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The revolver was accidently dis
charged In a struggle botween Mrs.
Charlotte Blby and Frank Biby, the
wounds of which caused tho death of
Mrs. Biby, according to the testimony
of Frank Biby, the defondant of the
murder trial which has occupied all of
this week in division A of tho district
Biby took the stand at 10 o'clock
Thursday morning and the cross ex
amination was not completed until
1:30 o’clock, no recess being taken un
til that time. Biby related to the Jury’
the happenings.
Me stated he obtained the gun from
bis father on the morning of the shoot
ing at tho request of his wife, who
feared they tfiight be held up by high
way men on their way to Colo. Springs
to get some clothes left there while on
their honeymoon a few days previous
ly. He stated that they motored to the
east side in search of a friend of his
wife's known to him as Sadie, hut not
being able to locate her. they went to
a point east of the Mitchell park where
Biby stopped the car, got out and went
to tho back of the car. and laid his gun
on the running board und startl'd to
take a drink of whisky. His wife at
tempted to persuade him not to, but
lie took tho drink and was picking up
the gun when ids wife came up from
behind and tried to gain possession of
tho gun. In the struggle for the* gun.
it was discharged, wounding Mrs.
Biby, who struck the fender of tho car
am she fell to the ground.
Biby picked her up and placed her
in the car und left her at the Trevi
thick home at 1710 Fast Second street, i
while lie went after a doctor. He
Mnte.l that ho know whero a doctor
lived a few blocks away as he had de
livered a mattress there while em
ployed by the Colorado Bedding com
pany. He could not find the doctor and
started to the business district for a
doctor, and as he was partly across the
Fourth street bridge across the Foun
tain river, he stated that his memory
failed him and ho know no more un
til Sheriff Thomas and Deputy Delli
quadrl removed hhn from the El I’aso
county Jail the next morning to bring
him back to Pueblo.
Biby stated thnt he did not fire any |
shots into tho body of his wife as she
lay on tho ground and that h-- did not
strike her and thnt they had had no .
trouble. Biby testified that ho knew
nothing of taking Edna Stark, alias
t’lark to Colorado Springs with him. or
anything that took place after crossing
th« Fourth street bridge.
When court opened Thursday after
noon. the prosecution opened rebuttal,
with Captain of Detectives Bruco and
1 ndersherlff Hilbert, both of Colorado
Springs, testifying that on the night
of the shooting, Biby stated to them
that after shooting his wife he went
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to a local rooming house and secured |
a drinjg of whisky and asked Miss
Stark to go with him to Colorado
Springs to secure his wife's clothing
and when arrested asked the officials
to release Miss Stark as she had no
connection with the crlmo and that ho
was also innocent.
Miss Stark took the witness chair In
rebuttal and stated that sho knew noth
ing of the shooting, being told by Biby
that she wanted her to go along with
him to got his wife and her belongings
in Colorado Springs and when she found
that he was wanted for shooting his
wifo she hud nothing more to do with
Charles Guise, father of the deceased
also took the stand -in rebuttal and stat
ed that in tho 11 months prior tb tho
shooting that Biby lived in his home,
thcro was only one tlmo when he had
to help Biby to his rpom because of
his drunken condition.
Charles J. Grundy, jailor of the
county Jail was placed on tho stand by
the prosecution in rebuttal and district
attorney asked him six questions re
garding Blby’s actions at the county
jail and after each question was asked
Judge J. 11. H. Low, for the defense
strenuously objected. Judge Trimble
sustained Low’s objections and Grundy
was permitted to leave the .stand with
out answering a single question.
J. W. Brown, turnkey of tho county
Jail followed Grundy on the stand and
lie was asked three questions similar
to those put to Grundy and the ob
jections of the defense were sustained,
and Bowen left the stand without an
swering any questions.
Almost two hours were taken up in
tho questioning and cross- examina
tion "f I >r. Philip Work, who took tho
stand for the prosecution. Work, who
is a nerve and mental disease special
ist, stated that there were two clasaea
of defects from alcohol poisoning due
to drinking, the Immediate action,
which Is acute alcoholic poisoning and
tho chronic results due to drinking a
great length of time, and classed the
effects as follows: softening of the
brain, alcoholic amnesia and instances
whero the person believes false things
about other persons and in cases
where tho afflicted person Imagines
and secs things.
Stating thnt ho had heard the test!- \
mony in the case, he was asked In
what condition Biby was in at the
time of the shooting, before and after,
and he replied he behoved Biby to have
boon sane. He further testified that
Biby was able to distinguish from
right and wrong and that there was
no amnesia existing at the time, not
ns lie understood tho term from his
The matter of alcoholic amnesia
caused much time to he taken up.
Amnesia results in the lapse of mem
ory In cases, according to evidence.
Judge Low road a paragraph from a
quotation of a noted doctor explaining
I Notice That
Walter K. Dudley, cashier, etc., of
tho Pueblo Savings and Trust company,
is wearing a more congenial smile
these days. You soo Walt is soon to
have a new desk in the new hanking
in away amnesia. It was to the effect
that, a gold miner buried a lot of
gold while drunk and suffering from
amnesia and when he became sober he
could not find It altho he searched for
it for six months, showing that there
was a lapse of memory. Judge Low
asked Dr. Work if that was right and
the doctor replied, "I can not answer
that question as I have lost things
when I was sober that I could never
find.” #
Biby sat calmly botween his lawyer
and mother. The prosecution closed at
•1:40 o’clock Thursday and a recess
was taken until 10 o’clock Friday
morning when the defense will start
rebuttal. It Is doubted whether tho case
will go to the Jury Friday if no nitfht
I session Is held. It is* also feared that
if tho case continues much longer, the
Jurors will bo locked tip on Christmas.
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FRIDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1921.—1
I l»ocn in nn argument with some Ital
lans on the other side of the street,
and that Ilomero whipped out a gun
and started firing when the officers
made their appearance.
The Mexicans made an attempt to
escape the officers but were captured,
and Romero fined a SIOO in court yes
terday on the charge of carrying con
cealed weapons.
In Divorce Court
• Two divorce hearings were heard
I Thursday in the county court and In
We loaded up all the flood
Toys in several trucks and sent
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The Star. With the Lower Prices
f terlocutory decree were issued In each
A. J. Baron, the plaintiff in one case,
named Helen L. Bacon as the defend
ant, charging desertion. One child
Gwendolyn Bacon, 12 years of age is an
isCTic in the case.
Joe Cruz was granted an interlocu
tory decree from Maclobia Cruz on
the grounds of extreme cruelty. They
have five children, all under the age
of 14 years.
Chieftain want adi. bring remits.
Phone 1955.
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