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February 7, 1922.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
er* of the Pueblo and Suburban Trac
tion and Lighting Comprny will he
held at the office of the Compuny in
the City of Fueblo, Colorado, on tho
7th day of February, 1922, at two
o'clock In tho afternoon of that day
for the purpose of electing ;i Board
of Directors, and for tho transaction of
such other business as may properly
come before the ineAing.
Sect clary.
. Notico is hereby given that the un
dersigned trustee in bankruptcy of the
estate of Hyman Levine, bankrupt, will
on Friday the loth day of February
at tho. hour of 2 p. rn. at the former
place of business of tho said bankrupt,
No. 213 So. Cnion APueblo, Colo
rado. sell to the highest and best bid
der for cash all tho stock and fix
tures of the said estate.
An appraisement of the said stock
and fixtures can be seen and had at
the office 11 f the undersigned. 009
Thai.her Block. Pueblo, Colorado.
Pueblo, Colorado. February 3rd A. D.
Notice i.«* hereby xtiven that the fol
lowing bonds of .the City of Pueblo.
Colorado, are hereby called for pay
ment l>y the undersigned. Interest on
said bond.** will erase thirty (30) days
after the first publication of this no
tice. to-wit; February 2S. 1922
M«vsa Paving District No. 2.
No- 1 . Is. 17. 18 J 4.000.00
Lake \vcnur Paving District,
Nos 19, :<•. 21, 22 4.000.00
S. .Maui St. Paving District,
Nos. 2* 27 *2.000.00
Mess Paving District, No.
1. Nos. *:»;. 3,000.00
Court & Grand Ave. Paving
District. Nos. M t* *». ftfi . .. 3.000.00
Mineral Palace paving District,
No 148 1.0c0.00
N Main St. Puvitig District,
Nns. N, II 2.000.00
Santa Kr A\ c Paving District.
N<M |7. 48, « 3.000.00
S Union Avc. Paving District,
No iS 1.000.00
Commissioner of Finance and Sup
First publication January 29. 1922.
laisl publication March Ist. 1922.
< 11. OF PUKRLt*:
That the following named streets and
alley* 1.. and th* samo are hereby or
d« red vacated, to-wit:
Fir Strr. t and Elm Street between
• w.st lino ..f Capitol Street and the
rolti u•! tie all! jnt in Blocks 42.
4> and Mattie. & GJbon's Addition
to the City of Pueblo.
The aforesaid vacation to be effec
tive up..ri the passage of this ordin
al'. •• and the filing of written consent
to smdi vacation, «dgned by the own
er* of Kke-k* 42. 4:* and 50. aforesaid,
with the City Cb rk of the City of Pu
Introduced January 23. 1922
Hv F. i: 4 Min. Commissioner.
John M Jackson Pres of Council
J \V. Carpenter. City Clerk.
I .1 W Carpenter. City Clerk of the
City I'u. bln. Colorado, do hereby
< ertify that th« abuv>* and foregoing
• bdlnane.* was intrPdu«*cd and rend In
full ut a preceding regular Meeting of
1h« Council of Pueblo. Colorado, and
published in full in The Pueblo Chief*
r..in, 1 n< ' s|>Hper <>f general circulation
publish'd in the I'lly of Pueblo, Colo
.l , before Eebnuti
1922. at which time It wa v finally
passed and approved after its Third
Rinding in lull.
herrsmto *• ; my hand »ni| uf fixed the
« . of tip- City of Pueblo, Colorado.,
if 1 ....
.1 \N . CARPENTER. » 'itjr Clerk.
'i Hi CTH >N < »F JMPP.< )\ EM ESNTB
WHEREAS. A I.fsessi y exists for
the grading curbing, guttering, pav
ing and doing 11 work incidental
•her. of certain strrets as hereln
nf-. r set forth, in the City of Pueblo,
and of creating an improvement dis
•rtet therefor, and providing for the
payment 9-f said unnrovernents by
a-sessnient upon the lots blocks, lands
and property specially benefited
'hereby within Mini <llst lie. in accord
ance with paragraphs 01 • and two of
S*ction ii. Article 4. of the Charter
of Pueblo; now. therefore.
S*-. I There is hereby err a ted and
established .1 public impruvenicnt dia
fnet within he » . y of Pueblo, coun
•, r .. I BbUt of 4 Colorado
to b< known ms the North Side Paving
Dlstu.' Su h »li-tri«t shall rmlirie*
and in. hide the f. Rowing lots, blocks
nml tracts of land and other property
within -.id diMt.. t. vv it li the streets,
avenues and alleys abutting thereon,
Count} Add 18 to 16 nic.
Block A: I*ots s t.» la Inc. Block 5;
I.ots R to IT. in.■. Block f>: Lots S to 1S
Inc. Block 7. Lot' 7 to 14 Inc. Block
R; Ix>ts j to S Inc Block 13. Lots l
to 8 Inc. Block l*. Lots 1 to S Inc.
Block 29: I-ois i to s Inc. Block 34:
j.ot* 1 tn 4in Block 45; Lots Ito
4 ‘ip,-, and I i<. I •*. Inr Rh*ck 44. Lot a
I to 4 inc. Mini 13 to Ik inc. Block
ll; Lota i to i Inc. and 13 to 16 inc.
i-. Pick t Lots l tn 4 Inc and IS to
1»; im Block 41; I>»is 1 to 4 Inc. and
it to 1*» in-' Block 40; Lots 1 to K inc.
> \ BUnlxth Ptaca s
~f 1 r*r Rlo< k 39. Lots 9to 1 inc. Mild
A to N inc Elizabuth Place N. >* of
I ’o. i. 4)1 of Blocks 9. Ift.
II 12. 19. 2ft. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 2«.
; :'k. 3*5. 3k. and Court House
Sii'unri H C Brown's Addition;
1., ', t 1.. 10 in*'. Frac. Block 11; Lota
* t„ • 4 inr Fisc. Block 20; Lots 1 to
14 inc. ithc. Block 21. All of Blocks
••1 ■;[ wild 24; All of Frac. Blocks
• 97. 2K. 29. and 30. Bartlett A
v;!’. t'a Addition ah or Fra - Bioeki
*\ .|nd B; East ’* of Frac. Block C;
All of Blocks 1. 2. 7. S. 9 and 10; All
of l-rac. Blocks 15 and 16; Lota 1 to
4 inc and IS to 10 inc Block 14; Lots
1 in 1 inc. and 13 to 16 Ini*. Block 11;
L| nd 18 to 18 i"* - Blot K
r i tt • and 18 to 16 ine
njo, I I Duioh - place; Lota 27 to
g: i me P’ock ?«. All uf Frac. Blocks
~l -H;AU of Hlocks 6. •. li, 12.
, 1 *• 20, 21 and 22; Lots 2 and
i 1 - ,M :J - inc. Frac. Block 15; Lots 17
| to 32 Inc. Block 18; Lot* 17 to 32 inc.
I Rha'k 23; Lots 8 to 12 Jnc..and 16 to
', Bic. in Daniels (fc Others Re-Sub. of
lh"ek 10; Lots 23 to 38 inc. in Lincoln
of Block 7; Lota l and 2 in Frac.
Block 2; All of Frac. Blocks 3 and 4.
Matnclollar &. Co’s Addition No. 2:—
All of Fine. Block 11; All of Blocks
1- and 13; All of Frac. Block 14;
Lots io to 16 Inr. Block 19; Lots 1 to
1, : inc. Block 20; Lota 1 to 16 Inc.
Block 21. Barndollar Sc Lowthers Ad
dition:— Jx>ta ito 10 inc. and Lots 23
and 2 4 Frac. Block 14; Lots 1 to 16
Block 15; Lots 1 to 16 Inc. Block
16; Lots 9 and 10 Frac. Block 19; All:
"t Frac. Block 76; West H of Frac. I
Block 77. Garfield Place:—Lots 9 to |
16 inc. Block 5; Lots 17 to 24 inc.
Frac. Block 6; Lots 17 to 82 inc. Frac.
Block 7; Lots l to 16 Inc. Block 8.
North Dundee Place:—lx>ts 1 to 24
inc. Block 6: Lots 9 to 32 Inc. Block
7: Lots 2 Frac. Block 8; Lots 17 to,
24 inc. Block 9; Lots 17 to 32 inc. I
Block 12; Lots 1 Frac. Block 13; All
of Block 14; All of Frac. Block 15.
Santa Fe Land & Imp. Co. Sub.:—Lot,
3 Block 1: Lots 1 to 8 inc. Block 2.
Public property Park District No. 1;
and the franchise, and right-of-way!
upon streets to bo improved, of the 1
Arkansas Valley Railway, Light and i
Power Company. !
Sec. 2. The Improvements herein
ordered and provided for are to be
constructed and the cost thereof
levied, assessed and collected under
and by virtue of the provisions of the
Charter of the City of Pueblo, and of
tho terms of this ordinance and In the
manner as set forth heroin, and also
in accordance with tho terms of the
following ordinances and statutes
where the same are not in conflict or
inconsistent with the Charter of Pueb
lo or the terms of this ordinance, to-i
wit: "An Ordinance in Relation to |
Public Improvements,” being Ordi
nance No. 894. passed by the Council
of Pueblo on March 25.*] 913; an Act
of the General Assembly of tlm State
of Colorado, entitled “An Act to Pro
vide for the Construction of Local
Improvements in Cities of All Classes
Having a Population of Iy»sn Thant
One Hundred Thousand and Tncor-!
porated Towns, the issuance of Local
Improvement Bonds Therefor, and the
Assessment and Payment of the Costs
of Said Improvements." approved
April 8. 1899. being Chapter 151 of
the Session Laws of the State of Colo
rado for the year 1899. exeept where
said statute has been modified by the
Charter of Pueblo or ordinances
adopted pursuant thereto.
Sec. rt Is hereby ordered that 1
the improvement district hereinbefore
shall be improved by the
grading, curbing and guttering.
• where curbing and guttering is not
already in place), and paving and
wdrk incidental thereto of tho follow
ing streets in said district, to-wit;
Main Street from the north line of
Tenth Street to the north line of
Fifteenth Street; Court Street from
the south line of Tenth Street to the
north line of Twenty-first Street;
Grand Avenue from the south line of
Tenth Street to the north line of
Twenty-fifth Street; Greenwood Street
from the south line of Tenth Street to
the south line of Twenty-sixth Street:
Elisabeth Street from the south line
of Tenth Street to the north line of
Twenty-fourth Street: Elizabeth
Street on both sides of the North
Dundee Park from the north line of
Twenty-fourth Street to the north tine
of Twenty-fifth Street; Tenth Street
from the west line of Elizabeth Street,
tu th»* cast line nf Court Street: l
Eleventh. Twelfth. Thirteenth, Four-1
teenth. and Fifteenth Streets from j
the west line of Elizabeth Street to I
the east line of Main Street. Sixteenth.
Seventeenth, Eighteenth. Nineteenth, I
Twentieth, and Twenty-first Streets ‘
from the west line of Elizabeth to the 1
east line of Court Street; Twenty-j
recond. Twenty-third. Twenty-fourth,
und Twenty-fifth Streets from the
wiwt line of Elizabeth Street to the)
east line of Grand Avenue.
That th<* width of the vnrloua streets
Improved, from the face of the curb
to the face of the curb opposite, shall
be as follows; Main Street and Tenth
Street whall be .‘0 feet In width; Grand
Avenue shall be 44 feet In width;
Fifteenth Street, east of the east line
of Court Street shall be 40 feet in
width and shall l*e 30 feet in width
west of the west line of Court Street;
Elizabeth Street shall bn 3* feet In
width south of Twenty-fourth Street
and shall be 29 feet in width north of
Twenty-fourth Street, except that por
tion of Rlid s:rer: i-nst of the North
Dundee Park, which portion shall bo
2. feet in width. Court Street shall le
ss feet In width; Greenwood Street
shall be ;*.s feet In width; Eleventh,
Twelfth. Thirteenth. Fourteenth, Six- ,
teenth. Seventeenth. Eighteenth. Nine- ;
teentb. Twentieth. Twenty-first.
Twenty-second. Twenty-third and
Twenty-fifth Streets shall be each 30
feet in width; Twenty-fourth Street!
shall be 4n feet in width
That the )iaving of said streets *»hnll j
I»o composed of Wurranite Blthulithlc
Wearing Surface, two inches thick I
after compression, laid on a four inch
rook base, except that portion of said
streets occupied by the tracks of Ihe
Arkaiuu Vsllej Railway* Light and
Power Company nr its successors and 1
assigns, which shall be paved with
concrete between the rails anil for a
width of one foot outside of each rail
and on a substantial base of crushed .
rock, pit gravel or slag, all ns shown
in the maps. plan? and speciflcntions
of the City Engineer, reference to i
w hioh is hereby made.
That the combined curb and gutter
sivall t»e constructed of concrete mould- 1
cd iu place; all of said paving grad
ing. curbing and guttering to be con- . f
structed in accordance with the plans. |
details and specifications heretofore . -
prepared by the »'ity Engineer under j
the direction of the City Council of j 1
the City of Pueblo, now <>n file fori!
public inspection in the office of the ■
City Clerk of the City of Pueblo and'
in the office of the City Engineer of • i
the City of Pueblo, reference to whb h : ■
is hereby made as fully and complete
ly as tho the said maps, plans and 1
specifications bud been incorporated
That the tost of said improvements
shall not rxceed |?.V> per square yard i
for Warranite Blthulithlc Wearing <
burface. including n four inch rock
base, nor 81.26 per cubic yard for grsd- i
Inc. nor ll.tb per lineal foot for the <
combined curb and gutter, all of skid i
items being exclusive of luterest and (
the six per cenL authorized by law to <
bv assessed to cover tho cost bf col- i
lection, inspection an s otner bidden- |
tale. i
Sec. 4. Thnt the details, specifics- *
tiona. profiles and maps prepared by- <
the City Engineer, and by him submit- i
ted to the Council of the City of Pu- I
eblo. and now on file in hin office, are <
hereby approved, and It la hereby or- i
dered that bids ahail be advertised for
the doing of thn work and the furnish- l
Ing of material for the construction <
of -'.»id improvement; that such ad- l
v ert Dement shall be puMl.«hed for n i
p»rlnri uf not la*a Uuu< ton U 0) daya in j
a newspaper of general circulation,
published in tho City of Pueblo; there
after tho Council ahull let tho con
tract for such work to tho lowest and
best responsible bidder vtpon the fur
nishing by such bidder of satisfactory
bond guaranteeing the faithful per
formance of said work, or the Council
may reject any and all bids; provided
that separate bids may bo asked for
and separate contracts made for any
portion or portions of said improve
Sec. 5. Upon the completion of such
improvement the Council, by ordin
ance, shall assess tho whole cost there
of including f*lx per cent for inspection,
engineering, collection and other lncl
i dentals, upon real property in such dis-
I trict or districts, and upon propert)
! and franchise's in tho city of persons,
1 firms and corporations occupying or ;
using any part or parts of such streets,
avenues or alleys so improved. The as- |
sesament of such cost upon the prop- !
erty in the district above described to
j be made by the Council in accordance I
I with tlie benefits received by tho dif- |
feront parcels and tracts of land and j
other property abovo described, from -
- the construction of said improvements, j
as by ordinance provided.
The cost of oaid improvement shall I
| bo assessed under und by virtue and ,
. in accordance with tho provisions of
the Charter of Pueblo and tho pro
' visions of this ordinance, and in ac
cordance with the provisions of the j
following statute and ordinances '
where the same are not inconsistent
with or in conflict with this ordin.ance,
or tho f'hartcr of Pueblo, to-wit: Ordi
nance No. 894, entitled "An Ordinance
Relating to Public. Improvements.'
passed by the Council of Pueblo. March
25. 191.3. and an Act of the. General
Assembly of the State of Colorado en
titled, "An Act to Provide for tho Con- i
struction of Local Improvements in
Cities of All Classes Having a Popu
• lation of Less Than Ono Hundred
Thousand and Incorporated Towns,
and tbo Issuance of Local Improve
ment Bonds Therefor, and the As
sessment and Payment of the Cost of
Said improvements," approved April
8, 1899, hoi rig Chapter 151 of tho Session j
Laws of the State of Colorado, for the I
• year 1899.
Sec. 6. Upon the completion of the
improvement* herein provided for, the
City Engineer shall cauvo to be pro- (
pared a statement showing the whole
coot of tho Improvements herein pro
vided for. including six per cent ad
ditional for inspection, engineering,
collection and other incidentals, and
also including interest at the rate of
. six (C) per cent p*r annum upon all
! payments made by tho City of Pueblo
’ In tho construction of such improve
ments from the timo when such pay
ments were made up to the time when
the first inotullrnent of the cost there
of shall be payable; wild statement
Wiall also apportion tho cost of said
l improvement* upon each lot or tract
•of land and other property to
be assessed for the ranic as herein
provided and such statement shall bo
filed with tho City Clerk. Thereafter
the Council shall prepare, or cause
to bo prepared, and introduced, an or
dinance assessing the whole cost of
such improvement, together with ."lx
per cent additional for costs of inspec
tion, engineering, collection, and other
incidentals, as herein provided, appor
tioning the same to each lot or tract
of land and other property, an herein,
provided and thereafter the City Clerk
shall give notice of said proponed as
sessment ordinance by publication of
the proposed ordinance Itself three
(3) times, a week apart, and in a
. newspaper printed and published and
, circulated in the City of Pueblo; tho
last publication to be at least thirty
j ( 30) days before its final passage. At
any time within thirty days after tho
I last publication of said proposed as
• nesnment ordinance and not there
j after, any person, firm **r corporation
owning property to be assessed there
by may file with the City Clerk a
! written complaint to said proposed as
| seswinent ordinance insofar as it af
fects his. her or its property, stating
therein i,u<*h grievance and objections
as they may have thereto. The City
Clerk shall publish at the same time
or times and in connection with said
ordinance a noUco to the owner of
the property to be assessed by said
ordinance thnt said Improvements
have been or are about to be com- 1
pleted and accepted, and that it is
proposed to assess the cost thereof in
accordance with the provisions of snld
proposed ordinance, und thnt any
complaint or objection that inav bo
made in writing to tho City Clerk or 1
to the Council, or in person to the
Council of the City of Pueblo, within
thirty *3O) dnys from the last publics-|
i tion of mjcli notice, will be heard and :
determined by the Council before the]
, final passage of any ordinance assess- 1
: ing the coot of said Improvements. In
said notice the City Clerk shall state
the time and place that the City Coun
cil will be in session for the purpose ■
i of hearing and considering such mm
i plaints; that the Council shall sit and
jhenr and determine nR such objec-
I Hons and complaints as shall he made
! to it within tho time specified before
the final passage of said proposed as
sessment ordinance, and shall grant
such relief ns the rompiaiiiant may
be found to be entitled to. and the
Council may make such modifications
and changes in the proposed ns.sess
rnent as to It mnv seem just and oquit
-1 able or may confirm and approve the
| first proposed assessment. After
hearing and determining all com
plaints and objections made against
such proposed assessment, and making
such modifications am! changes ns
may be feund just and equitable, the
Council shall thereafter by ordinance
assess the cost of said improvements
as herein provided, and said assess
ment when made shall l»e and remain
a lien in the several amounts assessed
'against each lot. tract of land, pro
perty and franchise until pnld. and
j huve priority over all other liens ex
cept general taxes.
I If before any such Improvements
I arc made any piece of real property
! or any railway company to be assessed
has already an improvement conform
ing to the general plan, or satisfactory
to the Council, mi allowance therefor
may be made to the owner, same to
be deducted from the assessment
against said property and front the
contract price
Per 7. Upon the final passage of
said assessment ordinance tho City
Clerk shall prepare * local assessment
roll In book form, showing in suitable
columns each place of property assess
ed. Hie total amount of assessment,
the amount of each Installment of
principal and interest, the dale when
each Installment shall l»eeome doc.
with suitable columns for use in vase j
or payment of the whole amount, or j
any Installment or penalty and deliver
the same to tho then noting Treasurer
of the City for collection, under the
seal of the City.
See. S. All such assessments shall
be due and payable within thirty (3ft) I
days after Hie final passage nnd pub-,
lira tion of the assessing ordinance!
without demand, all such assessments J
mar. ax Lh* aluuUou L)i« owner, be |
paid in installments with interest as
hereinafter provided.
Soc. 9. Failure to pay the whole
of said assessments within said period
of thirty days shall bo conclusively
considered and held an election on the
part of all persons lntereeted, whether
under disability or otherwise, to pay
in such installments. All persons
electing to pay in installments shall bo
conclusively held and considered a«
consenting to said improvements and
such election shall be conclusively held
and considered as a waiver of any and
all right to question tho power or
jurisdiction of the City to construct
the improvements, tho quality of tho
work, the regularity or sufficiency of
the proceeding or tho validity or tho
correctness of the assessments.
[ Sec. 10. In case of such election to
! pay in installments, the assessment*
shall be-payable in twenty equal an
| nual installments or principal, the
first of which Installments shall be
payable on a dato to be fixed by said
' assessing ordinance and the last in
stallment twenty (20) years there
after. with lntorost on tho unpaid
; principal, payable semi-annually, at
j tho rate of six (6) per cent per an
num; subject to tho foregoing provi
sions, all Installments both of prin
cipal and interest, shall be payable at
such limes as may bo determined and
fixed by. said assessing ordinance.
Sec. 11. Failure to pay any install
ment, whether of principal or interest
I when due shall cause tho whole of the
unpaid jaincipal to become duo and
payablo immediately, and tho whole
amount of the unpaid principal and
; accrued interest shall thereafter draw
interest at the rate of 1 po** cent per
month or fraction of a month, until
day of sale, as hereinafter provided;
but at any time to the day of
sale, the owner may pay the amount
'of all unpaid Installments with inter
est at one per cent per month or frac
tion of a month and all penalties ac- 1
crued, and shall thereupon be restor
ed to the right thereafter to pay in
installments in the same manner as If
default had not been suHered. The
owner of any property not In default
as to any installment of interest or
j principal, may at any time pay the
J whole of the unpaid principal with in
i tcrest accruing to tho maturity of the
next installment of Interest or prin
' Sec. 12. Payments may be mado to
tho acting Treasurer of tho City at
any time within thirty days after tho
final passage and puolication of tho
assessing ordinance and an allow
ance or discount of fivo per cent
shall bo made on all paymonts during
such period only. At tho expiration of
said thirty day period, the ucting
Treasurer shall return said assessment
roll, showing all payments made there
on with tlio dato of each payment, to
tho City Clerk. Thereupon said City
Clerk shall prepare a permanent local
assessment roil in book form, showing
In suitable columns each pleco of prop
erty upon which tho assessments are
unpaid, the wholo amount of tho as
sessments unpaid, the dato to which
same were computed, tho amount of
each installment of principal and in
terest. the dato when samo shall be
como due. with suitable columns for
uso in case of payment of any install
ment or penalty. Said roll shall be
certified by the City Clerk under the
Seal of tho City, and by him delivered
to tho County Treasurer of Pueblo
i County, with his warrant for the col
lection of the same. Said County
Treasurer shall proceed with the mat
ter of the collection of said assessments
as provided by the Act of the General
. Assembly of the State of Colorado,
i hereinabove refurred to.
i See. 13. Tin* improvements herein
provided for shall be pnld for in public
improvement bonds issued by the City
of Pueblo on behalf of said Improve
ment district; sucii bonds shall bo pay
able out of the moneys collected on ac
count of the assessments made for said
improvement, and shall be issued in
convenient denominations of not more
than Ono Thousand Dollars (Jl,000.00)
each; at 11 of said bonds shall boar in
terest at the rule of six per cent per
annum payablo si-mi-annually, shall
bear the name*of tho improvement dis
trict hereinbefore moutioned to be im
proved; shall be payable to bearer
twenty years from and after date, hut
shall be subject to calls for payment
by the '*lty of Pueblo, through the of-
I fleer ihereof at said time acting as
<'ity Treasurer, at any time prior to
•Mild twenty years after dattj as by
law provided, said bonds snail bo in
such form .as shall be provided by the
Council by resolution. Said bonds shall
.be tailed by the City of pueblo, upon
estimates of the City Engineer, and the
acting Treasurer of the City shall pre
serve a record of the samo in a sult
able bonk kept for thnt purpose; pro
: vidod. that such bonds may be used
| by the Council at par in payment for
I engineering nnd other clerical ex
pense* nnd costs of inspection. As
! many of said bonds ns may be re-
I qulred to pay said expenses shall bn
J sold at not less than par. upon ad
vertisement for not less than ton days
in some newspaper of general circu
lation published In the City of Pueblo,
and the proceeds, with the approval
of the city Council used for such pur
pose. Interest upon said bonds shall be
evidenced by coupons, which coupons
shall bn authenticated and a I tested by
a facsimile of the signatures of the
President of the Council. City Control
ler and City (Jerk, with a facsimile
or lithographed coc- of the Seal of the
City of Pueblo.
Sen. 14. It is hereby ordered that
notice of tills ordinance shall bn by
publication of the ordinance itself three
times n vveok apart, in the Pueblo
Chieftain, a local newspaper printed,
published and circulated in Pueblo, the
first publication of said ordinance shall
b<> on. to-wit. the 31 day of January
1922. and the last publication ahail bo
on. to-wit. the 11 day of February, 1922.
That on the 27 day of February. 1922.
being not less than ten days after said
last publication, said ordinance shall
be put upon its final passage, and If
p.T*-?e,i shall be published once in said
newspaper on the 28 day of February.
1922. being within five days after its
final (Missage. Notico is hereby given
that a protest in writing .against said
ordinance by owners of 3ft permit urn
or more of said frontage to ho assessed
for said improvements, may be filed
with tho City Clrrk wiihin thirty days
after its final passage ns aforesaid, ns
provided' in Article Four. Section
Eleven of the Charter of Puehto.
Introduced January "ftth. 1922.
wwMunn zCa
Tower Building, Chicago, 111.
Woolworth Bldg.. New York City. N. T.
Hubert Bldg.. San Francisco, Cnl.
Scientific Am. Bldg.. Washington, L>. C.
Chieftain want ad*, bring result*
Phone 1955.
NEW YORK, Feb. €.—The drive
against the short interest in the stock
market was vigorously resumed at the
outset of today's trading but lost some
of its force later in the absenco of
more than a moderate public following.
Speculative favorites of the equipment.
oil, shipping and food divisions were
used by bull pools to dislodge the
bears as wero textiles, tobaccos and
other.*:. Rails of the cheaper grado
supplemented the irregular advance.
Steels were unaffected by contt'adlc-*
tory rumors regarding the progress of
the proposed merger of independent
companies but duett, Peabody, which
recently emerged from obscurity, broke
sharply as a result of Its poor earn
ings. Sales Sf.0,000 shares.
Mixed conditions prevailed in the oil
trade, as was indicated by a one-cont
advance in Indiana gasoline prices and j
a two-cent cut for tho same product
in Now England. Developments of a
general character mainly favored the
construstlvo sido as did also the tone
of the money market and foreign ox
change. Western centers roported a
hotter investment inquiry and further
■gains in railroad tonnage duo largely
to Increased grain exports.
Heavy accession to local reserves
of interior banks soon forced the open
ing rate of call loans down on the ex-,
change. Time funds wero unchanged,
however, f» per cent being demanded
for long time maturities.
I Exchange on London cased only
1 slightly from the high record of the
last two and ono-half years, made last
Saturday, tho reaction being ascribed
to profit taking by speculative Inter
ests. Other remittances notably tho
French and Belgian rates, worn strong.
Swiss. Spanish and Greek bills also
displaying firmness.
Liberty bonds recorded further reces
sions In con.noction with Washington
advices respecting soldier bonus legis
lation. Aside from the strength shown
by various junior railroad bonds in
terests In that market centered around
tho successful flotation of tho new
Great Northern railway issues.
Total sales, par value, *14,375,000.
KANSAS CITY, Mo.. Feb. 6.—(U. S.
Bureau of Markets.)—Cattle— Receipts,
16.000; quality plain: beef steers, stock
era and feeders steady to 23c lower;
early snlea steers, *6.00<ff7.50; stockers,
■*5.0006.80; feeders, J5.6O06.SO; calves
weak to unevenly lower; with quality
poorest of the season; best vealers,
i SO.0009.50; many other calves. *3.50
6.50; other classes arpund atcady; fan
ners, *2.506 2.75; better grades cut
ters. J5.fiO03.76; good medium weights
stags. 36.00; inferior western bulls.
*3.00; good heifers. J6.OO06.5O; medium
to good cows. *4.2505.00.
Hogs—Receipts. 13,000; fairly steady;
hulk lighter weights to shippers 10020c
higher than last week's close; packers |
fairly liberal buyers on weightier kind
10015c higher: spots more; weakening
on close; bulk best. 1700130 pounders.
$9.1009.20: few nt $9.25: 2000250 pounds
mostly to packers, J3.9O09.OO: bulk of
sales. J8.750925; packer top. J90O;
packing sows mostly *7.0007.25; stock
piga up to *9.00.
Sheep—Receipts, 6,000 head: sheep
steady: wethers up to *8.25; lambs and
yearlings strong to 25o higher; best
lambs, *13.75; SO pound yeurlings. *12.25.
CHICAGO. Feb. 6.—CTJ. S. Bureau of
Markets.)—Cattle —Receipts 21.000 head,
market slow, few early sales, beef
steers weak to 25o lower: bulk beef
steers, *6.6507.65; she stock and bulls
slow, weak: veal calves 25c lower;
stockers and feeders about steady.
Hogs—Receipts, 51.000 hend; 10c to
20c higher than Saturday's average;
lighter weights active and up most;
others slow: big packers holding back;
top, *9.85 on 160 to ISO pound hogs;
*9.65 on 200 pound average; hulk. *9.00
09.50; pigs 15c to 25r higher; hulk de
sirables, *9.6509.75 and a few at J9.S0.
Sheep—Receipts, 14.000 head; slow:
about steady: choice fat lambs to city
butchers early, $14.00; few medium to
good packers. $13.50013.75: ewe top
early. I7.50: shearing lambs. *13.00;
some held higher.
NEW YORK. Feb. 6.-Call money
firm: high. 5V£; low. 5: ruling rate. r.U;
c losing bid 14; offered at 5; Inst loan,
o .
Time lnnns firm; 60 days, 90 days and
six months 4-lift'.
Crime mercantile paper. 4*i05.
Foreign exchange irregular. Great
Britain demand 4™j- : rabies 4.32* 4 .
Franco demand S.3'.Gi; cables S.40. Italy
demand 4.67 , -j: fables 4.68. Belgium
demand 8.05>.j rabies S.06 Germany de
mand 49 , i: cables 49'i. Holland demand
37.22; rabies 37.28. Norway demand 1
16.25. Sweden demand 25.7S. Denmark
demand 20.38 Switzerland demand
1959. Spntn demand 15.27. Greece de
mand 4.45. Poland demnnd
<'z.echo-Slovakla demand 1.92. Argen
tttu demand 8M7. Brazil demand 11.12
Montreal 95 S.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6.— Copper dull
and lower; < lectrolytlc spot and nearbv
futures. 13tttri$4«
Tin firmer; spot and nearby, 31.620
31.75: futures. 31.00031.37.
Iron, steady; No. 1 northern. 19.000 (
19.50; No. 2 northern, 18.50019.00; No.
2 southern 15.60016.00.
Lead, quiet; eftet, i Titi i
Zinc, quiet; East St. Louis delivery ,
spot, 4.5004.65.
Antimony spot. 4.40.
CHICAGO, Feb. 6.—Potatoes. weak:
n*celpts 116 cars; total U. S. shipments ;
686; Wisconsin sacked round whites.
*[email protected] ISO cwt; Michigan bulk round
whites. $1.9002.10 cwt; Minnesota sank- ,
ed round whites, *1.650 1.75 cw ‘st . Colo- ,
ratio sacked brown beauties, sonic
frozen, $2.0002.15 cwL
CHICAGO. Feb 6—Butter, easy;
creamery extras. 36c; firsts, 30035c.
seconds. 27028e. standards, .".4c,
Eggs, unchanged; receipts. 9.543
rosea;. firsts, 37c; ordinary firsts, 51 (g .
33c: miscellaneous. 35036c.
Poultry, alive higher; fowls. 25c; i
springs, 28c; roosters. 18c.
KANSAS CITY. Mo.. Fob. 6 - Eggs, i
In to 2c higher; firsts. 31035c. Butter,]
unchanged; creamery. 38c; packing.
PiittUry, unchanged, hens, 20c;
springs, 25c.
NEW YOH K. Feb. 6 Foreign bar
silver, 66c. Mexican dollars, uOVio.
Furnished by N. S. Walpole, Invest
ment Securities. Rooms 329-34 Thatcher
Block, Pueblo.
Open. High. Low*. Close.
Atchison 96* 97 96 Vi 97
Am Int Corp .. 42* 43* 42V* 43*
Allls-Ch.nl Mfg. 46* 46* 45% 46*
Am Beet Sugar. 36* 36* 35* 36*
Anier Can 37% 38* 37% 37*
Am C& F 14«7 S MS 116's 148
Am H& L 15* 14* 15* 15*
do pfd 66 67% 66 66%
Am Linseed .... 32 32* 32 22*
Am Loco 108% HO* 107% 108*
Am Smelt 46* 46% 46% 46%
Am. Sugar .... 66*
Am Sumatra .. 29* 29* 29 29*
Am T & T 118* US* US 11.8*
Atl Gt Wail ... 27* 28* 27% 28
Anaconda 49 49 48* 48%
Brooklyn R T.. 11% 11% H H
Butto & Sup.... 27% 28* 27* 27*
Balt & Ohio .... 35* 36* 34% 34*
Bold Loco 102* 101 101* 102%
B F Goodrich .. 37 57% 37 37
Both Steel B .. 62 62% 62 62*
Chile Copper .. 17* 17* 16* 17
| Chnio Copper .. 26% 27 26* 26*
•Can Pacific ....125* 126* 125 126*
Cent Leather .. 32* 33% 32* 33*
Ches & Ohio .. 56% 66% 56% f,6%
CM& St P com 19* 19% 19* 19*
da Pfd 32* 32% 32* 32%
CR I & P 32* 33* 32% 33*
Corn Products 104% 105 103% 103%
Crucible Steel . 63* 63% 62* 62*
Cuba Cano Sug 1" 10 9* 9*
Colo South .... 397 s
Calif Pkg 70* 71 70* 71
1 Eric 9* 10 9* 10
'Gen Motors .... 9Vi 9% 9 9*
Gt North 74 74 73* 74
Gt Nor Ore 34 35* 34 35*
Ind Alcohol 41% 14% 43% 41%
lut Merc Mar .. 15* 16* 15% 15%
do pfd 69% 707 i 69* 70%
Int Nickel Cft . 12%
Tnspira Cop .... 39
K <1 Soutli .... 23%
Kelly S T 37* 38* 377 s 38*
Kennlcot 28% 28% 28 28*
Lehigh Valloy . 69 59* 59 59*
Mo Pacific. 17% IS* 17* 18*
Midvale 30* 307 s 30* 30%
Mex Pet **...114* 1157 s 114% 114%
Miami Copper . 26*
N Y Central .. 75 * 76 * 75 * 76*
NY, N H& II 17% IS% 17% 18%
Nor & West ..100% 101% 100% 101%
Nor Pacific. .... 77% 78* 77* 78%
Puro Oil Co ... 36% 56% 35* 35*
Penn Rlt 34* 31 * 34% 34%
Pr Steo! Car ... 65* 67 65* 67
Pan Amer 52% 53 52% 53%
Rep Steel 52% 53% 52% 53%
Royal Dutch .. 50* 51% 60* 50%
Ray Consol ... 14* ll* 14* 14*
U S Rubber 54% 60% 54% 65%
Reading 73 74* 73 74
Sinclair Oil .. *. 20 20* 19* 19%
So Pacific. 82* 82* 82 82*
So Railway IS* 19% 18* 19%
Studebaker .. . 92% 93% 91* 93*
Tob Prod 63* 61174, 63* 63*
Texns Oil 45* 457 s 4674 45*
Union Pacific .128* L 29% 128* 129%
U S Steel ..:... 87* 87* 86* 87
do pfd 116* 116* 116 116
U S Food Ad.. 6% 5% 4* 4*
Utah Copper ... 63 63% 62% 63%
Van Steel 85* 36% 35
Wilson A- C 0... 33* 33Vi 33* 33*
Western Union 90%
Westinghonse .63 63% 63 63*
Amer Wool ... 83% 83% S3* 83*
United Fruit ..134% 134% 134* 134*
Pacific Oil .... 46% 47% 46* 47
Sinclair 7* per cent notes dosed nt
"Furnished by N. S. Walpole, Rooms
329-34 Thatcher Block. Pueblo.
G. W. S. Sugar, com 122 127
do pfd 99 102
Holly Sugar, com 12 15
do pfd 40 43
Amul Sug. com 250 .too
do pfd 65 68
T’tar-ldaho 285 300
Mtn States T & T 97 10"
Cement Securities ...; ion JO7
Cities Service, com 172 171
do pfd 64* 65*
Cities Service Bankers 19 19*
Foreign Exchange:
1 .0nd0n—433%
Furnished by N. S. Walpole, Room;
329-34 Tlyiteher Block, Pueblo.
Libertv 3*g, $96.20.
Liberty Ist 4*h, $96.10.
Liberty 2nd 4*s, $96.00.
Liberty 3rd 4*.«,
Liberty 4th 4*n. $96.10
Liberty Int 4%», $100.24.
Liberty 6th 4%*. $100.22.
Furnished by N. S. Walpole, Rnms
329-34 Thatcher Block, Pueblo.
Mardi-April On
May 5.6"
June-July n.f.5
August 6.7a
law SUGAR.
January-February 2.14
March 2.20-2.21 j
April 2.30
May 2.40-2.41
June 2.4:1
I g • |.
September 2.71
Open. High. Ix»w. Close.
March .. ..16.6" 16.72 16.46 16.6..
Mnv 16.25 16.15 16.15 16.4"
July 15.83 16.05 15.75 16 "3
October .. .15.33 15.49 15 3" if. |8
December ..1526 15.40 15.27 15.42;
Furnished by N. S. Walpole. Rooms 1
329-34 Thatcher Block. Pueblo.
Open. High. Low. Close 1
Wheat 125% 128% 125 rs'.i
Corn 66* 68% 66* .s*
Oats 89% in* no*, if|i
Pork 1000 ’I
Lard 1073
Ribs 1005 1
I Socuro ail the shares you can handle in this progressive company be fora
. the prico advances.
The well is down about 1300 feet. Strong showing of gas and the
prospect of obtaining oil is good.
You can now obtain this stock at
act quickly T
CHICAGO. Feb. 6.—New climbing of
prices in wheat today resulted in the
highest level being reached since Sep
tember 27. The ascent was preceded
by word of a fresh upturn in grain
values ut Liverpool and Buonoa Ayres.
Closing quotations here were firm 2*c
to 3*« not higher with May at $1.28%
to $1.28* and July $1.10% to $1.10%.
‘ or n scorod a net advance of 2%0 to
2%u and oats of %o to l%c.
In provisions tho outcome was un
changed to 12*c higher. Optimistic
views expressed hy leading authorities
hero had much to do with causing a
somewhat general Impression among
wheat traders that strong concerted
eirorts were in progress to bring
about a better outlet for farm products
at remunerative prices. Announcement
therefore that prices wero higher at
roreign centers tended to givo tho
market hero a decided upward swing,
furthermore, evidence was at hand
that a liberal amount of export busi
ness was underway and It was uppar
wlo i* 11 , 1 * ins,eatl °f an increase
Wh ell had been looked for in the
united States visible supply total a
material decrease was certain.
Continued unfavorable condition* for
tho domestic winter crop in tho south
west operated as an additional factor
in sending prices upgrado and prevent
ed any important sotback during the
last part of the day.
Reports of stoppage of selling on the
P‘*rt of rural holders of corn lad to
urgent bidding from shorts In tho corn
market. Besides export demand for
com was again activo. ...
oafs ascended with corn.
Provisions wore governed by the ac
tion of cereals and hogs.
Furnished by the Pueblo Brokerage
Company. 120 W. 2nd street.
n , , B!d - Ask.
l Big Indian 3* ,2)1
I Boston-Wyoming „ .70 .Vz
Burk Creek 16 .u
Burke Oil 10 *ll
Capital Petr per M 1.25 L7f»
Coastal Plain* .28 .29
Columbine .14 14
Colonial 04 .05
Consolidated Royalty 1.17 1.19
Cow Gulch 12 .14
Compass 00% loi
Denver Mexla 01% .01%'
E. T. Williams 63 .55
Elkhorn 05 06
Fra n Lz 1.75 I.M
Gates Oil .10 .21
Glen roefc 97 1.00
Kinney 16* .1*
leaner Creek Royalties 04 .05
Merritt 9.00 9.50
Mountain & Gulf 69 .71
Miko Henry 03 .04
Out West 00% .00*
| Owen wood 25 .40
i Panuco O & T 04% !os*
I Preston 01* .01*
I Royalties <fc Producers ... .13 .14
Red Bank 25 .26
Sunset 03 .04
Toni Bell Royalty 02* .03
United Petroleum 02% .03*
Western Oil Fields 65 .67
Western States 24 .26
Y Oil & Gas 31 .32*
DENVER. Feb. 6.—Cattle-Receipt*.
3.000 head; market steady: beef steers
$6.0007.25: cows and heifers, $4.6007.10;
calves. $6.6009.00: hulls. $3.0004.00;
Stockers and feeders. $50006.85.
1 logs—Receipts. 2,000 head: 10c high
er: t..p. $9 10; hulk. $8.5509.00.
Sheep—Receipts, 6.000 head: fat stork
steady: feeders 25c higher: lambs.
$12,504, 13.00; owes. $7.0007.10; feeder
lambs. $11.85012.25.
NEW YORK, Feb. 6.—Spot cotton,
quiet: middling. $16.96.
Cotton closed steudy net 6 points
lower to 1 point higher.
Love, Honor,
and Behave
r ..." iVVmghl
Aqtiiuinia . l»b. SH Mar. Sl'Apr. 11
Mauritania .. Apr. 1 Apr. 26 May 1 •
Bcreiignriii . May 30 .Tone 90 July 11
SiixonU Mar. 7
Albania Frb. IK Apr. 1—
Seyt Ilia Frb. Mar. 19 Apr. 26
Cimicnmin Mur. 11 - ■
\*->yrla >lar. 17 ■ ■ -■■■- - ■ -
Algeria \pr. a May IS June 10
Algeria Mur. I
4 rormanlu Pub. 11
\vs>rin \pr. IN Mny 23 July I I
Satiiniia . ... I>b. 16 Mur. XO
Ca»:»mtrn Mar. 2 Apr. 13
Apply Company's loitil Ageutu

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