood
reached her home port battered by a
German submarine. One of the crew
was killed and several were badly in
jured. The submarine, without warn
ing, fired nine shells at the trawler,
according to the crew.
Germany’s submarines renewed
their activity, with Russian ships, or
vessels for Russian ports, as their
principal victims. The Wilson line
steamship Guido, from Hull, for Arch
angel, Russia, was sunk off the coast
of Scotland. The crew was saved.
The western front has again sprung
into activity. The Germans have bom
barded the allied positions in front of
Nieuport and Lorabaertzyde; have at
tacked the British at Ypres, and have
delivered a heavy stroke against the
French at Souchez, where in a desper
ate night assault they succeeded in oc
cupying the cemetery, for the posses
sion of which many battles have been
The entire Milwaukee Southwest
limited from Chicago was derailed at
Chula, Mo., due to a washout.
The contestants of the $16|000,000
will of the late James Campbell, trac
tion magnate, were refused a new trial
of the case in the Circuit Court at St.
Mrs. Stephen W. Dorsey, of Los An
geles, Calif., died at her home in that
city, after a lingering illness caused
by cancer, according to word re
ceived in Denver.
An 1,100-mile walk from Raymond,
Wash., brought J. T. Hayes of Nor
wich, Conn., to los Angeles, in plenty
of time to attend the national con
vention of the Benevolent and Pro
tective Order of Elks.
Four men were killed by the coun
terfeiters- gang at Siam, la., in Sep
tember, 1868, instead of two, accord
ing to the statement of Mrs. M. J.
Pease of Des Moines, la., at the attor
ney general’s office.
A strike of nearly 5,000 lead and
zinc miners, which began at Joplin,
Mo., two weeks ago, ended when every
mine in the district resumed opera
tions. There was no settlement. The
men went back to the mines and
asked for their places at the old wage
scale. The miners have not asked rec
ognition for their new-formed union.
The body of Frank Holt lay in a
grave in Oak Hill cemetery at Dallas,
Tex., piled over with floral offerings
from the friends of his wife and her
Confronted with shortages in wheat,
sugar, butter and meat, Australia has
resorted to government control of
prices, according to a report of the
commerce department, from Commer
cial Attache Downs ut Melbourne.
Thomas A. Edison has accepted an
invitation from Secretary Daniels to
head an advisory board of civilian in*
ventors for a bureau of invention and
development to be created in the
Navy Department.
Approximately 145,000 acres of the
former Flathead Indian Reservation in
Montana will be offered for sale at
Kalispell and Mlbboulu. Mont., during
August under regulations announced
by Secretary Lane. One hundred
thousand acres classified as agricul-.
tural and grazing land will be sold to
the highest bidders, In tracts of 160
acres each or less, for cash, most of
it ut prices varying from $1.25 to $2.00.
Plans for making the American sub
marine more efficient thuu that of
any other power, ure being worked out
by thte navy general bourd.
Word was received at Montreal that
the steamer Northland, with 2,000
Canadian troops on board, had arrived
at Plymouth.
The belief that the British Navy
will win fresh laurels “whenever the
day of battle comes," is expressed by
King George in a message to Admiral
Jellicoe, after a visit to the grand
A syndicate of Norwegians has ac
cepted a commission from the German
meat trade to furnish 10,000 live rein
deer, which are to be delivered alive
in Berlin during the summer and fall,
for slaughtering there.
German Zeppelins, according to re
ports received in Rome, have been
transported to the Austrian coast of
the Adriatic sea. Their object, it is
said, is to fly across the Adriatic to
Italy, past the Apennines and to reach
The public committee having super
vision of food supplies has issued a
statement to the effect that Norway
is assured of sufficient flour and
wheat for the present year, due to the
fact that so much has been imported
from the United States.
A dispatch to Reuter’s Telegram
company from Alexandria, Egypt,
states that while the sultan of Egypt
was going to prayers a bomb was
thrown from a window and fell at the
feet of the horses. It did not explode,
however. The person who threw the
bomb escaped.
At Mexico City Gen. Pablo Gonzales,
the capital’s newest dictator, threw
himself and staff into the work of or
ganizing a local government for a
quick return to normal conditions.
Outside of the city, forty railroad
trains with 300 carloads of food were
waiting the construction of a tempo
rary bridge to move into the city.
The archbishops of Cincinnati and
Milwaukee and the bishop of Toledo
have appealed to Pope Benedict to use
his influence to help keep America
out of the war, the Rome correspond
ent of the London Evening Star re
ported. His holiness was quoted as
recommending in reply that the Amer
ican prelates rely on the wisdom of
President Wilson, “whose peaceful in
tentions are well known.’* The pope
also strongly urged loyalty to their
adopted country on the part of Ger
inan-Americans, the correspondent
Sporting News
Standing; of Western Lrasue Club*.
Clubs — Won. Lost. Pet.
Des Moines 48 26 .649
Denver 42 31 .676
Lincoln 38 34 .528
Topeka 39 37 .513
| Omaha 38 37 .507
St. Joseph 30 42 .417
Siohx City 30 42 .417
Wichita 27 43 .386
Gilbert Nicholls, the Wilmington,
Dela., professional, won the open
championship of the Metropolitan
Golf Association over the Fox Hill
course, near Clifton, N. V.
The Gentlemen’s Driving and Rid
ing Club held their first matinee of
the season at City Park in Denver. A
large crowd was in attendance which
was composed largely of the fair sex.
All of the winners came in in straight
Hundreds of Rotary clubs from all
sections of the country are going
through Denver en route to San Fran
cisco to attend the annual convention
of the International Association of
Rotary Clubs, which meets July 19-24.
Fred Moullen of Kalamath Falls,
football and track star for the Uni
versity of Oregon from 1906 to 1909,
has been committed to the Oregon
State Hospital. Injuries received dur
; ing a football game are believed to
I have led to Moullen’s mental break
| down.
Theodore Roosevelt left New York
i for a three-weeks trip to the Pacific
| Coast.
Eighteen hundred passengers left
! New York in one day on board steam
! ships bound for the belligerant coun
i tries of Europe.
Search for the two bandits who held
; up and robbed five coaches of fifty
tourists in Yellowstone National Park
will be continued indefinitely, accord
ing to Col. L. M. Brett, superintendent
of the park.
Plans for a memorial monument to
be erected In Mount Auburn Ceme
tery, Cambridge, Mass., at the grave
of Mrs. Mary Baker G. Eddy, founder
of the Christian Scientist Church
were anncunced in Boston.
Ten-year-old Willie Brown, of Jami
son City, Pa., is eating his meals off
the mantel. Willie's mother applied a
slipper to liis hip pockets wherein
Willie had a box of toy pistol cape
left over from the Fourth.
A letter received by a newspaper at
New Orleans, La., signed “Pearce,’’
declared the writer intended to kill J.
P. Morgan and Sir Cecil Spring-Rice,
the British ambassador, and finish the
work of Erich Muenter, alias Frank
Molt, who committed suicide several
days ago, after wounding Mr. Morgan.
Half rising from the witness chair,
Harry Thaw in New York dared
Deputy Attorney General Cook to
state in open court that he believed
the stories that Thaw whipped girls
in a Thirty-fourth street rooming
* house.
Justice Charles W. Hughes has re
fused the application for a writ of
error to the United States Supreme
Court made by counsel for Charles
Becker of Now York, who has been
condemned to die In the week of July
26 for the murder of Herman Rosen
! that, the gambler.
na aarnr obskstsk.
Western Newspaper Union News Service.
London, July 14. —The German Em
peror, according to the Times, in a
speech to a deputation of bankers, who
had insisted on an interview in order
to point out to the Emperor the finan
cial difficulties of the situation and
the grave risk attending the pursuance
of the campaign through another win
ter, stated that the war would end in
October. The bankers are alleged to
have declared that even if the war
was brought to an end immediately
and an indemnity obtained, Germany’s
position would be difficult; but that if
the war was prolonged the German
Empire would -become utterly bank
It was iu reply to these representa
tions, according to the Times, that the
Emperor is understood to have de
clared that the war would end in
The conflicting reports of the recep
tion of Germany's note to the United
States government concerning Ger
many's submarine warfare still keep a
majority of the Berlin afternoon pa
pers from commenting upon it. The
exceptions to the rule express the be
lief that allies’ news agencies have se
lected unfavorable expressions.
London. —England was cheered by
the news of a Russian triumph against
the Austro-German forces and a check
administered to the German Crown
Prince in the Argonne forest. A dis
patch from Innsbruck says:
“Archduke Joseph Ferdinand is ex
pected at Cracow to preside over a
war council.
“If within the next few days the
Austrians cannot stop the victorious
Russian advance the whole front will
retreat. Since the loss of the posi
tions south of Lublin the revictualing
of the armies has become impossible.
“Large Austrian reinforcements
have been hurried to the province of
Lublin but the Russians, though fight
ing against superior forces, continue
“The Austrians have been returning
to Galicia since the 10th of July and
are now at Wrzawy. The Russians
defeated the Austrians at Zamosz and
surrounded and captured two Hun
garian battalions.
"It is reported from Lemberg that
an important council of war was held
there July 10th and that as a result
of it a number of superior officers
were disgraced.
“A dispatch from Laibach says a
strong Italian cavalry patrol recon
noitering recently, made a daring (lash
toward Trieste and arrived within
three miles of the town, and then re
“An Austrian attempt to invade
Italian territory at Kreuzberg was re
pulsed with heavy losses. The Aus
trians succeeded at Kellerwold forc
ing back The Italians
were reinforced, however,. and re
gained the position. At Gargav the
Austrians tried to drive back the Ital
ians into the laonzo but failed. There
are daily engagements east of Mon
falcone, and the Italians have taken a
large number of prisoners.”
Lynching Feared in Attempt to Seize
Convicted Slayer of Mary Phagan.
Atlanta. Ga., July 14.—Three com
panies or state militia were called out
last night to prevent the release ol
Leo M. Frank from the Mllledgevllle
state farm, following reports received
by the governor that mobs were on
tlielr way to that institution. In addi
tion, word was Bent to the police of
all counties In this part of the state
and every road leading to the state
Tarm from Atlanta, Manetta and other
towns Ib heavily guarded. The exact
purpose of the mobs is not known. Re
ports state only that it Is their Inten
tion to take Frank out of the state
prison. It Is believed in many quar
ters that the rioters intended to lynch
Frank If they succeed In overpower
ing the guards at Mllledgevllle.
School Principal Killed In Mine Shaft.
Georgetown.—Pj-of. Austin B. Bettis
34, principal of the Silver Plume High
School, waa Instantly killed when he
fell from the eleventh to the twelfth
level of the Terrible mine—a distance
of about eighty feet.
Loveland Marshal Shot Dead.
Loveland. —Frank Peak, night mar
shal or Loveluud, was found dead, shot
twice In the back, by a purty of beet
workers on their way to the beet fleldß
about 4:30 o’clock Tueßday morning.
He was found kneeling on the bridge
nt Lincoln avenue and First street, his
head and arms on the inside rail. The
workmen notified residents of the dis
trict, and soon the entire city was
aroused and aiding In the search, for
Mr. Peak was Immensely popular
Man’s Insensibility to the Beautiful
Understood When He Revealed
His Life’s Occupation.
As they passed th9 soldiers’ monu
ment in the public Bquare of a small
town he turned to his right-hand com
panion and said:
“Pretty bad, eh?”
"What’s pretty bad?”
"Why, this monumeut. Awful, isn't
it, to put those things up all over this
fair land? No art in ’em.”
"I rather like ’em.”
"Rather like ’em, eh? I suppose you
think that pile of chimneys over there
Is pleasing to the eye?"
“Not bad.”
"What do you think of those fright
ful advertising chromos on the land
“Pretty good."
“You’d like the Interior of a New
York theater—l believe.”
“Ever heard of art?"
"Do you mean to say, sir, that some
of the subllmest notes of the human
heart meet no response in your bo
som? Hare you no taste, no judg
ment, no sense of anything harmoni
ous? Are you lost to the fitness of
anything at all? Great heavens, sir!
Where did you come from? Who are
"I, sir, am the heartless wretch who
arranges the deathbed scenes in the
moving picture shows.”—Life.
As to Your Hair and Skin, Cutleura
Will Hslp You. Trial Free.
The Soap to cleanße and purify, the
Ointment to aoothe and heal. These
fragrant super-creamy emollients pre
serve the natural purity and beauty
of the akin under conditions which.
If neglected, tend to produce a state
of Irritation and disfigurement
Free sample each by mall with Book.
Address postcard, Cutleura, Dept. XY,
Boston. Sold everywhere.—Adv.
Fooling the Enemy.
Rain was falling steadily as the
weary cyclist plodded on through the
English mud. At last he spied a fig
ure walking toward him through the
Gladly he sprang ofT his machine
and asked the native:
“How far off Is the village of Pop
“Just ten miles the other way, Blr,”
was the reply.
“The other way!’ exclaimed the
cyclist. “But the last signpost I
passed said it was in this direction.”
"Ah,” said the native, with a know
ing grin, "but, ye see, we turned that
there post round so as to fog those
'ere Zeppylings!'—Pittsburgh Chron
Tommy’s Prize.
"Well. Tommy, I suppose you are
entitled to something nice as & re
ward for graduating from the public
school,” said the friendly aunt. “What
has your father planned for you?”
“He says I can help take care of the
garden during the summer vacation,”
said Tommy, “and every time I think
of It I wish I had failed In my exami
Berlin Society.
‘What are you wearing that long
face for, professor?”
“Reason enough, doctor. I’ve Just
been to call on my old friend Privy
Councilor Schulze —and what should
I do but leave my bread ticket instead
of my visiting card.”
Good Fortune.
“I found a four-leaf clover on my
lawn today,” said Mr. Crosslots.
“I suppose you think that’s lucky?”
“I do. I'm lucky to find anything
In that lawn except dandelions and
A man may be willing to admit that
he Is a ccward, but how he resents
such an inference from another!
foirKima nituuotsT wili.tei.i.too
Try Murine Bye Remedy fur lied. Weak. Watery
■yes and Granulated Byelidn: No Smarting—
I net Bye comfort. Write for Book of the Kye
i/ mail free Marine My# Kemedy Co.. Chicago
Jitneys are seriously affecting
street railway revenues in Vancouver.
Smile on wash day. That’s when you use
Red Croat Bag Blue. Clothed whiter than
•now. AH grocer*. Adv.
It’s a poor mule that won’t work
both ways.
u ok*, mi j*k>av c«*k and have the cream of their old force with us. **• H Ijn:THAIi |a
•*Tk. Grut W.itsn Twin” Mgr. aail Baad Cattla 1
At South Omaha or Denver, when you ship to H
Great Western Commission Gompeny I
It's a Picnic Getting Ready for a Picnic
If you choose
Spanish Olives Pickles Sweet Relish Ham Loaf Veal Loai
Chicken Loaf Fruit Preserves Jellies Apple Butter
Luncheon Meats Pork and Beans
(7 9 / to Serve
j/VVf Food Products
B" Imklee IMp's et
|«Nr groctr'i
& Libby, MSN.UI * Libby
Police Would Get It.
The talk of parents at home about
conditions in the police department
made a deep impression on the mind
of a twelve-year-old boy who was be
fore Judge F. J. Lehr In Juvenile court
for stealing a bicycle. The court had
lectured the boy and his three com
panions on the disgrace of stealing
and finally asked the boys what they
thought about stealing.
“Now suppose everybody were to
steal,” the court suggested, "and then
what do you think would become of
all of our property?"
“Oh, the police would get every
thing.” waß the boy’s quick response.
—lndianapolis News.
Sounds Like a Stadium Piece.
He —Have you ever seen the nebula
of Andromeda?
She—No; where was It played?
Safety First
“Why did you risk your life to save
the man from drowning?"
”He owed me $193."
USE WjErefcr
K€ Baking Powder
The patrons of our first class hotels and restaurants are exact
ing—they demand the best Women go where the pastry and cakes
are noted for their excellence. Men are attracted by hot bread and
biscuits—when fresh and moist and light
The pastry cook with a reputation uses K C Baking Powder
because he knows that results are certain; every time everything
is as good as his best
~ , Then, too, with K C Baking Powder he can mix the various
kinds of batter before the rush of the meal begins and bake as
needed so that every order goes to the table fresh and hot, yet the
last he bakes are just as good as the first
The reasons behind these reasons is that K C is
Areally a blend of two baking powders. One commences
to give off leavening gas as soon as moistened. The
other requires both moisture and heat to make it
active. Dough or batter will remain In a partially
leavened condition for hours, and when put in tne oven,
will come up as light as If mixed a moment before.
For cookies, pancakes, doughnuts and the like,
which cannot all oe baked at once, K C is indispensa
ble. For all baking thedoubleraise makes doubly certain.
Follow tho example of the professional
m cook and pour baking will be equal to his.
Catarrhal Fever
/ //C L A \ \ Bto 6 dose* often core.
Ini If \\ Ml One 60-cent bottle HPOHN’H guaranteed to care a oase.
li-l IS X' •] ISM Safe for any mare, horse or oolt.
Vft\ J AC/ Doten bottles lb. Uet It of dragglato, barneaa dealer* or dir*al (M
vAxTeAt/ / v manufacturer*, eipreea paid.
SPOHN’B 1* the beat preventive of all forma of die temper.
XOCJP' ChamlaU **d Bnotorloloff Ut*, Uothm, IntL, (J. St Jfe
to out-of-town private party end
give privilege of buying later U
suited and applying reot on price,
or will sell now to responsible party
at special price on easy monthly or
quarterly terms. If interested write
me at once, address “PIANO’* care
PAPER UNION, Denver, Cole.
Temporary Reverse.
Fogarty (a moderate drinker) —I’ll
bet ye th’ Rooshlans are beginning t'
feel th’ loss lv vodka.
Flaherty (warmly)—Don\ ye lose
any siape over It. Mar-rk me wur-ruds,
they'll retake It ag’ln before long.—
Boldness is adorable in a man, but
deplorable in a woman.

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